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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 568, Issue date, 07-01-13

Yorkshire UFO Sightings Revealed as MoD Records Declassified
UFO Depiction
Published: 9:34 AM 6/24/2013

By Oliver Latus

FROM War of the Worlds to ET and beyond, the idea of extraterrestrial life has captured imaginations for decades.

For 25 years the Ministry of Defence even kept top-secret records of all reported UFO sightings, such as the “irregular pattern of lights coloured white, blue, yellow and red” spotted in the Yorkshire sky in April 1999.

It turns out, however we are a long way from any close encounters of the fourth kind after details of hundreds of UFO reports were declassified.

The Ministry of Defence says the real life British X-Files were used only to determine whether flying objects posed a threat to national security, and the UFO desk was wound up in 2009.

In February this year The Press reported how dozens of people say they saw a flying object over New Earswick, prompting police to investigate reports of “space debris” crashing to the ground. The newly released files list several more sightings in Yorkshire.

In August 2002, a driver reported seeing a “purple and white pulsating jellyfish-like object, with smaller light circles surrounding the main object,” near Rosedale Abbey, on the North York Moors.

The keen-eyed motorist claimed the UFO followed his car for four miles before disappearing. One report describes how an eyewitness was left in awe after spotting something in the night sky above Filey in September 2009.

“It was a brilliant and dazzling, pure white, horizontal ring of light. I was completely transfixed by it and watched it for a few minutes before I panicked and ran back to my parents’ flat. It was the strangest experience of my life.”

Not everyone who reported sightings to the Ministry of Defence was convinced they had seen a UFO though. One report from January 2009, from near RAF Menwith Hill, claims there were: “aircraft performing maneuvers which should rightly be impossible within the bounds of Newtonian science.”

The report continues: “Much as I would love it to be aliens I am sure they are just some sort of classified aircraft, presumably used for spying on the Chinese. If you wanted to keep these amazing things secret, perhaps it would be better not to put big orange lights on them?”

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/modyorkshire.html

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2010 - Beam of Red Light Appears in Maryland Canyon
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:29 PM 6/27/2013

Lanacoming, Maryland - 05-28-10

My friend and I were wound up after a long day and needed to get out. When we get together we are normally late night people, so even though we did a lot that day, we weren’t very tired.

We went for a late night car ride and wound up at Dan’s Rock, a fairly close mountaintop view place that some of the kids in town told us about. They said the view would be fabulous, even at night.

After a fairly long hike to the top we took in the view, which was impressive. From where we were standing, which is the very top of the mountain, I could make out tree tops beyond the rocks, at the bottom.

The trees themselves are around 40 ft.tall, so it was easy to judge our elevation at around 1,000 ft. You can see over a very large valley which leads to some homes and business across the other side.

I would have loved to see it in daylight. Although somewhat windy, it was very peaceful up there.

At about 4:15 am, just as I was commenting that we should stay long enough to make the hike back down worth it, I noticed what appeared to be a very bright star.

My friend said "it’s an airplane, see its moving." and I agreed; until it stopped movement, hovered in one spot for about 6 seconds, then turn about 40 degrees and sped off in a zigzag manner.

We both thought it was a little weird, and chalked it off to some military plane or something like that.

Only minutes later, we decided to have a cigarette before beginning the climb down, and just after lighting it, I saw a beam of red light all the way at the bottom of the chasm.

The red light appeared just like a 1/2 inch diagonal laser pointer dot that moved from left to right horizontally, approximately 5 inches over 1 1/2 seconds, then disappeared.

I saw it first, all the way at the bottom. Around 10 seconds later, it appeared again, identical in shape and size, about 150 feet higher than the first time. I had no idea what it was.

I called my friends attention to it. He looked over the side of the railing with me and sure enough, the light appeared four more times, rising in elevation 150 or so feet each time, lighting around every 10 seconds in the exact size time and shape as before.

It definitely changed path a couple of time on the way up, but was essentially a vertical ascent. The light finally appeared at eye level, approximately 20 feet in front of us hanging directly over the chasm.

There was absolutely no noise, no outline of any kind, only the light.

We both got spooked, and just as I said "maybe we should get out of here," the light reappeared from eye level 20 feet away to eye level about 10 feet away. We made our way out of there with due haste, and never saw it again.

