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UFO Conference at National Press Club: Twilight Zone Response from the MSM
UFO Depiction
Published: September 29, 2010


National Security Threat? Only if the Salahi's sneaked on board a UFO and posted photos on Facebook

In case you missed it there was an live episode of the Twilight Zone at the National Press Club on Monday. An episode where retired Air Force personal held a press conference about UFO incidents they claimed they’d personally witnessed while serving in the military.

Another claim, the former military personnel were ordered by the government to keep silent about the UFO incidents. Incidents which the retired military servicemen claim involved the UFOs ability to neutralize U.S. and Russian nuclear missiles.

The plot of the Twilight Zone episode, retired Air Force personal muster up the courage to call a press conference in Washington, D.C., to reveal their personal experiences with UFOs while serving in the military and the government coverups of the incidents.

The press conference covered by the press with a startling lack of curiosity or desire to follow up on the retired Air Force servicemen’s claims.

Of far more interest to the press, last year’s White House ‘gatecrasher’ incident. D.C. society couple Michaele and Tareq Salahi managed to gain entrance to Obama’s first White House State Dinner without an invitation. Michaele and Tareq posted photos on Facebook of their encounter with Obama.

A Congressional hearing was called to find out how the wily couple managed to sneak in. The White House refused to testify at the Congressional hearing with the Salahi’s pleading the fifth. A story which got a lot of play in the press which was considered by members of Congress a matter of national security.

A report from CBS on the UFO conference included details about the participants at the conference and their claims. CBS’ ‘followup’ to the claims, a quote from a government official about the existence of UFOs and a reference to the Air Force’s now defunct ‘Project Blue Book’. The government official, Pentagon spokesperson Kenneth Bacon when Bacon was the Pentagon spokesperson in 1997.


The U.S. Air Force ended its 22-year-long “Project Blue Book” investigation of UFO sightings after investigating 12,618 sightings; all but 701 were explained, and the reminder categorized as “unidentified” due to sketchy reports, a Pentagon spokesman said in 1997.

“We cannot substantiate the existence of UFOs, and we are not harboring the remains of UFOs,” said Pentagon spokesperson Kenneth Bacon in 1997. “I can’t be more clear about it than that.”

When you have to dig into the government response archives on UFOs going back to 1997 to publish your news report on a story which relates an incident, the UFO press conference, which occurred 13 years later, this leads readers to conclude the reporter and CBS were either incompetent or uninterested in following up with White House, the Pentagon, or the Air Force.

Kudos to CNN for airing the UFO press conference live.

ABC scored points for actually contacting the Air Force.

ABC News:

When contacted by ABC News, an Air Force spokeswoman declined to comment and pointed to the Air Force’s official position on UFOs outlined on its website.

According to that statement, after investigating UFOs from 1947 to 1969, the Air Force concluded that there was no evidence indicating that sightings considered “unidentified” were extraterrestrial in origin.

“No UFO reported, investigated and evaluated by the Air Force was ever an indication of threat to our national security,” the statement said. “There was no evidence submitted to or discovered by the Air Force that sightings categorized as “unidentified” represented technological developments or principles beyond the range of modern scientific knowledge.”

ABC published the official Air Force statement on UFOs, published on the Air Force’s website.

During Shepard Smith’s hour of FOX News, Smith, when reporting the UFO news conference, played creepy UFO music with the image of a ‘UFO’ on the TV screen. The amount of time spent on reporting the UFO conference, a couple of minutes.

The response from members of Congress? No calls for a hearing.

The response from the White House? In order to get a response someone from the press has to ask.

The response from the Air Force, read our webpage for our official non-statement.

My post, merely documentation of the reaction from the MSM, the non-reaction from the White House, Congress, and the military to the September 27, 2010, UFO Conference held by retired Air Force personnel who claim they personally witnessed UFO incidents.

