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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 423, Issue date, 09-13-10

Famed Researcher Wendelle Stevens Passes Away
Major Wendelle Stevens at Wright Patterson AFB
Published: September 8, 2010

The world’s foremost authority on alleged cases of direct human contact with extraterrestrial life passed away on Tuesday, September 7, at the age of 87. Lt Colonel Wendelle Stevens (ret. USAF) first became involved in the UFO issue back in the summer of 1947 when he was assigned by the U.S. Army/Air Force to Anchorage, Alaska.

He was part of a classified project involving data collection of UFO sightings in the Arctic Circle. He was involved in debriefing pilots who witnessed UFOs landing on Arctic ice fields, and passing along radar, film and photographic evidence to more senior Air Force authorities.

What he learned during his classified duties impressed him enough for his interest in UFOs to become a life long passion. After his retirement in 1963 as a Lt Colonel, Stevens dedicated his time to researching claims of extraterrestrial contact from around the world.

He traveled to many countries to learn at first hand whether individual claims of extraterrestrial contact were genuine. Along the way, he amassed the world’s largest private collection of photos, testimonies and files concerning alleged claims of human extraterrestrial contact.

The cases that most interested Col Stevens were those involving human looking extraterrestrials that interacted with private citizens in a respectful, peaceful way. In contrast to the many horror stories churned out by many UFO abduction researchers, Col Stevens emphasized the peaceful aspects of human extraterrestrial contact.

At the 2006 “Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference,” he elaborated on the many aspects of human extraterrestrial contact that were peaceful, and he had great optimism for humanity’s future as a result. He was a signatory and enthusiastic supporter of the unique consensus document that emerged from the conference titled: “Hawaii Declaration on Peaceful Relations with Extraterrestrial Civilizations.”

I got to know Col Stevens best when we traveled together as part of a small group of five researchers to Japan for a three city extraterrestrial conference tour in October 2007. He impressed me with his razor sharp mind and great attention to detail with the many UFO/contactee cases he had researched during his six decades of interest in the field.

His passion for the UFO field led to him maintaining a remarkable intellectual vitality and youthfulness despite his advanced years and declining health.

His greatest contribution lies in making available to the general public a great number of little known human extraterrestrial contact cases that otherwise would have been lost.

He transcribed interviews, translated foreign texts, edited material in a long series of books typically beginning with the title “UFO Contact from the… ” Many of these are available online on a website maintained by his daughter Cece Stevens.

After decades of research sparked by his classified US Air Force work, there was no doubt in Col Stevens mind that humanity was being visited by extraterrestrial life. He knew from first hand experience that government authorities from around the world were secretly researching the evidence and covering up the true significance and origins of UFOs.

He also learned that select government agencies preventing disclosure of extraterrestrial life would stop at nothing to maintain the secrets they had acquired.

Some of the better known books that Col Stevens edited/wrote included, Contact from the Pleiades (Bill Meier case); Contact from Andromeda (Prof Hernandez case); UFO Contact from Planet Korendor (the Bob Renard case) and many many more. Wisely, Col Stevens decided to hand over much of his private library to Open Minds TV so future researchers could have access to some of the most important UFO cases to yet be fully investigated.

Col Stevens compiled profiles of many extraterrestrial civilizations that had interacted with humanity from the testimonies of the different contactees. His most sincere hope was that when the right time had arrived, humanity would be able to learn the truth about the ethically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that had interacted with multiple individuals.

In the meantime, his mission was to keep in the public awareness a record of what had happened in these extraterrestrial contact cases despite secret government efforts to suppress this information.

Col Stevens legacy lives on in the books he wrote/edited, the photographic archive he created, and the hope he instilled that contact with ethically advanced extraterrestrials was a reality that would eventually transform human civilization for the better.

His character and mission was the noblest among all the UFO researchers that I have had the honor of meeting. Bon voyage, Col Stevens, while we’ll miss you on Earth, your life and spirit will carry you forth into a magnificent new journey to the stars.

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Mike Conley's Tales of the Weird: Carolinians Seeing Weird Objects in Sky
UFO Salem Mass, 1952
Published: September 08, 2010

By Mike Conley

For decades, folks all over the world have aimed their cameras, both still and video, toward the sky in hopes of catching images of a UFO for everyone to see.

In some cases, they were remarkably successful. In 1965, Rex Heflin’s pictures of a hat-shaped object hovering in the sky over Santa Ana, California have been regarded as some of the most famous ever taken of a UFO.

Then, there are the four glowing objects in the sky that were captured on film one night in 1952 over Salem, Mass. (photos above)

And in May 1950, Paul Trent of Oregon took one of the best-known photos of what was then called a flying saucer.

In short, thousands and thousands of purported UFO photographs and videos have been produced over the years. A few of them are considered to be authentic while many others are outright fakes.

