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UFO Magazine Issue 377, Issue date, 09-21-09

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UFOlogy: Aliens and Hucksters Among Us
Published: 14 September 2009 08:19 am ET

By Leonard David, SPACE.com’s Space Insider Columnist

DENVER, Colorado – A strong core of believers continue to tout the notion of frequent alien visitors to Earth — UFOs — although this view is largely dismissed by skeptical, mainstream researchers.

But UFOlogists come in two flavors: Those who spend money to investigate the possibility, and those who simply aim to make money off the whole concept.

All this was discussed here last month at the 40th Annual International UFO Symposium, staged by the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., or MUFON, based in Fort Collins, Colorado. The symposium subtitle: "Dawn of a new era in UFO research."

A few lecture topics by noted speakers tell the story, from reflections of an old UFO chaser to dramatic changes in trace/landing events, as well as highlights from a 20-year study of Canadian sightings and even a talk on engaging a skeptic about UFOs.


A long-time veteran of UFOlogy is Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist and lecturer on incoming ET traffic. And he is resolute.

"If one makes an appropriately objective and careful examination of the pro and anti-UFO arguments, one finds that the evidence is overwhelming that Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled vehicles of extraterrestrial origin and that only pseudoscientific arguments of a vocal but small group of debunkers stand in the way of reaching that conclusion, along with a fear of ridicule for being logical," Friedman explained.

Friedman's advice to UFO devotes: "Take courage. I have had only 11 hecklers at more than 700 lectures...and two of them were drunk."

Depiction Decades of UFO study are under the belt of Frank Salisbury, emeritus professor of plant physiology at Utah State University in Logan.

Given all that research, Salisbury's bottom line is that UFOs "are both real and important...whatever they are!" In the meantime, he added, don't discount a nearby parallel universe or a worm hole as ingredients in the saga.

Salisbury's sense is that there are intelligences behind the UFOs. And he served up a take-home message too.

"They want to be seen by a few of us, influencing us in some way unknown to us. So what are they trying to achieve with their displays? Darned if I know! For one thing, they might simply want to keep us confused. With me, they have succeeded."

Getting to the truth

As for what's hot in UFO research, James Carrion, MUFON International Director, said the organization has initiated a strategic relationship with Las Vegas-based hotel mogul and space module entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow.

In the works since April, Bigelow is footing the bill on operational expenses so MUFON investigators can pay attention to high priority cases, Carrion said, "and not go chasing lights in the sky."

Trained MUFON specialists can now be rapidly deployed, sent to sighting areas to gather data, even send physical evidence to a lab "while it's fresh, before other folks try to horde it," Carrion said. "In other words, really pay attention to what we should be paying attention to."

Carrion is frank regarding today's state of UFOlogy. He leaves no doubt that there are hucksters – not just, perhaps, aliens—among us.

"There are those of us in MUFON who want to solve the mystery. There are those other folks out there that want to perpetuate the mystery. There is this cottage industry out there. This is their employment and a way to make a buck," Carrion pointed out. "They have no desire to really get to the truth."

But for Carrion, the truth is out there.

Depiction "I think there's a core phenomenon. But we have to whittle away at it," Carrion told SPACE.com. One specific research track that he dubs "forensic history" is following the role of the U.S. Government in the UFO field.

"There's an indelible fingerprint out there that shows what the patterns of activity have been. It'll take some research," Carrion said. The Internet has proven to be a powerful tool, he said, enabling the gathering of UFO-related information instantaneously and to help corroborate items of interest.

"In my opinion, UFOlogists have only scratched the surface of potential research on the role of the Government in the UFO field, especially as it relates to counter-intelligence, code breaking, psychological warfare, and Cold War operations."

Evidentiary rules

Taking part in the MUFON meeting was Jeffrey Bennett, scientist and author of "Beyond UFOs - The Search for Extraterrestrial Life and Its Astonishing Implications for Our Future."

Admittedly on the agenda as a "token skeptic," Bennett's view is that UFO advocates are best served by "assigning plausibility" to the conviction by hard core believers that Earth is on the receiving end of alien travelers.

"They think they've got evidence. But for me, it's not strong enough yet," Bennett told SPACE.com. One complaint he heard at the MUFON gathering was that mainstream scientists won't fund UFO research.

"But it's the way science works," Bennett counters. The kind of proof presented has not met the standards of scientific scrutiny, he added, "and if it ever does, they'll get their funding."

Others too dismissive?

