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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 419, Issue date, 08-09-10

(Published - 8:13 PM 8/5/2010)

Reports of Amazing Green Fireballs
Published: 1:00 PM 8/1/2010

Joy Healey

Amazing reports of sightings of Green Fireball Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have captivated ufologists for years.

Here’s a taster of what can be found in official reports. It was precisely midnight on September 18, 1954 when my telephone rang. It was Jim Phalen, a friend of mine from the Long Beach Press-Telegram, and he had a “good flying saucer report,” hot off the wires.

He read it to me. The lead line was: With thousands of people tonight witnessing a huge fireball, which light up the dark New Mexico skies.”

The story went on to tell about how a “blinding green” fireball the size of a full moon had silently streaked southeast across Colorado and northern New Mexico at eight-forty that night. Thousands of people had seen the fireball.

It had passed right over a crowded football stadium at Santa Fe, New Mexico, and people in Denver said it “turned night into day.” Witnessed by the crew of a TWA airliner flying into Albuquerque from Amarillo. Every police and newspaper switchboard in the two-state area was jammed with calls.

One of the calls was from a man inquiring if anything unusual had happened recently. Heaving an audible sigh of relief after being told about the strange fireball he said, “Thanks – I was afraid I’d gotten some bad bourbon.” And he hung up.

Dr. Lincoln La Paz, world-famous authority on meteorites and head of the University of New Mexico’s Institute of Meteoritics, apparently did not flinch when told of the sighting. The wire story said he had told a reporter that he would plot its course, try to determine where it landed, and go out and try to find it. “But,” he said, “I don’t expect to find anything.”

When Jim Phalen had read the rest of the report he asked, “What was it?”

“It sounds to me like the green fireballs are back,” I answered.

“What the devil are green fireballs?” asked Jim.

What the devil are green fireballs? I’d like to know. So would a lot of other people.

The green fireballs streaked into UFO history late in November 1948, when people around Albuquerque, New Mexico, began to report seeing mysterious “green flares” at night. The first reports mentioned only a “green streak in the sky,” low on the horizon.

From the description the Air Force Intelligence people at Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque and the Project Sign people at ATIC wrote the objects off as flares.

But as days passed the reports got better. For instance the report at 9:27 P.M. on December 5 by Captain Goede flying an Air Force C-47 at 18,000 feet 10 miles east of Albuquerque. The crew, were startled by a sudden green ball of fire flashing across the sky ahead of them.

At first sight appearing to be a huge meteor except that it was a bright green color and it didn’t characteristically arch downward, as meteors usually do.

After conferring quickly the crew agreed to report the incident, especially as they had seen an similar object twenty-two minutes earlier near Las Vegas, New Mexico.

The captain of Pioneer Airlines Flight 63 called Kirtland Tower a few minutes after the incident. At 9:35 P.M. he had also seen a green ball of fire just east of Las Vegas, New Mexico. Observing the object apparently traveling on collision course with their airplane, it changed color from orange red to green.

With the object becoming larger and larger, the captain said, he thought sure it was going to collide with them, so he took avoiding action by steering the DC-3 up in a tight turn.

As the green ball of fire got abreast of them it began to fall toward the ground, getting dimmer and dimmer until it disappeared. In a split second they realized whatever they saw was too low and had too flat a trajectory to be a meteor.

He was on his way to Albuquerque and would make a full report when he landed.

More reports had also been phoned in from all over northern New Mexico. By the morning, a detailed investigation had begun. The military was getting a little edgy about the uncertainty of these green fireball sightings.

Since the green fireballs bore some resemblance to meteors or meteorites, the Kirtland intelligence officers called in specialist Dr. Lincoln La Paz.

True, he said, the description of the fireballs was similar to that of meteorites. One way to be sure was to try to plot the flight path of the green fireballs to determine where they would have hit the earth if they were meteorites.

After considering many sightings they finally plotted where they should have struck the earth and searched the area but found nothing. They went back over the area time and time again – nothing. As Dr. Later La Paz confided that this was the first time he seriously doubted that the green fire-balls were meteorites.

A couple of days later fireball sightings were being report reported almost every night. The intelligence officers from Kirtland decided that maybe they could get a good look at one of them, so on the night of December 8 two officers took off in an airplane just before dark and began to cruise around north of Albuquerque.

A carefully created plan was constructed for each person to concentrate on a specific detail when observing one of the green fireballs. At 6:33 P.M. they saw one. This is their report.

At 6:33 P.M. while flying at an indicated altitude of 11,500 feet, a strange phenomenon was observed. Exact position of the aircraft at time of the observation was 20 miles east of the Las Vegas, N.M., radio range station. With me as copilot, and the aircraft on a compass course of 90 degrees. I first observed the object, a split second later the pilot also saw it.

It was 2,000 feet higher, and was approaching our plane at a rapid rate from 30 degrees on our port side. The object was similar in appearance to a burning green flare, the kind that is commonly used in the Air Force. However, the light was too intense, and the object appeared considerably larger to be considered as a normal flare.

