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UFO Casebook Magazine 478, Issue date, 10-10-11

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Where Have the UFOs Gone? by Kevin Randle
Karl Pflock (right) and Kevin Randle (left)
Published: 1:13 PM 10/5/2011

written by Kevin Randle

The late Karl Pflock and I used to talk about why there were no more really good UFO sightings. We weren’t getting the kind of reports that had been so prevalent at the beginning of the modern era.

Nothing as robust or as interesting as those over Washington, D.C., or at Levelland, Texas.

In today’s world, it seem as if the UFOs stayed up in the air, usually away from witnesses, and did nothing other than cross the sky in a straight line.

  We can point to all sorts of interesting sightings in the past, some of which had mundane answers and some of which are still puzzling today.

There was, of course, the Arnold sighting. He believed he saw a number of objects that he timed as traveling at 1800 miles an hour, or much faster than anything flying at the time, other than rockets and missiles, and they didn’t fly in formation.

There is a possibility that another man, Fred Johnson, saw the same objects about the time that Arnold lost sight of them.

He reported that his compass spun wildly while the objects were overhead, but when they disappeared, the compass settled down. You can argue, and I’m sure some will, that the Johnson sighting isn’t related to that of Arnold, or that it is a hoax based on the Arnold sighting, or if related, doesn’t really add much to our overall knowledge.

But the point is that there are two sightings that seem to go together to create a nice little anomaly. Arnold might have been fooled.

Johnson might have been inventing the tale. Or maybe they both witnessed something unusual that provided interesting descriptions and even one of the first cases with electro-magnetic effects.

Or take the Washington Nationals from late July 1952. Here was a series of sightings spread over two Saturday nights in which airline pilots, jet interceptor pilots, people on the ground, and radar operators reported strange lights and strange blips over Washington, D.C.

I talked to both Al Chop and Major Dewey Fournet, both associated with the official UFO investigation in 1952, and who had been in the radar room on that second Saturday.

They told me there had been one intercept that had gotten “hairy,” meaning dangerous.

According to them, and they were watching in the radar rooms at Washington National and listening to the interceptor pilots talking to one another, as the Air Force attempted to catch the UFOs, the interceptor pilot found himself surrounded by the lights.

It was all tracked on radar. What the pilot, William Patterson said over the radio, the men in the radar center could see on the scope. Patterson decided to break off the intercept at that point.

It doesn’t matter here if you believe that Patterson intercepted and the radar showed alien craft. What matters here is the nature of the sighting, meaning it was robust.

There were those in radar centers who watched it all on the scopes, there were the pilots seeing the objects where the radar said they were. The sightings lasted for hours, though not continuously, and there were many witnesses.

True, the Air Force eventually wrote the sightings off as temperature inversions, and it does seem that temperature inversion was responsible for some of the radar returns, but that doesn’t explain the lights in the sky, and it doesn’t square with what the controllers, who saw the blips, said.

They told investigators that they were familiar with the way weather phenomena were displayed on the radar scopes and these blips didn’t look like that.

In today’s world, we get nothing as interesting. Nothing with multiple chains of evidence, with literally dozens of witnesses.

We have one or two people seeing a light, or we get a cell phone video that doesn’t do much to increase our knowledge. Just some image that could be almost anything, but that has fooled the person who recorded it.

Karl and I tried to figure this out. I suppose you could say that people today don’t have the imagination of those fifty years ago.

I suppose you could say that people today are more familiar with what is in the sky around them. I suppose you could say that we are all more in tune with our environment.

Or maybe you could say that the aliens, from wherever they came, have now gone home to study the data they collected. Think of it as our exploration of the moon. In 1969, and for the next couple of years, if you were living on the moon, you would have had lots of UFO sightings, including landings.

But, since 1972, there hasn’t been a whole lot of activity. We gathered our samples and went home.

Oh, sure, the analogy breaks down when you say, “But we left physical evidence behind to prove we were there... and it was only the landings of astronauts that have ended. Other moon missions have been lost.”

But then I say, “Yeah, but the robust sightings have ended.”

Yes, there have been some interesting sightings. There are those from Bentwaters and, of course Belgium, but these are the exceptions. The older sightings have more witnesses, more data, more evidence than those of today, with rare exception.

Karl and I never really came to a conclusion about this, other than collecting more sighting reports wouldn’t expand our knowledge much. We never really found a satisfactory answer for the change.

We agreed that older cases were more interesting than newer case but we didn’t really know why.

Oh, Karl believed that the Hills had been abducted, but I disagreed. I believed the answer would be found in the terrestrial.