Incidents which involved U.S. nuclear weapons. The claims the government ordered the personnel to keep quiet about the incidents

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The Black Vault

Argentina: The Los Cerrillos CE-3 (1996)
Los Cerrillos
Published: 11:33 AM 9/19/2010

by Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

By Oscar Raul Mendoza (Translated by Scott Corrales) - Mr. Juan Coronel, 35, is a married man with children, an expert in farm duties, with primary studies, average height and robust build. He works as a “puestero” (farm overseer) caring for cattle, horses and sheep in a field belonging to the Favaro Brothers.

He lives in a comfortable home on the premises with his family. The property, covering some 2000 hectares, is located 60 km NE of the city of Santa Fe along provincial road No. 1. Access from the east is 4.4 km. along a long dirt road that extends from a westward cattle gate on the road, called “Entre Campos”, as it serves as the access route to other neighboring fields.

As from the first 3.7 kilometers, and along a 670 km stretch, it crosses a pond, flooded by recent rains, that has a sort of sewer to drain water away. It is necessary to go two kilometers along the dirt road – flooded in parts-- beyond the Favaro’s cattle gate, to finally reach the home of Juan Coronel, the farm overseer.

We went there with Antonio Pino, a friend and colleague, aside from being an expert photographer, in the company of Mr. Francisco Favaro, one of the field’s proprietors. At that time, Mr. Coronel was engaged in looking after a flock of sheep in a nearby pen. Seeing us arrived, he approached to greet us courteously.

We were introduced by Mr. Favaro, who advised him of the motive and interest of our visit, to which he was more than receptive.

The Story ...

"That night I was on horseback, riding through the entrance road, the “entre campos” around 21:30 hours when upon reaching the sewer, I looked toward the woods, toward the left, and saw a light emerging from the pond. It looked like a flashlight.

I thought it might be hunters, since they tend to frequent this area. But the light rose a few meters, became larger, lighting up the woods, almost like daylight, and it started moving to the right over the tree line to stop on the road on which I traveled. It was some 300 meters away, very near the entrance of the field I look after, and through which I had to enter.

"The light’s brightness allowed me to see a man walking along the road, some 40 meters ahead of me. Must be a hunter, I told myself, and I moved the horse sideways to let him through, but with the intention of asking him about that disquieting light.

As if to start a conversation, I asked, 'Are you hunting, sir?'

"Not only did he not answer – he left the road to avoid me, moving into the marsh, on the road’s shoulder. I saw all this from horseback, telling myself: this fellow’s going to be up to his waist in mud, and was surprised to see him pass over it without sinking.

"Then I paid closer attention to him, although somewhat from behind. The man was chubby, short, and with a short neck. He was dressed in dark green, with his waistline divided as if by a belt. One of his arms was close to the body, as if carrying something. For that reason I though at first he was a hunter, and was carrying a shotgun.

"On his head, he had something like a helmet or hat. It was square, with a square brim as well. It looked transparent or glassy, and it had some sort of tips on its top. And that’s when I got scared, and I galloped toward the field’s entrance, which was some 250 kilometers ahead. As I rode, I saw that the light was suspended in the air over the road, beyond where I had to go in.

"At that moment I felt a deafening sound, like 50 swarms of bees, and I saw about six or seven blue lights, flying along and leaving a short luminous wake behind them. They came from the south, over and behind the woods, and headed toward the light in the road. When they came together, they sort of blended, but the first light remained. I kept galloping, looking for the cattle gate, but the light blinded me.

"It was always ahead of me, some 100 meters away, but I could never reach it. Every so often I would close my eyes and lower my head, because it hurt my eyes. Suddenly I came to a curve in the road and found a carob tree, and I stopped in amazement. I was nearly at the end of the road! I can’t explain how I could’ve gone more than 3 kilometers from the entrance to the field.

"Then I made the turn and kept galloping. I thought the light would go away, following its own trajectory, but when I looked sideways, I saw it was following me some 70 meters behind me. I’m not going to exhaust the horse, I said to myself. If it wants to catch up to me, let it catch me! So that’s how it went.

