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Author: Feds to Admit UFOs Soon
UFO Depiction
Published: June 30, 2009 11:09 pm

Mannix Porterfield

Register-Herald Reporter

Expect the government to remove the lid soon on a secret it has held religiously more than half a century: Unidentified Flying Objects are real and come from outer space, says a West Virginia author on the verge of releasing his second book on the subject.

Kyle Lovern figures United States authorities have covered up the existence of UFOs since the celebrated 1947 incident in Roswell, N.M., out of fear they couldn’t control global unrest and fear.

“They thought the public would panic,” says Lovern, whose latest book is a sequel to his first effort, “Appalachian Case Study: UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters.”

“We went through World War II, the Korean War and the Cold War. They knew there was nothing we could do if these people were coming here from another planet. People would have panicked 40, 50 years ago. Look at the impact the ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast by Orson Welles had on the public.”

Given the plethora of attention given UFOs since the late 1940s, however, in movies, books, and documentaries, public attitudes have changed, and fear now seems to have been replaced by curiosity, and a strong desire to know the truth, Lovern said Monday in an interview.

“I do think things have changed now,” the former West Virginia newsman said.

“I think we’re very close to disclosure. I do believe there has been a cover-up. My good friend, Stanton Friedman (the world’s premier authority and researcher) has called it a ‘cosmic Watergate,’ which I thought was a good quote.”

Lovern points to the credibility of astronauts Edgar Mitchell, who walked longer on the moon than anyone else in the Apollo 14 mission, and Gordon Cooper, who have insisted they saw evidence of UFOs in space exploration.

“These are well-educated, military guys, and they have come forth now,” the author said.

“They just don’t want to take it with them. People want to know the truth. There have been just too many educated, honest and respected people who have seen a UFO or know someone close to them who have witnessed a sighting. And there have been at least two presidents who saw them — Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan.”

The late Sen. Barry Goldwater, a retired Air Force brigadier general and pilot, once was quoted as saying, “I certainly believe in aliens in space and that they are indeed visiting our planet. They may not look like us, but I have very strong feelings that they have advanced beyond our mental capabilities.”

One source who has spent years researching the subject — Frank Feschino — has suggested West Virginia has been the favorite target of UFO visits.

“My theory is because we’re a remote area, very mountainous,” Lovern said.

“They would be less likely to be detected than in a heavy populated area. There also have been a lot of sightings in the Southwest, desert areas, places that are not as populated. So, if you didn’t want to be seen, that would be the place to go.”

Lovern says it only makes sense that aliens would come to earth and snoop around as explorers.

“We’re explorers,” he said.

“We’ve been to the moon and want to go to Mars. We’ve got a space station lab. What’s the difference if another race of some kind from another planet would want to come here and explore, too? That’s why they venture to earth, to check us out and study our natural resources and do scientific study.”

Are they also snatching up humans for some medical studies?

Lovern covers this aspect of the UFO phenomenon in his sequel, which bears nearly the same title, except the phrase “alien encounters” is replaced with “alien abductions.”

A few stories on the subject are included in his second book, among them the account of three women who claim aliens abducted them while returning from a baby shower in 1976 in Stanford, Ky.

Their car went out of control and afterward the three women couldn’t account for a lapse in time, the author said.

“They definitely feel like they were abducted, and so did the investigators from MUFON (Mutual UFO Network),” the author said.

Lovern’s latest work is scheduled for an Oct. 11 release by the publisher, Woodland Press in West Virginia, and coincides with the West Virginia Book Festival that weekend at the Charleston Civic Center.

“A few people this time didn’t mind giving me their names and allowing me to use their pictures,” Lovern said of the subjects covered in the 19-chapter effort.

“It also gives some credibility when folks allow you to use their names.”

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UFOs and "Official Stories:" Why Do We Believe?
UFO Depiction
Published:June 30, 2009 04:51 PM

Kenneth C. Davis, dontknowmuch.com, Author of the Don't Know Much About books and America's Hidden History

Who you gonna believe? Mulder and Scully? Or your government?

Twelve years ago, on June 24, 1997, the Air Force released a report on the so-called "Roswell Incident." According to the Air Force, the "alien bodies" witnesses reported seeing in 1947 around Roswell, New Mexico were actually life-sized crash test dummies.