Now, a man in Simpsonville, S.C. claims to have caught the image of a UFO on his video camera.

Jawad Ashey was sitting on the front porch of his home with his girlfriend at approximately 10:30 p.m. Sunday. All of a sudden, a blue light appeared in the night sky. Ashey said it started out small and then got bigger, according to a story by WSPA-TV of Spartanburg, S.C.

“Just here on the porch, chilling out, and there it was!” he said in the TV story. “I don’t think it was anything of this world, I really don’t.”

Ashey said that what he saw was not an airplane or some other manmade aircraft. He’s convinced it is a UFO.

Ashey’s video shows the blue light in the sky for about three minutes.

“I went from ‘Oh wow, I’m excited,’” he said, “to ‘Oh wow, I’m kinda weirded out,’ to ‘Oh wow, I’m a little scared!’”

WSPA Meteorologist Dan Bickford said there was “nothing unusual,” such as a meteor shower, going on in the skies at the time of Ashey’s sighting. Ed Richards, who enjoys astronomy, said both Venus and Jupiter are visible in the night sky now, but this object does not match those heavenly bodies.

“I was a skeptic, but now I’m a believer,” said Ashey to WSPA. “I’m definitely coming back out tonight to see if it shows up again.”

While a blue light has been seen over Simpsonville, S.C., some folks in Highlands are reporting orange orbs in the sky over their homes. The website skyshipsovercashiers.com contains an eyewitness testimony about some weird lights seen near Highlands, which is west of Cashiers.

“On the evening of June 18, 2010 at approximately 9:30 p.m., I and five friends were sitting on the deck of a home on Panther Mountain outside Highlands, NC and observed six to eight bright orange orbs blinking on and off in the trees adjacent to the property,” read the testimony.

The weird orange lights were larger than softballs, perhaps up to 8 inches in diameter. The bright color orange was very clear.

“This was observed by myself and two others in our party and lasted for about 15 minutes,” read the testimony. “We all experienced feelings of euphoria and elation. Our intuition was that we were being acknowledged by loving and benevolent light beings.”

These “light beings” apparently enjoy giving folks in western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina something interesting to talk about. So if you watch the skies carefully, they just might appear.

Contact Mike Conley at 652-3313, ext. 3422 or e-mail nconley@mcdowellnews.com.

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Institute of Frontier Science

Classic UFO Battle Waged Online
Kean Book
Published: September 2010 10:39 AM

Submitted by Robert Roy Britt

An interesting argument is playing out in the Space section of MSNBC. It began when veteran space reporter James Oberg questioned the foundation of a new book about UFOs called "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record."

"The book's main themes are the extraordinary stories of strange aerial encounters in Europe, South America and even the United States," Oberg writes. "In these stories, investigators have failed to pinpoint phenomena to explain the sightings. And because the primary witnesses are pilots, the accounts are considered more credible than run-of-the-mill UFO reports. But are they really?"

Leslie Kean is the author of the book, and she's striking back, calling Oberg a longtime UFO skeptic who "may be qualified to serve as an unbiased, expert consultant on Russian or Chinese missile systems, but not on UFOs."

This is a classic UFO battle, not over hard evidence but over claimed sightings. Who can say whether the witnesses actually saw what they think they saw, or if a trick of light or perspective was at work.

Kean is no doubt going to sell a lot of books because of the kerfluffle, and no doubt she's playing on the "unknown" big-time. Nonetheless, she contends the conclusion of her book is simply this: "We need a systematic, scientific investigation of the skies that actively looks for these mysterious and elusive objects."

Kean says skeptics miss the point of the book. But the job of a skeptic is to trounce anything that lends credence to an idea that the skeptic thinks is bogus. And an organized search for UFOs, presumably funded by the government, would certainly lend credence to the whole idea that alien spacecraft are visiting our planet. One might also presume that such a project would lead to the sale of even more UFO books.

I'll let you read the exchange for yourself, (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38977500/ns/technology_and_science-space/) but with a parting shot: It is easy to call something a UFO when nobody is sure what the thing was. The other day I saw a balloon, or a garment bag, or perhaps it was a big sheet of Saran Wrap, floating through the sky. I'm not sure what it was, and so by definition it was a UFO.

Yet so far nobody has offered any convincing evidence whatsoever of an actual alien visitation — regarding my alien Saran Wrap or any other event.

As our Bad Science Columnist Ben Radford puts it: "All that is needed to create a UFO sighting is one person who may not recognize a light or object in the sky. But just because one person—or even several people—can’t immediately identify or explain something they see doesn’t mean that someone else with more training or experience (or even the same person seeing the same object from a different angle) may not instantly recognize it."

