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(Published: 4:08 PM 7/15/2010)

Recent UFO Sightings in Texas
Published: 2:05 PM 7/14/2010

Dallas UFO Examiner, Doc Vega

Courtesy UFO Casebook

For most of us, the many preoccupations in our lives tend to leave us unaware of skyward events.

Many, many times I have heard the amazement of UFO witnesses describing their sightings with just as much wonder expressed over those who can be completely oblivious to the same aerial object simply because they never look up. They were simply lost in thought.

It can be just as frustrating to have just seen a UFO, but to be unable to convince anyone of what you have just seen due to the fact that others around you simply did not take notice. However, that's just how we humans are, poor observers at best, and slow to have our attention attracted by unusual circumstance.

If you've ever heard testimony in a court room you would know what I'm talking about.

Many a defense lawyer has taken a crime witness and rendered them completely unsure about what they reportedly saw after a few minutes of cross examination.

This is not to say that all UFO sightings are imaginary or hallucinatory. Quite to the contrary, there are many multiple witness, radar triangulation, film footage, trained observer accounts, and physical evidence left behind that have established the reality of the phenomena.

In February 2010 of this year a rapid succession of five UFO sightings occurred in South Central Texas. In almost all cases multiple witnesses were involved, these unidentified crafts were also seen in close proximity to conventional aircraft, so that the observer was able to make a clear distinction between the flight characteristics of both types.

This fact tends to help validate the accuracy of the sighting and helps us determine that the witness knew the difference between a normal aircraft and a visitation from the unknown.

In these cases, a meteorological explanation can be pretty much ruled out.

Depiction February 7th on a Sunday afternoon a tale of the unusual unfolds. 25 miles north of Sierra Blanca, Texas, from a farm, witnesses observed a silently moving object with a cylinder shape streaking across the sky.

Five miles behind this mysterious craft came a jet airplane. Unlike the UFO, the jet was noisy, left a contrail, but never did overtake the strange aerial anomaly that preceded it.

Others reported seeing the strange craft that day as well. The cylindrical object seemed much larger than the jet that was about to follow according to the witnesses.

The following day on the 8th, another witness reported several multicolored spheres in the sky at different altitudes around 9:00 o'clock.

He noted that his girlfriend had called him in a state of panic saying that odd chirps were emanating from her computer stereo speakers coinciding with the sighting.

In the early morning hours before 6:00 AM, the activity of these strange aerial objects intensified.

Military planes were then observed pursuing these disturbing airborne mysteries until the sun began to emerge over the horizon at dawn.

On February 9th a Citibank employee is leaving work for the day in San Antonio, and as he walks toward his car he sees an amazing sight - a red glowing orb hovers in the sky looking like molten metal.

Driving down the highway he phones his girlfriend and tells her to check the sky, but she sees nothing.

15 minutes later the observer spots 10 star-like objects flying over his car. This time when he calls his girlfriend again she does manage to see exactly the same thing.

That same day between 7 and 9 PM that evening, a husband and wife were arriving home in their car and noticed some rapidly moving red lights flying over their property followed by white blinking lights a few moments later.

Their son's girlfriend had also noticed the odd nocturnal aerial activity.

The couple said they had seen these lights before in the night sky above their home. Even though the couple had been careful not to frighten their 15-year-old son over the incident, he became too frightened to go outside the house and onto the property after the sighting.

On that very same evening another witness out having a cigarette at 8:00 PM spotted four red lights flying in a linear formation at about 2 miles distant from his position.

He noted that although there was a lot of small plane commercial traffic in the area that he was well acquainted with, these airborne objects did not fit the normal appearance of the planes he was familiar with.

He felt certain that he was witnessing something, that at the very least, was unusual.

One more adventure into the realm of the unexplained, this is a recent one. May 21st of this year, a Texas family reports a UFO sighting in the vicinity of Hwy. 183 and 183a after finishing their Tex Mex dinner and heading home.

As the father drove, his son began watching a bizarre, cloud-shaped object that stood out from the red sunset colors that raged across the distant horizon.

From behind his father's seat, the son called attention to the object so that his father's girlfriend could also begin watching the grayish, cloud-like object that appeared different from the sunset features around it.

After coming to an intersection and stopping, their view had been obscured by some trees.

Upon continuing after the light change, they lost sight of the odd-appearing craft.

After arriving home and walking up to their house, the son once again spotted the object, which was now pulsating and white. The UFO hung there in the southwestern sky for 20 or 30 seconds then accelerated across the horizon, disappearing into another cloud formation while the family stared up in awe.

