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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 422, Issue date, 09-06-10

New French Aerospace Study Suggests UFOs are Extraterrestrial Craft
UFO Depiction
Published: 9:07 AM 9/2/2010

A new French report released on May 31, 2010, concluded that UFOs are definitely real and possibly of extraterrestrial origin.

While not an official government study, the Progress Report of the Sigma/3AF Commission comes from a highly credible source, the Aeronautical & Astronomical Association of France, known as the 3AF, which established a Commission on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena back in May 2008.

The Commission’s President is Alain Boudier, a former French Defense attaché, and one of its key members is Jean-Gabriel Greslé, a former fighter pilot who studied at the U.S. Air Force Academy and later became an airliner pilot with Air France, where he experienced a couple of UFO sightings.

Greslé has published three UFO books in France, including Unidentified Flying Objects: An Airline Pilot Talks (Guy Trédaniel, 1993).

The Sigma/3AF is not a final report but just a work in progress document; nevertheless, it provides good background material on the history of official UFO research in France, a balance of Sigma’s work during the last two years, a brief description of the most significant French cases, and some comments and conclusions.

The report begins with a brief history of French official UFO research, which is quite extensive: “France is the only country where the collection of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (PAN in French) and its scientific study have been assigned since 1977 to a civilian official organization, the CNES (National Center for Space Studies, the French space agency) through the GEPAN study group.”

After a short description of this unit, now known as GEIPAN (Study and Information Group on Aerospace Unidentified Phenomena), the report outlines other official or quasi-official French studies, including the famous COMETA (Committee for In-Depth Studies) Report of 1999, issued by a group of high-ranking retired French military and intelligence officers, which concluded that UFOs were real and probably extraterrestrial.

Members of the Sigma/3AF Commission also met representatives of many other official French military and intelligence organizations that had some UFO involvement in the past.

These included the National Gendarmerie, which has collected UFO reports systematically since the 1960s; the General Secretariat of National Defense, which issued an interesting report a few years ago (although I am not aware that it was ever released to the public); the Air Force; and one of France’s intelligence services, the General Directorate for External Security, which admitted through an “authorized source” that UFOs have been monitored by the agency since the early sixties.

The section on “the most significant French cases” provides a very short description of five incidents:

1) A massive multiple-witness sighting in Madagascar in 1954.

2) The famous landing and Close Encounter of the Third Kind (CE-III) in Valensole in 1965, which was documented by the Gendarmerie.

3) The equally famous landing case in Trans-en-Provence in 1981,

4) Another similar one in Nancy in 1982 known as “amaranth,” both of which were investigated by GEPAN and published respectively in their Technical Notes Nº 16 and Nº 17.

5) The last case is a multiple-witness sighting seen in a diagonal between Biarritz and Strasbourg across France in November 1990.

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Institute of Frontier Science

NT's Latest UFO Sighting at the Doo
Erik Black
Published: August 31st, 2010


UFOlogist Erik Black saw his first UFO in the NT

A SOUTHERN UFOlogist has finally seen his first UFO after 30 years of searching - and he had to come to the Northern Territory for the "ominous" experience.

Erik Black has been interested in UFOs since he was a child, but the 49-year-old from Brisbane had only heard stories, read books and watched movies about Unidentified Flying Objects in the sky, without ever getting to see "a real one" himself - until 2010 election night.

"I have been researching UFOs for almost all my life and every time I came to the Territory for holidays I read a UFO story in the newspaper, so I thought the NT was the place to be.

"I got in touch with UFO-spotter Alan Ferguson and he gave me a few places to go and have a look."

Mr Black said he had already spent four weeks of unsuccessful UFO-hunting in Darwin's rural area before he finally came across "something very unexpected" in Humpty Doo.

"I hadn't seen anything happening for weeks when I suddenly saw this amber-coloured, hamburger-shaped thing with black dots on the top coming towards me from the south-west.

"At first I thought it was a low-flying plane, but it had really weird-looking headlights. It came closer, and it was about 1500ft low in the air, and several times brighter than Venus.

"Suddenly it was straight over my head - I wasn't really expecting what I saw."

Mr Black said he was enveloped by "dead silence", when the "thing" was above him for about 30 seconds before it "disappeared rapidly".

"It didn't worry me at first, I was just standing there, staring at the thing, not believing anything," he said.

"I had expected something dancing on the horizon, like a blurry little light - not the whole thing suddenly flying over my head. It was quite an ominous feeling - and I freaked out a little."

Mr Black said he was "too busy staring at the thing" to remember to take a photo. I had my camera there and everything, but I just stared.

"It was curved on the top, round on the edges and flat on the bottom, and there was not metal or anything, it was just a fairly intense light."

The UFO-spotter said a week after his sighting he felt "good in some way" to finally have seen a UFO "after searching for them for so long", but he was "terribly disappointed" about not having taken a photo. "But I'll be coming back next year," he said. "The Territory is the place to see UFOs."

Acacia Hills UFO-logist Alan Ferguson said it had been a "pretty quiet" dry season in the Territory, but he was not surprised by Mr Black's sighting.

