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UFO Magazine Issue 365, Issue date, 06-29-09

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Kenneth Arnold Not the Only Person Who Reported UFOs, 1947
Kenneth Arnold
Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

June 23, 2009

Fifty two years ago, on June 24th, 1947, Kenneth Arnold saw five objects that he described as "skipping like saucers over water" in the skies over Washington State. The rest is history.

Let us not forget that UFO activity was already beginning to occur elsewhere in the world, and this newspaper article from Chile, courtesy of our friend Raul Núñez at the IIEE, is a good example: (see below)


Mr. Gillermo de la Cerda Simonot, a former civilian officer of the Fleet, states that a shining, silvery and oval-shaped object" appeared before his eyes for ten minutes at noon yesterday.

A flying disk remained stationary for at least ten minutes over the Los Cerrillos airport, at least ten kilometers from the Plaza de Armas, at the very same time that the population of Santiago left its offices and workshops to go off to lunch.

The object was seen by Guillermo de la Cerda Simonot, master mechanic of a small bus line, and whose background as a former civilian officer of the Fleet for 30 years, knowledgeable about machinery and vehicles, is a serene, creditworthy individual with good eyesight.


It was noon when Guillermo de la Cerda, son of the known racehorse owner of the same name, was returning along the Maipú road after having made repairs to a damaged bus. He was wearing sunglasses, which allowed him to face the sun.

Suddenly, only a few centimeters over the horizon, he saw something that shined "like the reflection of an airplane's wings when the sun strikes them." He said nothing to his escort, an assistant mechanic of the same bus line, and he continued looking at the object, which remained stationary.


Finally, convinced that it could not be an airplane, he stopped the bus and got off t for a better look. It was an oval, silvery object, similar to the ones described in newswires regarding "flying saucers". He believed that he could see portholes along its edges, but was uncertain.

"I don't want to say something that I didn't say with certainty," he added. His companion saw the same thing as he.

A fiew minutes later, the oval, silvery and brilliant object vanished behind the trees and out of sight.

A "flying disk"? A hallucination? Everything suggests the former. Chile appears to have been visited by the same extraordinary messengers from space that have already appeared in so many parts of the world.

(Translation (c) 2009, S.Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Núñez, IIEE-Chile)

Newspaper Clipping, June, 1947, Chile

Also see the UFO Casebook case file, The Kenneth Arnold Sighting.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/chilejune1947.html

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Three Witness Black Triangle over Australia
UFO Depiction
Driving back from work at night, my friends noticed a white light moving across the sky at an accelerated pace. The object slowly started getting closer, and we noticed that there were very dull strobes flickering underneath.

It was quite soon that we realised that it was definitely not an airplane or helicopter as its flight pattern was quite unnatural. We speculated that it was maybe the US engineered predator spy plane.

Soon it flew slowly above our car while we were driving at approximately 80 km / h. I stared at what appeared to be a black triangle for about 20 seconds. It had 3 dull lights underneath, one for each corner.

The lighting sequence went in a clockwise fashion at one second intervals. We were all filled with absolute terror when we saw that it was in fact a triangle with lights flashing in a sequence. The sequence was unlike anything a conventional man made aircraft would have.

The impression that we got was that this was in fact some kind of spacecraft. It started to fly away from the car. At this point we noticed that it also featured a red (static) light. It then appeared to turn back around and followed our car as we manoeuvred through long sweeping freeway bends.

It then flew away to the right of our car where we continued to watch it for several minutes. At this point, we noticed that it also featured a green static light at the rear. My friends and I were in shock and kept saying "It's a bloody spaceship!."

After a few minutes the object flew behind the clouds and disappeared. As I viewed the triangle for those 20 seconds, I constantly tried to see if it was in fact a plane or helicopter.

My 2 friends and I are 100% sure that this object was a black triangle. The light sequence on the bottom of the triangle gave us a very strange feeling that was we were seeing was not of human origin. One of my friends in the car claimed to have seen the exact same triangle about a year ago at the same time with someone else. The object was totally silent.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/aussietriangle062509.html

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Submitted through www.mufon.com

The First Humanoids in Argentina
UFO Depiction
Published: 8:40 AM 6/24/2009

Contributing editor Guillermo Gimenez draws our attention to an article by Luis Burgos of Argentina's FAO organization regarding the possible presence of "humanoids" in the Province of Buenos Aires in the early 1940s, before Kenneth Arnold's legendary sighting over Mount Rainier:

The First Humanoids in Argentina

By Luis Burgos (FAO)

Tres Arroyos, located over 600 km south of Buenos Aires, shall henceforth no longer be known as “Argentina’s Wheat Capital” but as also as the place where the first humanoid encounter of the country took place.