For the most part, UFO activists are using a different set of evidentiary rules, Bennett said. "We've got our reasons why we like our set of rules in science, because it has been successful. It has allowed a lot of progress."

Depiction Bennett spotlights the technological level necessary to trek here from other stars. Then toss in the scale of the universe...the scale of time too. Views generated by "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" have invaded popular culture, so much so, that speeding through the cosmos appears to be a piece of cake.

"In fact, the technology is so incredible that it makes almost all the UFO claims look kind of silly," Bennett said. For instance, scooting across a humungous stretch of space and time to pile drive your craft into Roswell, New Mexico...that's more a stretch in plausibility, he observed.

All that being said, Bennett feels that sometimes the scientific community is far too dismissive of those that witness occurrences chalked up as UFOs.

"We can wish that everybody uses the same standards of evidence. But there's nothing wrong with them as human beings for not doing so. Leave them alone. Let them keep their interests up. Use that opportunity to educate them a little bit along the way...then that's good," Bennett concluded.

Whatever your UFO in-take is, be it a real deal belief, fantasy folk lore and/or a raw form of pulp fiction, one can't leave a MUFON convocation without bringing to mind a Bob Dylan lyric: "Something is happening here...but you don't know what it is."

Leonard David has been reporting on the space industry for more than four decades. He is past editor-in-chief of the National Space Society's Ad Astra and Space World magazines and has written for SPACE.com since 1999.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/alienshucksters.html

source & references:


Secret UFO Reports

(Editor's Note: I finally had a chance to read the entire e-book, and I give you my personal assurance that it is well worth the price, and full of great information.)

UFO and Flying Saucer UFO Encounters
Published: 5:12 AM 9/15/2009

by Joy Healey

The UFO story started soon after June 24, 1947, when newspapers all over the United States carried the first flying saucer report.

The story told how nine very bright, disk-shaped objects were seen by Kenneth Arnold, a Boise, Idaho, businessman, while he was flying his private plane near Mount Rainier, in the state of Washington. Now supported by a journalistic license, reporters took Arnold’s original description of the individual motion of each object, “like a saucer skipping across water,” and rephrased it to: “flying saucer,” referring to the objects themselves.

Many years have passed since Arnold’s memorable sighting, and the phrase has become so common that an entry was made in Webster’s Dictionary, and it is recognized today in most languages throughout the world.

For a while after the Arnold sighting, the term “flying saucer” was used to describe all disk-shaped objects that were seen flashing through the sky at fantastic speeds. Before long, reports were made of objects other than disks, and these were also called flying saucers. Today the words are popularly applied to anything seen in the sky that cannot be identified as a common, everyday object.

In other words, a flying saucer can be a formation of bright lights, a single light, a sphere, or some other shape; and it can be any color. The performance of a flying saucer is such that it can hover, fly fast or slow, fly high or low, turn 90-degree corners, and even apparently disappear into thin air.

Obviously the term “flying saucer” is misleading when applied to objects of every conceivable shape and performance. This is why the military preference is the more general, although less colorful, name: unidentified flying objects. UFO (pronounced Yoo-foe) for short.

Officially the military uses the term “flying saucer” on only two occasions. First in an explanatory sense, as when briefing people who are unacquainted with the term “UFO”: “UFO, you know, flying saucers.” And second in a derogatory sense, for purposes of ridicule, as when it is observed, “He says he saw a flying saucer.”

This second form of usage is the exclusive property of those persons who positively know that all UFOs are nonsense. Fortunately, if only as a matter of coutesy, those in this category are reducing in number. One by one these people drop out, starting with the instant they see their first UFO.

Some weeks after the first UFO was seen on June 24, 1947, the Air Force established a project to investigate and analyze all UFO reports. When the project first began, opinions ranged from near panic, to total derision for anyone who dared to even mentioned the words “flying saucer.”

This contemptuous attitude toward “flying saucer nuts” prevailed from mid-1949 to mid-1950. During that interval many of the people who were, or had been, associated with the project believed that the public was suffering from “war nerves.”

Early in 1950 the project, for all practical purposes, was closed out; at least it rated only minimum effort. Those in power now reasoned that if you didn’t mention the words “flying saucers” the people would forget them and the saucers would go away. But this reasoning was false, for instead of vanishing; the quality of the UFO reports improved.

From airline pilots, to military pilots, generals, scientists, and dozens of other people, reports continued of UFO sightings, now in more detail than previously. Radars, which were being built for air defense, began to pick up some very unusual targets, thus lending technical corroboration to the unsubstantiated claims of human observers.

