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UFO Magazine Issue 363, Issue date, 06-15-09

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Astronomers and UFOs
Dr. J. Allen Hynek

written by Kevin Randle Tuesday, June 09, 2009

In the past, we have talked about astronomers and UFOs with the prevailing opinion that astronomers don’t see UFOs because they are familiar with what is in the sky so they are not easily fooled. I believe that astronomers don’t report UFOs because they are afraid of ridicule and committing professional suicide.

So, the question is, are there any facts to back up this claim?

Certainly. I refer to the Special Report on Conferences with Astronomers on Unidentified Aerial Objects to Air Intelligence Center, Wright Patterson Air Force Base by Dr. J. Allen Hynek and dated August 6, 1952.

According to the introduction, "This special report was prepared to describe the results of a series of conferences with astronomers during and following a meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Victoria, B.C., in June, 1952. It recounts personal opinions of a large number of professionally trained astronomical observers regarding unidentified aerial objects.

In addition, it reports sightings by five professional astronomers that were not explainable by them. Representing the opinions of highly trained scientists, these comments should prove particularly helpful in assessing the present status of our knowledge of unknown objects in the skies."

Of those in the survey, Hynek wrote, "Astronomer R has personally sighted an unidentified object, a light which loomed across his range of vision, which was obstructed by an observatory dome, much faster than a plane and much slower than a meteor... Astronomer R does not ascribe any particular significance to this sighting, except as it constitutes one of the many incomplete and unexplained sightings."

And, of course, it doesn’t really suggest anything solid or extraterrestrial. It’s just a light moving across the sky that the astronomer can’t identify and fits into that category we’d call nocturnal lights. Just a light seen at night that has no ready explanation.

Another astronomer labeled as II had made two sightings two years apart. Hynek described him as having an adequate professional rating, which probably means here that he wasn’t involved in any advance theoretical work and was just an average astronomer. Nothing bad about him but he wasn’t a stellar performer (pun intended)

According to Hynek, the astronomer heard a transport plane heading to the west that was making a lot of noise and he looked up to watch it. "He then noticed, above the transport and going north, a cluster of five ball-bearing-like objects. They moved rapidly and were not in sight very long."

The second sighting, according to Hynek’s report, was two years later. He saw a single object, ball-bearing shaped, that disappeared quickly. The astronomer said that he would supply the details, but he didn’t want anyone to have his name.

Hynek mentioned Dr. Lincoln La Paz, who was identified by name and was also Astronomer LL in his report. Of course, La Paz was the scientist working on the Green Fireball mystery (bright green meteor-like objects that seemed to fall only in the desert southwest over a period of a couple of years). Hynek noted that the discussion of the Green Fireballs had taken place in front of many astronomers who were of the opinion that the Fireballs were natural objects.

Hynek wrote, "However, close questioning revealed that they knew nothing of the actual sightings, of their frequency or anything about them, and therefore cannot be taken seriously. This is a characteristic of scientists in general when speaking about subjects which are not in their own immediate field of concern. (Emphasis added)."

I thought this a rather interesting statement from Allen Hynek when talking about his fellow scientists. They tended to make pronouncements about topics of which they knew nothing. The media, because the men were scientists, assigned more importance to their statements than they might someone with less education and standing.

Astronomer NN was Clyde Tombaugh who had discovered Pluto and he too had made two sightings. In one of them, he mentioned square-shaped objects like lighted windows overheard. In the other he talked of an object that was four times brighter than Venus at its brightest traveling across the night sky from zenith to horizon in about three seconds.

The best of the sightings reported by Hynek in his monograph was made by Dr. Everton Conger who was, at that time, an instructor in Journalism at the University of New Mexico. He said that on July 27, 1948, between 8:35 and 8:45 a.m. he noticed "a disc-shaped object in the sky. It was flat and round like a flat plate. It appeared to made of duraluminum and gave off reflected light very similar to the light reflected from a highly polished airplane wing."