"It's easier to see a UFO now than ever before," he said. "And what I've seen over the years with my own eyes is what got me so full-on and passionate about it.

"Once you see a couple, you get sucked in. And they are out there - most people just don't look up."

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UFO Witnessed in Eastern China Again
UFO Depiction
Published: September 02, 2010

A bright, unidentified flying object that was visible for at least three hours slowly moving to the west was witnessed over the skies in southwestern Haiyan County of eastern China’s Zhejiang Province on Aug. 31.

The unidentified flying object that constantly twinkled was not at a high altitude and was much larger and brighter than stars around it. Many people witnessed the UFO at the scene that evening.

"I have no idea what it is," a witness said.

The reporter found that not only was the object itself very bright in the sky, but its reflection on the river was also very eye-catching. Many residents in Haiyan County also witnessed it.

Another witness said, "It looked quite big and it seemed that it was moving."

Another bright, flickering dot appeared above the object and started to move toward the object slowly when residents were discussing the unidentified object.

This flickering dot was visible for about 10 minutes and started to fly toward Haining City.

Two reporters from Haiyan's local TV station followed the twinkling object in a car moving toward Haining City and took relatively clear pictures after waiting for about an hour on the flight path of the object.

According to the picture, it was a round object that had shiny blue lights, and several other flickering objects were around it. After a while, however, reporters found that the round object had seemingly become rectangular. The object gradually flew higher and finally disappeared at around 10 p.m. about three hours after its first appearance.

This was not the first UFO witnessed in eastern cities of China this year. On the evening of July 7, a fast-moving UFO with a long white tail appeared over the skies near Hangzhou International Airport in Zhejiang Province, and there were also red flickering dots on the white tail.

The UFO led to a three-hour blockade of the airport and about 20 flights were delayed. Later, departments and experts analyzed videos taken by witnesses, but no conclusion has been made so far.

By People's Daily Online

Additional support provided by LOTO

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Mystery of India's "Red Rain" of 2001 Points to Extraterrestrial Origin
UFO Red Rain
Published: 5:55 PM 9/1/2010

New evidence has been discovered that reinforces the panspermia theory that the red rain which fell in India in 2001, contained cells unlike any found on Earth.

Panspermia is the idea championed by physicist Fred Hoyle that life exists throughout the universe in comets, asteroids, and interstellar dust clouds and that life of Earth was seeded from one or more of these sources.

In 1903, in the German journal Umschau, Svante Arrhenius removed the meteors from the equation. Instead, he wrote, individual spores wafted throughout space, colonizing any hospitable planet they lit on. Arrhenius named the theory panspermia.

A growing body of evidence suggests that it might be Hoyle and Arrhenius might have been correct.

For example, various insects such as have been shown to survive for months or even years in the harsh conditions of space. the Allen Hills Mars meteorite that some scientists believe holds evidence of life on Mars, is that its interior never rose above 50 degrees centigrade, despite being blasted from the Martian surface by an meteor impact and surviving a fiery a descent through Earth's opaque atmosphere.

"Spores," says Gerda Horneck, of DLR German Aerospace Center in Köln, "can withstand a variety of different hostile conditions: heat, radiation, desiccation, chemical substances, such as alcohol, acetone and others. They have an extremely long shelf life. This is because the sensitive material, the DNA, is especially packed and protected in the spores

In 2001, the inhabitants of Kerala in the sounthern India observed red rain falling during a two month period. One, Godfrey Louis, a physicist at nearby Cochin University of Science and Technology, intrigued by this phenomena, collected numerous samples of red rain to find out what was causing the contamination, perhaps sand or dust from some distant desert.

Examining the red rain under a microscopehe found that the rain water was filled with red cells that look remarkably like conventional bugs on Earth. What was strange was that Louis found no evidence of DNA in these cells which would rule out most kinds of known biological cells (red blood cells are one possibility but ought to be destroyed quickly by rain water).

Louis published his results in the peer-reviewed journal Astrophysics and Space in 2006, along with the tentative suggestion that the cells could be extraterrestrial, perhaps from a comet that had disintegrated in the upper atmosphere and then seeded clouds as the cells floated down to Earth as well as reports in the region of a sonic boom-type noise, which could have been caused by the entry of an object in the upper atmosphere.

Since his initial discovery, Louis has intensified his study the cells with an international team including Chandra Wickramasinghe from the University of Cardiff in the UK and one of the leading proponents of the panspermia theory, which he developed in the latter half of the 20th century with the Fred Hoyle.

The team's new research show that the cells reproduce at a temperature of 121 degrees C. "Under these conditions daughter cells appear within the original mother cells and the number of cells in the samples increases with length of exposure to 121 degrees C," they report.

By contrast, the cells are inert at room temperature. The spores of some extremophiles can survive these kinds of temperatures and then reproduce at lower temperatures but nothing discovered to date on Earth behaves like this at these temperatures -an extraordinary claim that will need to be independently verified before it will be more broadly accepted.

Wickramasinghe's team say they've examined the way these fluoresce when bombarded with light and say it is remarkably similar to various unexplained emission spectra seen in various parts of the galaxy.