As a result of the continuing accumulation of more impressive UFO reports, official interest stirred. Early in 1951 verbal orders came down from Major General Charles P. Cabell, then Director of Intelligence for Headquarters, U.S. Air Force, to make a study reviewing the UFO situation for Air Force Headquarters.

The study was given the code name Project Blue Book. “EJR”, who possessed impeccable credentials, supervised until late in 1953. EJR served as a B-29 bombardier and radar operator, during the Second World War. He restarted college after the war, and before long, gained his aeronautical engineering degree. To keep his reserve status while in school, he flew as a navigator in an Air Force Reserve Troop Carrier Wing.

During the compilation of Project Blue Book, EJR and his team traveled almost half a million miles. They investigated dozens of UFO reports, and read and analyzed several thousand more. These included every report the Air Force had ever received.

In addition to ten regular staff on Project Blue Book, there were numerous paid consultants, from every area of science. Everyone involved had Top Secret security clearances so security was not an issue in the investigations. This organization was made up of a reporting network consisting of every Air Force base intelligence officer and every Air Force radar station in the world, together with the Ground Observer Corps of the Air Defense Command.

This reporting net sent Project Blue Book reports on every conceivable type of UFO, by every conceivable type of person. What did these people actually see when they reported a UFO? Putting aside truly unidentifiable flying objects for the present, this question has several answers.

Often it has been positively proved that people have reported balloons, airplanes, stars, and many other common objects as UFOs. The people who make such reports don’t recognize these common objects because something in their surroundings temporarily assumes an unfamiliar appearance.

Unusual lighting conditions are a common cause of such illusions. A balloon will glow like a “ball of fire” just at sunset. Or an airplane that is not visible to the naked eye suddenly starts to reflect the sun’s rays and appears to be a “silver ball”. Pilots in F-94 jet interceptors chase Venus in the daytime and fight with balloons at night, and people in Los Angeles see weird lights.

So did Project Blue Book prove that UFOs exist? The hassle over the word “proof” boils down to one question: What constitutes proof? Is a UFO required to land at the River Entrance to the Pentagon, in front of the offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Can we be convinced when a ground radar station detects a UFO, sends a jet to intercept it, the jet pilot has visual contact, locks on with his radar, but the UFO streaks off at an amazing speed? Is it proof when a jet pilot fires at a UFO and sticks to his story even under the threat of court-martial? Does this constitute proof?

Project Blue Book recorded the facts; but you must decide for yourself.

OK, so we are told UFOs exist, but what are they? Is the evidence credible? “Project Blue Book” a fascinating and authoritative e-book chronicles many unidentified flying object sightings.

Far from being simply an e-book; it is a report, and is the first time ever that anyone, either military or civilian, has assembled in one document the complete facts about this fascinating subject.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/saucerencounters.html

source & references:


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Paranormal Experts Feel Alienated by Obama
Published: 09/16/2009

By: Dave Maass

Change may be harder to believe in than extraterrestrial life—at least when it comes to releasing classified records, according to UFOlogists in attendance at Angel Fire’s first Paranormal Symposium.

“The only ‘change’ is the change of opinion among UFOlogists who think that we’re going to get something from Obama,” Dee Gragg, who teaches adult education courses on UFOs at New Mexico State University, says.

Gragg presented a lecture on crop circles at the symposium, held Sept. 11-13 in the small village 25 miles outside Taos. The event drew more than 150 attendees to listen to 10 lectures covering everything from monster hunting to “UFOs and Alternative Energy.” While the speakers disagree on theories and explanations, they largely agree that Obama hasn’t made paranormal research and UFO disclosure as high a priority as they had hoped.

“If you lined up the 17 most important things Obama has to do, [UFOs] wouldn’t make the list,” Gragg says. “Look what he’s got on his plate; he’s not about to take on something like this.”

Right now, that plate is heaped over with health insurance reform. But just as the US lags behind the rest of the Western world on universal coverage, paranormal truth-seekers say the US also trails Europe when it comes to the release of UFO records.

In late August, the British National Archives followed the lead of several other nations, including France and Russia, by releasing 4,000 pages of documents related to UFO reports dating back 15 years. Nick Redfern, a British-born author of more than a dozen books on the paranormal, has reviewed many of the British documents and notes that approximately 90 percent are reports of sightings from citizens and requests for information filed by researchers.

