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UFO Magazine Issue 367, Issue date, 07-13-09

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Three Strange Beings Reported at Crop Circle - Silbury Hill, Wiltshire
The A4 highway can be seen running across the photograph, just below Silbury Hill.
Published: 4:54 AM 7/11/2009

ColinAndrews.net is reporting an event that occurred 7th July 2009, Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England, near the crop circle located south west of the hill off the A4 highway.

This is the same location where on the 23 May 1994, four researchers (including one nuclear scientist) visiting a crop design in this field, witnessed intense military presence moments before they each experienced 45 minutes missing time and within a short while a further period of missing time. Each had red marks appear on their necks and had severe nose bleeds hours later.

This is also the site of a secret military stake out which took place during the 1990 Operation Blackbird, where over these fields a large unidentified white orb was filmed by the army.

The latest bizarre event took place yesterday morning (7th) at approximately 5:00 AM local time, when a off duty Wiltshire Police Sergeant was driving towards Marlborough on the A4 highway and about to pass Silbury Hill on his left.

He looked to his right and witnessed three exceptionally tall beings inspecting the new crop circle which appeared there on the 5th July. He stopped his vehicle and watched them for several minutes because they stood out as odd.

Each of them were well over six feet tall, each had blond hair and also they all were wearing one piece white suits, with hoods that had been dropped onto the back of their heads.

After a few minutes watching them, he said they appeared to be examining the crop in the circle, he shouted at them from a distance of about 400 yards but they ignored him. As soon as he entered the field, they became aware of him and ran at an amazing speed to the south, away from Silbury Hill.

He said "I recognized that I could never catch up with them since they were exceptionally fast." He glanced away for just a few seconds and looked back to find that they had completely vanished. He became very uneasy and left the scene.

The police officer was very aware of hearing a static crackling sound in the field and around him. He said as the plants moved around, he could see the movement coincided with the level of sound, as if the static was effecting the plants by moving them.

He also started to experience a headache in the field, which became worse as the day went on and he could not shake it off all day.

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New England UFO Research Group Looks into the Unexplained
Joe Cambria, left, and Greg Berghorn of the New England UFO Research Organization - Art Illman/Daily News staff
Published: Jul 05, 2009 @ 10:44 PM

By Chris Bergeron/Daily News staff

The MetroWest Daily News

FRAMINGHAM — For Greg Berghorn and Joe Cambria, "The truth is out there."

And they have spent decades analyzing claims of UFO sightings, poring over radar tapes and "official" reports, and interviewing people who saw things that can't be explained.

"When people ask me if I believe in UFOs, I tell them 'no.' That's for the shock value," said Berghorn, a mechanical engineer and long-time Framingham resident. "If I knew the answers, there'd be no point in looking. I find the questions fascinating."

Those questions range from "high-strangeness, high-credibility" sightings - mysterious objects over Woburn and Billerica - to reports of crop circles in New England all the way to a New Hampshire couple's claim they'd been abducted and examined by aliens.

Unlike Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, the odd couple investigators of the sci-fi TV series "The X-Files," Berghorn and Cambria are sober-minded engineers more comfortable with quantifiable data than reports of little green men.

"We're investigating cases all the time. We've got an enormous case file," said Berghorn. "We've heard the weirdest things imaginable. But we're looking for the kernel of verifiable fact within."

They are the founders of New England UFO Research Organization (NEUFOR), a nonprofit group with about 50 members that meets the second Wednesday of every month in the Framingham library.

"Membership is quite varied. Mostly it's people who want to learn about UFOs and other phenomena," said Berghorn. "We all have day jobs."

Berghorn serves as director and Cambria as assistant director. They said "technical" meetings are open to the public while business meetings about the group's finances are not.

Last December, NEUFOR left its parent organization of many years, Massachusetts Mutual UFO Network, to broaden the geographic scope of its inquiries.

Maintaining a 24-hour hotline, NEUFOR volunteers investigate between 30 and 50 unusual sightings a year. Cambria said most sightings turn out to be commercial flights, unusual weather and reflections from satellites or comets.

"If there's something strange in the sky, God only knows how many people saw it," said Cambria, a Wakefield resident who works in the biomedical field. "One of the biggest problems for us is that few take the initiative to find us online and call us."

