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UFO Magazine Issue 376, Issue date, 09-14-09

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Hampshire Couple Bid to Investigate UFOs
Zoe Stevens and Ian Bentley
Published: 3:20 pm Saturday 5th September 2009

Fareham couple Zoe Stevens and Ian Bentley bid to investigate UFOs

By Peter Law

WHILE many couples slump in front of the television at night, one Hampshire couple set their sights on the skies. Since moving to Fareham earlier this year, Ian Bentley and Zoe Stevens have been amazed at the mysterious lights darting over Hampshire.

Now they have set up a new UFO research group to help explain the county’s very own X-Files.

Ian, a 33-year-old IT consultant, said other “ufologists” had also spotted the bright balls of light flying through the night sky.

“It’s too big and bright to be a plane or satellite and as you’d expect makes no sound. It appears to be at about cloud level and the weird thing is it seems to get brighter when you look at it, then it dims,” he said.

“We've looked at it through binoculars but can make out no features it just appears to be a bright white ball moving a bit faster than a plane.”

According secret files released by the Ministry of Defence, UFOs were spotted in the skies of Hampshire more than 40 times in the past ten years.

With blockbuster alien movie District 9 opening yesterday, the pair called on fellow sky-watchers to report any odd or unexplained sightings.

“I believe that life exists in the universe, whether or not the UFOs are aliens is another ballgame altogether. We just try to be open-minded,” Ian said.

Zoe, a 27-year-old science student, added: “When people say UFO they think of little green men in flying saucers, but there is more to it than that.”

Their group replaces the Southampton UFO Group which disbanded last year after 18 years.

The Fareham UFO Group (FUFORG) will meet for the first time at the Clinkers Tavern, in Fareham, at 8pm on Thursday, September 8. Go to fuforg.com for more information.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/stevensbentley.html

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Secret UFO Reports

(Editor's Note: I finally had a chance to read the entire e-book, and I give you my personal assurance that it is well worth the price, and full of great information.)

The Road to Area 51
Road to Area 51
Published: 12:25 PM 9/6/2009

The Road to Area 51

After decades of denying the facility's existence, five former insiders speak out

by Annie Jacobsen

Area 51. It's the most famous military institution in the world that doesn't officially exist. If it did, it would be found about 100 miles outside Las Vegas in Nevada's high desert, tucked between an Air Force base and an abandoned nuclear testing ground.

Then again, maybe not-- the U.S. government refuses to say. You can't drive anywhere close to it, and until recently, the airspace overhead was restricted--all the way to outer space. Any mention of Area 51 gets redacted from official documents, even those that have been declassified for decades.

It has become the holy grail for conspiracy theorists, with UFOlogists positing that the Pentagon reverse engineers flying saucers and keeps extraterrestrial beings stored in freezers. Urban legend has it that Area 51 is connected by underground tunnels and trains to other secret facilities around the country.

In 2001, Katie Couric told Today Show audiences that 7 percent of Americans doubt the moon landing happened--that it was staged in the Nevada desert. Millions of X-Files fans believe the truth may be "out there," but more likely it's concealed inside Area 51's Strangelove-esque hangars--buildings that, though confirmed by Google Earth, the government refuses to acknowledge.

The problem is the myths of Area 51 are hard to dispute if no one can speak on the record about what actually happened there. Well, now, for the first time, someone is ready to talk--in fact, five men are, and their stories rival the most outrageous of rumors.

Colonel Hugh "Slip" Slater, 87, was commander of the Area 51 base in the 1960s. Edward Lovick, 90, featured in "What Plane?" in LA's March issue, spent three decades radar testing some of the world's most famous aircraft (including the U-2, the A-12 OXCART and the F-117).

Kenneth Collins, 80, a CIA experimental test pilot, was given the silver star. Thornton "T.D." Barnes, 72, was an Area 51 special-projects engineer. And Harry Martin, 77, was one of the men in charge of the base's half-million-gallon monthly supply of spy-plane fuels. Here are a few of their best stories--for the record:

On May 24, 1963, Collins flew out of Area 51's restricted airspace in a top-secret spy plane code-named OXCART, built by Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. He was flying over Utah when the aircraft pitched, flipped and headed toward a crash. He ejected into a field of weeds.

Almost 46 years later, in late fall of 2008, sitting in a coffee shop in the San Fernando Valley, Collins remembers that day with the kind of clarity the threat of a national security breach evokes: "Three guys came driving toward me in a pickup. I saw they had the aircraft canopy in the back. They offered to take me to my plane."

