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UFO Magazine Issue 368, Issue date, 07-20-09

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Again, to the Moon - and Beyond
Apollo 11 astronauts (from left) Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edward Buzz Aldrin pose in this file photo
Published: July 15, 2009

(Reuters Photo)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 marks the 40th anniversary of the moon landing.

By Stephen Hawking and Lucy Hawking

Thursday marks the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11’s liftoff toward the moon – and the first-ever mission for two US astronauts to walk on the moon’s surface. Stephen Hawking, often considered to be the greatest mind on science since Einstein, co-wrote this introduction for a just-published book on the Apollo mission with his daughter, Lucy, a journalist and author. It is reprinted with permission.

We thought space was worth a big effort in the 1960s. In 1961, President John F. Kennedy committed the United States to landing a man on the moon by the end of the decade. This was achieved just in time by the Apollo 11 mission, in 1969. The historic images captured by the Apollo astronauts, some of which are featured in this book, helped fuel our fascination with science and technology.

Why did we go into space? What was the justification for spending all that effort and money on getting a few lumps of moon rock? Weren’t there better causes here on Earth?

In a way, the situation was like that in Europe before 1492. People might well have argued that it was a waste of money to send Christopher Columbus on a wild goose chase. Yet, the discovery of the New World made a profound difference to the old.

Sending humans to the moon may yet prove to have had an even greater effect. It changed the future of the human race in ways that we don’t yet understand and may have determined whether we have any future at all. It hasn’t solved any of our immediate problems on planet Earth, but it has given us new perspectives on them and caused us to look both outward and inward.

After the last moon landing in 1972, with no future plans for further manned space flight, public interest in space and willingness to fund further exploration declined. This went along with a general loss of confidence in science in the West because, although it had brought great benefits, it had not solved the social problems that increasingly occupied public attention.

We need to renew our commitment to human spaceflight. Robotic missions are much cheaper and gather important scientific data, but they don’t spread the human race into space, which should be our long-term strategy. If one is considering the future of humanity, we have to visit other worlds ourselves. Exploring other worlds won’t be cheap, but it will take only a tiny proportion of this world’s resources.

NASA’s budget has remained roughly constant in real terms since the time of the Apollo landings, but it has decreased from about 4 percent of the U.S. federal budget in 1970 to 0.6 percent now.

Even if we were to increase the international budget twenty times to make a serious effort to go into space, it would only be a small fraction of world resources.

There are those who argue that it would be better to spend our money solving the problems of this planet, like climate change and pollution, rather than wasting it on a possibly fruitless search for new planetary homes We do not deny the importance of fighting for a better Earth, but we can do that and still spare a few percent for space. Isn’t our future worth it?

A new space program would also increase the public standing of science. The low esteem in which science and scientists are held is having serious consequences. We live in a society that is increasingly governed by science and technology, yet fewer and fewer young people want to go into science.

The children of today are the adults of tomorrow, and they need to have a basic understanding of science and technology if they are going to be prepared to make the hard decisions on issues like fuel sources and food production that affect us all.

We’ve talked to kids around the world and discovered an enormous appetite and enthusiasm for knowledge about space exploration and science. A significant percentage of students studying sciences at a higher level report that their early interest was sparked by exactly these kinds of topics. Space has the power to ignite children’s imaginations and engage their curiosity. There seems absolutely no doubt that we have never needed to do this more urgently.

Many of today’s space explorers watched the Apollo moon landings in their pajamas, gazed with childhood fascination at the photographs taken, and decided they were going to grow up to extend humanity’s reach to other worlds. Others looked at NASA’s photographs of Earth from space and saw what a beautiful planet we live on, but also how vulnerable it is, and made a stronger commitment to look after it. These images influenced their life choices.