In his "Summary and Discussion," Hynek wrote, "Over 40 astronomers were interviewed of which five had made sightings of one sort or another. This is a higher percentage than among the population at large. Perhaps this is to be expected, since astronomers do, after all, watch the skies. On the other hand, they will not likely be fooled by balloons, aircraft, and similar objects, as may the general populace."

Hynek added an appendix about an experience he had while in Los Angeles. He had been invited to appear on a television program to discuss flying saucers that included a science analyst, a rocket expert and the writer Aldous Huxley. He declined but then observed, "There was very little constructive about the program. It consisted of a rehash of all the things we have heard already. It might be profitable, for instance, to have a TV program, sponsored by the Air Force, acquainting the public with the problem of flying saucers as a scientific problem (Emphasis added). Though suggested jokingly, there might be some point to this, if this investigation ever gets to the scientific panel stage."

I might point out here that this suggestion was made months before the CIA sponsored Robertson Panel made a similar suggestion and ten or twelve years before the Condon Committee was organized.

But back to the original question of astronomers not reporting UFOs because of their fear of professional suicide. Has that statement been verified?

Well, given the above, not really. We learned that two astronomers, Lincoln La Paz and Clyde Tombaugh have reported UFOs and that did not affect their standing in the community. It could be argued that who they were had something to do with it. In the 1950s, Tombaugh was thought of as the man who had discovered the ninth planet in our system... of course, today, he is the man who discovered one of the dwarf planets, and the discoveries of other scientists and other dwarf planets has negated his importance. But, in the 1950s, his reputation was quite secure.

The same can be said for Lincoln La Paz. He was the man who directed the search of a solution to the mystery of the Green Fireballs and it was his work with other meteors that cemented his reputation. He could suggest he had seen a flying saucer and not worry about his career.

Others were reluctant to talk, according to Hynek. Some thought the topic silly. Of Astronomer C, Hynek reported, "It is evident that he regards it as a fairly silly proceeding and subject."

Of Astronomer G Hynek wrote that he was "Reasonably interested in talking about the subject, he clearly does not consider it a topic of real interest..."

Hynek did report, "It is interesting to remark upon the attitude of the astronomers interviewed. The great majority of were neither hostile nor overly interested; they gave one the general feeling that all flying saucer reports could be explained as misrepresentations of well-known objects and that there was nothing intrinsic in the situation to cause concern."

Then he added, "And certainly another contributing factor to their desire not to talk about these things is their overwhelming fear of publicity. One headline in the nation’s papers to the effect that "Astronomer Sees Flying Saucer" would be enough to brand the astronomer as questionable among his colleagues."

Hynek drew these conclusions based on his discussions with the astronomers but didn’t provide much in the way of confirming information. That he put it into this report is interesting and it suggests that it was an impression he drew from his interviews.

And it seems to hold true today, giving what many of the current crop of astronomers have to say when interviewed about the topic. They offer the same ill-informed opinions that their predecessors offered and apparently with the same level of ignorance.

So, we have learned that astronomers see UFOs, but most of those sightings fit into the category of nocturnal lights. Clyde Tombaugh’s sighting suggested a structure and Lincoln La Paz saw a Green Fireball, not to mention something else.

For Phil Plait, it looks as if the astronomers didn’t report alien spacecraft and the best sighting in this bunch was that by the journalism professor. But we have a report, based on interviews with 40 astronomers and the conclusions we drew were based on those facts. At least we had some... too often, the conclusions are drawn on what we’d like to believe rather than what is.

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Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird: Captain's Odd Encounter Makes Waves
UFO Depiction
By Mike Conley - The McDowell News

Published: June 10, 2009

The year 1947 was certainly a milestone in UFO history. It was the year of pilot Kenneth Arnold's sighting of nine weird objects flying in formation over Mount Rainer, Wash., which gave birth to the term "flying saucer." It was also the year that a strange craft supposedly crashed in the desert near Roswell, N.M. and alien bodies were recovered by the military.

