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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 572, Issue date, 07-29-13

East Hull UFO: Bright Lights Caught on Photograph
UFO Photo
Published: 12:39 AM 7/27/2013

By Jon Townend

SPECULATION is rife over the origin of unusual bright lights seen over east Hull.

Suggestions so far have included ET, a Chinese lantern, a Russian spy plane and Harry Potter's car.

But, for the woman who took the photographs, there is only one answer – intelligent life taking a spin in a spaceship over the Humber.

Jean Dearing, of Bedale Avenue, Southcoates Lane, said: "I can only say what I saw. I've always wanted to see a UFO and now I have.

"I saw what I saw and it was very, very vivid."

Getting her washing in before the storms hit on Monday night, Mrs Dearing saw moving lights and shapes in the sky over the Humber. She said: "It was so bright and almost a fan-shaped object, half the size of the moon.

"I dashed in to get my camera and when I looked up again the object was beginning to move in a clockwise circular motion, clearly visible and then dropped quite sharply downwards and then back upwards.

"I tried to put my camera on video but my hands were shaking with excitement, so I just held up the camera and snapped.

"The object then climbed higher into the sky and disappeared at great speed upwards and out of my sight."

Mrs Dearing, who worked for development agency Yorkshire Forward before her retirement, says she knows other people who have told her convincing stories about seeing UFOs.

Now she is appealing for other people who saw something unusual in east Hull on Monday to come forward.

So far she has had no corroboration. By the time she had fetched her husband, Martin, into the garden, the strange object had gone. After seeing the pictures, Mr Dearing is convinced his wife saw something special.

But, reacting to the pictures on the Mail's website, others were less easily persuaded.

One reader commented: "I saw it too. It was only a moment later that I noticed the man with the remote control device in his hand and realised what his game was."

Another commentator, linking the sighting to a lorry fire yesterday, wrote: "Chinese lantern heading towards that recycling lorry on the M62?"

More sensible suggestions have included a flight coming in low to Humberside airport to avoid turbulence.

And, posting on the Mail's Facebook page, reader Laura Wilson said: "I saw the exact same thing but not on Monday, it was last night near Holderness Road."

Whatever the doubters say, Mrs Dearing is convinced.

She said: "When you look at the pictures, you can see its movement. "It stayed there for one minute and it was too big to be a Russian spy plane. I've always said I believe in alien life. I don't think we're the only ones in the universe.

"Maybe it was significant that it was the day of the royal baby."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/dearingphoto.html

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UFO Agenda Book


New York Skies: You are Not Alone
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:29 PM 7/26/2013

By Cheryl Costa

On May 11, a seasonably cool and cloudy evening at Sylvan Beach, a handful of New York residents saw something strange in the sky. They reported something that appeared to be stationary and seemed to be on fire.

At first, they thought it might be an aircraft in distress. The object appeared to move, then stopped, then would move some more, then disappeared from sight. The observers knew it didn’t move like any aircraft they were familiar with. They witnessed and reported an unidentified flying object, or UFO.

These neighbors of ours are not alone. Several surveys taken last year found that one in 10 Americans say that they have seen an unidentified flying object. A National Geographic poll last year revealed that 36 percent of Americans believe in UFOs, that 48 percent are on the fence about it and that 17 percent flat out don’t believe.

The survey further revealed that 79 percent felt that aliens have visited our world and felt that the government is covering up what it knows.

Here in New York, one in 10 of our population would equal about 1.9 million people; 36 percent of our population of roughly 19 million would equal about 6.8 million people. That is an awful lot of relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues who believe in UFOs.

It's been my experience that when you ask people about strange things in the sky, just about everybody you meet either has a UFO story or knows someone who does. And for good reason. Did you know that every day there are 10 to 25 UFO sightings around the world, with an average of 12 sightings daily?

In a typical month, there is an average of 400 sightings worldwide, which would equal about 4,500 a year. You don’t hear about them, do you?