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Rhiwbina Woman's Hunt for UFOs
Jane McCarthy
Published: Aug 9 2010

by Gareth Evans, South Wales Echo

Secret documents revealing a mystery object in the skies above South Wales may have set some spines tingling – but there’s not a ghost of a chance of paranormal investigator Jane McCarthy being scared off by a UFO or a few spooks

Apparitions of monks and tankers in the sky are just some of the weird and wonderful sightings reported to South Wales’ top paranormal investigator.

The mum of one from Rhiwbina, Cardiff, boasts 30 years’ experience in the field of work she shares with her husband Chris.

“I got into looking into UFOs by accident because I’ve seen them,” said Jane, of Heol Llanishen Fach.

“It all started when we came back to live in the family home in Rhiwbina. We went to bed late one night in the back bedroom and saw lights in the shape of a triangle.

“Neither of us have any recollection of going to bed that night. I remember waking up on top of the bed and I couldn’t move – it was a very strange night for both of us.”

Chris claimed the couple’s next unexplained sighting, when a “pulsating light” in the shape of a vacuum cleaner bag was spotted above Cardiff Bay.

“My husband has always been a big sceptic but that really changed his mind,” said Jane, 56.

“He wanted to find an answer for what he saw but when he mentioned it he was ridiculed.”

Interest in UFOs in South Wales has heightened in recent weeks with the release of secret documents revealing how an oblong light from a mysterious object 100ft wide was spotted in the skies in November 1996.

Three witnesses were travelling along A4059 leading from Hirwaun to the Brecon Beacons when they spotted a “very bright set of lights”.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) documents released through the National Archive show that one of the witnesses wrote to the authorities telling of the close encounter on November 26.

Jane, a former claims manager, began life as a psychic consultant before branching out into paranormal investigation.

In May 2004, the couple spotted a tanker-shaped UFO floating above Abercynon from their lookout in Pontypridd.

“There was a report out in October that same year of a pilot who saw what he described as a really large tanker,” said Jane.

“Apparently, 15 people got out of their cars to see it. “The next time we saw something was on our way to a conference in Dublin. “We were on the dual carriageway and up in the sky was a helicopter chasing about eight metallic spheres. “We thought it was a stunt, then all of a sudden one shot off and we realised it was not normal. “It was quite close, it wasn’t something that was way up in the sky.”

In one of her more fulfilling cases, Jane was called to a property in the Ely area of Cardiff amid reports of an unwanted ghost. Its owners were so shocked by what they had seen in their home, they chose to sleep in the car on their driveway.

“I discovered that a child had died when the house was first built and he was haunting it,” said Jane.

“I felt so sorry for the couple and when you hear about cases like that, I like to go and help. We uncovered so much proof from our paranormal photographs that the council agreed to move them.”

A South Coast Little Chef restaurant, which reported buns being thrown at customers, was another of Jane’s happy customers. She has since been seconded by magazine, television and radio producers for a series of paranormal missions.

“I’ve seen so much over the years and I get a lot of reports coming my way,” said Jane.

“We’ve seen Chinese lanterns and we know the difference. These are incidents that are totally out of this world as far as we’re aware. “I know there’s more to life than we make out and it’s about looking into the unknown. “These are people with true problems. “It’s not like Most Haunted – it’s real and it’s scary. “I do the serious cases. There is nowhere for people to go and I get thousands of e-mails. “But it’s work that needs to be done and we enjoy what we do.”

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UFO Centre for Russia
Kalmyk President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov at the event devoted to the 39th Global Chess Olympics that will take place in Khanty-Mansiisk in September 2010. The event was held in the framework of the International Sports Forum Russia, a Sports Power
Published: 09/09/2010 14:12

by Tom Washington

Colourful Kalmyk president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is ready to make contact with outer space once he leaves office next month. The long-serving leader of the south-western republic has repeatedly claimed to have met aliens – and he wants to see Russia create a centre for UFOlogy to help explore what happened to him.

“In many countries that I visit there are laboratories that investigate UFOs and make contact,” he told journalists at a press conference in Elista. He did not specify anywhere. He added that he had talked about extraterrestrial civilisations with foreign dignatories, including heads of state gzt.ru reported.

Alien visitation

© RIA Novosti. / Grigoriy Sisoev

"It’s not the first time he’s discussed his fascination with other worlds. In May he drew fire from State Duma deputy Andrei Lebedev after he gave an interview on TV about a visit he had received from aliens in 1997.

“I elieve I communicated with them, I saw them. I probably would not have believed it, but there were three witnesses: my driver, the Minister and my assistant,” he told TV presenter Vladimir Pozner. He described the visitors as 'men in yellow suits' who arrived on his balcony in a “translucent tube.

Lebedev thought that Ilyumzhinov might have something to hide and feared that national security might have been breached if Ilyumzhinov had passed any “sensitive information” to the extraterrestrials.