The remaining 10 percent, he says, are the most interesting: reports of UFO sightings by military pilots that correspond with unidentifiable blips recorded by radar stations on the ground.

“The [release of] documents is good because it shows that government agencies investigated it,” Redfern tells SFR. “It shows there are credible witnesses. What it doesn’t do is answer the question of what these things are.”

Yet, the US government still keeps its mother lode of secrets on lockdown.

On a recent visit to the Harry S Truman Library and Museum in Independence, Mo., Gragg says he discovered that a third of the UFO files contained only a pink slip of paper stating the information for that file has yet to be declassified. The security presence at the library, according to Gragg, also indicates the government knows something, but won’t share it.

“Would you believe that there were four or five guards with walkie-talkie radios talking to each other and they were all packing heat?” Gragg says. “I’m saying, what are they going to do, shoot me if I chew gum too loud?”

Dennis Balthaser, who researches the Roswell UFO crash, says he had one Freedom of Information Act request—or FOIA—pending with the US government for more than eight years.

“When I send in a FOIA, many times I get a [letter] back with a generic stamp on it that says those records may have been destroyed in a fire in 1973,” Balthaser says. “That’s well and good, but ‘may have been’ is not an answer.”

Although during the campaign Obama indicated he would push for further transparency, his administration has played coy on UFO issues. For example, UFOlogists point to a July C-Span appearance by Obama’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, in which he dodged a viewer-submitted question about UFOs.

“Look, I have not been briefed on whether or not there are the existence of UFOs,” Gibbs told Ryan from Seattle. “I know that the president is deeply concerned about ensuring we have transparency in government, and the American people have faith in what the government is trying to do.”

Similarly, On Sept. 9, Obama personally told Philadelphia radio host Michael Smerconish that he had indeed seen the presidential “Book of Secrets,” which was the catalyst for adventure in Disney’s second National Treasure film. As far as the information inside, he said to Smerconish, “I would tell you, but I’d have to kill you.”

Guy Malone, who lectured on Christianity and UFOs at the symposium, doubts Obama is in the loop. Like many UFOlogists, he believes such information is classified above even the president’s clearance level.

“I think the Clintons knew a lot more because they were tight with [former Clinton Chief of Staff] John Podesta who was trying to get this UFO stuff disclosed,” Malone says.

Redfern has noted a stricter policy related to public information and UFO records in the last decade, but believes it is more due to the fallout after 9.11 than any particular presidential administration.

“Whether it was the Clinton era, Bush Sr., Reagan, [release policies] weren’t that much different,” Redfern says. “I don’t believe there’s been a clampdown on access to UFO data. I think there’s just been a clampdown on everything.”

Redfern, however, says when the government rejects a UFO-related request, more often than not it isn’t to cover up extraterrestrial contact, but to protect terrestrial defense. For example, governments often don’t want foreign powers understanding their radar and satellite capabilities.

“National security doesn’t always relate necessarily to the sighting,” Redfern says. “Sometimes it’s the way they collect the information.”

But some UFOlogists believe that full release of UFO documentation would not be in the public’s best interest.

“What would be the effect on our population if suddenly we told them UFOs not only are real, but we cannot protect you against them, that they can disintegrate anything that we have?” Gragg says. “Secondly, what would be their reaction when they find out that aliens, particularly the ‘little grays,’ abduct people all the time?”

Gragg says the administration should come up with a plan to prepare the population and gradually release information.

There are also political considerations.

“If you look at what happened to Dennis Kucinich, when it came out during the presidential debates that Shirley MacLaine put in her book that he saw a UFO at her house, he tanked,” Malone says. “You get thrown in the gutter very quickly if you discuss UFOs in a political sense.”

Malone is confident that, if released, the facts would support his theory that aliens are actually fallen angels who are trying to lure Christians into joining cults like Heaven’s Gate, whose members committed mass suicide in 1997 in the hopes of catching a lift on comet Hale-Bopp.

However, he also believes information will emerge that proves the Roswell crash was a government experiment involving Nazis, technology developed by Nikola Tesla, mongoloid children and radiation-poisoning survivors.

“I think all the records should be disclosed so that people have access to all the information they need to make an informed, intelligence decision,” Malone says.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009c/pnexperts.html

source & references:


Published: 6:23 PM 9/16/2009

Twenty years ago I heard about a very strange family who had been suffering abductions by strange beings for generations. The members of this family that remained living had two sisters who had lived their lives being taken by the same creatures that had taken their father throughout his lifetime.