I know I am asking for trouble by even raising this issue. But inquiring minds want to know. The frenzy surrounding Roswell and the infamous "Area 51? began back in July 1947 when a ranch worker found shiny material littering the ground, He turned it over to local police who gave it to the military authorities at nearby Roswell Army Air Field.

This find and a series of later mysteries surrounding the airfield spawned decades of theories about flying saucers and alien autopsies. The Air Force tried to respond to these rumors and conspiracy theories once in 1994. But on this date in 1997, a new report was issued, intended to quell some of the 50th anniversary frenzy over the Roswell incidents. According to the New York Times:

The new Roswell report, titled 'Case Closed,' was written by Capt. James McAndrew, an intelligence officer assigned to the Secretary of the Air Force's Declassification and Review Team. Its 231 pages are designed to go beyond the 1994 report by revealing more about Federal work in the desert and examining what apparently inspired sightings of not only alien artifacts but of the extraterrestrials themselves.

In places it is grim. For instance, it describes the crash of a KC-97G military plane near Roswell that killed 11 fliers, leaving their bodies badly burned and reeking of fuel. The stench was so foul that identification work at the Roswell air base was moved from the small hospital to the commissary, which had a large refrigerator.

The Air Force report suggests that this crash, recalled decades later by a civilian who visited the air base and talked to workers there, prompted his account of small, black, mangled, dead aliens who smelled so bad that their autopsies were moved from the base hospital to a place better suited to the dissections.

Another incident described in the report told of the accidental crash of a balloon that caused a pilot's helmet to shatter and his head to swell. From there it was "one small step" to big-headed aliens.

Needless to say, the Air Force report 12 years ago has not quelled the 'true believers."

And that raises a more serious question. Why do people continue to accept an elaborate "conspiracy theory" or other notions over what appears to be clear evidence to the contrary? That question can be applied to a variety of subjects, from astrology to Creationism/"Intelligent Design" or AIDS as a government plot.

Part of the reason lies with a complete lack of critical thinking skills and intellectual laziness. It is much easier to believe a simplistic and often appealing narrative. People are gullible. The world of advertising is built around that truism.

But there is something else: A long history of government and Presidential lies. And that is why Roswell is instructive. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution got us deeper into Vietnam on a lie. Watergate was built around lies. Ronald Reagan lied about arms for hostages during the Iran-Contra mess.

There are probably still many people who believe Iraq had something to do with 9/11 because of the carefully crafted web of deception and half-truths that linked the two without a shred of evidence.

So our recent past gives us all good reason to be skeptical of what the government tells us. Curiously, that skepticism is more focused on UFOs than it is on foreign policy.

Of course, in true American fashion, somebody figured out how to make a buck out of this. Just as Salem, Mass. became America's witchcraft capital and Gettysburg, Pa. turned a grim battlefield into a massive souvenir stand, Roswell, N.M. has become America's UFO capital.

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Mysterious Circles Shock Locals in Russia
Circles in Russia
Published: June, 2009

Mysterious pictograms consisting of several circles have appeared on a wheat field in Southern Russia’s Krasnodar region. Was it someone’s joke or did aliens visit us?

Sky watchers in southern Russia are trying to explain the appearance of geometrically perfect crop circles in a field. The mystery has attracted dozens of UFO experts in search of extraterrestrial life.

From a bird’s eye view you can clearly see the perfect geometrical figures: giant circles and connecting lines drawn on a wheat field.

Who or what caused them to appear overnight remains a mystery.

The site is near the small village of Dinskaya in Russia’s southern Krasnodar region, right next to a busy highway. Nonetheless the circles usually appear at night and nobody saw the culprits.

Local reporters have already turned it into a landmark and families go to take photos.

According to enthusiasts from Kosmopoisk (Space Search group), it’s not the first time such a phenomenon has been discovered. Group members have visited the spot to carry out research and film the area from an unmanned helicopter.

“The figure consists of eight circles and rings around them that are interconnected,” the group coordinator, Vadim Chernobrov, told Interfax news agency. “Their sizes vary from 5 to 25 meters.”

He said they had known in advance of an approximate date when signs would appear. How do they appear?

