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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 381, Issue date, 10-19-09

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History of Michigan UFO Sightings, Part I
Published: 4:39 AM 10/15/2009

By William Zilke, Special Writer

(Zilke's Note: The following article detailing UFO sightings around Michigan from 1947 to 1970 has been split into two parts. Please see next week's edition of The View for Part Two of our spooky, "UFO sightings and other strange occurrences.")

Project Blue Book was the United States Air Force's special division that investigated UFO sightings from 1947 to 1970 during the Cold War Era.

The findings were later declassified in the 1970s.

More than 700 sightings were considered either too visible to the general public worldwide or posed a possible threat to national security and were investigated by the Air Force.

Officially, the government often flippantly shrugged most of them off as swamp gas, a planet reflecting in the horizon or a simple trick of the light, if the Air Force bothered to explain them at all to the public. One thing is certain: The number of unidentified flying object sightings grew following the end of World War II and peaked during the Vietnam Conflict.

There are several UFO sightings here in Michigan recorded in Project Blue Book's files.

One report taken very seriously was the incident at Selfridge Air Force Base that occurred at 11:05 p.m. on March 3, 1950. Looking back at all the UFO sightings recorded by the Air Force there is nothing spectacular about the locations the incidents occurred at and Selfridge was no exception.

Selfridge Field near Mt. Clemens was opened on July I, 1917 and 30 years later Selfridge Field became Selfridge Air Force Base. Selfridge, in case you're wondering, was named after Lt. Thomas E. Selfridge who was killed in an airplane crash on Sept. 17, 1908. What makes Selfridge an important historical character is that he died while flying with Orville Wright in Ft. Meyer, Va.

Selfridge was the very first military officer not only to pilot an engine-driven aircraft but also the first to be killed in a powered flight. He would also be proof of the old military adage, "Never volunteer for anything."

Lt. Frank Mattson probably knew nothing of Selfridge nor is it likely he cared as he pulled his coat tight against the whipping winds coming off Anchor Bay.

Squinting against the wind chill he looked up to see a strange, intense, pale yellow light that was not the ghost of Tom Selfridge.

He was stunned as he watched the object for four minutes descend vertically like a jet speed helicopter then fire off across the skies horizontally; defying the capabilities of any aircraft in the U.S. fleet he had ever seen.

What makes this sighting so important is that the Air Adjutant General for the Commanding General, one Col. Neal J. O' Brien, did not readily dismiss this case that was too fantastic to be believed.

Mattson was not the first to report this type of unnatural supersonic air show.

"The frequency of reports of this nature has recently increased; instructions have therefore been directed to all radar installations within this command to report scope sightings of unusual objects," he responded. "It is recommended that reports of unidentified object sightings be reconsidered for submission from all Zone of Interior Air Force agencies."

At 10:04 pm on Feb. 17, 1953 in Port Austin, two officers and three airmen of an Air Force AC&W squadron visually spotted a UFO that appeared to be "larger and brighter than a star."

Standing the duty watch is simply a part of military life for all enlisted men and officers. Airmen, soldiers and sailors stand watches to reliably and accurately report security breaches, fires, maydays or plane crashes.

Few report supernovas meandering across the skies of Michigan's thumb. The five men stared in wide wonder at the slowly moving object for what must have been five surreal minutes until 10:09 p.m.

USAF radar also picked up a target at 10:08 p.m., confirming the visual sighting, moving on the same flight track moving for 17 minutes. In the early evening, suburban skies over Warren on Aug. 17, 1958, A.D. Chisholm saw something right out of a 1950s science fiction movie.

It was an extremely bright object that was shaped at first like a bell and then like a saucer, or the classic UFO shape that would lead to the term flying saucer.

It hovered for five minutes, flipped over and sped away to the west-southwest. The sighting lasted for six to 10 minutes.

The winter night still of Bark River was pierced by the howling of the LaPalm family dog at 10:15 p.m. on Feb 27, 1961.

Mrs. LaPalm and the dog were both unnerved by the sighting of a fiery-red, round object that appeared to be projecting light rays.

The object would slow and descend in a staircase like pattern for 10 long minutes.

The next case is one released with extensive information. The sighting lasted so long, witnesses even gathered friends and family.

At 11 pm on July 7, 1961 in the western Michigan town of Copemish, southeast of Traverse City, waitress Nannette Hilley and 17-year old Terry Gregory, a motion-picture projectionist saw something that was not on the menu or on the featured bill.