Until that moment, no civilian without a top-secret security clearance had ever laid eyes on the airplane Collins was flying. "I told them not to go near the aircraft. I said it had a nuclear weapon on-board."

The story fit right into the Cold War backdrop of the day, as many atomic tests took place in Nevada. Spooked, the men drove Collins to the local highway patrol. The CIA disguised the accident as involving a generic Air Force plane, the F-105, which is how the event is still listed in official records.

As for the guys who picked him up, they were tracked down and told to sign national security nondisclosures. As part of Collins' own debriefing, the CIA asked the decorated pilot to take truth serum. "They wanted to see if there was anything I'd for-gotten about the events leading up to the crash." The Sodium Pento-thal experience went without a hitch--except for the reaction of his wife, Jane.

"Late Sunday, three CIA agents brought me home. One drove my car; the other two carried me inside and laid me down on the couch. I was loopy from the drugs. They handed Jane the car keys and left without saying a word." The only conclusion she could draw was that her husband had gone out and gotten drunk. "Boy, was she mad," says Collins with a chuckle.

At the time of Collins' accident, CIA pilots had been flying spy planes in and out of Area 51 for eight years, with the express mission of providing the intelligence to prevent nuclear war. Aerial reconnaissance was a major part of the CIA's preemptive efforts, while the rest of America built bomb shelters and hoped for the best.

"It wasn't always called Area 51," says Lovick, the physicist who developed stealth technology. His boss, legendary aircraft designer Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson, called the place Paradise Ranch to entice men to leave their families and "rough it" out in the Nevada desert in the name of science and the fight against the evil empire.

"Test pilot Tony LeVier found the place by flying over it," says Lovick. "It was a lake bed called Groom Lake, selected for testing because it was flat and far from anything. It was kept secret because the CIA tested U-2s there."

When Frances Gary Powers was shot down over Sverdlovsk, Russia, in 1960, the U-2 program lost its cover. But the CIA already had Lovick and some 200 scientists, engineers and pilots working at Area 51 on the A-12 OXCART, which would outfox Soviet radar using height, stealth and speed.

Col. Slater was in the outfit of six pilots who flew OXCART missions during the Vietnam War. Over a Cuban meat and cheese sandwich at the Bahama Breeze restaurant off the Las Vegas Strip, he says, "I was recruited for the Area after working with the CIA's classified Black Cat Squadron, which flew U-2 missions over denied territory in Mainland China. After that, I was told, 'You should come out to Nevada and work on something interesting we're doing out there.' "

Even though Slater considers himself a fighter pilot at heart--he flew 84 missions in World War II--the opportunity to work at Area 51 was impossible to pass up. "When I learned about this Mach-3 aircraft called OXCART, it was completely intriguing to me--this idea of flying three times the speed of sound!

No one knew a thing about the program. I asked my wife, Barbara, if she wanted to move to Las Vegas, and she said yes. And I said, 'You won't see me but on the weekends,' and she said, 'That's fine!' " At this recollection, Slater laughs heartily. Barbara, dining with us, laughs as well. The two, married for 63 years, are rarely apart today.

"We couldn't have told you any of this a year ago," Slater says. "Now we can't tell it to you fast enough." That is because in 2007, the CIA began declassifying the 50-year-old OXCART program. Today, there's a scramble for eyewitnesses to fill in the information gaps.

Only a few of the original players are left. Two more of them join me and the Slaters for lunch: Barnes, formerly an Area 51 special-projects engineer, with his wife, Doris; and Martin, one of those overseeing the OXCART's specially mixed jet fuel (regular fuel explodes at extreme height, temperature and speed), with his wife, Mary. Because the men were sworn to secrecy for so many decades, their wives still get a kick out of hearing the secret tales.

Barnes was married at 17 (Doris was 16). To support his wife, he became an electronics wizard, buying broken television sets, fixing them up and reselling them for five times the original price. He went from living in bitter poverty on a Texas Panhandle ranch with no electricity to buying his new bride a dream home before he was old enough to vote.

As a soldier in the Korean War, Barnes demonstrated an uncanny aptitude for radar and Nike missile systems, which made him a prime target for recruitment by the CIA--which indeed happened when he was 22. By 30, he was handling nuclear secrets.