Since concerns about public ridicule discourage callers, Cambria said NEUFOR protects the confidentiality of all "experiencers."

"When someone calls, it's important to validate their concerns about what they've seen," he said. "One of the biggest problems is that these things don't stand still."

Breaking in, Berghorn called delayed reporting the "Keystone Cop effect because investigators often respond after the event is over."

During their free time, they investigate local claims while learning as much as possible about internationally famous cases. The most recent possible sighting, Berghorn said, came several weeks ago from a Saugus resident who claimed to have seen "a bright object over Logan Airport that took a sharp right turn and was gone."

"People experience something that can't be explained. We can't give everyone all the answers. But we can give them support," he said.

Several years ago, Berghorn met Betty Hill, who after hypnosis claimed along with her husband Barney, that they'd been abducted by extraterrestrials in September 1961. While both Hills have since died, Berghorn has unanswered questions about Betty's story.

When several similar reports occur from the same area or time, researchers label them "a flap," they pay special attention. "That's when life becomes fun," said Berghorn.

Few sightings, however, can be resolved with scientific clarity.

"As my wife says, a lot of things end up murky and unresolved," said Berghorn. "You're not always left with a comfortable solution."

When evaluating claims, Berghorn "graphs each case according to the credibility of witnesses and the level of strangeness" of the claims.

Since their resources are stretched thin, he said group members don't have the time to track down every call about "lights in the sky."

Instead they use software that tracks planetary movements and radar records to eliminate the mistaking of aircraft or planets for UFOs.

He's found that only very few claims are outright hoaxes.

When investigating claims, Berghorn said researchers look for an "ulterior motive," like writing a book or making paid appearances, that might undermine their credibility. "Generally, the lion's share of people don't want publicity," he said.

Berghorn and Cambria both say their fascination with UFOs began as teenagers during the Cold War at a time Hollywood make movies like "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and newspapers frequently ran articles about UFO sightings and crashes.

"As a kid, I was fascinated by things that had no explanation," said Cambria. "Fascination draws you to it and here we are."

Though he's never seen a UFO, he said his "strangest experience" was witnessing "a bright object traveling very fast and silently over the White Mountains.

An Illinois native, Berghorn dated his interest to attending a lecture by J. Allen Hynek, a famed UFOlogist who served as a consultant on the U.S. Air Force's "Project Bluebook," which researched unexplained sightings.

While not generally known, Berghorn said UFO sightings in New England date back to 1635 when two men fishing on the Charles River claimed to have seen "flying pigs."

When examined by contemporary criteria, he said the seemingly odd claim makes perfect sense because the men, who were in fact pig farmers, described something unusual from their own perspective.

"We shouldn't be surprised when people in 1635 try to explain the unknown in terms of what they know," Berghorn said. "We'd do the same thing today."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/newenglandgroup.html

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UFO Director Finds Down-to-Earth Explanations
Steve Firmani of the New England Mutual UFO Network is seeking recruits to help investigate sightings.
(T&G Staff / DAN GOULD)
Published: 12:40 PM 7/6/2009


LEOMINSTER — One night in June, as a Rhode Island woman looked up at the sky, her eyes fell upon a cigar-shaped object she did not recognize.

Just over two weeks later, experts from the newly formed New England Mutual UFO Network did an astronomical check of the conditions that night and confirmed that her sighting was not a UFO, but instead was the moon shining through breaks in the clouds.

Despite the ordinary explanation for what she saw, Leominster's Steve Firmani, director of New England MUFON, says it's important to investigate each of these instances, because of the chance it could be an unexplained phenomenon.

“I'd say 80 (percent) to 85 percent of all reported sightings can be explained by natural causes,” Mr. Firmani said. “But the rest are interesting.”

Mr. Firmani, a UFO enthusiast since childhood, said even he has mistaken normal objects for possible UFOs.

“Once I saw an egg-shaped object moving across the sky down by the Wachusett Reservoir. I couldn't figure out what it was until I realized that a lot of Worcester helicopters travel in that direction, and it was just a reflection on the body of the helicopter,” Mr. Firmani said.

In fact, in his 30-year career, Mr. Firmani has only seen one airborne object he could not eventually identify. The object, he said, looked like a satellite at first, until it moved in an uncharacteristic zigzag pattern.

