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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 527, Issue date, 09-17-12

UFO in ISS Video, or Just a Reflection?
UFO Image
Published: 11:35 AM 9/15/2012

Is this an elongated UFO and accompanying fleet hovering above Earth, or a reflection?

CREDIT: YouTube | danielofdoriaa

Has the International Space Station inadvertently caught sight of an "Interstellar" Space Station hovering nearby? Or is a blurry streak that UFO hunters have found in new NASA footage filmed out the window of the space station merely a window reflection?

Let the most likely explanation win. On Sept. 11, YouTube user danielofdoriaa posted footage from the ISS's live camera feed, which streams over the Web. In his annotated footage, he points out a faint, elongated white shape with a neat row of faint white dots next to it set against the blackness of space just below the curve of the Earth.

It is an "amazing UFO mothership letting out an orb fleet on ISS live feed," the YouTuber explains in the video title.

That would be amazing indeed. However, ufologist Marc D'Antonio, chief photo and video analyst for an international organization called the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), has analyzed thousands of ISS photos and videos alleged to contain UFOs, and he says the faint white marks in this one are a common sight:

They're reflections off of the window of the ISS.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/issreflection.html

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New Discoveries on the Moon and Mars by Ken Pfeifer
Published: 12:31 PM 9/15/2012

Ken Pfeifer

I have been researching the Moon and Mars photos for many years. I have discovered a few things that have no explanation.

Nasa has made all of this information available, but they have made it very hard and confusing to find it. There seems to be hundreds of Nasa sites covering many things.

Finding the hi-definition photos of the Moon has been the hardest part. Many times you will find blurry photos of certain areas on the Moon. Even Google Moon has many of these blurred areas on the Moon.

Of course they are trying to hide something. One of my many sources as been the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature. USGS [NASA]. The Lunar Astronatical Chart (LAC) series divides the Moon into 144 quadrangles (36 Mercator, 106 Lambert Conformal, and 2 Polar Stereographic quadrangles).

I noticed something very strange while viewing the hi-definition photo. There are many X marking on many photos and I found what looks like a enormous wall on the moon. At first I thought it was markings from a photo device that joins photos together but this is not the case.

Moon Surface
Moon Surface
Moon Surface
Moon Surface
Mars Surface

Photo 1 is from the Moon surface. Zeeman-e crater. Strange X and wall. I discovered this on 9-12-12 8 pm est.

Photo 2 is from the Moon surface. Ashbrook crater. Another X and wall object. I discovered this on 9-10-12 9.11 pm est.

Photo 3 is from the Moon surface. Drygalski crater. Large building. I discovered this on 9-3-12 8.41 pm est. Photo 4 is from the Moon surface. Malapert-a crater. Enormous V shaped object. At first I thought this was a reflection of the sun but its too defined to be that. I discovered this on 9-5-12 9.25 pm est.

Photo 5 is from the Mars surface. Newton crater. This is not a natural formation. Looks like a definite man or alien made object. I discovered this on 11-23-11 7.49 pm est.

These are only a few photos of the many strange objects on the Moon and Mars. I feel that we need to investigate the hi-definition photos released by Nasa and the European Space Agencies.

Our goverments are spending billions of dollars to see if life exist on other planets. DUH. The answers exist on the Moon.

Maybe we can use some of this wasted money for important things. Personally I could care less if someone once lived on Mars. I care more about all the pollution, disease and the poor children in third world countries.


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/kpimages.html

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A Critical Look at the UFO-Phenomenon
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:35 AM 9/13/2012

Ours or Theirs?

Official investigation reports of UFO phenomena released by large nationally-based organisations quote literally tens of thousands of cases. Of all these, the most important and interesting fall into three classes. We may call the first class “professional Observations,” (PO).

These are certainly those made by highly reputable, professional individuals such as military pilots, air-traffic controllers, missile-silo personnel, nuclear base commanders, commercial pilots, marine radar operators, high-ranking military personnel, astronomers and engineers. The second class falls into the area where multiple modes of visual and instrumental observations coincide. We may call this class “Multimode Observations,” (MO).