In early 1971, in mid-summer, I had the chance to spend the season in Orense, a lovely beach resort, which together with Reta and Claromecó represent the main tourist attractions of the season. Logically, and given the fact that I was taking my very first steps in field research, my conversations had mostly to do with the subject [ufology].

Thus, my mind was stirred by anecdotes and remembrances. The cause of this was Mr. Vicente Pedone, who was my host at the time.

According to Don Vicente, in the early 1940s, he was a Sergeant of the Buenos Aires Provincial Police, and his beat covered such locations as Orense, San Cayetano, Copetonas, Oriente, Cristiano Muerto, etc. These towns were well known to him.

One night, while in the company of an officer surnamed Gitani in a field warehouse, a local boy came running over to them, breathlessly, saying that he had witnessed “a plane crash to the ground in flames”, deep in the fields.

Faced with this story, Don Vicente and his subordinate reported to the alleged crash site, accompanied by the young man (whom I shall call NN, given his anonymous status).

After covering a good distance in the police car, the guide pointed out the possible crash site: there, two hundred meters away from the group, near a hill, was a very strange disk-shaped luminous object that remained still in their sight. Around the object, an undetermined number of “figures” could be seen “coming and going”

At a distance, the beings seemed very tall and were clad in luminous, metallic outfits. Their movements were sluggish and they carried what appeared to be mugs (“tarros”) in their hands.

Evidently, this sight impressed the witnesses to such an extent that they made a prudent retreat. But their astonishment and nervousness increased when Don Vicente tried to get the vehicle going, he was unable to do so.

He tried one, two, three and more times to no avail. Therefore, rather than running away across the field, they all agreed to remain in the vehicle to see what developed. “We were abandoned to the outcome of the events,” remarked the protagonist of this episode.

Several minutes later, they noticed that what they took for an airplane began to move backward with a slow, even motion and speed, always at ground level. This action caused Don Vicente to try to get his police car going once more, since time had become endless to them.

Finally he managed to turn the engine over and make an abrupt departure. This brought an end to this reminiscence, and it’s a shame that they didn’t stay long enough to witness the final phase of the phenomenon.

The next morning, Don Vicente obtained confirmation from NN, that the landing site in Oriente showed signs of burned grass. Unfortunately, the police did not verify this on-site. Therefore, only the story told by NN remains the proof of such physical evidence.

(Translation (c)2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Luis Burgos and Guillermo Giménez)

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/buenosaireshumanoids.html

source & references:

Argentina's FAO organization

UFOs of the 19th Century
UFO Depiction
June 18, 2009 11:31 PM EDT (Updated: June 18, 2009 11:33 PM EDT)

Article by Cristina Aguilar Mar 23, 2008

For decades, these UFO sightings have been explained away as meteors or other things. But what is interesting that before the Wright brothers launched an airplane, flying crafts were already visible in the skies. None of these crafts could really be explained away as weather balloons or meteorites, to witnesses of the 1800s the crafts were not from this earth.

The Wright Brothers may have been the first to put an machine into the sky, but people had been looking up at flying aircraft for decades before the brothers launched the first airplane.

Reports of UFOs were recorded in newspapers of the 19th century, among the most famous was written in the St. Louis Democrat, Oct. 19, 1865. That article appeared two weeks later in The Cincinnati Commercial, bringing more public awareness to UFOs.

The account was of an old Montana fir trapper by the name of James Lumley who saw a UFO fly over him and crash into the forest, exploding like a rocket. The story picked up by the Missouri Democrat and other newspapers, which contributed to national attention or awareness of alien spacecraft.

Most fur trappers may tell tales of Indians, or bears, or mountain lions, but Lumley's account of a flying saucer that crashed into Cadotte Pass was among the most explicit and remains a mystery to this day. It is said that debris from the crash may still be up there, but few there has been no findings since. Nevertheless the story has remained one of the most mysterious of the 1800s.