What’s next? Can we exist for a long time away from Earth? The International Space Station proves that it is possible for human beings to survive for many months away from planet Earth. Any long-term base for human beings, however, will probably need to be on a planet or moon, where subsurface enclosures can provide explorers with thermal insulation and protection from meteors and cosmic rays, and the raw materials that are necessary to create self-sustaining extraterrestrial communities can be found.

What are the possible sites of a human colony in the solar system? The most obvious is the moon. It is close by and relatively easy to reach. As illustrated in this publication, we have already landed on it and driven across it in a buggy. On the other hand, the moon is small and without an atmosphere or a magnetic field to deflect solar radiation. There is no liquid water, but there may be ice in the craters at the north and south poles.

A colony on the moon could use this as a source of oxygen, with power provided by nuclear energy or solar panels. The moon could become a base for travel to the rest of the solar system.

Mars is the obvious next target. It is half as far from Earth as Earth is from the sun and so receives half the warmth. Its magnetic field decayed four billion years ago, stripping the Red Planet of most of its atmosphere, making it impossible for liquid surface water to exist. However, the atmospheric pressure must have been higher in the past because we see what appear to be runoff channels and dry lakebeds.

This suggests that Mars had a warm, wet period during which life might have appeared. There is no sign of life on Mars now, but if we found evidence that life had once existed there, we would know that the probability of life developing on a suitable planet was fairly high throughout the universe.

What about beyond the solar system? Our observations indicate that a significant fraction of stars have planets around them. So far, we can detect only giant planets like Jupiter and Saturn, but it is reasonable to assume that they are accompanied by smaller Earthlike planets. Some of these will orbit in a “Goldilocks Zone” where conditions permit liquid water to exist on their surface.

There are approximately a thousand stars within thirty light years of Earth. If 1 percent of each had Earth-size planets in a Goldilocks Zone, we would have ten candidate new worlds. We cannot reach them with current technology but we should make interstellar exploration a long-term aim. By long term, we mean over the next two hundred to five hundred years, and by exploration, we mean with humans.

The human race has existed as a separate species for about two million years. Civilization began about ten thousand years ago, and the rate of scientific and technological development has been steadily increasing. If the human race is to continue for another million years, we will have to boldly go where no one has gone before. The images featured in the following pages are merely a preview of what’s to come.

Stephen and Lucy Hawking wrote this as the introduction to the just-released "Apollo Through the Eyes of the Astronauts," (Abrams) a book with photographs of and by the only people who've been to our Moon.

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Triangle UFO Sighted over Texas
Published: 1:48 PM 7/17/2009

Lubbock, Texas - 07-16-09

A friend and I were outside having a cigarette when I spotted a bright, white light in the western sky. The light did at first appear very much to be a star. I could see no blinking lights.

After only a few seconds it became very obvious that the light was moving and heading east, my next thought was it is an airplane.

We have an international airport in Lubbock, so I am accustomed to seeing at least 10-15 planes on any given night. I saw the object make a sudden sharp change in direction due north, after maybe two or three minutes of moving southeast.

At that point I could see what appeared to be a much smaller and different shade of white flashing on what I will call the back end of the object and what appeared to be the bottom. Suddenly, the object made another sharp direction change heading back east.

Within a few minutes, we could see this object growing much larger - seemingly flying very low and very slow, directly over the loop which is right in front of my apartment. I felt like I would have been able to reach out and touch this object.

This was definitely not any airplane I have ever seen. There was a distinctive set of two rows of lights, a top and bottom row, if you will.

The top had a very pronounced set of white beams or bar looking lights. The top had a blue flashing light on the western corner, the bottom had a red flashing light on the eastern corner, the rest were hot white.

Even though this object appeared to be flying low and slow, however, based on the original point I first spotted it, this thing was massive and moving very, very fast.

For a split second we saw the object make another sharp direction change to the north once again. While the object was turning, we could see a very distinctive triangular shape to the object. The very interesting thing was where we could not see lights, it really just looked as though there was nothing there, just sky and the few scattered clouds in the sky.

