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UFO Casebook Magazine 477, Issue date, 10-03-11

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Eyewitness Recounts 1977 UFO Encounter in Richardson, Texas
UFO Depiction
Published: 4:17 PM 9/19/2011

Richardson, Texas - 09-23-1977

Longitude: -96.7297205 - Latitude: 32.9481789

Shape: Disc

Duration: 00:05:00

Distance: 100 feet or less

I was inside our house watching the ABC Friday Night Movie (one of the Pink Panther movies). I was going on 13 years old at the time.

I noticed some commotion from other family members going in and out the front door. The other family members were my grandmother, my mother, and two of my brothers. I asked what was going on.

They said there was a UFO down the street. I went outside with them and saw a disk-shaped object with lights hovering over a house 3 or 4 hundred yards down the street.

The object was approximately 40 or 50 feet in the air. There were 10 or 12 white lights rotating at its perimeter, in what I remember to be a counter-clockwise direction as seen from below.

I couldn't tell if the entire object was rotating or just the lights. At the time, I believe we all assumed that it was just the lights. There was one red light on the top.

The red light made it look as though it were trying to mimic a water tower. The object was otherwise completely dark, and only visible as a blackness blotting out the ambient city lights of Dallas which cast a white haze in the sky.

As soon as we all got outside, the object started moving up the street toward us.

It moved at about 5 miles an hour directly over the street. As soon as it came to the front of our house it stopped.

There was no noise or wind. The rest of the neighborhood was very quiet, and no cars drove by.

My oldest brother just kept saying, "A real UFO, a real UFO."

None of us seemed frightened or overly excited. I remember looking at the two bedroom house across the street and thinking that the UFO was the same size as that house.

I remembered a portion of the book "Chariots of the Gods" which I had read. It said that an old man regrew new teeth after having worn dentures after an encounter with a UFO.

I decided to try to communicate a message to the object or its inhabitants, asking if they could help my grandmother with her arthritis, which had confined her to a wheelchair.

After few seconds, my other brother said he was going to call the police. We were all standing in the area near the front door. I wanted to walk out to the driveway, but thought it might be dangerous.

My brother and I started to get excited. I ran upstairs to see if I could find the camera. As soon as I got to my parents' closet, I realized that the camera probably didn't have film, plus I didn't want to be there by myself.

I ran back downstairs and outside where they were still watching it. My brother and I then ran in and got on the phone to call the police.

Somebody said that it was moving away. I went outside and saw that it had started moving up the street, continuing in the same direction as it had been.

It veered slightly to the south (no longer directly over the street) and went out of view behind the houses at the top of the street.

Half and hour or so later, a police officer from the Richardson Police Department came to our house and took our very strange statement.

The next night we observed it again, only now it was about 2 miles to the south and perhaps 2,000 or 3,000 feet in the air.

A small aircraft seemed to be attempting to get close to it, but the object continually moved away. As I remember, both the object and the aircraft moved further to the south until I could no longer see them.

I have a follow-up incident which occurred exactly 11 years later, which I will document on this site within the next week or so.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/richardsontexas1977.html

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White Sphere Seen by Multiple Witnesses in Kingville, Texas
UFO Depiction
Published: 9:16 AM 10/1/2011

Kingville - King Ranch Area, Texas - 08-29-11

Shape: Sphere

Duration: 00:04:30

Distance: 500 feet or less

I was driving with friends down to Portmansfield. We were visiting my father, who iss a famous fisherman.

We were about an hour an a half away where its all brush country in the King Ranch Area.

When I first saw it, I didn't think that much of it, thinking it was some type of communication tower.

As we drove closer I could see there was nothing holding it up; it was a pure white sphere, except the bottom seems to be more tucked in.

What first amazed me was the fact that this thing looked like it was just stuck in the sky.

I was not afraid of that, but what made my hair stand up was the fact that this sphere turned side ways slowly, and I swear on everything holy it took off so fast!

It left a clear trail when it went. Now I am a 25 year old former Marine, and the man that was with me is a high caliber employee for the government, who was along with his two sons.

His two sons were saying "Look!" over and over again to their dad.