The future

The talk at the press conference focused so much on aliens that organisers had to remind journalists that their main reason for being there was to discuss the head’s resignation. Returning to the topic, he said the would not run for a fifth term, and that he would remain in the country to deal with socio-economic projects and continue to promote the republic as a centre of chess.

The former president’s position as head of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) has put Kalmykia on the map as an international chess mecca. He wants to make sure that all 170 of the federation’s member countries make chess part of their national curriculum.

The past

Ilyumzhinov enjoyed the support of the Kremlin in his bid to hold on to the leadership of the FIDE, while most of the federation wanted him out in favour of former champion Anatoly Karpov and his sponsor, ex grandmaster and opposition politician Garry Kasparov. The colourful power struggle that ensued was portrayed as a tussle between modern democratic forces and the old guard.

He said on Wednesday that he would be happy with any of the United Russia candidates to take his position, saying that they were all up to the job.

And there was much to be proud of in his years as leader, he claimed. “We have ensured that there were no terrorist attacks,” he boasted, adding that sharp religious divides between Christians, Muslims and Buddhists made inter-factional violence a real possibility.

When asked to comment on accusations that he left behind a devastated region Ilyumzhinov said that the republic was one of the most peaceful in the southern region.

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Archived Files

The Legends of UFO Crashes at Spitzbergen, Norway, 1946 & 1952

There have been numerous legends about UFO crashes; some of them have quite a bit of documentation and eyewitness testimony.

Others are based mostly on legend and folklore.

Two of the cases based primarily on legend involve the same place, Spitzbergen, Norway, but these two cases have different dates, 1946 and 1952.

There is just not enough verifiable evidence to support either of these events, and here are the reasons;

1946 Spitzbergen UFO Crash

The 1946 case, more than anything else, is memorable for its characters. The legend goes something like this; In 1946, General James H. Doolittle was sent to Sweden by the Shell Oil Company, supposedly to investigate the mystery of the "Ghost Rockets." Why an oil company would investigate UFOs is beyond my understanding. Unless they felt they could strengthen their profits somehow.

Somehow, he supposedly wound up in Spitzbergen. There are a number of Internet sites which claim that there was a short lived article published in America of a UFO crash in the Norwegian city about this time. Some people claim to have seen the article. The really odd thing about the tale of this case is the question must be asked what does Doolittle have to do with anything, since he is only mentioned as being in the area, and that is the end of his involvement.

The only redeeming part of this particular case is that it was reported by Dorothy Kilgallen, celebrity for her years appearing on the "What's My Line?" TV game show. She claimed that someone in the upper echelon of the British government informed her that a UFO had crashed near Spitzbergen, and was under investigation by the British and American military. Supposedly, this informant was Lord Mountbatten.

Some investigators claim that since no mention of the name Spitzbergen was found in the reports, that the location's mention was to cover up a crash in Great Britain. A crash in Great Britain during the same time period has no basis in fact either.

Dorothy Kilgallen

In addition to being a game show regular, Kilgallen also was a journalist of a sort, having written "gossip columns," but she also was well known for covering hard current events. She had covered the headline grabbing Lindbergh kidnapping story. In the 1950s, she had covered one of the top stories of her time, the Sam Sheppard murder trial.

Her last real claim to fame was in the 1960s when she got an interview with Lee Harvey Oswald killer Jack Ruby. This interview was carried by the "Los Angeles Examiner." She told friends that she had information that would "break the case wide open."

On 8th November, 1965, Dorothy Kilgallen, was found dead in her New York apartment. She was fully dressed and sitting upright in her bed. The police reported that she had died from taking a cocktail of alcohol and barbiturates. The notes of her interview with Ruby and the article she was writing on the case had disappeared. Luckily, she had given a friend a draft of her interview. Kilgallen was probably fearful for her own life, since several other writers who had worked on the Oswald / Ruby case had died under "unusual circumstances."

Kilgallen's reputation and notoriety was the only thing that kept the weak story of the Spitzbergen crash of 1946 alive. The last hope of further research into the Norwegian crash died along with her, as her sources were never verified.

Spitzbergen 1946 by B J Booth

1952 Spitzbergen UFO Crash

The other Spitzbergen crash story first appeared in the German newspaper “Saarbrücker Zeitung” in June 1952. The article, entitled "Auf Spitzbergen landete Fliegende Untertasse", was soon picked up by several other German newspapers, with many of them citing “The Stuttgarter Tagerblatt” as the original source.

The story was that jets of the Norwegian Air Force spotted a crashed UFO while flying over Spitzbergen on maneuvers. The craft was disc-shaped with a series of jets around the rim of the disc to make it spin.

According to the first article about the crash, the craft was an unmanned, remote-controlled vehicle with Russian writing on the controls, but as the story was embroidered with each retelling, it soon acquired seven alien crewmen who were burned to death in the crash.

Spitzbergen 1952 by Loy Lawhon

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