Most people are certain that the circles were made by aliens, although some give the credit to local farmers, saying the figures are not that hard to make. All you need to do is stretch a rope across and walk along it, and the wheat will be pressed down.

The Kosmopoisk website reports that according to area residents, the night the circles appeared shining balls were seen in the sky. The experts now seek to determine whether the marks in the fields are man-made or whether their origin can be explained by someone’s joke.

The activist from the group set up special “watching points” to spot the appearance of the pictograms in the areas where they might appear, judging by past experience. They choose the highest places in the area.

According to Chernobrov, each time it happens the same way. At about 1.15 AM some animals start to show anxiety, especially cows and dogs. But in exactly five minutes they all calm down and complete silence falls within a radius of 20-30 kilometers from the place where the circle will later appear, and no sounds of frogs or insects can be heard.

Then the observers notice a shining light in the field, it can last from a few minutes to several hours. Sometimes people begin to panic by this time and feel a desire to leave the zone. Also, from time to time cars won’t start and mobile phones and cameras may be down.

Farmers fear

The mysterious phenomenon hit several areas in the region. Pictograms appeared not only in Dinsky district, but also on one of the fields near the town of Armavir. But the Ufologists had no opportunity to study them: the farmer who spotted the circles was scared that the mysterious things will make superstitious customers refuse to buy his wheat, so he leveled the pictograms with a tractor.

The activists of Kosmopoisk often complain about locals. When similar things happen in the West, many farmers use it as an opportunity to earn money from the sensation. But in Russia many people fear radiation (while its level doesn’t rise in the “enigmatic zones”) and, as they call it, “dangerous” wheat in the area. So they do everything to trample the pictograms down.

While skeptics are trying to prove that the circles are a hoax, Ufologists from groups like “CosmoResearch” are expecting another visit from outer space.

Their tools are simple, but their intentions are serious. To catch little green men, or whoever may come out at night, the Ufologists have night vision goggles and magnetic field analyzers that beep whenever the magnetic field changes.

Many “CosmoResearch” members have degrees in engineering and physics, but they say the circles are too complex to be forged by humans.

World enigma

Just like in the movies, most Ufologists would love to get in touch with the extraterrestrials. Chernobrov, who has spent more than a decade exploring the unknown, says this may happen someday, but for now even observing the crop circles could lead to a breakthrough if we break their secret code.

“You cannot forge these figures easily, like in Photoshop. It’s a complex matter of non-human origin. According to many we are already being contacted, and crop circles are like text messages that we have to decode,” Chernobrov says.

Groups of enthusiasts investigate the pictograms in the fields and work in 35 countries throughout the world. Similar phenomena have been reported in the UK, the US, Canada, Denmark, Spain, and Germany.

Some researchers say that the geography of the circles is not chaotic, claiming that if one draws the lines on the map, connecting the places in Europe where they appear, he will draw several parallel arcs.

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What Out of this World is Hiding in That Cloud?
Clouds Photograph
Published: 1:59 PM 7/1/2009

written by: Chris Holly

I had an interesting talk today with a friend who is renting a vacation house on Fire Island this summer. Fire Island is a fantastic Island, separate from the main land of Long Island New York. Fire Island is used as a vacation land for many New Yorkers. It is only accessible by boat or small water landing planes.

It is a thin island lined with small beach towns with summer homes connected by boardwalks making small hamlets along the beachfront.

At night, all one can see is miles of ocean ahead of you and endless stars over you. I try to visit Fire Island during the summer months. With my friend staying there this year, I decided to take a ferry over before the crowds hit for vacation time.

During my visit, my friend told me of a strange sighting he had a few weeks before of something over the ocean hanging in the sky like a huge cone of cotton candy.

He was walking his dog along the beach on one of the few days it was not raining when he noticed a cloud that was much lower then the others hovering out over the ocean. He told me that the cloud was much whiter and brighter then the other clouds.

He noticed it was not moving along with the wind, as the rest of the clouds were that were much higher than this one. He told me that the cloud had a very specific shape to it that never changed either. He told me he stopped and sat down on the beach to watch this odd cloud for a while.

The cloud remained in a standard position hovering lower and lower until it was only a few hundred feet above the water line. When the cloud fell close to the ocean, he could see an outline of a metal gray craft that seemed to be wrapped in cotton candy.