Ohk, and did I mention that we never heard any kind of sound from this thing? This is one of the best sightings I have had yet. I couldn't explain it.

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If Extraterrestrials Showed Up Would It Shatter Religion?
Published: 11:09 AM 7/10/2009

If extraterrestrials showed up one day and made open contact with humanity, what would that do to religion? Would it cause most of humanity to instantly rethink their religious beliefs? Or has humanity been so conditioned to the idea of "aliens" that it would be taken in stride?

Well, perhaps some polling numbers can give us some insight. One poll actually found that 60 percent of Americans believe that extraterrestrial life exists on other planets. Of those who believe that extraterrestrial life exists, most also agreed that they would be "excited and hopeful" upon learning of the confirmation of extraterrestrial life.

So, it sounds as though a significant percentage of Americans think that extraterrestrials really do exist and that they are looking forward to meeting them when they arrive.

But even if they are looking forward to such an event, would it change the way that they view themselves and the universe?

Another survey had Americans respond to this statement: "Official confirmation of the discovery of a civilization of intelligent beings living on another planet would so undercut my beliefs that my beliefs would face a crisis."

Over 80% of those who considered themselves to be "religious" responded to that statement with "Disagree" or "Strongly Disagree".

But what if the extraterrestrials claimed that they seeded this earth with life and have been guiding our evolution?

What if the extraterrestrials claimed that they actually started all the religions on earth and that humanity twisted and corrupted the teachings of those religions?

Would disclosures such as those rock the world of religious believers?

In fact, many of those who claim to "channel" extraterrestrials are already receiving those kind of messages. And some in the religious world are already preparing for what they feel is inevitable.

In fact, the Roman Catholicism is preparing to greet any visiting aliens as their brothers... So do the Roman Catholics know something that we don't? After all, they do have an official astronomer. Or have they already been deceived?

Governments around the world have also considered what would happen to religious beliefs if extraterrestrials were to make open contact.

Perhaps a secret meeting convened in 1996 by then-Vice President Al Gore can give us some insight into what governments are thinking about the possibility of such an event.

Preliminary reports in 1996 that a large meteorite from Mars that was found in Antarctica might contain fossilized remains of living organisms prompted Vice President Al Gore to convene a meeting of scientists, religious leaders, journalists and U.S. government officials to discuss the serious implications regarding the possible discovery of extraterrestrial life.

According to the Washington Post, most of the attendees appeared to truly believe that the appearance of extraterrestrial life would have a huge impact on people of faith.

And they are probably right on the money.

The truth is that it would devastate the faith of most Christians along with the faith of most other religions. That is because most Christians have not been taught who these extraterrestrials are and where they are from.

The reality is that they are not who they say they are, and most UFO researchers have no idea who they are. But the truth IS out there for those who are willing to look for it.

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UFO Sighting in Otterton, Ladrum Bay

Published: 17 July 2009


SCEPTICS who have dismissed the idea of UFO activity ever lurking in our skies may have to reconsider their belief after a fresh sighting - this time in Otterton.

A man called Spencer, from Hampshire, was on holiday in Ladrum Bay last week and noticed six bright orange lights moving at speed. He reported what he had seen on the Exmouth Journal website.

His report makes the third sighting in three months.

He said: "I spotted six very bright lights. They appeared over the course of five minutes and moved in a north-to-south direction at high speed over the channel and then faded. "Five of the six followed exactly the same flight path. They were flying above the prevailing cloud clove and at some point they faded slightly."

Plane-spotter Milos Balvim, of Maer Road, reported a similar sighting to Spencer earlier this month.

Mr Balvim said he saw an object with clusters of orange lights travelling towards the town at around 11.20pm on Thursday, July 2.

"It appeared to have moved from the Dawlish area and headed towards Exmouth, flying at one point as low as 150 metres above the ground."