"Every so often, I would look at it sideways, until I came to the spot where it had met with the other lights, and it vanished. Never saw it again. When I came to the entrance, the horse went all by himself. I was worried about my family, because the lights that went with the other came from the direction of my home.

"Upon arriving, I asked my wife if everything was well, and she said yes. And well, it was only a few days ago that I told her what had happened to me. I didn’t tell anyone until much later, and I told the bosses."


This case could be divided into two classifications. On the one hand, it’s an encounter with nocturnal lights (obviously strange ones), as the shining light was maneuvering the air at one point less than 150 meters from the witness. The other would make it a nocturnal close encounter of the 3rd kind, unassociated (E.N. 3./N., in Spanish).

What makes it a CE-3 is the fact that the witness saw an alleged UFO occupant, given its characteristics and behavior. Basically, that is to say, walking without sinking into the mire (a particular characteristic recorded in other CE-3s) and “unassociated” because the vehicle was not seen in the vicinity. A further detail also splits the case into these two classifications:

The completely different direction followed by the alleged occupant with regard to the position of the shining light, and other situations.


In analyzing this case, both the behavior and characteristics of the lights seen by the witness, make it very similar to those presented by what I call “probes.” The following hypothesis emerges with regard to these:

What Mr. Coronel saw at first was possibly one of them: a small blue light emerging from the pond, rising to become intensely luminous, to then move horizontally toward the road. This behavior would not be casual; rather it would be part of a preventive or monitoring action upon detecting the witness’ presence, who heading in the direction that the alleged entity was coming from.

The safety measures taken by UFO occupants are well known, when it comes to their safety, the safety of their craft, and assuring the highest degree of secrecy in their tasks. The technological devices they employ to achieve this are often incredible. This leads one to believe that the maneuver was transmitted and directed from the probe’s carrier, presumably operating in the place it emerged from.

The carrier craft, unseen by the witness, would have been somewhere in the area, supposedly in the direction the being was heading for, totally opposite that of the light. Other probes operating in the area subsequently met up with the first one. Based on experience, up to nine lights or probes have been seen to emerge from these intermediate craft, it is likely that this situation is somewhat similar.

The witness states that the lights “joined up with the one casting the light” when in fact this light did not change, and remained the same throughout the event. It can then be assumed that they “didn’t merge,” but dimmed their light, remaining concealed and expectant while the object casting the light exercised “a certain influence” upon the witness.

It must be noted that he acknowledged feeling “disoriented.” Finally, in corroborating the behavior and actions of these alleged probes, the fact is that “the light” did not continue along its route; rather, it turned around to follow the witness on his return trip. When Mr. Coronel finally reached the cattle gate, taking the road home, the light turned itself off, bringing its actions to an end, perhaps because the human no longer represented any danger or interference in the affairs of the strange visitors.

Moreover, it can be supposed that the horse was not “affected” for the simple reason that it was necessary means for getting the intruder away from the scene.

(Special thanks to Carlos Iurchuk of “El Dragón Invisible – www.dragoninvisible.com.ar -- and Guillermo Gimenez of Planeta UFO)


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Unknown Object Witnessed over California
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:36 PM 9/28/2010

California - 09-24-10

I am not a person who has ever been fascinated with aliens, extraterrestrial life or cross-galactic communicative efforts. However, last night I left my apartment for work at 8:33 PM, and headed south on my street for a half block.

I then turned east at my nearest southern street. Halfway down the block, I saw a man standing on the street, holding his phone up toward the sky. This was when it occurred to me that last night had been a harvest moon, and, not ever having consciously remembered seeing one, I looked up into the sky.

I thought perhaps the pedestrian neighbor had been taking a photograph of what everyone seemed to revere as a unique moon, as many of my friends had commented on it through Facebook.

