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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 522, Issue date, 08-13-12

Roswell UFO Crash: There Were 2 Crashes, Not 1
Richard French
Published: 2:52 AM 8/9/2012

The 1947 UFO controversy of Roswell, N.M. is like a bad penny: It keeps turning up.

The legend, rehashed by conspiracy theorists in countless documentaries, revolves around allegations that an unusual object fell from the sky -- an object so bizarre that the U.S. Air Force issued a press release that a flying saucer had crashed.

That story was quickly recanted, creating what would become one of the greatest urban legends in American history. Until now, most debunkers doubted that there was even one crash. Now, in an exclusive interview, retired Air Force Lt. Col. Richard French told The Huffington Post that there were actually two crashes.

This revelation is especially remarkable considering that French was known in the past to debunk UFO stories.

"There were actually two crashes at Roswell, which most people don't know," French told HuffPost. "The first one was shot down by an experimental U.S. airplane that was flying out of White Sands, N.M., and it shot what was effectively an electronic pulse-type weapon that disabled and took away all the controls of the UFO, and that's why it crashed."

French -- an Air Force pilot who was in Alamagordo, N.M., in 1947, being tested in an altitude chamber, an annual requirement for rated officers -- was very specific in how the military allegedly brought down what he believes was a spacecraft from another world.

"When they hit it with that electromagnetic pulse -- bingo! -- there goes all their electronics and, consequently, the UFO was uncontrollable," said French, who flew hundreds of combat missions in Korea and Southeast Asia, and who held several positions working for Military Intelligence.

Another retired officer doubts French's story.

"No chance! Zero chance!" said Army Col. John Alexander, whose own top-secret clearance gave him access in the 1980s to official documents and UFO accounts. He created a top-level group of government officials and scientists who determined that, while UFOs are real, they couldn't find evidence of an official cover-up.

"In the 1980s, I was the guy developing all of the pulse-power weapons systems. We couldn't have done it then. In the 60s, they had a laser system, but your range was extremely limited, and we didn't have operational laser weapons in that time frame," said Alexander, who is working to get amnesty for military personnel who wish to talk about their UFO experiences.

Except for the initial newspaper headline declaring the military had captured a flying saucer outside of Roswell, the Air Force closed the books on Roswell, claiming that the true identity of the object was a high-altitude surveillance balloon, code-named "Mogul."

But after eyewitnesses -- including numerous military personnel -- began to tell stories of their participation in an alleged cover-up of the Roswell incident, some researchers insisted that it was, in fact, an alien ship that crashed at Roswell.

French says he was told about the UFO "shootdown" by another military officer -- a confidential source -- from White Sands Proving Grounds, an area of the New Mexico desert where the U.S. military tested many weapons systems.

His source told French there was a second UFO crash near Roswell a few days after the first one.

"It was within a few miles of where the original crash was," French said. "We think that the reason they were in there at that time was to try and recover parts and any survivors of the first crash. I'm [referring to] the people from outer space -- the guys whose UFO it was."

While French offered no further details on what he says was a second UFO crash, he teased something else.

"I had seen photographs of parts of the UFO that had inscriptions on it that looked like it was in an Arabic language -- it was like a part number on each one of them. They were photographs in a folder that I just thumbed through."

That's an interesting parallel to the recent story of ex-CIA agent Chase Brandon, who claimed he found a box at CIA headquarters in the 1990s -- a box labeled "Roswell."

Brandon told HuffPost he looked in the box and went through written materials and photographs confirming his suspicions that the object which crashed at Roswell, "was a craft that clearly did not come from this planet."

That story set off a fury of controversy between those who believed and didn't believe Brandon's story.

And now we have French, who served more than 27 years in the military, including as an investigator and debunker for the Air Force's famous study of UFOs, known as Project Blue Book, which began in 1947.

"I'm one of the authors of Project Blue Book, and started with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, stationed in Spokane, Wash. One of the duties I had in 1952 was to debunk UFO stories," French said.

"In other words, if someone had a UFO sighting, I and another agent would try to come up with some logical explanation for this strange aerial appearance. Most of the reports were from civilians than military. We gave our analysis and tried to debunk it by saying it was swamp fog or that the thing they saw was actually hanging on wires. It went up through channels all the way to the presidential level."