At first sight, the trajectory of the object was almost flat and parallel to the earth. The phenomenon lasted about 2 seconds. At the end of this time the object seemed to begin to burn out and the trajectory then dropped off rapidly. The phenomenon was of such intensity as to be visible from the very moment it ignited.

Back at Wright-Patterson AFB, the main interest was to review all incoming UFO reports and see if the green fireball reports were actually unique to the Albuquerque area. They were. Numerous sightings of the UFOs were reported in other parts of the U.S., none fit the description of the green fireballs.

Continually throughout December 1948 and January 1949, the skies of New Mexico seemed full of green fireballs. Everyone, including the intelligence officers at Kirtland AFB, Air Defense Command people, Dr. La Paz, and some of the most distinguished scientists at Los Alamos had seen at least one.

In mid-February 1949 a conference was called at Los Alamos to determine what should be done to further pursue the investigation. The Air Force, Project Sign, the intelligence people at Kirtland, and other interested parties had done everything they could think of and still no answer.

Such notable scientists as Dr. Joseph Kaplan, a world-renowned authority on the physics of the upper atmosphere, Dr. Edward Teller, of H-bomb fame, and of course Dr. The attendees including La Paz, along with a lot of military brass and scientists from Los Alamos.

This was one conference where there was no need to discuss whether or not this special type of UFO, the green fireball, existed. Almost everyone at the meeting had seen one.

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X-Files Reveal UFO in Garden and Mystery of Sonic Boom
 UFO Depiction
Published: 11:45 AM 8/5/2010

A UFO was reported to have landed in a Derby garden in 1996, according to newly released Ministry of Defence files. And in 1997, a mysterious "sonic boom" was heard over Hope Valley in the Peak District.

Today, the National Archives has released 18 x-files, charting all UFOs reported in the UK from 1995 to 2003, including strange phenomena in Derbyshire.

One of the reports from a Derby resident says they saw a "craft with a red light on top of it" in their back garden in Brook Street.

The person reported standing 6ft away from the craft, which was hovering 3m off the ground.

The report, from January 1996, says the 8ft by 8ft craft "appeared black, its wings were swept back and it had three lights on the underside of the jet".

In July 1995, a driver travelling through Derbyshire from Burton-on-Trent saw a "a strange formation of lights in the sky".

The row of bright lights had a second row of smaller lights underneath and a red light between the two rows.

The person reporting the incident said: "The whole formation appeared to be about four or five times as large as an average passenger airliner.

"It hovered for around four minutes before disappearing at high speed."

The MoD never investigated either incident.

David Clarke, consultant for the archives, said the ministry had paid most attention to UFO reports during the Cold War when it was worried about Russian aircraft entering British airspace.

But since the late 1950s and early 1960s, it has investigated a rapidly decreasing number of reported incidents.

In November last year, it stopped dealing with reports entirely in a bid to save cash. It has never had to keep records but did so in the interest of national defence.

Mr Clarke said: "Ninety-nine per cent of reports over the years were just filed away and not looked at again."

Among other reports was one from a Matlock resident in August 1996 who reported "two bright lights travelling at great speed" over the south east of the town. The lights reportedly performed unusual manoeuvring patterns before disappearing.

In March 1997, several people reported hearing a "sonic boom" over the High Peak, but the MoD said neither a military or a civilian aircraft had caused the noise.

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Brilliant Blue UFO Seen in Field Pursued by Helicopters in Florida
UFO Depiction
Published: 10:55 PM 7/24/2010

Florida - 06-09-10

At 11:00 PM I was taking my cousin Mike home. We left my house at exactly 11:00 PM. As we passed by a field near my house, I always look up and see if anything is up there.

Never, until June 9th was there. As I looked in the sky I saw 3 helicopters in a triangular formation more of an obtuse formation, If I'm using that term correctly. One helicopter was farther away than a normal triangle.

At any rate, I slowed down to get a look at them, seemingly strange, they were just sitting there as we have no airports around this area that I am aware of.

The nearest airport I know of is in South Lakeland, some 20 miles away.

Realizing something may be up, I noted the time as 11:02 PM. I Made a U-turn on a nearby street and as I came back to the stop sign to turn back right to see them again, I looked across the street and in the sky was the brightest "star" I'd ever seen!

It was a large, star-like object of a brilliant blue color. I noted its position as being directly across the field in which I observed the 3 helicopters.

As I returned to the field at exactly 11:03 in which I saw these 3 helicopters, they were nowhere to be seen or heard. I know this because no traffic was in the area that late at night.

I got out of my truck which I had turned off, and listened keenly for the "chop" of the helicopter. I did not hear it. These mysterious helicopters were simply gone, and not heard.

Out here in this area you can hear tires screeching on Interstate 4 which is some 4 miles away. I should have heard something.

Leaving the scene at the field disappointed, I headed back south to take my cousin home. I traveled west on Marcum Road and looked for the "star" but did not see it, the time then was 11:18 PM.

I looked farther away and saw a red in color "orb" or "sphere" which was far away enough to be over the Gulf of Mexico, but very high in the sky. The Gulf of Mexico from here is approximately 60 miles.