Mr. Firmani's interest in UFOs began in grade school, when two classmates told stories of something they had seen in the sky.

“When they came to school and were telling everybody about it they were pretty much put down, ridiculed, and I didn't think that was right,” Mr. Firmani said. “So I went to the library and picked up a book and it took off from there.”

The arc of Mr. Firmani's career took him to the position of state director of Massachusetts MUFON, but because nearby states' directors were not as active — or weren't in place at all — Mr. Firmani worked in conjunction with the national MUFON director to create New England MUFON.

Since merging the states' chapters, Mr. Firmani has been working on building publicity for New England MUFON through a new Web site, and has been recruiting new members and investigators.

Currently, New England MUFON has about 30 investigators and 30 cases being investigated. Mr. Firmani is looking to get more interested people out in the field investigating.

“You don't have to be a scientist to be an investigator,” he said. “You just have to be inquisitive and willing to do the work.”

Mr. Firmani is certainly willing to do the work himself. In addition to directing New England MUFON, he works as a residential supervisor at the Dr. Franklin Perkins School in Lancaster.

“When I'm at work I'm at work, and when I'm at home I'm at work,” he said.

Mr. Firmani hopes to generate enough interest in MUFON to set up zones throughout New England, each with its own director. Beyond New England, Mr. Firmani is looking to unite the worldwide community of UFO investigators and enthusiasts and is in contact with the MUFON coordinator in France.

Mr. Firmani also is considering setting up UFO education programs for children and generally hopes to increase interest in and knowledge of UFOs.

“I'm not here to convince anyone they should believe in UFOs,” Mr. Firmani said. “To me, it's not relevant if someone believes in UFOs or not — and an unidentified object doesn't mean it's some kind of alien trap from another planet.

But basically my message is if you're interested in the topics and you're interested in science, you should consider becoming involved.”

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/downtoearth.html

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Hall of Fame Honors Jesse Marcel Sr.
Maj. Jesse Marcel holding fragments of the Roswell crash UFO debris, July 8, 1947
Published: 7/5/2009 5:08:00 PM

Kelly Hopkins

Record Staff Writer

The late Jesse Marcel Sr. became the first inductee in the Roswell UFO Hall of Fame at a ceremony Saturday at New Mexico Military Institute's Pearson Auditorium.

Marcel was Roswell Army Air Field's intelligence officer during the Roswell Incident in 1947. Outside the UFO community, he was perhaps best known for the July 8, 1947, photograph of him holding pieces of the wreckage found near Roswell.

Many people believe the material came from an alien spacecraft that crashed about 70 miles north of Roswell. He was the first member of the military to inspect some of the debris.

Mayor Sam LaGrone presented the award to Marcel's son, Jesse Marcel Jr.

"Words fail to describe my emotions at this honor bestowed upon my father," Marcel Jr. said. "I appreciate this offering, this memento that will last forever."

Marcel Jr. said his father was excited about the discovery.

"He swung by the house and it was late at night. He got me and my mother up to look at this debris on the kitchen floor," he said. "I think he even used the term 'flying saucer.' "

Marcel Jr. said he and his mother examined the debris for about 20 minutes.

"I thought, my God, this stuff is pretty unique."

Though initially given the OK by his commanding officer to announce the discovery of a UFO, Marcel Sr. said he was later ordered to keep his silence on the matter. The official story then changed from a flying saucer to a wrecked weather balloon. The now-famous photograph was used by the military to support the claim.

Marcel Sr. dutifully kept his secret until 1978, when he gave his version of events to UFO researcher Stanton Friedman. The interview fueled speculation about a government cover-up.

Elaine Mayfield, vice chairman of the Roswell UFO Committee, said the Roswell UFO Hall of Fame will induct at least one person every year. She thinks the event will add a more serious tone to the Festival.

"What we've tried to do is have that balance. We're trying to create a venue where people can enjoy it in some way," she said.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/marcellsr.html

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UFOs and Donald Keyhoe: The Forgotten Champion
Published: 4:09 AM 7/10/2009

“Sounds pretty dopey, Huh? A fighter pilot sitting behind 50 caliber guns and rockets and scared of a light in the dark.”

