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UFO Casebook Magazine 463, Issue date, 06-27-11

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Was Alien Killed with a Coal Shovel?
Hall and Hall
Published: 10:45 am Friday 24th June 2011

By Gavin Havery, Reporter (Derwentside & Tyneside)

Stories of alien abductions peaked in the Sixties and Seventies, but one case that predates them is said to have taken place in the North-East. Gavin Havery reports.

IT is a sunny spring day in 1940. Soldiers are marching south along Saltwell Road, in Gateshead, towards Low Fell. Nearby, five-year-old Robert Hall is playing with his friends in the maze of red brick Tyneside terraces, not far from the train tracks.

Earlier in the day, he had seen something whizzing about in the sky and, after he tired of playing with his friends, he decided to go to his Hedley Street home around the corner.

Robert, a retired window cleaner, says he was confronted by an aircraft the like of which he had never seen before. He described it as “a big egg-shaped thing surround by bright light”.

Robert says it was then that he spotted strange-looking creatures standing in the back lane. He says three of them were built like men, but ranged from 2ft to 4ft in height, one looked like Big Foot while another had long flowing hair and a coat that partially covered a skeletal body and bat wings.

“Other children were petrified and in shock. They were trying to get over the railway, but there was barbed wire and they were getting cut and were screaming,” he says.

The story sounds like something from a low budget sci-fi film but the man telling it is no attention-seeking youngster. Robert Hall is 76 and he has been telling the same story all his life.

And now he is telling it in a television programme that has brought his story to a worldwide audience.

Recalling what happened, Robert says the creatures spoke to him in perfect English, with no accent, and asked if they could examine him. “I told them it was 1940 and we were at war with Germany,” he says. “They took blood out of the back of my neck and put some jelly on. I kept my eyes shut. I was so frightened I was shaking.”

After 20 terrifying minutes, he was allowed to go. “I was up that street like a shot,” he says.

“My parents thought I was kidding and so did the soldiers.”

The next day, Robert says, two men with black suits came to the house and warned him that if he said anything, he would disappear.

One close encounter would be fascinating enough, but the pensioner says things took an even more sinister turn a few days later when an alien tried to snatch him off the street.

He says a grey alien, fitting the common description of an extraterrestrial with big eyes and a large head, grabbed him. “He was on me in a couple of seconds,” he says. “I fell over the curb and bashed my toe. My Uncle Ernie saw what was happening and bashed its head in with a coal shovel.”

The alien’s body was allegedly put in a coal sack and Robert was sent to find a local policeman, Sergeant Brookes. He says the Army was called and took the body to a church.

Robert says strange small, triangular marks appeared on his left cheek, which remained until he was about 12 or 13, before disappearing, leaving no trace.

Seventy years after his alleged close encounter, Robert’s story has become the subject of a television documentary.

RESEARCHER and broadcaster Richard Hall, who is not related to Robert, studies all things out of the ordinary for his digital television programme, The Rich Planet Starship, and richplanet.net. In 2008, he was giving a lecture on UFOs at the Caedmon Hall, in Gateshead, when he was contacted by Robert, who lives nearby.

Richard, who is 43 and lives in Sunniside, but is based in Consett, says: “It is a fascinating story and it is a very, very early case in terms of modern day grey alien abductions.”

Richard says other abduction cases were reported in Brazil in 1957, and in the US in 1961, increasing throughout the Sixties and Seventies.

“There is a case of a recovered UFO in Missouri where small alien creatures were allegedly recovered and, obviously, we have got Roswell in 1947 (an alien spacecraft allegedly crashed at Roswell, in New Mexico).

“But this predates all of that, which makes it a very interesting case.”

Richard carried out a three-month investigation into Robert’s claims. He verified that street and shop names checked out. He also managed to confirm there was a Sgt Brookes working the area at the time.

Richard says Robert’s description of the creatures – the small stature, the grey skin, the large eyes, the craft itself, elliptical shape and the metallic surface with the bright light – are common features of alien abduction stories “There’s also the fact that they tried to interfere with Robert’s neck.

“I don’t believe that they took blood, as Robert claims,” he says. “They were possibly trying to put something in.

“Interestingly, Robert says the creatures had a short, white hand-held device which could subdue or immobilize somebody and there are the triangular marks that were left on his face.

“These are all things that we find in abductee cases, again and again.”

Richard’s investigations are ongoing and he is keen for anyone who can back up Robert’s claims to get in touch with him.

