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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 415, Issue date, 07-12-10

(Published: 4:44 PM 7/8/2010)

UFO Filmed Over Surrey, British Columbia
Published:8:20 AM 7/8/2010

I took a telephone call from a witness on the evening of June 30, 2010. It was a bit late, so the fellow called back the next day.

He told me, he watched and filmed something unusual in the night sky over Surrey, British Columbia, on June 23, 2010 at approximately 11:30 PM.

I just received the footage today, and grabbed a couple of photos of the craft as well.

Some of the lights moved away from this craft and at some point shot off. Although we do not see this in the footage, this still looks to be an interesting object.

The footage is copyright 2010 to the eyewitness.

Credit: Sightings.com

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A Close Encounter in New Jersey
Published: Tuesday, July 6, 2010

On January 12, 1975, at approximately 3 AM, liquor store-owner George O'Barski experienced a Close Encounter of the Third Kind in North Hudson Park, North Bergen, NJ.

Traveling his normal route home, O'Barski claimed his radio became distorted at the same time he saw a bright light approaching. The following is a transcription of a taped interview carried out by Budd Hopkins.

"I would say that that thing was 30 ft across. It was a big thing, and I would say, maybe 6 ft high, like a pancake blown-up, and the thing landed right ahead of me."

George O'Barski then continued with a description of beings the size of children, wearing what he described as 'snow-suits', which quickly exited the craft holding squarish-containers and scoops.

The beings quickly shoveled dirt into the containers and scampered back into the craft. O'Barski was disturbed by how fast the beings moved, paraphrased, '...like children quickly coming down a fire escape.'

"I was scared to death, you know, I was sweating and I immediately made some tea. Boy after that I turned on the radio & took two aspirin. I was scared, either I'm going crazy or there's something awfully wrong with me."

Frank O'Barski, George's son, used the phrase, 'frozen in fear', to describe his father and then commented on how strange this was as his father had been robbed several times at the liquor store but never showed anything like the level of fear he expressed that night.

Frank O'Barski continues regarding his now-deceased father;

"He didn't show much interest in things that couldn't be proved or disproved. Or that didn't apply to everyday life... I had a lot of trouble reconciling my knowledge of my father with this story he was telling me."

Budd Hopkins, the main investigator of this sighting, took the trouble to verify if there were any additional witnesses that night. Indeed there were. The doorman of a local apartment complex, 'The Stonehenge Apartments', recalled that night;

"I will never forget it. A flying saucer came down and landed in the park."

In addition to the doorman, a local family claimed to have seen a flying disk-like object hover in the sky near their home. The wife was reportedly possessed by the feeling that this object was staring at the family through the windows.

Ann Carlovich, a disbeliever at the time, recalls how that next day the local children, including her daughter, were so excited about the commotion.

Carlovich claims her daughter came running up to her exclaiming that there were 'rings' and 'scorch-marks' visible in the park where the flying saucer supposedly landed.

There were also rumors that a beam of light struck and broke a pane of glass at the Stonehenge Apartment Complex, but this was never verified.

Carlovich, now some 30 years older, became a believer when she herself saw a strange light while driving home. She is now convinced that O'Barski was telling the truth all-along.

As for what George O'Barski thought of disbelievers or those who subsequently labeled him a 'crackpot' or 'nut' and disbelieved his tale;

"I lived a long life as honorably and truthfully as I was able to. A man doesn't do that for over 70 years and then throw it all away over some foolishness."

George O'Barski passed-away in 1990

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For UFO Lobbyist, the Truth is out There
Wilbur Allen - photo by John Shinkle
Published: July 8, 2010


Wilbur Allen is among a small, persistent group of activists invested in “exopolitics” — the study of the social-political implications of human contact with extraterrestrials.

The airspace above the U.S. Capitol is a no-fly zone, but Wilbur Allen says he regularly sees unidentified flying objects overhead.

At dusk, Allen often sits quietly at the base of the Reflecting Pool, his camera pointed toward the Capitol dome, waiting for something, anything, to travel through one of the most heavily secured skylines in the world.

“When it grows dark here, things can get bizarre,” he says matter of factly, peering through the lens of his camera.

Allen is among a small, persistent group of activists invested in “exopolitics” — the study of the social-political implications of human contact with extraterrestrials. Like many exopoliticos, Allen believes that Congress should disclose to the American public that the government is aware of the existence of other life forms — and that it needs to develop a game plan in case actual contact is made.

Allen, who has a master’s degree from Howard University and used to work as an engineer for a local news outlet, is practically part of the Capitol landscape, and his photos, taken over a period of years, do appear to show different lights, bulbs and flying objects hovering around the Capitol dome.

There’s never been a solid explanation of them, but Allen’s images have so disturbed him that he regularly sends his latest photos to the U.S. Capitol Police.

He doesn’t get much of a reaction.

Technically, the Capitol’s airspace is not considered within police jurisdiction.

