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UFO Casebook Magazine 467, Issue date, 07-25-11

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Astronaut Recalls UFO-EBE Encounter
Ellison Onizuka
Published: 23 July 2011

Posted By : by Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy Space Center, Florida (1958-1992)

Prior to the fateful launch of the space shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986, I had the honour and pleasure of sharing conversations with several members of that crew.

During one of many pre-mission preps for the Challenger mission, I came upon Lt. Col. Ellison Onizuka in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at launch complex 39. I had an assignment to assess some problems at the Launch Control Center (LCC) and needed to access the main drawing files.

A file operator was there and I went to her for assistance. Ellison walked in on our conversation and we exchanged greetings. Jokingly, I asked him if he had important business with her, and he said "yes, Clark" with a big smile.

I told her to help Lt. Colonel Ellison first, and I would wait. She opened a plastic bag that had a packet of goodies for this very important customer. Ellison "loved" those chocolate-peanut butter brownies that she baked for him when he was at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) on training assignments.

Many astronauts at the KSC knew of my interest in the study of possible Extraterrestrial (ET) intelligence, and my association with Major Donald Keyhoe, Dick Hall and the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP since 1958), and the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), at Cape Canaveral and KSC.

Another evening while off-site, I once again accidentally came upon Ellison. He asked if I could give him an opinion regarding a topic that was sparking his curiosity. Ellison had a great interest in ET life and asked me my belief concerning aliens, and if I believed they have been here on earth? His question caught me by surprise.

As we walked slowly towards our destinations, I briefly explained what I had learned since 1947, the initial year I entered my UFO research. I briefly related what I knew regarding the Roswell case and that I had become more aware of it many years later at the Cape through several discussions with ABMA (Army Ballistic Missile Agency) personnel who were at White Sands Proving Grounds near Roswell, New Mexico in July, 1947.

These men had worked directly with Dr. Wernher von Braun and his team of German Scientists who were at that base at that time. Onizuka said he was aware of that case.

I then told him my belief that life does exist among the stars and that it has visited earth throughout human history. He smiled in agreement. I thought to myself, what else does he know? Soon it became very clear.

Onizuka asked me if my surname had any connection with McClellan Air Force Base in California? I said not as far as I was aware. I asked him why?

Ellison said he had a surprising experience along with other USAF aerospace flight engineers and pilots while on military training duty at McClellan AFB, about eight or nine years prior to his astronaut training.

Alien Depiction He and this group were at this base for specialized training when they were directed to report to a viewing room. As they were seated, the room darkened and a movie began without the usual official introduction by a USAF officer.

They were all startled when a view of a facility similar to a medical examination room appeared on the screen and small bodies were observed lying on slabs. He heard several excited comments by the other officers seated near him. The small, strange looking creatures were humanoid in shape, and appeared similar to those described by alleged witnesses at the well-known Roswell site in the Southwest USA in 1947.

They all had large heads, large eyes, slight torsos, arms, and legs. They did not appear to be of earthly origin.

Ellison then said, "Clark, my God, these highly trained officers and I were shocked by what we saw. We were not made privy to what we would see until it happened. We were all caught off guard. Perhaps it was a test of our psyche to determine our overall reaction. Well, we were all caught by surprise."

Needless to say, I was also caught off guard hearing this revelation from a highly intelligent USAF officer and NASA astronaut. One who flew his initial space mission 51-C in the space shuttle Discovery a highly classified U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) mission under top secret conditions. It made me wonder what else Ellison knew, or perhaps had seen, during his first shuttle mission and USAF career?

I said "that’s amazing, Ellison! Were all of you given any opportunity to question what you saw?" He said, "No! We were then asked to exit the room and continued our scheduled technical activities as if nothing special had occurred. In my opinion, I have considered the possibility that the group was evaluated for individual reactions to what they saw. Perhaps it was a planned USAF psychological test for military reasons. Who knows, NASA may have evaluated it in my selection as an astronaut in 1978. You know, what would my reaction be if I actually saw an alien being"?

We arrived at our separate building destinations and briefly discussed his approaching second space mission in Challenger 51-L. He said he was anticipating a successful flight with Judy Resnik, Christa McAuliffe, and crew. I asked if we could discuss this topic again; and he agreed.