Robert, who has four children and three grandchildren, is sincere and earnest about his alien encounter all those years ago.

Richard, who has met Robert’s sister, says it is a story he has stuck to since he was a little lad. Robert says: “I got the ____ taken out of me for years, and at school the teacher would say ‘there’s the boy who believes in little green men’.

“They weren’t bloody green, they were grey. I will take it to my grave.”

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Angels in Space Nothing but Top-Secret Hallucinations
Hubble Telescope Photograph
Published: 12:04 PM 6/15/2011

UFOs, angels and other supernatural phenomena, which people may encounter in their lives, can only be a result of hallucinations, NASA specialists said. However, stories about such encounters, told by pilots, cosmonauts and astronauts, become classified immediately.

In 1985, there were six crewmembers on board the Soviet Salyut-7 space station. They were cosmonauts Leonid Kizim, Oleg Atkov, Vladimir Solovyov, Svetlana Savitskaya, Igor Volk and Vladimir Jannibekov.

That day, the cosmonauts were doing their routine work connected with laboratory experiments. All of a sudden, a cloud of strange orange gas enveloped the station.

A flash of bright light blinded all the cosmonauts on board for a while. As soon as they could see again, the cosmonauts saw silhouettes of seven figures outside the station. The aliens looked like humans, but were of higher stature.

They also had large wings behind their backs and luminous halos above their heads. The creatures looked like angels.

The crew reported the bizarre sight to the Earth. The document was classified as top secret immediately. All members of the crew were subsequently subjected to psychological and medical tests, which found no abnormalities at all.

It was not the only encounter with angels which took place in space. Not so long ago, the Western media published sensational photos made by Hubble telescope. The photos depicted strange images including human-like winged silhouettes.

Researchers were especially interested in a series of photos made on Earth's orbit. One could see seven luminous objects on them.

John Pratchett, an engineer of Hubble project, said that he had seen those creatures himself. According to him, they were live objects up to 20 meters tall, and their wing spread could be comparable to the length of a modern jetliner.

It was also said that US astronauts on board NASA's space shuttles also encountered angel-like creatures.

On December 26, 1994, Hubble telescope transmitted hundreds of photos depicting a large white city floating in space. US authorities did not expose the photos to the general public, of course, although it was rumored that US officials treated NASA's report very seriously.

A Russian cosmonaut, who spent six months living and working on board the Mir space station, said that he and his partner had had fantastic visions from time to time. It seemed to the men that they were turning into other creatures - other people, or animals, or even humanoids of extraterrestrial origin.

Similar stories may often be told by aircraft pilots. In this case, it may frequently go about the so-called phenomenon of giant hand.

As a rule, the phenomenon occurs during long-lasting flights. When it happens, a pilot feels that the control wheel is being grasped by someone's invisible hand.

Researchers from the US Air Force concluded that nearly 15 percent of pilots have experienced the effect during their work. It is not ruled out that the giant hand phenomenon is behind many air crashes.

NASA psychologists say that the majority of the above-mentioned phenomena are of psychic nature. They may occur as a result of such factors as pressure and temperature fluctuations, shortage of oxygen, etc.

Margarita Troitsyna


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Father and Daughter Abduction Experience in New York
Published: 5:52 PM 6/14/2011

Ken Pfeifer, MUFON, New Jersey

Kings Park, New York - October, 1994

In the mid-1970's I was riding my mother-in-law's bike and a very large disc-shaped, silvery space ship hovered over me... I started riding around noon and suddenly 5 or so hours just vanished.

It was getting dark. But I hadn't gone anywhere! But my sighting report is not so much about seeing this UFO... it is about my many encounters with extraterrestrial beings, mostly in my home.

Altogether, there have been 9 encounters. The one that stands out in my mind the most: My daughter and I were coming home from a long day of work and school. She went directly to take her shower to get to bed quickly.

I gathered up her things and was walking from the kitchen to the living room. Suddenly three beings, not human, appeared before me.

I was stunned to say the least. They were each different in size and shape, but all had medium grey-coloured skin, longish arms, fewer fingers than humans, a large head and prominent eyes, very big eyes with a seemingly second eye.

The first one to the left was larger than the others. He looked directly at me as I was only a foot or so from him I could see him well.

The one standing next to him was a bit smaller and the third was smaller yet, standing in the doorway of the bedroom. The larger one said telepathically to me: "We're sorry you saw us; we're leaving now."