Lumley was about 175 miles above the Upper Missouri in Great Falls Montana. He was on his way back to his camp site when he saw a "bright luminous body in the heavens." It went rapidly into an eastern direction and was plainly visible for about five seconds.

As it flew Lumley saw it burst into an explosion in the sky and he later heard an explosion. It was shortly followed by a strong wind through the forest like a tornado, and the event left the air smelling like sulfur.

The next day, after walking two miles, he saw a path "several rods wide" made through the forest. He followed the path and discovered an object or rather a stone on the side of the mountain. What was unusual about this stone is that it had strange hieroglyphics and glass in it.

Lumley felt the fragment he had found had come from an immense body and that the hieroglyphics must have been used for some purpose and made by human hands.

In April of 1897, people in five Midwestern states reported various accounts of an oblong shape in the sky. The accounts were reported from April 5th to April 19th.

The first recorded sighting was in Omaha Nebraska where more than 100 people witnessed the appearance of a flying object more than 12 feet long. It was shiny and made of steel. The object became so luminous that the brightness awoke people from their sleep.

People in Sioux City, Iowa saw another cigar-shaped craft just a few days later. It was also seen in Cedar Rapids and Burlington and described as a mysterious object with a glaring headlight of some kind and a shiny steel haul, gliding with a hissing sound.

Eyewitnesses in Chicago and Mount Carroll Illinois reported seeing an elongated object with flashing or rotating red and green lights on April 10. Hundreds of people throughout Illinois saw an aircraft hovering about 500 ft in the air and leaving at tremendous speeds.

The craft had one bright light in addition to the red and green flashing lights. A Chicago newsstand dealer, Walter McCann was said to have taken two photos of the object at the time, but copies of these photos have not been made public in a very long time. They may still be in a file tucked away in Washington, or so the conspiracy theorists believe.

Later, that same night the people in Wausau Wisconsin looked up to see and egg-shaped craft hovering over city hall in Milwaukee. Thousands of awestruck spectators stood watching the craft as its lights moved back and forth.

On the next night, the same craft or one similar in description was seen in Minnesota and later in Indiana. By April 19, the craft appeared in Cochranville, Ohio and later traveled on to other areas, unknown. All accounts were similar throughout all five states with thousands of witnesses.

One of the most famous of all UFO sightings and crashes in the late 1800s was recorded in Aurora, Texas.

Although no evidence has been found to substantiate the story, the local newspaper account reads as follows: "About 6 o'clock this morning, the early risers of Aurora were astonished at the sudden appearance of the airship which has been sailing around the country.

It was traveling due north and much nearer the earth than before. Evidently some of the machinery was out of order, for it was making a speed of only 10 to 12 miles per hour and gradually settled toward the earth."

The craft later crashed into a windmill, bursting into pieces. Some of the material recovered by townspeople revealed material sketched with a type of hieroglyphic.

United Press International, which is now defunct, then picked up the story and it spread throughout the borders of Texas. There were a number of eyewitnesses who all agreed on the basic facts: An unknown craft crashed into the town, and strange debris was found along with a "being not of this world was found in the wreckage."

The townspeople of Aurora discovered the remains of the pilot, or rather extraterrestrial along with the strange debris and gave the creature a "proper burial," respect was due to him as well since he resembled a small man, or humanoid to the town folk.

The alien body has long disappeared along with the gravestone after military personnel came to Aurora to "investigate" the incident. The story was so famous it was later made into a movie: The Aurora Encounter" in 1986 starring Jack Elam. The incident is still being studied today.

The Denison Daily News of Denison Texas reported another famous sighting in 1878, when a farmer, John Martin saw a spacecraft. He was later credited for being one of the first to use the term "flying saucer." Martin described the flying saucer as a dark object he saw in the sky. The object moved close to him the whole time he watched.

Also see the UFO Casebook files, The Great Airships, First Encounters.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/19century.html

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UFO and Creature Encounter in Texas, 1970s
UFO Depiction
The following happened during the Fall/Winter of 1973 or Early Spring 1974. I lived in a two story rooming house a few blocks directly west of the University of Texas campus at Austin, Texas.

