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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 515, Issue date, 06-25-12

Unknown Objects Caught on Video over the Netherlands
UFO Image
Published: 6:12 PM 5/30/2012

UFOS over Capelle aan den IJssel South Holland May 29 2012

Capelle aan den IJssel, South Holland - 05-29-12

Originally published on May 30, 2012 by shivadamour

In this video there are a number of unknown objects, although only a couple of them can be seen clearly by the camera. These do not appear to be aircraft or Chinese lanterns.

The submitter offered no comments except for those on the video.

The video has been edited by www.ufocasebook.com

Capelle aan den IJssel, South Holland is a town and municipality in the western Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. The municipality had a population of 65,605 in 2005, and covers an area of 15.42 km² of which 1.13 km² is water.

It is situated on the eastern edge of Rotterdam, on the Hollandse IJssel river.

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UFO Sighting in Radlett - Just the ISS?
UFO Depiction
Published: 5:01 PM 6/19/2012

News By Natalie O'Neill

An Unidentified Flying Object has been seen moving “slowly and erratically” in the night sky.

The mysterious object was spotted shining a bright, white light above Radlett at around 11.20 pm on Friday, June 15.

People have reported their sightings on www.ufostalker.com - a website dedicated to UFOs. One witness in Radlett said: “I went outside for a cigarette and noticed a very bright light move slowly and erratically in the sky.

“The light was brighter than any star or planet I have seen before. It appeared to be a single constant, unwavering light, no blips or flashes.

“I enjoy watching the night sky so am familiar with planets such as Venus which is sometimes visible, but this was far brighter and moving in an irregular way.

“I watched it for about 30 seconds before two planes crossed the sky. The object was visible for another couple of minutes before fading into the distance.”

Others also claim to have seen the unusual light from as far as Essex.

One witness said: “My partner was sitting in the back garden late last night when he shouted to me to come and look at this light in the sky. My daughter and me ran to the door and saw this bright white light, bigger than a star moving across the sky.

“I ran for my camera and as I came back the light was moving faster than all of a sudden disappeared into the night. We were absolutely speechless.

“It was very strange and something we have never seen a plane do.”

But Dr Robert Massey from the Royal Astronomical Society believes the sighting is nothing to be worried about.

He said: “It’s almost certainly the International Space Station.

“The ISS can be very bright – brighter than any planet except Venus – shines with a steady light and moves silently across the sky from west to east during its most favourable passes.”

Have you seen any mysterious objects lingering in the sky? Leave your comments below.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/radlettsighting.html

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Flying Saucers Over Milwaukee! 1947 UFO Mania
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:26 AM 6/21/2012

By Matthew J. Prigge

Sixty-five years ago this summer, Americans looking to the night skies began to see fantastic things. It began over Mount Rainier in Washington state, where a local pilot reported he had seen nine “pie-pan” shaped objects, glowing and traveling alongside his plane at a terrific speed.

While people had been reporting strange sights in the sky for hundreds of years, the Mount Rainier case touched a nerve in the Atomic Age of postwar America. Within a week of the incident, the newspapers dubbed the objects “flying saucers” and the pilot began speculating that what he had seen was not of Earthly origin.

Almost overnight, the nation was rapt with “saucer mania.” Hundreds of reports of unidentifiable aircraft flooded government and police offices in every corner of the nation, including several near Milwaukee.

All at once, it seemed that the skies above the Cream City were full of strange lights, dashing orbs and hovering discs. Father Joseph Brasky of St. Joseph's Church in Grafton reported that a disc had clipped the top of his church's steeple and crashed in the parish yard. Father Brasky recovered the disc, which was 19 inches in diameter with “gadgets and wires” attached, and told the papers he planned to keep it until the FBI instructed him to do otherwise.

The same evening in '47 as the Brasky sighting, several people reported seeing saucers over Billy Mitchell Field, their erratic flight habits unlike anything anyone had ever observed. The Milwaukee police received a call about an airship that had crashed near Pulaski High School at South 27th and Oklahoma.

It was “definitely not an airplane,” the panicked caller reported. The coming days saw reports of 15 saucers canvassing Milwaukee's South Side in a “U” formation and a stunning claim that described a fleet of three fireballs soaring over Lake Michigan. Several North Side residents, including an off-duty firefighter, reported a silver disc dashing over the city, changing color as it traveled.