Casey Kazan

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Do UFOs Really Exist?
UFO Depiction
Published: August 30, 2010 - 20:58

By: Ray Bilger, contributing writer

If someone asks me if I believe UFOs are real — do they really exist —- I usually respond like this:

Well, first of all it doesn't really matter whether I believe or don't believe UFOs exist, and here's why.

Today, so many people, highly credible people (including military and government officials, doctors, etc.), and groups of people, sometimes hundreds of people, have seen things, craft in the sky, things that defy what we know of as possible by our current aerodynamic and physical capabilities, and they've documented all of this in tens-of-thousands of reported cases, so that there is now an overwhelming preponderance of evidence that things, or craft, unexplained, or unidentified, are up in the skies around our planet. It is a fact.

By saying that, I do not mean to imply that there are ETs, or extraterrestrials, only that there are craft, performing the impossible, that which cannot be explained or identified, UFOs. So, whether or not I believe there are UFOs doesn't really matter. They do exist, even though we may not understand what they are, or why they are here. The fact remains that they are here, like it or not.

The question should be, can we make some sense of all this? Can we explain what's happening, or come to some understanding of what exactly is going on here? And then there are other considerations. It seems rather certain that we are witnessing technology far beyond what we can comprehend. If these craft are able to hover motionless while making no noise, it seems probable they are using some sort of anti-gravity device, and that they may well be using an energy source similar to what Nikola Tesla was developing around 1900, which taps into the ambient energy field that exists around us throughout all space, producing unlimited energy.

Scientists today admit they do not understand gravity, what it is or how it works. It's probably good that we don't because if we did it would make it that much easier to take our destructive warlike ways out into space. Better that we are confined here with our childish, death technologies.

It seems likely that gravity, or a gravitational field, can be artificially created and that this is what the UFOs are incorporating within the craft. Once that artificial gravitational field is in operation, it would seem that it only need be directed in the desired direction to lift a craft up, by opposing planetary gravity, or to make a craft move forward while keeping it up in the air.

Now, if we were able to develop and use these same technologies here on Earth, it would immediately and completely revolutionize all life processes on the planet, with essentially free energy for everyone, with quiet pollution-free anti-gravity transportation systems, and no more need for using dirty polluting oil, or nuclear power, which is equally dirty and polluting.

Every man, woman, and child on Earth would at once be relieved of the great burden it is just to survive. Desalinization plants, operating on free energy, could produce all the fresh water we could ever need. Food in abundance could then be grown anywhere in the world, even in the vast deserts! We're talking about the greening of the entire planet.

Now, to go even further with this thought, for us to see how this could become a reality as soon as possible, we must eventually realize that UFOs do not exist and fly by themselves, they do have occupants, and that those occupants have come from somewhere else, likely another planet or planets, where they have whole civilizations, and factories where these UFOs are built. That seems obvious enough.

As much as our governments, and media, and movie producers would like us to believe it, these visitors from afar do not appear to have evil intentions, although we certainly have no shortage of our own already here on Earth.

These friendly visitors might well wish to share their technology with us if we were able to befriend them. The greatest obstacle to achieving that is actually our own government (or those who control the world governments, usually from behind the scenes), who possess all their military might.

If we can see this obstacle as the opportunity and challenge it really is, then we can all work together to get our government to welcome these cosmic galactic friends. Who knows, they might even invite us to take a ride with them in a flying saucer, and go visit their world, and see just what is possible for us to produce here on Earth!

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Archived Files

Valensole, France Landing, (Masse), 1965
Depiction of Sighting
In July of 1965, In Valensole, France, a farmer named Maurice Masse claimed that he saw two children standing in his field. Masse was attempting to find a solution to why his lavender crop had bare spots of ground.

As Masse approached the "children," he noticed an unusual object close by. Now with a much closer view, the children were not children at all, but "strange looking beings."

Masse described them as having large, bald heads, pasty faces, and huge, slanted eyes that stared out at him. He also related that they were wearing coveralls of some sort, and one of them was holding a tube-like device, standing by an odd-looking craft. Masse swore that as he approached the object, he was hit by some sort of ray, which disabled him for a time.

When he awoke, he saw the object flying off into the sky. Fearing ridicule, he was reluctant at first to report his incident, but in time, he came forward with the facts.

During an interview, Maurice was shown a drawing representative of an object that had landed in Socorro, New Mexico, the previous year. The object had been seen by policeman Lonnie Zamora, who later made a sketch of it. Masse remarked, "Someone else has seen my UFO."

According to the farmer, he was not able to grow anything in the area of the incident for years to come. Neither the Masse nor Zamora case proves the existence of extraterrestrial life, but especially in the Zamora case, there is no doubt that some type of unusual craft with occupants did land, and take off again.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who interviewed Zamora on more than one occasion, believes every word that Zamora said, however, offers no explanation for his sighting.

In Hynek's own words; "There is much more evidence to indicate that we are dealing with a most real phenomenon of undetermined origin."

If what Zamora saw was not of extraterrestrial origin, then where did it come from? Why did it land? Who were the strange occupants?

(B J Booth)

source: Dr. J. Allen Hynek

source: www.nicap.org

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