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UFO Magazine Issue 362, Issue date, 06-08-09

Footage in the Sky: The Truth Behind NASA's "UFO" Videos
NASA photo
A batch of raw footage from decades-old NASA missions shows zipping lights and strange objects in the sky. This footage, recently posted on YouTube, is renewing UFO conspiracy theories that the government is hiding knowledge about its interactions with intelligent life.

Here, two astronauts talk about NASA's supposed coverup and what these clips really show.

By Erik Sofge

Published on: June 1, 2009

The scenario goes like this: Its 1996; you're an astronaut and you're looking at a UFO. This is quite possibly the biggest, most game-changing scientific discovery in the history of mankind. And here you are, gliding through space in low Earth orbit, watching this alien craft dance around your video camera's viewfinder.

You are not alone—there are other astronauts onboard the space shuttle, and mission control is watching the live feed from Houston.

Yet not a single raised voice or mention of ETs or UFOs can be heard on the audio of this recording. Apparently, it's just another routine brush with extraterrestrial life, and another day in the life of a massive, decades-long, multiagency coverup.

This is the claim behind the recent posting of a batch of NASA-related clips on YouTube, presented as evidence that extraterrestrials are among us. The footage covers a number of missions, and a range of mysterious objects—in a clip featured on the science fiction blog io9, a bizarre object rotates within the frame, seeming to morph from one shape to another as the cameraman casually tracks it.

If that weren't mysterious enough, at one point, a light drifts by. The post's headline poses the question: "Will the US Government Finally Admit There Are Aliens?"

Whether or not the government has anything to fess up about aliens, the astronaut who shot that particular piece of footage has nothing to hide. Mario Runco was a mission specialist on board STS-77, a space shuttle mission that launched in May of 1996.

One of the crew's objectives was to deploy an experimental satellite, the Passive Aerodynamically Stabilized Magnetically Damped Satellite Test Unit (PAM-STU).

The PAM-STU was roughly the size of a trash can, and was designed to test a new approach to satellite maneuverability, using the planet's magnetic field to perform attitude adjustments (instead of firing thrusters).

The crew filmed the spinning satellite for days, but in the clip posted on YouTube by Martyn Stubb, the PAM-STU appears in grainy, low-light-enhanced black and white. Its two Stimsonite reflectors—the same materials used on road and bicycle reflectors—catch the ambient light, and at one point appear to merge into a single bright spot as the satellite turns head-on. "The lights moving by in the background are either isolated lights on the ground or stars, I think likely the latter," Runco says.

Astronauts Test the PAM-STU.

In another of Stubb's posted clips, a view through the window of a space shuttle shows lights drifting along in space, then reversing direction and darting away with a flash. The title of that clip: "UFOs quickly take off on NASA video." Again, the reality is less dramatic.

Thomas Jones, a former shuttle mission specialist and payload commander and co-author of Planetology: Unlocking the Secrets of the Solar System, was on that mission—STS-80, which also took place in 1996—and provided this description of the footage. "A few ice crystals or flakes of thruster residue in the near field are floating by, get hit by a thruster exhaust plume and zip out of the scene."

Ice Crystals hit by the Thruster Exhaust Plume.

UFO proponents tend to dismiss official responses from members of NASA, the Pentagon or any other government agency, but Runco says that even if there was an active coverup, no amount of coercion could prevent an astronaut—himself included—from laying claim to a confirmed sighting of an alien spaceship.

"If I thought it was an intelligent craft, I'd be the first one to speak up," says Runco. "I'd want the credit: Mario Runco was the first person in history to conclusively document the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization. Why would I ever want to keep it secret?"

Neither Runco nor Jones have any illusions about the likelihood of dispelling NASA-related UFO myths, particularly when Stubb and others are able to collect and repurpose an ever-growing catalog of footage. "There's no way to keep people from using public domain footage for silly purposes," Jones says. "If a shuttle beams back 10 hours of Earth views each day, there are bound to be images and scenes that are misunderstood or taken out of context."

If anything, it's the lack of context that many UFO theories and proponents rely on. The clips posted by Stubb and others, whether they originate with NASA or a less credible source, tend to be framed only by a short title, with little or no attempt at reporting (Runco notes that anyone could have simply e-mailed or called him, to ask for his side of the story, instead of simply posting a 13-year-old video and jumping to extraterrestrial conclusions).

Specificity might be the currency of the conspiracy theory set, with seemingly random images or snippets of data woven into a matrix of sinister intent, but even a casual investigation of each of those facts can punch holes in the larger plotline.