I know he saw it, but he is a faithful Cristian and by the look in his eyes I think he was trying to block it out.

I tried to rationalize the thing, but I couldn't.

A buddy who used to work on predator drones I went to military school with before the military, assured me that we have nothing like that, and no human could survive going that fast, faster than the blink of an eye.

Before I called him I tried to think maybe it was a balloon, but the thing stayed perfectly still, and the wind was blowing southeast at the time, and it took off against the wind.

No balloon can do this. Can someone please help me try and identify this PLEASE!

I have studied and researched UFOs my whole life, and I used to believe, but seeing this I know for a fact; once you see something like this there is no rationalizing it as something other than a UFO.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/kingranch082911.html

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1986 - UFO Seen From US Navy Ship
The USS Edenton ATS 1
Published: 3:20 PM 9/04/2011

While in the US Navy in the summer of 1986, I was standing lookout aboard the USS Edenton ATS 1 (currently decommissioned).

The lookout watch, stood outside on top the bridge of the ship, and was responsible for reporting all contacts seen both in the water and sky. It was around 11:00 PM, one clear night at sea, located about fifty miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras, NC.

During one of my scans of the night sky, out of nowhere, four red circular lights appeared. The lights were hundreds of yards apart from each other and formed a square.

At first, I thought it was four separate aircraft, such as military helicopters because the lights were stationary; however, due to the distance from the ship, the lights were too large to be aircraft running lights.

There were also no other normal running lights like green and white, which make-up the normal outline of an aircraft seen at night. The lights were located about twenty degrees above the horizon and about a mile away from the ship.

Again, these four red lights were each about the size of a small plane, and very bright and visible in the night sky. The night sky was also clear, moonlit, and a moderate amount of stars were visible, which also aided in calculating the distance and size of these lights.

As stated, when I first saw these lights they were all stationary in the sky and appeared out of nowhere. Once I noticed that these were not normal lights, grouped in a square and not moving, I called down to the bridge over a salt and pepper line informing the conning officer of a possible UFO sighting.

This brought laughter across the wire at first, but I relayed the contact again in a stern but excited voice, which succeeded in getting the bridge officer's attention.

After relaying the contact information a second time, the four lights, in a flash, darted towards the horizon amazingly fast. The lower two lights in the square went first, with the top two lights following directly behind them in a curved swooshing motion and there was no sound.

Then all four shot straight up into outerspace and out of sight, all within a split second. At this point, I felt very excited and shocked, and was personally praying someone on the bridge had seen what I just saw.

Having been an avid watcher of the night sky, seen shooting stars and a believer in that life has to exist somewhere out there, I become even more excited because I knew I just saw my first unidentified flying object(s).

To my amazement, when I returned to the bridge after my watch, I was very pleased to learn that the conning officer and everyone else on the bridge had seen this sighting and logged it into the ship’s log as a UFO sighting.

Next, after a half hour had passed since the sighting, the radiation detection system (gamma roentgen meter) on the bridge started making a loud clicking sound.

At first, no one seemed to know what was making this sound; then a very loud bell went off notifying us as to what was going on, we were being radiated.

When the instrument stopped clicking, it indicated we had taken a hit of 385 roentgens in the period of about one minute. At this point, the captain of the ship was awoken and called to the bridge, as well as the chief in charge of the radiation metering equipment onboard ship.

The captain was not impressed with an entry of a UFO sighting being placed in the ship’s log, and at first, took the roentgen meter as being defective.

However, the chief informed the captain that the meter had been serviced and calibrated the day before and that other like meters throughout the ship had just gone off indicating the same amount of roentgens received as the bridge.

The captain stated not to log the instance concerning the radiation exposure and left the bridge. During the rest of my watch duty that night, no officer or enlisted person spoke of what happened, and also acted liked nothing happened.

This experience, however, was etched into my memory as if it happened yesterday and I have told this story to only a few people, people who I thought would believe me. This is also the first time I have documented the events of this night.

In conclusion, as an indication of the strength of gamma radiation, I and others received that night; all the personnel during the Project Trinity experiments conducted in 1945 at ground zero, only received between 1 and 6 total roentgens of gamma radiation.