The whole room became bathed in a glow of sparkly substance, they literally went up through the ceiling and disappeared. All the time they were with me I sensed they were benevolent, almost kind.

It was an amazing experience I could never, ever forget. I told my daughter immediately as she wrapped her towel around her.

I was concerned that she was OK, did they see her too? I wondered.

We stayed up a long while, hugging and wondering who they were. The next morning as we were in the kitchen, she asked me "What are those red dots on your arm, Mama?"

I looked and saw them in a circle. I then checked to see if she had them and she did. I realized they had come to see her too! I have told a few select people, friends, family but not many.

It was a lot to "wrap one's brain around."

Since that night (and prior to that encounter) both my daughter and I have had further encounters with them. I am glad to report they never caused us any physical pain and every time seemed to express a concern for our well-being.

I am more curious now than afraid.

NOTE: Of the three beings I've described, the larger, taller one seemed to have something on his head and all three had something high around the top of their torso.

But I could clearly see their flesh was like a dolphin, grey, a little bit wrinkled. Their nose was just two holes and their mouths were all just slits, no lips.

The third individual in the bedroom doorway was most unique in his facial structure from the other two. A very oversized head and very, very long fingers.

Special thanks to MUFON CMS system.






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Real Time Abductees by Chris Holly
Real time abductees
Published: 1:11 PM 6/23/2011

by Chris Holly

I have been writing over the last few years about a group of Real Time Abductees. They are people who were going about their daily life, fully awake, when they encountered the unknown. Their events were uninvited, unwanted and usual.

The group of people all could recall the beginning of their encounters, very little of the time they spent in their lost time period and they seemed to recall the end or when the ordeal was over. The group of people I have been interviewing over the past few years all share common areas of abduction encounters including they have had multiple events during their lifetimes.

The people I have talked with are very different in many ways to other humans yet do have similarities to one another. I have written about them individually in my past articles. I have been able to talk with them on an ongoing basis over the past few years. In this article I will focus on discussing issues they think about and wish to share.

This group of abductees is not like everyday people and their thinking is not like the popular views that are shared in the paranormal by others who have claimed to have had abduction experiences. This group of abductees rarely shares their feelings, or reports the events they encountered. They are not like the average more out spoken people who say they have had abduction encounters you find across the net or in the world of the paranormal...

I can only pass on what they have talked about leaving the reader to decide what they wish to take away from their words and warnings. As I have talked about in my articles concerning this group of people they stand out in certain ways.

The first observation is that they are all extremely bright people. They are well spoken, and above average in many areas. They are all interesting in appearance. All have physical problems resulting from a life time of lost time abduction experiences.

Every one of the abductees is withdrawn and highly protective of their families’ privacy. None of them respect the way the subject of Unidentified Objects or other life forms are handled by our society and have little to do with those who are involved in these subjects.

I have been fortunate to have won their trust. The only reason I was granted interviews at all by this group is that I also have endured lost time events during my life.

My reporting of my own events that were not the normal found concerning this subject - is why I was considered to be someone they would discuss their experiences with. After long conversations with them I was able to convince them to allow me to write some of what they told me for the sole reason it may one day help another who finds they too are alone looking into the dark eyes of the unknown.

I am careful to keep my words as close as possible to those of the abductees so that their message can come through without the color of my own hand. In order to do this I felt it best to list the subjects or questions I asked the abductees giving their answers exactly as they answered. I will preempt this by telling you that their answers are not what you may be used to hearing. Their answers also many not be what you want to hear. What I will tell you is exactly what they said.

I will also add that this group of unusual people have different views of things and often find our society bizarre and ridiculous. At times they would burst out laughing at commonly accepted views of abduction and UFO matters accepted by the public and have little or no regard for those who are involved with these subjects.

With that said I will now start to share my time with them with you.

I talked one on one and in a group with all of the abductees present while conducting these interviews. It took me many visits which are still ongoing and will continue until the end of this summer.

I have been asking my readers to send in questions that they may want to ask this group. To my surprise not too many people responded which to me was odd. I know I had a long list of things I wanted to know from this group yet found it confusing that no one else seemed to be interested.

The first question I asked was of course what or who was taking them?

The answers were very interesting. At one time or another almost all the abductees I have interviewed or those who have encountered lost time reports have seen an unknown object.