Bloggers continue to reference an interview with Buzz Aldrin in 2005 about seeing a UFO while on Apollo 11, while brushing off his claims that television producers blatantly quoted him out of context. And although UFO proponents have welcomed recent public statements from former astronaut Edgar Mitchell about his belief in an extraterrestrial coverup dating back to Roswell, Mitchell has never said he witnessed anything alien with his own eyes.

Lacking quality in their evidence, UFO believers are left with quantity, a rambling collection of indistinct imagery and allegations that now includes a batch of space shuttle mission video clips that were never buried or classified in the first place. Runco points out that astronauts, in general, are excited by the notion of intelligent species on other worlds.

"Many of them use SETI@Home [a distributed computing application that picks through radio telescope data for incoming messages] as their screensavers, because they think it's a possibility," he says. But it's one thing to believe that alien life is a statistical likelihood, and another to interpret lights in the sky as intergalactic contact.

"People see unexplained things," Jones says. "I used to believe UFOs were spaceships—when I was 14."

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E.T., Why Don't You Just Call?
Scientists have started to scan the heavens with a new telescope that searches for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (Courtesy Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute)

June 3, 2009

An innovative new radio telescope has given new life to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, leading one of the leaders of the search to make a bold prediction.

"We'll find ET within two dozen years," Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the SETI Institute, proclaimed in a speech at the California Institute of Technology.

Shostak went on to say that he not only has a pretty good hunch about how long it could take, he thinks he knows what ET will be like.

But don't expect him to look like us.

"I think that if there's a conscious intelligence out there, it's synthetic," Shostak added. He's talking robots, folks.

The argument goes like this:

Darwinian evolution is a very slow process, and although it probably has occurred on many planets, it has it's limitations -- like us.

Technological evolution, by contrast, can advance at warp speed, as we've all seen in the computers that are out of date by the time we get them out of the box.

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South Carolina Area Has History of Strange Sightings
UFO Depiction
5/31/2009 12:34 AM

By MIKE GELLATLY, Staff writer

Living next to a super-secret federal facility involved in cutting-edge government research means one thing - aliens!

Well, UFOs at least.

Though the Savannah River Site has never been said to be a Southeastern, or more humid, version of Area 51, Aiken County and the CSRA has been a hotbed of UFO sightings for as long as the bomb plant has been around.

More than 50 years ago, The Aiken Standard and Review had reports of fighter jets being scrambled to investigate and see-off "flying saucers." But rumors of unidentified flying objects persist in the area, including a documented account earlier this year.

Air Force Intelligence reports from the same year, 1952, although at different times, show two more officially recorded sightings of flying objects that cannot be identified.

The first incident happened May 10, 1952, around 11 p.m. Four individuals saw four disc-shaped objects come from the south over the DuPont Savannah River Project where they were working. After these possible little green men-carriers left, another single saucer came back flying very low to the ground.

Lt. Colonel Leo K. Johnson reported the incident and concluded that no action was taken by Special Investigations.

A few months later, on July 28, U.S. Air Command in Washington, D.C., scrambled F-94 jets when "glowing white lights" were spotted over Aiken.

However, the Air Force did not think anything in the UFO had the capacity to fly or even phone home.

"No pattern which would indicate the objects are being controlled by a reasoning body" was detected by investigators. However, being a sensitive area, "The Air Defense Command... is vitally interested in anything unidentified that flies in the air," a spokesperson said.

The official record of such objects continues with another sighting by people who were working to build the bomb plant.

On Nov. 24 of the same year, Air Force Intelligence reported two heavy equipment operators who claim to have seen "a glaring red fireball" that left no trail or emitted any sound. The report notes the pair were "probably untrained observers."

Jumping forward to the 21st century, very similar reports continue to surface.

This year on March 20, a fireball and loud noise was reported in Aiken. It was said to have been a meteor, but some did not accept the explanation. Two weeks before that, a group of adults claim to have heard something very similar but reported seeing a submarine-shaped object.

Since the beginning of 2008, one website has eight separate reports of UFOs in the Aiken/Augusta area.

Is there an explanation? Does SRS have Roswell-style weather balloons or experimental aircraft?

"There's never been a UFO sighting at the Site that we know of," SRS Spokesperson Jim Guisti said. "The only thing that has occurred in recent years was an unidentified military aircraft just after 9/11."