Typically these involve the simultaneous detection of UFO craft by ground radar, airborne radar, FLIR, specialised airborne electronic COINTEL (counter-intelligence,) detection and electronic countermeasures equipment. The third class of observations involves unambiguous physical effects on equipment clearly associated with UFO proximity. This class we may call “Unambiguous Physical Effects,” (UP). I include the term “unambiguous” specifically to rule out any lesser or possibly misattributed, or possibly coincidental effects which may also be due to misidentification or observer errors in interpretation or classification.

Since the early days of 1947/48 when the first controversial UFO crashes occurred, there have been literally many thousands of cases falling into several, or all of these three classes simultaneously. It is these, where PO, MO, and UP effects are all present simultaneously that these form a body of observations where only truly fanatical sceptics could still cast doubt on the global existence and reality of UFO craft, their technology and intelligent occupants.

When surfing the average UFO-site where citizenry report their observations, you may well be struck by the often hopelessly inadequate descriptions, sometimes doubtful integrity and questionable authenticity, lack of data, mostly absence of any parametric analysis, misinterpretation, evidence of hoaxing and photogrammetric manipulation, ridicule by sceptics, and even vicious ad-hominem attacks.

It is really sad that such inferior reporting manages to form any counterweight against professional evidence (as in the PO, MO and UP-cases) and this sad effect throws doubt on the reality of the UFO phenomenon.

There are those who have made adequate in-depth and long-term study of the subject of UFOs to be beyond any doubt whatsoever regarding the reality that these craft have been designed, are built, manned, and are controlled by a technological culture evolved far beyond present terrestrial scientific levels and technical capacities.

At a Disclosure Conference at the National Press Club on the 27th September, 2010, entitled “Military Witnesses of UFOs at nuclear sites, it is revealed that “Declassified U.S. Government documents and witness testimony from former or retired U.S. military personnel, confirm beyond any doubt the reality of on-going UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites.”

Indeed, evidence suggests that multiple, on-going incidents have taken place near ICBM sites operated by F.E. Warren Air Force Base, in Wyoming, as recently as June 2011.

Such incursions and often UP-cases have been witnessed at variously, nuclear weapons sites, nuclear storage areas, and nuclear weapons test-sites in Nevada and the Pacific during the era of atmospheric nuclear weapons testing, proving the long-term history of observation of these phenomena and often, their interfering effects.

On March 24th, 1967, Lieutenant Robert Salas, Missile Launch Officer, USAF at Malmstrom AFB, reports that Oscar Flight, a group of ten Minuteman nuclear-tipped missiles, went “no-go” and became “un-launchable” as guards frantically reported a bright-red disc-shaped UFO hovering over the base entry gate. Conferring with the base commander he then learns that Echo Flight, a week earlier, suffered the same disabling fate.

Further evidence arose that India Flight, another Minuteman group, was also disabled. In total, around twenty missiles were disabled in this manner. One of several other witnesses to this was Robert Jamison, Combat Missile Targeting Team Commander, who was involved in “restarting” Oscar-Flight’s missiles, and was informed by Job Control, that “all of Oscar Flight has gone down.”

At the Atlas-F ICBM 579th Strategic Missile Squadron, Roswell, New Mexico, 1963/64, Atlas Site-9, West of Roswell, a craft hovered over a missile silo and shone a collimated beam of “light” down onto it. (Report by Jerome Nelson, USAF Nuclear Launch Control Officer; retired,) This “type of incident” occurred several more times over the next few months at Site-9.

The same type of UFO-probe was observed at a Minuteman ICBM silo at Malmstrom AFB where geodetic survey was being carried out at night for targeting accuracy. A UFO at an estimated altitude of 300 feet (100m) shone a light-beam into the missile silo where the blast-door had been left open. (Report by Patrick McDonough, USAF Nuclear Missile site Geodetic Surveyor; retired, two corroborating military witnesses.)

