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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 424, Issue date, 09-20-10

Australian UFO Experts Visit Agnes
Mary Rodwell
Published: 17th September 2010

by Rob Black

Mary Rodwell from Australian Close Encounter Research Network will speak at the UFO conference in Agnes Water next week.

IF ‘the truth is out there' it should all become apparent next weekend at the UFO conference in Agnes Water.

Those who have experienced UFO sightings, and experts in the field, will share their experiences and knowledge at the conference, with the Australian Close Encounter Research Network's (ACERN) Mary Rodwell the keynote speaker.

Ms Rodwell, a well-respected counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist and metaphysical teacher, has been researching and studying people's experiences of extra-terrestrial encounters worldwide for more than 15 years. “I have 1600 case studies of people – including entire families – who have experienced this sort of phenomena,'' Ms Rodwell said. “Many credible people have experienced something that they cannot explain.

“These people are clinically sane. Yet it can disrupt their lives, even cause a form of trauma when they are not believed or seen as credible.”

Ms Rodwell said the conference in Agnes Water would cover a number of areas and hopefully attract those who need counselling for things they have experienced, but have been too afraid to share with anyone else because they might be deemed to be ‘crazy'.

The grandmother and former midwife began studying ETs and UFOs when she was asked by friends and acquaintances to help with problems they were experiencing after such a sighting or unexplained event.

“My main job is to listen in a non-judgemental way to what people have experienced,” she said.

“Just being able to talk to someone about what they are experiencing or have experienced can definitely help.”

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The Loch Raven Dam UFO Encounter
UFO Depiction
Published: 10 Sep 2010 06:45 PM PDT

The following incident hits close to home for at least two reasons... it occurred two days before I was born and the location is just a few miles from me.

The Loch Raven Dam is located in Baltimore County, Maryland just north of the Baltimore City limits. On October 26, 1958, at 23:30 EST, two men, Philip Small and Alvin Cohen, witnessed an egg-shaped object hovering over the reservoir. It was approximately 100 feet long and 125 feet in altitude and brightly glowed white.

The car power and engine failed when they approached at 200 to 300 feet from the object. The object emitted a flash. It then shot straight up with a loud noise and heat. The witnesses later reported their skin was reddened on the side facing the object.

Small and Cohen later stated "Shortly after you pass the dam... the bridge looms up in front of you at 200 to 250 yards away. We saw from that distance what happened to be a large, flat sort of egg-shaped object hanging between 100 to 150 feet off the top of the superstructure of the bridge over the lake."

"We slowed and decided to go closer and investigate the object. When we got to within 80 feet of the bridge, the car went completely dead on us. It seemed as though the electrical system was affected: the dash lights went out, the headlights went out, the motor went dead.

Mr S., who was driving the car, put on his brakes [after the motor went dead], turned the ignition once or twice. We did not get any whirring sound; we were pretty frightened at that point. We watched it for approximately 30 to 45 seconds and then, I am not sure of the sequence of events here, it seemed to flash a brilliant flash of white light, and we both felt heat on our faces.

Concurrently there was a loud noise, which I interpreted as a dull explosion. Then very quickly, the object started to rise vertically. It didn't change its position [aspect], as far as we could tell, during the rising."

"The only different feature it had while it was moving was that it was very bright and the age became diffused so that we couldn't make out the shape as it rose. It took from five to ten seconds to disappear from view completely. We were very frightened."

"... We got back to a phone booth in approximately 15 minutes. We proceeded to call the Ground Observer Corps, with no result. Our story elicited only complete disbelief."

The case was filed as 'Unknown' by the USAF 'Project Bluebook' with the following description: 'U.S., Loch Raven Dam Maryland: Two young men observed an egg-shaped object hovering above Bridge No. 1 over the reservoir. It was 100 feet long, 125 feet in altitude, and glowing a dim white. Their car went dead 75 to 80 feet from the bridge, or about 200 to 300 feet from the UFO.

After leaving the car and watching for another 45 seconds, they saw the UFO flash brilliantly white, shoot straight up, and disappear from view in 5 to 10 seconds. There was a loud noise as the object left, as well as an increased sensation of heat. The witnesses later noticed that their skin had been reddened on the side facing the object.'

NOTE: Over the years, there have been a few undocumented incidents in the same general area. In 1978, a local fisherman, by the name of Mitchell, alleged that a 'bright round light' rose out of the lake (about 500 yds above the dam), hovered over the water for a few seconds, then dove back into the lake. A similar account was circulating among several Baltimore City Water dept. workers in 1983.

The only difference was that the 'ball of yellow light' traveled along the shoreline for several minutes before it suddenly vanished. It was stated that the workers had trouble starting their work vehicles after the sighting. In May 2000, an administrator at Greater Baltimore Medical Center told me he witnessed a disc-shaped object that 'looked like green fire' fly across the reservoir while he drove home one evening in January 2000.

