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Plane and UFO Photographed over Westbury?
Published: 1:00pm Friday 31st July 2009

Westbury White House, Westbury, UK

An amateur photographer from Westbury has taken what he describes as ‘a shot in a million’ of a UFO seemingly tracking an RAF plane.

The 56 year-old, from The Butts, Westbury, who wishes to remain anonymous, took this photograph at about 3.45 pm on July 22 while in his garden looking towards the Westbury White Horse.

The image shows a Hercules from RAF Lyneham being trailed by a mysterious shape in the background.

The photographer said: “I don’t believe in things from outer space – I think that kind of thing is ludicrous – but that thing was definitely tracking the plane. “My neighbour was in the garden at the time and I wanted to shout to them, but I didn’t want to say ‘there’s a flying saucer in the sky’ so I didn’t say anything in the end."

“I thought at the time this is too good to be true and I didn’t think it would come out as good as it has. If I was to say it was a shot in a million I don’t think I’d be exaggerating. “To be honest I find it extremely embarrassing that I’ve taken this photo but it should be in the public forum for people to discuss."

“I’m just desperately curious to find out what it is. “Since I’ve taken the photo I’ve been on some UFO websites and there’s nothing remotely like this photo with an RAF plane being tracked. “I rang the RAF to tell them what I had seen but all I got was cynicism, which is understandable.”

An MoD spokesman said: “The MoD examines reports solely to establish whether UK airspace may have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised military activity. Unless there is evidence of a potential threat, there is no attempt to identify the nature of each sighting reported.”

UFO fanatics will be gathering in the neighbouring town of Warminster from August 29-30 for the Weird 09 festival – billed as Wiltshire’s biggest UFO and paranormal event. The event, at the Athenaeum Centre, will include a skywatch at Cradle Hill in Warminster.

Westbury White House, Westbury, UK

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A Candle in the Window by Billy Cox
Don Berliner
Published: July 27th, 2009 03:59pm

by Billy Cox

In 1966, with Michigan eyewitnesses hounding House Minority Leader Gerald Ford for explanations, it looked like this UFO thing might bust wide open on Capitol Hill. As Missouri congressman Durwald Hall’s unhinged rant indicated during a brief hearing on April 5 of that year, measured perspectives were falling out of fashion.

Declaring that acid-dropping Americans “are almost synonymous with the number of space sightings we have today,” Hall added that people who reported UFOs reflected “a decrease in the morals and the fiber of those who would subject themselves to hallucinatory influences in the first place.”

The dude didn’t make any sense, but what the hell, it was Congress. Next thing you knew, the Air Force contracted the University of Colorado to get the 800-pound ape off its back. UC obliged, declared UFOs beneath the dignity of science, and handed the USAF an escape clause to walk away from its public UFO study, Project Blue Book, in 1969.

But more than Blue Book died 40 years ago. “NICAP folded shortly thereafter,” remembers Don Berliner. “It went on for a little while, but it was over for all intents and purposes.”

Founded in 1956 and reaching peak membership of 14,000 with more than half a dozen full-time employees, the National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena became the largest private UFO study group in the world. One of its most diligent stewards was Richard Hall, who had a curious zest for immersing himself in reams of often dull, numbing, horribly written UFO reports filed by military and civilian eyewitnesses alike.

Exasperated by conspiracy theories and New Age dreck, Hall went on to write his “Reality Check” column for UFO Magazine and co-found the Fund for UFO Research, which financed investigations for more than 20 years into some of the strongest reports. But at the time of his death earlier this month, Hall’s Web site reflected more accessible priorities, such as genealogy, the Civil War, and his own artwork. You had to scroll down to reach the UFO stuff.

“He tried to get out of the field,” says Berliner, who presides over the remains of the Fund, “and he felt his ability to get a good job was hampered somewhat by research that a lot of people considered weird.”

Berliner met Hall when he joined NICAP in Washington in 1962. Pulling 15-hour stretches for up to two weeks at its office in tony Dupont Circle, taking astonishing reports from the likes of airline pilots walking in from National Airport, Berliner recalls that era with a sense of anticipation, like maybe something huge could pop at any moment.