Neither of us thought much of the widespread claims of abduction, though it might have supplied part of the answer. Too many research assets were diverted into abduction research without much in the way of tangible results.

I suppose I could say the same thing about crop circles. These had once been called UFO landing sites, or UFO nests, but evolved into crop circles, which were another subset of the UFO phenomenon.

And I know the number of sightings has increased recently, but these are sightings, often with pictures that don’t add much to the case. Sometimes it’s clear that the pictures are lens flares, clouds, or other natural phenomena, and some times the cases are simple hoaxes.

The point, again, is that the sightings aren’t nearly as exciting as they were forty or fifty years ago, and I have no explanation for that. Maybe it’s all just a matter of perspective.

Posted by KRandle

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/wherehavetheufosgone.html

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UFO Photographed over Mimon, Czech Republic
Published: 12:52 PM 10/5/2011

Czech Republic - 10-03-11

Take a look at this UFO, which I managed to photograph by accident on 10-03-2011 at 14:54 PM.

I was testing the camera out through the window in our apartment at Mimon.

The video is the one photograph with various zooms, and applications of filters.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/czechrepublic.html

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Husband/Wife Report Two Boomerang Objects over Naples, Florida
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:12 PM 9/30/2011

Naples, Florida - 09-27-11

Longitude: -81.7948103 - Latitude: 26.1420358

Shape: Boomerang

Distance: Unknown

At approximately 9:03 pm while taking a walk on a dark street, my husband and I looked up. I don't know why we looked up, but we felt there was a reason to.

My husband said "Look at that," and pointed. I looked up and there was almost a milky cast of an object going across the sky.

Upon further inspection it was a dark, gray boomerang shape that matched the color of the sky.

However, on the front leading edge were lights intermittently blinking. As it got right over our heads, we could see that it was very large, very quiet, and then we were better able to see that it was actually two boomerang shapes in formation. It almost seemed to glide by.

My husband, questioning what he saw, then decided he had seen birds in migration. However, I see birds fly over Naples at night in formation, all the time, and they don't look like this.

I would say the object moved at approximately 80 miles an hour. Upon returning home, we were so excited to see it again, so we laid down in the back of a pickup truck to watch the sky.

We saw the shape again, but this time it was higher, moving more quickly, and was only one boomerang shape.

We also saw shooting lights periodically in the area. This second sighting occurred at 9:22 pm.

As the object would approach downtown where the lights were brighter, it would appear to dissolve from the sky... probably by reflection.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/naplesflorida092711.html

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Extraterrestrial Sightings on Earth Suggest Interdimensional Travel
UFO Depiction
Published: 04 October 2011

Posted By : Special to The Canadian

The phenomena of various Extraterrestrial sightings on Earth is so utterly mind-bending that the best way to understand it may be to go out of our minds. The role of expanded consciousness and access to the alien world is revealed in private conversations this author has had with eminent people of science.

This includes talks with the now-late Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. John Mack and the late Harvard Professor Dr. Timothy Leary.

They provide keen insight into the ultimate secret of Extraterrestrial contacts. They uncover the hyperdimensional world in which Extraterrestrials and their vehicles traverse. They also detail the interplay between altered states of matter, altered states of mind and contact with the alien.

Other notable scientists have joined to divulge the role of expanded consciousness and communication with ET intelligence. They include ecologist Terence McKenna, physician Dr. John Lilly, psychiatrist Dr. Stanislav Grof and the father of space flight, visionary Jack Parsons.

Their search for the answers to the questions about flying saucers have led to a telling conclusion: only if we open our "doors of perception" will we be able to understand this alien intelligence.

Because the UFO community is predisposed to a strictly mechanistic "nuts and bolts" interpretation of the UFO phenomena, they have ignored these learned men’s revelations. They forget that the ability to travel through the cosmos must often rely upon an interdimensional component.

Alien do not travel in vehicles like our "pop can" Apollos that use outdated combustion technologies.

They must morph the very fabric of "reality" and they must somehow bend space-time itself. There have often been reported Extraterrestrial sightings without any corresponding sighting of a UFO.

Such contact with Earthbound human beings suggests travel through time-space from lower and higher dimensional planes. Witness accounts of Extraterrestrial sightings often creates states of "non-ordinary reality" for those who get too near them. Perceiving this other-dimensional reality may require altering our very abilities to perceive.

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permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/idtravel.html

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Close Encounter in Culver, Indiana
UFO Depiction
Published: 9:42 AM 10/3/2011

Culver, Indiana - 09-15-06

320 211 I drove a Ford cargo van for an overnight delivery company in Indianapolis in 2006.

My route had 50 stops and I drove the same route each night traveling about 400 miles each evening.