The couple was parked five miles east of the sleepy town of Beulah when a bluish white light suddenly glowed over their heads and then silently "jetted" off towards the direction of Grand Traverse Bay.

If that weren't jaw dropping enough the object seemed to literally stop in its flight and descend to treetop level and disappeared. A bright glow then appeared immediately afterwards from behind the trees.

The couple stared in amazement for almost two whole minutes before driving into Beulah to pick up two friends to see the unworldly sight. They returned to the area with their friends Walt Paynor and Ronald Shoebridge, to find the eerie object still visible though partially hidden in the tree line.

The light would fade and then brighten "with the intensity of a full moon," at random intervals. The group stared in awe at the light show then drove off in the direction of the light.

While driving, they clearly made out "a faint, rotating beacon inside of the glowing object."

If the night was strange for the party of four it was about to get stranger.

Approximately five minutes later, a red object roughly the size of a grapefruit emerged from the woods moving very smoothly about two feet above the ground.

It moved at a speed "about the same as that of a bicycle being pedaled by an average boy or man." Suddenly, a white object appeared, about three feet away from the red one.

The two objects then merged into a single entity and divided back into two objects. After about three seconds, the red object simply disappeared from sight.

Wonderment at the sight soon turned to sheer terror.

Four objects appeared behind their parked automobile only three miles away.

Two were red and two were white - and one of each was rapidly approaching the friends along both sides of the road.

Panicked and horrified the once engrossed observers sped for Beulah. Making a beeline for the town they once again spotted the same rotating beacon they had seen about an hour earlier.

No sound was ever emitted from any of the objects.

In Beulah they managed to convince Terry's parents to get in the car and observe the bizarre goings on. Luckily, the pursuing red and white objects had disappeared but the rotating beacon was still very visible inside the bluish white object behind the trees.

After about a half hour, Terry, Gregory, Paynor and Shoebridge dropped off the senior Gregorys and Hilley off at home and returned to further observe the unexplainable lights but as if awaking from the threshold of a dream, the phenomenon had simply vanished.

The Air Force investigator who questioned the six observers found the "...witnesses to be sincere in their observation. The U.S. Coast Guard Air Station at Traverse City stated that there was no air-sea rescue mission in the area at time of UFO sighting."

Please see Part Two of Looking Back's "UFO sightings and other strange occurrences," in next week's edition.

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"Edelbach’s Odyssey," - ©2008, 2009 Vernon Miles Kerr

New Jersey Extraterrestrial Abduction, 1967
Published: 1:45 AM 10/14/2009

from MUFON of New Jersey

PINELANDS — I was just 14 years old in August 5, 1967, with my Mom driving me shotgun, and my little brother and sister in the back seat. We had a summer house on the Jersey shore in Beach Heaven and drove from our Trenton home.

In a barren stretch of road we all see an enormous flying object - so large I could not see the ends - I saw just the belly of the craft.

Mom pulled the car over and it floated barely above tree level and it did not make a sound. We huddled together. The crickets stopped making noise. One of its lights focused on us and it stopped directly above us.

I remember how it lit my Mom’s skin like today’s LEDs, except a thousand times more intense. As fast as it came it was gone, with smaller crafts zipping around it. We saw an excessive number of military trucks pass us right outside Fort Dix, and all the soldiers were looking up.

When we got to the shore Mom called Dad in Trenton and told him what we had seen and our realization of missing time. Over six hours had passed and we can account for only ninety minutes to drive this distance.

My dad instructed us not to say anything to anybody and the secret was kept until 2000, when we discussed it with our dying mother who remembered every little detail exactly as I did, so did my brother and sister.

My mother asked, “Did they hurt you?”

We all have the same scoop mark on our legs, and a patch where no hair grows on our legs. I had medical problems and the doctor noticed scars in my organs from previous surgeries, but I’ve never had any surgery.

The blue light appeared in my life several times over the years. Today I am frail and sick with complications that cannot be diagnosed. I believe my conditions to be related to that event.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009d/abductionnewjersey1967.html

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Scotland - 2008 Encounter with UFO and Beings
Hampden Park stadium
Published: 3:10 AM 10/15/2009

Glasgow, Scotland - 07-09-08

July 9, 2008 - I was walking my dog and I saw a spot light in the sky and thought it was from the nearby Hampden Park stadium, but the spotlight turned into a glowing orb and began to fall from the sky making no noise.