“Well, it was the quality of the evidence,” Berliner says from Alexandria, Va. “Wishful thinking or speculation on what the government knew or didn’t know had no place in our work. Dick, and others, to a lesser degree, established a basis for looking at that evidence scientifically. We just didn’t see how anybody could ignore what we were collecting, especially given the standards we were using.”

At age 79, Berliner notes that he’s six months older than Hall. If you’d told him in 1969 we’d be no closer to solving the riddle than we are today, Berliner would’ve dismissed the idea as outlandish. And even as he states that “there hasn’t been a great increase in the intellectual capacity of congress in 40 years,” Berliner remains an optimist. A breakthrough, he says, is always just a couple of key documents or whistleblowers away.

“I fully expect to be around when that happens,” says Berliner as the NICAP generation passes into history. “I’m not going until that happens. I’m going to lash myself to a chair.”

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Strange-Colored Object Seen in Arizona
Published: 7:18 PM 7/29/2009

Arizona - 07-22-09

On Wednesday, July 22, around 10 pm, son had gone out to the back of the house to water the trees. As he reached down to get the water hose, my son noticed a ball of light (from the distance it seemed about the size of a basketball or slightly bigger) at the bottom of the slope and across the wash.

As he describes it, the ball of light was very bright and "pretty." It made him feel "at ease," and the color was something he wasn't quite familiar with... almost a turquoise color.

As he watched the light (he said he froze just looking and recalls a strange silence) within a group of relatively small mesquite trees, it turned off, but he noticed that something went straight up rather quickly (it went far enough in the sky that he had to almost look straight up from where he was standing).

When it got to a certain altitude it "turned" back on. He's not sure for how long, but then it turned back off and he saw the object come back down to where it was first seen just above the ground, and then light up again. He noticed that it would pulsate. One thing he did notice (or remember) was that even though the light was very bright, it did not illuminate its surroundings.

He finally lost the object while, he believes, it was still at the bottom of the hill. The next day I asked him to go down there and take a look (I was and still am in California) and he did sometime in the early evening. He took our dog Rex with him, and as he was nearing the site, he heard footsteps ahead of him.

He and Rex stopped and looked towards the area of the sighting and noticed 7 or 8 men looking around. He said they were all dressed in black and were wearing gloves because he could not see their hands. They all had short black or dark hair (it was already getting dark).

These men seemed to be huddled around the area where the ball of light was the night before. Rex also stopped in his tracks, and did not want to go further.

My son then decided (wisely) to go back to the house, and as he reached the top, he noticed the men climbing the opposite hill and then a black SUV (he says it was a Ford Excursion) with dark tinted windows, came from the top of the street and all the men got in and left.

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Unknown Objects Observed in Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany - 07-26-09
Published: 10:00 AM 7/30/2009

Munich, Germany - 07-26-09

On Sunday evening Around 11 PM, I was lying in my hammock on my balcony in Munich, Germany. I suddenly realized a flying object crossing by what seemed to be in a short distance.

It had no lights at all, and was illuminated only by the lights of the street and surroundings.

I could hear absolutely no sound except the normal noise of the city on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It seemed to be not far away - hard to tell, but I assume about 100 meters, therefore it could not have been very large. I would say about 1 to 2 meters in diameter.

It had a clearly visible structure. It flew at a speed that was nearly 3-times as fast as a flying goose but it was for sure no bird: If it would have been one, I should have heard the flapping wings. Otherwise, if it was a bird that far that you couldn't hear the wings it would have been incredible big. At last I have not seen wings at all.

It is really funny but the shape reminds me of a sausage. To be correct this was my first thought, and this thing left me complete speechless for the first moments. This was not my first sighting. And when it comes to UFOs you are expecting everything but sausages – I know this sounds really crazy but this is the way it was.

I kept in place still thinking and smiling about flying sausages, when suddenly my eye was grabbed by a point of light, just like a star, that flew exactly into the opposite direction. This thing crossed the whole distance of the sky and vanished behind the leaves of a tree within about 1 to 2 seconds.

I've of course seen many falling stars in my life, even a meteorite that crossed the sky with a roaring noise, but this was for sure none of these objects. It also could not have been a satellite, because these fly far slower from our point of view.

The intensity of the light seemed to be the same on the whole distance until I lost sight. And the most important thing: this object was flying a curve. I've never seen a falling star or satellite flying a curve. This was, as I mentioned, not my first sighting at all. But the craziest one.