Stunned by their rare glimpse into the unknown, they all entered their home each of them recalling what they'd just seen. For some, an experience like this can be an interesting event to witness especially when shared by the whole family.

It seems that these people who, received a silent invitation from someone from another world to gaze up and see something most people would love to witness just once, at least, have the assurance of knowing what they saw was real.

Such an experience tends to reinforce what they now know which is: all that flickers in the night sky need not be ordinary or mundane. Sure beats watching HBO.

My thanks to the UFO Casebook for their random fact finding.

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Airships over New England in Early 1900s by Art Champoux
Published: 12:08 PM 7/12/2010

Certainly there have been many sightings of the mysterious airship that were flying over New England in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I have some news clippings that occurred in the towns I grew up in the 1950s-70s. I grew up in Newburyport, and Salisbury, MA.

In the 1950s and 1960s, I was just coming of age where I was curious. My great grandmother was a spirit medium and she died when I was about 6 years old. But I still remember her rocking me.

But in the late 1950s to the 1960s something was stirring in me - The massive influx of UFOs.

About 1960 or so I took out a lot of UFO books and joined a few UFO investigation groups to work as a UFO investigator. That pushed me into the enigmatic world of this weird and strange world of being a"ufologist. But I loved an enigma.

Here are some of the reports that I found and some that were sent to me by some of my sources.

Newburyport News - Dec 24, 1909:

The strange light that has appeared in the heavens in the vicinity of Boston and Worcester for the past 2-3 nights made its appearance over Salisbury this morning at 3 AM, coming from the direction of this city, and within a short distance of the Salisbury Beach life saving station it apparently "switched off" in the direction of Amesbury and disappeared.

Surfman Osler of the beach station had not been out long when he was startled by seeing a light much larger then a star coming rapidly from the west. He watched it until it was over Salisbury square (about a 5 minute walk from my dad's house) as he judged it and then it seemed to stop, then continued on to the beach.

When about over the Station it shot in the direction of Amesbury and in a few minutes was out of sight. The light is described as white and about the size of an automobile head light. It was up about 1,000 feet and could be seen plainly as the sky was clear.

No framework behind it, such as an airplane have, could be seen, but Mr. Osler is positive that the light could not be that of a balloon as it moved as if under control.

To continue: When the news that the light made its appearance in Salisbury spread in this city this morning, the people took it as a big joke. In Worcester the first person who breathlessly spread the report that a flying machine was passing over the city was thought to be out of his mind, but a few hours later more then 5,000 people had the opportunity to witness the strange light in its return.


The news story of the strange light being seen over Salisbury Friday morning aroused much interest that when Friday night came, many were on the watch to see if it would appear again. They were rewarded early in the evening, for by 7 o'clock it appeared from the direction of Amesbury and for nearly an hour it circled the city.

Shortly after 7 pm, a newspaper reporter was standing on the Newburyport bridge when a strange light made its appearance near the chain bridge and it seemed its course from west to east. When nearly opposite the Towle factory, red and blue lights were visible and they were nearer the earth than the night before.

Swiftly following the river course, it made for the mouth of the river and when a short distance from the point switched around and came directly over the city. Many a Plum Island resident who witnessed the sight, state that a tail light could be seen.

Those fortunate enough to see the light say that at all times it seemed to be under control of a human being as it shifted its course many times. The last glimpses were obtained when it went in the direction of West Newbury.

Portsmouth NH, has also seen a strange cream-colored light looking like a lantern. The people believed that it was a signal light attached to the airship.

It was seen very plainly Friday evening, and it is thought it came to this city.

Between Portsmouth and Dover NH, hundreds of people have reported that they saw the light, not only on Friday night, but for the past two or three nights.

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Reader Recalls UFO Sighting over Pooler, Georgia
Published: 7:09 PM 7/11/2010 Pooler, GA - c.2007

I'm probably not the regular UFO enthusiast looking to share a story. And it has been about three years now that I finally sat down to recall what my son and I saw one night.

I am a graduate from an aviation university, work a respectable job in aviation, have 30 plus years in this industry, am a pilot as well, and wish to protect my privacy.

I'd like to ask if you can evaluate the facts surrounding this sighting as well as the drawing. We didn't witness little green men or star wars laser activity.

We just saw something we didn't think was possible for us to build because of its estimated size--maybe we have that wrong.

We also know that the B2 bombers operate out of a military base in Louisiana, southwest of here several hundred miles, but I've seen those in air shows and what we saw wasn't a B2 in my opinion.

Perhaps the military has something that is more akin to the SR71 in technology advancement ,and we just haven't heard about it yet?

The craft appeared to be flying a straight course, straight and level, no lights whatsoever, if it were not for the red hot leading edges, I probably would not have seen the object.