"The agency located each guy at the top of a certain field and put us together for the programs at Area 51," says Barnes. As a security precaution, he couldn't reveal his birth name--he went by the moniker Thunder. Coworkers traveled in separate cars, helicopters and airplanes. Barnes and his group kept to themselves, even in the mess hall. "Our special-projects group was the most classified team since the Manhattan Project," he says.

Harry Martin's specialty was fuel. Handpicked by the CIA from the Air Force, he underwent rigorous psychological and physical tests to see if he was up for the job. When he passed, the CIA moved his family to Nevada. Because OXCART had to refuel frequently, the CIA kept supplies at secret facilities around the globe.

Martin often traveled to these bases for quality-control checks. He tells of preparing for a top-secret mission from Area 51 to Thule, Greenland. "My wife took one look at me in these arctic boots and this big hooded coat, and she knew not to ask where I was going."

So, what of those urban legends--the UFOs studied in secret, the underground tunnels connecting clandestine facilities? For decades, the men at Area 51 thought they'd take their secrets to the grave. At the height of the Cold War, they cultivated anonymity while pursuing some of the country's most covert projects. Conspiracy theories were left to popular imagination. But in talking with Collins, Lovick, Slater, Barnes and Martin, it is clear that much of the folklore was spun from threads of fact.

As for the myths of reverse engineering of flying saucers, Barnes offers some insight: "We did reverse engineer a lot of foreign technology, including the Soviet MiG fighter jet out at the Area"--even though the MiG wasn't shaped like a flying saucer. As for the underground-tunnel talk, that, too, was born of truth.

Barnes worked on a nuclear-rocket program called Project NERVA, inside underground chambers at Jackass Flats, in Area 51's backyard. "Three test-cell facilities were connected by railroad, but everything else was underground," he says.

And the quintessential Area 51 conspiracy--that the Pentagon keeps captured alien spacecraft there, which they fly around in restricted airspace? Turns out that one's pretty easy to debunk. The shape of OXCART was unprecedented, with its wide, disk-like fuselage designed to carry vast quantities of fuel

. Commercial pilots cruising over Nevada at dusk would look up and see the bottom of OXCART whiz by at 2,000-plus mph. The aircraft's titanium body, moving as fast as a bullet, would reflect the sun's rays in a way that could make anyone think, UFO.

In all, 2,850 OXCART test flights were flown out of Area 51 while Slater was in charge. "That's a lot of UFO sightings!" Slater adds. Commercial pilots would report them to the FAA, and "when they'd land in California, they'd be met by FBI agents who'd make them sign nondisclosure forms." But not everyone kept quiet, hence the birth of Area 51's UFO lore. The sightings incited uproar in Nevada and the surrounding areas and forced the Air Force to open Project BLUE BOOK to log each claim.

Since only a few Air Force officials were cleared for OXCART (even though it was a joint CIA/USAF project), many UFO sightings raised internal military alarms. Some generals believed the Russians might be sending stealth craft over American skies to incite paranoia and create widespread panic of alien invasion.

Today, BLUE BOOK findings are housed in 37 cubic feet of case files at the National Archives--74,000 pages of reports. A keyword search brings up no mention of the top-secret OXCART or Area 51.

Project BLUE BOOK was shut down in 1969--more than a year after OXCART was retired. But what continues at America's most clandestine military facility could take another 40 years to disclose.

ANNIE JACOBSEN is an investigative reporter who sat for more than 500 interviews after she broke the story on terrorists probing commercial airliners. When she isn't digging into intelligence issues for the likes of the National Review, she's snapping together Legos with her two boys.

Copyright © 2009, The Los Angeles Times

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Is the Chinese Government Withholding UFO Proof?
Published: 10:43 AM 9/11/2009

'Alien' craft caught on video in July Is China hiding the truth about UFOs?


Is the Chinese government hiding from the world proof that UFOs exist and visit us often?

During the solar eclipse in July, an apparent spaceship was recorded on video for 40 minutes in unprecedented quality.

But so far China has kept the footage a secret, supposedly for “scientific analysis” which will take at least a year!

Up till now, only some footage from the same day has come to light and it shows a UFO over Dequing. The craft changes its colour into different tones of blue and also reportedly changed its shape, according to the students who filmed it.

UFO expert Hartwig Hausdorf (53) was not surprised: “The Americans have concealed Roswell [an alleged alien crash in the US in 1947] from us for more than 60 years.