The 61-year-old explained he had read reports of an object hovering in the skies over Sandy Bay beach in May, filmed from Devon Cliffs Holiday Park and posted on the internet site YouTube.

The sighting was rumoured to be an alien aircraft but was later dismissed as being a Chinese lantern.

Mr Balvim, however, added: "It was definitely not a lantern. I am quite sceptical about those sorts of things because I am an ex-military officer.

"The shape was like a Rubik's cube and there was an array of light beaming out."

As well as Milos, unusual activity was spotted in the skies while sat in her garden last month.

Steve Bassett is a member of an organisation called Paradigm Research Group who are trying to lobby the Government to make the issue of UFOs discussed in Parliament.

Mr Bassett is planning a visit to East Devon with a view of holding a meeting to discuss the recent spate of sightings.

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UFO over the Rocky Mountains Courtesy of YouTube
Published: 07/12/2009

Young boys used to find summertime trouble outside; now they go to YouTube.

By Mark Obmascik

Ah, summer. The kids are out of school, which means it's time for my young sons to take up favorite vacation pastimes like baseball, bike riding, lemonade stands and duping the world with elaborate hoaxes about UFOs on YouTube.

It was a rainy day, and our three boys were confined inside the house doing what brothers usually do — socking one in the nose and blaming the other for the trouble. I was used to this. A few minutes later, however, came total silence. If ever there was a sign that the boys were up to no good — the kind of no-good that usually results in a call to our homeowner's insurance agent — this was it. I decided to poke around.

In the kitchen I found our 10-year-old with a cheap plastic digital camera and our 4-year-old with a circular LED light purchased from Wal-Mart for $4.88. The younger boy was reflecting the light off the kitchen window while the older boy shot a pixilated video clip. I have to admit: The reflection did look a little like a weird flying saucer, but the narration by my son sealed the deal.

"It's an alien!" he exclaimed in his most dramatic, breathless voice. "Oh my God, look at that!" (The video can be viewed below).

It all seemed so sweet and funny — two would-be Steven Spielbergs, one in pre-school and the other in elementary school, together serving up a Close Encounter of the Fraudulent Kind. Mostly, I was grateful that they were entertaining themselves indoors, without bloodshed, on a rainy summer day.

And then they posted their video on YouTube.

Within an hour, they had their first 100 hits. And then another hundred. And another. Before long, their 18-second clip with the take-notice headline "UFO Over the Rocky Mountains!" was the subject of an intense international debate.

Some viewers pronounced the video as conclusive proof of the existence of extraterrestrials. Others denounced it as a fake, but with impressive and elaborate CGI imagery.

My little 4-year-old and 10-year-old hoaxsters were thrilled. Adults from around the world were paying attention to them! They went to bed that night with dreams of Hollywood in their heads.

When they woke up the next morning, though, they learned a hard lesson about the movie business: Overnight they had been struck by pirates.

Their fake UFO video was so convincing that it was picked up by the Paranormal Network. Shortly after, another UFO site copy-and-pasted the video, and another, and then even a foreign-language site calling itself UFO Video Italia. Somebody else somehow stretched the 18-second clip into a two-minute epic, complete with ultra-slow-motion zooms and dramatic backing vocals that seemed to come from a strange marriage of Jerry Bruckheimer and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Boy, was I mad. All this work by my own two sons and now all the glory, thousands and thousands of precious Internet hits, was being hijacked by some shameless YouTube pirates. Oh, the nerve!

Surprising thing was, it didn't bother my sons a whole lot. As my 10-year-old said: "Don't worry so much, Dad. It's the Internet. These things happen."

And so here I was, the father of two baby-faced boys who fooled the world with a $99 camera and a $4.88 light from Wal-Mart. And I couldn't help but think that summer vacations have sure changed a lot since I was a kid.

Mark Obmascik is a Denver writer and author of a new book, "Halfway to Heaven" (Free Press, 2009). He can be reached via markobmascik.com.