Technically, the Savannah River Site was not in operation when the intelligence reports were made; it was still under construction.

So is there a massive government cover-up? Or are there reasons for aircrafts to be around SRS?

"We have two helicopters on site; we've had DOE aircrafts flying over, military aircrafts flying over us, landing on us," Guisti said. "It's part of the normal routine; some during the day, some at night. Nothing unusual for a federal facility."

It is possible that some sightings, at least, are unexpected aircrafts doing their duties at SRS.

But with more stars in the universe than grains of sand on earth, who is to say that visitors from beyond aren't stopping by to see how things are progressing in H-Canyon or simply to see 35 million gallons of high-level nuclear waste is kept so close to a river?

Contact Mike Gellatly at mgellatly@aikenstandard.com.

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UFO Disclosure Italian Style
UFO Depiction
27 May 2009

Michael Cohen, m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

The Latin world has certainly taken the lead when it comes to the topic of UFO disclosure. One nation that has taken bold steps in this regards is Italy.

The official website of the Italian Air Force has a specific section relating to the UFO phenomena and allows members of the public to file reports.

Recently, Roberto Di Giorgio, head of general security for the Italian Air force commented that at least 38 cases recorded by the Air Force have no explanation. He stressed ‘We cannot rule out the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence (in relation to these sightings).

According to Italy's prime UFO research organisation, The National UFO Centre, the Italian Air Force has revealed to ufologists that it has around 400 separate detailed reports on UFO incidents dating back to 1979.

These figures were presented for the first time last week at a conference 'Reality of the UFO phenomena'. 'This is not a paranormal topic rather one that involves scientific and documented proof' noted the National UFO Centre's director Roberto Pinotti.

Is this a tactic by Italy to use open alien presence as a chance to regain Rome's position as a world superpower? Will the Latin world, by taking the lead on this issue, end up leaving the English speaking nations, that refuse to divulge what they know on the topic, behind in a new galactic reality.

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Ex-UFO Researcher Details British Government X-Files
UFO Depiction
Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Britain's top UFO expert says there's no smoking gun that proves UFOs exist, but he's seen enough evidence to convert him from skeptic to believer.

Among the evidence, says Nick Pope, who ran the Ministry of Defense's unexplained-encounter section from 1991 to 1994, are:

-- a cigar-shaped object that passed so close to an airliner that the jet's pilot was heard shouting "Look out, look out!";

-- a USAF pilot who caught up to and almost fired upon a UFO over England;

-- a photo of a UFO that British officials worried might actually be part of a secret military project.

There's no government cover-up, Pope makes clear in his posting Sunday on the science blog The X-Journals. But to him, there's enough evidence in the files to convince anyone that more investigation is needed — and that even better material may soon be released.

"The French government's 2007 decision to release its UFO files was a major factor in the U.K. decision," he writes, "as was the fact that the MoD receives more FOI [Freedom of Information] requests on UFOs than any other topic."

In fact, Pope says, the demand for newly declassified UFO files is so overwhelming, the few staffers the Ministry of Defense has on the subject no longer have the time or manpower to follow up on significant encounters.

"Investigations are suffering because of the workload being put on staff due to FOI," he writes, "but FOI is taking priority because if it fails to comply, MoD would be breaching the law."

Hence the decision to start releasing Britain's X-Files en masse in May 2008, followed by a second batch in October.

"MoD has received over 11,000 UFO reports to date and case files on major incidents can run to over 100 pages of documentation," says Pope. "The entire process is likely to take 3-4 years."

Pope acknowledges that most UFO sightings have "mundane explanations" — chiefly misidentification of common natural phenomena and man-made objects.

"But some were more difficult to explain," he says, "including cases where the witnesses were pilots and police officers, together with instances where UFOs had been tracked on radar."

In the airliner near-miss case, an Alitalia MD-80 flying over the English coastline was almost hit by something on April 21, 1991. The case was passed to the Ministry of Defense after Britain's Civil Aviation Authority after no one could identify the other aircraft.

"We launched a full investigation and eliminated all the usual possibilities, including weather balloons, military aircraft, etc. We even checked to see whether we had accidentally fired off a missile of some sort," writes Pope. "We drew a complete blank and the incident remains unexplained to this day."

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1972 - The Delamere Forest Incident
UFO Depiction
© K.J.DANIEL - 13 OCTOBER 2004

"I have made several drafts of this article (which was originally written with UFO MAG in mind, but alas they have folded) in an attempt to keep it as concise as possible for space saving purposes, but always feel it somewhat negates the impact of my experience, and indeed the long term consequences of it on my life and those around me.

