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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 530, Issue date, 10-08-12

Declassified at Last: Air Force’s Supersonic Flying Saucer Schematics
UFO Plans
Published: 10:55 AM 10/6/2012

By Benjamin Plackett

Officially, aliens have never existed but flying saucers very nearly did. The National Archives has recently published never-before-seen schematics and details of a 1950s military venture, called Project 1794, which aimed to build a supersonic flying saucer.

The newly declassified materials show the U.S. Air Force had a contract with a now-defunct Canadian company to build an aircraft unlike anything seen before. Project 1794 got as far as the initial rounds of product development and into prototype design.

In a memo dating from 1956 the results from pre-prototype testing are summarized and reveal exactly what the developers had hoped to create.

The saucer was supposed to reach a top speed of “between Mach 3 and Mach 4, a ceiling of over 100,000 ft. and a maximum range with allowances of about 1,000 nautical miles,” according to the document.

If the plans had followed through to completion they would have created a saucer, which could spin through the Earth’s stratosphere at an average top speed of about 2,600 miles per hour.

Wow. It was also designed to take off and land vertically (VTOL), using propulsion jets to control and stabilize the aircraft. Admittedly the range of 1,000 nautical miles seems limited in comparison to the other specifications – but if you’d hopped on the disk in New York it could’ve had you in Miami within about 24 minutes.

The document also hints that the product development seemed to be going better than planned; “the present design will provide a much superior performance to that estimated at the start of contract negotiations.”

It begs the question – why was the project dropped? Why aren’t wars being fought with flying saucers? The cost of continuing to prototype was estimated at $3,168,000, which roughly translates to about $26.6 million in today’s money and wouldn’t have been an insane price for such advanced technology.

The problem with the other flying saucers developed under the same program is pretty clear. They didn’t get anywhere near 100,000 feet in altitude, more like five or six if you were lucky – so the military finally pulled the plug in 1960.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/declassifiedatlast.html

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Australia Joins The Hunt For Alien Life With The SKA
SKA Array
Published: 11:09 AM 10/6/2012

After years of work and millions of dollars spent, the CSIRO today finally opened the first stage of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA): the ASKAP radio telescope — an absurdly powerful piece of technical machinery that is going to hurtle our understanding of the universe forward.

Mapping the stars and unlocking the universe isn’t the only thing the SKA will be used for though: the CSIRO is actually looking for extraterrestrial life at the same time.

Dr Brian Boyle is a super-smart guy. That’s why he’s the director of the SKA project for the CSIRO. Yesterday he explained that the SKA will study the far reaches of the universe to help us understand things like black holes, quasars and pulsars.

A by-product of this search, Dr Boyle said, is the ability to search for intelligent life outside of our own galaxy:

[Searching for aliens is] part of the program in an interesting way: it’s almost a parallel activity for the survey being done. As you survey the sky, you look for signals of extraterrestrial intelligence as well. [Finding aliens is] not a primary goal, but it’s a secondary goal you almost get for free.

We don’t know where to look first, so we look everywhere possible. The more panoramic the field of view, the more chance you have of picking anything up. There are 1000 planets beyond our solar system, none of which are remotely earthlike.

So does the good doctor think we’ll find any three-headed, extra-terrestrials out there? Pretty much anywhere you point the SKA you’ll find a planet waiting to be examined.

The science drivers [behind the SKA] are to understand our origins: how galaxies formed, how black holes were formed and how the first stars formed. The extraterrestrial intelligence search is very interesting. It’s very unlikely we’ll ever find anything, but it’s exciting nonetheless.

Whether we find aliens or not, I’m still super excited about the SKA.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/ska.html

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Abduction in the Desert
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:28 AM 10/4/2012

Written by Rick Stokes for Chris Holly's Paranormal World

Most readers who follow the "alien abduction" phenomenon online are familiar with reports of ordinary people snatched from their workday lives, often during broad daylight during the performance of some unremarkable daily activity, reported by my colleague Chris Holly as the misfortunes of the Real Time Abductees.

What follows is one of the latest cases in which the unknown abductors have reached into our world and grabbed an unsuspecting businessman whose only mistake was something he could never have prevented under any circumstances.