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Multiple Witness UFO Sighting - Sweden, 1985
Depiction of 1985 Sweden Encounter
Published: 8:37 AM 7/16/2009

Sweden - 1985

That was the first year when we went to Sweden to plant trees. Not much to tell about the work, in spring we started to work near Uppsala, went more north in summer and when autumn did close in it was time to move more south again, so there we were near Uppsala again.

Almost the whole crew was working at the same place at that point, so there where many caravans and cars around, we did live at the workplace, just stepping out from the caravan and there the field was, that had to be planted, both sides of the road.

No unnecessary driving, nice way to save gasoline and time. The road was also closed by 2 booms, so the place was peaceful enough. The other boom was always locked and the other we always kept pseudo-locked.

A couple of days went by and my parents' dog was missing when we came "home" from the field - it had bit off the rope and probably ran after some forest animal. I also had a strange car accident those days.

Relating to 1985 Sweden Encounter

Image above: Orange and red light - the 1 to the left is what it looked like when it came out from the forest to the field. The next 1 is what it looked like when it was very close to us (just across the narrow road).

I did lose control of the car so it went side-on against a pile of stones at a fairly high speed, but when we stepped out from the car to check all the damages, not a scratch, only a minor dent... so we (Terttu & I ) were happy of course, but...

A few days went by and the field was at such a stage that we decided it was time for the rest of the crew to move to the next place and only Pekka, Terttu, and I should stay and finish the current field. It would only take us 3 a couple of days.


My parents had put a notification about their missing dog to a newspaper, and so happened that we were closest to the place where the dog had been seen, so when Terttu and I heard that we jumped into our car and started to drive to the place, but when we arrived at last the dog (Tessu) had already left, so pointless 200km driving that evening (100 there and then home again).

What we saw on our way back... it was probably just a stupid joke, so there is no point to write about it, things gets complex even without it from here on.

The drive did take about 3 hours, and it was already late when we arrived back at the caravans, the clock was somewhere after 22:00 or 23:00, so to bed and fast, the alarm clock do not show any mercy in the morning.

I was almost inside the tent that is at the front of the caravan when Terttu saw some strange light, a short distance in the (pine tree) forest, so she called me to take a look. The light seemed to zigzag between the trees before it came out to the open field that was right in front of us.

Then I walked to Pekkas caravan and shouted his name so that he would wake up, and also come out to take a look at the strange light. He did not wake at first, so I had to scream loudly. There we 3 then stood and looked at the strange light for several minutes.

It did not rise above the treetops at any time, and those times it went near the ground, the stones and branches were easily seen below it. And then at one point it came very close to us, just across the narrow road.

There it stood still for at least 10 seconds, and I had not a clue what to do, so I just stood there. Well, we all just stood, stunned at what we were seeing, until it slowly left and disappeared behind the forest. Then we discussed about what we saw for a moment before going to sleep ( finally).

(No pictures taken although Pekka's camera was on a shelf close to the door, and ours was inside the car. Ok, those were cheap cameras, and maybe nothing would have shown up on the pictures, but still...).

Shortly after we went to sleep, Terttu complained about lights outside the caravan and I just told her that she should try to sleep anyway, cover her eyes with the blanket, like I did.


Even if we did not sleep well that night, the morning was very welcome.

Relating to 1985 Sweden Encounter

Image above: 2 orbs, the more yellow and bigger represents that one that came against Terttu when she was walking against the lake (the wrong one) and the second orb represents the one that did follow her close until it turned away and flew into the forest. Me, Pekka and Terttu, that picture (Terttu is added to that one) is also taken there.

That day Pekka and I did plan to go fishing, so we decided to do a shorter working day. Terttu did not like the idea at all, because she did not want to go fishing or be left alone, worried that the UFO would appear again.