I have been bugged by this over the last several years, and my friend and I always discuss our theories, but in all my research over that time I have never found a similar incident reported.

Some say it was some joker with a laser pen on a balloon. That would be easier to accept if it wasn’t so windy and four o’clock in the morning.

Really, would someone be out there at that hour, at the bottom of Dan’s Rock just waiting for someone to show up so they can play a trick?

I just don’t know. But I would love to. Please advise if you have ever heard of a similar incident.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/marylandbeam2010.html

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Head to Roswell for a Festival that 'Alienates' Everyone
The Roswell Filmfest and Cosmic-con held at the Roswell Mall invites all to UFO Festival, baseball superheroes night
Published: 11:15 AM 6/23/2013


Are UFOs real? In Roswell, N.M., it is a definite possibility. A possible UFO discovery in 1947 has become the heartbeat of the town and inspired the annual UFO Festival.

Each summer, Ufologists from all around the globe arrive in Roswell for the festival. Roswell is a mere three hours from Lubbock, so this is the perfect vacation for those not wanting to stray far from home. Although the official date for the festival is July 5-7, events start as early as Friday, June 28, so plan to stay the entire week to take it all in.

What to do in Roswell

Arrive the weekend of June 28 to attend the Roswell Filmfest and Cosmic-con held at the Roswell Mall. This is a family-friendly event with comic book artists, films shot in a “shootout,” and baseball superheroes night (be sure to dress up!).

While you wait for the UFO Festival, take the time to visit some local sites, such as the Roswell Museum and Art Center, where you’ll find collections of local art and pieces based on the American West.

Then, take a historical detour and make a stop at the POW/MIA Park to view a piece of the Berlin Wall and discuss the end of the Cold War and its impact on the world. Since you’re in Roswell, you will want to take your kids to the Roswell International UFO Museum & Research Center and check out recreations of the crash and info on alien autopsies.

Later in the week, celebrate Independence Day Roswell style with the Annual Mike Satterfield Memorial Firework Extravaganza. The fireworks — set to patriotic music — are launched electronically at the Cielo Grande Recreation Area at 1612 West College St. Entertainment starts at 5:30 p.m. and the fireworks at 9:15 p.m. The show lasts about 30 minutes.

Take a lawn chair or blankets for seating and avoid College Street, which will be closed before and during the event. There are also food and drink booths.

When the weekend rolls around, the festival swings into gear. On July 6, there will be costume contests for pets and people. Arrive an hour early to register. The pet contest is at 10 a.m. at the Roswell Civic Center north lawn. The human contest is at 3 p.m. indoors at the Civic Center.

Finish out the day with the Light Parade as night falls. It starts at the Civic Center’s south side and continues to Third Street. Floats are lighted.

Throughout the weekend, there are speakers, authors and other UFO experts on hand. View a complete list of lectures on the festival website. You’ll also find a variety of vendors and booths with some truly unique items.

What to eat

When it comes to dining at the festival, there are numerous options. In addition to booths with food, there are fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Arby’s and KFC. However, if you want a true Roswell experience, try one of the landmark restaurants the locals favor.

At Peppers Grill and Bar, you can chill on the patio with a Bahama Mama while you munch on a Diablo turkey sandwich. There is lots of great lunch fare at this restaurant with a fun atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a “downtown dive,” try Big D’s. The Philly cheesesteak is to die for. Craving a green chile cheeseburger? Visit Fat’s Burritos. A dinnertime must is Cattle Baron Steak and Seafood.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/festivalalienates.html

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New Airship Looks Like and is a Flying Saucer
Skypalace luxury cruise passing the pyramids at Giza
Published: 11:49 AM 6/25/2013


Skypalace luxury cruise passing the pyramids at Giza Skylifter is an Australian firm building the upgrade to blimps that can carry weights helicopters cannot. Their new air ship converts the model of blimps from the cigar shape to a saucer.

Hence, it is a flying saucer in the sky. Skylifters are easier to steer than blimps and can carry enough wait to relocate entire buildings.

Rest assured the lighter-than-air gas filled saucer is enormous. The radius of a Skylifter is about the size of a football stadium at 500ft wide. It will seamlessly maneuver using propellers that can be adjusted to change direction.