I thought Chinese lanterns, but curious to see one up close, I left my dog in my house and traveled to the large woodland area a mile from my house where the orb landed.

I found the gate leading into the field guarded by a military police van along with several armed soldiers. I remembered a hole in the fence, so I crawled through it and made my way toward the glowing light.

Then suddenly the glowing light disappeared and when I got to the end of the tree line I saw a large craft. At first I actually thought it was one of those stealth bombers, but it was too complicated looking to be one. The craft stood perfectly still just inches above the ground.

A crowd of elderly soldiers stood in front as if expecting someone. Then out of nowhere this giant man appears in front of the craft.

It certainly wasn't human and not like anything I've heard of before. I thought they were suppose to be small, grey men with big eyes, but this one was taller than any living person I've ever seen. It stood upright like a man and had two arms and two legs. It wore a sort of tinfoil suit and its face was like a...lizard, its nose and eyes were like a bat, but its mouth was huge.

It stepped over to one of the men, and by this point the man measured up to its lower stomach. The man began talking but I couldn't make out what he was saying, but the alien or whatever it was, brought out a small ball looking purple thing and closed its shiny eyes.

I immediately brought my phone out and began recording. I waited eight minutes till the footage ran out. The alien disappeared again and the craft, all different colors, began glowing brightly as it silently shot into the sky. The boomerang-looking craft vanished, but I took a quick picture at it before it did and then I made my way home.

I immediately got my USB cable and put the picture and video on my bebp web site, but not even three months later a knock at my door was followed by the police raiding my house, claiming there was reports of child pornography on my PC. As my PC was taken away I was gob smacked.

Then a day later I was asked into the station. I went and they said my PC is clean and has been sent back to my house. A man there wearing a suit said he'd give me a lift home and as he did, he took a detour and took me to a flat in Govan.

There in the apartment waited two forty-something strong looking men smoking, and each of them had a pistol in a shoulder holster. A man wearing a military uniform told me to sit and repeatedly asked if I had any more copies of the UFO or the Draconian as the soldier said.

He destroyed my mobile phone and told me to keep quiet or my pregnant fiance will lose the baby when giving birth. I obviously agreed and ever since, I see the same UFO in the sky every night when I walk my dog. It's like it stalks me.

But not long ago from now, I don't know if I was dreaming, but my room was blindingly liit up. I fell backwards and I swear I didn't fall down on my carpet, it was like concrete. I knew I wasn't in my room.

A tall similar looking alien stood over me wearing a purple robe. It did not look alien, it looked extremely human. It was male, had eyes like us, skin like us, hair like us, and a nose and mouth like us, but this being was taller than me by one foot and I'm 5 ft 10. But it was smaller than the lizard-looking alien.

This being communicated with me in English, and told me the Draconian will eat me if I talk to others about it. The Draconian is a warring, bloodthirsty race. The Draconian hates mankind after they were exiled from our planet 11,000 years ago. This being said it was the Anunnaki, creator of modern mankind.

So much information and history went through my brain - 300,000 years ago the Anunnaki came to our planet to conquer or make allies with it and found it populated with Draconians, descended from velociraptors and reptiles, and other humanoid intelligent species were the Draconians' slaves, what we would call cavemen.

The Anunnaki made peace with the Draconians and for thousands of years they shared technology, and space travel, alongside each other in interstellar wars. But because of the over grooming the Draconians started to get out of control and demanded the Anunnaki leave Earth to themselves.

The Anunnaki refused, causing a war or as the Bible states (a war in the heavens to determine mankind's fate) the Anunnakian main base on the planet Mars was evaporated along with the rest of the planet.

The Anunnaki defeated the Draconians and exiled them all out of our galaxy forever. The Anunnaki decided to take over Earth, and they genetically modified human DNA from their own and made us the way we are today. The Anunnaki built cities and structures, but decided not to stay in touch with our planet or race because they don't want us to turn out like the Draconians did.

Anyway I woke up in my bed early in the morning ,and I assumed it was a dream and still do. But what I'm saying is I never ever believed in aliens and never knew anything about names or information on them. But I checked the Internet and typed in details of my dream and sure enough the Anunnaki, Draconians, and humans being genetically altered was all there and before that dream I had in no way heard it before.

I'm sending you the picture now but the video was posted on my bebo web site and I had no other copies except from my old mobile phone, but my bebo page was deleted after a visit from Sgt. Hartson.

