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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 524, Issue date, 08-27-12

Details Possibly Relating to Kecksburg Crash
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:03 PM 8/23/2012

Submitted to UFO Casebook by reader.

First, I will give you some basic information about myself - I was in the USAF (enlisted) from 1981 to 1991. I was trained as a Target Intelligence Specialist, as you can probably determine from my email address (it was my final AFSC).

I attended Tech School at Lowry AFB from 1981 to 1982 and then was assigned to a base in the UK for two years and then returned to the CONUS.

While I was in the UK, I worked in the APPS section of Wing Intel. If you are unfamiliar with APPS, this will explain it... http://www.fas.org/irp/program/core/dppdb.htm

The APPS office was considered an "National Working Area", therefore only US personnel were allowed in it due to the classification level of the PPDB (SECRET/NOFORN). During one of the numerous NATO exercises/inspections, our office was considered a "refuge" from the (normally) foreign inspectors that were assigned to inspect Wing Intel.

Therefore, our office was where other Wing Intel personnel came to get away from the inspectors. One night, our NCOIC (a CMSGT with about 25 years in service at that time) was in our office sitting around and just BSing with us.

I don't remember how it came up, but I made a comment wondering how good the Soviet overhead imagery was. I was quite familiar with the quality and capabilities our our systems, as I worked with the product every day.

Our NCOIC smiled and said something to the effect that he didn't know how good it was now, but he said that back in the "mid 60's", ours was about twice as good. Of course I asked him how he knew this, and he laughed and said let me tell you a story.

He said that back in the mid-60's, a Soviet PHOTOINT satellite malfunctioned and instead of dumping its capsule over Siberia, it landed "near some hick town in Pennsylvania."

During this time frame, all of the imagery was captured on film and the film capsules were de-orbited. We used to snag them in mid-air as our systems only ejected a capsule about the size of a telephone booth or smaller.

The Soviet system, on the other hand, de-orbited the entire optics package so they could reuse the entire camera system. What should have happened was that the optics package would have been commanded to de-orbit at a point that the package would land in a predetermined area in the USSR,

But something happened, and the package de-orbited at a point that brought it down in Pennsylvania instead.

The reason that it hit like a meteor, was that the re-entry trajectory was wrong and the parachute deployment occurred while the capsule was still in re-entry phase (in other words, the 'chute was fried!).

According to my NCOIC, the cameras and electronics were pretty well shredded, but the film survived as the Soviets considered this may happen (but that it would come down in their territory), and the exposed film was contained in hardened and insulated magazines.

So, we had an intelligence windfall that night - we knew just how good their systems were and what the minimum resolution of that system was. Of course, we couldn't let them know we got it - so there was no reason to come out with the real story.

He said that he had seen some of the developed imagery from it when he was at NRO in the early '70's as a PI, and heard the story about how it was acquired while he was there. He also said that back then, the entire event as well as the imagery was "code word" stuff.

But he figured that by now (1982), the Soviets probably had figured out what had happened to it and that we recovered "something" -- besides. at that point, both ours and the Soviets system resolutions were magnitudes of order greater than they were back in the mid to late '60's.

I do believe what he said, I knew him quite well and he was not one to make up stuff about things of that nature. Later on during my enlistment, I heard bits and pieces of the same basic story from other persons -- that we somehow acquired some imagery from a Soviet PHOTOINT satellite back in the mid to late '60's that crashed in the US.

Nothing as detailed as what was initially told to me, but some of the statements did back up his story. Also, I personally saw a couple of prints that was identified as mid '60's Soviet overhead imagery of a SAC base in the Midwest.

The markings on the prints showed that it was at one time classified as TS/TK, but had since been downgraded to Secret/NOFORN/WNINTEL.

There was no information given as to the source of the prints -- which would be normal declassifying protocols for downgrading SCI material for wider release.

If you have any other questions, you can email me at this address. However, I will not reveal any names or anything that could identify me or the MSGT who told me the story.

See the UFO Casebook case file, The Kecksburg Crash

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/relatingtokecksburg.html

source & references:


Way in the Middle of the Air
UFO Depiction
Published: 8:28 AM 8/25/2012

By Rose Wolf, Salem Gazette

The scene is familiar - indeed, almost iconic - from science fiction literature and cinema: the meeting between residents of this planet and visitors from another world.