Hence, I shall write it as I remember it, be as concise as I feel I can, and allow the editors to do their work with their usual exceptional skill in the hope they manage to do so without detracting from the essence of it too severely " - Keith Daniel


Time: 1:30 am (approx).

Date: Mid JUNE 1972.

Location: Road no B5152 Cutting though the south east corner of Delamere Forest, UK.

Weather: Clear, starry night. Sliver of moon, very warm.

Visibility: Excellent.

Steve and I (Danny as known then) had spent the last few hours of the previous evening hitching out of Bristol dressed like a tribute duo to a Hell Angels chapter, heading ever North toward Birkenhead at a rather good rate of knots considering our rather fearsome, allegedly socially unacceptable attire.

We found ourselves being dropped off at a roundabout a few miles away from Delamere Forest and decided, as there was little traffic about at that hour, to plod on, walking the starlit road toward the forest, ever vigilant for traffic going in our direction in the hope of a lift.

Steve walked a few paces in front of me as we went, and we chatted about all the things pertinent to us and our time, mainly motorbikes, girls, and the Rolling Stones, but sometimes touching upon on deeper subjects, inspired by the balmy June night and the heaven’s inimitable light show.

Sometimes we would even feel a brief touching of souls as we agreed upon some salient youthful view of the nature of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

But sadly, these moments would usually fall into a stilted silence as one or the other of us reached a point of no return, whereby, either the limitations of perspective imposed by environment, culture, education (or lack of it) and a myriad of other probabilities silenced us, or we would simply run out of vocabulary to apply to such lofty concepts.

After an hour or so of walking, we fell into a trudging silence, but neither of us were particularly tired as we had slept well into the afternoon the previous day. Still, needless to say, we hoped someone with room in their car or truck, or with enough curiosity or lonely enough to take the chance, would stop soon.

Street lamps appeared to light our way through the previously unlit B road as we approached the forest proper, descending over the brow of hill to a gentle decline. They helped form an eerie tunnel of orange light and muddy shade through the trees, standing sentinel over the road we hoped would eventually bear us home.

One hundred yards or so down the incline I noticed a reflection of blue light from behind in the shiny black frame of my thick National Health glasses. I assumed it beckoned the approach of a vehicle going in our direction. My instinctive reaction was to stick my thumb out as I turned, continuing to walk after Steve in a sort of sidestep shuffle as I went.

“Hey, Steve! There’s a car coming, man,” Steve muttered an acknowledgement, stuck his thumb out too, and carried on walking without slowing or turning. I, on the other hand, watched as a small, round, blue light came slowly over the brow of the hill toward us, not, at that time noting the lack of sound which accompanied it, and believing it to be a fog lamp attached to a car or lorry of some kind.

I slowed and stopped as I watched, sensing there was something out of place about it. There was no fog for a start, and the night couldn't have been clearer. There was no nimbus with the light either, nor indeed any directional beam. Almost like it was restricted to the perimeters of its physical source, and if you didn't see it directly, you would not be aware of it's presence.

Then the light, about the size of a child’s football, suddenly stopped dead at the brow of the hill with no visible deceleration and just hung there, stock still, about eight feet above the ground.

I could feel my hackles rise as I eliminated the possibilities. A car? No, too high. Motorbike? No chance. Van? Still too high. Truck? Maybe, a lamp on the roof, but I can see the sky all around the damn thing. Stars were visible all about this blue-shining orb, and that meant if it was attached to any kind of mass as we understand it, it was most certainly invisible to my eyes.

I quickly sidestepped the ten yards or so to catch up with Steve, not wanting to take my eyes off this enigma, and spun him round.

“Get a load of this man!”

To say I was excited would be a gross understatement, because whatever my everyday consciousness thought of this event, it was being overridden by a curiosity of a type I had never experienced before, nor indeed have I in the thirty odd years since.

I turned back to the orb, it still hung there like some all-seeing eye, protecting the road we had just traversed, then it suddenly shot off to our left with no visible acceleration and into the field opposite which adjoined the edge of the forest. I tried to anticipate its flight path as it swooped low over the vegetation, and found myself tensing ever more as it flew straight at what looked for all the world like a tall, wooden privy... (outdoor loo for those who don't know), but it was probably a tool store of some kind.

