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(Published - 11:50 AM 8/12/2010)

Australian Helicopter Pilot Sees Unidentifiable Object Following Jet Airliner
UFO Depiction
Published: 9:16 AM 8/12/2010

Australia - 06-06-10

We were lying on the beach on a sunny Sunday afternoon, blue sky, few clouds.

We were watching a jet airliner which had recently taken off from Gold Coast Airport on a northerly heading (possibly 3000 feet altitude).

We suddenly noticed something following behind the aircraft on the starboard side, at about a 45 degree angle from the aircraft, about 200 meters away (large passenger aircraft never follow this closely), and traveling at the same rate of speed.

We could not identify the aircraft following because it didn't have any wings, a tail plane, or flashing lights.

It was oval/cigar shaped, and it was shiny like a mirror.

The jet airliner flew into a small cloud and then reappeared out of the otherside continuing on its path.

The unidentified aircraft flew into the small cloud and disappeared - did not appear out of the other side of the cloud.

This event happened over a period of about 30 seconds and we couldn't understand what we were seeing. Unfortunately we didn't have a camera available to take photos.

I am a commercial helicopter pilot and quite familiar with aircraft laws, rules and protocol. The following craft we could not identify as any type of conventional aircraft.

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UFOs and USOs
Gerald Hausman
Published: 12:25 PM 8/4/2010

Gerald Hausman

Bokeelia, FL, USA

George Bernard Shaw once said that "if a man is a deep writer all his works are confessions."

I guess I must be pretty deep because all my writing borders on the confessional. Or at least that's the way it feels to me -- a simple plea to the authorities that an exception will be made in my case: it's not madness, sir, it's just me.

That said, I have a new confession to make . . . I just saw a UFO. It happened, or the sighting did, in Sapello Canyon in Northern New Mexico. We stood on the long porch of Alice and Jim Carney's ranch house at about 11:15 a week and a half ago and a fantastic light appeared in the sky.

To me, it looked like a star of Bethlehem on a Christmas card; points of light, top and bottom, long and lancing, diamond-bright. My wife Lorry said, "Oh, look, it's changing color!"

It was -- it did -- it had. Changing as fast as we saw each incandescent spin of the color wheel. And after the light show, a misty dissolve to a tiny pinpoint that eventually darkened to nothing. Fireworks? No, the lights were soundless, and no more than a quarter mile away. Air balloons? Not halfway to midnight with no horizon gleam for reflection or refraction.

A plane? What, a soundless plane? And then, the light disappearing and returning in the same geometric formation of a five-pointed star.

We fetched two more witnesses -- unfortunately, inebriated nephews. (Never trust a naked bus driver or an inebriated nephew, I always say, but they were there and we needed them). When the nephews burst out onto the porch, the light returned, as if for an encore. New brilliances -- green and lavender.

There it hovered on the ridgeline, defying all mental process. The happy porchmen belched and proclaimed, first one then the other: "That's not a UFO, it's a USO."

"What's that?" I asked, keeping my eye on the shimmering in the night sky.

"An Unidentified Suspended Object," one answered.

"The other added, "You writing another book?"

Then they both went inside and the screen door closed. The otherworldly glowy spectacle lasted another moment or two, then it too slammed the screen door in outerspace and retreated into the void.

I was left standing there, wondering with my wife, my daughter and the foxtail night. The sky looked so much darker after it was gone. And the canyon, a kind of unwilling witness, so much quieter somehow. The deep stillness outside even swallowed up the revelers and their sudden bursts of indoor laughter.

"What was it?" I asked Lorry and Hannah. But they could only say what it wasn't -- none of the things the mind wanted it to be. In truth, no one seemed to want the possibility of what it might be, a thing totally unexplained. Oh, I've heard explanations, all right. The next day someone said, "You may have seen anti-matter that spans gaps in the time-space-continuum."

I heard words like "space warpage" and "spiral tracks" and someone who'd seen those infamous fireballs that hover low to the ground in New Mexico said the old ones believed they were witches. Going back to Shaw, he said, "All memoirists are liars." If this is folklore, fakelore, ufo or uso, let me know, will you, cause I haven't been sleeping too well nights.

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Pilot Reports Sightings from Ground in Texas
 UFO Depiction
Published: 7:32 AM 8/10/2010

Aug 7, 2010 aproximately 8:30 PM

My wife and I were in the park on the north side. She could not see the object with her naked eyes and never saw it. I described what I was seeing to her.

Evening daylight, almost due east, a huge towering cloud with an anvil top that was discharging lightning. The cloud was glowing brightly at the top because of the setting sun.