He said he had a very good look at the object since there was snow on the ground and the lake was frozen and covered as well...which provided a very good contrast. This occurred near the Paper Mill Rd. bridge. He stated he stopped his car, got out and noticed a strong sickening-sweet odor that made him retch for several minutes.

He claimed that he had trouble keeping food in his stomach for a few days and that his eyesight was so impaired that he was unable to operate a vehicle for almost a month. He also said that he experienced increased joint and back pain since the sighting. The cause of his illness was never determined. BTW, I attempted to contact the witness for some follow up information about a year later and was told he had taken his own life not long after our initial conversation... Lon

Source: J. Allen Hynek - "The UFO Experience"





Witness accounts

See the UFO Casebook case file, The Loch Raven Dam Incident.

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Alien First Contact - Racism, Fear and Extraterrestrials
UFO Depiction
Published: Monday, September 13, 2010

Alien First Contact - A proposal for First Contact by an extraterrestrial civilization and the planet Earth.

We’re a pretty tough bunch. Humans can beat up on each other over differences in skin pigmentation, language and tribal affiliation. Imagine what the reaction would be like for a truly alien visitor? So, what happens to our racist tendencies after first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization?

Do we suddenly realize that our racist and ethnophobic feelings for humans seem trivial in comparison? Do humans become closer to each other as a result? Do we turn all that hostile energy towards hating the extraterrestrials?

It seems that in American history some racism and cultural intolerance has been eroded with time. The Irish can be portrayed as evil thugs in one generation and 50 years later be an accepted and even unremarkable aspect of society. And by unremarkable there is no disrespect intended. It’s just that for most Americans being Irish is an interesting part of who a person is, and yet not a reason to deny employment or chase them out of your neighborhood.

Of course that just causes us to move on to target new groups, including Hispanics. And there is plenty of room for racism that goes back for generations. African-Americans still face it every day. Whatever process helped the Italians and Irish to overcome cultural barriers, it has not been as easy for African-Americans to find acceptance.

History may be a part of this, and certainly the legacy of slavery opens up all sorts of social wounds that have proven to be much harder to heal.

Extraterrestrials are bound to look different than humans. They are likely to behave much differently than us. They are likely to think much differently than us. Those differences may be so profound that they will have a severe impact on any new extraterrestrial relationship.

So, what should humans do? Perhaps extraterrestrial cultural diversity sessions would have to be held for the entire planet? Imagine a massive seminar for billions of humans (and many of them falling asleep in the back of the room.)

The diplomatic process would have to take this issue into account. Like it or not the majority of humans will have to agree on how the relationship with an extraterrestrial civilization progresses. That will be tough to achieve if people are freaked out by appearances and behavior.

Hollywood solves the problem by creating extraterrestrials that fit the needs of the plot line. They are portrayed as vicious killers or all-knowing angels. The reality may actually be more troubling. Even in Hollywood there is a tendency to create humanoid creatures that mimic human behavior.

How would we react to creatures that are not even vaguely humanoid? You can just see the hate groups lining up.

Luckily, extraterrestrials will not have to worry about employment discrimination or have a hard time hailing taxi cabs. There would be a significant power difference that would in a sense turn the usual racism relationship on its ear.

In many respects it would be our problem and our obstacle to overcome. Fear is a strong motivator and if humans can’t get over the differences we may be the ones paying the price.

Posted by Eric at 9:10 AM

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UFO Near Airplane Moves at Incredible Speed over Texas
UFO Depiction
Published: 5:52 AM 9/9/2010

Texas - 09-08-10

I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone and as usual, I was outside just standing on the porch looking around at the night sky.

I was not thinking much about anything more than the conversation I was having, I then noticed what I thought was a meteor shooting across the sky and I even mentioned it to the friend I was on the phone with saying, "Oh wow, I haven't seen that in a while," and then whatever it was stopped almost right above me just to my left.

I then saw a commercial plane coming up behind it heading in the same direction going north.The trees around my house are tall, so you can't see planes, meteors, or stars very well unless they are directly over a certain area of my yard.

The object, as best as I can describe, it appeared to be looking for something. It was moving in a way that reminded me of a dragonfly moving back and forth with incredible speed and jerky movements.

I didn't even think it was possible that the unknown object could be an aircraft, I am still stunned by what I saw, I am at a loss for words I guess, but as the commercial plane began to move across the sky to the north the object, which was much lower than the commercial plane, shot off to the north ahead of the plane.

I am not a good judge of airliner speeds in general, but this object shot off at a speed that got it straight out of sight heading north going upwards to a higher altitude so fast my eyes had a very hard time staying with it, the only speed I can think of that compares to it would be the speed of a meteor entering the earth's atmosphere as you see it shoot across the sky.

I am baffled by this, what the heck was it? The whole incident with the object lasted about 4 or 5 seconds, but the movements and the speed just don't seem real to me. There is no way a person wound be able to withstand the force of such speed, or the way the thing was shooting back and forth in different directions.