Unknown to us both, this would be the last time we would speak. He, Judy, Christa and the other crew members would be making their final mission on January 28, 1986. I was at the Kennedy Space Center and watched in disbelief as they and space shuttle Challenger fell into the Atlantic Ocean.

Upon leaving KSC for the night after being on duty for about 15 hours, I was driving home to my Port St. John Apartment when the disaster finally caught up with my emotions.

I pulled to the side of the main NASA causeway crossing the Indian River and sobbed my eyes out for about ten minutes. God, how horrible it was, and still is to this day, in my memory.

God bless you Judy Resnik, Ellison Onizuka, Christa McAuliffe, Dick Scobee, Michael Smith, Gregory Jarvis and Ronald McNair. Thank you God for the honour of knowing all of them. And, please, if you would -- make sure Ellison gets those chocolate-peanut butter brownies up there in heaven.

Graphic Illustration credit: Artist credit of eyewitness account: R. Schmidt

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/astronautrecallsebeencounter.html

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UFOs in North Canton? - Photograph Taken
Picture snapped of the possible UFO by Joanne Damico - Credit WEWS-TV/newsnet5.com
Published: July 8, 2011

By Megan Rozsa

Here's some weird news for you:

Couple tells News Channel 5 about their sighting.

Instead of seeing fireworks in their backyard on Sunday night, a North Canton couple said they saw what could have been a UFO, according to News Channel 5.

"These two objects floated by and then two more floated by and a short time later, two more floated by," Joanne Damico told Channel 5.

She said the objects looked like orange-colored globes.

John Damico told Channel 5 the objects were too quiet to be airplanes, and they didn't look like them either.

The Damicos had a similar sighting in 2009.

Channel 5 contacted astronomer Clyde Simpson at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, who said he couldn't identify them as being anything other than "orange dots on a black field."

And since they appeared on July 3, Simpson said there's "no reason to think they were anything other than fireworks."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/northcantonphoto.html

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Something is Changing over Our Heads, Right in Front of our Eyes
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:48 AM 7/20/2011

by Chris Holly

If you are interested in the subject of UFOs I am sure you are aware that we are under a flood of reported sightings lately. Every day on the major UFO reporting sites you find many new reports being posted from all over the world.

The claims seem to be especially increased in the area of orbs and groups of lights being reported. I have had more people tell me that they have seen something odd in the sky in the last year than I have in the last three combined.

My image artist Ed Fleming who also runs his own UFO site, U.F.O.I.I, has been talking to me regularly about the amount of people reporting sightings to him as well.

Not only have we both noticed this increase we both have seen odd things in the sky over the past year with our own eyes.

Ed brought to my attention the other day that NUFORC, (National UFO Reporting Center) posted that they had received a large number of reports following July 4th weekend. Of course many of the reports may be due to the activities around this time of year, however, many of the reports were of large objects or orbs traveling against the wind (ruling out flare or lanterns) at extreme speeds that the people could not identify as the normal air traffic in their area.

I imagine some sightings may be due to the 4th of July celebrations, however, other sightings may be due to the fact people were outside during this time in the summer doing what they rarely do which is looking up at the sky.

It is both a perfect time for the unknown to blend in with the celebrations of the summer and do as they please with little or no notice, yet also a time people are paying attention to the sky and realizing at long last they are seeing things that just do not fit or seem normal to their area sky.

Ed Fleming and his family were on a family outing with friends recently when they too had a strange sighting. Ed knew that reports of orange/red Orbs were being seen all over the Midwest where he lives. One night in June while on a Sky Watch night with his family and friends, a strange object appeared over them in the night sky.

The object appeared in the west as a brilliant ball of orange-yellow light. At first it reminded the group of an airplane head light. As it approached them it immediately became clear it was not an airplane.

This object did not have any transponder lights and made no noise at all. The object floated silently above them. The round object had a bright light that remained constant. The clouds were thin and broken and low to the ground because of thunderstorm activity earlier in the night.

This object appeared just above the clouds. It was low and close enough that if it were in fact an airplane the group would all have heard the jet engines. They watched as this round silent light made its way across the night sky to disappear in the night. The people who saw this object have no idea what the object could have been.