It was about 10 miles or more from us. I was looking at it with my high power binculars and noticed a shiny black dot or oval shape appear right next to the cloud.

It was located just above the middle of the towering storm cloud.

It stayed it that position for maybe one minute, then went into the cloud.

It was in the cloud maybe thirty or forty seconds, then came out at the same position along side of the cloud.

It stayed there for over a minute, then moved off around the north end of the cloud, turning to the northeast and leisurely went that direction until is was out of sight.

Aug 8, 2010 about 9:00

We were at our favorite spot again in the park. It was getting dark and a extremely intense light started approaching us from the south west, it looked to be maybe a half mile away when it stopped and just stayed in the same position for what seemed like three minutes.

Then it went out. It looked like it was only a hundred feet from the ground. We saw what looked like light aircraft pass by with their marker lights on just shortly afterward.

They were slightly to the south of where the object was, only at a higher altitude.

Side note: There was a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) posted to the Dallas, Collin, and some srounding areas were in a no-fly zone for a period of time today Aug 9, 2010. The reason I received this NOTAM is because I fly RC Aircraft.

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Senior Citizens, Pets, and Abduction - Not a Happy Story
UFO Depiction
Published: 10:28 AM 8/12/2010

written by Chris Holly

About five years ago I talked to a very frightened young woman who was a North American Indian. Her family lived in a isolated part of the West in the United States on a reservation.

She belonged to a tight knit family who were very protective of one another. She was very shy and very nervous about talking to me. It took some time, but I finally convinced her I would never use her name or location and would not write anything that would cause her family harm.

She then told me the story of what happened to her grandparents while they were on their weekly outing to do their shopping and errands in the town closet to their reservation and home.

She told me they were both in their late 70's. The couple had a weekly ritual of going to town to shop and do their errands, making sure they were back home well before dark. They were nervous being out at night as age made driving and the long dark deserted roads from town to the reservation frightening for the couple.

This one particular trip to town was like most all others. They started off early with their beloved dog in tow. They took care of their errands and stopped for lunch at their favorite spot before packing up their truck for the trip home.

The older couple and their dog were happily driving back home along the winding deserted roads common to their part of the country. It was only 3 in the afternoon, leaving them plenty of time to make it back home before nightfall.

Suddenly a small deer came bounding out of the woods and clipped the side of the old couples' truck. The couple, dog, and deer bounced around before the old man managed to pull off the road.

They got out to inspect the damage and found the truck was barely touched, however the deer was dead. The old man, his wife, and dog all stood on the side of the road next to the wide open wilderness that surrounded them.

The elderly couple decided to pull out their tool box to try to butcher whatever they could of the deer so the meat would not be wasted.

The old man was busy pulling out what he needed as the woman tugged and dragged the deer off of the road. Their dog was busy sniffing around and wagging his tail rather happy with the entire event.

As he wandered about the edge of the woods, the dog suddenly began barking and growling, almost in a rage. Both the man and woman stopped what they were doing and called the dog over to them behind the truck on the side of the road.

The dog came running to them with his tail tucked tightly beneath him. The old couple comforted the dog. The woman heard it first, a strange noise, like a low hum coming from the woods.

As the couple stood by their truck with their dog, they could see what appeared to be a bright, white light coming up from the ground, making its way towards them and the road.

At once the couple decided to leave the deer and threw their tools into the back of their truck. They pushed the dog into the cab of the truck between them and took off down the road. All three of them were terrified at what was coming towards them from the woods.

The next thing the couple remembers is driving into the reservation and pulling up in front of their daughter's house. It was 10:00 PM.

Their family had been out looking for them and were frantic about where they may have gone. They always were home before dark and never went anywhere the family did not know about.

The family heard the old couple pull into the driveway and went running out to greet them and find out where they had been.

The old couple seemed dazed. The old man was completely disoriented and confused. He felt weak and needed help getting out of the truck. When questioned to where they had been, he seemed confused and could not answer. The old woman had been asleep.

When they woke her she said her head hurt and did not know where she was. Laying across the old woman was the couples beloved pet. He was dead.

The couple had no idea where they had been or why they had lost hours of time. They were crushed to find their dog had died and had no idea what had happened to him.

The old couple told their family about the deer and the strange light coming from the woods towards the road. The old man described it as if the sun was rising from the earth and streaking across the woods towards him.

The old couple were heartbroken that their dog had died, but had no idea why the perfectly healthy pet died on the way home.

The couple felt ill for a few days after this event. The man had a decline in his health after this encounter. They do not understand what happened or where they were during this lost time event.