He could clearly see that something was being cloaked behind or inside this cloud shield as it came lower and lower towards the ocean line. As he watched, the craft seemed to thicken its width and density of layers of the cotton candy cloud like material.

He watched as this cloud craft object lifted slowly back up towards the other clouds now that it had become thicker and fuller, completely hiding what was deep inside this cover of white cloud material. The cloud kept adding altitude until it was level with the other clouds in the sky and started to increase its speed floating away with the higher clouds until it was far out to sea and lost in the blue and white of the ocean and sky.

This is not the first time I have heard or read about the new cloud cloaking UFOs that seem to be floating about right over our heads. I have noticed the clouds are strange on some days. I know the weather is extremely odd. I have to wonder how often this is going on directly over our heads without our noticing it.

We are creatures of habit and easily distracted from our surroundings. This cloud cloaking would be a logical way to carry on as they wish right over our heads.

My friend had a very simple explanation about what he had seen. He thinks that the new cloud cloaking craft are just the 2008-2009 models of one of our visitors. I must admit that during my life time I have watched as the typical saucer style crafts changed to being cigar-shaped, then very big in size or mother ships, to triangle-shaped, rectangle-shaped, and of course, orb and pure light in design.

Recently we have had videos and photos of crafts releasing or discharging some type of light substance as they hovered overhead.

I realize that there are most likely many different types of beings visiting our planet, and do not expect the beings or the crafts they use to all be one style or design. I also realize we have been viewing these visitors over many years. We have gone from the horse and wagon to SUVs and hybrids. I am sure our visitors' craft have advanced and changed as well.

I think the one thing that seems to stay stationary between earthlings and our visiting neighbors is that they want to remain anonymous and at arm's length with most of us who populate this earth. They obviously like to observe us but always hidden away or in encounters with one or a handful of us at a time. Otherwise they seem to intend to stay cloaked in the clouds.

I am sure we will hear more and more about those of us who do have close encounters with our visiting neighbors, but as it has been I think it will remain for a while longer at their desire and on their terms.

I will be paying close attention to the clouds this summer and hope you all will do the same. I cannot imagine what will be coming our way once their new 2010-2012 models begin to appear overhead.

I am sure it will be something beyond our imaginations or understanding. I do know they are very tricky and we will have to pick up our skills in detecting what hovers directly above us. Be careful out there and keep looking up!

-Copyright ©2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

-Chris Holly’s Paranormal World



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Spain: Marcelino Requejo’s New Opus
UFO Depiction
Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Published: June 29, 2009

Agatha de Santos – Vigo (Galicia). Marcelino Requejo has spent over 30 years researching the UFO phenomenon, talking to those who claim having seen the phenomenon, and compiling information, a passion that began barely 15 years ago.

In that time, he has learned some startling cases, now collected in the book OVNIS: Alto Secreto, with a foreword by journalist and writer J.J. Benitez, author of the Caballo de Troya series of books.

Among the 35 cases featured in this book, and one of the most interesting ones recalled by the Galician ufologist, was an event that took place in Vigo.

The extraordinary detail of this September 1999 case was that the witness was only 8 years old. The girl and her father were treated to the sight of a strange vehicle flying over their roof: it was the color of lead and shaped like a rugby ball with numerous portholes through which a number of figures could be seen.

Moreover, the girl would later see two large-headed, diminutive entities in her bedroom. She described them as having very large heads and eyes, with no ears or mouth, and they gazed at her fixedly.

What Requejo finds most amazing about this narrative was the clarity with which the girl drew the strange flying machine the next day, without omitting even the shadows that were visible behind the portholes.

“Even today, ten years later, she remembers it all in great detail,” notes the ufologist, who claims that this book is a tribute to all those who have seen strange flying objects and have not been afraid to share their experience.

“It is very strange today for someone to acknowledge seeing a UFO outside their immediate context,” acknowledges the Galician researcher, who has collaborated with such shows as Milenio, La Rosa de los Vientos and Milenio 3.

According to Requejo, Galicia is a community that registers a significant number of UFO cases, while cautioning that the phenomenon is of a cyclical nature. “There are times in which they occur with greater or lesser intensity, which also happens elsewhere in the world.”

