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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 413, Issue date, 06-28-10

(Published: 11:04 AM 6/24/2010)

Why the UFO Cover-Up Will Continue
Published: 9:59 AM 6/24/2010

By Grant Lawrence

The push is on around the world to get governments to come clean on UFOs. Britain, France, Brazil and others have released some files. But getting the governments to tell us what is happening in our skies will not happen.

Most people in the world believe that we are not being told the truth about UFOs. But for some people, they must have governments tell them that there is something more to the UFO phenomenon.

I guess that will make it real for them, even though their governments lie and engage in deception continually.

Think about it.

Even after a massive UFO sighting in Phoenix in 1997 by many of its inhabitants, the US government acted as if nothing happened.

... The Phoenix Lights (sometimes referred to as the "lights over Phoenix") were a series of widely sighted optical phenomena (generally unidentified flying objects) that occurred in the skies over the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada, and the Mexican state of Sonora on March 13, 1997.

A repeat of the lights occurred February 6, 2007, and was filmed by the local Fox News TV station....(source: wikipedia)

After a city of 2 million and a great deal of the American Southwest had an incident involving an armada of UFOs, there was no word from the American government on what happened.

In Europe, a European Official for the European Union is trying to get the EU to disclose what it knows on the EU subject.

A European Union official's crusade to get all UFO information released may lift the veil surrounding the truth about possible alien visits to Earth.

Mario Borghezio, leader of the Italian Northern League party, has submitted an official request, urging all 27 EU member governments to disclose their UFO files. So far, according to the European Parliament website, the declaration has received 17 signatures....(source: aol news)

The truth on the UFO reality will be kept hidden because that truth would result in a paradigm shift that could dispel illusions and lead to a real systemic changes for humanity.

In other words, the complete realization that there are other life forms more advanced and more powerful and that they are here on earth would be a mind blowing and a mind opening experience for the people of the world.

The governments would not be able to know for sure and in what way humanity would react to it. Thus, there would be a tremendous chance of destabilization and a loss of control.

Governments, along with their structural support (corporations, religious institutions, etc.), are in the business of maintaining power and control. Admitting to the UFO reality would be highly risky to the power structures of the world. They will not take that type of risk.

So unless ET lands on Capital Hill in Washington and gets out for a photo op, there will continue to be excuses, ridicule, and/or a refusal to acknowledge the UFO phenomenon coming from those in authority.

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Peru: Airliner Passenger Photographs UFO
Photograph from Plane in Peru
Published: June 24, 2010

Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Peru: Airliner Passenger Photographs UFO

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was photographed during a commercial flight over Perú.

The object was seen in broad daylight on June 18th during a TACA flight headed from Lima to Piura.

The object is visible along with some detail of the aircraft's wing. Around 3:00 p.m., one of the TACA passengers saw the object beyond one of the wings.

Not believeing what he was seeing, the passenger alerted other travelers, and was able to ascertain that they were seeing the same thing.

He then reached for his camera and took these photos, which were turned over to Con Nuestro Perú

The passenger is a renowned attorney who requested confidentiality.

[Aside from the considerable quality of the images, and the corroboration by fellow passengers, the fact that the Piura region has become known for its luminous phenomena is also noteworthy.

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

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Con Nuestro Perú (http://connuestrperu.com) and Planeta UFO

UFO with Red, Yellow Lights Seen over New Mexico
Published: 8:20 AM 6/18/2010

New Mexico - 06-17-10

I was experiencing a very sleepless night, so at midnight I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water and was going to take a sleeping pill, but remembered I had to get up early and didn't want the hangover of a sleeping pill.

It was late as the clock on the stove read 12:03.

As I was drinking the water, I walked into a dining room which has glass doors to the back yard (North) and noticed a bright, star-like object with yellow and red shimmering lights, sort of hovering over my back wall.

It was positioned about the middle of a pasture which backs up to our property. It didn't move for quite a while.

I ran to get binoculars, but could find only opera glasses, which weren't of much help. At that time I watched it begin to move very slowly toward the west.

I ran to look for binoculars elsewhere and looked out another window. About that time it disappeared. It just blinked off!

When I first saw it, I knew that it was not one of the lights that one can see from those windows.

I thought, "Uh-oh, that might be a UFO."

I mentioned to a neighbor today that I almost called her to see something, but didn't because I didn't want to awaken them. She said it would have been all right as they were just getting home about midnight.

I told her what I had seen and she replied, "OMG! I think we saw the same thing coming home."

I asked the girls in the car, "What is THAT?"

She described it as having red and yellow lights too, but thought it was much larger than I did.

I couldn't go to sleep until around 3:00 AM, I felt very uneasy and was afraid to go to sleep even though I did begin to feel tired.