Glasgow, Scotland - 07-09-08

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009d/scotland070908.html

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Submitted to UFO Casebook

Please check out my new book - UFO Case Files of Scotland (Amazing Real Life Alien Encounters) by Malcolm Robinson, shortly available from Healings of Atlantis.

Mayan Elder - World Won't End in 2012
Monument 6
Published: 2:25 AM 10/12/2009

World Won't End in 2012, Mayans Insist


MEXICO CITY (Oct. 11) — Apolinario Chile Pixtun is tired of being bombarded with frantic questions about the Mayan calendar supposedly "running out" on Dec. 21, 2012. After all, it's not the end of the world. Or is it?

For the Mayans, Dec. 21, 2012 marks what one scholar calls "a special anniversary of creation." New Age pundits have taken this to mean the end of the world. But most Mayans, including tribal elder Apolinario Chile Pixtun, dismiss the idea as nonsense.

Definitely not, the Mayan Indian elder insists. "I came back from England last year and, man, they had me fed up with this stuff."

It can only get worse for him. Next month Hollywood's "2012" opens in cinemas, featuring earthquakes, meteor showers and a tsunami dumping an aircraft carrier on the White House.

At Cornell University, Ann Martin, who runs the "Curious? Ask an Astronomer" Web site, says people are scared. "It's too bad that we're getting e-mails from fourth-graders who are saying that they're too young to die," Martin said.

"We had a mother of two young children who was afraid she wouldn't live to see them grow up."

Chile Pixtun, a Guatemalan, says the doomsday theories spring from Western, not Mayan ideas.

A significant time period for the Mayas does end on the date, and enthusiasts have found a series of astronomical alignments they say coincide in 2012, including one that happens roughly only once every 25,800 years.

But most archaeologists, astronomers and Maya say the only thing likely to hit Earth is a meteor shower of New Age philosophy, pop astronomy, Internet doomsday rumors and TV specials such as one on the History Channel which mixes "predictions" from Nostradamus and the Mayas and asks: "Is 2012 the year the cosmic clock finally winds down to zero days, zero hope?"

It may sound all too much like other doomsday scenarios of recent decades — the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, the Jupiter Effect or "Planet X." But this one has some grains of archaeological basis.

One of them is Monument Six.

Found at an obscure ruin in southern Mexico during highway construction in the 1960s, the stone tablet almost didn't survive; the site was largely paved over and parts of the tablet were looted.

It's unique in that the remaining parts contain the equivalent of the date 2012. The inscription describes something that is supposed to occur in 2012 involving Bolon Yokte, a mysterious Mayan god associated with both war and creation.

However — shades of Indiana Jones — erosion and a crack in the stone make the end of the passage almost illegible. Archaeologist Guillermo Bernal of Mexico's National Autonomous University interprets the last eroded glyphs as maybe saying, "He will descend from the sky."

Spooky, perhaps, but Bernal notes there are other inscriptions at Mayan sites for dates far beyond 2012 — including one that roughly translates into the year 4772.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009d/2012doomsday.html

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New York UFO Author Getting National Attention
Rich Dolan
Published: 1:28 AM 10/9/2009

Rochester, N.Y. - Rich Dolan never planned on becoming a sought after speaker at UFO conventions and on television specials, he says it happened by accident.

While studying history and Cold War foreign policy as a graduate student, Dolan stumbled upon a wealth of declassified military documents about unidentified flying objects.

"There's a lot of evidence, overwhelming evidence that shows our government is very interested in this topic," said Dolan.

Dolan has spent the better part of fifteen years filing Freedom of Information requests on CIA and military reports dating back to the 1950's. While he admits there is no concrete proof that aliens have visited our planet, Dolan argues that the declassified documents prove there are mysteries in the skies that the government simply can't explain.

"So the thing I tell the skeptics is simply, 'Look, I'm aware just as much as you are about how impossible this is supposed to be'," Dolan says. "But my problem is, how do you deal with the amount of evidence we've acquired? It's a massive amount of evidence."

Dolan's parsed out his research in two books. His latest, "UFO's & The National Security State" was just released.

Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the on moon, touts Dolan's book as a "masterful and important work".

Dolan also recently starred in a TV series on the SyFy Network called "SyFy Investigates". He'll soon begin work on another television series and says he's already writing a third novel.

His newfound fame takes him to UFO conventions about 20 times a year. Dolan says it's a career he never asked for and one that still amuses him.