Near Lake Geneva, a Cub plane gave chase to a “dinner plate”-sized object that moved too fast for them to catch. While the Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wis., dismissed the claims as “a lot of hokum,” other offices took the claims far more seriously. The Wisconsin Civil Air Patrol ordered a massive patrol of the skies after several pilots had reported sightings.

Statewide, 150 planes were put at the ready to hunt the mysterious objects. The FBI's Milwaukee office also took note. They opened a file on the Father Brasky incident, eventually concluding that the object was a saw blade with radio tubes attached and that the Father had been “drinking quite heavily” the evening of the sighting.

The office also looked into a reported crash of a saucer near Black River Falls, Wis., but closed the case when the “craft” was found to be made of cardboard and tinfoil.

Despite doubts about the legitimacy of the bulk of the Milwaukee saucer sightings, local newspapers ran with the newfound explosion in sightings. On July 8, 1947—just days after the term had been coined—the Milwaukee Sentinel's headline blared “STATE CAP TO HUNT DISCS,” detailing the Civil Air Patrol's sweep.

That afternoon's edition of the Milwaukee Journal contained no fewer than eight articles on saucer sightings on its first two pages. The edition also ran an article about a 39-year-old Appleton bricklayer named Ed Rammer, who claimed it was he, not extraterrestrials, who was responsible for the recent rash of sightings.

Rammer claimed he had invented a ray gun some 15 years prior that—when fired into the sky—had the ability to change the weather and cause volcanoes to erupt. The discs, he said, were no more than “flattened out” rays from his gun.

Rammer told a Journal reporter that he had been firing his gun at Japan and that this was most likely the cause of most of the saucer reports. When the Journal asked him about people who claimed sightings on nights when he had not been firing his gun toward Japan, Rammer replied, “Most of those people must be nuts.”

In its final edition for July 8, 1947, the Journal printed the most sensational of all the saucer tales. They reported the U.S. Army had recovered a crashed flying saucer just outside of Roswell, N.M.

The report was retracted the next morning by the Sentinel, which claimed the craft was no more than a weather balloon. With the government dismissal of the Roswell crash, people saw less and less in the evening sky and “saucer mania” began to ebb. It would not be until more than a year after the incident that people would begin to claim that alien beings had actually been inside of these mysterious crafts.

Nearly three decades would pass before the conspiracy theories about Roswell would emerge. But for a few high-pitched weeks in the summer of '47, the sky was the limit for what Milwaukeeans saw above themselves, as mystery ran deep and the contents of the heavens were only limited by the imagination of the viewer.

Matthew J. Prigge is a freelance author and historian from Milwaukee. You can catch him this summer as the historical narrator aboard the Milwaukee Boat Line's daily sightseeing tours of the city (mkeboat.com).

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/summer47.html

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Unknown Flying Objects; Military Jets Seen over Missouri
UFO sketch
Published: 2:09 PM 6/22/2012

Joplin, Missouri - 06-21-12 I'm visiting family in Joplin, Missouri, and Mom asked me to step outside and see a UFO. The sun set about an hour before, and what she pointed out to me was a slow moving, bright star in the South.

I figured it was probably a reflection off a satellite, and it disappeared after about 10 minutes. It was moving due East, but it was unremarkable.

While watching it with the binoculars, I happened to see some flashing FAA lights in the northeast and when I zoomed in on them another set zoomed across the frame. It was a little frightening, so I stopped and looked with the naked eye, and there was a section of sky kind of ablaze with activity.

Once I got some perspective on it, there were 3 sets of FAA lights that seemed to be jets, they went north-northwest, and then one circled back and headed out of sight in the opposite direction, while the two others took up positions flanking some large lights that were not flashing.

Those lights seemed to turn west-southwest, and they were not flashing. When I zoomed in with 7x35 mm binoculars, there were 3 distinct craft, they seemed almost like cubes with backlighting that was more prominent on the corners of the craft highlighting the cube shape.

My Dad wandered outside, and I hollered at my wife to come see the event, so we had 4 adults all seeing the same thing. It was definitely not Chinese Lanterns. They moved similar in speed to conventional jets, but their shape was different, with no apparent wings, and no FAA lights.

