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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 532, Issue date, 10-22-12

Will David Cameron Confirm UFOs and Extraterrestrials?
David Cameron
Published: 3:20 PM 10/18/2012

There is something hanging over Prime Minister David Cameron that will simply not go away...

Will he keep a promise he made and confirm the existence of UFOS and extraterrestrial life?

In January 2009 whilst on the campaign trail, David Cameron vowed to publish any secret files that may exist on UFOs and extra-terrestrial life once he became prime minister. Speaking at one of his regular Cameron Direct public meetings, he pledged to be 'open and frank' with any government knowledge about close encounters.

At the meeting in Tynemouth, North Tyneside in January 2009, Mr. Cameron was questioned about a spate of mysterious incidents. A member of the audience asked:

"In July last year the respected scientist and astronaut Dry Edgar Mitchell, who was the sixth man to walk on the moon, spoke on a British radio station. He said the American government had had contact with extraterrestrials on multiple occasions and that these were ongoing."

"He [Dry Mitchell] spoke about the Roswell event in 1947 where wreckage of a downed UFO was recovered and found to contain Extra-Terrestrial bodies. He said this event was real but was covered up by the government for many years."

Do you agree with me that the British people have a right to know if we have been visited, and if so, when you become prime minister will you seek to lift the veil of secrecy and give the public the truth that they deserve?"

Mr. Cameron replied: "I think we should be as open as possible, so I would be quite happy to give you a guarantee that if I became prime minister I would always be entirely open and frank about these things. I don't think any of us have any clue whether there's intelligent life out there and it is certainly not something that any government should seek to hide from anyone."

President Obama also promised to create more transparency in US government. Several key members of his administration are known to be in favor of being open and honest with the public about UFO files. Russia, France, UK, Brazil, and other countries are way ahead of the US with such openness. But the US President has yet to release suppressed files that former government whistle blowers say have denied Americans superior medical and clean energy technologies of extraterrestrial origin.

Campaign promises come and go faster than UFOs, but maybe one day prime minister Cameron will represent the honest and courageous side of humanity more than other politicians have so far. If he does then he might trump US politicians on a galactic scale.

Uniting the people and political parties is a huge challenge. But it might be made easier if the prime minister quickly released the UFO files and made disclosure, which could then inspire a global, unified preparation for acknowledging and interacting with extraterrestrial intelligent civilizations.

David Cameron has so far not spoken about this subject since he has been prime minister. But people don't forget promises, and not sticking to them could in the long run ruin a political career.

The British government has released various UFO files over the years, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is far more to it than meets the eye and when a government says, "We no longer investigate the UFO or alien phenomena", you know deep down that they are telling fibs.

Maybe it's time for the British Government to sit up and listen to real life UFO investigators and researchers, and get their input on this subject. As time goes on the truth will slowly come out...

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/davidcameron.html

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Photo of Mysterious Object Has UFO Watchers Buzzing
UFO Broken Head
Published: 5:11 PM 10/18/2012

Rodney Stevens

A BALLINA man took this photo of an unidentified flying object at Broken Head, Australia in August but researchers from UFO Research NSW are reluctant to say it could be genuine.

Adam Frankham and his girlfriend went to the lookout and walking track at Broken Head on August 24 and he took two photos seconds apart, one showing a clear sky and the next showing an unidentified flying object flying above the ocean.

But Mr. Frankham didn't discover what he had captured until three weeks later when he downloaded the images from his phone to his computer.

SPECULATION: Adam Frankham snapped two photos at Broken Head recently with a mysterious ‘object’ in the one above. "We went for a bit of a walk up there to have a look and I stopped on the way up there to take a couple of shots like I usually do," he said.

"We worked out it definitely couldn't have been a plane because there was no noise at all, we couldn't hear a thing."

Mr. Frankham said he spoke to a photographer in Ballina about the photo and he said he has seen many pictures like his over the years.