"I have not the slightest clue! Why me? Why Rochester?", Dolan laughs.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009d/richarddolan.html

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1966 - Michigan Sheriff Confirms UFO, Tracked on Radar
Witness Drawing
March 14-20, 1966: Southeastern Michigan. From about 3:50 a.m. on March 14 and for 2-1/2 hours thereafter, Washtenaw County sheriffs and police in neighboring jurisdictions reported disc-shaped objects moving at fantastic speeds and making sharp turns, diving and climbing, and hovering.

At one point, four UFOs in straight-line formation were observed. Selfridge AFB confirmed tracking UFOs over Lake Erie at 4:56 a.m. Following is the log of "Complaint No. 00967" signed by Cpl. Broderick and Deputy Patterson of the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department:

3:50 a.m. Received calls from Deputies Bushroe and Foster, car 19, stating that they saw some suspicious objects in the sky, disc, star-like colors, red and green, moving very fast, making sharp turns, having left to right movements, going in a Northwest direction.

4:04 a.m. Livingston County [sheriff's department] called and stated that they also saw the objects, and were sending car to the location.

4:05 a.m. Ypsilanti Police Dept. also called stated that the object was seen at the location of US-12 and I-94 [intersection of a U.S. and an Interstate highway].

4:10. a.m. Monroe County [sheriff's department] called and stated that they also saw the objects.

4:20 a.m. Car 19 stated that they just saw four more in the same location moving at a high rate of speed.

4:30 a.m. Colonel Miller [county civil defense director] was called; he stated just to keep an eye on the objects that he did not know what to do, and also check with Willow Run Airport.

4:54 a.m. Car 19 called and stated that two more were spotted coming from the Southeast, over Monroe County. Also that they were side by side.

4:56 a.m. Monroe County [sheriff's department] stated that they just spotted the object, and also that they are having calls from citizens. Called Selfridge Air Base and they stated that they also had some objects [presumably on radar] over Lake Erie and were unable to get any ID from the objects. The Air Base called Detroit Operations and were to call this Dept. back as to the disposition.

5:30 a.m. Dep. Patterson and I [Cpl. Broderick] looked out of the office and saw a bright light that appeared to be over the Ypsilanti area. It looked like a star but was moving from North to East.

6:15 a.m. As of this time we have had no confirmation from the Air Base."

Washtenaw County deputies B. Bushroe and J. Foster formally stated: "This is the strangest thing that [we] have ever witnessed. We would have not believed this story if we hadn't seen it with our own eyes. These objects could move at fantastic speeds, and make very sharp turns, dive and climb, and hover with great maneuverability.

We have no idea what these objects were, or where they could have come from. At 4:20 a.m. there were four of these objects flying in a line formation, in a north westerly direction, at 5:30 these objects went out of view, and were not seen again."

Deputy Bushroe told the press: "It would swing back and forth like a pendulum, then shoot upward at tremendous speed, hover and then come down just as fast." Dexter police and Livingston County sheriffs, contacted by Bushroe and Foster, "reported that they saw the same objects engaging in the same maneuvers."

March 17, 1966, Milan, Michigan. 4:25 a.m. Sgt. Nuel Schneider and Deputy David Fitzpatrick saw top-shaped objects making sharp maneuvers. They alternately hovered, rose and fell quickly, darted around at jet-like speed, their light dimming and brightening periodically.

In a report to NICAP, the officers stated that two objects were operating together, circling and flying in formation, while a third object hovered at lower altitude.

March 20, 1966, Dexter, Michigan. About 8:30 p.m. Frank Mannor and family, and dozens of other witnesses, reported that a domed oval object with "quilted" or "waffled" surface and lights in the center and on each end had landed in a swampy field. Deputies David Fitzpatrick and Stanley McFadden parked car #34 adjacent to the area and began a search with Frank Mannor.

"While in the woods area," their report states, "a brilliant light was observed from the far edge of the woods, and upon [our] approaching, the light dimmed in brilliance... The brilliant light [then] again appeared, and then disappeared. A continued search of the area was conducted, through swamp and high grass, with negative results.

Upon returning to the patrol vehicle, the undersigned officers were informed that one of the objects had been hovering directly over the area where our flashlight beams had been seen, and then [it] departed in a west direction of flight, at high rate of speed."