“No government wants to risk unrest and fear in the population.”

Hausdorf has undertaken seven expeditions to mountains in central China where a UFO is said to have crashed 12,000 years ago.

“Old inscriptions on stone tablets and graves with strange characters (up to 120cm high) suggests that.”

Have extraterrestrials really been visiting Earth for that long? Perhaps if China published the 40 minutes of film, we could uncover the truth…

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/chinahiding.html

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Alien Abduction Thriller Set in Nome
Fourth Kind

Published: September 10, 2009 at 10:35AM AKST


Universal Pictures has said it will release an alien abduction film this fall that plays off of decades of unexplained disappearances and deaths in this old Gold Rush town along the Bering Sea.

"The Fourth Kind" is being marketed as a "dramatization" of real events — based on footage from a psychologist who stumbled upon "the most disturbing evidence of alien abduction ever documented" while interviewing traumatized people in Nome, a western Alaska town of 3,500.

But even if the movie is fiction, the vanishings are real.

After years of rumors that Nome had become a dangerous place for travelers from Inupiat and Siberian Yupik villages, local officials in 2005 released a list of the city's disappearances and deaths dating back to the 1960s.

The FBI decided to review two dozen cases, eventually determining that excessive alcohol consumption and the winter climate were a common link. Unlike other commercial hubs in rural Alaska, Nome is a "wet" city, with bars and liquor stores.

Some of the dead were killed by exposure or from falling off a jetty into the frigid Snake River, authorities said at the time.

Savoonga resident Delbert Pungowiyi, however, suspects racially motivated, serial killings are to blame in at least some of the deaths, including that of his uncle, who flew to Nome in 1998 to buy a snowmachine and never came home.

As for the new movie?

"Oh my God, that is ridiculous," he said.

An NBC Universal spokesman had no comment in an e-mail on whether the thriller's purported actual events is really just a hoax.

Dallas Massie, a retired state trooper who has been filling in as Nome police chief, said police are still looking for leads in Nome's most recent major missing-persons case, which dates to October 2004.

Within reason, he added.

"I have yet to hear anybody with the theory that aliens are taking folks out of the region," Massie said.

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Unknown Object Observed / Filmed in England
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:06 PM 9/10/2009

04-09-09 - Parkend, Gloscestshire, England

Submitted by a UFO Casebook reader.

Here is what we saw on the 4-09-2009, at approximately 22.05 hours. My wife and I and our neighbour witnessed the event - the night sky was completely clear with little to no breeze when I noticed a flying object, bright orange in colour, and sphere-shaped come from behind the tree line.

I was standing in our back garden. My neighbour came rushing out of her house as she had noticed it from her window. I quickly called my wife and grabbed the video camera when a second object appeared following the exact flight path as the first.

They were traveling at quite some speed, and making no sound wha soever. I have got some HD footage of the objects and hope someone can shed some light on what these are.

One other point is that our local paper had printed a article on what sounds like the same objects just 2 weeks previous, but no explanation has been given for the event in which several people In 2 different locations reported seeing the objects. I look forward to your response.

Also I would estimate the objects to be at about 700 feet



Download Windows Video - 144 kb - Time - :09

(right click on link, from menu select "save target as")

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/england040909.html

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Submitted to UFO Casebook


RAF Boulmer Reports of UFO Sightings were Hushed Up, July 1977
Published: last update - 27 January 2005 12:00 PM

Boulmer reports of UFO sightings were hushed up, July, 1977. THE X-Files came to RAF Boulmer as strange flying objects were spotted hovering over the North Sea by a fighter pilot at the base.

In a case that would intrigue TV’s Mulder and Scully, bright objects were spotted by RAF staff in 1977. They changed shape as they watched.

So sensitive was the sighting that all records of it were hidden from public gaze and have only just been released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI). It was stored in the Ministry of Defence’s “possible extra-terrestrial contact” department, known only by the code name SF4.

It is one of many sightings listed by the Government where credible witnesses, such as military staff, policemen, and airline pilots, have reported UFOs.

The drama started in July 1977, when Flight Lieutenant AM Wood reported seeing the objects, saying the nearest was luminous, round, and four to five times the size of a Whirlwind helicopter. The two possible UFOs were seen hovering at a height of around 5,000 feet, and were three miles out to sea.

His report is backed by those of Corporal Torrington and Sergeant Graham, who say the objects parted, with one going west and changing shape as it went.