Ed also reported on his site UFOII that he has a second odd sighting this summer on the night of July 4th.

Ed his wife and a few friends were returning to their home in Kansas on the night of July 4th when they noticed an object that they first thought was a rouge Chinese Lantern.

As they drove along the object flew right over the car. Ed pulled over as the object looked a bit odd to him and got out of his car to get a better look at this glowing ball.

Ed was directly underneath this object when he looked up. Ed realized the object was not flickering at all as a Lantern would. He also realized it was moving at a high rate of speed and did not look at all like a Chinese Lantern.

The object held its light in a standard fashion unlike a candle or flare. Ed told me it was the strangest thing he had ever seen. It was a neon type of red, however, the thing looked alive and moved like smoke or liquid silver within its own borders. The object flew quickly by the car.

Ed and his family and friends quickly circled the block in an attempt to get another look at this odd object. By the time they did circle the block the object was long gone. The odd look of this solid yet living-looking light and the speed and determined direction of this object clearly convinced Ed and his family and friends this thing was not a lantern or flare.

Ed told me that he had been hearing of many other reports of Orbs being reported in his area. I could not help but notice a huge amount of photos, videos and reports recently on both NUFORC and MUFON reporting sites. I also have seen strange orbs, lights and clouds three times this year as well.

It seems clear that many of us are seeing things we cannot explain and have started to take the time to report or try to capture with our cameras what we are seeing.

Both Ed and another Paranormal investigator I recently spoke to think it is becoming apparent that those piloting or controlling the objects being seen and reported lately in our skies do not seem to care if we spot them or their activity.

In fact, they seem at times to be right in front of our noses without any attempt of cloaking or hiding their craft or actions. Orbs seem to be rampant all over the planet and seen by millions worldwide.

If they are all Chinese Lanterns there must be some awfully rich large Chinese Lantern producing companies out there to fill the requirements of all these sightings!

I have to admit that I agree with my friends that a tide seems to be turning with the amount of objects openly being seen both day and night in the last year.

It does seem that little or no attempt is being made to cover up the odd objects being seen all over the world. I cannot imagine the reason for this change. All I do know is that there does seem to be a change, not only in the amount of things being seen, but the actions of those controlling the objects that we see.

It could be that as we become more aware they do too. Maybe as we start to slowly accept the concept of the strangeness in our skies the strangeness becomes more active displaying who and what they are to us. I have no idea why this change seems to be slowly occurring, I can only say I believe this change is happening.

If you see something do report it. If you see something do not allow others to ridicule you or insult you. Instead remind them it is sad that they are still so locked in the dark ages that they still think like a fool who will be lost as space and all that it contains opens up to us here on earth.

Do not be belittled by a fool. That keeps us all ignorant of the very universe we live in. Laugh at those so limited and close minded that something as simple as life in the universe confuses and befuddles them. Stand up and do not be silenced by those with limited thinking and small closed minds.

I know how hard it is to stand up to others about the subjects considered Paranormal. I did a radio interview long ago on a paranormal show. We discussed many things and I thought had an average interview. The host was not very bright or up to date on the subjects he talked about, however, the show was average and typical of the shows at the time.

The difference was that I later found out this host would go to other areas of the Internet and slam the very people he interviewed about the paranormal referring to the subjects as ridiculous and the people he interviewed as lunatics and worse.

Of course I would not ever have anything to do with him again and hear many others do not as well. The sad part of this is that people like this fool keep us all lost to the truth concerning the space and time around us in which we live. People like him are keeping us lost to science we simply do not yet understand.

We all need to stand up to people like that shallow man and make those around us understand that things are out there we do not understand. Society is reporting seeing things they do not understand. It is time we gave up the fear, closed minds and denial and face what is happening with a determination to understand it not fear or ignore or run from it.

For now pay attention to your surroundings, keep looking up and always be careful out there.

Copyright © 2011 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World - http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/

Email chrisholly61@yahoo.com Phone: 631-887-4818

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/oureyes.html

source & references:

Submitted to UFO Casebook

by http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/

UFO Claimed to Be Seen Over Studio City
Steve Murrillo
Published: July 20, 2011

By Mike Szymanski

At the monthly MUFON LA meeting in Studio City, locals talk about sightings.