The “Flight Groups” of Malmstrom were themselves widely separated (Oscar Flight e.g. being 120 miles from the base.) The individual silos were also far apart, reinforced underground capsules, nuclear-hardened to absorb a nuclear “first strike” in proximity, and no control access was possible to their systems from anywhere except in the underground control rooms at each individual flight. Monitoring the missiles was however fully integrated and the entire Wing’s armament readiness and targeting parameters were on display centrally at the base’s operational centre.

UFO Depiction Now, it is extremely important to explore the evident symptoms and effects of disabling these missiles so thoroughly. Maintenance crews sent out to “restart” the missiles found that the guidance and control systems on individual missiles had been interfered with and effectively disabled.

This may not faze a non-technical person. As an electronics expert however, I can state categorically that this surpasses all technical conjecture, scientific capacity and sheer imaginative projection as an extension of our present technical ability.

It literally means that the occupants of the witnessed UFOs have the incredibly advanced technical capacity to remotely probe the detailed technical functionality of modular electronic systems, assess their structure, individual function, their hierarchical operand-structure, programming, inter-wiring, and specific tasking in the operation of these missiles.

Then, to selectively interfere with highly specific sub-systems, act on these non-destructively, but effectively disrupt their program-content, alternatively, their functional capacity from an electronic/inter-operative viewpoint. Not only do we not have the science or technology to do anything like this, we cannot even begin to imagine how it could be done.

We have no investigative technique or technology that can probe multiply-superposed electronic systems contained in chassis-mounted sub-assemblies, all wired inter-connectively together inside the metallic containment of a missile body, in any way, whatsoever. Even hard X-ray penetration (such as e.g. used at border and toll posts, or investigating metal fatigue micro-fractures) cannot reveal circuitry at the desired resolution to make any sense out of it.

This forensic capacity on the part of UFO technology can obviously not just achieve such resolution with the greatest accuracy but determine individual modular functionality, and then, on top of that, generate some kind of interfering stimulus that is highly specific in its desired design and specifically aimed effects.

Note that changing the internalised programming of modular functions such as microprocessors, memory-modules, field-programmable logic arrays (FPLAs) industrial control units (ICUs) electrically programmable read-only memory (EPROMs) and other such devices, terrestrially requires highly specific mechanical and electronic interconnection with other circuitry that achieves such re-programming or content-alteration.

Only in some cases can “wiping memory” be done with ultraviolet radiation (e.g. In UVPROMS) where a radiation-transparent window is deliberately supplied. After such wiping and then electronic reprogramming, the window is sealed and becomes non-transparent to optical radiation. If such devices were at all involved, these would have been sealed and not susceptible to such radiation-wiping.

With a huge leap of imagination we can conceive of a technology with which these entities can look through several metallic layers of say, a contained military computer system, analyse exactly its structure, functional modularisation and capacities, and then apply an unbelievably specific set of stimuli by some almost magical means, to change functionality without destruction.

It is also quite clear that if UFO occupants did want to cause irreversible destruction it would be done with the greatest of ease. Supporting this, there are several reports also, of “spurious launching” of ICBMs having occurred both in the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. which, with little imagination, could have triggered a bilateral nuclear war. This apparently, is said to have been in response to a temporary mandate in both these sectors of the world to shoot down a UFO at all costs – to obtain their technology for military advantage.

UFO Depiction As Colonel Charles Halt, Missile Launch Officer, USAF at Bentwaters AFB (of the now famous Rendlesham Forest Case) asserts: “Dangerous accidents with nuclear weapons have occurred.” And, “The fact of the cover-up that UFOs did intercede with our nuclear weapons, is extremely important.” That such cases have repeatedly been covered up by the CIA, FBI and NSA is totally clear and evident from an undeniable historical record.

A formal document specifying official Air Force policy (from 2005 and believed to be current) on the “UFO phenomenon” states categorically: “No UFO reported, investigated and evaluated by the Air Force, was ever an indication of threat to our national security.”

