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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 566, Issue date, 06-17-13

UFO: Alien-like Drones Threaten Motorists in Argentina
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:59 PM 6/15/2013


A report published by Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology, tells us how remotely guided UFOs have been threatening highways in the city of Buenos Aires. This report was posted on 14 May, 2013.

The report describes how these devices pursue vehicles and startle drivers and fishermen.

“To the south of La Plata, these devices pursue cars or appear out of thin air in the midst of the river, shoulders or cattle troughs to startle drivers and fishermen alike.”

“A wide area bordered by the Bay of Sanborombón and Route 2 to the south of La Plata have turned into a pole of attraction for the same UFO phenomenon that researchers have associated with the activity of remotely guided luminous probes.”

“A miracle of nanotechnology – and which have allegedly caused accidents on roads and highways in the area in question.”

"In fact, reports and records kept by the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO) disclose a rich case history provided by direct witnesses to the encounters produced by these luminous devices.”

“Out of 1500 cases attributable to UFOs, recorded in the entire country, a third – that is to say, 500 – occurred in this great expanse.”

“The proliferation of these probes, ranging in size from that of a tennis ball to a spare tire, has acquired disquieting aspects: they have caused several accidents on highways, superhighways and roads crisscrossing this surface.”

“Many reports have taken place in recent years. We consider these probes to be remotely-guided objects engaged in exploratory activity and which, for reasons unknown, pursue vehicles driving along the roads.”

The report also mentions few of the cases studied by Luis Burgos and provides detailed information about a case involving a driver named Horacio Riquelme.

“The first of such accidents took place in 1983, when a businessman from La Plata, now deceased, was chased some 80 km along Route 11 by what the driver defined as a “a yellow soccer ball” that emerged from the roadside as if by magic.”

“Everything suggests a remotely guided UFO with limited flight endurance, which would explain its appearance and disappearance in a matter of minutes. But who or what controls them is still part of a deep mystery.”


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/argentinaremotecontrolled.html

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UFO Activity Linked to Alien Sighting in New York
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:29 PM 6/12/2013


Several witnesses in High Falls, New York, have reported sighting cigar-shaped UFOs and some alien entities on 17 January, 2013 at 11:00 PM.

This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). The report describes what the witnesses saw when they were outside at a party. It also talks about the shape and color of the objects.

“Several witnesses were outside at a party when they saw 3 cigar-shaped objects with green, yellow and purple lights flashing erratically above the main falls.”

“They weren’t very high up, but they were high enough. They were silent and moving in strange sporadic movements. After that they began to see figures coming up the hill. They looked just like blank black forms.”

"They didn’t look like human figures, they were curvy."

The report finally tells us that one of the witnesses claimed to be frightened by encountering the alien for the second time.

“One young witness claims he has seen the strange figures again and feels frightened.”

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/highfallsnyaliens.html

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Long Object with Pulsating Lights Seen over Mayflower, Arkansas
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:35 AM 6/15/2013

Mayflower, Arkansas - 06-13-13 While doing some catfishing from my dock on Lake Conway, I was in the process of setting one of my poles down on the dock.

I was watching my line to make sure it was tight. That's when the horizon caught my view. Looking south over the lake, I saw a very thin profile of something in the air.

It had a steady burning red light in front and a pulsating red light in rear. It was very low.

It was ungodly long. I lived by an airbase in Jacksonville for almost my whole life. I've seen every kind of plane they have.

I have never seen anything this long and slender. I'm not sure what it actually is. I just thought I should tell someone; but that reminds me of something.

Maybe an hour earlier there were phantom waves. There were no boats in the area, but we had a really big wake against my dock.

I have not had an experience like that since I was very young where I grew up in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/mayflowerar061313.html

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Transparent Sphere Seen over Ft. Worth, Texas
UFO Depiction
Published: 4:55 AM 6/15/2013

Ft. Worth, Texas - 06-12-13

I’ve been interested in the Universe and physics for most of my life. I’ve spent many nights just gazing at the stars looking for unusual objects.

I’ve seen hundreds of satellites moving slowly across the night sky. I’ve seen the space station as light reflected off of it from the sun as it moved across the sky. I used to see them more frequently living on a farm in Cross Plains, Texas.

Now living in the city the lights keep me from seeing such a large number of stars and planets, but on some nights the visibility is good.

On several occasions recently I’ve see what I initially thought was a satellite moving across the sky only to see it make a complete U-turn and head the opposite direction and I’ve seen small dimly lit objects moving in different directions across the night sky changing speeds, but nothing I could say for sure it was a UFO.

Last night I was having a hard time sleeping, so at 4:00 am I got up and went out to the front porch; it was a good clear night.

When I first stepped outside I looked across the street toward the Western Sky where I frequently see bright planets and stars, but when I looked up this time I immediately saw this very bright circular object.

It was a bright as a car head lamp at one block away. It didn’t cast a beam, it glowed brightly.

I first thought to myself: wow, that is the brightest planet I’ve ever seen, not even thinking about UFOs.

As I stood there for a few seconds it started moving away from me, so I sort of ran toward the road to get a better view. As I did this, the light started to dim until all that was left was a round transparent sphere.