It took me years to track down this family yet I was never able to get any member of the family to speak to me. The sisters who suffered these abductions were extremely private people and did not ever discuss their situation. The family members around them were either over protective or somewhat embarrassed by this problem and also refused to discuss it. I tried for years to talk with this family but I was always turned down.

Fate intervened and I was sent a email by a brother in this family saying his sister had been reading a few of my articles and decided she might want to talk to me. We exchanged emails for a while until it was decided I would be allowed to visit with the family. The luck of this was that this family lived very close to my own hometown making this visit possible.

The day came and I arrived as planned at the home of the brother who contacted me. I was invited to sit with the family in a large screened porch overlooking a beautiful yard on the north coast of Long Island. The man and two of his sisters seemed to be perfectly normal middle-aged people. I spent the first part of my time with them talking about the articles I have written about paranormal events that occurred on Long Island.

We also discussed the reaction that the public has to these subjects. It seems the main reason this family stays hidden and silent is because of the reaction so many have to things they do not understand. This family also fears the media as they are all about ratings and care nothing about the people who they interview. I had to agree with them on that point.

We talked for a while when all of a sudden the one sister turned towards her sister and brother and said, “ She is OK, I am going to talk to her for awhile. I will call you if I need you.” The sister and brother both got up and went into the house leaving me alone with the one sister on the porch.

Looking straight at me without emotion the woman leaned towards me and said:

“You never mentioned in any of our emails or calls that you were also a abductee”. You have been taken during your life too. I now understand why you do this.”

I was a bit shocked as I was not sure how she knew that I also had encounters of my own in my lifetime. I figured she had read enough of my material that I had written to pick up the references I have made in the past to those events.

She then said to me something that really startled me. Again she leaned towards me and said” You cannot stop now. There are always going to be difficult people who are jealous or limited and are not able to understand what you’re telling them. I think your ideas of taking a break now are not timed right.” I was rather stunned as those were my very thoughts as I drove to this family’s home that afternoon.

I have been extremely busy in many areas of my life and was considering giving this subject matter a rest for while. I did not speak of this to anyone and had only been thinking it for a day or so. The fact she picked up on this immediately was sort of a surprise. I realized then that this woman had abilities and I needed to pay close attention to the time I had with her.

Now sitting alone with her I was able to focus more on just this woman. I was beginning to notice things I did not see when the others where with us. I started to see things about this woman that were clearly different. Her eyes were very large and blue. I noticed whenever the sun would streak into the room and reach her face she would shield her eyes, blink and move away from the direct light.

She had very dark circles under her eyes and very pale skin. When she moved away from the sunlight the third time I asked her if the sun bothered her eyes and she replied, “ The sun is blinding to me, I cannot see at all in strong sunlight.” I was sitting in the darkest part of the room and got up so we could trade seats. I could clearly see she was uncomfortable where she was sitting. The sun was low and shinning into the room, which seemed painful for her. When I offered the seat change she jumped up and in seconds we had swamped chairs.

Her arms and legs were covered in areas by large bandages. The areas of her legs and arms that were uncovered were covered with what looked like white scars of different lengths and shapes. She was chubby but ageless. I could not tell if she was 40 –50 or 60. She looked like a middle-aged woman but did not have many wrinkles or the appearance of an older woman. I honestly could not judge her age at all. She had light hair, which was very fine and mid length.

Before I could ask her any questions the woman took control of the conversation. She suggested I take notes as she was not going to be able to talk that long and did not want to repeat herself. I got out my notebook and listened.

She told me the odd activity started about age 6. She recalls strange people being around her and being away from home but was never sure if she was dreaming the events or remembering them. She would have these encounters at all different times. She may be out playing in her yard or in her room playing with her toys. She would wake up in the middle of the night terrified but had no idea at age 6 exactly what was happening to her.

When she complained to her parents they would comfort her and tell her she must have fallen asleep and had a bad dream. This continued until she was 12. At that point she knew something was wrong. She would know when she blacked out and could recall more and more of the details that took place during the times she was taken. She still held on to the idea she may be falling asleep and having these odd dreams as she would always find herself back where she was taken waking or shaking off being in a fog.

By the time she was a teen this woman realized she was different from other kids. She was much smarter then the average kids her age and was developing psychic abilities that were very strong and very frightening to her. She could look at someone she did not know and understand immediately things about them.