The entire time there was an apparent roar, but it was deeper in tone than typical fighter jets or even commercial airliners. It seemed to be a very large type of engine, or something operating at very high power. Just as I ran in to post this, they were starting to near the western horizon, and the sound was at its loudest.

I observed many other typical passenger jets after the sighting, and in comparison to those jets, these were much lower. The cubes were a little larger than the escort jets. The size change when zoomed in with the binoculars was significant, so I take that to mean they were fairly close to me, compared to other jets I observed through the binoculars.

The roar was similar to a jet roar, but much deeper and rumbling. It reminded me seeing an F-117A flyover at an airshow. The roar was significant enough to get the attention of the kids when they walked outside.

The event stood out to me for the following reasons. The initial activity was a bit chaotic, with multiple craft and direction changes. I first thought it was fighter jets training or mock dog-fighting, but then the 3 larger crafts headed in a direct line and two of the jets took up flanking positions, while one zoomed out of sight in the direction from where they originated.

They did not follow the same jet paths as any of the normal passenger jet flyovers, and the noise was significantly louder, deeper, and more rumbling than anything else I've ever heard at this location.

The attached sketch attempts to capture the size comparison between the cubes and the escort jets. This is how it looked through the binoculars when zoomed in.

The shape of the jet was easily discernible. The red wingtip lights were visible, and both white strobes, but the opposite green wingtip was not visible.

The cubes seemed to be a yellow-orange strong middle glow, with whiter light concentrated at the tips. The light was steady, and seemed to be more of an internal glow instead of distinct exterior lights.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/joplinmo062112.html

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UFO Experts to Make Film on 1979 Encounter
Artist Depiction of Taylor Encounter
Published: 2:42 PM 6/22/2012

by Alistair Watson, West Lothian Courier

THERE was a strange encounter at the Courier office this week as a film crew popped in for a flying visit to talk about UFOs. The team from Pioneer Productions were in West Lothian as part of a series they are filming for the National Geographic television channel which is examining famous UFO cases of the past few decades.

Their quest has taken them to a series of countries across Europe and they came to the county to investigate its very own X-File. He didn’t see little green men exactly, but 33 years ago forester Bob Taylor had a remarkable encounter with a UFO at Dechmont Law in Livingston.

Paranormal expert Malcolm Robinson, who interviewed Mr Taylor the day after the incident in 1979, went with the film crew to the site of the encounter.

And the founder of Strange Phenominan Investigations, also came into the Courier’s King Street office in Bathgate to be filmed as he looked through archive copies of your favourite local newspaper to find articles on Mr Taylor’s encounter from 1979.

Courier reporter Alistair Watson also got in on the act when he was interviewed by the crew about the paper’s coverage of the incident through the years and the impact the event had on West Lothian.

The Livingston incident is one of the planet’s most intriguing UFO mysteries which remains unsolved and still fascinates UFO enthusiasts all over the world.

The incident took place on November 9, 1979 when Mr Taylor came across a metallic spherical object around 12 feet high in a clearing.

When Mr Taylor approached it, two smaller spheres around three feet in diameter that appeared to be covered in spikes emerged from the bottom of the large sphere and began rolling towards him.

The small spheres grabbed his trousers and dragged him towards the large object, and he passed out. He regained consciousness around 20 minutes later, suffering a sore head and throat and with a bitter taste in his mouth.

A subsequent investigation found marks on the ground corresponding to Mr Taylor’s description of what had happened. Both police and ufologists say this encounter is unique as it is the only one ever to have left tangible and recorded evidence to support the story with strange marks in the clearing where the incident took place and inexplicable damage to Mr Taylor’s trousers, long johns and skin.

The incident has also been verified by the authorities and was the subject of a full police investigation. The series is expected to air on National Geographic channel in the US and Europe next year.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/filmabouttaylor.html

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Archived Case of the Week

1979 - Dechmont Woods-Abduction of Robert Taylor
Artist Rendition
Sixty-one-year old Robert Taylor was a forestry worker in the Dechmont woods in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland. On the morning of Friday, November 9, 1979, he and his red setter were doing duty in the forest when he was shocked to see a UFO hovering above the ground. The object was totally motionless, and silent.

The object was dark gray in color and had a texture to it, with brighter areas reflecting above a duller background. The exterior of the craft seemed to morph from time to time, which made Taylor think it was trying to render itself invisible.