And during the summer of 1947, a Coast Guard captain and his crew reportedly had an amazing encounter while patrolling Puget Sound in Washington state.

At around 2 p.m. on June 21, 1947, Capt. Harold A. Dahl and his Coast Guard crew were sailing along the southern end of Puget Sound near Maury Island. Along with Dahl, there were his son, two crewmen and a dog on board their boat.

Dahl looked up from the wheel and was startled to see "six very large doughnut-shaped machines" in the air. He estimated that they were approximately 2,000 feet up in the sky. The objects were stationary and silent, according to a web site.

At first, Dahl thought they were large balloons until one of them started to descend. The other five then followed suit. The first weird object continued to descend until it was directly overhead, about 500 feet above the water. The objects remained totally silent.

Dahl later reported they were each about 100 feet in diameter and each one had a hole in its center. He noticed that the sunlight was brilliantly reflected from their metallic surfaces. In addition, they seemed to have portholes all around them.

Dahl and his crew pulled their boat over to the beach, got out their camera and went ashore. Dahl took four photos of the objects.

"All the time, the five were circling around the one which was stationery," Dahl later stated. "Five minutes passed, and then one of the circling machines detached itself from the formation and came right down to the stationery one. It seemed to touch it, and stayed motionless for about four minutes. Then we heard a dull thud, and the central craft spewed out what looked like thousands of newspapers from the inside of its center."

Those falling fragments actually turned out to be a strange type of very light metal that fluttered down over the bay. Then, darker and heavier metal fragments rained down on the bay and the crew. Steam rose when they hit the water.

Dahl, his son and the crew ran for shelter under a cliff. A falling fragment of metal hit his son's arm and their poor dog was killed.

"Then the rain of metal stopped," Dahl stated. "The strange craft silently lifted and went westward towards the Pacific. All the time, the center one remained in the formation. We found the fallen metal too hot to touch, for some time. But when it cooled, we loaded a large number of pieces into our launch."

When they climbed back into the boat, Dahl found that his radio was not working. He started up the engine and returned to Tacoma. His son had to be seen by a doctor at the hospital.

Dahl later had his film developed but the negatives were covered with strange white spots. Some specimens of the strange metal were supposedly taken to a university for analysis.

One report stated that the metal was an alloy of calcium, iron, zinc, and titanium, according to a web site.

The tale about Harold Dahl's UFO encounter gets even weirder. The day after the sighting, he came face to face with one of the dreaded Men in Black.

The following morning, a strange looking man drove to his house and got out of a black sedan-type car. He was dressed in a black suit, was around 40 years old and in Dahl's words, looked like "an insurance agent." The weird man asked Dahl some curious questions.

"Are you happy at your job, and in your family?" he asked.

Dahl demanded to know what he was getting at. The weird stranger merely smiled and proceeded to tell Dahl about what he had experienced the day before. He then gave a stern warning to the frightened and bewildered man.

"Mr. Dahl," said the stranger in black, "you had better forget what you have seen, and stop talking. Silence is the best thing for you and your family. You have seen what you ought not to have seen!"

He then abruptly left.

Contact Mike Conley at 652-3313, ext. 3422 or e-mail nconley@mcdowellnews.com.

Also see:

The UFO Casebook case file, The Maury Island UFO Mystery.

The UFO Casebook case file, The Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting.

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Epidemic of UFO Sightings In Vail Valley, Colorado
UFO Depiction
Published: June 10,2009

Op-Ed Contributor

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Recently there have been reports of Unidentified Flying Objects around the area, including five in Eagle County. As an investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in this area, I wanted to inform the public and make them aware of these reports, in the hope of finding additional witnesses.