Colonel Halt: “This is clearly misleading; it is false, based on our testimonies. Referring to a statement (with an instruction to discontinue further UFO investigations) based on an evaluation and report by the University of Colorado in 1969, Halt reports: “I believe this was the infamous Condon Committee Study. There is substantial evidence to show that study was superficial and biased, in particular the Echo and Oscar Incidents I spoke about, were never investigated by the Condon Committee, even though their principal investigator was well aware of these incidents.

Obviously the testimony given here today conflicts directly with that Air Force Policy statement.” “…I think they are deliberately withholding the facts… continuously since 1969.”

Captain Robert Salas: “There is current excessive secrecy in our government surrounding this phenomenon. Unknown aerial objects have in fact been observed over many of our nuclear weapons bases and other nuclear facilities. And in some cases the appearance of these objects has coincided with compromising the operational readiness of our nuclear weapons.”

“…I think we can all agree that the tampering with nuclear weapons is a national security concern.” This contrasts radically with the Air Force’s “No UFO reported, investigated and evaluated by the Air Force, was ever an indication of threat to our national security.”

Presented at the conference was that the most recent incidents involving nuclear missiles occurred at Malmstrom AFB in 2007 – however the witness is still active in the Air Force and cannot officially report the case. Another case occurred at Nellis AFB, Nevada, Area 2, Weapons Storage Area – a series of incidents, the latest being in April, 2003, in which “there were unidentified aerial objects manoeuvring near the weapons bunkers at that facility.” More have occurred at the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, this also being a nuclear weapons storage area, in March, 2009.

To be noted is that most of the cases mentioned above fall into the super-class of coinciding PO, MO and UP cases outlined above.

Having at this point established what I regard as a sufficient background perspective we are now enabled to enquire into what must appear as a rather baffling paradox. Again and again we are presented with anecdotal evidence in the form of verbal reports, photographs and videos, of advanced UFO-type craft flying out of secret “black ops” bases such as Area 51, Groom Lake, Papoose Lake and Area S-4.

These technologies are supposed to have been retro-engineered from crashed extraterrestrial craft such as at Roswell in the U.S. and similarly, Kapustin Yar in the U.S.S.R. Jim Goodal, stealth expert and aviation writer interviewing an unidentifiable man who worked on “black ops” project at Groom Lake for twelve years, reports that this individual told him, “Well, there are a lot of things going on there that I won’t be able to tell you until the year 2025, but we have things in the Nevada Desert that would make George Lukas envious.”

Complicating this picture is an overwhelming and vast record of solid evidence that operationally successful UFO craft, propulsion techniques and structural designs developed by the Germans during WW II were obtained via Project Paperclip – the siphoning over of senior German scientists and their technology, including many working craft, into the American military camp – this well prior to any recoverable alien crash debris.

We may then assume that any existing advanced “UFO technology” operated by U.S. black ops contingents in fact originated as a hybrid between existing German and later-applied Alien technologies. This “seeding” of American technical evolution is certainly clear in the use of German V-2 rocketry and its propulsion, control and guidance systems as input to the later Saturn rocket that formed the heart of the Apollo Program under the guidance of Werner von Braun, chief scientist at Peenemunde during the war.

Von Braun, who was steered into military weaponry, always had the preferential development of space-exploration as his first personal mandate and in his multi-stage V-3 design clearly aimed at future human space-travel.

If we do grant that advanced American UFO-type craft exist and are operated stealthily, we may well ask why we are still developing chemical propulsion techniques and sending onerously slow rockets with primitive robotic explorers to the Moon and nearest planets. The irony of this contrast is stark and disturbing.

UFO Depiction It is totally clear that extra-terrestrial propulsion technologies have broken the “light-barrier” just as the Wright-Brothers broke the “Heavier-than-air Barrier” at Kitty Hawk and Chuck Yeager broke the “Sound Barrier” in his P-51 during WW II. Travelling to the nearest star to us, Alpha Centauri at 4.2 Light-Years, at the same speed that Apollo astronauts went to the Moon, would take around a hundred-thousand years.