He estimated the object to be about 20 feet in diameter and 12 feet tall.

It had a ring of a sort around it, which caused it to appear like a brim on a hat. Protruding from the outside of the UFO were stems pointing up, and topped with propellers.

All at once, two small spheres came from the object. They made a sound as their spikes moved over the earth. They came to a stop beside him, grabbing his trousers, and began to drag him back to the UFO. The spiked objects were very similar to the UFO, only smaller. Taylor could smell a strong, sickening odor. He lost consciousness.

When he regained consciousness, the spheres were gone, but his red setter was still there. The dog was panicky, running around and barking. Taylor tried to calm him down, but found that his voice was gone. He was very weak, and when he tried to stand, he couldn't. He crawled for a time until he was able to stand again.

He finally made it back to his pick-up truck and tried to radio his work headquarters via his two-way, but still could not speak.

Taylor Examining Ground Marks

Attempting to drive his truck back home, he got stuck in the mud, so he started a long walk of about a mile back to his house. He arrived at 11:45 AM.

His experience had lasted a little over an hour. Finally, his voice was returning. He had developed a great thirst by the time he was home. Taylor would feel ill for a time after his experience with the UFO and two spheres, and he could still smell the awful odor from the forest.

When his wife saw him, she was shocked. He had mud all over him, and his pants were torn. He began to tell her of his ordeal with the UFO. His wife urged him to call the police, but Taylor felt that they would only laugh at him. Instead, he called his job supervisor, Malcom Drummond. Taylor went to clean himself up.

Drummond called a doctor, and he drove directly to Taylor's house. He was so eager to hear Taylor's story that he questioned him while he was in the tub. Drummond and Taylor both felt that there should be physical proof of the incident in the forest. Since the doctor was coming to check out Taylor, Drummond headed to the scene via Taylor's instructions, but he could not find the right location.

Dr. Gordon Adams would examine Taylor for his injuries. He found two scrapped places on Taylor, one on his left leg, and the other under his chin. Taylor had no apparent head injuries, and his body temperature, blood pressure, and other body signs were all within normal limits. Dr. Adams insisted on Taylor getting a head X-ray to rule out a concussion, and talk to a counselor, but Taylor put off the hospital visit until later.

As soon as Drummond returned, Taylor joined him as the two went directly to the scene of the incident in the forest. Ground marking were obvious, and they called the police. Taylor, along with his wife, did go to the hospital for testing, but left when he grew tired of waiting to be seen. He had a trip planned for the weekend to see relatives, and was in a hurry to get things done for the journey.

Overview sketch of markingsSoon, the press was aware of the Taylor's encounter, and in just a couple of days, the story was known all over the United Kingdom. Soon, it would be world-wide news, and eventually become the subject of television documentaries, magazines, and books. In time, a plaque would be erected at the site, but it was stolen.

The local police department was not experienced in dealing with UFO cases, but they did file a report with interviews of all of those involved. Since an assault was part of the case, the police were obliged to send off Taylor's clothes for forensic examination.

The only unusual thing found was traces of a powder, which was identified simply as contact transfer from the sack the clothes were shipped in.

Police did a thorough search of records of military and civilian flight logs, and found nothing was flown over or near the forest that morning. The ground marks at the scene did not match any of the equipment used in the work in the forest.

Two types of ground markings were found at the scene. The first marks were two parallel ladder-like tracks, each about 2.5 meters long, and the same distance apart. There were also 40 holes around the tracks. They were 10 centimeters across. In other words, there was undeniable proof that something had been on that spot in the forest very recently.

Taylor at scene of encounter Taylor was known by many people in the area, and they all viewed him as honest and responsible. There is nothing to indicate that he would hoax an incident of this nature.

He did have a history of several illnesses, and surgeries, but there was nothing in his medical history that would indicate he had any type of head injury or psychosis that could lead to an imaginary event.

A timeline done by a UFO investigator to determine the length of time that Taylor was unconscious proved that Taylor was probably out of it for about twenty minutes, give or take.

If we take Taylor's account as is, he was abducted by something "other-worldly" on November 9, 1979 for about twenty minutes. There has been no evidence presented to repudiate his claims.

B J Booth

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photo credit: Edinburgh Evening News - Scotland, Dec. 12, 1998



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