In brief, there was a report from Basalt on April 26 where an 18-year-old male walking home at 2:30 a.m. had a close encounter with a craft and entities. On Wednesday, May 6, a witness riding a chairlift at A-Basin at 3:15 p.m. spotted a fast-moving silent craft overhead and was able to get a quick photo of the object, which he estimated was moving at 1,500 mph." Bob Fiske/Vail Daily

I question the judgment of an editor who hires an investigator for MUFON as a reporter. "MUFON is dedicated to the scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of mankind." Is the journalist who covers the police beat a member of Ghostbusters, and the gentleman who handles politics a member of Astral Travelers United?

An 18-year-old dude who claims to have seen flying saucers and little green men from Mars at an ungodly hour of the night is not the most credible witness in the world. A journalist should take the guy's statement with a grain of salt, and he certainly shouldn't publish his crazy tale.

I wouldn't have published the young man's fanciful account unless he passed a breathalyzer test and handed me glossy snapshots of the little green aliens.

Another nameless individual spots a flying saucer while riding a chairlift, and estimates that the craft was moving at 1,500 mph. Only an experienced pilot can estimate how fast a flying object is moving with such certitude.

Fiske's article cites six nameless witnesses -- bored teens in Vail probably keep Fiske busy with bogus accounts of UFO sightings.

Robert Paul Reyes is a NewsBlaze writer on Politics, Pop Culture and Pointless Pontificating. Contact him by writing to NewsBlaze.

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Are We Jumping the Gun?
UFO Depiction
Published: 9:55 AM 6/12/2009

Are We Jumping the Gun with Our Wanting to Know?

written by Chris Holly

The entire world wants to know. Everyone wonders about life forms on other planets. We know many are intelligent and more advanced then earthlings. We know this as they are visiting us, and we are sitting here wondering if all those UFOs are really there?

Millions see them but still we wonder can this be true? Everyone wants to know are we really seeing crafts from another world? If so, who is visiting us and where do they come from?

We search the Internet and we read the articles and reports of those who have seen or had contact with other life forms. We talk about it in places where no one important will hear us, and shun any close and personal connection to the subject.

We either join in the laughter when topics like UFOs or Aliens are brought up in open groups, and behave badly towards those who may have had an encounter.

We can be brainwashed into being bullies and attack with ignorance what we do not understand. I am not sure why we do these things but we do. The one thing we do not do is use logic or look to increase our understanding of that which we do not know - yet we demand are the same creatures demanding disclosure. Sort of funny isn't it?

How in the world can anyone think this society is ready for disclosure of subjects we are not even adult enough to openly discuss ?

How can we think this is possible, when the only information found on subjects considered paranormal are on a few paranormal sites on the Internet or small TV series running weekly that dismiss as much as admit these things are occurring?

How can we ask for disclosure of earth shattering news when we are not able to think of or handle anything unknown in an intelligent manner? How can we anticipate expanding the unknown science of the paranormal into the world of known science when we cannot distinguish the events of space with that of fantasy, science fiction, or entertainment?

Our news media will not touch any of these subjects. Our governments will not talk about these things. Our schools have nothing to do with these topics yet we think we are ready for it to be handed over with full disclosure? Maybe I am confused, but this certainly is not logical thinking.

Obviously the alien visitors do not want more contact. Trust me, if they did we would have it. As it now goes is exactly how they wish it to be. Remember who is visiting whom, and who can barely get off their own planet much less travel the cosmos.

Have you ever considered the fact that we as a planet could not defend our planet against anyone with the abilities to visit us? What could we do? Do you not think they could swat off our weapons and feeble methods of protection as if we were an annoying fly?

Do you really think it would be a problem for those who can bend space or travel wormholes to defend against or over take us? Be honest here, do you really think we are ready as a civilization to take on the responsibility of dealing with advanced societies of beings we do not understand?

Don't you feel we would be far better to get our own act together on this planet before reaching out to others?