This leads me to believe, we traveled through the wake of radiation produced by the UFOs seen thirty minutes earlier.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/ussedentonats1.html

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yahoo group - para-discuss

The Curious Sight of Two Suns
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:17 PM 9/27/2011

Written by Chris Holly

For some time now the internet has been full of reports, videos and photos of two suns shining in our sky.

At first I admit I chalked it all up to CGI and the work of those who spend their good time and efforts in producing tons of useless, childish, fake garbage that is a waste of time for all involved.

I will never understand with so many unknowns out there why people waste valuable time and energy on this junk, but sadly they do. I guess real answers to real unknown strangeness are beyond their grasp or concerns.

With that said I really did not pay much attention to this subject until now.

I recently started to watch groupings of videos on this subject. I have to be honest and say I find it hard to sift through the assorted chaos involving the two suns issue as the subject has without question been tainted by those who go off on tangents that bear little logic just so they can connect this two sun issue to whatever fantasy is filling their heads.

That is what happens to most unknown events without solid solutions or answers. It seems the way humans handle high strangeness they do not understand is to immediately make it in to a scary sci-fi movie line!

I continued to sort through the information on the two sun subject and can honestly say am intrigued by what is being seen and recorded.

I do not agree with the instant knee-jerk reaction to tie the two sun sightings to the old and tired scare topics that have been afloat far too long. I do think something very strange is being witnessed by many people all over the world with these double sun sightings.

I knew the first reaction of the typical internet channels would be to use this subject to frighten people to death with the idea of a huge planet or comet heading this way to destroy our world. I knew that the pole shift would be immediately tied to this as well.

I can only say that since we do not know what is being seen, we must realize that many factors or causes could be producing the sighting of two suns. I think it unwise to immediately jump to any conclusion with any unknown without weighing all the options.

After watching many videos and looking at photos and reading as much as I could on this subject I do believe something much unexplained is going on.

I am not one who feels the end of the world is at hand. I do think we are already fully in the era of 2012 where many catastrophic events have and will continue to happen as the earth surrenders to its natural cycles.

I think this planet has endured these things before which have been devastating, however, it was not the end of the world then and will not be this time either. In fact I am sure this old planet has traveled many earth changing cycles in its lifetime. I said life changing not life ending.

I think we are now caught in a time when our planet is going to rock and roll and all of us have to be prepared to the best of our ability to hold on and ride the wild times the best we can. I do not think we will all survive. I do not think we will all die. All I do know is this has happened before and our being here, life being here - tells me some of us made it then and will again.

I do think the phenomenon being witnessed now of the two suns may be part of all the strange things that seem to be unexplained or unknown to us that have been happening for a long time.

I do not connect it to the pole shift directly as in the poles will flip and the world will fall apart. It has been known for a while now that the poles shift has been slowly happening for some time now.

We have been slowly moving on that front now as the poles slowly make their way to shift or flip as they do and have many times before. It seems to be the way of our planet to rotate our poles and it is in the process of doing that as we sit here this very moment.

I think it very likely that our constant change in what was our normal climate to increased rain, or extreme drought, severe storms, earthquakes or just unusual weather could be tied to the fact the earth is sliding its poles. I think this will continue for a very long time until the shift is complete.

Now with that all off my chest I have to say that as I have been sorting through the videos and photos of the two sun subject, I realized that I may be seeing something very significant that we have not known about or seen before.

I have been looking at what is being recorded by people all over the world and have to admit I do not know what I am looking at.

Obviously the people are seeing and capturing something odd going on next to our sun. All the videos show our sun with either a small round object next to it which appears to be approaching the sun. Other reports and sightings are of a larger glowing object of much greater size rising and appearing adjacent to the sun.

The larger sighting looks like a miniature sun shining brightly next to our normal sun.

Both versions of the second sun phenomenon are truly strange and unknown as far as I can determine.

Besides the theories I have already mentioned and personally do not agree with, I have read that it could be a mirage similar to those seen in China with the city over the lake or even a hologram.

I have no idea what is going on, but I do now believe this is something we all need to be aware of and be looking for. If something new is out there I think we all need to understand what it is.