One evening, I went to the back door of the second floor, and looked out the door's window. I saw some lights moving very slowly westward, very slowly, maybe 15 mph. And very low in altitude.

I stepped out on the second story stair landing to get a better view. The lights were of the ordinary primary colors (two or three); and from my viewpoint, appeared to extend around the circumference of a craft. It was a circular craft, with a diameter of possibly 20-30'.

Immediately, I heard the roar of a helicopter coming from the east. It flew overhead of me, with its spotlight on, traveling directly toward the UFO craft. The helicopter passed to the right of the UFO, and zoomed on westward.

After that very close call, I began to see a flashing white light on the top/dome of the UFO craft. The UFO was heading away from me, and going over terrain that was descending to a creek valley with a busy boulevard; perhaps a descent in elevation is why I started seeing the flashing light.

The sighting was approximately ten minutes in length. The sky was clear and starry, with plenty of air traffic that evening. Planes and helicopters flying.

I later mentioned this UFO sighting to someone, and was told someone else had seen a UFO/flying saucer out at one of the lakes just west of Austin, a week or so before.

A few days after my sighting; I saw a cartoon on the editorial page of The Daily Texan (the University of Texas student newspaper), with the starship Enterprise beaming a ray on the U.T. tower (directly east of my residence). I thought perhaps someone else had seen the UFO craft also.

I kept thinking incessantly about the beings in the UFO craft. I knew they were of highly advanced intelligence, and from somewhere far away; and I wondered what they looked like.

About four or five evening later (after my sighting), I had just finished reading some spiritual material and felt pleasantly uplifted. The lights were brightly on in my room. It was late evening.

Suddenly, there was a big flash of light and there was this creature before me in the air; "head and shoulders" view. My body jerked and I gasped. The creature was calmly and intently looking direct into my eyes. I could only stare back.

The creature appeared to have tawny color hair/fur (like a bear or lion), and a very large build; maybe 7-8' tall. I did not see below its shoulders.

The creature had two pointed ears, somewhat cat-like, but seated higher on top of head. It had two eyes, each positioned where normal human eyes are on a face. The eyes slanted upward and outwards, somewhat like a lion's.

The eyes had the look of high intelligence in the gaze. There was no nose, no snout, no obvious openings in that area of the face. It looked flat. What was also very different was that there was a substantial black/dark area (perhaps an opening for a mouth) that came down one upper side of the face - down around what would be our chin, then up what would be the other side of our face, kind of a U-shaped face.

The head with the dark "mouthlike folds" seemed to sit on what appeared to be shoulders. I did not see a neck.

This happened within a few seconds, if that long. Then just like a light switch had been turned off, it was gone. Instantaneous. No fade out.

Afterwards, I wrote out the sighting of the UFO craft and drew a primitive sketch of the creature that appeared before my eyes. I mailed it to the head of MUFON in Austin at the time, but I never heard back that it had been received.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/texascreature.html

source & references:

Submitted through www.mufon.com


Kenneth Arnold Sighting-1947
Kenneth Arnold
Although the history of UFOs can be traced back to early cave drawings, pictures, and folklore, the modern era of the study of UFOs is usually believed to be the 1947 sighting report of nine "flying saucers" made by pilot Kenneth Arnold on June 24, 1947.

Arnold was aiding in the search for a missing plane when the sighting occurred. He did not believe his story would be believed, but swore that it was true. Arnold related his sighting to the Chicago Daily Tribune:

"The first thing I noticed was a series of flashes in my eyes as if a mirror was reflecting sunlight at me... "

"I saw the flashes were coming from a series of objects that were traveling incredibly fast. They were silvery and shiny and seemed to be shaped like a pie plate... What startled me most at this point was... that I could not find any tails on them."

Arnold estimated that the objects were flying at an altitude between 9,500 and 10,000 feet, and at a great speed.

After clocking them from Mt. Ranier to Mt. Adams, he arrived at an estimated speed of 1,200 miles per hour. "It seemed impossible," he said, "but there it is... I must believe my eyes."

The term "flying saucer" was coined, not by Arnold, but a reporter. Arnold made the statement that the objects moved, "like a saucer would if you skipped it across the water."