Not only that, but General Relativity projects Lorentz-contraction and infinite mass-effect accretion when getting close to light-speed by conventional means – this then still requiring around nine years for a round-trip to A. Centauri. Clearly, this is not the way it’s done.

Very shortly, UFOs do not have aerodynamic structural design – they are not subject to aerodynamic lift and drag and do not use these, this actually the design-principle and vital operating basis of terrestrial craft. UFOs have been observed travelling at velocities of 48 000 km/h (30 000 mph) in our atmosphere (Norway, fully automated observatory) and I have measured UFO speeds in excess of nine-thousand mph (15 000 km/h) from triangulation measurements with clear background references.

Furthermore, such craft can “stop on a dime,” make abrupt, multi-G, acute-angle course changes, and achieve instantaneous high velocities from stand-still without any intermediate, incremental acceleration. Such high-G manoeuvres with “conventional technology” containment, would instantly turn human, or for that matter, alien occupants, into a colloidal paste on the walls as they would be crushed into non-existence.

Clearly such craft avoid all inertial effects of conventionally accelerated mass, which is why I have termed this NIMC-technology, an acronym derived from Non-Inertial Mass-Cancelling. This effective “uncoupling” from a surrounding inertial (and gravitational) reference frame appears to be due to partial dimensional-shifting which may be mediated by electrogravitational means.

Certainly mathematical solutions for this exist and are presently recognised. This is too large a subject to tackle here however and I have done this elsewhere.

The focus here is on asking: when we see yet another UFO photo, or yet another UFO video, how do we know who it belongs to – is it ours, or theirs?

The ironic contrast between conventional military technology and alleged UFO-ownership by the same military, strikes one as patently ridiculous. Billions are spent on developing the next post-Space-Shuttle generation of conventional rocketry while we have UFOs capable of travelling to the stars? It cannot be. Only in one case could there be a core of truth in this almost insane counterbalance of technologies.

The possible answer, and here it is controversial in the extreme by itself, might be found in the well-known organisational structure principle of “compartmentalisation.” The typical military organisational structure is a pyramidal hierarchy which is compartmentalised on a “need to know” basis where multiple security layers, each with degrees of “top secret” security clearance, completely isolate lower-ranking sectors from ones higher up.

Instead of seeing the “vertical,” pyramidal aspect however, we may also see these layers as horizontally juxtaposite, completely mutually isolating, and where the core of “black ops” is effectively independent, completely autonomous, not governmentally controlled or even monitorable and doing exactly what they want, including the procuring of finance which, it is said, amounts to around twenty billion U.S. dollars per year and not visible to Federal Reserve accounting.

If this is indeed the case, then there is no definitive answer to the “ours or theirs” question and we will remain in the dark to a large degree. There are however some technical symptoms that would indicate a threshold of technical capacity – below this is ours, and beyond this is theirs – although it is not easy to tell where that cut-off point lies.

Also, if this is the case, and we do possess high-technology UFO-type craft, we may well ask why these technologies are kept hidden from public view and all investigation into them is viciously suppressed – one thinks of the infamous “men in black,” the “This never happened,” and the “I was never here and you will never speak of this again.”

There are several possibilities. A first one that comes to mind is maintaining an edge of military superiority – the general public would surely not be in disagreement with this and understand the reasoning. However, it is not only such military capacity that is suppressed – it is importantly also the underlying technology, propulsion techniques, materials, processes, revolutionary fuels (e.g. stable trans-uranic elements,) access to Zero-Point Energy (estimated to amount to 10104 J/cm3) and more.

The availability of such technologies to the public-industrial sector would catalyse a truly global social, technical, and sociocultural revolution. It would trigger a technical evolution with a magnitude of global effect never seen before.

It is no miracle that such technology is radically suppressed by interested parties who have everything to lose and nothing to gain. The enormous trans-national fossil-fuel energy corporations would be the first to go. With an estimated thirty-trillion dollars of existing infrastructure and about as much in reserves still to be mined, it is their vital interest to maintain the status quo and keep on parasitizing a gullible, energy-enslaved public while they deplete unrenewable resources and pollute the planet.