I looked up at the moon, which appeared to be at least almost full, if not entirely full, and I was disappointed that it seemed to look like any other full moon I had seen.

It was then that I saw it. From my vantage point of the sky, several visual inches away, approximately between 30 and 60 degrees from the moon's placement in the sky, was a flashing of lights from an object that initially I assumed was an airplane, because I saw, peripherally, flashing lights and gradual movement.

As I came to the stop sign at the end of the block, however, having been studying the sky for evidence of some breathtakingly unique moon, I noticed that the object in the sky was giving off lights in a manner and pattern that were both incongruent and seemingly gratuitous to any commercial or private aircraft I had ever seen or heard of.

As I approached the stop sign in my residential neighborhood, with no traffic behind me, I stopped and regarded the unique and discombobulating lights from the craft.

As I watched, there was a series of lights which seemed to "trail" around the circumference of a distinctly disc-like shape. This was my first indication that I was witnessing something otherworldly, or at least confusing.

Like the lights of a trailing marquis that follows around the perimeter of a mass, the lights, all red, orange, yellow, and white, seemed to distinctly outline the object as they traveled around its perimeter.

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Cumbria UFO Activity on the Rise, Says North West Group
UFO Depiction
Published: Thursday, 23 September 2010

By Sarah Newstead

Northwest United Kingdom - Cumbria

UFO activity over Cumbria is said to be hotting up once again with reports of strange lights and mysterious objects in the sky over the county’s coastline. A research organisation into UFOs believes the recent mysterious lights could be a warning that an earthquake is about to hit the region.

Helen Dunion, of Flimby, spotted two strange orange lights moving rapidly over the village on Tuesday night.

She said: “They looked as if they were going in the Maryport direction.”

Many unexplained lights in the sky are thought to be Chinese lanterns. But Mrs Dunion added: “I would say that they moved too fast and it seemed as if they were only two to three seconds apart.

“I thought that I was imagining it with the first light but then I saw the second one.”

Maryport resident Jeff Bell also spotted lights and a round object “like a Smartie” out at sea near Maryport on the evening of September 7.

He said: “The first thing I saw was a reddish light in the sky. “I saw a solid-looking spherical object which was a graphite colour with no lighting at all. “The object moved quite quickly at first across the sky. I was surprised when it passed below the visible line of the windfarm and seemed to carry on down until it landed in the water,” added Mr Bell.

He said it remained there for more than 30 minutes until it grew too dark to see.

Mr Bell added: “I would have been inclined to think I had imagined the whole thing but for coming across a couple walking their dogs on the promenade who confirmed that they also experienced the same thing.”

North West UFO Research (NWUR) claims it was inundated with an unusually high volume of UFO reports in Cumbria during early 2009.

Last April, a 3.7 magnitude tremor struck the county with its centre in Ulverston. Pat Regan, who is the Lancashire-based founder of the NWUR, said: “Not wishing to create any alarm, but the last time Cumbria had many UFO sightings we later had an earthquake in the region.

“One theory posed by experts is that such phenomena occur when rock structures under great stress release gas. “At such times electromagnetic waves with radioactive gasses escape and ionise the air, which in turn create odd lights. “The truth of the matter is that we currently do not know precisely what is happening.”

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UFO Visits to Nuclear Facilities? - A Different View
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:57 PM 9/28/2010

from the Washington Post... by John Kelly

I was already late when we arrived, so I threw some cash at the cabbie, grabbed a receipt, then legged it to the front door. I noticed there were police cars at every corner, their lights flashing, 14th Street NW strangely empty.


The press conference was open only to credentialed media and to congressional staff. I flipped through the legal pad on which we attendees were asked to write our names. One person from UFO Magazine. Two people from the Epoch Times. Someone from the Kyodo News of Japan. Representatives from Stars and Stripes, WTTG (Channel 5), the Daily Telegraph of London and The Washington Post (me).