Did you know that New York has logged an average of about 150 sightings a year for the past five years, with a whopping 263 reported sightings in 2012? I bet you haven’t heard that little tidbit, either.

I think it’s time to talk openly about this topic. Please share a link to this column with your friends, relatives and colleagues – for in this weekly column, I plan to share with you some of the highlights of UFO sightings reported in our state – some reports from as long as 40 years ago, and others only days after they happen.

If you have a New York UFO sighting story to tell, I’d love to hear about it. All respondents’ names will be kept confidential. Email me at NYSkies@DragonLadyMedia.com

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/newyorkskies.html

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England's Forests: Following the UFO Trail in Suffolk
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:07 AM 7/27/2013

The Guardian

In December 1980, US Air Force personnel at RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk claimed to have seen aliens in Rendlesham Forest. The Forestry Commission has now set up a trail for intrepid ufologists.

If you want to look for something really unusual in the sky – day or night – a trip to Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk might just inspire you. This was the scene of "Britain's Roswell incident", a legendary UFO sighting – and possible landing – in December 1980.

A number of US Air Force personnel stationed at nearby RAF Woodbridge reported some very curious sightings over a two or three-day period. Alerted by mysterious lights in the forest, some servicemen claimed that they had seen – and even touched – an alien spacecraft.

The incident has sparked more correspondence with government officials than any other British UFO sighting – not to mention regular pilgrimages to the forest by avid amateur ufologists.

In honour of this, the Forestry Commission has created a three-mile UFO Trail that children of all ages can enjoy.

Graded easy, it includes some strange alien-looking symbols on marker posts to spot, and a unidentified message to decode using the Alien Trail leaflet.

To avoid any disappointed children (or adults), however, we should just point out that the walk contains no visible evidence that any aliens ever visited Rendlesham Forest.

But that doesn't stop the conspiracy theorists speculating that there was a huge cover-up by both British and United States governments...

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/foresttrail.html

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graphic - www.ufocasebook.com

'UFO Car' and 1974 Incident Continue to Fascinate
Warren natives Janet and Lyle Anderson, president of the historical society Kent Broten and former Warren Sheriff Dennis Brekke discuss the famous
Published: 12:15 PM 7/26/2013

Vehicle is by far the most popular attraction at Marshall County Museum.

By Ryan Bakken, Forum News Service

Warren, Minnesota - Back home Wednesday for her 55th class reunion; Janet Anderson visited the Marshall County Historical Society Museum. It’s a routine stop whenever she and husband Lyle return to their hometown from their residence in Sun Valley, Idaho.

The top museum attraction for the Andersons — and many others — is a patrol car from what’s commonly known as the “Warren UFO Encounter” of 1979.

“Most of this kind of stuff, I don’t believe,” Janet said. “But I believe this story.

“You have to believe in some things that you don’t understand.”

The Andersons aren’t alone. During county fair week, which is this week, museum visitors routinely number 5,000.

“The car is the single item that most people mention as their reason for coming here,” said Kent Broten, the museum president.

Added Vice President Mike Johnson: “People drive hundreds of miles out of their way to see it. At least, that’s what they tell me.”

There is a linked activity Saturday that likely will heighten interest. At 4 p.m., paranormal researcher Chad Lewis will talk about Minnesota and North Dakota UFO sightings and the phenomena that go with them. The program is free and open to the public at the museum, which is located on the fairgrounds.

Dennis Brekke, the county sheriff in 1979 and now retired, regaled the Andersons and others about the incident, which involved Deputy Val Johnson, who is believed to now live somewhere in Wisconsin. Johnson appeared on “Good Morning America” soon after the incident, but quickly grew tired of interviews and attention about the episode.

Bit by bit, Brekke recounted the incident details that baffled investigators, including Honeywell scientists:

The patrol car left skid marks of 800 feet... Johnson suffered “welder-type” burns to his eyes from bright lights... the car’s two antennas bent, one at a 90-degree angle, one at 45 degrees... both the patrol car’s clock and Johnson’s watch stopped for 14 minutes... Johnson remembered nothing during a 40-minute time period... the windshield was cracked, but the force of the damage didn’t seem to come from either outside or inside forces.