"One of his friends who actually drove from Byron that day and saw something very weird as well a bit later that day," he said. Seeing the unidentified flying object in the photo has changed Mr. Frankham's opinion on UFOs.

"I do believe that something could be there but I'm not really a believer, I have always looked and thought how do you know if that's real."

UFO Research NSW media manager Doug Moffett said as he was not a photo or video analysis expert he would not be prepared to declare the object in Mr. Frankham's photo as UFO.

"If an expert was to look at this photo and analyze it, at the end of the day all they would be able to tell you is what it isn't," he said.

The only things they would be able to tell your from their expert analysis is that it's not a balloon, that it's not a bird, that it's a three dimensional object and there doesn't appear to be any wings.

After more than 20 years in the industry, Mr. Moffett said he believed UFOs were mysterious because 60 years after the famous Roswell incident there has been little scientific research done into UFOs.

"There is no actual scientific research done on UFOs because the scientists think it's a load of crap," he said.

"And that's why it remains in the mystery basket, not because there is no one who can analyze the photos, but because it has been rejected by scientists."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/brokenheadphoto.html

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Man Claims He Saw Two UFOs at Collaroy: Snapped Photos
Brett Vollus snapped this picture of dancing lights over Collaroy. Source: News Limited
Published: 12:40 PM 10/17/2012

Boel Eriksson, The Manly Daily

A MAN claims he saw two UFOs hovering over the ocean off Collaroy this morning.

Brett Vollus, who lives in a unit overlooking Collaroy, saw purple and blue lights above the ocean at 5 am.

"I thought 'that's a bright star'," he said.

He zoomed in with his iPhone and saw what looked like two objects travelling around each other.

"I thought it was a helicopter but it wasn't making a sound,'' he said.

"It looked like something out of this world."

"They were moving in and out of each other and the lights were really bright."

Mr. Vollus said he watched the spectacle for about 40 mins before they "just disappeared."

"I was quite freaked out after," he said.

The President of UFO Research (NSW), Mariana Flynn said they had no UFO sighting reports called in today.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/collaroy.html

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Disc-shaped Object Photographed over Chatworth, California
Published: 5:38 PM 10/18/2012

Chatworth, California - 10-15-12

I was taking pictures from my balcony in Chatsworth and caught an object near a fading trail. It was yellow and orange.

It could have been the sun that gave it the glowing appearance.

It was taken after 4 PM so the sun would have been to the left of the object. I have another picture prior to this one and there is no orange glow.

I don't know if # 22 is the same object or not.

I have many similar photos as 22 but 26 is really something. I must have snapped the shutter at just the right second. It came and went very fast.

Chatworth, California - 10-15-12

(click on image for full size)

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/chatworthca101512.html

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submitted to www.mufon.com

Archived Case of the Week

1986 - Mother and Child Close Encounter in Lakeland, Florida
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:32 PM 10/20/2012

Lakeland, Florida - 1986

In the summer of 1968 at the age of 10, my family lived in a rural area of Lakeland, Florida. My mother and I were walking home from a neighbor’s house when a metallic disc-shaped object came up on our right from the nearby wooded area at the end of our road.

Before it got to us I noticed a dome shape on top; it was moving very slowly with no sound whatsoever.

As it got overhead it stopped. We both looked up and saw a lighted circular bottom where lights rotated with different colors.

As it hovered a yellowish, orange light shined down on me and my mother. It remained overhead for what seemed like an eternity; it was probably only a few minutes.

It was approximately 30 to 40 feet in diameter and it had no down blast or heat, and the only sound it made was a low, rhythmic oscillating hum like Wha, wha, wha, wha, etc.

It was just a few feet higher that the telephone pole that was within 20 feet of us. As my mother and I regained our composure, she screamed for my brother to come see the object.

When she did the light went out and the object took off to our left in a blink of an eye. It had disappeared.

Ever since that day I have looked up to the sky to see another one, but I have never had another encounter.

Ken Pfeifer, World UFO Photos

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/1986lakelandflorida.html

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