The objects were described as metal like ovals or saucer shaped or very bright Orbs all had bright lights. The people can recall the start of their experiences involving a UFO type craft, bright light, orb or strange ray descending down upon them. The abductees do have flash recall, split second memories of people, or aliens shaped like humans around them. A handful thinks they were reptilian in design. Not one abductee I have talked to over the years has had a full memory of the beings involved in their abductions. They all have flash recall of what the creatures were like that abducted or more correctly kidnapped them.

When questioned if they thought the beings around them were alien, machines or humans the answers were that they were not sure. A few thought they may have been robots or machine like, others felt humans were involved, a few could only describe them as creatures. All knew that this part of their ordeal had been carefully removed from their memory bank as none of them had a clear full detailed recall of the beings who took them.

The best answer I was given was that the beings around them did not feel human , looked to be covered in fake skins or suits yet had human structures such as a head, arms and legs. All the abductees felt that the flash recall they did have was of a being covered in a very tight fitting protective suit or skin which blocked their true appearance. A common remark made by all of the real time abductees is a belief their abductors had very little emotion giving a feeling of cold indifference to the humans they were kidnapping and using. That was clearly reported by everyone I spoke to.

I did have two abductees tell me they thought they remembered some type of human presence around them during the abductions. They felt that humans were somehow involved or connected in their encounters.

I asked the group if they remembered any kind of communication with those who took them. A few of the abducted thought they had tried to talk to the beings but do not remember a response. The others only had a sensation of heart stopping fear while being abducted, however, have no recall of what took place. They felt they were far too frozen in fear to do more than try to survive and do not think they spoke or were spoken to.

Of course since most of the lost time cannot be remembered by the abductees it is difficult to know what took place between them and their abductors.

The group did tell me that they were clearly left with impressions that were not theirs after the abductions. The impressions were of things to come or opinions concerning the world that seemed to be planted in their minds that they knew were true.

The abductees all were able to build their mental abilities after the lost time events as well. Learning became far easier as well as their math and science skills. All were able to use this added help to better their lives with increased skills in making their way in life which included removing themselves from society as much as possible.

They all are very private people who go to great lengths to protect their lives and family from the public eye and the hands of their abductors. It is clear that once abducted these people did as much as possible to try to defend against future abductions.

The group had a brief discussion concerning the idea that what was done to them to wipe out their memories may have turned on other abilities of their brain that they did not have beforehand.

The first order of business by way of my articles this group wanted me to write about was for me to warn everyone who will listen to NEVER go looking for trouble. The group recoils in horror when they hear about small groups of people who think going to a lonely area with flash lights or laser lights to try to attract UFO's is the most dangerous ridiculous thing they ever heard.

I told the group about an experience I had with a UFO group who invited me to go with a small group to a desolate beach to try to attract Unidentified Flying Objects to their little camp site. I immediately protested and told the group that they could not do a more dangerous activity and wanted to know why they thought it was a good idea?

I asked them what they would do or their families would do if they were never heard from or seen again? I also asked the group how they would defend against a hostile being they may attract who may want only to slaughter or torture them? I could not understand why anyone would purposely place themselves in harm's way and think it would be fun?

I tried to explain to this group that those taken do not have good lives and are often left with terrible physical ailments which they carry for a life time. I tried to do my best to talk them out of it.

The UFO group became angry that I was not about to take part in their ridiculous childish games and quickly stopped talking to me or contacting me. Although I was a paranormal writer they wanted no part of me if I was not going to buy into their silly Hollywood views of Aliens and life among the stars.

The group was stuck in a Star Wars Movie view of this subject and did not want to hear or know anything else. They would not listen to the reports of the real living people who survived real abductions and had no intentions of listening to me. I never heard from this UFO group again.

Knowing this the abductees suggested I tell this story in this article with the hopes people will listen and not do dangerous things for a thrill. The one abductee who now cannot sit outside on a beautiful day, who has to cover her legs and arms from the eyes of the public due to her strange snake skin appearance, this woman told me that those who risk such severe harm can only be foolish or stupid. She laughs as she gives this warning and adds;

"However we may not need to worry about those who think these things are a good idea as they surely are not the sharpest knives in the draw and that makes them far unlikely to be of interest to the aliens!"

Of course she says this with a snide meaning however strongly warns against playing such reckless games.

The male abductee feels that those who do things that are reckless really do not believe in UFO's or aliens thus have no fear anything would happen to them and are simply looking for a good time to tell scary stories and slug back a few beers for a good time.