She would know their names, where they lived, what they were thinking and most of all if they were a good or bad person. She could tell her friends what was going to happen to them weeks before the events occurred. Her differences were separating her from friends and family and she was becoming withdrawn and odder by the day.

The missing time and fogged over encounters continued and the changes in her increased.

About age 25 she could no longer stand to be outside in the sun for very long as the rays of light were becoming blinding and painful to her eyes. She also was beginning to read two or three books a day with lightning speed. Her need to swallow all she could learn was becoming an over powering need she did not understand.

This also was the time she started to feel ill often and have unexplained times of bleeding and pain in her uterus that she could not understand. Sometimes she would not have any normal monthly cycles at all and other times wake up from one of the encounters with terrible pain and extreme bleeding.

She had become a hermit by this time only seeing her family and a handful of friends. The strangeness of her life kept her away from others as she suffered more and more oddities with each passing year.

About age 30 she started to return from her visits with the beings that constantly took her with burns or strange burn like rashes across her arms and legs. They were painful and would last for months at a time.

She was developing a hatred of most food claiming it all tasted awful and had a limited diet that existed of only a few bland items that she could manage to keep down or desire.

About this time she decided to see a doctor about her rashes and belly pain as she was finding it harder and harder to deal with it all. Her doctor sent her to specialists who looked at her rash/ burns. They came up empty to what they thought it was and chalked it up to her making them appear by way of stress. They told her nicely that she was causing the skin to do this with her mind.

After being examined for her problems with her natural cycles she was questioned to how many pregnancies she had. When she told them none they snarled that they could not help her if she would not be honest with them. Feeling defeated she simply listened and said little in response. The doctors insisted she had carried more then one baby. She knew she never had a child.

This woman’s life had been a hell with only her family and a few friends understanding the horror of what was happening to her and the rest of the world was cruel and heartless to her circumstance.

As she aged the visits decreased. Now entering her senior years she was left alone and free from the visits that tortured her through out her entire life.

She can only stand to be out in the day light for a few minutes at a time. She needs to wear very dark sunglasses and drive with tinted windows in her car. She spends most of her time indoors during the day.

She has a quick mind and can recall almost all she has read during her lifetime. She has strong psychic powers that she will only use to help those she knows and cares for. Besides that she keeps what she knows to herself. She suffers from her skin problems, which come and go without reason or explanation. She never married and never had children- that she knows of!

This woman is without question the most curious person I ever interviewed. She seems to be the result of some kind of interference. She is not like other humans yet she is. She seems to be tampered with making her more advanced in many ways and weaker in others. Mentally she is far advanced.

Physically she struggles with living on earth in her human body. She is an impatient woman who talks quickly and expects those around her to keep up with her speed of thought and speaking. She seems void of humor and simply titled her head looking at me oddly when I attempted to include a joke or two into our quick paced serious conversation.

She seemed far more entertained by my attempts to be funny or silly then the humor of what I was saying. Her eyes are large and blue. When she looks at you it is with a straight intense dead on stare right into your own eyes that makes you alert and uncomfortable.

I felt like I was being given the most important test of my life by the worlds principle and if I failed I was going to be booted off the earth. I stopped trying to interact and just sat and took furious notes as she told me what she wanted to tell me. She talked and I wrote.

Suddenly she stopped talking as quickly as she had started. I stopped writing and looked at her. She looked deep into my mind and said, “ I am tired now. You can ask me two questions and then we will be done.”

I knew my questions had to be good, as I doubted I would have another chance with this lady. I asked my questions.

I asked her who did she thought had been taking her – her entire life and what did she think they wanted from her?

Without hesitation she replied: “ This may surprise you but I think humans from the past may be who are taking me.” I simply looked at her stupidly as she continued,” I use to think aliens from another planet were the ones taking me but I changed my mind along the way.

I think that somehow someway humans populated this planet or another and suffered a huge catastrophe that wiped most of them out. I think they may be living inside the earth or maybe on the moon or in the moon. I think they are millions of years older then the humans walking and living on this earth now and far advanced. I also think that physically they have weakened or changed to the point they cannot live on the earth as it is now.

I think they may be the ones who come and take people like me. I think they are trying to mate with us to return their bodies to those that can live a life on earth. Or they are trying to breed with the humans of today for some reason. I think that what they do changes people like me into something other then how we started out. My body changes and mind skills are a result of these things. Do not get me wrong – they could easily be aliens from other worlds. I just feel that they seem human to me when I can recall small parts of my encounters with them.”