“Val told me that he knew something happened, but he didn’t remember what it was,” Brekke said. “The last thing he remembered was a big light that came all of a sudden.”

County officials wanted the patrol car, a rust-colored 1977 LTD with only 60,000 miles on it, repaired and returned to the fleet. However, Brekke said he convinced them to leave it as it was for public consumption.

“People like strange and unusual things they don’t understand,” Brekke said. ‘We’re not alone’

On Saturday, Lewis will discuss the Warren episode that will be a part of his upcoming book on Minnesota UFO sightings and other phenomena such as crop circles and creatures such as Bigfoot.

“Some people who come to my talks believe in this and some are skeptical yet still curious,” Lewis said. “Some are hoaxes, planes or satellites, but some are unexplained. I leave it up to the audience to make up their own minds. “Plus, I simply don’t know. After more than 20 years of doing this, I’m left with more questions than answers.”

However, 82-year-old Ethel Thorlacius, who has worked at the museum for decades, has witnessed a trend. “At first, a lot of people made fun of it,” she said. “But there’s a different mentality now. People are much more likely to believe there is something different out there, that we’re not alone.”

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/ufocar.html

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Archived Case of the Week

Sheriff Blinded by Light from UFO; Minnesota-1979
August 27, 1979-Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson of Marshall County was on duty that night, driving not far from the North Dakota border, when at around 1:40 a.m. he saw a light through his side window. It was obviously not on a road and looked too glaring to be a car headlight.

He first thought it might be a small plane on or very near the ground. He turned left on another road to try to get closer to the light to identify it. Suddenly, the light moved toward him, travelling so fast that it almost instantaneously was upon his car (covering an estimated mile and a half).

Johnson was blinded by the brilliance of the light and heard glass breaking, then lost consciousness.

When he returned to consciousness, the car was stalled and had skidded across the highway. He felt sluggish and shaky. He radioed headquarters, at 2:19 a.m., to request assistance. Soon another deputy arrived, who called an ambulance.

The doctor who examined Johnson found him to be in a mild state of shock.

His eyes were irritated as if Johnson had suffered "mild welder's burns," and Johnson couldn't stand to be exposed to any bright lights.

The patrol car had very peculiar damage. The inside headlight on the driver's side was smashed but not the one to its immediate left. There was a flat-bottomed circular dent on the left side of the front hood, about a half inch in diameter, close to the windshield.

There was a crack in the windshield on the driver's side, that ran from top to bottom, with four apparent impacts. The electric clock was running 14 minutes slow, as was Johnson's wristwatch.

The shaft of the roof antenna was bent over at a 60-degree angle, starting about 6 inches above its base.

The trunk antenna was bent over at 90 degrees, but only near the top. No damage occurred to the car's regular antenna on the front hood. Essentially, all the damage to the car occurred on the left, or driver's side.

Investigations occurred immediately, both by the sheriff's department and by investigators from the Center for UFO Studies. The police determined that Johnson's car traveled about 950 feet after the first damage occurred.

No cause could be found for the event, including collision with another vehicle or a low-flying plane, a hoax on the part of Johnson, or anything else. In addition, experts from Ford Motors (the vehicle was a 1977 Ford LTD) and a team of engineers from Honeywell examined various portions of the damage.

A windshield expert, Meridan French, from Ford, noted after examining the windshield fractures that "Even after several days of reflection on the crack patterns and apparent sequence of fractures, I still have no explanation for what seem to be inward and outward forces acting almost simultaneously. I can only [conclude]... that all cracks were from mechanical forces of unknown origin."

No cause could be found for the clock running slow, the peculiar antenna damage, or other physical traces.

Fortunately, Johnson's eyes healed quickly, and he suffered no lasting effect from the close encounter.

Val Johnson's own words...