[All quotes are from the vintage book by Major Donald Keyhoe “Flying Saucers From Outer Space”] UFOs and Donald Keyhoe: The Forgotten Champion

“Major Donald Keyhoe, head of NICAP (National Investigations Committee On Arial Phenomenon) was the man. No doubt about it. If anyone could get information from pilots he was the person. A naval pilot himself, respected by his peers his integrity unquestioned… he was the perfect UFO truth finder.

Hardened, non nonsense pilots didn’t mind hoisting a few with Donald at the officers’ quarters. He knew people and he was upfront about his interest in the “Saucers”. Inevitably, the pilots gave him what they would have never given to anyone else… the real story, and of course that made Keyhoe a liability and dangerous.

If you don’t know about Major Donald Keyhoe, he was the first real UFO researcher. He created NICAP. In the early days of “Flying Saucer” investigations those pursuing an answer to these objects did not know the debunkers were not going to play fair.

Keyhoe understood the workings of the Air force and why they did what they did with the UFO phenomenon… but he trusted scientists and felt debunking was a service. He expected Donald Menzel (Astronomer) and other scientists to formulate their explanations based upon all of the data. This, of course, did not happen.

On Menzel’s investigation of three pilot encounters, Keyhoe was shocked by his explanations. It seems Menzel had simple prosaic answers to all of them including the famous “UFO Mantel Jet crash.”

Keyhoe couldn’t understand how Mensel came to these conclusions. “Hadn’t he seen the investigation reports by Bluebook?” Keyhoe had mentioned earlier in his book, “Flying Saucers From Outer Space,” how he believed Menzel was sincerely searching for answers. But get this:

Keyhoe checked with Project Bluebook and found Menzel hadn’t read any of the three reports on these pilots sightings because he hadn’t requested them.

Also, as a footnote to history, Project Bluebook, in a letter to Keyhoe, had rejected Menzels explanations on these three pilot reports. Major Keyhoe, like Dr. McDonald and his trust of Phillip Klass, had no idea they were dealing with, government lackeys posing as investigators.

Here are some stunning reports from the 1950s:

One large disk 56 miles above the earth tracked at 18,000 miles per hour.

Two disks observed tracking a high altitude rocket. After circling a test rocket they climbed and sped away. (We know there is substantial proof this happened again at least once, but in that instance the missile was shot down by the UFO).

“Little 3 ft. space man” captured after a disk crashed.

First written about in “Talk of The Times,” an Air Force bulletin with photographs of the little being, the bulletin caption read:

“Hit by flak rockets, the object exploded in a shower of fireworks… About 20 silvery capsules fell to the ground. One broke and the first “Mars” man was captured.”

FBI agent Mckennerich from Phoenix who was an eyewitness to the capture of the being is quoted: ‘I was astounded by the importance of this great moment. For the first time I was seeing a being from another world.’ The being was three feet his body covered with an aluminum material.”

1948 two airline pilot spot a cigar shaped UFO with lighted windows. They swerve and the objects swerves to avoid a collision. The object than climbs and speeds away. Explanation meteors, “It will have to be left to the psychologist to decide if a person can mistake the heat waves of a meteor for windows”

Mysterious device buzzes Hamilton Field three times trailing blue green smoke; speed: 1000-1500 miles an hour.

Scientists tracking cosmic rays watches UFO circle their plane and speed away. When another approaches it is caught on a theodolite telescope. (“scientists never see UFOs?”)

Secretary of The Navy’s plane “buzzed by saucer.” A second plane nearby is also buzzed by the same object.

There were 600 hundred reported sightings of UFOs by pilots over that period. This does not include radar operators, plane crews, and scientists on the ground. The government reported that only 20 percent of all of the sightings could be attributed to any balloons, including the Sky Hook balloon.

Practically every military base, missile base ,and atomic facility reported multiple sightings There is no doubt that the military wanted the public to swallow these amazing detailed craft sightings, as nothing more than birds, temperature inversions, sundogs, Venus and ground lights.

The truth is the military took “Flying Saucers” quite seriously. Many felt these objects were controlled and were surveying our weapons capability.

Major Keyhoe was a prime reason why the government investigated UFOs.

Although Project Bluebook white washed some reports, their wealth of research information has proven to reinforce the idea that UFOs have not been explained. Although NICAP was gutted from the inside by alleged operatives and Keyhoe eventually fired, no man did more to gain respect for the subject of “flying saucers.”