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Are We Alone? What are the Odds We'll Ever Know?
Published: Fri. Jul 24 - 4:46 AM


FOR ME, the clincher was not the moon landing but the Earth rising. I’ve been hooked on space ever since I saw that thrilling photograph as a child — the one taken from lunar orbit in 1968 that captures our shiny marble of a planet floating in a sea of utter darkness over the desolate horizon of the moon.

What fascinated me was the revolution in perspective — the God’s-eye view of our globe — and the idea that the three Apollo 8 astronauts had stumbled upon the 8th wonder of the world, which was the world itself, in all its glory.

Today I still marvel, child-like, at the heavens. But I’ve had another revolution in perspective about space exploration.

Where once I saw endless possibilities, now I see daunting obstacles. I used to think it was just a matter of time before the aliens reached us or we reached them. But now I realize how relentlessly time, timing and distance work against us.

Think about it this way: Even if other space-faring civilizations do exist, for us to cross paths, their ascent would have to be concurrent with our own. If our emergence is out of sync, by a million or mere thousands of years, we’re out of luck — ships passing in the night.

Extraterrestrials would also have to be close neighbours if we are to have the slightest inkling of each other’s presence. Alpha Centauri is the nearest star system to our own, but it’s still 4.37 light years away. That means we’re looking at centuries of journey just to reach the next pebble in the pond.

You may plead the case for breakthroughs in rocketry all you like, but interstellar distances will always dwarf any technology that might bridge them. The sheer magnitude of the universe makes travel and communications prohibitive — even at the speed of light.

In any case, what are the odds that intelligent life will be found right next door? The universe would have to be teeming with life for that to be even remotely likely. So far, there’s scant evidence that it is.

In our own solar system, only the third rock from the sun is hospitable. Most places are far beyond the life zone — too hot, too cold, too fried by radiation, too vulnerable to extreme swings in temperature. The best we can hope for is discovering microbial life, under the Martian surface or on a convulsed moon of Jupiter or Saturn.

But I’m skeptical about that, too. The popular presumption is that life is bound to spring forth anywhere, given the right conditions. If only it were as simple as that. Even the most primitive life forms are surprisingly intricate gizmos whose assembly and functionality defies scientific explanation more than ever. The reality is that these single-cell organisms have to hit the ground running — metabolize, move, grow, adapt, reproduce — or quickly perish.

This is the miracle of life — the fact that it exists at all. The transition from inanimate to living matter is no small step but a giant leap. If it were easy, scientists could have replicated the process by now. They haven’t come close. Is it plausible that the blind forces of nature can do so, just like that?

None of this is intended as an argument against the search for extraterrestrial life or for the suspension of space exploration. I believe both should continue in earnest.

But I say leave it to the machines — the probes, rovers, robots and telescopes we build with growing precision and sophistication. Let them be the harbingers of humanity. They are far better suited to the rigours of space travel than biological beings are. And they’ve already proven their worth. Since the dawn of the Space Age, Voyageur and Hubble have contributed far more to science than Armstrong and Aldrin.

If there is a compelling reason for humans to lift off this rock, it is the survival of the species. So go ahead and establish lunar and Martian bases in case a planet-wide cataclysm — man-made or heaven-sent — befalls us. But bear in mind that for the forseeable future, even this is not much of an insurance policy.

The colonies would, for the longest time, be wholly dependent on Earth for the necessities of life. In the event of a nuclear holocaust, those left behind on a devastated home world would still stand a better chance of survival than those stranded on desolate, off-world outposts.

So we are nowhere near, in the words of the poet, "slipping the surly bonds of Earth." And perhaps we will never be in a position to answer the age-old question, "Are we alone?"

Then again, the universe has room for many things, including serendipity, as the Apollo 8 astronauts so aptly illustrated when they emerged from the dark side of the moon to witness the majesty of an Earthrise.


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1973 Encounter in New Jersey
Published: 12:16 PM 7/22/2009

East Brunswick, New Jersey - 1973

When I was 13 a friend and I had an experience with something not of this Earth. I have been waiting to see it again ever since. I have about 2 hours of my life missing.

We had gone to get cigarettes from a gas station. We were cutting through a marsh. We purchased the cigarettes and were returning to my friends' house.

