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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 533, Issue date, 10-29-12

Ojibwa Tale of a 'Skyman' Visitor May Have Been Alien
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:07 PM 10/26/2012

By Andrew Hind

The modern Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) craze began in the late 1940s, when a wave of people reported seeing strange objects in the skies above America.

Indeed, it was in 1947 the term flying saucer entered the popular consciousness after pilot Kenneth Arnold witnessed several brightly-lit saucer-like objects weaving in and out of distant mountain peaks while he was flying in Washington State.

This wasn’t the first wave of UFO sightings, however. An earlier wave occurred in Britain in 1909, when hundreds of people described flying objects shaped like dirigibles and emitting beams of light carrying out extremely advanced manoeuvres overhead. A decade earlier, throughout 1896 and ’97, there was a rash on similar sightings in the United States.

But these weren’t the first accounts of alien spacecraft on record. Legends of god-like beings coming from the heavens exist in many cultures. Throughout North America, there are numerous caves that date back thousands of years. These paintings figures and objects much like the modern imagery of aliens and flying saucers.

One intriguing legend comes from the First Nations people of central Ontario. Their ‘Skyman’ tale may in fact be one of the earliest alien encounters on record.

According to the story recorded in 1917 by ethnologist Colonel G.E. Laidlaw, 500 years ago there was a large Ojibwa village about 550 native people living somewhere in our region. One day, a pair of them stumbled upon a stranger sitting on the grass in a field. This figure, a male, was notably “clean and shining bright.”

The natives approached the stranger and asked who he was and how he came to be in the field. “I am not one of you. I do not belong to this land. I dropped down from above,” the stranger explained.

Showing unusual hospitality, the Ojibwa invited him back to their village. The stranger agreed, but on one condition: “Go home and clean the place where I will stay, and when you come back for me, I will go with you for a few days.”

Agreeing, the Ojibwa men went back to their community, told their fellow villagers about their experience, and cleaned the hut where they would house the ‘Skyman.’

The stranger did in fact accompany them to their village, but he was clearly restless. He watched the skies often and told people that in two days something would come and get him to take him back up to the sky.

One afternoon, Skyman looked up and said, “It is coming.” The villagers craned their necks and turned their eyes above and saw something that looked like a bright shining star streak down from the heavens and hover near the ground.

This was the most beautiful thing any of them had ever seen. Skyman entered the shining star and disappeared from view. The shining star then shot back into the sky and faded away.

This tale seems to be a description of an encounter with an ‘ancient astronaut,’ as seen in many cultures and popularized by Swiss theorist Erich von Daniken of Chariots of the Gods fame.

Many modern UFO theorists believe Skyman was a marooned extraterrestrial astronaut whose own craft was somehow damaged or destroyed. They point to the fact Skyman clearly entered the glowing star as proof the object was a spacecraft of some sort.

Was he ‘clean and shining bright’ because he wore a silvery pressure suit? Did he request his hosts clean his quarters out of fear of contracting human viruses against which he had no immunity?

Many researchers believe Skyman was no mythological tale, but rather an actual encounter of the first kind between an ancient alien and an entire Ojibwa community. And it was said to have occurred somewhere nearby. Maybe we too should be craning our necks and scanning the skies.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/skyman.html

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UFO Expert Tracks Flatwoods Monster Case
Port Orange UFO investigator Frank Feschino Jr., with a lifesized bust he created of the Flatwoods Monster, recently published The Braxton County Monster — Revised Edition — The Cover-Up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed.
Published: 2:22 PM 10/27/2012


The amazing headline that day in 1952 wasn't from Amazing Stories, that science fiction magazine.

Instead the headline — "Saucer Talk in 4 States" — appeared on Page 2 in the Sept. 13, 1952 edition of the Daytona Beach Evening News.

The Associated Press story, datelined Baltimore, reported that "a fiery object that streaked through the night sky with a 'great greenish white light' stirred 'flying saucer' talk among residents of four states from Maryland to Tennessee last night ... Persons throughout Virginia saw what they variously described as 'a big star,' 'a flying saucer' and something 'like a flaming jet plane.'"

The AP story also appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and dozens of other newspapers.

But the story was about to get more amazing, even downright weird.

When some kids in tiny Flatwoods, W. Va., witnessed a meteor — or fireball or something — seemingly crash that night on nearby farmland, they rushed home and told their mom, and the group got a flashlight to go check out the mystery object. The party included Kathleen May, her 13-year-old son Edison and 11-year-old son Freddie, their 18-year-old cousin Gene Lemon and others.

There in the woods — in the dusk amid a mist, a sulfurous smell and a hissing sound like "the frying of bacon," Kathleen May later said — the group encountered what Lemon described as "a 10-foot monster with a blood-red face and a green body that seemed to glow."

"Flatwoods Folks See Monster," reported The Braxton Democrat newspaper on Sept. 19, 1952.

Over succeeding years, some investigators of the "Flatwoods Monster," also called the "Braxton County Monster," would note that the meteor was real enough. But that beastie those eyewitnesses had encountered? A product of mass hysteria, some said. A barn owl, perched on a tree with underbrush giving the illusion of a massive, alien monster, others said.

Not so, says Port Orange UFO investigator Frank Feschino Jr., who has spent 21 years researching the case.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/experttracksflatwoodsmonster.html

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Two Square UFOs Seen in Colorado Skies
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:51 PM 10/27/2012

Colorado - October, 2012

I forgot to report my sighting from a couple of nights ago. It was either Monday the 22nd or Tuesday the 23rd. At approximately 10:45 PM, I was looking up and to the south slightly.