Whether terrifying, as in the farmhouse-under-siege sequences of War of the Worlds or Signs, or terrific, as in the Devil’s-Tower scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (where the alien ship seems a colossal cake for the wedding of two worlds), the concept of the Earthling/Ex-Tee encounter has compelled repeated depiction in popular media for over fifty years.

The time frame is no coincidence. In 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold sighted a formation of nine disc-like ships in flight over the Cascade Mountains in California. His description of those vessels as “looking like saucers would if you skipped them across water” was rendered by the newspapers as “flying saucers,” and so the standard phrase for UFOs entered the language.

Barely a week later, rancher Mac Brazel discovered the remains of not only an unknown craft on his spread near Roswell, New Mexico, but also five small bodies which, though they vaguely resembled ours, were definitely not human.

These two notable incidents were only the first trickle of what quickly became a flood of saucer sightings, human/alien meetings, and even abductions by extraterrestrials of earth-folk, all of which continue to the present day. The creation of crop circles and the mutilation of cattle are other phenomena connected with outworld entities.

However, such contacts--and one thinks inevitably of the film Contact, in which Jodie Foster’s character makes the memorable observation: “I’d say that, if it is just us, seems like an awful big waste of space”--did not begin with the onset of the Atomic Era by any means.

The Aztec people were taught by Quetzalcoatl, the mysterious “Feathered Serpent,” how to grow cotton in colors and corn with kernels as big as a man’s fist--plant genetics still unknown to us in the twenty-first century.

The Hebrew prophet Ezekiel witnessed a strange, radiant vessel “way in the middle of the air” and underwent an abduction experience; and, earlier, a race of otherworldly Beings “found the daughters of Earth fair” and mated with them--a match made in literal heaven, perhaps, but a sin that was supposedly one of the causes of the Flood.

Some theorists have even been so bold as to suggest that we terrestrials were not only steered and shaped in our evolution by alien beings, but that our great religious leaders--including Jesus--may have been truly Brothers from the Stars.

Chances are good, though, that such entities are seldom the childlike sylphs of Close Encounters, offering shy hands to draw awestruck humans into a realm of otherworldly wonders. More often, they seem a race of inhumanly--or at least non-humanly--dispassionate explorers and scientists driven to our planet for solutions to their own race’s problems of survival.

However, when we progress to the point where we dare to tumble down the rabbit-hole of techno-theological relativity with these Very Distant Relatives, we may find that an “E.T.[ea]” Party awaits us all. At that feast--whatever out-of-this-world cooking may be featured--we’ll at least combine our tastes in crockery: we can supply the cups--and They can bring the Saucers.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/middleoftheair.html

source & references:


1976 - Close Encounter with USO in San Salvador
UFO Depiction
Published: 6:56 AM 8/24/2012

San Salvador, Brazil - 1976

Three friends and I went to my High School graduation Celebration Dance in San Salvador, Capital city of El Salvador (Central America).

We arrived there about 8 PM. We spent about 3 hours there and suddenly we decided to go to a beach in a place called Conchalio in the state of La Libertad, about 45 minutes of San Salvador.

Since one of my friends got his father’s car (a Chevrolet 1956) we arrived to the beach place at about 11:45 PM. We checked into the hotel and went to a place to get some food and drinks (I do not drink nor smoke), but two of my friends were drinking part of the night.

We were talking to each other under an almond tree in front of the beach, when suddenly an object shaped like a disk with some dome form and lights all over came down and suddenly hovered for about 50 seconds.

It was projecting a very intense light over the water (we were approximately 400 feet of distance to the object).

We thought it was a giant pole of a ship, but when it started spinning with many colorful lights on it and the big light started a twist on the water, all of us knew it was a UFO because it suddenly disappeared into the water and it did not appeared again.

We did not see any splash at all because the water was moving around like creating a tunnel or hole in the water.

After that moment we decided to go back to the hotel about one block from the place because we were scared about what happened.

That morning I commented on the incident to some people from the hotel and they told me that those things use to happen very often in that particular area and no one makes a big deal of that anyway.


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/sansalvador1976.html

source & references:

submitted to www.ufocasebook.com


Motorist in Virginia Spots UFO
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:13 PM 8/22/2012

Bristol, Virginia - 08-21-12

I was driving home on West State in Bristol, TN. Sometime between 10:30-11:00 on Tuesday night (August 21, 2012) and I happened to see a bright object in the sky.