He has no doubt in his mind that most paranormal groups are built on that thinking and why he does not take part in any shape or form with anything suggesting they are seriously looking for UFO truth. He told us all that after a searching for years for a serious place to find help or understanding he only found fools and those who want to discuss the next cool sci-fi movie. He long ago gave up now keeping his experiences and knowledge to himself.

This for me is sad and depressing as I fear this is the view and stance of many people who have endured real events that we all need to understand yet may never hear about.

One of the questions I was asked to present to them by a reader concerned the physical aftermath of being abducted.

Every person I have ever spoken to who I believe has had abduction or lost time event has some kind of physical problem from the encounter. The problems range from being ill with a very bad flu for a week or so after the event to long lasting effects.

Rashes are common. Many lost time events end with the person taken finding very red burn like rashes on their bodies. The rashes may last a few days to weeks and some never go away.

Other aliments found in abductees are internal problem that develop over time. It may be problems that suddenly appear after abduction with their stomach, spine, back, muscles or reproductive organs. Many have problems with the structure of their spine after being abducted. The problems increase with added abductions leaving them helpless to explain the injuries which makes finding health care difficult.

I have had abductees tell me one after the other of how they were found to have strange internal damage to their reproductive systems, spines, blood problems, problems with their eyes and sensitivity to the sun. Some have been told they have signs of traumatic injuries when the person never had any type of injury. The female abductees were told they had multiple pregnancies when they have no children at all or had any contact with a man making pregnancy at that time in their life impossible.

The abductees all have had difficult ordeals with their doctors who will not listen to anything at all to do with an abduction story and quickly accuse the abductee of lying to hide a story they do not want to tell or suggest they are mentally unstable.

Quickly the abductees learn to play dumb and say little while seeking help for whatever physical problem they have been inflicted with during a lost time abduction event. In order to keep their place in their local society, to keep their jobs and protect their families they quickly learn to keep their ordeals to themselves. The first survival skill to learn for abduction victims is silence.

When asked why they do not come forward to those in the media or in the world of the paranormal they simply laugh. Why bring heartache and misery to our lives while they already have so much misery dealing with these uninvited kidnappings is the thinking of the abductees.

All of them have looked into coming forward and all found the same things. Those who want to present their stories also want to destroy their lives, their privacy and their credibility so they can have a big story. The abductees feel that it is not their need to make someone else benefit while they will suffer by coming forward.

They do want to share what has happened to them but not at the expense of their everyday life. Life is difficult enough for these people and they hold on to with care as much normal life as possible. One abductee put it this way:

“My only goal is to stop and survive this nightmare I have been dragged in to. It is not my mission to bring fame and funds to someone I do not know who cares nothing for me or my family - so they can have the big story, and I am left even more abused . No, not me - let those people go exploit someone else for their personal gain. I do not want any part of that scene."

The abductees do not understand why those who should care about what is going on- only care about their names, addresses, doctors names and little about the events that are happening not to only them but many people all over the world.

The abductees also share a true disgust for those who spin false stories of being taken and spread outrageous tales of being abducted by lovely little beings who fly them about the universe while telling them the secrets of the universe. The fact people do this while real people are suffering real abductions angers them beyond words.

I try to bring up the idea that other people may be having other experiences with other types of beings however I was quickly shut down with this thinking by the group so simply let the idea fade away.

Can you imagine what it must be like to be kidnapped while going about your daily life, abused, returned like a lab rat ill and hurt only to have those who are supposed to protect you laugh at you or call you a liar? To have the entire subject further fouled by those who are liars and attention seekers in the world of the paranormal while so many truly suffer is a big sore point with these people.

A good friend of mine who works in the paranormal world sent me a YouTube of a woman who was giving a speech claiming she was abducted. The woman was very obnoxious and arrogant. She went about her you tube by talking down to people who may watch it. The woman gave a long detailed description of her encounters in a Gods law manner.

I sent this video to five of the abductees as I was very interested to hear what they had to say about the video.

It was very interesting to have all five return the same view of the video which was of anger and disgust at this woman's ridiculous claims. Not only did all five think she was ridiculous - they felt she talked out of all sides of her mouth.

On one hand she talks about having her memory completely wiped clean yet she had detailed descriptions of what her abductors looked like and said to her. She make no sense at all however people swarmed to listen to this silly woman make one remark after the other of contradiction and confusion. It was a clear case of making it up as she goes yet this woman had an audience.