As a pilot, I've looked down at airports from various altitudes while understanding the length of certain runways or size of towns and cities to gain some idea of relating size and distance. Still, it is tricky business.

I rely more on the idea that this object made no noise, appeared very large, had heated leading edges that it must be at a very high altitude to avoid sound.

And if it was at a common airline altitude and was a stealth technology, then the following rules should have applied. It should have had navigation lights and been operating at a speed comparable to commercial airlines or even military while operating in controlled airspace.

Environment? This was at a bad time for me. I was separating from my wife then, while still living at the home. I had had a few glasses of wine by that time of the evening, and was without my glasses while having a discussion with my then 17-year-old son.

I can see without my glasses, but the objects sometimes have fuzzy edges. We were also amateur sky watchers with certain astronomical objects with telescopes.

But not this night, we were just enjoying the clear evening sky and talking about life. The other thing fuzzy to me was the date. I can't remember if it was spring or fall or the month, but if I had to guess it could have been about September or October.

The whole period of that time was difficult because of the divorce. The rest is just looking at the object and trying to make some comparison perhaps with other reports or what is known to be in development for the military?

I didn't draw the wing tips as I saw them. There was something very odd about them, and I now have trouble recalling the distinct shape of that location, but it was though it had cutout sections like the leading edge sections that seemed to be missing sections as well, and those locations seemed to be hotter than the leading edges.

I drew the leading edges with pencil, but imagine the tiles of the space shuttle glowing red but not burning.

In the dark sky, it was very hard to define a trailing edge, but I could not see stars behind it--so it seemed to have a straight, trailing edge.

The leading edge must have had some kind of material to deal with atmospheric friction on the wings. It remained the same intensity as I first saw it in the southwest sky until it appeared to exit the atmosphere in the northwest.

At that time the leading edges dulled out and could no longer be seen. Almost like it flew through a portion of atmosphere rather than flying in orbit.

We were dumb struck, and pretty much wordless throughout the observation.

In final comment, it sounds crazy, but my real estimate for distance from wing tip to wing tip was more on the order of 30 miles, unbelievable for most, and clearly not a subject for most conversations--for a normal mind.

Drawing, Pooler, Georgia Sighting

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Shag Harbor Museum's Rocketing Attendance Defies Skeptics
Published: 5:06 AM 7/13/2010

Shag Harbour attraction draws terrestrial visitors in healthy numbers, despite loss of Yarmouth ferry

By BRIAN MEDEL Yarmouth Bureau

SHAG HARBOUR ó Something really strange is happening this summer at Shag Harbourís UFO museum. Attendance is up by more than 70 per cent over last year at this time, say local UFO statisticians.

"Isnít that wonderful," said Cindy Nickerson, chairwoman of the Shag Harbour Incident Society Museum.

The Shag Harbour incident, of course, is the Oct. 4, 1967, crash of what many believe to have been an unidentified flying object into the harbour.

Even without a ferry from Maine to Yarmouth this summer, 42 American cars stopped in June and the first week of July, Nickerson said Monday.

And an opinion poll being taken by UFO museum staff this summer seems to indicate that those who come to visit are believers in extraterrestrial life.

So far, 22 of the 28 people completing a questionaire asking if they believe in out-of-this-world life forms said yes. And 13 folks said they are confident the Shag Harbour UFO was an alien spacecraft.

Last year, a number of cycling tours had come through the village by this time.

"There were 30 Americans on bicycles last year that didnít come this year, (but) Americans in cars are up," said Nickerson. "Iím really surprised because I didnít think we were going to have any."

A lot of Ontario and New Brunswick vehicles have also stopped, she said. The UFO museum is one of the few museums that does not charge an admission fee.

"That makes a difference," Nickerson said.

Soon the UFO museum will have a UFO flight simulator visitors can try out on a computer. This is also the first year in its new location, a former general store in the centre of Shag Harbour that has more floor space and better parking.

The museum has always had over 1,000 annual visitors in the five years it has been open. Last year, they had 1,049 people drop by during the June-to-October season.

Now theyíre closing in on 500 visitors in the six weeks they have been open.

Last summer, a recreational diver, David Cvet, explored the seabed off Shag Harbour, where the UFO is said to have crashed in 1967.

He said last year he came across a couple of dish-shaped depressions, each about six metres in diameter. The ocean bottom anomaly was found about 20 metres below the surface in the spot where witnesses say an alien craft swooshed low over the Shelburne County coast.

Cvet will dive again this year on July 24, said Nickerson. He will make a video that folks will be able to view at the museum.