I was heading west from US 31 to the town of Culver on a two-lane country road around 1:00 am, when I came over the top of a hill.

Down the hill I witnessed something out of the ordinary. What was normally a farm field pasture littered with some implements and a few head of cattle, now appeared to have the orange glow of a campfire.

I thought to myself that is kind of unusual because it was quite some distance from any residence.

As I approached the area, I rolled down the window of the van and stopped to see if this was a campfire or perhaps an accidental fire.

My eye level was about the top of the wire fence and the weeds that had grown up along the fence row. What I witnessed about twenty feet away gave me chills and caused me a great deal of anxiety.

What I saw was a highly reflective dome just over the top of the weeds about 20' -35'in diameter reflecting the color of the night sky with just the faintest sliver of an outline that defined its shape.

But the weirdest thing about it was, it was mimicking a fire, soft orange and reddish undulations were reflecting off its surface.

But even stranger were the spark embers that normally float off a fire, they were recreated in a pixel type format, very quick dashes of light that floated in a zigzag geometric pattern making sharp right angles in a multi-sized square track across the surface of the dome.

The light even dimmed as to copy an ember burning out.

It was semi-convincing in reproducing a campfire, but it was not natural.

When I saw that it scared me I immediately drove off.

I was so close to it that I thought if lingered there any longer who knows what might happen.

NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

Thanks to MUFON CMS system.


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/indianaencounter.html

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Archived Case of the Week

Seat Pleasant, Maryland, August, 1952 - UFO with Occupant
UFO Depiction
Sometime in August, 1952 during the major UFO sighting wave of that year, Mrs. Suzanne E. Knight, a young housewife and mother, saw a UFO at close range with what appeared to be an occupant aboard.

At about 9:30 p.m. on that hot summer evening, Mrs. Knight was in her kitchen when she heard a peculiar "bzzt" noise, apparently against the screen of the kitchen window. The noise was repeated several times and thinking it was a large insect, she went to the window and looked out.

She saw a bright object descending rapidly at a 45 degree angle and thought it was a plane about to crash; instead, the object came to a hovering position at a right angle to her, approximately half a city block away and about 300 feet above the ground.

The UFO appeared to Mrs. Knight to resemble the wingless fuselage of a plane and was dull silver in color. Something similar to smoke was coming from the rear.

The side of the object facing Mrs. Knight was lined with a number of square windows through which a brilliant yellow light was shining. On top and to the front of the object, to her left, was a small red light, extended somewhat above the body.

On the underside of the UFO was an undercarriage similar to the gondola of a dirigible; this also contained a row of smaller, square windows and was brilliantly aglow inside with yellow light. Mrs. Knight thought she observed what appeared to be rows of seats, similar to theatre seats, in this lower portion.

Through the upper windows she was able to see what appeared to be a row of cabinets with slanted tops.

"There was a man in front," Mrs. Knight wrote in her report to NICAP, "looking straight ahead towards the front [to her left]. I couldn't understand what he was looking at so intently, and not moving either. I expected to see a lot of instruments or dials, etc. similar to instrument panels on airplanes, but there were none that I could see."

She said that the bright yellow glow in the object made everything inside look yellow, "even the man."

This occupant wore a kind of helmet and "around his arm and the side of his helmet, next to his face, there seemed to be a shadow or a dark line."

Eyewitness Drawing After watching for a minute or so, Mrs. Knight left the window to phone the newspaper, but she was unable to get an answer. When she returned to the window, the object was still there but the man had disappeared and the undercarriage was no longer visible.

"I thought maybe it had moved up into the fuselage, because not even an outline of the car was visible, but it should have been because the street light would have shown it."

At that point the lights in the object were abruptly extinguished and the UFO turned from a dull silver color to a glowing red, "like the door of an old pot-bellied stove."

It also began to rock toward and away from the witness and gave the appearance of being "wavy, like water running over a rock or like heat waves coming out of an electric toaster."

She then began calling for someone else in the house to come and see the object but while she was looking for her sister the object departed.

Altogether, the incident had lasted approximately three minutes, at least two minutes of which Mrs. Knight had the object in clear view.

The witness told her sister of what she had seen, omitting the detail about the occupant (she was certain her sister would disbelieve her); the sister displayed disinterest and a certain degree of skepticism, so Mrs. Knight ceased to talk of it.

She forgot the incident until a number of years later, when she told her husband and children.

The report came to the attention of NICAP and Mrs. Knight made out a full report in September, 1967. Following this, she has been interviewed further by a member of the Capital Area NICAP Subcommittee.

Mrs. Knight held a responsible job in Prince Georges County.

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