Of course those who have endured real abduction found this woman to be maddening and a reason they keep silent and reject dealing with the public. As one of the abductees told me:

"Being abducted is not glamorous, or enlightening. It is life changing which means your very nice life no longer exists and one filled with dealing with the physical and mental anguish of having your life interrupted by uninvited forces replaces it. I wish people could get it through their heads that dealing with beings you have no defense or control over is not a step in to a Hollywood movie. It is hell."

I think we all need to understand what this abductee is saying and heed all the abductees’ warnings not to look for trouble by searching out things unknown with little to combat what that unknown may do to you.

I would like to add a comment of my own to this and remind my readers that all the reports I write about have come from people who had brief encounters or only can remember small parts of what happened to them. I know from my own experience that seeing a UFO or dealing with a strange event may only last from seconds to a few minutes. Others who have been taken for hours rarely recall more than when the event started and how it ended.

I have never talked to anyone I thought was truthful who had a complete recall down to minor details of a UFO / alien encounter. Every single person I talked to only had fleeting or short recall of what happened.

For me personally as soon as someone starts talking about extreme details I walk away. The fear alone involved with these experiences cancels out the memory of what exact color or if something was on the right or left, etc. I simply do not believe that type of report.

I am sure it is a natural reaction to embellish a brief event to try to sweeten the pot so others will believe what they did see or experience however it only keeps us all in the dark and lost to the real events happening to real people. If your sighting or event was short - report it that way. Explain to the best of your ability what you saw or what happened but do not color or add to the experience. Simply tell it like it happened. If you were terrified to the point of not being sure of certain details- say so. That information is far more important than made up details.

The group of abductees also wanted to warn the public to not search out the group, or story or radio show, TV show, whatever you may be drawn to concerning the subject of UFO's and aliens because it fits in with the desired concept you wish to or need to have of these things. That may be a dangerous thing to do. Seek out those who are really interested in the truth not a flowered fantasy.

The abductees feel strongly that the perception of these subjects by the public is being colored by fantasy and desire to be something far from what they really are. If you truly think what you see in the movies or on the internet is 100% true you are completely deluding yourself.

They very much hope you all will keep open minds that these things are very real, very cold, very much science we do not yet understand about beings we do not understand and very much going on all over this planet. Try to understand we are the animals being used or studied or experimented on and little more by science and technology superior beings.

All the abductees feel sad for those who think they are here to save us, stop bad things from happening, stop drastic planet changes or a list of other things given up to the alien actions. The aliens have been here for a very long time. They do not get involved, will not get involved and are not here to save us. If they were going to be our ace in the hole they would have come forward and changed our direction long ago. Actions by aliens are based on the wants and needs of the aliens. Nothing more.

I feel sad when I listen to chat rooms, radio shows, videos or even read books giving God like grace and power to visiting life forms. They are not here to save you - especially until we become more than we are today.

We are a planet of dark dense heavy emotion and problems. We are hateful self-killing animals who are primitive bacteria filled earth destroying savages. Until we can show to be more they will simply watch and continue on. To think anything else is really unrealistic. They react to us exactly as we react to animals in the wild on our planet. We may all be Gods creation, however like us they are but a creation and not Gods or our saving grace.

The Abductees and disclosure.

This subject was in agreement all around with the abductees. They feel you need to really think this out. There is no reason to look to your military or governments to do this for you. There is not a weapon, man, power or military on this planet that could stand up to or defend against those who traverse space time and maybe dimension. End of subject.

The aliens are in control of our relationship and they will decide when to expose us to more information about them. Waiting for a helpless government to deal with something they cannot control or defend against - well, that is not going to happen.

Why would we think WE the primitive beings of planet earth would have any say about when or how another life form would become openly known? All the abductees have told me they are sure the governments of the world are fully aware of our alien visitors. Just helpless against them.

They are all sure that the aliens not the governments are in full control of the relationship and how much the world's population is to be told. Obviously the aliens visiting like things as they are and plan to continue on with the way they interchange with this planet. What can any world power on this planet do but agree?

We cannot stand up to them. We cannot fight them. We can barely get off our own planet. All we can do is agree and be grateful they do not blow us in to a billion pieces.