Curiously enough, in later years after much reading and research into this kind of scenario, I was to find out that structures like this are a relatively frequent factor in incidents such as this, and it might not have been at all what it appeared to be.

The impact, however, wasn't what I was expecting, for it flew straight into the shed without even damaging its surface, let alone shattering it. But by far the most disconcerting aspect was, it did not come out of the other side.

Considering the object’s velocity, well, what can I say? With my obviously limited understanding of physics, I leave it to those better qualified to try to unravel this tiny portion of the overall mystery.

“Let’s go and have a look, man?” I said, to Steve, unable at first to take my eyes off this shack, but when I realized there had been no answer, I turned to see him moving swiftly away toward the muddy/orange tunnel within the trees as fast as his legs would carry him.

More interested in what was going on behind me than in front, I turned back to the shack, Steve already forgotten, just in time to see the orb fly back out of the front of the structure, no damage still, and back over the brow of the hill and into the young treetops which edged the forest on my side of the road.

Therein it danced about manically, no curves in its manoeuvres, all straight lines and angles and making a complete mockery of inertia as we understand it - if indeed there was anything sentient, or sensitive equipment, therein.

As much as I hate to use a cliche, I will say, I felt compelled by an invisible force to break through the shrubbery and stand below its manic ballet in amongst the branches, and in retrospect, I feel the invisible force came as much from me than from the object. Quite simply, the need to know!

I stood there mesmerized by this thing’s antics, completely unaware of time, space or anything around me. Then, suddenly, a voice entered my awareness and told me to... “turn around and go home,” ... but where the voice came from, whether it was an audible voice, telepathy, or indeed my own imagination, to this day I do not know. Indeed, I probably never will!

Trouble was, I didn't want to go anywhere, I hadn't finished whatever it was I thought I was doing, (observing something so outside my whole belief system, maybe) and I fought the urge to turn and do as I was bidden, not realizing that what seemed to be a polite request was a gentle command which “would” be obeyed.

I walked stiffly away from my vantage point, completely against my will and ever fighting to remain, disappointed at being thwarted and seeming to have little control over my own body and mind.

Next thing I know I am back at the side of the road, completely oblivious to what has taken place and wondering where on Earth Steve has gone, I had no memory of anything at that time, including the appearance of the orb or being in amongst the trees watching its manic ballet.

As far as I was concerned he was still walking in front of me as we approached the forest, but now, he had just simply ‘vanished’.

Yet strangely, I wasn't too bothered by this either, like some aspect of me was still too busy with far more important matters and my best friend of the time would have to take a back seat until it had finished.

So, I walked slowly through the forest road, a strange calm had beset me, and I was oblivious to the daylight creeping slowly across the sky until I emerged on the other side. By then, a huge, rusty, orange sun was half above the horizon, soon to be teetering on its edge by the time I had walked another mile.

But, though not aware of it at that time, the sun should not have been rising yet. I had not even witnessed the pre-dawn.

It would be fair to say that even the most unobservant of us are a little awestruck by sunrises and sunsets, but this one, for me, seemed the most glorious of all. Eventually I stopped and leaned on a gate to watch while it was still optically bearable to do so, and I became completely enrapt as I watched dark, purple patches form on its surface, ever growing and blending together, contrasting with the remaining orange in sharp, delineating lines to form the image of an embryo in the womb.

How long I stood there, I don't know, most likely until the sun’s light became intolerant to my eyes. But, even now thirty years on, I can remember a sense of complete unity and understanding with and of absolutely everything. Like a rush of adrenaline it hit me. In words, thoughts, imagery and sound, and whatever other transmissions for other receptors we human beings possess of which we are consciously unaware.



And believe me, I knew everything was alive, even the most inanimate of objects. In the parlance of my generation, the only word I can use to describe the experience, is transcendental.

Soon I was to find myself trudging away up the road again toward home, suddenly extremely weary to the point of staggering, yet still strangely detached from the reality around me.

Delamere Forest TWO: HOME How I got to the Vauxhall roundabout... near Ellesmere Port... I will never know. I have no memory of a lift, but I do have a vague memory of thinking I was seeing people walking on the grass verge toward me on the opposite side of the road as I went, and some even seemed to have pet dogs with them.

They usually turned out to be bushes or shrubs when I got close enough to focus properly.

Next thing I am fully aware of, I am sitting wearily at the Vauxhall Roundabout, it is 6:30 am and my feet and legs are stuck over the curb and into the road. Large lorries are hurtling past, beeping their horns at me to get me to move my legs before they are crushed. I slowly become aware and drag them reluctantly away.

