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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 520, Issue date, 07-30-12

UFO over 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony
UFO Image
Published: 10:47 AM 7/28/2012

Originally published on Jul 27, 2012 by MrScipher

I was watching SKY News just after the end of the ceremony and spotted something floating from under the SKY News logo. I saw this again on BBC News.

(Editor's Note: Was it not inevitable? There has been a lot of chatter about a UFO appearing at the Olympics.

There is a widespread belief that UFOs often frequent major events around our planet, in addition to tragic events.

The object shown cannot yet be ruled out as being part of the ceremony, but there there has been no such announcement as of this writing.

The object is definitely saucer-shaped, and can be seen at the top of video. It is quite obvious that the images were taken from a TV monitor on at least a few of the many videos of this event. We have combined parts of two of the files, enhanced and zoomed in on the object.

Well, what do you think?)

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Could a Flying Saucer be an Efficient Design for an Alien Spacecraft?
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:03 PM 7/26/2012

A disk or cylinder could be a very efficient shape for a spacecraft if aliens from planets with different gravities want to travel together.

Flying saucer sightings frequently involve something rotating. If this is real, centrifugal power would have a similar effect to gravity but the force would be different at different distances from the centre.

Therefore different aliens that evolved on different planets or moons with different gravities could all have homes somewhere in a flying saucer where the simulated gravity fits them.

If a flying saucer picked up humans somewhere in the craft would be an area that simulates the gravity of the Earth.

What about flying saucers with a hub in the centre? Perhaps that’s imaginary. Perhaps the hub is for some alien machinery that we don’t understand.

Areas in the disk where the simulated gravity doesn't suit any of the travelers could be used for storage and sections could be cleared if new aliens are discovered who need that level of simulated gravity.

To simulate gravity a rotating disk would probably need to be very big, say at least a hundred metres in diameter. A smaller, faster rotating disk could also simulate gravity, but there would be significantly different gravity in different parts of the same room.

Depending on the physiology of the aliens this could cause problems. The above can explain very large flying saucers or flying saucers in the sky where the real size is impossible to estimate. Smaller flying saucers might need a different explanation.

None of this shows that flying saucers are real, but it shows that flying saucers are possible.

Problems with the "flying saucer" shape

There are problems with the "flying saucer" shape. The closest approximation that airplane designers have built is the "flying wing," and flying-wing airplanes have not been very popular.

The large majority of airplanes are winged missiles. This shape cuts down on drag by reducing the airplane's direction-of-motion cross section. Interestingly, flying animals -- birds, bats, pterosaurs, and insects -- have a similar winged-missile shape.

This does not mean that there are no extraterrestrial spacecraft being operated in the Earth's atmosphere. It does suggest that they would resemble us Earthlings' airplanes more than the classical "flying saucer" shape.

Furthermore, the previous argument confuses different functions of spacecraft -- residence and exploration. A spacecraft for residence can be large and poorly designed for atmospheric travel, while one for exploration can be designed to enter and exit atmospheres.

There's a close analogy with aquatic travel. A big ship often has small boats aboard it, boats that can be used to approach shorelines. So what we'd see in our atmosphere would be an aerial counterpart of those boats rather than the main ships.

Although human spacefaring has been very limited, some spacecraft have had parts that are specialized for different functions, like orbiting and landing.

The combination travels to some other planet or moon, and the lander separates from the orbiter when there. The Apollo, Viking, Galileo, and Cassini spacecraft have all been orbiter-lander combinations.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/flyingsaucershape.html

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UFO Sightings on the Rise - A Study
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:35 PM 7/26/2012


UFO sightings neared a record high in 2011, a new study reveals. Here's hoping those UFOs aren't of the Kang and Kodos variety.

WINNIPEG - UFO sightings in Canada neared a record high in 2011, a new study reveals.

According to Ufology Research, which has studied unidentified flying objects in this country since 1989, there were 986 sightings in 2011 — or almost three per day. The record for a single year is 1,004 sightings, set in 2008.

Ontario led the country in sightings, with 406. B.C. and Alberta placed a distant second and third.