Our militaries and governments may have benefited from given or found technology however the aliens are in control of our relationship so please stop thinking a big disclosure is around the corner. It will happen when the aliens want it to. Not before. And it does not look as we will be worthy of joining our advanced cosmos neighbors any time soon!

A subject that the abduction group requested I write about was the era of 2012. Those who follow my articles know I published my first warning prompted by them the week before the Japan disaster. As the group predicted one disaster after another followed. How they knew this was about to break open and happen I do not know.

Now with the horror of the tornados, floods and crazy weather across the world I know what the meaning of the era of 2012 really is about.

At my last meeting with the group they again wanted me to write about being prepared for this time in history as they all seem convinced more hard days are to come. They want me to remind you all to keep aware and keep prepared.

They believe the warnings of our times left by those who came before us are happening now and will continue all over the world. They feel we will need to ready and toughen if we are to survive. I know this may be annoying even frightening to those who do not want to hear this but do know this comes from the five people who insisted I write my warning piece about the world disasters coming our way exactly seven days before they happened and have continued to happen.

I know I made some changes to my life and home and am far more prepared then I was for what may come. I strongly hope you consider this too. I may have wanted a new patio table and chair set for my deck this year however bought a wood burning stove instead. I may have preferred another long weekend away this summer yet purchased bicycles to keep in the barn instead. It sure is easier to pedal then it is to walk around here!

Lastly in this article I want to share an exchange that took place the very first time this group of real time abductees was gathered. It took place while they were talking and I was busy placing snacks out for us to share. They were laughing loudly as they discussed a topic I wanted to know about but was uncomfortable asking them about.

I do not recall which one of them first brought it up but they were asking each other if any of the others had been or thought they had been abused or examined during their lost time encounters anally.

I carefully listened to this conversation and frankly was a bit shocked how they all reacted. The last thing I anticipated was gut busting laughter!

Not one of them ever felt any discomfort in the area of their anus. Not one of them suspected the beings that took them spent any time whatsoever near this area of their bodies. They all knew that their brains, and reproductive organs may have been tampered with as well as skin and even other internal organs but were relieved that not one of them ever had any suspicion of... well butt play!

The laughter was at those who seem over the years to be obsessed with the ever popular anal probe. The five abductees involved in this conversation found it hilarious that anyone would feel a being from a far advanced civilization would travel across the cosmos to dig around in our dirty waste removal system which also is our most vile bacteria filled part of our makeup. They were grateful that our DNA, and life biology was far more interesting than our bodies cesspool system.

The group truly feels that this part of the long accepted description of alien abduction is purely manmade and not of an outer worldly origin. I will tell you that this subject was one of the few times I ever heard or watched this group of extraordinary people have an actual belly laugh. I was also glad to know that they were NOT anally probed.

I thought you all may have been as interested in the answer to this question as I was. So abduction yes, examined or experimented with yes - anal probes NO!

The overall thinking of the group is the aliens are smart enough to know a pile of poop when they see it...

The real time abduction group has proven to be a life changing event for me. The information they share with me and subjects they wish for me to write about have been a journey I had no idea I was about to take when I started with this group.

I will be writing more this summer concerning the thinking, encounters and warnings this group have presented to me during our talks together. They have a great deal to say to us all about our daily practices. I will tell you that they do not think as others do and what they have to say may not sit well with your way of life - however it may one day save your life.

I will work on this as well as other amazing articles over the weeks ahead. For now please be careful out there and always pay attention to those around you and your surroundings.

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Back in the Day - June 9, 1966: UFO Sighting in Ringwood, NJ
Published: Sunday, June 12, 2011


"I never saw anything like this," said a Skyline Lakes resident about a possible sighting of a UFO in Ringwood.

George Malmgren of Skyline Drive said he spotted two objects that looked like "very bright, white stars" in the vicinity of his home on June 4, 1966.

One object, Malmgren said, came from southeast, followed the curvature of the Earth and disappeared over the horizon. About five minutes later he saw another one "near the handle of the Big Dipper." He watched it come due east overhead, then go over the horizon, he said.

Malmgren was a flight engineer and Korean War veteran who served in the Air Force, and said he was watching television at about 10:30 that Saturday night when two neighbors came in and told him there was "something flying around outside."

There was, he discovered.

The second sighting was also witnessed by his wife Joan. The couple said they watched the UFO "move erratically" until it disappeared in the span of about 20 minutes. Malmgren said the objects were of no determinate shape and both moved at moderate speed.