It looked like a clear glass ball in the sky. As it kept moving away it slowly disappeared out of sight.

I actually stood there for a few minutes with my mouth wide open staring at the sky. This was like nothing I’ve seen before; it was big and bright and made no sound.

I didn’t see any air traffic around for several minutes. I know the patterns the planes take as they approach the airports or take off. I also see fighter jets as they take off from Carswell.

They usually fly very high once they get this far. This object was within our atmosphere. It was hard to tell just how high it was, but to guess, I'd say 5,000 ft. or less.

At that height I would guess it was 300 feet in diameter. It emitted its own light, not a reflection.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/ftworthball.html

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Archived Case of the Week

Early UFO Triangle Report, 1953
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:23 PM 2/15/2010

I came across an online copy of Major Edward Ruppelt's book about UFOs -- he was the first head of Project Blue Book, and though a skeptic, he actually did serious and thorough investigations on reported UFO sightings. He's also the guy who started calling "flying saucers" UFOs.

This is from Chapter 17 of Ruppelt's "The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects". Ruppelt writes:

It was just a few minutes before midnight on January 28, 1953, when a message flashed into Wright-Patterson for Project Blue Book. It was sent "Operational Immediate," so it had priority handling; I was reading it by 12:30 A.M... A pilot had chased a UFO.

The report didn't have many details but it did sound good. It gave the pilot's name and said that he could be reached at Moody AFB. I put in a long distance call, found the pilot, and flipped on my recorder so that I could get his story word for word.

He told me that he had been flying an F-86 on a "round robin" navigation flight from Moody AFB to Lawson AFB to Robins AFB, then back to Moody - all in Georgia. At exactly nine thirty five he was at 6,000 feet, heading toward Lawson AFB on the first leg of his flight. He remembered that he had just looked down and had seen the lights of Albany, Georgia; then he'd looked up again and seen this bright white light at "ten o'clock high."

It was an unusually bright light, and he said that he thought this was why it was so noticeable among the stars. He flew on for a few minutes watching it as he passed over Albany. He decided that it must be an extremely bright star or another airplane - except it just didn't look right. It had too much of a definitely circular shape.

It was a nice night to fly and he had to get in so much time anyway, so he thought he'd try to get a little closer to it. If it was an airplane, chances were he could close in and if it was a star, he should be able to climb up to 30,000 feet and the light shouldn't change its relative position. He checked his oxygen supply, increased the r.p.m. of the engine, and started to climb.

In three or four minutes it was obvious that he was getting above the light, and he watched it; it had moved in relation to the stars. It must be an airplane then, he'd decided - an airplane so far away that he couldn't see its red and green wing tip lights.

Since he'd gone this far, he decided that he'd get closer and make sure it was an airplane; so he dropped the nose of the F-86 and started down. As the needle on the machmeter nudged the red line, he saw that he was getting closer because the light was getting bigger, but still he couldn't see any lights other than the one big white one. Then it wasn't white any longer; it was changing color.

In about a two second cycle it changed from white to red, then back to white again. It went through this cycle two or three times, and then before he could realize what was going on, he told me, the light changed in shape to a perfect triangle. Then it split into two triangles, one above the other. By this time he had leveled off and wasn't closing in any more. In a flash the whole thing was gone. He used the old standard description for a disappearing UFO: "It was just like someone turning off a light - it's there, then it's gone."

I asked him what he thought he'd seen. He'd thought about flying saucers, he said, but he "just couldn't swallow those stories." He thought he had a case of vertigo and the more he thought about it, the surer he was that this was the answer. He'd felt pretty foolish, he told me, and he was glad that he was alone.

Up ahead he saw the sprawling lights of Fort Benning and Lawson AFB, his turning point on the flight, and he'd started to turn but then he'd checked his fuel. The climb had used up quite a bit, so he changed his mind about going to Robins AFB and started straight back to Moody.

He called in to the ground station to change his flight plan, but before he could say anything the ground radio operator asked him if he'd seen a mysterious light.

Well - he'd seen a light.

Then the ground operator proceeded to tell him that the UFO chase had been watched on radar. First the radar had the UFO target on the scope, and it was a UFO because it was traveling much too slowly to be an airplane.

Then the radar operators saw the F-86 approach, climb, and make a shallow dive toward the UFO. At first the F-86 had closed in on the UFO, but then the UFO had speeded up just enough to maintain a comfortable lead. This went on for two or three minutes; then it had moved off the scope at a terrific speed. The radar site had tried to call him, the ground station told the F-86 pilot, but they couldn't raise him so the message had to be relayed through the tower.

Sent in by Jeanette C.- UFO Casebook Reader

[Editor's Note: One of the main reasons that Jeanette mentioned this older case to me was the reference to the UFO changing into a triangle shape, and then morphing into two triangle UFOs. We were both wondering, when were triangles first reported?

Although triangle reports became very prominent in the 1980s, the first early documented sightings of triangles were during the "Operation Mainbrace" Sightings of 1952. There could well be reports earlier, and if anyone has that information, send it along.]

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