And a "John Bailey" from the House Armed Services Committee.


UFO researcher Robert Hastings was behind a lectern, facing eight cameras. There were four men to his left, three to his right. These men were all retired from the U.S. Air Force and had all signed affidavits attesting to what they had witnessed. Their claims were strikingly similar: In 1967, Air Force ICBM crews, locked deep in their bunkers, received panicked phone calls from topside security guards who reported unusual lights in the sky.

Hastings said that because similar incidents had occurred in the Soviet Union - as attested to in declassified KGB files - it was not the Russians messing with us or us messing with the Russians.

"We can also rule out the Samoans," he added.

This was apparently a joke, but because his face remained stony, it was hard to tell.

Most of the witnesses had not seen anything, just spoken to someone who had seen something. ("I said, 'Make sure nothing comes inside the perimeter fence,' " said Robert Salas, who at the time was at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana.)

But a few had. The UFO that Pat McDonough saw when part of an Air Force geodetic survey team in 1966 was round and about 300 feet in diameter. A light shone down from the craft, and McDonough was afraid he might be beamed up.

The UFO that Bruce Fenstermacher saw in 1976 near Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming was shaped like "a pregnant cigar." He said that the day after his sighting he approached an officer to ask what had happened.


When it was time for questions we stood in line at a microphone. I didn't catch where the first guy was from, but he said that he worked at "naval headquarters" during the Carter administration and remembered an officer telling him, "Do you know we have aliens on ice?"

The man said he had been contacted twice by aliens, both times in Santa Monica, Calif.

Another man got up to say that there is almost certain geological proof that two planet-wide nuclear wars have taken place on Earth.

"Do you have a question?" Hastings asked.

"Are you aware," the man said, "that the NSA was partially founded to monitor aliens?"

Hastings said he had heard the rumors about the NSA. And about the CIA.

A man who identified himself as "from Lancaster County" said the ability to combine human DNA with non-human DNA is not farfetched. Murder, he said, is the unlawful killing of a human being.

"Nowhere does it say it has to be 100 percent human," he said.


When my turn came, I addressed my question to Charles Halt, who in 1980 was the deputy commander at a U.S. base in the east of England. On Dec. 27, he was summoned to a forest near the base by a security team who had spotted strange lights. "Off in the forest was a bright glowing object," he said, "like a red, blinking eye dropping molten metal."

Was I right in hearing him say that he'd had a camera? What became of the photos?

The film came back fogged, he said.


I grabbed a cookie on the way out.

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Archived Case of the Week

Pilot, Co-Pilot Encounter UFO over Lake Michigan - 1981
UFO Depiction
Published: 10:54 AM 9/14/2010

Lake Michigan - 1981

In 1981, TWA Captain Phil Schultz was flying a passenger jet over Lake Michigan on a bright, clear summer day. Suddenly he saw a “large, round, silver metal object” with six jet black “portholes” equally spaced around the circumference, which quickly “descended into the atmosphere from above.”

Captain Schultz and his co-pilot were so close to the object that it appeared to Schultz to be the size of a grapefruit held at arm’s length. Expecting a mid-air collision, they braced themselves for impact.

The object then made a sharp, high speed turn, avoiding the aircraft, and departed.

Haines Drawing of Schulz Encounter

This drawing of the event was made by Dr. Richard Haines, former senior scientist with NASA, while he sat with Captain Schultz in his cockpit.

The Captain completed a detailed report for Haines, who interviewed him extensively. (Courtesy Richard F. Haines)

Schulz in Cockpit

In this photograph, Captain Schultz demonstrates the size and location of the object relative to his cockpit window.

With extensive experience as a US Navy fighter pilot in the Korean War and afterward, Captain Shultz never accepted the reality of UFOs prior to this incident. This encounter changed that.

He wrote as much in his handwritten report, saying he had no choice but to characterize the object as “spaceship.” (photo (C) courtesy Richard F. Haines)

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