It can be used in many projects where other terrestrial payload transport services can’t go.

So if you need cargo in isolated, mountainous, waterlogged or forest regions, Skylifter is capable of bringing it.

In the development of this futuristic thing a 10ft prototype called Betty and can carry just over a pound in weight. Skylifter has also produced a 60ft-wide prototype of the balloon design itself, no engine. They plan to launch a nearly 150ft wide prototype pretty soon.

The new airship would consist of three main sections. Floating at the top would be the symmetrical saucer. It is permanently filled with lighter-than-air gas to become and remain airborne.

Hanging on suspension lines below it would be the cylindrical control pod, with the two-pilot flight deck mounted on the bottom.

Biodiesel engines, augmented by solar panels on the saucer top, would generate electricity to power three propellers mounted on the sides of the control pod.

The propellers would be cycloid, meaning that the blades would be arranged horizontally for the exact maneuvering needed for the collecting and depositing of cargo.

Best about it is that the Skylifter so far has four concepts with more purpose than lifting buildings. Of which, there is the Skypalace Ariel Cruiser for commercial passengers and Skyrover Ariel Platform for patrol and interdiction. Will you be buying a Skypalace ticket when they’re available?

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/skylifterinfo.html

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Archived Case of the Week

Greece: Amazing UFO Incident Involving Air Force and Airline
Radar Depiction

02-07-2009 - Greece: Amazing UFO incident involving Air Force and Airline

Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

A remarkable UFO incident that occurred in the skies over Athens over a year ago but was kept secret by the Greek Aviation Authority and the Greek Air Force, has recently come to light and is receiving extensive media coverage in Greece.

A recording of the conversation (in Greek) between the pilot involved and the airport control tower has been made public. A copy of the official document named 'Lightning 2' commanding two F-16's to intercept the UFO can be viewed below.

On 11 October, 2007, at 3:20 am, the captain of Olympic Airways flight 266 from Athens to London noticed an extremely unusual object moving erratically to the west of Athens. The object was somewhat star-like in appearance, however much brighter and larger with a constantly shifting shape.

Meanwhile the captains of Olympic Airways flights 730 to Kos and 700 to Rhodes reported the same thing. The sighting was then confirmed by Athens Airport control tower, whose employees observed the object moving towards Karystos, a small town on the Greek island of Euboea. At this point the Greek Air Force was contacted.

The Greek Air Force confirmed that they too were visually monitoring the object from their radar station at the top of Parintha Mountain near Athens, and had observed that it was traveling at incredible speed, and did not fit the description of any terrestrial craft.

The staff at the Air Force radar station later described the UFO as large, of an unusual shape, and very bright. Air force staff were requested to photograph the craft and did so (no pictures have come to light yet).

At this point two F-16’s were sent up to intercept the UFO, while the various control towers monitored the object from earth. The object then shot off at incredible speed skyward, and the Jets failed to indentify anything. While both staff at the Athens Airport and the Parintha Mountain Air Force Radar Unit confirmed that they clearly observed the object their radars picked up nothing.

The ensuing deliberate cover-up of this incident by the Greek authorities is being treated as fact by that country's media.

Possibly the most bizarre aspect of this sighting is that although the object was witnessed simultaneously by three pilots with decades of flying experience between them, staff at multiple radar and ground control stations and the Greek Air Force, who actually sent jets up to chase it, says it has been dismissed by some Greek Government officials as a mistaken sighting of... wait for it… Venus!

This, despite the fact that the captain of flight 266 remains convinced he saw a UFO. With that in mind, are these Government officials planning to request an investigation into the capability, if not sanity, of their country's Air Force ground control staff? Don’t hold your breath.

It is hardly surprising, that if indeed aliens are visiting earth they would take an interest in Greece, that cradle of western civilization. What is more surprising is western media’s complete non-coverage of this incident, and the continuing and sometimes absurd attempts by governments to deny the obvious as far as UFOs are concerned.

Perhaps the ancient Athenian culture of intellectual curiosity and questioning existing belief systems has been replaced by one of secrecy, concealment, and the idea that the public does not have the right to know what is happening in the universe around them.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009/greekairforceairlinesighting.html

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