The objects, with one then looking disc-shaped, were watched by the three men for one hour and 40 minutes. A radar station at the base also picked up the objects in the same position before they vanished.

Checks were made to RAF West Drayton to see if it had spotted them. Flt Lt Wood is described as “reliable and sober” in the report, which adds that radar staff at RAF Staxton Wold also picked up the strange objects.

The RAF Boulmer report was deemed so sensitive that instead of being released to the public 25 years later as normal, a further three-year ban was imposed. It is only because of the FOI Act, which came into force on January 1, that the case was reviewed and the details declassified.

Other released reports show that fighters were scrambled in July 1976 when a British Airways pilot reported strange, white, cigar-shaped objects over Portugal. Nearer to home, Chief Supt Hobson, of Manchester Police, watched a bright light for two minutes and followed it along the A62 on July 3, 1976.

The reports will add to UFO hunters’ belief that governments have deliberately stayed silent on possible visits by space craft over the years.




(last update, 09-11-09)

Florida - Star-Like Object with Red Lights
09-08-09 - I was driving around 5:10 this morning going west and I looked up, - I didn't have to look up that far and I saw what I thought was a star. I was thinking that the star was very low. I just kept asking myself "Why is the star so low?" I ended up pulling over and I was watching it and all of a sudden it grew big and red lights were around the back of it and it looked like it was moving towards me.

Then it stopped and shrinks up like it was before and the red lights went away. It was still there so I drive further down the road and I pulled over again and it lit up and moved again, same as the other time. It moved into another direction. It looked just like a star. I got to my destination and it was still there by 5:40. I'm not sure when it left. It looked just like a star. source: www.mufon.com

Kentucky - Amber/Orange Object
08-28-09 - I was at the ball park watching the Hot Rods when the fireworks display was starting. That is when I first saw this. It was like a small light. I ignored it and then it caught my attention becoming closer and looking like a hot air balloon and then it became further and then turned into a light again.

I showed my grandfather and he too thought it was odd. We left the game and on the way home we saw it again. It was a light, kind of amber orange, then it was near the moon and moved above it and then it changed into two strobing lights that blinked and moved rapidly in a strange pattern. It disappeared once we went through some heavy trees and we did not see it again. source: www.ufocasebook.com

Wisconsin - Unknown Object Seen
09-04-09 - I was staying at my mother's house on a lake in Harshaw, (Oneida county, Wisconsin), getting it ready for sale. I thought I had worked enough for the day and decided to try some fishing from shore. It was a beautiful evening. No clouds, no wind, 65 - 70 degrees.

I was casting for whatever fish might come along, usually a bass, and if I was lucky, a walleye. After I cast and as I am retrieving the bait, I am taking in the scenery and the sky. On one cast, I am looking at the sky and something caught my eye. It was a very bright light.

It was almost directly overhead and moving slowly from roughly east to west. I have seen satellites countless times but never any this bright. I watched it for maybe 10 - 15 seconds at which time it just dimmed out. I kept watching on the chance that if it was a satellite, maybe it was tumbling and would reappear. It never did.

No sound, no other lights, no vapor trail. It was a bright, white light. To estimate the distance it traveled in relation to my outstretched arm, it would have been maybe 2 or 3 inches. I noted the time to be about 7:10 PM. I seemed to me that if it was a satellite, it still should be visible since the sun would still be shining on it. Today (9/6) I tried to find out if there were any satellites crossing that area at that time on 9/4 but could find nothing. source: www.mufon.com

United Kingdom - 3 Red / Pink Glowing Balls of Light
Corby, Northamptonshire, UK - August, 2009 - I was wondering if you have anyone else seeing 3 bright, reddish-pink glowing balls of light spotted over Corby roughly at 9:50 PM.

I was walking down the street when I noticed 2 large glowing balls of light directly above me glowing red and pink, they both turned I believe southwards, and vanished behind a couple houses.

A few mins later another light coming west to east (same as the first two) carried on straight over and vanished into the distance. The reason I looked up was because it was a full moon and I noticed 2 stars either side of the moon which were really bright.

I found that odd because I only ever remembered seeing one star to the side of the moon... anyway after these things had passed over the bright star thing to the left of the moon had gone!

They were too big and way too bright (only around 100-200 feet above me) and it was a clear sky and I couldn't see any other shape whatsoever, just these really bright large glowing orbs! source: www.ufocasebook.com

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