But why was French ordered to debunk UFO reports in the first place?

"They never give you an explanation, but I'll tell you what my analysis of it is: If they accepted the fact that there are creatures coming to Earth from other universes or from wherever, it basically would destroy religions, and the fact that our military's helpless against them would destroy the reputation of the military," French said. "You're talking about military, national defense and religious reasons."

As it often turns out with eye-opening UFO stories, it comes down to who you believe.

Antonio Huneeus is a 30-year veteran UFO investigative reporter who recently spent time with French and is trying to uncover more facts about the information the former Military Intelligence officer would have us believe.

"We did a search and found his name on an official Air Force page that confirmed he was a combat pilot, but that page had nothing to do with UFOs," Huneeus, editor of Open Minds Magazine, told HuffPost.

"My reservations are about some of the claims that he makes, and because of his age, his memory isn't as good as it used to be," Huneeus said. "It's clear to me that he's fairly well read on the subject of UFOs, or he might have heard stories or talked to people. So, I'm trying to separate exactly what he lived and saw directly from what he heard and read."

Sixty years after French began investigating UFOs for Project Blue Book, he still thinks there's a cover-up.

"It's going on today. There's no question about it. I've listened to their denials many times and, at that time, I was in direct opposition to their position. In my mind, there wasn't any question that UFOs were real."

See the UFO Casebook case file, The Roswell Crash

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/2crashes.html

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A Compilation of UFO Sightings/Video in Studio City!
UFO Image
Published: 4:36 AM 8/11/2012

This is the most comprehensive compilation of videos from the Studio City area of sightings.

For some reason UFO sightings in Studio City seem to happen more in the summer, and mostly in July and August.

The Southern California area Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that meets monthly in Studio City, notes that people in the San Fernando Valley take a special interest in UFO activity.

Is it because people look to the skies more? Yes, part of that is true. Because of the hills, the beautiful skies, the airport, the helicopters, we tend to look up in the skies more, too.

The next meeting is Tuesday, Aug. 21 with guest speaker Robert States discussing "Gravity Drives and Alien Cultures." It will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Studio City.

(Editor's Note: A number of youtube videos were presented with this report. I looked at all of them, and picked out the best of the best.)

UFO Casebook Splash

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/studiocityvideos.html

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Believe it or Not: Hamilton Man Raising Money for UFO Film
UFO Eyewitness
Published: 2:55 AM 8/9/2012

It was around this time last year that a group of residents say a UFO was hovering over Hamilton.

Simon Reynolds, who lives on Roseland Avenue, was one of them. Now the actor is trying to raise money to make the out-of-this-world experience into a full fledge documentary film called ROSELAND: Was That A UFO Over Your House?

"We need the community's help to make it happen," Reynolds said.

So far he's got a trailer featuring three neighbourhood girls who also saw the UFO's with their own eyes.

His goal is to raise money through a film fundraising site called indiegogo. On the site, visitors can watch the trailer, see the details of the film, who is involved in the project and how the money will be used.

People can donate online and in return, get fun rewards such as being featured in the film credits and even an electromagnetic UFO detector.

Reynolds is hoping Hamiltonians will band together to make last year's UFO sighting become a reality on the big screen. He needs $16,750 to put the movie together.

"We don't have a big budget," he said.

Christina Crow, 10, Molly Mitchison and Emily Wass, both 12, were playing on the street on July 16, 2011, when the girls looked up and saw a yellow-orange object floating in the air.

"We were basically jumping up and down and we were kind of scared because we didn't know what it was at first," Emily said. "We thought it was an asteroid. We were screaming and really hyper."

Emily ran to Reynolds' house and got him to come out onto the street where he saw the three big obstacles in the sky himself.

"UFO! UFO!" Reynolds yelled while taking video on his iPhone.

The full story of the event, including drawings from the three girls, are featured on the Roseland movie website on indiegogo.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/hamiltonman.html

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Sleaford ‘UFO’ Sighting Gets People Talking
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:07 PM 8/10/2012

THERE has been a big reaction to a story on the Sleaford Standard’s website about a possible UFO sighting in Sleaford, with 
an expert offering his opinions too.

Sheila Tebbutt, of North Parade, Sleaford, woke up at around 1.30am on Saturday, July 28 and from her bedroom window she saw what looked like two bright silver round shapes travelling across the sky.