I live in a town called Bristol, which is literally split down the middle by the state line. One half is in Virginia and the other half is in Tennessee.

At the time that I witnessed whatever this was, I was on the TN side, but I could tell that the object was in the sky on the VA side. There is an airport in Blountville, TN which isn't very far from Bristol, so seeing things in the air isn't unusual.

At first, I assumed it was just an airplane. As I drove further down the road, the light in the sky got brighter and it seemed like the object was going slowly across the sky. As I got closer to the light, it seemed to change direction rather easily, so I immediately thought it was a helicopter.

Seeing a helicopter isnt that unsual, our local hospital has one for emergencies and the police department has one too (I think). Finally, I came to stop at a traffic light.

The light was red for maybe a couple of minutes. I never took my eyes off of the light in the sky while I sat there. As I sat there, I witnessed the light in the sky come further down from the sky.

Then it stopped and just hovered there for a moment and changed direction, then it stopped again and abruptly changed direction again. At this point, I started thinking that this was definitely not an airplane and the odds of it being a helicopter was beginning to seem slim as well.

Finally, the traffic light turned green and I continued down State Street. Thankfully, there wasn't any traffic behind me, so I drove rather slowly down the road. At this point, I could see whatever was in the sky very clearly.

I was literally right underneath it and as dangerous as this sounds, I had my head out the window looking up at it as I was doing my best to not run into any cars or people.

It was an oval/disk shaped object that was surrounded by lights. I am not good with distances, but whatever this was, was rather low; low enough that I could actually see the underside of it being a slightly different color than the night sky.

The lights surrounding the object were of a reddish/orange color. It made no sound at all, it was completely quiet. Yet another reason why I don think it was a helicopter is that I've seen and heard helicopters before, they can be quite loud, epsecially that low in the sky.

Finally some traffic got behind me and I had to speed up, and I was no longer underneath of it. I looked into my rear view and it was gone... gone that quickly.

I even stuck my head out of the window at the next red light and looked back and I saw nothing. It was like it was never there. Il say this before I go any further, I do believe in UFOs. I'm not saying that they are extraterrestrials, all I'm saying is that there are things in the skies sometimes that cannot be explained by conventional reasons.

I honestly think I saw something that fits that category. It wasn't an airplane. I truly don't think it was a helicopter. It wasn;t a blimp or any kind of balloon.

It wasn't Venus and it sure as heck wasn't swamp gas. Unless it was a drone or some other type of remote control hovering/flying/disappearing vehicle, then I am out of things that it could be.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/bristolva082112.html

source & references:


1974 - Sightings in Long Island
UFO Depiction
Published: 7:31 AM 8/24/2012

Information submitted by reader.

A little background about what had been happening on Long Island at that time August 1974:

There had been many saucer sightings in the past few months prior to my sighting that the local radio station WBAB was having what they called a saucer watch show every day.

I hadn’t been paying much attention to the topic, but was always a believer in visitors. I just wasn’t looking up at the sky all the time or anything like that.

It was about 4 in the afternoon about August 18th, 1974, on a perfectly clear day in North Babylon, NY.

My uncle and I were walking along Bay Shore Road when 2 saucers flew directly overhead. They were classic saucer shape, but not the shapes I saw on the History Channel show this week.

They were silver with a slight golden hue to them, a higher area in the middle and a ring of fins circling the bottom of the craft.

The edges had burn marks which looked like reentry burns.

Any more details would need a drawing to convey. They were so close I could hear the propulsion system on the craft, about 75 feet overhead.

They went by at a very slow speed, about 20 miles per hour and were visible for about 5 seconds.

My uncle and I only discussed it one time after that and I kept silent to the public radio show because at the time it seemed like they had enough reports that it kind of made my sighting seem anti-climactic.

When I saw the History Channel show this week about the Coyame incident, since our sighting was a week prior to Coyame I thought the two incidents might be related.

See the UFO Casebook case file, 1974 - Coyame, Chihuahua, Mexico-Disk Crashes.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/1974longisland.html

source & references:

Submitted to www.ufocasebook.com

Archived Case of the Week

The Kecksburg Crash
UFO Crash Depiction
Note: On November 1, 2003, NASA released some forty pages of documents that are supposedly related to the Kecksburg incident. You can see these documents on our site. The documents are all in the .PDF format, which requires an Acrobat Reader, which is available here: ACROBAT READER.

