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UFO Magazine Issue 375, Issue date, 09-07-09

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Husband and Wife Spot UFO over Colorado
Graphic Representation of Sighting
Published: 5:37 AM 9/2/2009

Colorado - 08-31-09

At approximately 5:20 am on Monday, August 31, 2009,, while driving west on Dillon Road through Broomfield Colorado, my wife and I noticed a large, brightly lit object low to the ground. I was in my car headed to work, and she was right behind in her car.

For about 5 miles we take the same way to work and she turns off while I keep going another 14 miles to my job.

When I first saw this object it had just made a slow, sweeping right turn to position itself directly over the road heading our direction. It was so bright I immediately knew it was no aircraft I have ever witnessed.

As I looked I realized there were no wings on this flying object. It appeared to me to be just a large, roundish mass but I could not make out any particular details with the bright light. I noticed some red lights and blue lights but was not certain of the position of the lights on the craft.

At 5:20 am this time of year it was still quite dark outside and this round object was very brightly lit with an intense white light. The white light was so intense it drowned out the smaller lights on the sides and top of the craft.

I slowed down to take a look and rolled my window down. By this time it was about 2 or 3 blocks ahead of me coming directly towards us.

This craft made no sound at all and I was expecting to hear an engine. I would estimate the diameter of this round object 100-150 feet across, as it was wider than the road and it could not have been more than 100 feet above the road.

All of a sudden I lost interest, rolled up window and got back to the speed limit on the road. I had no thoughts of UFOs or objects coming down the road at a low altitude. I looked in my mirror and saw my wife had slowed way down and I had gotten ahead of her several blocks.

I wondered why she was so far behind, so I slowed down to let her catch up. I continued to work and did not know about any UFO or having seen one.

My wife had waited and watched with her head out the window as this craft slowly moved over her car going the opposite direction at a low altitude and slow speed.

She describes it as perfectly round with a domed top and several different lights on different parts of the craft. I had her draw a picture of this craft and the locations of the lights, and she clearly remembers one red light on each the widest points of the craft and a blue light along the domed top on each side.

After the craft passed over her, she increased her speed to catch up to me. We did not see each other, but she called me at work about 30 minutes later to tell me about the round UFO that passed over her car while she watched it outside the window.

I told her it was a plane; we did not see a UFO. She repeated the size and shape, and all of a sudden I remembered seeing it and I knew it was not an ordinary aircraft. Aircraft canít fly that slowly. Aircraft canít fly in silence as engines make noise when under power.

Aircraft have wings, this object had no wings. Aircraft donít usually fly down a road in the city low like this. Too many things donít add up for this to be any normal aircraft. And if our government has round, domed top aircraft itís new to me. Not to mention completely being completely silent and able to defy gravity.

Aircraft have stall speeds, (except helicopters) the speed at which the object will fall like a rock. Iím glad it did not fall like a rock with us under it. It certainly defied gravity whatever it was.

The strangest part of this to me is after seeing this object and knowing full well it was no aircraft that flies at such a slow speed and this close to the ground and with no noise at all that I just forgot about it.

I canít figure out why as soon as I was about 2 blocks from it and we were closing speed that my memory lapsed and I forgot about it until my wife called me at work and reminded me.

At first I was very excited as I had not seen a UFO this close to the ground since about 1963 in Washington, DC. But as I got closer to it my memory just disappeared, and I completely forgot about it until 30 minutes later. Had my wife not called and reminded me, I may not have recalled it at all. Another strange part of this is I take my camera with me all the time and it was laying on the seat next to me and the thought to take it out and get a photograph never entered my mind.

Colorado - 08-31-09

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Three - Lighted Object Seen over California
Published: 11:50 AM 9/1/2009

California - 08-31-09

I was heading south on the 101 freeway at approx. 10:20 pm nearing Highland Blvd. exit... facing south on my way to Cahuenga Blvd Exit... through my windshield as I was driving, off to the right a little, I saw three bright lights that looked like starlight.

But they were gliding over Hollywood heading east towards the Hollywood sign and hills (moving to the left as I was viewing it).

I have seen video footage of triangle lights like this before, but never thought I would see one myself. I almost thought I saw a reflection of the entire triangle's surface as it tumbled through the sky gracefully over the edge of the city... it almost appeared as if it was 90% transparent but not fully.

None of the lights were ever obscured, but they did appear to be locked together and tumbling across the sky. It was amazing. I wondered if the other cars on the road were seeing it too.

I thought maybe these were helicopters, but the lights were too bright and constant. I've seen plenty of helicopters in LA and I know the difference... and I know these things covered a good distance pretty quickly.

These things connected, glided and tumbled, and made movements that are not what a helicopter is capable of or that three would ever do together.

These lights covered a few miles a minute and they appeared about 30 degrees above the horizon as I drove up the hill. Trees began to obscure my view. Once I got to my exit on Cahuenga Blvd they were completely out of sight. This looked genuine to me.