Malmgren had also seen a UFO in the same vicinity the prior January. Scores of Passaic and Morris county residents, among then Wanaque Mayor Harry T. Wolfe and members of the borough council, reported a "strange, hovering blue light" over the Wanaque Reservoir at the time.

Malmgren said in all his service in the Air Force on aircraft, he had never seen anything like it. He said he had reported this sighting to local police.

Three miles from Malmgren’s home, four Ringwood teenagers reported a similar sighting to police.

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Archived Case of the Week

1952, Peru: Customs Inspector Films Large UFO
UFO over Peru, 1952
Peru, 4:30 PM 7/19/52. Report Summary:

At about 16:30 in the afternoon of 19 July 1952, the attention of Customs Inspector, Sr. Domingo Troncoso, then with the Peruvian Customs Office at Puerto Maldonado on the jungle frontier with Bolivia, was called to a very strange cigar-shaped flying object over the river area.

The big dirigible-shaped craft was flying horizontally and fairly low in the sky, passing from right to left from the observer's position. It was leaving a dense trail of thick smoke, vapor, or substance of some kind on its wake. The thick, whitish substance appeared to be emitted from the aft end of the object in flight.

That this object was a real, structured, physical machine may be seen from its reflection in the waters of the Madre de Dios River underneath it. It can be clearly seen to be well above the broad-leaved jungle trees along the bank of the river in the foreground of the picture.

The object was estimated to be over a hundred feet long. Sr. Troncoso obtained a camera and was able to get one good photograph of the cigar-shaped object.

The following was submitted by Colonel McHenry Hamilton, Jr., USAF, American Air Attache, Lima, Peru.

Aside from some comments by the preparing officer, the report consisted of a translation of a newspaper article in a Lima daily.

A "luminous disc" was supposed to have sped over the Puerto Maldonado area of Peru near the Bolivian border at 4:50 p.m. on July 19th [1951], and among those who claimed to have witnessed the passage was a Peruvian school teacher who took a picture of the UFO, an object that was spewing an impressive wake of smoke. A newspaper account read in part:

"The colour of the head or nucleus of this disc was an intense orange. The direction was south to north, was visible from 1 to 2 minutes, leaving a thick vaporous trail which floated for more than 15 minutes. The altitude was more or less 2500 to 3000 feet. It was seen in broad daylight. During its passage, the Peruvian Corporation of the Amazon radio went dead and wasn't able to transmit or receive any signals."

"The Peruvian Minister of Education later held discussions with American Embassy officials about the UFO report. The school teacher's photograph and an article about the discussion with the Americans was published in the August 15th issue of the Lima newspaper El Comercio.

"The American Intelligence report on the case seems to be incomplete because there is an unexplained reference to more than one photograph. Colonel Hamilton was informed by Peruvian authorities that some falsification had occurred involving "three different photographs taken by three different persons."

In a letter dated August 10, 1957, Mr. Moseley gave NICAP the following account of the incident:

In Lima I met Senior Pedro Bardi, who is an agricultural engineer. On July 19, 1952, while on a farm in the Madre de Dios section of Peru, he and others saw a saucer. It was about 4.30 p.m. and they were talking to Lima by radio.

Suddenly, according to Bardi, the radio went dead. They looked out the window and saw a round object going by at high speed. (The witnesses included Pedro Arellano, owner of the farm). The object had passed; it was at an estimated 100 meters altitude and was a little smaller than a DC-3, according to Bardi. It made a buzzing sound as it went by.

The object's speed, Moseley explains, was determined by a report that it was seen four minutes later near Porto Maldonado, 120 kilometers distant. This speed was computed at 1117 miles per hour.

The photograph was secured from a customs administrator named Domingo Troncosco, who said he had taken it as the object flew near the port. Though the photo shows a cigar-shaped object instead of the round shape Bardi described, this could possibly have been due to an elongated effect caused by speed.

"It seems obvious to me, Moseley told NICAP, that the photo is genuine."

"Incidentally, I strongly doubt if this particular saucer was anything but earth-made."

"The object traveled from left to right at about airplane speed. When the trail settled to ground it turned out to be a mass of thin fibrous threads."


UFO over Peru, 1952


1. UFO Photographs Around the World Vol.2 (A.Roberts/W.Stevens... 1985), thanks to Victor J.Kean

2. Loren Gross's UFOs, a history, the 1951 booklet pages 34 and 35, courtesy Anders Liljegren

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