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When It Comes to UFOs, the Truth Is Out There
Published: 8:33 AM 6/24/2010

While I share the overall sentiment of Leo W. Banks' article ("Are We Alone?" June 10) that intelligent extraterrestrial species may exist, I don't believe the statement that "no one has produced any evidence to prove the existence of UFOs or the life forms piloting them."

UFOs have been copiously (and spectacularly) filmed and photographed. I can think of many UFO sightings and encounter cases in which detailed testimony has been given as to a UFO's existence, with its intelligent humanoid occupants described.

One occurred in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, in 1994.

While on recess, 62 children saw a UFO land near the school grounds, and saw an occupant with a "scrawny neck, long black hair and huge eyes" get out.

The principal believed the children were telling the truth, and the children's stories all corroborate each other, including what they thought the purpose of the visit was. There are many more cases with evidence just as strong or stronger.

Mike Swanson

Really, We Swear, the Truth Is Out There!

UFO sightings have been reported for thousands of years, not just since the 19th century. See "Passport to Magonia," by respected scientist Jacques Vallee.

Sightings are not as geographically limited as stated. Some of the most famous are from South America and Mexico. And one of the most impressive is the story of an Iranian Imperial Air Force pilot flying an F-4 Phantom and being involved in a dogfight with a UFO.

The comments about many sightings in Britain being Chinese lanterns are somewhat ironic, because one of the most convincing "pro-UFO" books is Open Skies, Closed Minds by Nick Pope, who once ran the X-Files program in Britain.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek was head of a U.S. Air Force program whose secret purpose was to debunk UFOs. He later became one of the world's most renowned supporters.

You may not be totally convinced after looking into these, but you'd probably consider that UFOs are possible.

Greg Booth (no relation to B J)

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UFO Mystery Lives On, Travel Center Owner Finds
Travel Center
Published: June 24 2010

TO THE EDITOR: Wednesday, on my weekly visit to Elmwood Wisconsin, the UFO Capital, to pick up my order of Sailer’s Meats, I had a chance to visit with Leslie and Rick Sailer of Sailer’s Meats.

By: Tony Huppert, Spring Valley, Pierce County Herald

I mentioned the statue and UFO saucer sitting in front of Sailer’s Meat Store and asked if I could have a picture with it.

I proceeded to tell them, approximately two years ago, a customer arrived at Team Oil Travel Center in Spring Valley around 5 AM, as white as a ghost. My clerk asked if something was wrong. He really hesitated to discuss his nervousness, but reluctantly stated he saw a saucer shaped object hovering above the road he was on.

My clerk mentioned it to me, but I just assumed the early customer had just encountered a late night out in the Valley. About two weeks later, waiting to make some purchases at the local hardware store, I mentioned the UFO encounter.

Much to my surprise, a lady standing next to me, knew the date, time and location of the incident.

She hadn’t mentioned it to anybody before because of fear of being ridiculed. About a week after that, I mentioned it at coffee; once again, another individual stated the same facts.

These three people had no idea of the other individual’s statements concerning the possible UFO.

It’s only logical the Elmwood area would be a chosen location for a visit. Beautiful, picturesque, off the interstate, and has the perfect longitude and latitude.

As the federal government, at taxpayers’ expense, searches outer space for other life, the residents of Elmwood invite the UFO’s to their community the last full weekend in July every year at Elmwood’s internationally known UFO Days, where the only expense is just being neighborly.

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Archived File

1957 Madison, Ohio-Kuhn/Frightened Dog Case
UFO Depiction
November 10, 1957. Features: Brilliant illumination, physiological effects, animal reactions.

Mrs. Leita Kuhn had been going back and forth between her house and backyard dog kennels checking on an overheating stove on a snowy, windy night.

About 1:20 AM, everything was in order, so she shut the kennel door. The snow had stopped and it was dark, with no moon or stars visible.

As she stepped away from the kennel she saw a huge, glowing object in back, about 60 feet above the ground.

It was about 40 feet wide and 10 feet thick with a dome on top, and glowing with a phosphorescent light.

The top was brilliant and it hurt her eyes to look at it. Puffs of apparent exhaust appeared around the bottom increasingly, until she became unnerved by the spectacle and ran in the house.

When she looked out the window, the object apparently had disappeared. The time was 1:55 AM.

She stayed up all night caring for an apparently frightened dog that subsequently died of cancer. A few days later she sought medical treatment for eye irritation and skin rash, and was advised to report it to Civil Defense because of suspected radiation effects.

She developed an abnormal craving for honey, other sweets, and water.

For nearly two years she experienced a variety of physical ailments, some painful and emotionally disturbing.

by Richard Hall:

Source: The UFO Evidence (1964), page 98

Other Sources: "Strange Effects From UFOs", (NICAP, 1969), page 11.

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