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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 580, Issue date, 09-23-13

Human-like Being Seen in Ft. Drum, Florida
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:09 AM 9/17/2013

Ft.Drum, Florida - 08-07-13

Sometime during the late 90s a crop circle appeared in a small inland Florida town. The field was immediately cut down to avoid any publicity.

Since then, according to numerous witnesses, unidentified lights have appeared in the sky in the area.

These reports of seeing lights have even been shared and corroborated on Facebook right after they occurred.

Just this past early August, two brothers were running in the area not far from their home and came across something in the middle of the road.

According to their account of what happened, it was a human-like being that fled from them in a very fast, stealthy manner. They described it being much larger than they taking up half of the road and crawling at first.

They also claimed at one point it covered about ten feet in a single bound and jumped a fence. They felt like it did not want to be seen and described it as acting like a fugitive running from the law.

They could hear it moving and heard it rattle a fence. Then the one brother shined his flashlight in the area where it sounded like it was.

He then saw the being slowly move its head up to his light. He described it as human-like but with no hair and a larger forehead. The eyes that he saw lit up were described as human, but cat-like.

As soon as the eyes looked back at him he was overcome with fear. Then a blue beam of light appeared from the ground to the sky and disappeared. They ran from the area as fast as they could.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/ftdrumalien.html

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An Extraterrestrial Fragment from Space?
A microscopic fragment from space - University of Sheffield/Journal of Cosmology
Published: 7:50 AM 9/21/2013

Aliens land in WAKEFIELD: Balloon with extra-terrestrial particles lands in West Yorkshire city.

When it touched down in West Yorkshire it had picked up an algae fragment and “biological entities” said to be of an unusual size.

Large alien organisms have been found in Wakefield – and they are definitely not funny-shaped sticks of rhubarb.

The Yorkshire city, famous for producing the pink vegetable, was the landing site for a balloon which brought back the extra-terrestrial particles after a trip to the edge of space.

Molecular biologist Prof Milton Wainwright, who led the project, said the find could prove revolutionary.

He added: “People might assume these biological particles drifted up from Earth but a particle of the size we found cannot be lifted to such heights.”

The balloon, launched near Chester by the Sheffield University team, carried sensors which were only exposed after it was between 14 and 17 miles above the Earth.

When it touched down in West Yorkshire it had picked up an algae fragment and “biological entities” said to be of an unusual size.

Prof Wainwright said: “If life does continue to arrive from space then we have to completely change our view of biology and evolution.

“In the absence of a mechanism by which large particles like these can be transported to the stratosphere, we can only conclude that the biological entities originated from space.

"Our conclusion is that life is continually arriving to Earth from space. Life is not restricted to this planet and it almost certainly did not originate here.”

The team will try the test again next month to coincide with a meteorite shower when there will be large amounts of cosmic dust.

"It is hoped more unusual organisms will be found, confirming the experiment’s success.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/extraterrestrial-fragment-from-space.html

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Extraterrestrial Life and Alien Evidence: Who Cares?
UFO Depiction
Published: 7:06 AM 9/21/2013

Added by Michael Blain

With all the coverage of extraterrestrial forms of life, more commonly referred to as aliens, it begs an important question regarding any possible evidence: Who cares?

This is not a question posed out of scientific ignorance or a lack of curiosity, but, rather, a comment on the placement and deployment of important resources that could be used far more effectively. Throughout the entirety of a universe so unfathomably large and diverse, it isn’t a question of if extraterrestrial life exists because, without a doubt, it certainly does.

Earth is able to sustain life based on the make-up of the atmosphere, due to the positioning distance away from the sun in the center of the solar system. With billions upon billions of stars and planets in the entire universe, it is absurd to think that a precise positioning such as this one, or any number of combinations creating a biological copacetic environment, does not exist.

The mere fact that great minds should inherently know that this is a fact, which most do, and not care right now, is because we are scientifically closer to piercing other dimensions than we are to traversing the staggering number of light years most likely required to make contact with beings residing outside the gravitational limits of our solar system.

Making contact with these life forms would require more fuel than NASA can currently provide a spaceship with in order to visit with these entities and return back to Earth alive. Also, reasonably traveling to the outer reaches of even just the Milky Way Galaxy, in particular, would require a human spaceship to be able to break the speed of light to be able to arrive back to Earth during any possible anticipation of an individual astronaut’s lifespan.

The problem that lies within breaking the speed of light is the sheer amount of energy required to penetrate the massiveness of space. Recently, some scientists have claimed they may be able to bend the space in front of the spacecraft so to reduce the distance necessary to travel, a type of a shortcut, more simply stated.