Abruptly she stood up and called out her brother’s name. Her brother immediately returned to the porch where we were sitting and stood next to me. “ I am done talking with Chris – would you be so kind to escort her to her car”

She stood and walked towards the inside of the house. Her brother took my arm as I quickly gathered my notebook and purse. I was just about out the door when I heard her yell out to me from inside the house. “ Do a good job Holly- explain to them that they have no idea of the truth.” At this she laughed for the first and only time.

Within seconds I found myself standing next to my car. Her brother bid me farewell- thanked me and walked away. I got into my car and drove home. Driving home I felt flushed and a bit odd. I needed to stop and buy a hot cup of coffee as I felt weak and sleepy. When I arrived home I had to lie down and take a nap.

Later that night I told my family about the encounter and had to admit that this lady was the strangest person I had even met. I knew I had seen the long-term effect of being abducted in this woman’s eyes. I also knew she held the answers to many questions that she felt best kept from mankind at this time. I wanted to know more but had to wait until she was ready to share those things with the rest of us.

Something has been going on with this woman with some kind of other being. I can honestly say that I have no idea who or what they may be. All I do know is that their interference with this woman has created a person who without question is not like the rest of us.

I am going to try to arrange another meeting with this curious woman as I have many questions I did not get to ask her that day. I think she can offer many insights into the world of abduction and alien encounters that are closer to what truly is happening to so many people who are taken around the world.

For now I will try to continue to write that which we do not understand in hopes someday we all will know the truth about so many of these unknown encounters.

Do be careful out there and always be aware of your surroundings!

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Unknown Objects Seen and Photographed over Denbighshire in UK
Denbighshire Photo
Published: 7:52 AM 9/13/2009

Published by: Natalie Jones

The UFO Files

THE Free Press has been inundated with photographs of UFOs in the sky over Denbighshire and Gwynedd. Among the most stunning of pictures were those sent by a resident who lives near the summit of Moel Findeg.

Judith Scales contacted the Free Press after seeing last week’s edition, which revealed pictures of a number of UFOs over Denbigh on Thursday, August 20.

"I was interested to see the photos on your front page," said Ms Scales.

"Since July 2008 I have been photographing unexplained phenomena which appear regularly in the area of my garden. "Our house is near to the summit of Moel Findeg and I have to date over 700 photos stored on my computer. "They have been taken mostly at night, but I also have many which have been taken during daylight hours," she added.

"One in particular moved at a terrific speed, it is estimated that they travel at something like 200 miles per second.,” she said. "So it would seem that they must have to consciously slow down in order to be captured on camera," she added.

Peter Glynn was the first to come forward to report five orange lights that were seen over Denbigh three weeks ago. Since then dozens of Vale of Clwyd residents corroborated the sightings.

But it’s not just residents in the Vale of Clwyd, a man who lives near the Horseshoe Pass, also saw bright lights that evening.

"I saw an orange and red glow, and then two lights dropped off from either side," said the man, who did not wish to be named. "An aeroplane flew over, and the lights come closer towards my direction - then turned sharply to the right and then up into the sky. "I have never seen anything like this before, it lasted for about three quarters of an hour," he added.

Or are they just Chinese lanterns?

THE UFO pictures in last weeks Free Press are Chinese lanterns, claims a local photographer.

Chris Porteous, who owns Chris Porteous Photography, contacted the Free Press after seeing last week’s front page.

"I’m pretty sure that what your readers saw were Chinese lanterns floating across the sky," he said. "I am a wedding photographer and they are becoming more and more popular at weddings and birthday parties.

"I was photographing a wedding in St Asaph in August and the bride and groom let off 100 of these lanterns over a half hour period. "They are quite big (probably nearly four feet high) and look quite impressive when airborne. "They go up very high and catch different thermals and wind directions so over a few miles they probably do change direction quite a lot. On the Sunday morning after the wedding a local radio phone-in had several calls from listeners reporting strange lights over the A55," he added.

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UFO Sighting from an Airliner with Photographs

INEXPLICATA-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology-October 7, 2005

México, September 21 2005

Ing. Carlos Cauich Carrillo shot a video of an unknown object that appeared to accompany the airliner in which he was a passenger for several minutes. The flight was covering the Tapachula-Mexico route on September 21, 2005.

When interviewed, the witness states that he felt very nervous and that he felt as though "something or someone" had placed him there at the exact moment the sighting was to occur, since he was initially only filming images of the landscape as seen from the air.