That is the last I saw of anything.

Excitement was a feeling I got from seeing everything happen that night. Another feeling I got was strange, it hit me hard too, the feeling was as if I were in a "crossfire" of sorts.

The thought I had was these 3 helicopters were defending air space from this brilliant, blue object. I am a believer. I called it an "otherworldly standoff."

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Disclosure May be a Long Way Away
UFO Disclosure
Published: 4:58 PM 8/1/2010

written by Michael Daury

How does one start when trying to tell everyone why technologies are hidden? Why our alien neighbors have been kept secret.

The first thing we have to consider is the people problem. How many faiths around the world preach, only humans are God's highest creation, made in his likeness?

Well, over half of them. This is a major concern as it has been religion that has kept us from destroying each other. Yes, we use it for almost every war ever fought. However, can you imagine how it would be, if your neighbor thought it would be cool to come kill you for your big screen TV?

Why not? There are no consequences for my actions.

But with religion, there is fear. Fear of what will happen to our soul if we behaved in such a manner. It has been and will continue to be the most effective way to control people from going medieval on each other.

So religion is a major factor in telling us the truth.

Now, how about real national security? Can you imagine a box that could generate enough power from the atoms moving around you to power your whole house? Free! - no moving parts, no cost free energy? I fully believe we have it, or are very, very close.

Now this possesses a major concern. What would a terrorist do with technology like this? What kind of super weapon could they come up with to kill innocent people?

The possibilities are endless as to how far this technology may be taken in the wrong direction and used for evil.

From the very start of recorded human history we have proven over and over we are relentless animals - lie, cheat, steal, murder, bare false witness, covet our neighbor's wife.

Everything in the Bible we were told not to do. We have perfected the art of all of them. This is a sad fact for our species.

I have always felt, even as a youngster growing up, the money system will and can never work. As long as there is money, there will be those who obsess for power, greed and the ability to control others. These are the things we must ponder on before moving forward with any type of disclosure.

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Michael Daury




New Planets Discovered by NASA; 100 Planets Similar to Earth
Published: Jul 27, 2010

Just outside of our solar system, NASA has discovered more than 100 new Earth-like planets, sparkling new hopes for those interested in extraterrestrial life.

The agency said that its Kepler spacecraft has gathered six weeks of data on more than 156,000 stars in search for signs of planets orbiting them.

The data revealed five new solar systems within the Milky Way as well as 700 bodies that could be new planets, among which 140 are considered to be similar to our planet, meaning that their composition could support the development of simple life forms.

Prior to NASA’s report, about 450 planets had been found outside the solar system over the last 15 years. Yet most would be inhospitable for known forms of life and have very high surface temperatures.

The Kepler probe was launched in April 200,9 and in June reached its position for monitoring space outside the solar system. The spacecraft is on a four-year mission to examine the structure and diversity of planetary systems in the Milky Way using a 95-megapixel camera.

“While an exhaustive study remains to be done, the implication is that many planetary systems have multiple planets,” William Borucki, the mission's principle investigator, told Mail Online.

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Archived Files

The Lock Raven Dam Incident, 1958
On October 26, 1958 at 10:30 PM, near the Lock Raven Dam, north of Baltimore, Maryland, two men were traveling in a car. As they approached a bridge, they saw what appeared to be a flattened out egg-shaped object hovering approximately 100-150 feet from the top of the bridge.

Slowing their vehicle to get a better look, they approached to about 75 foot from the bridge. Suddenly, their car went completely dead. The two men stated that it was like they just cut the key off. Nothing electrical worked. The driver stopped the vehicle, and attempted to restart the engine, but to no avail.

The object and the malfunction of their vehicle frightened the men to the point that they hid behind their car. They were able to closely watch the UFO for 30-45 seconds. All at once, the object flashed a white light, causing the two witnesses to feel heat on their faces. The flash was accompanied by a loud sound, like thunder.

The UFO now began to slowly rise straight up. It was extremely bright as it did, causing the edge of the object to be fuzzy. Within 5-10 seconds the object was out of sight. The men were then able to restart their car, and rush to the nearest phone to report their sighting. The Ground Observor Corp was contacted first, but did not respond. The men then talked to the Towson Police Department, which sent two patrolmen to the scene.

The two men soon began to experience a burning sensation on their skin, and went to St. Joseph's Hospital in Baltimore for treatment. They were examined, and each man returned to his own home.

Follow-up investigation would reveal some more details of the incident. The bridge was double-arched, about 40 foot tall, and 500 feet long. The distance from the witnesses to the object was estimated at about 3/4 of a mile. Also, there was no unusual atmospheric conditions at the time, and the skies were clear.

Project Blue Book investigated the case, but found no absolute cause for the appearance of the object. The case remains unidentified, although the Air Force did state that the object constituted no security threat to the United States.

The two witnesses would subsequently be identified as Phillip Small and Alvin Cohen.

B J Booth

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Project Blue Book


Documents Relating to Lock Raven Dam Case


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