Was his fate somehow sealed the moment he was born to a Real Time Abductee mother? Have the circumstances of his birth led to his joining the ranks of those who end up walking in fear, knowing there are creatures of unknown origin waiting to interrupt their lives and subject them to ordeals of physical and mental tampering that scar them for life?

The case in point is that of a son of one of the Real Time Abductees Chris Holly has reported about over the past few years. The man worked as an antique dealer who saw his existence slip into another zone, a place where all the familiar rules of our humdrum lives are turned upside down and terror takes center stage. It all began a few short months ago when this businessman was gathering antiques in the desert southwest of the United States.

On this particular day his destination was Los Angeles International Airport, known to millions of travelers as LAX. He was wrapping up a successful trip to the California community of Palm Springs, driving a large SUV he had rented in Los Angeles, packed with the merchandise that would declare his mission a success.

As his Real Time Abductee mother related to Chris Holly, her antique dealer son was proceeding toward LAX, planning on dropping off the antiques he had collected at a United Parcel Service location to be shipped back to his Connecticut office before turning in the rental SUV at LAX and flying home via New York City.

But other plans, conceived by intelligences unknown and sinister, terrifying in appearance and power, would cross paths with this 47-year-old as he proceeded across the California desert. His life would change forever before the journey's end, and he would be dragged into the confusing and frightening life led by those we know as the Real Time Abductees.

The background on this new abductee reveals a family man, happily married and supporting his college student children. He has a successful antique business in the well-heeled corridor of Connecticut. And he was born to a mother who has become what we must consider the matriarch of the Real Time Abductees. The keen intellect of his mother appears to have been passed along to the son, and a concern for the fate of the Real Time Abductees must have been included in the deal, for, as we shall see, the son's ordeal in the desert was not his first collision with the world of alien abduction.

Since his desert experience, he has confided in his mother that there have been other strange instances of missing time, one of the hallmarks of the abduction phenomenon. He does not drink in fact has been a lifelong health nut not given over ever to alcohol or drugs. In short, he's an individual with the sort of lifestyle that indicates an interest in doing things the right way, living for his family, all of whom are now concerned that his desert encounter with the unknown has changed his life and may indicate he's now fully involved in the terrors of his mother's lifelong abduction problems.

While we can't comprehend the reasoning of the abductors, this new abduction appears to raise the specter of an abductor interest in bloodlines. Does this apparent abduction, coupled with the victim's previous missing time events, indicate the abductors are keeping track of the offspring’s of those they’ve so coldly taken? This is only one of the questions that may come to your mind as we follow this gentleman's progress, driving through the desert landscape that fateful day last spring.

The antique dealer was probably thinking contentedly of the success of his trip west as he drove toward Los Angeles, but he did make note that traffic was sparse that day. It was midafternoon on what was an unremarkable California desert day as he tried to make it to the UPS center to ship his collection and head to LAX to turn in the rental vehicle and catch his flight. He had traveled the area on many occasions before, and he says nothing was out of the ordinary that afternoon until the engine of the late model SUV suddenly died.

With the sudden loss of power, he was forced to glide to a stop on the roadside. Nothing seemed to be wrong with the nearly new vehicle, and the gas tank was full. He tried to restart the engine and got no response from the ignition.

The vehicle was totally unresponsive, as though the electrical system no longer had any juice flowing through its conduits. Immediately concerned about becoming stranded on a deserted highway in an unpopulated area, with no traffic flowing by, he grabbed for his cell phone. It, too, was dead.

That's all he can recall of what occurred when the suddenly powerless SUV forced him to pull off to the side of the road.

The Real Time Abductees are very protective of their identities, and rightly so. They don't relish being treated like the media treat anyone who reports an incident we would all consider weird. My writing partner, Chris Holly, is part of the Real Time Abductee group and is trusted by them to pass their message along to her readers. After speaking with the Real Time Abductee who is the mother of this latest abductee, Chris picks up the narrative of this apparent abduction event:

The next thing the abductee’s son remembers is walking towards a general store from the desert and a man from the store rushing forward to greet him.

The man who owns that store was sitting in the front of his out-of-the-way business as he does most days killing time between his few usual customers when he noticed a man across the road walking towards his store from the desert. He could see the man was not walking a steady course and ran into the store to grab a bottle of water before heading out to meet the man and help him to the store.

He walked out and found the abductee’s son confused and lost. He gave him the water and helped him make his way to the store's front porch seating area where there was a bit of shade. The storekeeper got the man to sit down and drink two bottles of water before asking why he was walking alone out in the desert.