Our government’s only actions can be to keep this subject closed and to keep the visits controlled by going along with the alien’s agendas, not our need to know! What else can we do? Do you really feel we can have a say in things we completely do not understand? Really, who do you think is driving the alien agenda bus? I will give you a hint, it is not mankind and not human.

So here we sit, we earthlings, in the middle of the cosmos on a beautiful luscious globe called Earth. We are new as an intelligent form of life compared to other parts of the universe with older globes and societies that may be millions of years older than ours.

Here we sit, just walking out of the dark and we think we now should be out there messing in space. We should be given the secrets of space travel and ultimate energy. We humans who cannot stop killing one another or be trusted with the powers of our own planet and invention - we think we deserve to be handed over the energy advancements of the universe?

We cannot be trusted with our own power. Do you really think another life form would want to be involved with such a violent, primitive species? We are not ready to join our cosmic brothers, we can barely live among our own fellow humans. To hope for full disclosure so we can tap into the technology of those visiting us, well, the idea to me is really rather frightening. We need to grow up first.

I have been reading all kinds of things about how everyone demands it is time for us to know. I also read statements of drooling humans who talk about the desire they have to understand and be able to possess the technology and energy that those who visit us from vast distances must have in order to cross huge areas of space in crafts the size of large buildings at incredible speed.

I say again giving mankind that knowledge in our present state of evolution is simply frightening. It would be a fast track to our complete devastation.

To be rather frank, the idea of that being placed in the hands of the greedy, hate filled, war like, killing dog humans that populate this beautiful planet is just terrifying. Can you imagine how quickly that information could be used to completely destroy, not only this great planet, but also every living creature on it?

I have no great need to quench my curiosity about our visitors until we can become better beings. The day we stop killing each other in non-stop wars or self-inflicted civil unrest, for me needs to come first. We need to be united before reaching out to the unknown.

Living in a world where so much hate penetrates our daily lives is not a time for reaching out to other civilizations we may not be able to handle.

As it stands we live on a planet that has one thing going for it that we can count on. War! We spend a great deal of our tax money, resources and thought concerning killing other earthlings. When we are not outright killing each other, we spend our time in hate. Do I need to spell that scenario out for you?

Simply hit any populated area at rush hour and jump on any busy highway system and just soak in the love! If this is not enough human behavior for you tune in one of the political driven talk or news shows, or visit an Internet chat room. The nature of the beast shows clearly in all these places.

If that has you confused, look at the economy and think about the word greed! Am I making my point yet? If not, let's talk world hunger, disease, or climate and natural disasters. All of these things need work. Our work.

They are all earth problems driven by and caused by the earth dwellers or mother earth’s natural cycles. The black and white of it is we do not have control of this planet; thinking of jumping the gun to other places and becoming involved with other beings for me is just a bit premature.

Let's think about the beings that do visit this planet from who knows where? We know nothing about them, but the fact they are more advanced. We also can assume they have mastered the need for energy not only for their own planet, but maybe their entire solar systems.

The beings visiting us can master whatever energy source needed to either travel through the universe in methods we are too dumb to understand, or to bend space and maybe even time. We are clueless, but we are reckless and dangerous as the conditions on our planet have proven and off we go demanding we be told what we are not ready to handle… into the unknown - headfirst!

I think we need to straighten out our act here on earth before busting out into the cosmos. We do not have a stable planet. We do not have a stable society. We are too busy fighting each other to ever consider taking on the unknown.

We cannot yet discuss these things without having them sadly mixed up with fantasy or considered a laugh factory. How about getting serious about how we feel about the topics of UFO visitation and alien visitors as a society, before demanding disclosure.

As it is, a great deal of the public does not what to consider these things to be true, nor will they discuss it. Let's tackle those roadblocks before unleashing the dam!

Who knows what type of hornets' nest we may shake up reaching into the unknown when we have no ability to defend our planet from what we may find? How can we think anyone would give us the facts, when most of us simply could not handle them? We have miles to go as a civilization before we can demand to take on that which we simply do not understand. Let's prepare and become a more cohesive population before inviting the uninvited unknown into our lives.