“Capitol Police do a great job, but they are not prepared to deal with extraterrestrial life forms,” Allen says with a shrug. “And most members of Congress are nonbelievers. They don’t want to believe that something outside the box could happen.”

“No comment,” said a spokeswoman for the Capitol Police.

As a general matter, things are looking up in the exopolitical world. In 2007, the French government announced it would release all of its UFO documentation. The chief astronomer for the Vatican recently said that the existence of extraterrestrial life was not outside the realm of plausibility. A recent Reuters poll showed that one in five people in 22 countries believe in extraterrestrials.

Official Washington remains skeptical.

Though the Internet is filled with stories about UFO sightings in Washington in 1952, Senate historian Donald Ritchie says he has no record of it.

“The only UFO I’ve seen at the Capitol was in the movie ‘Mars Attacks,’” Ritchie says.

Stephen Bassett continues to be the only registered lobbyist on the issue, attending congressional hearings, writing letters and attempting to land meetings with members.

Bassett’s Paradigm Research Group is dedicated to pushing the government toward disclosure and includes a fundraising arm — Extraterrestrial Phenomena PAC.

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Skyships over Cashiers? Local Women Track ET Activity
Published: Tuesday, 06 July 2010 18:50

Written by Elizabeth Jensen

Eight-year-old Devon Heenan stood with her arm extended in the parking lot of the Ingles in Cashiers. With her cell phone camera, she and a friend were taking pictures of the summer sun in hopes of seeing a sky ship or UFO like her mother Glynis Heenan.

The night before Glynis Heenan saw a bright light in her backyard. She thought it was the moon and stepped outside to have a better look. Instead, she said she saw a circular sky ship with radiating rainbow colored lights.

“The first thing you do is feel afraid,” Heenan said. “It’s amazing how afraid you can be of what you don’t know.”

But Devon Heenan wasn’t afraid. She turned her head from the sun and snapped another picture. When she looked at the screen, she saw the outline of a ship in front of the sun.

The picture Devon Heenan captured finally pushed Mary Joyce and Evelyn Gordon to create a forum where people from across Western North Carolina could report similar sightings and information.

“That’s the picture that started the whole thing,” Joyce said.

In 2008, Joyce and Gordon launched www.skyshipsovercashiers.com. Since then, the website has gained international attention and got the duo a speaking engagement in Laughlin, Nev., at the 2010 International UFO Congress, the largest UFO conference in the world.

In front of an audience of more than 900, Joyce and Gordon presented a log of UFO and spiritual sightings in Western North Carolina.

At 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 13, the women, along with eyewitness Glynis Heenan, will share their conference presentation and answer questions at the Jackson County Senior Center, 100 County Services Park in Sylva.

“This isn’t about us,” Gordon said. “It’s about helping the world.”

Seeing UFOs is commonplace for the women. Gordon claims she receives telepathic messages from them, which Joyce then transcribes. The two have delivered letters to presidents and foreign dignitaries.

Although most of the messages are personal – secrets only known by Joyce, Gordon and the recipients – Gordon and Joyce will share portions of the more generic messages with audiences.

The three women also will tell of spiritual sightings in the area such as 30-foot hologram of Jesus and a man with the face of Jesus wearing a maroon space suit.

Military actions, missile silos and nuclear power plants attract alien activity, the women say.

According to Joyce, what may draw the aliens to Western North Carolina in particular is a secret underground facility at Balsam Mountain.

The facility goes six stories deep into the earth and has electromagnetic equipment that can erase memories, the women posted on their website.

“We’re seeing a lot of activity in North Carolina period,” Gordon said.

Gordon and Joyce have known each other since the 1980s when a mutual acquaintance suggested they meet. The two have been a team since, and Joyce has written books Gordon has helped promote. They moved to Western North Carolina 12 years ago from Florida.

Joyce lived within eyesight of Kennedy Space Center, and every time a rocket launched, her Cocoa Beach apartment would vibrate. She’d see UFOs guiding the rockets through the upper atmosphere and into space, she said.

Joyce said an unnamed NASA insider she knew said all astronauts who’ve been to space have seen UFOs. The group’s website includes testimonies from law enforcement officers, a security watchman, a man who was in the Navy, among others.

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It's Too Late to Worry That the Aliens Find Us
Published: 8:54 AM 7/8/2010

Although we have yet to detect an alien ping, improvements in technology have encouraged us to think that, if transmitting extraterrestrials are out there, we might soon find them. That would be revolutionary. But some, Stephen Hawking included, sense catastrophe.

Hawking is worried about aliens. The famous physicist recently suggested that we should be wary of contact with extraterrestrials, citing what happened to Native Americans when Europeans landed on their shores.

Since any species that could visit us would be far beyond our own technological level, meeting them could be bad news.

Hawking was extrapolating the possible consequences of my day job: a small but durable exercise known as SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Consider what happens if we succeed. Should we respond? Any broadcast could blow Earth's cover, inviting the possibility of attack by a society advanced enough to pick up our signals.