The abductee’s son told him he had broken down and was looking for help. The store owner knew that something was not right about this man wandering around the desert alone and could tell the man seemed disoriented and confused. The store owner called the local police to help deal with the lost man.

When a deputy arrived he questioned the man about what had happened and how he came to be wandering around in the desert during midafternoon alone and confused. The man explained that his rented vehicle had broken down and his cell phone did not work so he went looking for help. The policeman talked with the abductee’s son and found him to be extremely disoriented. He did not know exactly where he was or how he got there.

He did not know what time it was and was shocked to find that hours had passed since the time he had pulled off the road. His pockets were filled with odd rocks and fossils he thought he had picked up while walking in the desert. He did not appear to be sunburned even though he had supposedly been walking in the midday desert sun for hours. The incident was becoming stranger by the moment.

The deputy decided to try to find the man’s SUV and called in a search for all area law enforcement to look for it along the highways in the vicinity. Nothing was found until a call arrived that an SUV fitting its description was located about an hour and a half drive, or a day or more walk, from where the man was found at the isolated general store.

The police now were confused, wondering how he managed to cover the distance he did in the time stated without any signs of having made such a difficult journey. Things were not adding up, but the police did not have any cause to feel anything illegal had taken place. They decided to return him to his vehicle. They took him on the long hour and a half drive back to find his SUV parked on the side of the road exactly where he had abandoned it.

It was not locked and still had all the expensive antiques intact exactly as he had left them. The keys were on the floor of the front passenger seat. The vehicle started immediately without hesitation. The abductee’s son’s cell phone was also on the floor of the front passenger seat and it worked as well. The situation, however, still remained extremely strange.

The police determined the man was not telling them the truth about his ordeal yet had no reason to hold him as he did not do anything they could consider illegal. They felt it best to simply allow the abductee's son to continue on his way.

Still confused and shaken by what had happened to him, the man was grateful to be back on the road heading towards Los Angeles. Although he was hours off his schedule he was able to complete his journey. He finished his trip as planned, sent back his cargo via UPS and returned his rented vehicle. He was beginning to feel a bit ill but was happy to find he would be able to fly home that night.

On the flight home the abductee’s son started to feel as if he had the flu. He was running a fever and suffering severe chills. He was exhausted and could not stay awake. He slept the entire trip home.

His wife was waiting for him at the airport. She was shocked to see he was barely able to walk, weak and lightheaded. She had to locate a wheelchair to get him to their car which was in the airport parking garage. He told his wife what had happened to him out in the desert.

The man remained ill overnight. The next day his wife took him to their family doctor. He told the doctor about his odd experience in the desert. The family doctor examined the man and found his blood pressure to be low and his temperature high. He discovered a raised red rash under his arms and along his spine. He also noted his right ankle was swollen. The doctor spoke to the abductee’s son’s wife while the man was dressing and told her he thought her husband seemed to still be a bit disoriented.

Just like the police determined, the doctor also felt the man was not telling the complete truth about what occurred to him in the desert and was withholding the information for private reasons. The doctor felt his ailments were not serious and that he would be fully recovered after a few days of rest and lots of water to rehydrate him. He sent him home to basically eat, sleep and drink a lot of fluids.

The man’s wife knew about her husband’s mother having strange experiences during her lifetime and unlike the police and doctor felt her husband may have also experienced something odd out there in the desert. She knew her husband well and did not think he was hiding anything.

However, she did think he was acting frightened and confused. The abductee’s son was extremely exhausted and returned to his bed to sleep after the doctor’s visit. His wife used this opportunity to call her husband’s mother and family to tell them what had happened to him during his desert journey.

The Real Time Abductee was alarmed and fearful for her son when she was told of his experience in the desert and immediately made arrangements to visit him. She and her husband who is the man’s father arrived the next day. After spending time with her son, the Real Time Abductee felt he had been taken, and she knew he would now have to live his life differently.

The Real Time Abductee and her husband are still living with their son and his wife and children. The son is not doing well and has not been able to return to work. It has been months now since this incident happened and his rashes and exhaustion continue. About two weeks after the abductee's son arrived home he started to develop severe back pain. His doctors are not able to pinpoint the cause of it but do see problems developing along his spine.