Keyhoe also proves that it was not the UFO researchers who started out paranoid of the Debunkers. The distrust of them evolved because of the repeated sloppy research on the UFO reports. NICAP cataloged countless eyewitness UFO reports that contained a wealth of information.

Today we find these craft are still in our skies doing things not even our scientists dreamed of. We find now people think of UFOs as a trendy experience that deserves attention when they show up. Major Keyhoe rightly believed that investigating these crafts, and what they possibly represented, was one of most important Jobs a person could do.

He gave his life to this belief. Although you hardly hear him mentioned now, he was, and always will be, a champion investigator on the front lines of the UFO mystery.

NICAP Web Site:


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/ufoskeyhoe.html

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The 2009 UFO Flap over Cumbria
 Is this a UFO over Carlisle?
Published: 1:33 PM 7/5/2009

Special Report: The 2009 UFO flap

Last updated 10:47, Sunday, 05 July 2009

This year (2009) has seen a dramatic increase in the number of UFO sightings in Cumbria, yet just four years ago it seemed UFOs had left the area for good.

In August 2005, The Daily Telegraph and other papers reported that Cumbria had fallen off the intergalactic UFO map.

There were so few UFO sightings, the papers announced, that Chris Parr, Whitehaven co-ordinator for the British UFO Hunters (Cumbria Branch) may have to close his organisation.

But it seems the obituaries for UFOs were being written a little too quickly. This year (2009) has seen an explosion in the number of lights in the sky.

They've even been caught on film, either on digital cameras, camera phones or on video recorders.

It's got everyone talking again about what might explain this phenomena. In this section of the website we've brought together some of the more important case studies from 2009.

See: http://www.whitehaven-news.co.uk/home/special_report_the_2009_ufo_flap_1_578382?referrerPath=section2

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/2009flap.html

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Sea Captain Recalls 1968 USO Sighting
UFO Depiction
I am captain of foreign going vessels since 1970. In 1968 I was second officer on Panamax bulk carrier Swiss flag named GRICHUNA. We departed fully loaded with coal from Norfolk or Charleston, bound for Japan through Panama channel.

I was on the night watch from 0000 - 0400, and we were sailing south off the coast of Florida. The sea was calm and our speed was 15-16 knots. The weather was fine and the visibility very good.

I was on the command bridge outside on the port side and looking to the lights of Palm Beach, at a distance just abeam, and then I saw the lights under the surface some 30-40 meters away, just abeam in the depth of some 10-15 meters.

It looked like a big airplane without wings, tail with all the windows lit on it. There were some 10-15 windows, but I did not count them.

The object was moving with us but some 30 degrees crossing our course. The speed was about double of ours and it went under the bow of our ship and I could see just a gloom when it came on the other side in front of port bow. Our ship was 250 meters long and her draft was some 9 meters.

There was AB seaman with me on the bridge, but standing by on the wheel even if we were on automatic, and I did not call him outside earlier but asked him later if he could see something in the sea left of the port bow. He confirmed he see a gloom under water. Now what was it?

I excluded a submarine, as they have no windows - they would not risk to pass so close under our ship and finally some 30 knots was too great of speed for a submarine in 1968.

A sight seeing submarine has windows, but what would she be doing in plain night on open seas (10 NM off coast) and again risking collision and too big speed and even the size (about 40 meters) for her.

Is there someone who could explain this sighting?

Source & References:

UFO Casebook Forum member

Name withheld


(last update, 07-10-09)

California - Gray Triangle Observed
07-08-09 - 4:30 AM - El Sobrante - Weather, clear. UFO was a triangular shape; greyish in color and no visible lights. Its size was dwarfed by a nearby star it was passing.

I was watching this object from inside my home, and did not have any other senses such as smell or experience any electromagnetic effects. No missing time.

I didn't think quick enough to get a picture of it, although I don't think my camera would have been able to get a good pic had I thought about it.

Details: I woke up approx 4:30 am to use the restroom. As I got back into bed, I tried to go back to sleep (I usually wake up around 6 am) but couldn't. I looked out the big picture window I have in my room, and was looking at a star (the only one visible).

A split second later, I notice an object moving at a steady pace upward and just to the right of the star. I thought to myself, "Wow, how lucky, I get to see a shooting star."