I felt extremely ill by this time, I had no energy at all. Not even enough to stand and hold my arm out to hitch for a few minutes, let alone walk the ten or so miles home. I needed a telephone.

My father would have just finished a night shift and, though it would have been a tremendous blow to my kudos at that time to ask help of a parent, I felt justifiably ill enough to do so.

As luck would have it, there was a red telephone box directly behind where I was sitting, across the broad roundabout pavement and against a wall. I phoned, and my father, not too happy at being called out after a sixteen hour shift came out (bless him) and picked me up.

I saw his look of anger change to one of concern as he pulled up in his brown Humber Sceptre, leaned over, and opened the passenger door for me, his first words were, “God, son, have you been run over or something?”

I can only suspect that I must have looked as bad as I felt, but there were no broken bones or anything conducive to his suggestion.

It should be said here, that at this time, I lived in what would have been considered a ‘commune’ in those days, and though never anti-parent, it just was not cool to go back to your folks’ home if you had left. But my Dad took me back to the family home and put me in his bed, and there I stayed for almost a week, in a strange sort of delirium for which I can still find no source.

It would be true to say that I remember very little of that time, but the bits I do remember seemed so poignant to me, even now, that I think they might be more than pertinent to any person who might have had a similar experience. What I remember is as follows...

For most of those days I was unconscious or semi-conscious. My thoughts, when lucid and wondering how I came to be in the family home, always taking me back to Delamere Forest and this damned blue light.

For some reason, as I slowly recovered, I could now remember seeing it, telling Steve about it, seeing it go into the shed and not coming out the other side. I could remember it coming back out again and following it to the young trees at the edge of the forest, standing underneath it, watching and waiting for... something! Then, absolutely nothing until I was commanded to go home!

On the few occasions of lucidity in those strange days, I would raise the blankets and look at the lower half of my body. From the groin down it was like there was intense sunburn. My legs seemed red raw from it. Then I would try to rationalize it.

My mind would ask, how the hell did this happen? I was, and still am, built like the proverbial pencil, (or pipe-cleaner to those who remember such things) and certainly wasn't given to sunbathing or anything remotely like that.

I, even though now I don't give a damn, would have been too embarrassed to show my legs in public. So I would search my memory for a reason for this. And always, in those few days at mum and dad's house, for how these strange symptoms had come to be.

Always, it led me back to Delamere Forest and the blue light, and, for those first few days, when I remembered it, I would fall unconscious again for hours!

As I recovered however, from the bodily symptoms at least, I ceased to black out at the memory of that strange, physical law-defying orb, and grow in strength, determined to get to the bottom of the experience. After all, my best friend of the time was with me, and if anyone had the answer, or at least a partial (or impartial) explanation, he should.

But before I go any further, I should explain here, that at no time, between whatever that experience was and Steve vanishing into the forest, did I see him. Not on that day, nor on the days I was ill in my parent’s house. I should also add that I could never understand why no one in my family called a doctor in to find out what the problem with me was.

I would also like readers to know, though some of my family will never admit it publicly, that several of them have had UFO type experiences too, over the years, though I think they are too frightened to speak for reasons that are obvious to us all.

I know and understand that! It has taken me thirty years to write this and no one would believe how many times I have tried, finished it, and binned it! Maybe it is the right time now!


Upon my recovery after a week or so, I intended to return to my room in the commune, only to find the landlord had packed my bags and they were waiting in the vestibule for me. He would not let me over the threshold, nor indeed would he tell me of Steve’s whereabouts, which, in my young excited mind, was far more important than being homeless.

All he would say was that my friend had returned on the day he had disappeared from the forest in a terrible state of mind and left immediately, instructing all never to tell me anything about him, his whereabouts, etc.,

For a long time after that event, most of the people in that commune who had been friends shunned me and would rather not have been seen talking to me.

And so the plot thickened.

You can imagine what was rolling over in my head. WHY?

As it happened, Steve’s parents lived literally at the bottom of the road and, needless to say, that was my first port of call. I should add here, that these were good and decent people who always had time for Steve’s friends, me included, but the reception I got shocked me.

Mum came to the door when I knocked, with Dad close behind her and they sidled up next to each other as if to block entry. The look on their faces said it all. They were panic stricken.

“He doesn't live here any more!” Mum blurted. “And he never wants to see you again!”

“But why ever...?” and the door was closed gently in my face.