There were 81 UFO sightings in Manitoba — 18 of which occurred within Winnipeg.

More than half of all UFO sightings were of simple lights in the sky, the study notes. Witnesses also reported point sources of light, spheres, and boomerangs.

But about 11% of all UFO reports couldn’t be explained. “Results of this study show many people continue to report unusual objects in the sky, and some of these objects do not have obvious explanations. Many witnesses are pilots, police and other individuals with reasonably good observing capabilities and good judgement,” the study notes.

“Popular opinion to the contrary, there is no incontrovertible evidence that some UFO cases involve extraterrestrial contact.”

The study suggests further examination of the UFO phenomenon should be studies by social, medical, and/or physical scientists.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/ontherisestudy.html

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Military-Colored Disc Seen over Delaware
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:07 PM 7/28/2012

Bremen, Delaware - 07-27-12

At first it seemed like an airplane approaching my place with unusually bright light (VERY BRIGHT). However, it was same color, from anticipated wingtip to wingtip; orange to yellow, VERY bright.

I thought it was a plane, just unusual and VERY bright lights, and wanted to take a picture, but it was short past sunset. Although still like normal day for the eye, the camera only got darkness with a glowing thing.

It came closer and thus I saw more of its shape, got confused, ran for the magnifying hunting glass I had stored away.

Through the glasses, it had the size of a 1 or 2 EURO coin. However, at that time it was almost over me. To my big surprise, no more lights - and no wings. It was a round disc in dark gray, similar to how military forces would paint their crafts.

Since it looked on approach like a plane, it must have been a quite flat disc. It definitely lost a lot of height between first spotting the bright light and the flyover.

The only sound I heard was some sort of humming like of a generator in the distance - and that may well have been it. I've heard similar sounds a lot here and never got the source. Probably the ironworks, train line or somethng else. So my best guess is, all was silent.

I'm close to two airports. I've seen many and very unusual planes, but that turned out to be a surprise. I don't know any disc-shaped planes and all planes still have visible lights when they fly over me.

I checked flight radar and there was no matching aircraft registered for that time period and flight path (west to east).

I could provide the photo, but better not. The camera completely failed. It wasn't dark and it just got a bright orange dot with camera shake trail while to the eye it wasn't a dot on that distance plus clouds as well as trees/leaves in the distant were easy to be seen.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/delaware072712.html

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Cylinder-shaped Object on Camera in West Midlands, UK
Published: 9:32 AM 7/26/2012

Brierley hill, West Midlands, England - 07-22-12 - 17:46

It was a hot sunny day and we were having a family BBQ. In the northeasternsky my brother saw a shining (metallic) strobe in the clouds.

He managed to take several snaps of the anomaly, but in the sunny garden we couldn't really see anything quirky on the camera screen. So we thought little more of it.

However, upon loading the days photos onto the computer we were able to see an elongated, cylindrical shaped object.

It is almost invisible/cloaked, it can be seen to the bottom right of the white cloud, but my cousin Phill tried to enhance it and the result was 'eye-opening.'

I've attached the photos, so please let me know what you think.

Thank you,

Col. Foster

Brierley hill, West Midlands, England - 07-22-12

(click on image for full size)

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/westmidlands072212.html

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submitted to www.ufocasebook.com

Archived Case of the Week

The Hannah McRoberts UFO Photograph

Hannah Roberts Photograph
Published: 2005

October (10-15?), 1981 - Best Flying Saucer Photo Ever?

Mrs. Hannah McRoberts (aged 25) of Campbell River, BC, was with her family at a rest-area some thirty miles to the north of Kelsey Bay on the east coast of Vancouver Island, from October 8 to 15, 1981.

During this five-day period she says she took a number of pictures of her family and of the local scenery, using her 35 mm Mamiya camera with a 50-55 mm lens, 125 speed, and ASA 100 film.

At one point during the holiday they observed that one of the mountain peaks was surmounted by a cloud somewhat suggestive, as they described it, of "a volcano issuing steam," so Mrs. McRoberts snapped that as well.