The man has become withdrawn and easily agitated. He has developed moments of flashback that come on him at all times of day or night that send him into a screaming hysteria. The flashes of memory are brief and do not make sense to him. They are also horrific which causes him moments of extreme fear. He will not discuss them and becomes angry if pushed to do so. His family has taken the same tactics with him that they have with his mother.

They protect him and have built a security system where he is never alone and their home is fully lit and watched so the chances of his being taken are at least limited by their actions. It is not known at this time if he will ever be able to return to work as it consisted of a great deal of travel to places that would not be wise for him to venture to alone.

If he recovers physically and emotionally enough to return to his career, his family will have to arrange new ways of handling the travel aspects of his work and reduce the chances of him being abducted again. The last time I spoke with this family they were still struggling with this new abduction case involving their son, and he remains ill and disoriented months after the event took place.

Over the years it has been an observation of the Real Time Abductees group that men do not survive the lost time events of being taken as well as women do. Why this seems to be the case is a mystery.

I feel badly for this family as the last thing anyone who has been a victim to these things wants is for a loved one to suffer them, too. These events are an invasive, unexplained intrusion of lost time and abduction by unknown entities which abuse the abductees and toss them back without concern. It is horrible to think someone you love may be forced to endure these inhuman encounters.

The Real Time Abductees have a long history of family ties to these strange unknown events, and all fear their families will someday become the ones to experience these nightmare events as their bloodlines appear to attract whatever is committing these mysterious kidnappings. It is the feeling of the Real Time Abductees that they are pinpointed because of their biological makeup.

They feel it is their blood type, DNA, or some other biological marker that makes them the targets of these random lost time events and abductions. They feel this way because they know they have been physically altered during these events themselves. Not one of the people I have been able to talk with ever had any type of interest at all in things considered paranormal until they became the target of continued unknown events.

The only reason they have banded together or allowed me to discuss their cases is in hopes it will help others who may be having the exact same things happen to them and, of course, in hopes making these encounters of everyday people known may one day help end them. For us all I wish for both these things.

That concludes Chris Holly's report on the encounter in the California desert that appears to have added a new member to the growing list of people who have experienced lost time and dim memories of terrible activities in which they were the unwilling victims.

So, it's a good time to remind readers, as Chris always does, be aware of your surroundings at all times when you venture outside your home. You never know when it may become your frightening turn to look into the uncaring eyes of the unknown.

Copyright ©- 2012 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World - http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/

Email - chrisholly61@yahoo.com phone 631-877-4818

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/abductiondesert.html

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2000 - Large UFO seen by Law Enforcement in Missouri, Illinois
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:08 AM 10/4/2012

Union, Missouri - 01-04-00

I live in northern Minnesota. I’m retired from law enforcement of (10) years. I then moved into state government work for (28) years. After retirement I stepped back into government work as a consultant. I worked as a Volunteer Asst. Fire Chief for (24) years. I was also a member of the Arson squad in my county.

Let’s start by the date; On Jan. 5, 2000, I was at a nearby township investigating a house fire. At around 3:00 AM I walked back to my truck to clean off all the dirt from my boots and turn out gear. I started listening to the two-way radio in my truck.

I was picking up radio traffic from the Illinois area. The Illinois Co. dispatcher was talking to some Police cars about an object moving northeast heading for the St. Louis, MO area.

After about a half hour, I was still on the fire scene, then I started heading home on I-44. That’s when I picked up our county dispatcher talking to a Union, MO Police Officer about a large object over Hwy. 50 & Hwy. 47.

I turned down Hwy 47 towards Union.

As I came over the hill into town I saw three white lights about 75-100 ft. apart from each other. In between the round white lights there were multicolored-color lights scrolling back and forth from left to right and back again.

I came down the hill and pulled up behind two Police Officers parked on the side of the road. I then could see a very large triangle-shaped craft with more lights on the bottom of the craft.

There was one very bright white light in each corner and one red light in the center towards the back of the craft. The white lights where beaming straight down. The red light was blinking on and off like a radio tower light.

I got out of my truck and started walking up to the Police Officers. One officer was from the City of Union, MO the other was a Franklin Co. Deputy. Just as I got up to them the craft started to move off to the northeast at about a very fast running speed. The two officers got in their cars and started to chase the craft.