Requejo also describes the surprising experiences recounted by other Galicians who claim having been “abducted” by UFOs, whisked away from the roads upon which they drove to find themselves on other roadways – strange episodes that have been repeated elsewhere and remain a mystery.

(Translation (c) 2009 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/newopus.html

source & references:

El Faro de Vigo (Spain)



Australia - Four UFO Sighting Reports
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:21 PM 6/30/2009

The UFO Casebook received the following sighting reports from UFO Territory.

Australia - Four Sighting Reports

Sighting 1

My first daylight encounter was at Tooradin whilst traveling to Phillip Island on an Easter Monday 11:00 am. about 1968.

I was driving the car and noticed a rapidly spinning sphere about 1 metre diameter in the corner of a paddock about 200 metres away. I told the passengers to look at it. I pulled the car over, and the sphere shot up vertically to about 1000 feet, changed shape, and now looked like a highly polished disk glinting in the sunshine.

It then proceeded to cavort around the sky doing impossibly tight turns, then it shot off into the distance and disappeared.

The odd thing was that my then wife's watch had stopped at the time we first saw the craft. We took it to a jeweler and he said that it was completely magnetized and would never go again. It was an antique watch now worthless.

Sighting 2

My second sighting was some months later. I was driving the car up the Mornington Peninsular going through a place called Blairgowry. A clear, starry night about 8:30, we saw a massive elongated fuzzy light traveling at an astounding speed very high up.

It went from horizon to horizon in about 6 seconds. I nearly ran off the road. I estimate its size to be bigger than a city block. My sister-in-law also saw the UFO, and she was in Chelsea some 10 to 15 kilometres away. So it was pretty big.

Sighting 3

The third encounter was about 1971, 6:30 am, going to work along Wells Road at the back of Aspendale. There was a clear blue sky, a beautiful morning.

I traveled around a bend in the road and saw this huge intense black UFO hovering over the top of a house and horse stables complex. I reckon it must have been 30-40 metres diameter. It was only about 1 metre off the top of the roof.

I drove along the road till I was parallel with the whole affair, jumped out of my car and stood there transfixed by what I was seeing.

The blackness of the craft was so intense, there were no structural details visible except for 2 blinding lights about 200 cm in diameter and about 1 metre apart, they were both slowly strobing.

The left one was an intense red, and the right one was a brilliant white. They were as bright as a camera flash. They were set in the side of the UFO. The craft did not appear to be rotating.

As I was standing there about 60 metre away from it after about 3 minutes, it started to very slowly ascend and depart in a westerly direction until it was no longer visible. The whole thing took place in complete silence.

These sightings utterly changed my life. I now posesses a Geiger counter, an EMF (electromagnetic field or electromagnetic fluctuation) detector, and of course a digital camera.

I wish I had a camera on me at the last encounter. The strange thing about the last one was that there was no traffic passing on the road, which would normally have been quite busy at that time of the morning. Of course all my religious beliefs went out the door very quickly.

I am totally besotted with the darn things. It makes it harder for me, because if one talks about anything like this in company people are either too scared to admit these things exist or think you are a nutter. I am now 70, and these things are as memorable to me as if they had occurred yesterday.

Sister-in-law Sighting

Approx 23:00 hrs, about 1972 on a Moomba ending, when they used to let off fireworks at the finish of it, my sister-in-law and her boy friend were watching them from a cliff top in MT Eliza overlooking the bay and the city, which is visible from there.

They both noticed what they thought was a fishing boat coming towards them, it was illuminated. After a while, it disappeared from sight under the cliff. About 15 minutes later, they saw 6 very tall (about 7 ft. in the old measurements) human looking beings walk over the top of the cliff towards them.

Walking in single file they came towards their car in which they were sitting and walked right past them. They were dressed in grey, one piece, tight fitting suits, they walked past them and into the bushes. They got quite a fright.

Then moments later, a 20 metres diameter disk shot up from the base of the cliff and disappeared into the sky. They started their car and got away rather quickly.

I remember them banging on our door in a state of panic (I lived in Seaford at the time).

They were both a ghastly pale colour and very frightened. Eventually they calmed down enough to tell us what happened. They both left my flat to go to their respective homes after about an hour.