Pekka and I did tell her that it will not happen a second time. And then we left, Terttu did stay at the caravans and start to make pancakes. We had to open the boom as usual to leave the area. Soon we were at the lake fishing.

Terttu did start to feel uneasy around 16:30 and decided to walk to us. But because she was in the caravan and did not look in what direction Pekka and I did left, she started to walk to the wrong lake.

She walked for a moment before she saw a yellow orb that flew in a direction against her, (roughly 1.5 meters above the terrain), so she decided to stay low for a moment.

Then she started to walk again, she did not see the car at the boom that was always locked, but decided to check the lock. So she had to turn back, and when she did that, another orb did show up, a little paler and smaller.

It did follow her, keeping just the same pace until it finally accelerated and flew into the forest that was at her right side. And when she finally got into the caravan again, she started to pray, although she is not a believer.

Back to Pekka and me. The fishing was no fun at all, too many aquatic plants. I did give up guite early and also I did start to feel more and more uneasy (around the same time when Terttu started praying.

But Pekka did want to try to fish bit longer, so there I stood next to the car waiting. At last we started to drive back to the caravans. Even from a long distance I could see that Terttu was very, very pale, and I told Pekka that she looked ill.

She was not ill. She told us what she had seen, and I did want us all to go and take a look - they refused. Pekka went into his caravan, but I did not, I still wanted to take a look so I did take a few steps, even though Terttu told me not to.

I had not take gone far, before this very beautiful music (classical flute music) started playing from the forest! It was very loud and clear, and it somehow surrounded us. I felt that I had to go to the place where the music started, and so did our cat.

Tail high up it went in that direction, it did not care at all even though Terttu yelled his name many times. It was like being in some sort of a dream, everything else, but the music went strangely silent and the movement seemed like in slow-motion. I had already taken a few steps before Terttu started to scream my name, and luckily I did "wake up."

After the wake up call, I ran to the car and screamed to Pekka that he should grab his sleeping bag, because we are leaving in a hurry, and Terttu took ours. He thought that we did turn the car radio on. It was quite difficult to get the key to the right spot.

Soon we were able to leave did not even have time to close the caravan doors). I did drive fast, but not too fast, because did not want to risk that we might drive off the road.

When we left it was still really bright, but after driving a short distance, 5.5 km, it was already dark. And we did not open the boom that I had close dwhen we came home from fishing. Our destination was approximately 20 kilometers away, when arrived there, the clock was 22:10.

In the morning we did call the police ands told them what happened. We also called an investigator from UFO-Sverige, who then arrived at the place from Sala. I can't remember his name, only some things he told about his trip to Hessdalen.

Pekka did travel to Finland shortly afterwards and we have not been in contact with him after that. Terttu and I did return to the place, once a day for a week because of the cat, but he did not show up.

Tessu was luckier, we did pick him up from a police cell, him and 28 ticks.

Fourth witness.

An article in Sala-Allehanda(?) fits well into that... orange light moving in his garden at night, and the dates also match. (Don't have that newspaper, only read it back then).


Lat: N 59 º 49 '23.83 "

Long: E 18 º 7 '43.90 "

1-2 weeks after

Back here in Finland, Terttu complained that she could not sleep, because she heard a strange kind of machine language in her head. Some of the noises Star wars R2-D2 makes reminds it. It lasted for 2-3 weeks.

And also her menstruation almost totally disappeared for several year after that happening in Sweden, maybe those 2 thing had nothing to do with that, but who knows for sure.

Terttu and I did go under hypnosis 2007 by Olli Pajula & Tapani Koivula) and both remember bright light coming into the car when we tried to escape the place in Sweden. Terttu also recalls that odd UFO on the map.

Relating to 1985 Sweden Encounter

Map of the field (work), 1. from there the UFO came out to the field. 2. So close (it did stand still for at least 10 seconds). 3. it disappeared behind that forest. V. Our caravans. M. The direction from which the music started and where our cat did go. T. is where Terttu saw the bigger orb and tried to hide. T2. there the second orb did follow her. O. the rout for the bigger one. o. the rout for the smaller one.