I'm not telling anyone about this and using my name with the story, because there is no way anyone would believe me. Heck, I don't even believe me and I saw it myself.

I just can't get over it, and I'm quite sure I will be trying to rationalize it for a while and I know I will remember it for the rest of my life.

I wish I had not even see it, because I was having a normal, relaxed evening until this and now I will be up for a while just running that incident over and over in my head trying to categorize it somehow.

What was it that I saw? Please help me to understand it.

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Triangle UFO Appears at South Carolina Labor Day Bonfire
UFO Drawing
Published: 6:11 AM 9/9/2010

South Carolina - 09-06-10

Big, triangular-shaped aircraft. Bright white lights on the front / rear of craft (3 to 7 lights in all). Traveling S/SW over Paris MT. toward Greenville's historic West End.

I was co-hosting a Labor Day bonfire at a friend's house. We were all in the backyard. Some of us were sitting or standing facing the fire, which I was attending, dividing my attention between the conversations and the music that we had playing at low level.

My friend's brother had walked a little way up the hill toward the house and something caught his attention. What he said exactly I don't know, but he caught my attention.

I looked up to the area where he was standing and could see right where he was looking. I looked and couldn't see anything moving at first, but then I saw it tracking from right to left very quickly. I said something excitedly and began moving up the hill towards my friend while watching this object.

A few people were wondering what we were yammering on about since they hadn't seen this thing. The aircraft seemed to be triangular in shape. I say this due to the position of the 3 to 7 bright white lights (one at the tip and two rear points of the craft and maybe as many as 4 on the rear edges of the craft).

No reflection from the city below could be seen on the aircraft, but the bright light of the craft gave it definition. Now I was running toward the front yard and saw a good five to six seconds of the object before it went past the tree line. After making it to the front, I saw no more of the aircraft but did see an approaching aircraft that would have been at or near the same altitude and flying toward the area the object had just departed.

The object may have been as much as 2-3 miles away from my location and was maybe no higher than 1k to 2k ft. in the air. Helicopters and small aircraft seem to fly in the same altitude range as this craft.

While only two of us saw the craft, we asked the other folks if they had seen or heard anything at all while this took place. No one else saw the object and all of us agreed that there had been no sound.

My friend agreed to send me a short account in his own words for this report. Here is what he had to say:

"I was staring into the night sky looking for shooting stars and what I thought was a shooting star was the front light of the aircraft, then I followed the rest of air craft and noticed the four lights in the rear. The aircraft was also going at a very fast speed and no engine thrust sound what so ever.The air craft was a triangle shaped with no signs of color at all."

I'm attaching two sketches of the craft. Please bear in mind this is only a best representation of what we saw. The actual body shape and the number of lights could be very different. Also, after discussing this event with the other witness, we both agreed we saw no sign of jet afterburners.

UFO - South Carolina - 09-06-10

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Archived Files

1979 - Air Force Captain Jean-Pierre Fartek Spots UFO
Air Force Captain Jean-Pierre Fartek
Published: 11:41 AM 9/14/2010

Dijon, France, 1979

In his chapter for “UFOs,” French Major General Denis Letty reports on the case of Air Force Captain Jean-Pierre Fartek, then a Mirage III pilot, who had seen a UFO in 1979. (Collection J. Fartek)

Captain Fartek’s case was most unusual, because the sighting did not occur while he was flying, but had taken place at his home in a village near Dijon, during the day.

He and his wife witnessed an oscillating object hovering low to the ground, in front of a row of apple trees. General Letty met with them at the location, and wrote this in his notes during the interview:

“The object looked like two reversed saucers pressed against each other, with a precise contour, a gray metal color on the top and dark blue below, with no lights or port-holes.”

The clarity and precision of the shape of the object left no doubt that it was something solid and physical, and Captain Fartek made this drawing. (seen below)

He provided many more details, as Letty describes.

The similarities between the object described by the three Captains -- Guerra, Schultz, and Fartek –- in different countries and in different years, are both suggestive and fascinating. (Collection J. Fartek)

UFO - Fartek Captain Fartek submitted a report to the Air Guard Station at the base, and he was instructed not to talk about what he saw. Letty writes that Fartek, shown at left in a more recent photograph, was very upset by this experience.

“He told me when we met that the sighting called into question his perception of what were then called ‘flying saucers,’ because he had never believed in them,” Letty says in his chapter.

“Now, he acknowledged to me that after seeing this craft he could no longer doubt their existence. Hearing his testimony, I too did not have any more doubt about the reality of the phenomenon.

In fact, taken together, I found the Farteks’ testimony so disturbing that I have been preoccupied by the UFO problem ever since. In 1996, after he became a Major, Commander Fartek was interviewed for the COMETA study which I initiated, and even then, after seventeen years, he was still visibly shaken by what he saw.”

(photo (C) courtesy Bernard Thouanel)

UFO - Fartek Drawing

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