It also crossed my mind that maybe our atmosphere or ability to see more of our cosmos due to a change in space may be involved. Could this object have been there all of this time and only now it is in our line of vision? Maybe a shift in the orbit of things over time has this object now in our line of vision.

I must admit I did have another idea brought to my attention by a fellow investigator on this object. It does seem to take a few different paths when being seen by us on earth. Of course I know we move in our own obit which would change how we view this object, however, I wonder if we are seeing a new lane of travel that is now being used by those who traverse our universe.

It is not impossible that extremely large mother ships pass by our way often. I believe there are crafts as big as moons or small planets that contain a large population of travelers that cross our universe.

Could we be now seeing these crafts as they travel a lane near our sun and our planet on their way to another space and time? Maybe we are seeing the reflection of these objects that hit the sun's rays as they pass leaving us with the image of a second sun.

This may be a new path they are using, or one they may have previously cloaked and have decided to allow us to now watch them as they cross our skies. Could this be a way of asking us to open our eyes and watch what is going in directly in front of us in the full light of day? Could this be a form of disclosure?

I am stumped by the two suns subject. I am sure there are thousands of hard core science skeptics who will tell us it is ice and we are fools. I am sure there are an equal amount of those who will insist it is of the nature of one of the long term paranormal theories that are constantly floating about. I am not sure what it is, however, I am sure we need to pay attention to this so we can figure it out.

The things that intrigue me about this phenomenon is not only are people reporting seeing the two suns - they are videoing and taking photos of them.

This tells us that the event is happening, however, it does not seem to be happening to us all at the same time. I have to wonder why people in one area clearly see this happen while on the same day in the same area of the world others do not see it.

Could this be a huge mirage like the one seen over the lake in China? If so, how is it happening? Can something be reflecting off of the sun producing the second sun image? Could an outside force from another area in the cosmos be sending us this image or is it coming from our own planet?

I cannot rule out the objects being huge crafts or reflections of objects made by alien life forms that we are able to see for only short periods of time at certain angles as they cross over a travel route near out sun. We may be simply be seeing a reflection off of some type of object from the sun as it travels past our neck of the woods.

I cannot discount the deeds of those who may be using some type of massive technology to produce these sightings as to cause alarm, fear as a way of control. I would hate to think some deadly group be it human or non-human would be using this as way to convince us a new god is arriving or worse evil force is on the way. I consider all of these things as our world spins in so many ways in such delicate balances at this point in history.

I am left completely confused by the two sun subject. I do think something very odd is going on and wish some serious investigation should be done to figure out why so many are seeing this odd sighting.

I learned long ago not to dismiss what I do not understand or believe it is something formed from fantasy simply to discuss it and explain it. I think the two sun mystery is something very unusual and odd and hope we can soon find the answer to what it is so many are seeing, a real answer.

I know I will be spending time every day from now on viewing the sun as many times a day as possible to see if I can witness this event. If any of you have a solid theory what is going on please let the rest of us know.

For now continue each and every day to pay close attention to the world around you. You never know when it will be your day to see the unexplained and unknown.

I have placed on my site videos on the two sun subject. I hope it is not long before we better understand what is happening with the two sun sightings.

Copyright © 2011 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World- http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/

Email chrisholly61@yahoo.com Phone: 631-887-4818

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/twosuns.html

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Large Triangle UFO Witnessed over Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:15 AM 9/22/2011

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania - September, 1990

The date of this event was around September of 1990, at approximately 8:00 P.M. EST. The location was Phoenixville, PA, (approximately 40 miles west of Philadelphia).

It was so long ago I cannot remember the exact day which it happened, but I know it was during one of those months during that year.

I was 13-years-old at the time and getting ready to go bowling with my family.

My mother asked me to change the kitty litter, so I took the bag outside to our attached shed.

I have always been fascinated with the night sky, and as always looked up at the stars. Flying directly over my house was a giant black triangle.

By giant I mean this thing was huge, about 1500 feet along each side. You could have fit an unknown number of the largest airplanes in the world inside the outline of this thing, it was massive.

As soon as I saw it, I dropped the kitty litter bag and key to the shed right where I stood.

I was scared and mesmerized at the same time. I watched this thing for about 3-4 minutes.