Throughout modern history inventors involved in “free energy” technologies have been ridiculed, bankrupted, dragged through the courts, jailed and even assassinated. One only has to look at Nicola Tesla’s Wardencliff Tower project and the financier J.P. Morgan who ensured Tesla’s bankruptcy when he discovered that Tesla’s globally free power-transmission could not be metered for financial gain; Morgan having a monopoly on copper used in conventional energy-transmission.

The proof that free energy systems exist and wireless power-transmission is possible is easily seen in a short study of research by, among others, Andrea Rossi, Thomas Bearden, Konstantin Meyl, Eric Dollard, etc.

Bearden, author of the revolutionary paper “Giant Negentropy from the Common Dipole” quotes: “If you wish the rigorous mathematical proof that restoration of Maxwell’s asymmetrical systems will allow building systems that extract and use free EM energy from the modern active vacuum, simply see M. W. Evans et al., “Classical Electrodynamics without the Lorentz Condition: Extracting Energy from the Vacuum,” Physica Scripta, Vol. 61, 2000, p. 513-517.”

We are now in a position where it is not simple to unravel the knots and tangles of this weave – that ultra-secret military compartmentalisation exists, we do not have to doubt. It is even possible, as evidence for this exists, that we are indeed already capable of superluminal (or FTL – Faster than Light) spacetime translation, and travelling both, separable, in space and in time.

We can detect two fundamental “inclinational attractors” that would adequately trigger suppression of these technologies: 1. Military supremacy, 2. Social Engineering. The latter is well in line with overwhelming evidence for the planning of a “New World Order,” – social control where the global human population is kept under rigorous control and steered towards becoming ideal consumers, and producers of what is consumed, in a self-driving servoloop under the control of an energy-garnering elite.

This subject is enormous in itself and exceeds scope here. In this regard I would advise a look at the commonly available on-line movies “Zeitgeist;” “Collapse;” “Thrive;” and Stan Deyo’s “The Cosmic Conspiracy.”

In conclusion we may easily assume, evidenced by a vast body of historical fact that Humanity, like all other ecological systems, has always been, and is involved in the competition for access, handling, and manipulation of energy.

It has been so from prehistoric times. All ecological systems (including sociocultural ones) compete for energy. Controlling energy in all its forms has always been a cause celebre and also casus belli for governmental and parastatal social control systems, from pre-dynastic Egypt, through medieval dukedoms, and transnational corporate giants, into our present century.

Presently this social control has broken all bounds of mutual, harmonic synergy – individuals are now more recognisable as sixteen-digit alphanumeric “energy-production units” than spiritual entities on the path of self-exploration of their intrinsic potentials, than ever before.

It is truly time this came to an end – and I guarantee that it will – all unbalanced systems ultimately destroy themselves from the inside – we only have to think of the iniquitous socialistic, communistic and militaristic systems of the past.

It is time for disclosure. Yes, it is possible that it will come too late: in that case, the hundreds of forcible internment camps run by FEMA will start to fill and an unprecedented disenfranchisement and trauma of the dissenters will begin. Let us hope that it does not come to that – the time has come to let your voice be heard and to speak clearly about these matters and about what truly counts in the human experience.

The next time you see a UFO, you may well ask whether if it is ours or theirs, with one difference: if theirs, it’s rather clear that they are sending us a message: don’t play with nuclear weapons and stop ruining your planet; if ours, the message is actually less friendly.

Frank Valentyn (Tachyon8491)

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/ourstheirs.html

source & references:


Several Family Members Watch UFO for Two Nights in Washington
UFO Depiction
Published: 10:11 AM 9/11/2012

Ford, Washington - 08-07-12

I am from Alberta, Canada. This summer in August I went to Spokane, Washington for about a week to see my Grandma and Grandpa; they live in Ford Washington near Long Lake.

Anyway, after driving all day for about 7 hours we finally made it to their house in Spokane.