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Secret UFO Reports

Madhya Pradesh Minister Says 'UFO Damaged Crop'
Published: September 03, 2009

Shams Ur Rehman Alavi and P. Naveen, Hindustan Times

Bhopal, India

The latest entrant to the list of people in Madhya Pradesh, who claim to have sighted unidentified Flying objects (UFO), is state Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Ramkrishna Kusmaria.

Kusmaria said he spotted an UFO in Sukha village in Damoh district, about 275 km east of state capital Bhopal, while on an official tour.

Kusmaria said he clearly saw the object in the sky, and it was emitting sharp sparks. ďThe object caused damage to the standing crops in the area. I saw papaya fruits fell off the trees as the UFO passed by,Ē the minister said.

ďI took photographs of the circular object with my camera. I would share the photograph with you as soon as I come back to Bhopal,Ē he told HT over the phone.

Kusmariaís story, however, has landed the district officials in soup, as villagers have already started claiming compensation for crop damage caused by the UFO sighted by a no less than a minister.

Superintendent of Police D.K. Arya said he was aware of the incident. But he said since he had not yet visited the spot, it would be difficult for him to comment on the UFO.

District Collector R.A. Khandelwal rushed to Sukha village on Wednesday to assess the extent of crop damage.

The village is located nearly 40 km from Damoh city.

Several people have claimed seeing UFOs in the state in the last one year or so. Ram Srivastava, a retired professor of Holkar Science College in Indore, said there had been nearly half-a-dozen similar claims in the state recently.

He said, ďOften there is optical illusion or gravitational whirlpool in which solar wind gets trapped that gives an impression of UFO.ĒThe latest entrant to the list of people in Madhya Pradesh, who claim to have sighted unidentified Flying objects (UFO), is state Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Ramkrishna Kusmaria.

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Mysterious "Thing" Photographed over Kalapana
Published: Sunday, 30 August 2009

Kalapana, Hawaii

Now I'm no proponent of the theory some people hold that we are being visited by alien species in their space ships. Frankly, the whole thing is quite preposterous and it all started when the TV and movie industries started to make shows about aliens and flying saucers.

My opinion will make little difference though, just look at how many people still believe crop circles are communications from aliens despite the hoaxers admitting what they've done, or the even more bizarre chemtrail believers.

People often complain about the "skeptics" being ridiculous when they say we're not being visited, as the universe and our Galaxy are so large that the chances are there must be intelligent life out there somewhere.

That's an argument that always annoys me. The point being made by professional scientists that know a little about our universe is that interstellar travel is unbelievably difficult, requires extraordinary amounts of energy and there's this little problem about getting around the speed of light barrier.

Anyone who comments that scientists in the past thought that people would suffocate driving an automobile or proved bumble bees can't fly and use that as evidence of scientists being wrong in the past about this limit will receive short thrift from me and perhaps, if I'm feeling generous and patient, a lesson about science and its history.

I suspect most astronomers believe there is intelligent life in our Galaxy or in the universe other than on this planet, it's just that they're just not visiting us - hell, they don't even know we exist. Intelligent people also believe that there are unidentified flying objects, UFOs, that is there are occasional things that appear to be flying and can't be identified.

Today my camera captured something I can't identify and it appeared to be flying. I've no idea what it was. I was visiting my favourite spot on the island and tried to take some images that I'd use to make either an HDR or blended image of the poisonous clouds formed by lava entering the ocean from Kilauea near Kalapana. I took six pictures and when I put them through the processing software I noticed this weird streak:

I wouldn't have published the picture normally because I hate it, I just got it wrong and it wasn't as nice a picture as I'd hoped, but while trying to rescue it in software I saw the streak.

No problem, I thought, something's on the lense or something strange happened when combining the images, but the weird thing is that the streak is only on one of the six pictures that I used to make the picture, and all the pictures were taken within a second or two.

I have no idea what it is. It appears to be a little out-of-focus so is probably on or close to the lense as the distant stuff is relatively in focus, but I would have expected it to be on one or two of the other frames, but it isn't.

I wonder what it is?

Posted by Tom at Sunday, August 30, 2009


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Disc-Shaped UFO Witnessed over California
Published: 2:49 PM 8/31/2009

California - 08-25-09

I was driving from my home to church with my two kids. I had just turned northbound onto Union Rd. from Northgate Blvd., when I first saw it. It was well above the horizon to the north of me, hovering.

The object caught my eye because sunlight was glinting off of it. I don't recall thinking it was anything... by that I mean it didn't look like anything familiar such as an airplane, bird, blimp, balloon, or anything else. My only thought was "What the heck is that?"

The object was silvery/metallic. Cigar-shaped, but rounded and tapered at both ends. Sunny, cloudless sky. The object was to my north, well above the visible horizon, trees, streetlights, etc. Truthfully, I can't say how far off it was. The object could have been small and very close, or huge and very far away.

I was confused/curious as to what the object was. As I said, it didn't resemble anything I could chalk it up to. I turned east onto Lathrop Rd. and continued viewing the object out my open left side window, it was still apparently hovering.

This is what weirded me out. It took off to the east in a blur. I mean, it went from completely motionless to moving at a rate of speed I won't even try to estimate. It didn't accelerate like anything I've ever seen. You know, something begins to move and picks up speed at a constant rate. It just took off like a bullet from a complete standstill.