Go to: NASA- Kecksburg documents

What exactly soared through the late afternoon skies of Canada, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania on December 5, 1965? Eye witnesses described the unknown object as a "fireball," but it seemed to be under some type of intelligent control, as it veered somewhat in Ohio toward the Quaker State.

One of the first official reports of that day came from Frances Kalp, who phoned in her experience to radio station WHJB in Greensburg at 6:30 P.M. She related seeing a fiery object crash into a wooded area near her home in Westmoreland County. Kalp and her children had approached the site within a half-mile, and there they saw an odd object resembling a "four-pointed star."

Radio station employee John Murphy immediately phoned in the report to the Pennsylvania State Police Department. The Police phoned Kalp and arranged to meet her in Kecksburg.

Murphy also raced to the site of the alleged crash. He interviewed Kalp and her children for his report, while the State Police searched the woods for the crashed object. Murphy eagerly awaited the return of the searchers. When they finally completed their search, Murphy was unable to get any clear information from either Carl Metz or Paul Shipco, who headed the search. They only stated that they were calling in the Military to handle the case.

Undaunted, Murphy made phone contact with Captain Dussia at State Police Headquarters in Greensburg. Murphy was instructed to visit the office to receive an official statement on the search party results. Upon arriving at headquarters, Murphy noticed that the Military had already arrived in force. Murphy was startled when he received the "official" statement;

"The Pennsylvania State Police have made a thorough search of the woods. We are convinced that there is nothing whatsoever in the woods."

By this time, Murphy was convinced that there was a cover-up of some kind. If there was nothing in the woods, why would the Military be in force at Pennsylvania's Police headquarters? After turning in his report to the radio station, Murphy overheard one of the policemen involved in the search describing a "pulsating blue light" in the forest.

Murphy was told that Officer Metz and the Military were going back to the woods, and to his surprise he was given permission to join the second search. Murphy's excitement soon turned to disappointment when after accompanying the party to the outskirts of the woods, he was kept from going any farther.

Murphy was an eye witness to the Military sealing off the area, and banning all civilians from the scene and its immediate surroundings. The story of the crash soon made newspapers and television, and the area was quickly overflowing with people wanting to get first hand information on what could possibly be a historic event.

What had actually crashed into the woods? Was it just a fragment of a comet? Or space debris reentering the Earth's atmosphere? If the explanation was so simple, however, why had the Military cordoned off the area? Could it have been a secret Military craft? Or something far more mysterious?

It soon became common knowledge that some eager, interested civilians had made a trip into the woods before the Military gained control of the area. These few individuals were interviewed by Stan Gordon, and told an amazing story.

They stated that they saw a copper-bronze colored, saucer-shaped object crashed in the woods. This craft was anywhere from 9-12 feet in length, and bore a gold band around its bottom.

Some of the witnesses described writing on the craft which resembled Egyptian hieroglyphics. These few witnesses were quickly whisked away when discovered by Military personnel. Later that night, witnesses claimed that they observed a flatbed truck toting a large object, covered by a tarpaulin.

Shortly after the departure of the flatbed, many of the Military personnel vacated the search area. Could this have been a craft from another world being taken down our highways?

An extremely intense day of activity was followed by a quiet morning, and it seemed that what had occurred was just a dream. The Air Force concluded their investigation with the "official" statement that a meteorite was responsible for the report of a glowing craft, and subsequent crash in the woods.

The media as a whole accepted this explanation, and the matter seemed for all intent and purposes, closed. Had it not been for a 1990 television program, the Kecksburg crash would have been just another fancied report by a few overly excited witnesses.

Kecksburg Map The area of Kecksburg would again become a beehive of controversy after a dramatization of the events on "Unsolved Mysteries" in 1990. The citizens of the area seemed to be equally divided on the value of airing the segment, with some accepting the "official" explanation, and others claiming "cover-up."

Even before the segment aired, some protesters promoted a petition to stop the network from airing the Kecksburg story.

The actual witnesses of the event prevailed, stating that the petitioner's list did not include any eye witnesses to the original event. Opposite sides were also taken by those officially investigating the facts of Kecksburg.