The video was made with a Cyber Shot DSC-P32, 3.2 megapixels, and has an approximate duration of 10 seconds.

Upon reviewing the material, I noticed that this unidentified flying object was performing irregular movements at high speed, vanishing completely out of frame at certain moments. This confirms Ing. Cauich's notion that the alleged UFO was speeding away from the airliner and then returning.

This event took place at 14:15 hours as the Mexicana de Aviacion airliner flew over the state of Oaxaca's Salina Cruz region.

Ing. Cauich has has sightings prior to this date. His steadfastness in watching the skies and his ability to obtain UFO evidence is noteworthy.

As an additional piece of information, I interviewed aviation technician Alfonso Salazar Mendoza, a UFO researcher and writer, who kindly informed me that commercial airliners flying at cruising altitude achieve speeds of 800 km per hour and an altitude of 12,000 meters. This information provides an approximate estimate.


Profra. Ana Luisa Cid


Translation (c) 2005 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).


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Images © Ing. Carlos Cauich Carrillo


DATE: October 6, 2005

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Alabama - Dark Object, Lime-Green Glow
09-14-09 - My wife was sitting near our front door and noticed a bright light outside: it was dark 17:40 hrs. She got up and observed a dark, round object with a lime-green light surrounding it appearing to hover in the sky above the tree line behind a neighbor's house, which is a very wooded area.

The distance of the object was maybe less than a mile away and after 5 or 6 seconds of watching the object and bright lime green light, she said part of it seemfv to explode and orange and red pieces began to fall to the ground with the large illuminated part also falling to the ground. No noise or crash was heard at all.

The incident was reported to Blount Co. Sheriff's office and an officer was dispatched to patrol the area. My wife stated she does not think it was a meteor because of the way it hovered and she was sure it had a bright, lime-green glow to it. source: www.mufon.com

Indiana - Two Dark Diamonds
09-14-09 - I live very near the Evansville Regional Airport and see planes often. This object came from the northeast and made a slow circle above our home and headed southeast.

It looked as if two dark diamonds were placed end to end. It had colored lights on each tip and a center row of white lights running along the underneath.

It was moving slow enough for me to go in and grab my wife. She came out and it was directly above our house. She said, "What is that? I've never seen anything like it before." It almost looked like a floating platform and was extremely large in size.

It was a very quiet craft except for a slight humming noise. Not sure what it was, but it was definitely unlike anything I've ever seen in the sky. If it was military, let's hope it's on our side.

New Jersey - 09-14-09 - I'm living in Hoboken, New Jersey, and am a big follower of UFOs. On Monday, September 14, at 5.26 PM, I was going outside to have a smoke and as always I looked up at the sky.

It was a very clear day out today and when I looked up, I could see a plane shining and just to the left of the plane was a shiny object just floating.

I ran inside and grabbed my binoculars to have a look. The object was a good few 100 feet in the air, if not 1000 feet. It looked like it was a circle-shape, but when I looked at it through the binoculars it was in a triangle-shape, and was silver and gray as there was a reflection off the sun.

It was just sitting there for about 2 minutes and then it started to move up. When I went to grab my phone out of my pocket it disappeared. Just wanted to let you know what I saw, and that it's not the first UFO I've seen in New York / New Jersey. I'm still keeping an eye out now so if I see anything else I'll let you know. source: www.mufon.com

West Virginia - Dark Triangle Object
09-13-09 - After I went to bed, I looked out the window and saw a dark triangle-shaped object which was almost stationary. It had round lights at each corner which were alternating between red and white. I did not get a very good look as I was viewing it through some trees.

After about four minutes it left. Note that this is very similar to sightings in WV and Ohio that happened within a few days of each other. www.mufon.com

Canada - Object Makes Strange Maneuvers
McMaster - Bothwell, Ontario - On Sunday the 13 of this month at around 10 PM, my son and I were out on our back deck. My son noticed something in the sky doing strange movements. He showed me where it was in the sky, we watched this thing stop and stay in one place then move VERY fast one way then stop... and move a different way.

This object was up pretty high, around 20 to 30,000 feet. It had a blinking red light and a very bright light at the back. This was unbelievable the way this thing would stop and jet across the sky in seconds. This was not a jet or any man made thing (I'm a big jet buff). After around 2 minutes of watching this thing move around the sky it stopped once again for a few seconds then disappeared at a angle upward. Mike and Cam,

McMaster - Bothwell Ontario

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