Two dimly lit SQUARES were flying in a line and were going very fast!

I live 50 minutes north of Denver International so I see aircraft at all hours and speeds, brightness and holding patterns.

This was like nothing I have ever seen and I have at least 10 separate GOOD sightings under my belt, a few on video and I'm a critical viewer, so I consider myself a very good witness.

The squares edges were lit in a dim yellowish-amber glow, very gentle glow. The object was obviously square, but the centers were black.

It was moving at an unbelievable speed. I was on the phone with my girlfriend as I saw them and quickly described it to her.

It was very exciting!


Peter K.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/coloradosquares2012.html

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submitted to www.ufocasebook.com

Unknown Object Photographed over New Orleans
Published: 2:07 PM 10/26/2012

New Orleans, Louisiana - 10-24-12

I was on the levee of the Mississippi in New Orleans with another guy taking pictures of the sunrise when we both spot a disc-shaped shadow like object fly just above the bridge across the river.

We were talking about photography when I spotted an unusual disc-shaped object that looked like a shadow (or transparent) moving about twice the speed of a car across the river just above the bridge.

It looked like it was going the same direction as the road flying about 2-300 feet above the bridge moving south.

It was a shadowy, misty, object that had a definate dark shape and outline against the bright morning sky.

There were a few planes way up in the air flying over. The planes had blinking navigation lights. The object we saw just flew quietly over the river and faded away into the distance.

The object was following the direction of the bridge south and moving in a definite trajectory and direction. There was the outline and shape of a disc. It looked to be about 200 feet across maybe more. From my view it was about the size of my thumbnail at about 15 degrees above the horizon.

It was kind of like what you'd see on TV. We could see the dark shadowy disc moving smoothly through the sky over the river. The sighting lasted about 20 seconds and it was out of sight.

This morning we saw several unusual lights flying over. One we thought was a satellite or star-like object was moving over the city way up there and actually got brighter for a few seconds as it passed over us, then dimmed and kept going.

New Orleans, Louisiana - 10-24-12

(click on image for full size)

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/neworleans102412.html

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submitted to www.mufon.com

Archived Case of the Week

The Flatwoods, Braxton County Monster, 1952

Flatwoods Entity
From the town of Flatwoods, of Braxton County, West Virginia, comes the mysterious tale of a burning craft which fell from the sky, and a mysterious being. The account began in the afternoon of September 12, 1952 when Sheriff Robert Carr and his Deputy Burnell Long received a call from witnesses who had seen the fiery object as it crashed into the earth.

The unknown object had crashed on the Elk River, south of Gassaway.

The natural assumption was that an airplane had faltered, and fallen from the skies. Not long afterward, a second unusual sighting was made by some school buddies at the Flatwoods School.

Shortly before nightfall, four boys playing football saw something fall on a hill not far from the school playground.

The boys, at first frightened, succumbed to their youthful curiosity, and headed for the sight, which was on the property of one Bailey Fisher. They proceeded up the hill, stopping at the house of Kathleen May, excitedly telling her of what they had seen.

Kathleen and her two sons joined the search party. Reaching the top of the hill, Mrs. May remarked that, ... the night was foggy and there was a mist in the evening air."

"The air had a metallic smell which burned our eyes and noses."

A dog was reported to have ran ahead of the group only to return with his tail between his legs, frightened by something.

Flatwoods Monster Topping the hill, they could see a "glowing, hissing" object about 10 feet in diameter, about 100 yards away. Now completely dark, the night was shattered by two lights, about a foot apart.

One of the boys had a flashlight, and when he turned it on the two distant lights, a creature ten foot tall appeared; a bright red face, bright green clothing, a head which resembled the ace of spades, and clothing which, from the waist down, hung in great folds."

Suddenly, the creature began to "float" toward them, sending the group running back down the hill to the May house, where they quickly called the Sheriff.

The boys also called some of their schoolmates, and when the Sheriff arrived, the scene of the event was full of locals, who had to see the creature for themselves.

Reporter A. Lee Stewart, of the "Braxton Democrat," began interviewing witnesses of the unusual event. He would later state that all of the observers were extremely frightened by what they had encountered.

Stewart, accompanied by one of Kathleen May's sons, made their way back to where the creature had been spotted. Approaching the sight, Stewart was overwhelmed by an odd smell, but saw nothing unusual. Returning to the exact spot the next morning, Stewart could observe "skid marks" where some object had been.

Flatwoods Monster Flatwoods Monster

L to R, Tommie Hyer, Freddie May, (front) Edison May (back) Neil Nunley; Right-Kathleen May

Sheriff Carr believed that the group had actually seen a meteor, or comet come to earth. Reaching the top of the hill, they had seen some local animal's eyes shining through the dark, which they mistook as a monster.

This explanation, though plausible, did not explain all of the eyewitness reports.

The night of the monster, and the next night brought new revelations of unusual things. A resident of Birch River testified that he had seen a "bright, orange" object circling overhead the Flatwoods area.

A woman and her mother stated that they also had seen the tall creature, about eleven miles from the spot of the first sighting.

Well known investigator John Keel would make observations from the Flatwood incident also. Keel found one more couple, who had observed the monster, and had also seen unusual objects over the area.

The case was also investigated by naturalist Ivan Sanderson, who took soil samples, and eye witness reports. His findings were not made public. The 1952 events of Flatwwoods remain a mystery.


Frank Feschino Jr. Author/Illustrator of:

The Braxton County Monster: The Cover-up of the Flatwoods Monster.

Archived Case of the Week


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