Relating to 1985 Sweden Encounter

The map with the yellow line, the yellow line is 5.5 km and even if I did drive around 70-80 km/h when we did escape (try to) from the place, and in that short time the day turned into night, not possible.

The red line is where the boom is, that time we did not open it!, so even that is a big mystery. The "UFO" is something similar in shape that Terttu saw there(?), the color should be brushed aluminum or steel.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/sweden1985.html

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(last update, 07-17-09)

California - Transparent Orbs
07-11-09 - Sometime before 23:00 I walked out on my deck on the hills facing the SF Bay in Sausalito and saw directly above me 2, then 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or more diffuse / transparent orbs / spheres / balls of light in the sky. They were diffuse balls of light zooming at very high speeds in circle formations that would intersect /criss-cross making the overall pattern look like figure eights in some places.

Also some of these orbs were popping in and out of my view in patterns of movements that were in shorter duration and appeared to me as not moving in circles. However I had the thought that these orbs were further away from me and I was only seeing one end of their trajectory or path.

When I would shift my focus to the whole sky rather than trying to follow a couple of the orbs I then noticed that there were many more balls of light zipping all over the sky.

Last night was a beautiful night with a light cloud cover, patches of clear sky, and stars peeking through. All day the clouds over the Bay were unusual, multi colored, and diverse formations, several rainbows appeared in the late afternoon, early evening.

A summer thunderstorm was trying to express itself. A few drops fell. It felt like a Hawaii day and night. I often go outside at night to look over the SF Bay and up at the stars.

As I was watching the orbs / spheres last night, I wondered if they were absorbing energy from the clouds. The phenomenon stopped when the cloud cover dispersed and the moon rose into the sky. I felt excited watching them, thrilled by their skill and translucence, speed, agility and mystery.

I wanted to be analytical about what I was seeing, so at first I wondered if the lights were searchlights. I did not see any beams. I only saw the balls zipping and circling about. They were not the lights from normal aircraft.

I wondered if they were being projected from a ship / boat but as the lights were above my head and my house in on a hill half a mile from the edge of the Bay. The fact that it went on for so long I found especially amazing.

I am not a UFO buff. So I am not sure of the correct vernacular to use to describe what I saw. I have done an Internet search wondering if anyone else saw what I saw. But I have found nothing thus far. source: www.mufon.com

California - Small, Dark Sphere
07-11-09 - I was sitting outside and was watching the clouds roll over. I saw a small, dark sphere overhead and under the clouds. The first thing I thought was a bird riding the wind and when I watched more, I found there is no way a bird is going to hover there for that long.

When it was hovering there I was watching the clouds go by it and it never moved. I grabbed my binoculars and found it was not a bird but a dark, metallic ball and at that point I ran inside to grab my camera and wouldn’t you guess: it was gone. Seeing enough footage of the balls above Mexico city it looked the same. source: www.mufon.com

California - Yellow Light
07-14-09 - In my kitchen turned toward the east side of my place looking out the window when I saw this light moving quickly. But I noticed there were no blinkers like a plane has and it was moving faster.

I called my roommate who was in the living room, but when he came to the window it was gone. Did anyone else see something around this time? It was a yellowish light. source: www.mufon.com

Kentucky - Bright Light, Larger than Plane
07-07-09 - I went outside with my girlfriend to smoke a cigarette and I looked up and this bright light that was solid, not flashing, bigger than a plane showed up. It flew overhead with no sound or any type of tail to signify burners or meteorite.

It flew directly over our heads. My girlfriend ran inside and got my sister, but by the time she came out she only caught a few seconds glimpse as it disappeared in the east. It moved in a straight line.

There was no doubt as soon as I saw it, I knew what it was and my girlfriend verified it. My heart was racing and I was excited.

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