It was heading east and just disappeared in a second. I turned north into my church parking lot and looked around but saw no sign of it. The kids didn't see it. They were spaced off looking in other directions. I never spoke up to point out the object. By the time it occurred to me to do so, the object was gone.

The whole experience from beginning to end lasted perhaps a minute, maybe two at the most.

What the heck was that? I'm a commercial driver. I've spent most of my adult life outside/driving in every conceivable weather condition. I'm 38 years old. I've seen odd things in the sky... particularly at night driving through the desert.

I've always chalked it up to far off aircraft, meteors, military activity, moonlight on an unusual cloud formation, etc. This was in broad daylight. I'm not crazy. I don't do drugs. I'm not a conspiracy/UFO nut. All I'm saying is I saw something utterly inexplicable. It bugs me...

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Railroad Engineer Relates Triangle Sighting
Published: 4:27 PM 9/1/2009

2001 - Quebec, Canada

I am a railroad engineer that went out to work on a Work Train to move a maintenance road gang in the summer of 2001. We were called for 2:30 am and made our way out of the yard within the hour.

Around mile 28 on the Wacouna subdivision, I noticed 2 triangular shaped objects in the sky at around 4:30 am. The objects were identical in size and shape, and completely stood out from the few stars that could be seen at the time.

Puzzled by these objects, I mentioned this to my colleague, who was equally dumbfounded. We actually stopped the locomotives in order to get a better grasp of what we were seeing. He took out a pair of binoculars and we watched these objects hover above us.

The binoculars gave us a glowing perspective of the lights above us. They seemed to be slowly moving while keeping the identical pattern. We observed them for a few minutes, then decided to make our way north before the dispatch called us.

I wrote the whole episode off, until I saw an article in a French magazine a few months later. My colleague agreed that the pictures looked eerily quite similar to what we had seen.

Then last week, I stumbled upon a Discovery Channel episode (08/08/09) concerning events in Pennsylvania that were quite similar to what we saw that morning. I took it upon myself to relate to you this eyewitness in the hope that it may correlate any other odd sightings.

We never witnessed anything like the sediment shower mentioned in the broadcast, but the shapes of the objects depicted in the program matched what we saw that morning. They seemed to be at a higher altitude, but were easily discernable from the few stars around.

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(last update, 09-04-09)

Arizona - Object Disappears
08-31-09 - Scotsdale - I'm not your typical star gazer, but do enjoy the early morning when the sky is clear and the stars are bright. At 5:53 am this morning 8/31/09, I noticed what I first thought to be a bright star in the sky to the east.

Then I noticed it was actually moving from south to north at a fairly fast pace, I then thought it must be a plane. After a moment it simply disappeared, unlike a plane. Am I just nuts or did anyone else see this? submitted to www.ufocasebook.com

Colorado - Extremely Bright Object
Canon City, June 19th, 2007

Object, Round, about 25 meters in length, and 15 feet in height, and it was a very, very, bright white.

Three Witnesses - Clear Skies - Airplane seen 10 minutes before UFO.

My whole family was outside looking at this object maneuver for about 10 minutes, and it was amazing how it moved, I had never seen anything like it, it didn't move like a airplane or helicopter.

It moved very slow but at one point and time, it "flew" to the left very fast like. The white light was so intense on it. Then after about the 10 minutes of watching this objects move, it went over our house and went out of our sight. Michael - www.ufocasebook.com

Pennsylvania - Motorist Spots UFO
08-26-09 - I was traveling on Number Nine Road outside of northern Cambria at about 1:20AM. I noticed this extremely bright light about 500 feet above and about 200 feet away from my vehicle. You couldnít miss it.

The light was almost oppressively bright. So, I stopped, turned down the music, and stuck my head out of the window to try and hear some noise in case it was just a helicopter. I didnít hear anything. The light it was emitting was steady, circular and bright.

A few seconds later it shot off over the horizon, and traveled so fast it looked like a shooting star. The light trail it left was the longest I have ever seen, and to my eyes it looked like it spanned many miles.

I caught my breathe because I was in shock, and probably close to a stroke or heart attack at the point. I pulled back on the road and was a little scared because I had to travel the same direction I saw the UFO go. source: www.mufon.com

Tennessee - Cylinder-Shaped Object
08-31-09 - My wife spotted this tonight as she traveled along I-40 between Lebanon and Gainesboro, Tennessee. This object appeared low on the horizon and appeared to be stationary for 5-7 minutes approximately over Carthage, Tennessee.

My wife couldn't discern any vertical or horizontal stabilizers, standard navigation lights, or anything else that suggested this was simply a blimp.

The cylinder appeared to be thinner and more elongated than the usual form of a blimp. It didn't appear to have come to a point on either end. After traveling a short distance along I-40 (traveling east) and trying to keep it in sight, she lost sight of it as she went down a hill.

Once she emerged on the other side, the object was simply gone. We are going to watch local news for other reports of this, and acknowledge that it simply could have been an unusual blimp or something, but the event was very unusual for central Tennessee. source: www.mufon.com

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