The family does not want this made public or for the old couple to endure any discomfort due to this story becoming known in their area.

I do not know why I never wrote about this incident before. I have thought about it often, but kept it on my list of things to get to until now.

I recently received a phone call and the story of this elderly couple came clearly back to my mind.The phone call came a few weeks ago from long time acquaintance who wanted to tell me about a very odd experience that happened to her parents while they were on vacation.

It seems her parents, both in their late 70's, decided to go on a last minute trip to Maryland to visit old friends who were living there.

They packed up their minivan and their little dog and took off for a visit with their friends. They were leaving from New Jersey and planned to travel down the east coast via the long scenic route with less traffic and less large trucks to deal with.

They were driving along when they decided to stop for lunch around noon. Nothing unusual took place. They ate lunch and continued on their way.

The elderly pair and their little dog drove for a bit longer when they realized they needed to stop for gas. They were now driving along roads that were lightly traveled and no longer saw many other cars.

The couple stopped for gas. Both the woman, the man, and dog got out while filling up to stretch their legs and take the dog for a short walk. As they walked along the side of the gas station with the dog both of them mentioned to the other how odd and bright the sun had become.

They could barely see even though both of them had on sunglasses. They got back into their car with the dog sitting on the woman's lap and started off down the deserted highway towards their destination. They had just entered Delaware.

They recall taking off in the car and driving along the road away from the gas station. Hours later the couple's first memory is of pulling over to the side of the road. The man who had been driving was confused and disoriented. The woman was slumped over her seat in a deep sleep.

The man got out of the car and began to walk around the front of the car confused and disoriented. He started to call out for his wife. She heard him calling and started to wake up.

When she finally was able to shake herself awake, she saw that her husband was pacing back and forth in front of their van calling her name. She looked down into her lap to find her little dog limp and gasping for air.

She opened her door and called to her husband. He seemed to snap out of his pacing and ran over to her door. The woman and the old man tried to figure out where they were. They were at a loss as to what had happened to them. They both felt ill and weak. The couple was very concerned about their now extremely ill pet.

They had no idea where they were, and decided to get back on the road and drive to find a sign or town. They drove a few miles to find a sign telling them they were somewhere in North Carolina.

The couple knew that was impossible, as their watches told them only three hours had passed yet they had traveled a huge distance to a place they had never been before. The little dog was barely alive.

The old couple found the next town and first veterinarian they could to try to get help for their little dog. The vet was kind and took the old people right in to see if she could help the little dog. The vet told the old couple the little dogs lungs were filled with liquid and his little heart was failing.

She could do no more but make the little guy comfortable as he was dying. The old couple was devastated. They stayed with the dog until he passed away. They were overcome with the sorrow of losing their little pal in such a strange way.

The old couple found a motel and stayed overnight in this unknown North Carolina town. In the morning they still felt ill and confused. They had the body of their little dog in the back of their van, and wanted only to return home where they could bury him in their own backyard.

The elderly couple knew something horrible had happened to them as they had lost a period of three hours and traveled miles of distance in an impossible amount of time, ending with the death of their beloved little dog unexplained.

The trip home was long and difficult for this old couple. It took them 13 hours to cover the same distance they did the day before in 3. They just wanted to go home.

The old couple took turns driving only stopping for gas on the way home. When they returned home late that night they called their daughter and told her of their bizarre trip.

The man in this story had a turn in his health after this trip and has been weak with many different health issues since. The woman remains frightened and confused as to what could have happened to them during this strange day of events that seem to be impossible, yet happened.

The old couple is mourning the loss of their little dog and do not understand at all what caused the animal to go from perfectly happy, active, and wagging, to limp and dying in a few hours time.

I found the similarities in both of these cases chilling. I find the accounts of both these older couples to be strange lost time events that certainly lean towards abduction.

Both couples talked of a strange, bright light, and both couples have no memory at all where they had been or what happened to them during the missing hours.

It is not the first time I have had the death of a pet reported to me as a result of a lost time or abduction case. It may be that the transition that takes place during these events are simply something a dog or cat cannot survive. I tend to think it is lucky that both of these senior couples were returned alive and basically in one piece.

The experiences of the older couples years and miles apart, are remarkably alike. I have not heard nor could I find any other reports as similar as these reports were to each other.

I realize that there may be many other cases like the two of these that just have not been reported. I also realize the longer I do this work that we are very limited in our knowledge to what really is going on all over the world to people on every part of our planet.

I cannot help but wonder if odd, lost time events like the two I reported here are happening to the senior citizens of the world. I realize that many elderly people are careful not to report a strange event in fear that family members or society in general, will consider them unable to handle being alone or continuing on as productive citizens.