After the television show ran, two new witnesses came forward. One was a USAF officer at Lockbourne AFB (near Columbus, Ohio). In the early hours of December 10, a truck arrived by the little used back gate of the base and he was ordered to patrol it. It was a flat-bed with a large tarpaulin on the surface covering a conical object.

He was told to shoot anyone who tried to get too close. He was advised the truck was bound for Wright Patterson AFB, which is the reputed home of other crashed saucers.

The other witness was a building contractor who was asked two days later to take a load of 6,500 special bricks to a hangar inside Wright Patterson. When he sneaked a look inside the hangar he saw a bell-shaped device, some 12 feet high sitting there. Several men wearing white anti-radiation style suits were inspecting the object.

After he had been escorted out he was told that he had just seen an object that would become common knowledge in 20 years time.

Investigator Robert Young, for one, became an advocate of the Military's official explanation. Stan Gordon, on the other hand, believed the eye witness accounts, and the cover-up theory. Gordon took his findings to the next level, producing a 92 minute documentary video of his findings, titled "Kecksburg: The Untold Story."

As to be expected, alternative theories were put forward by skeptics and debunkers, such as the reentering of the Russian VENUS probe, but this scenario was rejected by the American and Russian governments.

One interesting footnote to this haunting tale came from the widow of John Murphy, who shortly after his death, publicly stated that her husband had been one of the first on the scene, and had actually photographed the strange craft.

Supposedly, these valuable snapshots were confiscated by Military officers, and Murphy was instructed not to discuss what he knew, unless he wanted to suffer severe consequences.

In January 1980 UFO investigator Clark McClelland interviewed the assistant fire chief of Kecksburg, James Mayes, and Melvin Reese, another fireman. They reported that their team had come within sixty meters of the object. They had seen an object on the ground that had smashed its way through the trees.

Mayes explained how the military had cordoned off the woods and had established a temporary base, complete with telecom link. Fire chief Robert Bitner would later confirm this story. He also said he had seen an object that was about 6 feet high, 6 feet wide, and some 15 feet long, clearly not an aircraft. It was resting at an angle on the ground as if it had impacted nearly horizontally. Another fire officer, 'Pete', stated he had seen a ring of bumpers around it into which were described some pictorial symbols.

Stan Gordon In 1990, researcher Stan Gordon from the Pennsylvania Association for the Study of the Unexplained, traced an apparent first-hand witness, James Romansky. He recalled seeing the object on the ground some 25 years previously, when he was an 18 year old fire fighter. He had been called to duty that night following concerns that an airplane had crashed.

He described the object as bronze coloured and shaped like an acorn-some 12 feet long and 25 feet in diameter; it had slightly raised "blunt" end and strange markings.

"It had writing on it, not like your average writing, but more like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. It had sort of a bumper on it, like a ribbon about six to 10 inches wide, and it stood out. It was elliptical the whole way around and the writing was on this bumper.It's nothing like I've ever seen, and I'm an avid reader. I read a lot of books on Egypt, the Incas, Peruvians, Russians and I've never to this day come across anything that looked like that."

On 08-29-05, the UFO Casebook received this information from a person who was an eyewitness to the object that soared over Kecksburg.

B J, I was on some site about the Kecksburgh sighting. It told the story and asked if anyone had an opinion about it. Well I lived in Pittsburgh at the time that this occurred. Brian Vike wrote about his experience, and when I read it I was floored.

I had forgotten about this ever happening until I watched the Brian Gumbel special. Brian Vike also said he recalled the incident. His sighting and mine are so simular.

I was at a drive-in movie that night with my boyfriend. He wanted to get there early to get a good spot. I can't remember how long after we arrived there when it happened. All of a sudden the sky lit up. "What the heck is that I ask?"

The sphere or the ball like object was very low in the sky and was burning and had a long firey tail. The color to me had a greenish color to it. I would say it was in my view for at least 4 seconds, maybe 5 seconds.

But of course in those days we thought it was only a meteor. And the next day it was confirmed on the radio it was. After all these years that have passed it's truly amazing to me how much of it I can still remember.

Thank you B J, and getting this computer is wonderful. And know I can relate what I"ve seen, and hope what I will see in the future I can relate them to you, and everyone else out there that is interested in the UFO phenomenon.


The Kecksburg crash, in many ways similar to the Roswell case, remains an extremely interesting one, and is still considered "unsolved."

(B J Booth)

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