None of the party noticed anything else in the air at the time, and the presence of the UFO was therefore only discovered by them when the prints and negatives came back to them after processing.

The resulting photograph shows an object to the right of and above the peak and the plume of cloud. This photo came to the attention of Mr. David A. C. Powell of Vancouver, who is on the staff of the McMillan Planetarium in that city, who in turn contacted Bill Allan, and provided him with an enlargement, and also got in contact the APRO of Tucson, Arizona, the respected American UFO investigation group who claim now to be the oldest in the world.

After many examinations of the photo, the negative was finally delivered to Richard F. Haines, Editor of the Journal of Scientific Exploration for analysis.

Haines determined that what Hannah had captured unwittingly in her photo of the mountain was a genuine airborne object and not the result of emulsion deformity or optical illusion of the camera's inner mechnisms.

From Report: Abstract--This report reviews various investigative activities and analyses surrounding a photograph of a purported unidentified flying object (UFO) taken on October 8, 1981, at about 11:00 AM, local time on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The evidence consisted of a single frame of 35 mm color film which showed a sharply focused disc-like object against a clear blue sky with wooded mountain peak nearby.

Analyses of the original negative included micro-densitometry, computer enhancements, and other measurements intent upon showing a support thread, atmospheric disturbance, or other evidences of a hoax.

These analyses suggest that the disc was a three dimensional object located at a distance of at least 30 feet from the camera; the object's surface albedo was diffuse and of lower luminance than a sunlit cloud. Extensive interviews with the photographer (who never saw the aerial object), her husband, and daughter and site survey tended to support the entire narrative account.

The identity of the disc object remains unidentified.

The family was on their way to visit her sister at Holberg, located at the northwest tip of Vancouver Island. Mrs. D.M. was an outgoing, pleasant person with a casual interest in UFOs. Inspection of their home did not indicate any interest at all in the occult, the psychic realm, or related subjects.

Mr. D.M. worked at the lumber mill in Campbell River.

Neither person claimed to have read any books specifically on UFOs, but had seen the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." The husband was an avid science fiction fan in earlier years.

A battery of optical tests were performed on the negative to determine the physicality as well as the possible size and distance of the UFO from the camera. This included visits to the site of the photograph.

Roberts Photo When asked what they had done immediately after noticing the disc on the photograph (some 18 days later on October 26, 1981), Mrs. D.M. replied, "Well, we didn't know what to do. Eventually we showed it to our neighbors and Mr. and Mrs. M. Sr. (husband's parents)."

Mrs. D.M. phoned the Canadian Forces Base at Comox in mid-November 1981 concerning their possible interest in seeing the photograph. She ". . . just wanted to see if they were interested in it and if they knew anything about what the object could be."

An Air Force representative (allegedly) said they were not interested in viewing it, but did take her name and address. It was not until the summer of 1982 that the family traveled to Vancouver, B.C. bringing one 4" x 5" color print with them.

They visited the Vancouver Planetarium and spoke with the Director, David Dodge, who called in David Powell who was interested in UFO phenomena. The couple were persuaded to lend the original negative to them to make enlarged copies.

The negatives were delivered to Mr. Powell in June 1982, and were returned to Mr. and Mrs. D.M. on January 28, 1983. These dates may be significant since they suggest that the photographer was willing to wait a long time before pursuing an explanation for the disc-like image on her photograph.

If this event had been a deliberate hoax, it is more likely that some overt action to capitalize on it might have been taken soon after the disc had been discovered, and not almost a year later. Of course this is not a conclusive argument to support this contention.

The author found the photographer and her husband to be middle-class, hard-working people. Their property was well kept. Nothing could be found which pointed to a deliberate hoax. Both displayed genuine puzzlement about the origin of the disc on the photograph. Mr. and Mrs. D.M. were not defensive nor did they ever attempt to cover up anything as far as could be determined.

This sighting/photograph even managed to slip past the sleeping disinformation and obfuscation editors at ABC News!

Source: http://www.scientificexploration.org/jse/articles/ufo_reports/haines_ufo_analysis/1.html


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