Look, I want to advance as much as everyone else. I want to know who and what all the beings are that visit and mingle with many of us. I just think we have some work to do here on the home front before we jump into areas we are not ready to handle.

We have a beautiful planet. It is a water covered, gorgeous planet, full of a life. I am sure that is why we have so many visitors. I also know we are lightweights in the cosmos community and are at the mercy of those who are further along the universal path then we are.

Frankly, I am a bit nervous about what we may find or reach out and draw to us at this point in time.

I know we are not yet able at this point in time to protect this planet and mankind from what we may find. I am not sure we are doing the correct thing by beaming out to space, directions to our planet without knowing who or what we are inviting back!

I think we are way too pushy and far too unprepared for what we are doing with our attempts to reach out and become involved with our universe and neighbors.

I would be far more comfortable knowing we were more stable as a planet, able to work together as a species before inviting unknown creatures here, or sending them invitations to our homes in the middle of the night!

I would be far happier if we could learn to live together and work and FIGHT together as a life form before reaching out to large advanced civilizations. I think we need to clean up, bulk up, and smarten up our own planet before taking on advanced, older, more complex societies.

It may be a crazy idea but how about trying to deal with those earthlings that are having encounters with those who visit us in a more civil and scientific manner here on earth before jumping out to the stars? Let's place some of our black project and space exploration money into following up and helping those who have had sightings, been abducted, or have had lost time events.

How about we figure out what is happening here on earth by those who are visiting before we jump the gun? How about we try to improve in an open intelligent way contact with those many of us do encounter? How about becoming beings that are better than the violent, killing, greedy monsters we appear to be? How about the best of mankind tries hard to reach the rest of mankind, so we can be worthy of joining the universal community?

I know what I am writing today will make many people very angry. I understand that we all want to know who and what it is many of us see. I understand that our curiosity is eating at many who simply really want to know what is going on. I too want answers. I too have questions, however I am far more nervous about taking on what we cannot handle.

I have seen unknown crafts. I have had lost time events since I was a small child. I have suffered, and I do understand a great deal about other beings and the unknown subject of advanced life forms and our part in our relationship with them.

My opinion is that we need to grow to the point we can deal with these subjects in open, adult ways before reaching out for more information in this area. I know we need to advance as beings before taking on the involvement with those visiting us.

I do not know what else to do but try to reason with those I can and warn those I cannot, in the matter of the paranormal and other life forms visiting this planet. I beg of you. Do not bite off more than you can chew. This planet is not ready.

Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World- http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/

Email chrishollyufo@yahoo.com

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UFO Spotted over Sutton Leach in UK
UFO Depiction
Published Date: 01 June 2009

A stargazer claims he may have spotted a UFO flying over Sutton Leach. X-Files fan Lee Caldwell says he spotted a "weird red light" flying low over the Leach Lane area.

He said: "I'm into space and physics and tried to dispute what I was seeing, but I couldn't. People might think it was a Chinese lantern, but it wasn't - it was moving far too fast and seemed to change shape.

"It definitely wasn't a plane either. It had this red glow and, although this sounds strange, looked like it had antlers. I'm still at a loss to explain what it was."

Lee's close encounter isn't the first time strange objects have been spotted hovering over the borough's skies.

In January Michael Simpson, 31, reported a flying shape moving quickly over the East Lancs in Carr Mill at around 4.30am. His description of 'bowler hat' shape was backed up by several readers who contacted the Reporter after learning about Michael's experience.

And in October, two pals spotted four, orange disc-like objects hovering above the New Street area of Sutton as they were leaving Sutton Cricket Club. They describe the objects as moving slowly and silently through the night sky and heading in the direction of Parr.