"This is Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson... I report in connection with an incident which happened August 27th, 1979, at approximately 1:40 a.m., western section of Marshall County, approximately ten miles west of Stephen, Minnesota. This officer was on routine patrol, westbound down Marshall County Road #5.

I got to the intersection of #5 and Minnesota State #220. When I looked down south #220 to check for traffic, I noticed a very bright, brilliant light, 8 to 12 inches in diameter, 3 to 4 feet off the ground.

The edges were very defined. I thought perhaps at first that it could be an aircraft in trouble, as it appeared to be a landing light from an aircraft. "

"I proceeded south on #220. I proceeded about a mile and three tenths or a mile and four tenths when the light intercepted my vehicle causing damage to a headlight, putting a dent in the hood, breaking the windshield and bending antennas on top of the vehicle.

At this point. at the interception of the light, I was rendered either unconscious, neutralized or unknowing for a period of approximately 39 minutes.

From the point of intersection, my Police vehicle proceeded south in a straight line 854 feet, at which point the brakes were engaged by forces unknown to myself, as I do not remember doing this, and I left about approximately 99 feet of black marks on the highway before coming to rest sideways in the road with the grille of my hood facing in an easterly direction. At 2:19 a.m., I radioed a 10-88 (Officer Needs Assistance) to my dispatcher in Warren."

"He dispatched an officer from Stephen who came out, ascertained the situation as best he could, called for the Stephen Ambulance to transport me to Warren Hospital for further tests, x-rays and observation.

At the time the officer arrived, I complained about having very sore eyes. At Warren Hospital, it was diagnosed that I had a mild case of welder's burns to my eyes.

My eyes were treated with some salve and adhesive bandages put over and instructed to keep them on for the remainder of the day, or approximately 24 hours. At 11:00 a.m., Sheriff Dennis Breckie, my employer, picked me up at my residence in Oslo, and transported me to an ophthalmologist in Grand Forks, North Dakota."

" He examined my eyes and said I had some irritation to the inner portions of the eye which could have been caused by seeing a bright light after dark. That is all I have to add except to say that my timepiece in the Police vehicle and my mechanical wrist watch were both lacking 14 minutes of time to the minute."

The most complete account of this case is in The UFO Encyclopedia: The Phenomenon from the Beginning by Jerome Clark (1998), Omnigraphics. Other references include Allan Hendry "Minnesota CEII: The Val Johnson Story," International UFO Reporter Pt. I, 4 (Sept./Oct. 1979):4-9, and Pt II, 4 (November 1979): 4-10.

Police report-click to see full size

Map of incident-click to see full size

More Research Materials on Case:

We were contacted by researcher Guy Westcott, of UFOR, who investigated the Val Johnson case. He worked for NOAP and CCUFOS at the time of the incident, and has been kind enough to send us some great material pertaining to the case, and we offer him much thanks for this. All of the material below came from him.

  • Cover Letter

  • Damage Pic

  • Antenna Damage

  • Car Damage 1

  • Car Damage 2

  • Car Damage 3

  • Car Damage 4

  • Dome Light

  • Dome Light Burns

  • Windshield/Hood

  • Antenna Theory

  • Dome Light Burns, Color Inverted

  • Front Left of Car

  • Hood Damage

  • Hood Damage Enhanced Light

  • Rear Antenna Alignment

  • Roof Antenna Base

  • Roof Damage

  • Discussion 1

  • Info Page 1

  • Info Page 2

  • Info Page 3

  • Damage Sketch

  • NOAP-1

  • NOAP-2

  • End Location 1

  • End Location 2

  • End Location with Johnson

  • Facing South

  • Facing South 2

  • Map

  • Map 2

  • Johnson Report 1

  • Johnson Report 2

  • Johnson Report 3

  • Johnson Report 4

  • MCUFOS 1

  • MCUFOS 2

  • NOAP Page1

  • NOAP Page2

  • NOAP Report1

  • Original Page 1

  • Updated Report

  • Page 1

  • Page 2

  • Page 3

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