A Fourth of July sighting of a black object that looked like a hockey puck was seen in the skies over Studio City during a family barbecue, and within minutes, the same kind of object was spotted over Chino, 40 miles away, according to a report presented Tuesday night at the Studio City meeting of the Mutual UFO Network.

“You could either think that these two separate families were conspiring to make this up as some kind of hoax, or maybe they really saw something,” said Steve Murillo, section director of MUFON L.A.

Murillo gave a month’s worth of reports at the meeting to more than 100 members of the “nonprofit group whose mission is to scientifically research such sightings for the betterment of mankind.” He said there has been a report at least every three or four days over the past month.

The keynote speaker was Preston Dennett, who wrote 10 books about ghosts and UFO sightings particularly in the Los Angeles area.

Dennett had lived in the San Fernando Valley all his life and suddenly found that many people around him had sightings. His brother chased a UFO across the Valley down Reseda Boulevard. His sister saw a strange craft above Stagg Street Elementary School and the Van Nuys Airport.

“This is a very active area for sightings, forget Roswell,” Dennett said. More than 5,000 sightings in California alone from the late 19th to the early 21st centuries.

In his book One in Forty, the UFO Epidemic, Dennett detailed many accounts of alien encounters that he investigated, most of them in San Fernando Valley during a particularly active period in the 1990s.

He also wrote UFO Over Topanga and UFOs Over California, all about local sightings.

But at the meeting at the Studio City Unitarian Universalist Church he focused on alien encounters that resulted in healings. He talked to hundreds of people who have been healed of virulent cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis and other ailments.

“These healings are hard to believe, obviously, and they are at the bottom of the heap as far as the UFO community,” Dennett said. “It is not often discussed.”

After detailing cases for two hours, Dennett said “I would not be able to say if they are friendly or not, but from the people I’ve interviewed, at the worst the E.T.s seemed uncaring.”

Dennett said the only common thread he could find about the people who were healed were that they were in professions that helped people, such as police, social workers and teachers.

At the meeting, one attendee insisted that not all the healings by aliens were positive. He said, “I was abducted and they made me older, look at me. Gray and older. I am only 69 and I have the body of a 90-year-old.”

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/studiomeeting.html

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Triangular-shaped Lights Seen over British Columbia
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:07 PM 7/13/2011

British Colombia, Canada - 07-11-11

Yesterday, I was on my way home from a friend’s house when I spotted something odd.

I was driving east down 40th avenue and I spotted a light. This was like no man-made light, it did not give off any sort of glow and was very bright.

As I turned onto 240th street heading north I tried to get a better look at the light, but I kept losing it in the trees and houses to the east.

But then came a clearing to the east where I could truly see this was not man-made. I made a right onto Robertson Crescent heading east again.

That's when it really hit me, this thing was much closer than I expected. As I neared it, I could really see all the lights that were a part of this object.

I'm not saying this object was a triangle shape, but the lights on the bottom made it look like a triangle.

There was a very bright light on each corner.

As I neared even closer I realized it wasn't moving whatsoever and was completely silent. This was no helicopter.

I was about to go directly underneath the object. When I did, I decreased my speed to a crawl, looked up and saw a flurry in the middle of the craft, a flurry which consisted of about 6 very bright different colored lights.

As I passed it and came to the stop sign at Robertson & 248th street, I looked behind me and did not see it.

I thought it was gone and would not see it again. As I headed north up 248th, I looked to the west and saw it about a kilometer away moving slowly heading north. I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

Then it really spooked me, it started making very erratic movementsj, dashing from spot to spot in the sky. As I continued up 248th, I tried looking, but there were way too many trees to see.

I stopped looking and headed home. I was in too much shock to go on. It was hard even to think about it.

It was unlike anything I have ever experienced. The experience gave me a very gross feeling, like nothing matters in this world.

We know nothing of the world out there. Our planet is a very small piece of the puzzle we call existence.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/bccanada071111.html

source & references:

Submitted to www.mufon.com

Archived Case of the Week

1976 - UFO near Cheyenne, Wyoming, F E Warren
UFO Depiction
Published: 7:28 AM 9/27/2009

1976 - F E Warren

UFO sighting at a missile launch control facility and associated missile sites near Cheyenne, Wyoming, in the fall of 1976.