So off I trundled - doubly confused, a bin liner full of junk, back to my parent’s house to try and piece together what the hell was happening to me. I had not anticipated any of this, how on Earth could I? As far as I was concerned, Steve had vanished down the road into the forest while I let curiosity get the better of me.

We were good friends, neither of us violent for all our biker trappings. Not given to argument for the hell of it, and most certainly not on the edge of a forest in the dead of night.

What the hell was going on?

Whoever I discussed the incident with, particularly family, would say, keep quiet about it, don't tell anyone. Others would sneer derisively at me like I was some kind of lunatic, but I was not deterred. If only I could find Steve, then all would be revealed.

And my search over the Wirral continued. A week, two... three... by four I had all but given up. Then, one day, by pure chance, in Upton, I walked around a corner and there, about a hundred or so yards away, was Steve, sitting on a wall chatting to two girls.

“Steve!” “STEVE!” I shout as I walk ever swiftly toward him, “Tell me about the Blue li....!”

Then the girls turned and started screaming at me, “leave him alone, leave him alone!” People at the nearby shops were turning to see what was going on, but I watched as an ever pallid Steve seemed to visibly ‘physically’ shrink, as if he wanted to be swallowed up by the very wall itself.

I had never seen fear like this, I think I could even smell it. It was a horrible experience to see a friend like this and know in some inadvertent way, ‘you’ are the cause of it, even if you don't know how.

I stopped dead in my tracks and said something like, “I just want to know what happened in the forest, man,” and with that, he leapt off the wall and ran as fast as his legs would go, up the road and round the nearest corner.

The girls stood guard behind him, shouting more abuse at me and making sure all in earshot were witnessing the event before sauntering off after him.

Gob-smacked would be an understatement, and I certainly wasn't going to go after him if he was so afraid. But what was it he was afraid of...


It was a few weeks later I was to bump into Steve, in the street, for the last time in my life, and needless to say, the first words out of my mouth were about the forest. His response was, “Danny! If I ever see you again, I will kill you!” And with that, this, my once best friend turned away and walked out of my life.


One can imagine the questions I have asked of myself about this over the years. Did I create a screen memory to cover some terrible incident that happened between us as we hitched back from Bristol all those years ago? An incident that caused Steve to run away from me, after of course, setting my legs and groin alight for just long enough to give the illusion of sunburn.

Or did he pull out a ray gun he threw together in the outside toilet of the commune one boring Sunday afternoon when we were all skint, and blast me with it just long enough to do a limited amount of damage so that I would recover? And, hopefully, on his part, never seek vengeance.

Unlikely, isn't it?

But there is fear, and the fear I saw in his eyes and demeanor on the first occasion was palpable, almost material in its manifestation, if that makes sense.

On the second occasion it was equally palpable, but resigned. It was like the threat to kill me was a last ditch attempt to rid himself of me forever and he didn't really give a toss what the consequences of that statement might have been. I respected that need, and still do, if indeed he still lives.

What did ‘he’ witness?

What happened to ‘him?

As to the incident in the forest, well, I still haven't got to the bottom of it. But the consequences of it on my life haven't necessarily been positive. I think for anyone who has experienced anything outside reality as the majority understand it, our world, and particularly our society, becomes a dark and desolate place, it’s beauty tainted by our collective actions.

Speaking this view, when in truth it is obvious to all, earns no kudos in our society and my inability to lie about what I perceive has killed off just about every relationship I have ever had because I cannot allow myself to join in with the selfish ethos of our crumbling society.

All I seem to perceive are the negatives in us, myself included, and I believe this incident, real or imagined, has been the source of an isolated existence without the power to engender positive change for myself or any one else.

The overall feeling for me, is that I am here to witness something of immense magnitude, as indeed I suspect we all are in these times. Whether that observation is to be a positive or negative thing, I don't know. The only comforting fact I can find, is that the natures of all things appear to be cyclic.

These times are not good and they are becoming steadily worse worldwide. I think it probable that the collective human psyche is aware of this and the knock on effect is that the majority of individuals are grabbing what they can, while they can.

Why I directly attribute the aforementioned to this little blue light, I really do not know. I have purposely avoided mention of the ET hypothesis because I do not remember what took place in the missing time. I do however, suspect... But you must judge for yourself!