I was unable to keep up with the two officers. They were using their overhead red lights. So, after a minute or so, I caught up to them. I got out of the truck again and walked up to the officers. The craft had stopped again about a mile up the road.

As we were watching, the bright spotlight type lights in each corner came down to about 100 feet from the ground and stopped. No light beam touched the ground. We watched the craft for about 10 minutes.

Then the craft moved again. This time it moved only about ½ mile and stopped again. After stopping and getting out to talk with officers again, I noticed the County officer was trying to talk to the dispatcher by two-way radio. I have a portable two-way radio with me and could not pick-up any radio traffic from the County or the officer in front of me.

I need to mention that the craft was directly overhead and about 500 ft. high. The craft was also the width of a football field. The sides in some parts of the craft were about 10 ft. at the corners and moved up to about 20 ft. in the center, making it curved on top and flat across the bottom.

As this craft moved again all radio traffic returned to normal. We again could hear the dispatcher over in Illinois talking.

As the craft moved off for the third time, the county officer looked at both of us and said “I have another call pending,” got back in to his car and drove off. So the Union office told me he was too far out of the city limits, “I don’t see a thing,” and got back in his car, turned around on old Hwy. 100 and drove off.

I watched the craft move off until I could not see the lights any longer. It was moving cross country and there were only private roads and driveways. I then got back into my truck and drove home.

At the second stop the county officer was trying to set his dash camera in the up direction, but it was bolted in and would not turn. I waited for weeks to see this story in the newspaper or on the TV news, but no one filed a report.

Do to the fact I didn’t have a Police report to fall back on, I decided not to talk to anyone about this sighting. Now that I’m retired and this craft keeps showing up in Missouri, I thought I would bring this story to light. Hopefully, this will help out investigators in the future.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/2000missouriillinois.html

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Archived Case of the Week

1952 - US Aircraft Carrier Tracked a UFO over Korea
Philippine Sea
Published: 10:48 AM 10/4/2012

February 2, 1952 - Dr. J. Allen Hynek:

On February 2, 1952, a radar operator aboard the aircraft carrier Philippine Sea picked up an unidentified high-speed UFO off the east coast of Korea. The object was first detected at a distance of twenty-five miles and when it closed to twenty miles it made a wide turn to the east, opening to a course directly away from the carrier.

As excerpted from a message to the Commander Naval Forces Far East sent by the Philippine Sea, the report on the speed and unusual separation into two objects of this UFO contact stated:

"Measured speed 10 miles per-minute (600 MPH) for first minute, I5 miles per minute (900 MPH) for second minute, 30 miles per minute (1800 MPH) for third minute. It opened as 2 contacts 5 to 12 miles apart."

Three signal observers on the deck of the Philippine Sea also sighted the UFO visually and reported independently to the bridge that they could detect three exhaust flames.

The observers stated that the trail appeared to them as aircraft exhaust during the time the object reversed its course. However, no aircraft at that time was capable of the incredible speeds attained by the UFO and no conventional aircraft were reported in the area.

The position of the object, sighted at seventeen miles from the carrier, was also held on the radar scope at that time. The estimated altitude of the object was 52,000 feet, and it faded from the radar scope at 110 miles.

During the time it was in view, the coast of Korea and the island of Uflung Do were visible at a distance of twenty miles, and an escorting destroyer was visible on the scope 2,000 yards from the carrier.

The comment of the Intelligence Officer who prepared the report on this case was as follows:

"A thorough debriefing was made of the radar operator. Personnel stated that the operator was very intelligent, efficient, and cooperative. Operator was cognizant of capabilities and limitations of the radar equipment and made careful plots, checking constantly.

At the time contact was closing, he queried the aircraft controller and when it was determined that it was not a friendly aircraft, the general alarm was sounded.

The three minutes of careful plotting were made after the object had turned and was heading away from the station. Operator was sure of the accuracy of the plots for the three minutes, and was adamant that the speeds shown were approximately correct."

A letter classified SECRET was sent on April 8, I952, by the Commander Naval Operations, Far East, to the Chief of Naval Operations, enclosing a track chart of the UFO and stating in part:

“This is probably the first instance of a visual and radar contact on a high-speed aerial target being made simultaneously in the Far East.” - J. Allen Hynek.

Ken Pfeifer World UFO Photos

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/ufotrackedkorea.html

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