On the face of it, that sounds like a scenario straight out of cheap science fiction. But even if the odds of calamity are small, why gamble?

For three years, this issue has been exercising a group of SETI scientists in the International Academy of Astronautics. The crux of the dispute was an initiative by a few members to proscribe any broadcasts to aliens, whether or not we receive a signal first.

In truth, banning broadcasts would be impractical - and manifestly too late. We have been inadvertently betraying our presence for 60 years with our television, radio and radar transmissions. The earliest episodes of I Love Lucy have washed over 6000 or so star systems, and are reaching new audiences at the rate of one solar system a day.

If there are sentient beings out there, the signals will reach them.

Detecting this leakage radiation won't be that difficult. Its intensity decreases with the square of the distance, but even if the nearest aliens were 1000 light years away, they would still be able to detect it as long as their antenna technology was a century or two ahead of ours.

This makes it specious to suggest that we should ban deliberate messages on the grounds that they would be more powerful than our leaked signals. Only a society close to our level of development would be able to pick up an intentional broadcast while failing to notice TV and radar. And a society at our level is no threat.

The flip side is that for any alien society that could be dangerous, a deliberate message makes no difference. Such a society could use its own star as a gravitational lens, and even see the glow from our street lamps. Hawking's warning is irrelevant.

Such considerations motivated the SETI group at the International Academy of Astronautics to reject a proscription of transmissions to the sky. It was the right decision.

The extraterrestrials may be out there, and we might learn much by discovering them, but it is paranoia of a rare sort that would shutter the Earth out of fear that they might discover us.

Seth Shostak is senior astronomer at the SETI Institute, and chair of the International Academy of Astronautics' SETI Permanent Study Group

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Archived Files

1978 - Veteran Pilot Sees Domed Saucer
Pilot Sees Windows At Close Range

A dome-shaped UFO with portholes was seen in broad daylight by veteran pilot Floyd P. Hallstrom of Oxnard, California. Hallstrom had been flying for 37 years, 1712 hours as a Navy combat air crewman and personal crew chief to admirals, including the Commander-in-Chief of the Atlantic Fleet.

Hallstrom had left Oxnard at about 12:35 PM, in a Cessna 170A bound to San Diego via Los Angeles, following a friend, Jim Victor, who was delivering another plane to a customer at Brown Field, San Diego. The plan was for him to transport Victor back to Oxnard after the delivery. The two kept in touch by radio.

As Hallstrom approached Santa Monica at 7,500 feet altitude, the sky was clear except for a smog layer in the vicinity of Los Angeles International Airport.

"At this time I was looking for Jim straight ahead," Hallstrom reported, "when I spotted [the UFO] just on the edge of the haze area above LAX [Los Angeles International Airport] slightly to the east side...

I thought it was Jim so I watched it for about a minute because he had just given me his position report, but it seemed to get larger and coming toward me so I naturally realized that it wasn't Jim...

"I started looking to see what it was, but I could see no wings on this aircraft although at this time I could see windows which appeared to be passenger windows in the aircraft.

"As it drew nearer though, I was able to determine that there were no wings or horizontal empennage assembly to the aircraft as a conventional aircraft..."

Hallstrom began wondering if it was some kind of helicopter, but it was approaching at high speed. As the UFO passed about 6,000 feet to his left, he was looking down on it an angle of about 30-45 degrees. Then the true form suddenly became clear to him. There were no rotors, no tail assembly.

"All of a sudden, I was able to make out the complete form of a saucer shape or round object... I could see the dome, also very vividly clear, including all the windows...

"[I] observed it to be of a very bright metal... it was more of a nickel or highly polished chrome or stainless steel type of metal than aluminum, because it had more of a mellow glow than [if] it was of the type finish on a high finish aluminum."

About 16 to 20 evenly spaced windows were visible around the circumference of the dome, located just above the base. The dome appeared to be a perfect hemisphere about 20 feet in diameter resting on the base which was about 30 feet in diameter.

The UFO continued on a course of about 310 degrees (opposite to Hallstrom's course) with no sign of rotation, oscillation, pitch, roll, or yaw.

Neither was there any sign of a propulsion system. The sun reflected off the dome as a bright spot as the UFO passed. After about a minute the object disappeared from view behind the Cessna.

Hallstrom estimated its speed at about 650 mph. He quickly took notes and made a sketch of the UFO.

Reaching for his radio microphone, he first called Jim Victor to report what he had seen. Then he notified various FAA authorities.

Hallstrom, who was shaken by the sighting, later had troubling dreams, mostly about UFOs and aliens. He had not taken the subject seriously up to this time, but the implications of what he had seen struck home to him. He later reported that the experience had altered his entire life.

(MUFON UFO Journal, January 1978, pp. 3-5. Investigators:

Robert K. Bowker and Idabel Epperson.)

(Source: http://www.fufor.com/case780101.htm )

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