Yet, a lot of the details surrounding the execution of that idea still remain in the realm of science fiction for now. For now, the real focus of discovering extraterrestrial life should be focused on looking into other dimensions, instead of into the far reaches of space. Extraterrestrial basically means something that is not native to the current model and understanding of the planet Earth and beings that exist in another dimensions of space and time would certainly qualify under that definition.

Dark matter alone presents more alien evidence within quantum physics than through space exploration. Quantum physics, in the opinion of many, is closer to a significant breakthrough than rocket scientists are to conquering the conundrums surrounding how to break the speed of light. Thus, the greatest minds should be primarily concerning themselves with how to penetrate other dimensions from the safety of our home planet before voyaging dangerously into the great unknown vastness of the outer universe.

If travel between dimensions can indeed be accomplished this century, chances are this will reveal the science necessary to travel outside of our solar system anyway and the research would be accomplishing two things at once instead of functioning like two separate hamsters in two separate wheels, as it currently is.

Evidence of extraterrestrial life may be closer than anyone thought possible, so why isn’t anyone looking? Written by Michael Blain

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/whocares.html

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Aurora: America's Black Triangle
UFO Depiction
Published: 8:36 AM 6/21/2008

An explanation for the UFO known as the "Black Triangle" may have been found. From 1982 to 1985 researchers from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and NASA revived the notion of the Trans-Atmospheric Vehicle (TAV). This project became known as Copper Canyon.

The objective was to find a replacement for the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird which was retired from service in 1989. This was also around the time of the first "triangle" sightings.

From the numerous eye-witness reports of the triangle it became obvious that the vehicle is hypersonic rather than supersonic, as was the SR-71. The SR-71 was very capable of a Mach 3.5+ performance, and given the many advances in American military technology since the SR-71 was designed, it isn't unreasonable to assume that an aircraft capable of a Mach 5+ performance has been developed.

However, the SR-71 was returned to service in 1996. It's replacement may have been the Advanced Stealth Technology Reconnaissance Aircraft (ASTRA), which has often been referred to, mistakenly, as Aurora.

On March 4th, 1997, the BBC in the United Kingdom ran a news item showing film footage which had been secret for nearly 20 years. The film showed a Hercules aircraft fitted with rocket boosters to the front, rear and undercarriage. The plane was able to take off almost vertically and be airborne in under five seconds.

The project's aim was to enable the aircraft to land on ground the size of a soccer pitch, pick up hostages in Iran and take off in less than a hundred yards. The project was started in the late June of 1980, abandoned in October of that year and cost $30 million. The reason for halting the project was, apparently, that on the first test flight the plane crashed on landing.

The BBC didn't actually tell the whole truth in their report of the incident. There was in fact three aircraft involved and it is strongly rumored that the project was a success.

Incidentally, the hostages were released three months later. The C-130 Hercules is the heaviest carrier in service in the Royal Air Force (RAF). If the project was successful and the technology applied to smaller fighter planes, the speed in which they could be airborne could rival the Harrier jump-jet.

Assuming the ASTRA has been in active service since 1989, what has DARPA and/or NASA been developing and test-flying since then? This brings in the concept of Aurora. It has been suggested that Aurora's configuration resembles that of a pure delta ranging from 100-200 feet.

If the Aurora has an advanced version of the Hercules rocket system giving it jump-jet capabilities and stealth technology it would be a formidable aircraft, a giant "triangle" that would be able to hover and depart at great speed. It is also suggested that the aircraft has an advanced form of vectored thrust and that the powerplant is a Pulse Detonation Wave Engine.

From the numerous worldwide reports it seems that the "Black Triangle" is a very real and advanced craft. To develop such a craft an advanced level of technology and a lot of money is required. The only country which could meet these standards is America, with Britain possibly as well.

A substantial amount of evidence has been collected on the "triangle" mystery and a strong connection with America has been identified. For example, examine the following report:

A group of six soldiers on maneuvers on Salisbury Plain encountered the "triangle" at approximately 2a.m. one morning. This event occured in the winter of 1989, again around the time of the first "triangle" sightings. According to one of the witnesses they came across a copse in a wood where they saw bright lights.

Looking up the men saw a large black craft which suddenly beamed a powerful light into the copse. The size of the craft was estimated to be as big as a C-130 Hercules or bigger. The enormous craft hung motionless without sound then suddenly departed at an incredible speed, still silent.

Later during hypnotic regression, one of the soldiers recounted an amazing story. He told how a beam of light had encircled the man paralysing him. At this time a man wearing a black zip-up flying suit appeared from the woods and spoke to them in an American accent.

In the moments that follow we are told how the beam moves the man, making them shuffle along the edge of the woods. The witness then looks up and sees a black triangular craft, sort of wedge-shaped, with the beam of light coming from it's center. He then goes on to describe how the light pulsates with a humming noise.