As he and other officers were rushing to the scene, Officer Robert Hartwell of the Dexter Police Department saw a luminous object buzz his car. Robert Taylor, Dexter Police Chief, said he watched an object in the field from Frank Mannor's home on a knoll overlooking the area. It appeared as a pulsating red, glowing object. Through binoculars he saw "a light on each end of the thing."

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(Sheriffs' statements in NICAP files)

See The U.F.O. Investigator, March-April 1966, pp. 5-6;

Detroit News, March 14, 1966;

LIFE Magazine, Apr. 1, 1966;

Newsweek, Apr. 4, 1966.)


(last update, 10-09-09)

California - Multiple Unknowns
09-26-09 - At the time I was at work, and was getting ready to take lunch. As I was walking to my car I looked up as I always do, and saw something in the sky, at first I thought it was just a balloon. But I decided to take a second look, and it no longer looked like a balloon, it was spinning, and flashing a light, moving very slowly across the sky.

I saw a co-worker and called out to him, and asked him, "What is that?" He said that he was not sure what it was, but it sure looked strange. After watching for a while, I was walking back to my car, and another one of those things showed up, and by the time I reached my car there was a third one. They all faded away from my view.

Later on during the day I called my husband and informed him of the incident, he then told me that he was in the area, and saw 4 Apache Helicopters circling the exact area where I saw the 3 objects. I don't have any pictures to prove my story, but my husband has pictures of the helicopters. I was wondering if any one else might have seen these 3 objects? source: www.ufocasebook.com

Florida - Pilot Sees UFO
10-13-09 - Came out of Northern Sky headed due South. Crossed horizon in 5-6 seconds. Walked outside on pool deck going to the backyard to walk the pup before bed and saw the disc out of corner of my right eye. It appeared and disappeared so quickly that my initial reaction was, "That was a UFO."

It was changing colors from brilliant white to ice blue, and back to white. There was no trail like a comet or shooting star. Also there was no sound from the object.

There was a commercial 757 heavy on approach to the southeast setting up for a landing at MCO. The speed of the disc was 6-7 times faster than the 757.

I grew up flying with my dad; we owned a small municipal airport in east Tennessee. I have been flying since I was 12 and a licensed pilot since I became legal at 16, multi rated, I have over 3500 hours single & twin engine left seat and with over 150 hours in right seat of a Lear 7. This was a UFO, not a star, comet or swamp gas. There have to be other reported sightings of this disc all over central Florida. It was on an approximate path from Daytona to Sarasota. source: www.mufon.com

Indiana - UFO Hovers over Pond
10-02-09 - I came home from work late. I always love to look at the pond with the moonlight shining on it and after the crap day I'd had, I was doubly happy to see something that didn't cost anything and didn't want a piece of my time. As I was looking at the sky and smiling, I saw the UFO hovering over the trees / pond next to my house.

It seemed to be high up in the air and it was a very large looking craft. There were a few clouds and the moonlight seemed to bounce off the clouds and outline the craft. It wasn't close to the shape of an airplane or anything I've seen before.

I watched it for about 20 seconds and it moved slowly upward and off to the west. It went over the trees, gaining speed and suddenly zipped away. I thought it was pretty neat. I didn't feel out of the ordinary when it left or since seeing it. source: www.mufon.com

Indiana - Black Triangle, Missing Time
10-10-09 - We went out to the Okie Pinoki to go check out the rumors of the ghosts that suppose to haunt the area. After wandering around the area for about 2 hours with our friends, my boyfriend and I decided to take off by ourselves for a little "alone" time.

As we sat in our car talking and discussing our plans for the coming year, we noticed a car pull onto the road with some people in it. I waved at them as they drove off into the woods. As we sat there in the dark for another 10 minutes talking and listening to the radio, we noticed what looked like lightning in the distance.

All of a sudden, the radio started to jump around and not stay on one radio station. As we looked at the radio, the entire area around us became as bright as daylight, we could see the trees and the grass around us. We looked up to see a large object above us, we also jumped out of the car, both out of curiosity as well as scared completely out or wits.

The next thing I remember we were standing outside of our car as we watched a large black triangular craft slowly move away from us. The craft slowly angled upwards and out of view in the clouds.

As we got into the car, we thought that only a few seconds had passed, much to our horror THREE HOURS has passed!

I did not want to report this incident, but this sighting has really affected my life. I am scared to sleep in complete dark, I feel that someone is watching me now. My boyfriend has completely freaked out and sleeps with his lights on now, he is scared and so am I. source: www.mufon.com

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