One of the men, who has asked not to be named, said: "It was definitely not a weather balloon or anything like that, it was unlike anything I have ever seen before. The four discs were bright, but not like a shining light, like a reflective surface."

The incident is similar several months earlier when several residents in the Wymbrel Avenue area of Newton-le-Willows spotted a strange object in the night sky.

Stuart Welsby had been returning from a shopping trip with wife Emma and their young son when he spotted a 'glowing orange blob' floating across the Newton skyline. Amazingly, he spotted the same strange glowing light at around the same time the following night.

Mr Welsby, a 31-year-old mobile paint sprayer, said at the time: "We just saw this thing in the sky and both said 'what an earth is that'.

"It was right above us but was moving at the normal speed of an airplane but it had no aviation lights and when I turned my engine off there was absolutely no noise coming from it.

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The Tinley Park Lights, April, 2004
UFO April 21, 2004-(TINLEY PARK, ILLINOIS) - The past two years have seen autumn sightings of unidentified lights in the night sky over Tinley Park and the surrounding area, and a local UFO investigator says the truth is out there.

According to Sam Maranto of the Illinois chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, there have been more sightings recently. "The sightings in Tinley Park were very important, and we have had more (in recent weeks)," Maranto, of Orland Park, said.

The sightings of three red, silent, slow-moving lights in the sky over Tinley Park and Oak Park were first reported on Aug. 21, 2004, with subsequent sightings on Oct. 31, 2004, and Oct. 1, 2005. The National UFO Reporting Center was flooded with calls on each of those nights, with dozens of such reports at www.ufocenter.com.

"The Tinley Park sightings are among the most well-documented cases that we have seen," Peter Davenport, director of the center, said.

"With (each event), you have multiple witnesses, multiple videotapes, eyewitness reports, and Federal Aviation Administration and law enforcement documentation."

The amount of footage -- particularly from Aug. 21, 2004 -- is striking. Three red lights are seen hanging in the air in various positions, seemingly indicating a form or structure. There are numerous pieces of footage shot by area residents at the same time in different locations, which gives researchers much more data to work with than the usual isolated UFO sighting.

"I absolutely love mass sightings," Maranto said, "because you have such a cross section of (witnesses)."

According to T.J. Japcon, a former Tinley Park resident who now lives in Crestwood, the sightings are anything but over. Japcon said his family saw similar lights on Sept. 23 in both Crestwood and Tinley Park. "At about 8:20 (p.m.), I went outside and noticed what I first thought was a star," he said. "But when I looked at it closely, I noticed that it was flashing in the same pattern that (the lights) did the last few years." Two hours later, Japcon received a call from his son. "He told me that he saw three of them, just like before (the previous sightings)," Japcon said.

With the influx of new reports comes an increased interest in finding an explanation for the sightings. Dr. Jerry Galloway of Georgia State University in Atlanta said he is not convinced that these lights are other-worldly in origin. "Lights in the sky are common yet mysterious things," he said. "Human nature seems to invent all sorts of supernatural, metaphysical and extraterrestrial explanations for almost anything not immediately understood." (article continued below video)

Galloway added that the laws of physics are irrefutable. "It is important to recognize the scientific world and its physical limitations," he said.

Maranto said he welcomes serious scientific inquiry, but bristles at the dismissal of evidence that he has faced from some scientists. "We welcome anyone with a scientific background to examine the evidence," he said. "But for (a scientist) to claim that this is a hoax without looking at even a shred of evidence, that is just not good science. We have ruled out balloons. We have ruled out flares. This is not a hoax."

Maranto added that there was activity around the world at the same time as the Tinley Park sightings, particularly around the time of the Aug. 21, 2004, event. "There were reports from both Houston and Australia (on Aug. 23, 2004) that were very similar to what was seen here," he said.

According to Davenport, a mass sighting on Feb. 16, 2000, in Rockford featured similar, but orange, lights in the sky.