She said the two strange objects were hovering around 50ft up, one slightly higher than then other, and after travelling across the sky they disappeared towards the railway bridge.

Mrs Tebbutt tried to wake her husband John to tell him what she had seen but he slept on through and when she told him in the morning, he didn’t believe her.

She said: “Surely someone else must have seen it? I just had a look out of the window looking for our cat and there it was.”

Nick Pope, who used to run the Government’s UFO project and is now acknowledged as a world expert in the field, said: “In my experience, most UFO sightings have conventional explanations and turn out to be misidentifications of aircraft lights, bright stars and planets, satellites, meteors and Chinese lanterns.

“Chinese lanterns cause numerous UFO sightings but tend to be orange, not silver.

“When stories about UFO sightings are reported in the media, it often encourages other witnesses to come forward and that might be the best hope of solving this mystery, if other people saw the same thing and can add further details.

“People often stay quiet about UFO sightings, as they’re afraid they’ll be ridiculed or disbelieved. They needn’t worry. Having investigated UFOs for the government I can say that UFO witnesses include police officers, military personnel and pilots. We also have numerous cases where sightings have been backed up by radar evidence.”

While so far no-one else has come forward to say that they too saw the silver objects, but people have commented on the Sleaford Standard Facebook page. Cath Haley suggested they might have been Chinese lanterns, and Holly Thompson said that some were spotted in Boston and Martin Green commented lanterns were spotted over Kirkby la Thorpe.

If anyone else did see the strange lights in the sky or has an explanation as to what they might have been, email rachel.grafton@jpress.co.uk

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/sleafordsighting.html

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Disc with Rotating Lights Seen over Lakeland, Florida
UFO Depiction
Published: 8:56 AM 8/8/2012

Lakeland, Florida - 08-06-12

Driving eastbound on Rte. 570 through Lakeland, I observed the object at my 2 o'clock position moving to my left and eventually behind the immediate tree line.

Object was in the air for over 1 minute. From a distance, it appeared that it was sparks trailing from a plane engine.

As I got closer, I realized it wasn’t sparks, but rather lights rotating around a disc. The lights were sequentially lighting counter-clockwise with occasional skips.

The object wasn’t exactly parallel to the ground, but rather pitched at an angle of 5-10 degrees. There were other cars on the highway and seemed to be a populated area. I was able to see the object from a few different angles as it moved from my right to left.

There was enough daylight to clearly see it was not a plane, helicopter, blimp, or balloon. My jaw dropped when I saw it and called my family while seeing it.

I regret not attempting to take a video or picture with my phone because I knew even while seeing it that I should, but between driving and watching the object was so astonished I really didn’t care if there was proof.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/lakelandfl080612.html

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Archived Case of the Week

October, 1967, British Officer "Angus" Brooks Encounters UFO
Brooks Drawing
Probably the most famous UFO sighting during the British wave of 1967 was the report by former RAF intelligence officer J. B. W. 'Angus' Brooks.

While walking his dogs in the early morning of 26 October at Moigne Downs in Dorset, he witnessed an object descending at phenomenal speed before abruptly levelling out at a height of approximately 250 feet, some quarter of a mile from where he was positioned.

Brooks described the object as a central circular body with a leading fuselage in the front and three separate fuselages at the rear. During the period of observation the three rear fuselages moved so that with the fourth fuselage they formed a cross shape.

Brooks reported no obvious power units or noise and despite a very strong wind, up to Force 8, the object apparently remained motionless for over twenty minutes.

During the encounter one of Angus Brooks' dogs, an Alsatian, was very distraught and frantically pawed at him, disobeying his commands to sit.

A team of researchers from the Ministry of Defence, Dr John Dickinson of the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough, Leslie Akhurst from S4 (Air) and Alec Cassie, a psychologist, interviewed Mr Brooks and offered their explanation.

He had seen a vitreous floater, i.e. dead matter in the fluid of his eyeball, the sighting of which had become dramatic due to Brooks' falling asleep or entering a near sleep state and dreaming.

Brooks seems to have been less than impressed with the MOD's explanation and not least the idea that he had dozed off to sleep during a Force 8 gale with an Alsatian clawing at him.





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