The soldier then recalls how they found themselves 600 meters from where they should have been. Other details were disclosed in this account that lend weight to the conclusion of American involvement, such as the insignia worn by the American on the left chest area.

In light of this information - the Pulse Detonation Wave Engine, the advanced form of the Hercules rocket system and the witnesses' testimony - we can make the connection between the Triangle and America.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/aurora.html

source & references:

UFO Magazine

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Archived Case of the Week

A Close Encounter in Beverly, Massachussetts, USA April 22, 1966
A completely baffling case involving nine witnesses took place on April 22, 1966, in Beverly, Mass. This dramatic close encounter is regarded as being among the most persuasive arguments for the extraterrestrial hypothesis, and it is almost certainly the most solidly unidentifiable report from Massachusetts in the sixties.


The events of that evening began to unfold shortly after 9:00 p.m.. Nancy Modugno, age 11, was laying in bed when she noticed a bright light blinking through her window. She looked out and saw, only forty feet away, an amazing object about the size of an automobile, brightly lit with flashing blue, green, red and white lights.

The football-shaped craft made a whizzing, ricocheting sound as it moved over the neighborhood at a very low altitude, just clearing the tops of the houses. As she watched, the thing descended and could be seen behind trees, apparently landing in a large field behind Beverly High School.

Terrified, the astonished girl ran down the stairs and tried to tell her father about what she had seen. He tried to calm her down and went about adjusting the television set, which had mysteriously just lost its picture. Nancy's mother, Claire, was visiting two friends, Barbara Smith and Brenda Maria, in an adjoining apartment at the time. Nancy's father ordered her back to bed, but she became hysterical and refused to leave.

At this point, Barbara and Brenda walked in to order a pizza. Seeing Nancy in a fit, the two women attempted to ease her fears and calm her down. They could see the flashing lights in the field, and told Nancy that they would walk over there to prove that it was just a plane.

Barbara and Brenda picked up Claire Modugno and walked down a hill to the field. The three women looked up and saw something they could not have anticipated. There were three objects maneuvering in the sky, halting and circling as if they were playing tag. They were oval-shaped, with bright flashing lights.

Two were distant, but one was much closer, apparently right over the school.

The women crossed the field to get a better look. They could see flashing lights on the edge of the craft changing colors from red to green and blue. Brenda waved her arms at the object and it immediately stopped circling and moved across the field towards the women. They were horrified. In her statement, Barbara said:

"It started to come towards us... I started to run. Brenda called, 'Look up! It is directly over us!' I looked up and saw a round object... like the bottom of a plate. It was solid, grayish white... I felt this thing was going to come down on top of me. It was like a giant mushroom."

Out of sheer terror, Barbara and Claire turned and ran up the hill. Brenda was all alone in the field, with the thing only 20 feet above her head. She stated:

"The object appeared larger and larger as it came closer. The lights appeared to be all around and turning. The colors were very bright. When overhead, all I could see was a blurry atmosphere and brightly lit-up lights flashing slowly around... I thought it might crash on my head!"

The others called to her, then she too turned and fled. One of the witnesses was so petrified by the encounter that she literally wet her pants. While the women ran back to the apartments, the object smoothly moved over the school building. They got on the telephone to alert their neighbors to the spectacle unfolding outside. One woman was already in her yard, watching the flying saucers. And one man, upon looking outside and seeing the discs, called the police.

The police arrived to find a small crowd of people standing outside watching the closest object moving up and down above the school. Jokingly, Officers Bossie and Mahan asked the group, "Where's the airplane?" When the witnesses pointed to the thing, then at high altitude and looking like a star, the officers laughed.

Then, suddenly, the disc turned bright red and dropped to a position directly over the school building. At this point, the officers became visibly shaken. Mahan stated, "I observed what seem to be a large plate hovering over the school.

It had three lights - red, green, and blue - but no noise... This object hovered... The lights were flashing..." Bossie said, "It hovered and then began gliding. Some of the people got on the ground and were real scared!"

They jumped back into the cruiser and drove toward the object, down into the schoolyard. They could see clearly that it was not an airplane or helicopter and that it was shaped like a half dollar, with three lights, red, green & blue, in indentations at the rear of the disc - similar to back-up lights.

Just as the policemen got out of the cruiser, the disc made a couple of passes over the school and began to move slowly away. It picked up speed and was last seen as it disappeared behind buildings. By this time, the two other UFOs had also disappeared, though nobody had seen them leave.


"UFOS: Interplanetary visitors", book by Ramond E. Fowler, 1974, pp. 130-137.


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