My first name is Bruce. I spent 20 years in the Air Force. The first nine years I served as an enlisted man and the last 11 as an officer. Initially I was very skeptical about all the “UFO nonsense.”

In the fall of 1976 I was a Minuteman III Combat Crew commander on alert with my deputy “Sam” (a lieutenant who had prior enlisted service with TAC units). In order to stay awake that night we monitored radio communication between the topside NCOIC (“Sgt Jones”) and the cops - actually Security Alert Team or SAT. They were on patrol near one of our 10 missile sites which was south about 9 or 10 miles from the Launch Control Facility or LCF.

Sometime around 2 A.M. we heard Sgt Jones ask the two cops to stop the vehicle, look around and report anything that the saw that looked unusual. He gave no hints about where to look or what to look for.

The response at first was that they didn't see anything. Then a few seconds later, they reported in an excited voice that they saw a pulsating white thing in the sky.

They could see flashing red and blue lights between the pulsations. Jones asked where they saw it. The cops responded that it was to the north about 10 miles and that it looked very close to the main capsule.

Now fully awake, Sam and I looked at each other and wondered what was going on. I called Jones on the hot line between us and asked him about the conversation he just had with the SAT.

He said that right now above the LCF (100 feet or so) was a white pulsating light with red and blue lights visible between the pulsations. He also said it was shaped like a “fat cigar” and appeared to be about 50 to 60 feet long. He was looking at it while we talked on the phone. Jones reported that it moved away.

Sgt Jones called back in a few minutes and said that it appeared to stop a few miles away - very close to one of the Launch Facilities (LF) or missile sites.

We ordered the cops to that missile site but they had to return to the capsule for batteries for their flashlights and other equipment. When they finally headed towards the silo, the pulsating light moved away before they got there.

Over the next couple of hours the pulsating light made stops very close to several more missile sites. Each time we tried to send the cops to the site in question. Each time the cops said they had car problems and/or other equipment problems and never actually made it to any of the sites. According to Jones, some time around 4:30 AM it “whooshed away” and turned into a white dot within a few seconds. The white dot stayed in the sky for a few more seconds and then totally disappeared.

While this was going on, during one of our communication checks with all the other launch control capsule commanders in our squadron we mentioned the object and received some chuckles and ridicule.

Within a minute or so one of the other commanders called our capsule said that he was told by his topside crew that they had the same sort of lights over their missile sites earlier that night but didn't want to say anything about it in the communications check for fear of ridicule. He said that he had not and would not report the incident to headquarters – again for fear of ridicule.

Sam and I reported it to SAC and Warren Control center right after that call and were laughed at and told to call back if it “ate the cops” we had sent to check it out, which of course did not happen as they never got close to the sites.

Even though we were laughed at each time we called, we made sure that it was officially reported with about 3 or 4 more calls to the Control center. On the final call we insisted that they include it in their log or we would wake the base commander. I wish we had.

The next morning after our alert we were relieved by a new crew and went topside. Sgt Jones was there curled up in a chair. He was wide awake and still quite upset and scared about his experience. We spent some time talking to him and trying to calm him down.

Under promise that we wouldn't report the SAT actions, Sgt Jones also told us that the cops (SAT) were scared to death last night and had decided they were not going to drive to any of the sites that had “that thing” over it under any circumstances. That explained all their vehicle and equipment problems.

To this day I am convinced that Sgt Jones believed that he saw something very unusual that night and was sincere in his description of the activity. I did not see Sgt Jones again on any other alert duty.

At the next several crew departure meetings all outgoing crews were briefed that this event never officially happened and not to talk to anyone about it. I did not recognize the individual who briefed us at that departure meeting. As a serviceman who followed orders for 20 years I have had reservations about mentioning this incident.

However, in the past several years I have read about or seen on the Larry King TV show cases where similar incidents have been reported by former military members. A former Missile commander - Robert Salas especially comes to mind. Since skeptics appear to have challenged their integrity as well as their memory I think it is time for all of us that have been silent to talk about what we observed.

F E Warren Map
permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2010/fewarren1976.html

source & references:


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