On the way back we realized it is now completely dark out. It was also a little over 2 hrs. since we left the gas station. We were really confused.

As we reached his neighborhood the entire street lit up. It was the brightest light I had ever seen. Within a split second, this orb / sphere, I don't know what you would call it, swooshed through the air past us and overhead at a high rate of speed.

It was two toned - silver and red. It has dozens of spikes... kind of like lightening rods protruding from it everywhere.

You could actually see scorch marks here and there. It swung in the sky like it was being controlled by gyroscopes from every possible angle.

We tried to talk to people about it, but everyone thought we were nuts. I have since kept this to myself.

Lately however, it has been creeping into my dreams. Maybe I am just being paranoid. Anyway, I know these things are real. No one can tell me different. I know what we saw.

It was spellbinding, frightening, and fascinating. I would love to be able to actually speak to someone about this who doesn't think I am crazy...


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Arizona - Light Traveling, No Sound
07-27-09 - My son and I were swimming and were actually talking about UFOs and I looked up and this very bright light (sphere) was traveling from a westerly to southeasterly direction overhead. There was no sound... my son thought it was a plane, but it was too low and there were no other lights on it other than the very bright light.

We watched it travel slowly across the sky and as we watched it, it wobbled maybe once as it got smaller and then just winked out. It was too low for anything that I would consider the typical excuses for UFOs. It was just freaky because we were talking about UFOs. I've never seen anything like this before. Just thought I would mention it. We never took our eyes off of it... we watched it until it disappeared. source: www.mufoncms.com

Michigan - Diamond-Shaped Object
07-30-09 - It was a diamond shape with definite outlines glowing but darkened inside to the middle that glowed like the outline. It had an intersecting cross from the middle to the outside edge that glowed like the outline and center.

From here (West Midland County) it was in the northeast sky and what appeared to be miles away, but was very large, 20 times what the stars in the sky were. I noticed it because it was unusual.

It did not appear to move. After my dog did what she needed to do, I went in the house and looked 10 minutes later and it was still there. Please get back to me if others saw this or if there is a explanation. I have had a sighting in the past 40 + years ago but it was much different. source: www.mufon.cms.com

Texas - Bright Lights Seen
Texas - 07-28-09 - At around 9:25 PM, I went outside because I thought the space shuttle was supposed to be making re-entry at around 9:30. I later found it I had the date wrong. Anyway thinking this, my wife and I were in the backyard watching the sky and waiting to watch the shuttle come home.

Where we live in Anahuac, Texas, there is a George Bush inbound flight path that comes right over our home as these planes make their decent for Houston. Therefore we are used to watching and observing all kinds of air traffic, and this night was no different with inbound flights arriving while we were waiting on the shuttle.

At around 9:35 I noticed a bright light to my north and it appeared to be moving. I pointed this out to my wife and she noticed it also. The light was bright and was moving in a south-southeast direction at a high rate of speed. I then noticed another light just like it, maybe 10 miles behind the first one moving in the same direction.

Neither light was flashing and both were moving right through the flight path I mentioned. If I had to guess an altitude I would say around 20,000 feet. Both lights were gone from view in about 10 to 15 seconds. About one minute later, I observed another one further to the west but at much higher altitude and moving the same direction.

The first two lights looked low enough that I should have heard the engines if they were military or commercial flights, but I heard nothing and observed no flashing lights. All three light were white.

Australia - Two Reports
Dates Unknown - Here are two cases of UFOs told to me often by my boyfriend and his mother who experienced them, but never felt comfortable sharing with the public...

1) In afternoon daylight, Australia, my boyfriend was walking with another female along a city street and noticed four lights in a diamond shaped object in the sky, about 3 miles up with plenty of space between them.

They hung steadily for awhile, and both people noticed them. The lights were very bright and did not flicker much. Eventually, one at a time turned off in succession. My boyfriend is convinced he saw alien spacecraft.

2) A woman was camping with her boyfriend in a very remote part in the middle of some woods. During the night, an extremely bright white light woke them up. The source of the light hung suspended among the trees by them for several minutes.

She recounted how she did not open the tent because she was so terrified, but could see that the entire area was lit up completely unnaturally. The light did not make a sound, but eventually lifted up and disappeared. source: www.ufocasebook.com

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