The 2010 UFO festival in Shag Harbour is set to go Aug. 6 and 7. Boat rides to the UFO crash site and a UFO symposium are planned. Details may be found at the festival website, shagharbourufo.com.


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Stephen Hawking Brings Aliens to Life
A trio of alien hunters prepares to attack a herd of plant-eaters. Picture: Discovery Channel Source: Herald Sun
Published: 9:51 AM 7/8/2010

Staff Writer From: Herald Sun

THEY aren't just any aliens - they are extraterrestrial life as only one of the universe's best brains could envisage them.

Stephen Hawking has taken advantage of the latest computer graphics to display his versions of ET, based on hard science, for a new documentary series, Into The Universe.

The British theoretical physicist, trapped in a body paralysed by motor neurone disease, and author of the best seller A Brief History of Time, spent three years to finish the series, which airs this weekend on the Discovery Channel.

The 68-year-old suggests in the first episode that extraterrestrials are almost certain to exist.

He points out the universe has 100 billion galaxies, each with hundreds of millions of stars, and that in such a huge place Earth is unlikely to be the only planet where life has evolved.

"To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational," he said. "The real challenge is to work out what aliens might actually be like."

Among the theoretical aliens are terrestrial herbivores and carnivores, lizard-like predators with limb membranes that allow them to glide using venom-loaded stingers to bring down a two-legged herbivore that has a huge vacuum snout to suck up food.

Such land-based aliens would probably feed and move in ways similar to animals on Earth.

Prof Hawking also came up with a squid-like creature that could feed on the bottom of the salty ocean thought to exist below the icy crust of Jupiter's moon Europa.

Life on planets where the average temperatures are below -150C would require organic components and physiologies radically different than those found on terrestrial planets largely dependent on liquid water.

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Archived Files

Greece: Amazing UFO Incident Involving Air Force and Airline
Radar Depiction

02-07-2009-Greece: Amazing UFO incident involving Air Force and Airline

Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

A remarkable UFO incident that occurred in the skies over Athens over a year ago but was kept secret by the Greek Aviation Authority and the Greek Air Force, has recently come to light and is receiving extensive media coverage in Greece.

A recording of the conversation (in Greek) between the pilot involved and the airport control tower has been made public. A copy of the official document named 'Lightning 2' commanding two F-16's to intercept the UFO can be viewed below.

On 11 October, 2007, at 3:20 am, the captain of Olympic Airways flight 266 from Athens to London noticed an extremely unusual object moving erratically to the west of Athens. The object was somewhat star-like in appearance, however much brighter and larger with a constantly shifting shape.

Meanwhile the captains of Olympic Airways flights 730 to Kos and 700 to Rhodes reported the same thing. The sighting was then confirmed by Athens Airport control tower, whose employees observed the object moving towards Karystos, a small town on the Greek island of Euboea. At this point the Greek Air Force was contacted.

The Greek Air Force confirmed that they too were visually monitoring the object from their radar station at the top of Parintha Mountain near Athens, and had observed that it was traveling at incredible speed, and did not fit the description of any terrestrial craft.

The staff at the Air Force radar station later described the UFO as large, of an unusual shape, and very bright. Air force staff were requested to photograph the craft and did so (no pictures have come to light yet).

At this point two F-16ís were sent up to intercept the UFO, while the various control towers monitored the object from earth. The object then shot off at incredible speed skyward, and the Jets failed to indentify anything. While both staff at the Athens Airport and the Parintha Mountain Air Force Radar Unit confirmed that they clearly observed the object their radars picked up nothing.

The ensuing deliberate cover-up of this incident by the Greek authorities is being treated as fact by that country's media.

Possibly the most bizarre aspect of this sighting is that although the object was witnessed simultaneously by three pilots with decades of flying experience between them, staff at multiple radar and ground control stations and the Greek Air Force, who actually sent jets up to chase it, says it has been dismissed by some Greek Government officials as a mistaken sighting of... wait for itÖ Venus!

This, despite the fact that the captain of flight 266 remains convinced he saw a UFO. With that in mind, are these Government officials planning to request an investigation into the capability, if not sanity, of their country's Air Force ground control staff? Donít hold your breath.

It is hardly surprising, that if indeed aliens are visiting earth they would take an interest in Greece, that cradle of western civilization. What is more surprising is western mediaís complete non-coverage of this incident, and the continuing and sometimes absurd attempts by governments to deny the obvious as far as UFOs are concerned.

Perhaps the ancient Athenian culture of intellectual curiosity and questioning existing belief systems has been replaced by one of secrecy, concealment, and the idea that the public does not have the right to know what is happening in the universe around them.

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