Next day we were talking to her and she still was very upset and did not want to talk about it. To this day she will still not open up about the incident.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/australiafoursightings.html

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(last update, 07-03-09)

Florida - Object Drifts in Different Directions
06-26-09 - At about 1:35 AM after finishing up some online school work, I decided to go outside to have a smoke. I kept the patio lights off in order to keep the bugs away, and to better see shooting stars.

After gazing at the sky for about 5 minutes, a drifting object caught my eye. It was moving west at a slow pace, with no lights on, and it did not make much of a sound like most aircrafts would. I live next to the West Palm Beach airport, and I am aware of the sound of most planes and helicopters.

This was neither. My first thought was that is was a bunch of balloons by the way it almost floated through the sky, but after watching for a few minutes that guess quickly change.

The object was triangular with almost like a circle inside the triangle. I watched as it made its way west until it stopped, and accelerated backwards as if it saw me see it. I couldn't do much but shake and listen to my own heart pounding as the triangular object hovered almost directly above me.

Then it began to sort of dance in the sky, my initial reaction was that they didn't know where or which direction they wanted to go. But it stayed in a general area above me drifting north, then south, east and west. I knew for sure at that point that it wasn't any aircraft belonging to us.

Silently this object danced in the sky for about 3 minutes. I then decided to get my camera, but being so terrified I couldn't even think straight enough to do so. I ran inside searched for my phone and called a friend. After I returned outside to see if it was there still, it was gone.

Now that I think about it, it seems that they wanted me to see them, as if to confirm all of my beliefs. Growing up I've always had a strong belief in other life forms. Becoming an adult it was like after having no personal conformation you should just let it go, not that I did. This sighting to me was just that reconfirmation of what I've always believed. Finally. source: www.mufon.com

Texas - UFO Hovers
Texas - Conroe, TX, north of Houston - 02-05-09 - 3:30-4:15 PM - Metallic, bright, oval / disc shaped object. Two witnesses, Jessica S. / John S.

Weather, Clear and Sunny - My son and I were driving down the road and I happened to look above the tree line and see the UFO. I asked my son if he could see it. He replied he could clearly, and it appeared to be in a hovering position high in the sky and far away.

It was shiny, like looking at a mirror in the sun. It was oval in shape, and way too large to have been a airplane or jet. We watched it until some trees blocked our view.

Then when it opened back up (the view), the object had disappeared. This all took place in a matter of about 1-2 minutes.

We didn’t report it, because let’s face it, people who do, are made out to be crazy. We saw later on the news that another town in Texas had reported many sightings that same day or the night before.

We were researching the sighting today, and saw that someone in Houston also reported the same thing we saw that day. So here we are. Submitted by Jessica S., source: www.ufocasebook.com

Great Britain - Orange Object
06-27-09 I live in Little Sutton, Wetherby Way. I came home last night Saturday 11.30 PM on a wet evening with low clouds. I looked out the back of our house over Capenhurst Way, and saw orange ball in the air.

At first thought it was headlights on a plane coming into Liverpool as I work nights and often see this, but then I realized it was not moving.

Slowly it started going left ,then what really freaked me was it stopped and went right. I called all my friends and family, 6 in total, who all viewed it and have no explanation as to what this was.

It then faded slightly and went off quite quickly towards Wales. The whole thing lasted about 2 minutes. It seems others would have seen these also.

I just needed to tell someone, as I have backed onto these fields all my life 39 years and never seen anything like this. Daryl - source: www.ufocasebook.com

Great Britain - Two Woman Report UFO
07-01-09 - Cannington - Two women are backing claims that the Bridgwater area is a hotspot for UFOs. After reading last week's report in the Bridgwater Times about unidentified flying objects floating above North Petherton, Doreen Bunch and Alison Howard contacted the newsroom to tell their tale.

Doreen, aged 65, said: "My friend and I were so glad to read the article in the Bridgwater Times about UFOs because the same thing happened to us in April."

Driving along lanes to Cannington from a friend's house in Spaxton on Saturday, April 18, at around 11 pm, the pair saw bright lights in formation in the sky.

Doreen, of Cannington, said they stopped the car and got out when they saw around seven, orange lights flying through the sky in formation. They at first thought they were helicopters, but realized those would never fly so close together. source: http://www.thisissomerset.co.uk/news/Pair-spot-UFO-lights-sky-Cannington/article-1125994-detail/article.html

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