East Orengonian newspaper reporter Bill Bequette paraphrased Arnold's statement when he placed the story on the AP news wire. Arnold's term "saucer-like" became "flying saucers."

The US military attempted to ignore the press reports of Arnold's sighting, but as the story grew, they felt compelled to take action. A meeting to discuss a course of action was held at the Pentagon on July 7, 1947, only a few days after the Roswell crash. Taking charge was Chief of the Army Air Force Air Intelligence Requirements Division, General Schulgen.

The group made the decision to follow up on "qualified" observers' reports of flying discs. Three days later, Arnold received a request from Continental Air Command to appear for an interview, regarding his report.

Two Counter Intelligence Corps investigators would carry out the investigation. The results of this session were included in Project Blue Book.

Arnold's report was one of the first of 850 different UFO reports to make US media by the end of July, 1947. More than anything else, Arnold was in the right place at the right time to forever be an important part of the history of UFOs.




(last update, 06-27-09)

Alabama - Silver Craft Seen
06-21-09 - I have had a very similar sighting to that I read about on your site. I saw what I can best describe as a silver, shining craft, which seemed to hover in the air.

I saw the unknown object in the southeastern sky while I was traveling south on County Road 107, in Center Star, about an hour from Huntsville. source: www.ufocasebook.com

California - 06-23-09
I was standing out in the backyard smoking a cigarette when I looked up and noticed a weird object in the sky. It was no more than a few hundred feet up, and almost directly above the house. As I was watching it, I was trying to think of what it could be.

There was aircraft noise but as soon as the airplane that was nearby passed, it was silent. I stood there watching it for a good while. No noise, nothing coming out of it. It was hovering and twisting in and around itself as it did so. It did this for about 7 minutes when it seemed to all clump together and it started heading upwards.

As it was going up, it lit up in bright, white lights. It hovered for about a minute or two longer, and then suddenly disappeared. I'm a believer in UFOs and I have seen some anomalous activity before, but never in daylight and never so close.

It was amazingly clear to the naked eye, and I can imagine I wasn't the only one to have seen it. I don't know how long it had been there as it had just caught my eye while I was outside. I tried to capture it on my cheap phone but got nothing.

I wanted to run into the house to get my camcorder but I remembered that the battery was dead and I had no idea where my girlfriend's camera was. I texted her right away to tell her what I was witnessing.

She told me to get her camera but I was hesitant to go looking for it because I was amazed at what I was witnessing and didn't want to miss one second of it.

Now that I didn't capture it, I'm greatly disappointed because it was amazing, and I wish I had something to back up my story other than just my own retelling. source: www.mufon.com

Florida - 02-08-97
My roommate and I were just coming from seeing a movie, I was driving and he was napping in the passenger side. The time was a little after 2 AM. I usually take the same route home every time I go to this particular theater but for some reason I missed (the main road) to take us home and I had to make a U-turn to get back on track, that's when I see lights that at first looked like a typical commercial airliner.

When it came in closer, I clearly saw it was something totally different and beyond belief!! The road I needed to turn down to go home was about 2 blocks away, but my eyes were glued to the object, but I was able to look away for a few seconds.

The object flew down and stopped right over some trees and power towers. As it was coming to a stop, something about it startled me, the shape of it was in a perfect triangle, and it shined with a glowing, semi-bright, orange light, but when it stopped it flipped right side up into a pyramid shape right over the power towers and trees. I was shocked.

I should mention I heard no sounds of an aircraft engine or any type of engine for that matter just "air bursts." What was even more amazing was that we weren't that far from the airport, and McDill Air Force Base. source: www.mufon.com

Ohio - September, 2006
About 3 years ago the witness was driving down 52 east when she observed 2 very bright lights circled with a rainbow color halo. There was some steam or smoke coming from the back of the lights. She became very afraid because the lights were right above her. She felt she might be abducted or something.

She really became afraid when the light shined in her car right on her face on the driver's side of the car. She doesn't remember much else just that she was afraid and could not wait to get home. She never told anyone until she told her grandson.

She had another sighting about 40 years ago. Her and her husband observed a saucer-shaped craft with multi-colored windows going around the center of the saucer. She was just across the street from the saucer. It was just above a building, hovering, making no sound. It was huge about 60 ft. long. She does not know why, but they did not stay and watch it. source: www.mufon.com

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