When we got there it was about 11 pm; we settled down and we all went to sleep. I had a hard time sleeping the first night; I would wake up almost every hour. It was very annoying.

I woke up at 3 am and turned to my side facing the window looking over the valley, and my eyes caught this bright light and I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me so I tried to close my eyes and fall back asleep.

But I could not, so I turn my head back at the bright light and I looked at the sky and there was stars out but they were not bright. This thing was like BRIGHT! Bright! and the strange thing is that when I looked at it the thing would come up to the window very fast and watch me.

It was like it knew I was up and when I turned away for a second it would go far away very, very fast light a speed of light, and when I turned back to it would come all the way back to the window FAST! and watch me.

I got scared so I got up and got my cousin who was on the couch sleeping. I shook her and said said "Come in the bedroom and look at this!"

She knew I saw something that scared the crap out of me, so she went to check it out. So she lay beside me on the bed and we were both looking out the window and she saw it too and it was moving sideways fast and doing weird stuff and there was NO SOUND COMING FROM THIS THING! it was very silent!

It would stay watching us and again when we turned away it would go all the way back and come back to us really fast and watch us!

After what we saw we could not sleep so we watched it for several hours, and we talked for a bit still watching it doing crazy stuff and before the sun came up it slowly started to go up into the sky before the sun was up.

When the sun was up it was GONE out of thin air! When everyone was up we told my aunty and my grandma and grandpa and my grandma saw this thing a while back.

So the next night it came back doing the same thing, and this time my aunty saw it too. She got freaked out like we did on the first night. I just wanted to tell you guys and no, I am not crazy; I know what I saw!!

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/fordwashington080712.html

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UFO Seen over Berlin, New Hampshire Mountain Top
UFO Depiction
Published: 4:25 PM 9/12/2012

Berlin, New Hampshire - 09-11-12

Two weeks prior to this sighting I recorded video of a possible UFO after dark in the same general location at or just above the mountains in Berlin, New Hampshire.

This was at the very peak of the same mountain, but during daylight. It stood out because it became brighter after several minutes and it was at the very top of this mountain which I believe no one could access on foot or by any ATV.

When I zoomed in with my camcorder it appeared to be a similar shape to the video I recorded at night square.

This is the fourth or fifth time seeing something unusual in that location.

I first became interested in UFOs when in 1974 I had a 30 minute sighting in east Bridgewater, Massachusetts; when with two friends we saw a domed-shaped UFO emitting sparks and hovering over some power lines maybe a mile or two away.

After we watched this for 15 minutes we headed slowly down the road towards it. When we knew we were nearby we lost sight of it in the tree tops.

We exited the vehicle and stood in the street as it slowly went over our heads just above the trees.

This UFO had no lights on at this time and made no sound at all and was as big as a house.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/berlinnh091112.html

source & references:


Archived Case of the Week

1973, Hochries Mountain UFO Encounter
UFO Depiction
December 10, 1973 - About 6:20 p.m. local time in Ouzoues-sur-Loire, France a 50-year-old couple, several other witnesses, and gendarmes watched a silent, 5-meter tall cone-shaped UFO only 20 meters from the ground fly away toward the southwest.

Two hours after that, at about 8:30 p.m. in Hochries, Germany near the Austrian-Bavarian border, Friedrich Lennartz, 33, and Peter Zettel, 29, had a close encounter of the second kind when a multi-colored, ovoid UFO responded to a red signal rocket they had fired to get the UFO's attention.

The UFO had been hovering near a mountain ski resort with the pointed end up.

Its size was estimated as 9 meters in diameter and 12-14 meters tall. The top portion looked like a yellow dome. Four rows of colored lights (red, green, blue, and white) rotated counterclockwise around the lower portion.

They experienced loud static on their short wave radio as the UFO changed color to a dazzling red, made a 90-degree turn, and sped toward the witnesses, traveling 5-6 kilometers in 10 seconds.

It hovered close to their mountain for two more hours as their dogs whimpered to be let into the cabin, then shot upward at a steep angle at "breakneck speed."


Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence (Volume 2), p. 47).


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