It had 3 smallish red lights at each point in the triangle. It was low to the ground, maybe 1000-2000 ft. at the most.

It made no noise whatsoever and flew over my house in an east-southeast direction. It did not deviate from this course at all and flew at a very slow speed.

It was a clear night, there were no clouds at all, and the stars were visible. The object was solid as it blacked out all of the stars behind it.

When the object was starting to get further down on the horizon I came to my senses and ran inside to get my mom and grand mom to see this thing.

Unfortunately when I finally got them outside the object was too far away for them to see it as the triangle had gone far enough towards the horizon that the trees blocked it out.

I haven't reported this before and have really only told my closest of friends as I didn't want people to think I was crazy, but I know what I saw.

The sight of it is burned into my memory.

For some reason it has been on my mind a lot recently and I felt like I had to tell someone about this. I can't think of any other details to relay.

I figured this would be all over the news and the newspapers at the time as I live in a fairly highly populated area, but I have never heard a thing.

I still to this day I am freaked out by what I saw as I can't possibly imagine this thing is earthly.

KEN'S NOTE. Peco has a very large energy plant in Phoenixville. Valley Forge State Park is located nearby.

Thanks to MUFON CMS system.


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/phoenixvillepatrisept1990.html

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Archived Case of the Week

Large V-Shaped UFO Encounter with US Navy Nuclear Submarine
USS Memphis
Published: 4:00 PM 8/11/2011

October 24, 1989 - A sailor reports about the UFO sighting he had while in the Navy. "I was assigned to USS Memphis (SSN-698), Homeport - Titusville, FL. (Cape Canaveral.)

Our mission was Special Assignments which meant we protected the Space Program. We would go to sea and patrol while the shuttle was on the pad.

On October 24 and 25, 1989, my ship was on patrol about 150 miles of the Florida coast. We were cruising at about 500 feet when the submarine started experiencing electronics problems.

The ship was malfunctioning, our tanks were blowing out of control, we were losing navigation ability and the communications area was totally lost.

We went to all stop and tried to access what was happening. The controls in the reactor area started to malfunction. This presented a serious danger to our safety, so the captain ordered us to shut down the reactor, surface and go to diesel motors.

When the ship surfaced I went to my watch station. The ship was still experiencing electronic difficulties but the mechanical devices such as diesel engines, cook stoves, and turbines were fine.

It was raining and the entire sky was red like a red neon sign.

I saw a large inverted V-shaped UFO off the port side. The executive officer told me to stand fast and he would speak to the captain. In a minute, the captain appeared on the tower and asked me for a distance to the craft.

The laser range finder determined the closest point was 200 meters, and the farthest point was 1,000 meters off the port. The UFO was not perpendicular to our ship but at about a 45' angle.

This huge vessel was over a half mile across. The UFO made a half circle around our ship then passed across the stern causing our electronics systems to go crazy.

We had permanent damage in communications and the sonar room. As the craft flew over the stern, I could see the rain stop under its red glow.

The water seemed to rise almost a foot as the UFO passed over silently. When the UFO finished its swing across the stern it paused - the sky got brighter red and it simply moved off at tremendous speed inside 15 seconds.

When the UFO left, our boat returned to normal with the exception of the radio and sonar. We did a quick system check and the captain ordered us to return to reactor power and get underway.

The captain took two petty officers, the executive officer, and myself into the wardroom. He told us to not spread any rumors until we had a chance to talk to Commander Submarine Fleet - Atlantic.

We reached port in about 7 hours where I was taken into "protective custody."

Two enlisted men and myself agreed we had witnessed a real UFO. I was the one who shot it with a laser range finder, so I was the only one that had its exact sizes. I shot that vessel as it hovered and I got solid readings, not spotty like I would on debris.

We were in holding for about three hours when an officer from the Air Force arrived and gave us a line of bull about an exploding weather satellite.

The Navy then transferred virtually everyone on the crew to new assignments.

This included the captain, the executive officer and the entire crew. They were split up which almost never happens unless one of them gets a promotion or a new command, neither of which happened.

The military just split up a 4 year team. I was watching a program tonight that gave me the courage to share it.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/1989ussubmarine.html

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