In Truth

K. J. Daniel

© K.J.DANIEL - 13 OCTOBER 2004

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Oklahoma - Object Appeared to be Crashing
05-22-09 - Spavinaw - My name is Frankie. I'm located in the small town of Spavinaw, OK. On the 22nd of May this year, a friend and I were outside looking at the beauty of the trees. We saw a thing in the sky coming down at a fast speed. It could not have been an airplane, or it would have been coming down nose first and most likely spinning out of control.

This thing was coming down upside down with 3 streams of smoke. It looked as if it was a mushroom upside down, with its cap coming down first, and the streams of smoke coming from its steam. It was like nothing I've ever seen.

You could tell that it had been falling from a great distance above the earth, because of the smoke trails that were left as it fall to the earth. I have checked the local news here and nothing. I think maybe it may have been a satellite falling from space.

But because of no reports of anything odd happening around the area, it had to have been seen by someone other than the 2 of us. It may have come down in the area of Grove, Ok. It was about 4 to 5 PM that evening. Frankie - source: www.ufocasebook.com

Wisconsin - Two Witness UFO
Depiction of UFO 1972 - May 16 - I was on my way with my then wife to the hospital in Ashland Wisconsin to deliver a baby girl. We were being followed by my neighbor, because we lived well into the Chequamegon National Forest, the roads were muddy and the White River had a tendency to flood that time of year. The neighbor was driving behind us in case anything went wrong.

Upon cresting a hill which skirts the river valley - about one mile wide - I witnessed an aircraft low above the river barely above the trees, traveling slow and moving in the river's direction. It was well lit, as if it had a row of windows, and had a distinctive tail fin configuration.

At that time I assumed it was the early flight into Ashland, but was truly puzzled by its slow flight and so close to the ground. Then on second thought it was almost 5:00 AM, and the flight would not normally come in until almost 9:30.

Owing to the fact that my wife was threatening to kill me for knocking her up in the first place, I naturally concentrated on helping her breath, but I was somewhat worried about what I had seen nonetheless.

Arriving at the hospital, before I could even get my wife out of the car, our friend approached me in a high state of excitement. He was yelling at me "Did you see it! Did you see it?". I said "You mean the airplane?" whereby he accused me of being a full blown idiot.

We had both seen what I believe to be this very craft; I have very little doubt that this is the same configuration we witnessed that morning. From that morning in 1972 we referred to our daughter as our little alien. This account is not a lie or fabrication.

The witness claims that the object he saw was very similar to a UFO seen in a video of the so-called "Italian Air Force UFO." Captain Richard T. Coleman - source: www.ufocasebook.com

London, England - Red Light over Airport
I live close to Stansted Airport, I was going to bed at 12.30 AM, Saturday night and I looked out at the stars as I always do.

My eye was caught by a red glinting light, no larger than a star, it appeared to be stationary. I got my binoculars and the light was actually pulsing in three colours, red, green and white.

My line of sight brought in the trees below , and it moved about the length of one and a half trees during this time. Steve Nelson: source: www.ufocasebook.com

Spain - Four Objects Seen
May, 2009 - Last night at 22:40 we noticed some strange lights on the sky... there were four flying objects moving very fast. (when four friends and myself where on a outdoor-trip at Montserrat near to Barcelona).

They disappeared after a few seconds... some minutes later, when we were descending the mount of Moserrat, a new object appeared... this time it was not glowing white like the others before.

It seemed to be an intelligent entity, at the beginning it glowed green... then it moved to higher altitude, and again it descended rapidly in our direction.

I had the chance to make some pictures with my cam, on the pictures the UFO glows orange-green, but in reality, it was glowing green-blue?

This object disappeared after some seconds... I'm sure there where many other witnesses who have observed this. We have no idea how large this object was, and on what altitude it was (sometimes it looked like it was directly over us, but it was so strange... we couldn't estimate the distance and diameter,... I don't know how to explain, it was surreal.

See photos of this sighting at: http://s441.photobucket.com/albums/qq132/realovnis/ - source: www.ufocasebook.com

Spain - Two Sightings Reported
UFO photographed over Spain May 30, 2009 - I saw a UFO in Barcelona City in Paseo de Gracia at 14: 00 hours. Seen by husband.

June 1, 2009 - Location C Ganduxer, at 16:40 hours. Seen by son.

Both sightings: No sound was heard. Sunny weather, no clouds. No unusual smells, electromagnetic effects, etc.

Photo of another sighting is very similar to what was seen.

UFO seemed to be like large, white balloon, but was moving at same speed, in straight flight pattern. It suddenly disappeared. Montse - source: www.ufocasebook.com

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