They fear the reaction of the rest of the world making them more inclined to keep an incident like the ones in this article to themselves.

I feel a deep sadness knowing that there may be older people all over the world dealing with lost time or abduction without feeling they can look for help in fear of losing their freedom or facing unkind ridicule.

That is the nature of our society and we are all to blame for it. We have made these subjects a joke. We clearly decided as a society not to deal with it.

This decision has left us alone if we find we are the one looking in to the eyes of the unknown. Trust me nothing on earth can make one feel more alone.

I have only heard of two other events where pets were involved in possible abduction cases, and in all of the cases the pets did not survive. I have no idea what goes on during the encounters with the unknown. I do know that not everyone or everything taken is returned or survives. A sad side of the reality of the unknown, but one we need to understand.

One day if we change our thinking and approach to these subjects, we may understand what the truth is concerning our place in this universe. For now all I can do is report to you the encounters of those who are good enough to share what happened to them as they alone faced the terror of the unknown.

Be careful out there and always pay attention to your surroundings.

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Chris Holly

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Stephen Hawking: "It's time to leave Earth."
 UFO Depiction
Published: Tue, 10 Aug 2010 9:57 AM

Stephen Hawking (Reuters)

By Dan Satherley

Stephen Hawking, perhaps the world's best-known astrophysicist, says humankind is doomed if it doesn't get off planet Earth – and the sooner the better.

"It will be difficult enough to avoid disaster on planet Earth in the next hundred years, let alone the next thousand, or million," he told website Big Think.

"If we are the only intelligent beings in the galaxy, we should make sure we survive and continue."

In April, however, Mr Hawking warned against making alien contact, the chances of which would increase with interstellar travel. If recent discoveries on Mars are any indication, even travelling within our own solar system could be fraught with unexpected danger.

The A Brief History of Time author guesses most extraterrestrial life will be microbial, or primitive animals, but that advanced lifeforms may be "nomads, looking to conquer and colonise".

"If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans."

Despite these concerns, Mr Hawking is adamant it's time to expand.

"Our only chance of long term survival, is not to remain inward looking on planet Earth, but to spread out into space," he says.

"The human race shouldn't have all its eggs in one basket, or on one planet."

But which planet should we move to? The closest star to our own is Proxima Centauri, 4.2 light years away. Voyager, launched in 1977 is expected to be the first human craft to enter interstellar space, but at its current speed – 17km/s – it will take tens of thousands of years to reach it.

There is also no guarantee Proxima Centauri has any orbiting habitable planets.

However, Mr Hawking is a fan of time travel. He believes one day humans will be able to take advantage of faster-than-light technology.

"Time travel was once considered scientific heresy, and I used to avoid talking about it for fear of being labelled a crank," he said earlier this year, adding that now he's not so cautious.

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Archived Files

UFO & Aliens - Munroe Falls, Ohio, March 28, 1967
Depiction: Alien in the Road
David Morris, 19, a factory worker in Kent, Ohio, was driving home to Munroe Falls from work early in the morning of March 28, 1967. At about 2:30 AM, while driving west along Little River Road, he topped a small hill and suddenly saw an orange-glowing object ahead of him.

It was in a field to his left, on the south side of the road, and was apparently hovering several feet above the ground. He described it later as a cone-shaped object about 25 feet tall and 12 feet wide at the base, with a small sphere on top.

As Morris slowed his car down for a better look, he saw four or five small figures scurrying quickly back and forth across the road, about 50 feet ahead of him. They appeared between three and a half and four feet tall, and they gave off the same soft orange glow as the object.

Morris quickly slammed on his brakes but, unable to stop in time, struck one of the beings as it crossed the road to his right.

He heard a thump at the moment of impact, and saw the being's raised hand as it was struck. He saw no fingers on this hand.

The car traveled another ten feet before it stopped. Morris turned and looked around, his hand on the door. He saw a group of little figures standing as if clustered about something lying on the road and, suddenly frightened, he sped off.

He did not report the incident to the police because he was convinced that whatever he struck had not been human.

The next day Morris found dents in his right front bumper that had not been there before. He mentioned the story to several of his co-workers, one of whom was acquainted with a reporter for a local newspaper.

This reporter alerted NICAP, and the incident was carefully investigated by Charles E. Toner and Roy Wiley of the Pittsburgh NICAP Subcommittee on several subsequent occasions.

In addition, Carol Clapp, the reporter for the Ravenna Record-Courier, did extensive checking on the case and provided NICAP with additional details.

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