According to Brian Vike, director of HBCC UFO Research, the majority of the reports are explainable by conventional means. "It's the few really weird, really difficult ones that keep us going."

And Maranto said the Tinley Park sightings are exactly that. "What we are looking at are three, possibly four, lights acting either in conjunction with each other or as part of a field of some sort," Maranto said. "They keep geometric form, and generally act as objects that are in some way connected to each other."

Maranto has more information that has not been released yet, but said his reasons for doing this are valid. "A few small pieces of information have to be kept so that you have something to be able to verify the credibility of a witness with," he said. "It is a practice that many UFO researchers have used in the process of vetting witness reports."

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Illinois - Two Objects in Formation
06-11-09 - Object flying in what looked to be formation (2 points of light) from SSEast to SWest across the sky. Object was at a very high altitude and strobing, too high to get a picture on film, which I tried.

It flew in perfect formation. They always stayed the same distance apart from each other. We were unable to see outline due to altitude in sky. The lights looked stacked like one on top of the other.

Then following this object, was a solid RED craft at a VERY rapid rate of speed, until we could not see either objects any longer.

Is there anyway to check radar over the area at this time with a 5 minute buffer to see what was flying overhead in formation?

We are located next to a DOE facility. This was seen by two people. source: www.mufon.com

South Carolina - Object Moves like Jellyfish
06-11-09 - My wife and I observe this phenomena almost every night. These things are now following me. I have more than enough evidence to prove my wife and I are not crazy. A lot of this is the same as the aceti-orb phenomena.

However, occasionally like tonight, there is something very unique about this one UFO I am seeing. I have only seen this type on one other occasion. It moves and evades like a jellyfish.

When we first spotted it, we were going to MCDONALDS to take some migraine medicine to friends. Whatever it is, it followed us home. It's over my house now. This is Greer, SC. This town has been a hotbed since 2008.

Thanks, Will0, source: www.mufon.com

Australia - Boomerang Shaped Object
2008 - It was a hot balmy night, my son (7 Years Old) and I were laying on the back deck looking at the stars. At this time there was a power blackout (due to excessive use of air conditioners I believe) and we were waiting for the electricity company to fix the power supply.

While scanning the sky, I saw a stubby boomerang-shaped nebula type light – all white with a bright center– stream across the sky at an incredible speed.

It stopped suddenly, performed a horseshoe shape maneuver, then went vertical and disappeared from sight. I said to my son “Did you see that?” – he was very scared and what he said freaked me out even more.

He did not see the object streaming across the sky. What he saw was a light shaped like the spokes of a bicycle tyre about 2 meters wide travel across my backyard at a much slower speed than the speed of the object I sighted. It hovered about 2 feet above the ground and followed the contour of the land/fences and the same trajectory of the object I saw.

It did not however, have any connecting beam to the object above. I have seen many comets, jet fighters etc and this thing traveled MANY times faster than any jet fighter I have ever seen.

He was scared and wanted to go inside – we did. This really opened my eyes about UFOs. I was always accepting that they might exist but was always reserved. Well now I have witnessed it first hand and the government, scientists or authorities can never convince me that what I saw was a weather balloon or jet fighter or even ball lighting. No, this was something different. Ray C. source: www.ufocasebook.com

India - Huge, White Ball of Light
March 28, 2009 - Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India - Time: 2240 hrs. (10:40 p.m.) - The weather was cloudy, no airplanes or helicopters in the area then. I was returning from my shop. I stopped in front of my front gate.

I got off my bike to open it. Suddenly, a bright, white ball of light passed just above in the cloudy sky. The size was huge (I've seen airplanes at that height they look like flashing dots). The shape was not visible because of the clouds, without any sound it was travelling faster than any plane i have seen.

The whole scene lasted for about 2 seconds. I thought of running to the corner of the street, but the object was very fast so I decided not to, there were no other witnesses, I was alone on the street. Hridayjeet S. Bedi source: www.ufocasebook.com

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