Then it dawned on me that falling stars or even shooting stars are drawn down and then dissipate. This object was on a steady pace upward and didn't deviate from its path at any time. It was headed straight upward.

It was triangular in shape (very tiny compared to the nearby star) and had no lights. The only color I could give it is grey. It quickly moved out of my sight as it passed beyond my window. I didn't get out of bed to follow its direction. I was too stunned. Thanks for your time. Rachel Garza, source: www.ufocasebook.com

Illinois - Ball on Fire
Midlothian, IL South Side Suburb of Chicago - 07-04-09

It's 2 AM on July 4. I'm not sure who I should contact about this. I have been online for 30 minutes now trying to find a web site about contacting someone about UFOs. I can't say that I am a believer in UFOs, I do think there could be other life on other planets but what brings me to write this email is around 11:30 PM on July 3rd I was standing in my driveway and I looked up and saw what looked like a ball and it looked almost like it was on fire.

It stopped in the sky for about a minute than started moving again. I have never seen anything like this in my life. I have seen a few things over the years, and they have been on TV with others who have seen them so I knew once I saw those on TV what I saw was real.

I never reported anything... never knew who to contact. However, what I saw makes me wonder what is out there if anything. I had to share this with someone and just for piece of mind see if anyone else reported the same thing I saw. I tried to take a picture of it on my camera phone but it was too dark. I can say I am 100% sure this was NO plane.

I was able to see this object very well. If you can contact me back or know anyone who can give me some information this would be a big help. source: www.ufocasebook.com

Rhode Island - Triangular-Shaped Object
02-12-03 - This event was related to me casually by a 27-year-old local carpenter working at my house this winter, 2008-2009. He was about 21 at the time of the sighting. He told me while driving home on RT 1 in South Kingstown, near Perryville, heading north, with the Matunuck Beach exit on his right, he saw ahead what he thought was a low flying plane or helicopter with bright searchlights shining down, illuminating the road ahead.

As he got closer, he realized it was neither, but a triangular shaped object, black, with a row of 3 bright white lights at the rear shining down onto the road surface. He stopped about 100 yds in front of the object, got out, and watched in disbelief at this large, silent object, floating over the road and then drifting southerly toward Matunuck Town Beach and the small community of Mary and Roy Capenters beach shanties.

There were no other cars on the deserted road, and no other witnesses that he knows of. He said it 'freaked him out' and he drove home fast to Wakefield. He only related this to me because I told him about my close encounter in Perryville, nearby to where he saw this similar object. He said he had no missing time or other unusual disturbances. source: www.mufon.com

Texas - Orange / Amber Glowing Light
06-21-09 - Around 3:30 AM, my wife and I were sitting outside talking when this very bright sort of orange or amber glowing light appeared in the sky. Now, in my backyard there's a cluster of small trees that obscure the sky, so when I say "appeared," I think that it might have come from that area.

As soon as I saw it I immediately jumped up, and moved to get a better look (there's a few big pine trees in my yard). It was very bright, pulsating and slowly moving west. I will also say that it closely resembled a very bright Venus in the early night sky. Sort of star-like.

It only lasted about a minute and a half, then just vanished. I have seen a flare before and this was no flare. It was way too high up in the sky. There were no planes near and no noise. Now, I do not think I would have posted that had it not been for another event similar to this.

My wife and I were on a vacation recently (much needed) when we saw something very similar to this. We were on the beach, probably around 9:30 PM, there was a full moon so the sky was very lit up. I was just gazing up at the stars when I noticed one that seemed oddly bright and colored (orangish).

I also noticed that it seemed to be moving very slowly. Not being the expert here, it is impossible to gauge the height and speed in which it was moving. But, we all three saw it and then it just slowly faded out of sight. As if it were moving up and out, not across. This lasted about 5 minutes. I have seen plenty of satellites. I do not believe it to have been a satellite. That date was July 7th, 2009. source: www.mufon.com

Great Britain - Star-Like Object
July, 2009 - I am from Oldham, Manchester, UK, and I have been seeing a white star hovering very low above houses silently. I have seen 2 of these hundreds of times in the last month.

Check my videos on youtube, they are brilliant they are under springhead ufo check out springhead ufo 46. These prove something is there. source: www.ufocasebook.com

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