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UFO Casebook Magazine 481, Issue date, 10-31-11

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Possible UFO/USO Encountered by USS Kirk FF1087
UFO - USS Kirk FF1087
Published: 4:47 PM 10/25/2011

December 16, 1991 - aboard USS Kirk FF1087 - Pacific Ocean

From 1989 thru 1992, I was an operations and intelligence petty officer in the United States Navy. In the fall of 1991, I was stationed on the USS Kirk FF1087, in Long Beach, California.

From October 91 thru January 92, we were part of a drug interdiction force, along with three other naval vessels.

During our drug interdiction operations, we would sail roughly 350-400 nautical miles off the west coast of South America. Our four ships, within the task force, would sail roughly 150 nautical miles apart from one another, in a straight line.

Our air radar stream would just slightly capture the land and the entire task forces air radar would interlink, creating a large and connected air picture, ranging roughly 700-800 nautical miles long.

Our primary mission was to track, contact, intercept and take control of low flying aircraft (drug carriers) coming out of Columbia, Panama and Guatemala.

On occasion we would intercept board and seize sailing vessels, which we knew were drug carriers.

Similar to the movie Clear and Present Danger, we were in direct communication with a DEA special agent on land, which would contact our ships via a secured and encrypted communication device. The actual call sign of our agent on land was “Iron Manvel”.

As an operations specialist, my primary duties took place within CIC or the Combat Information Center.

CIC was the central nervous system of the entire ship. Within CIC, we could fight, navigate and control the entire ship. CIC was manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On the USS Kirk, there were roughly 22 Operations Specialists. We would work in two, 11 man shifts.

Each shift would last 12 hours each. We called it a port and starboard shift system.

At approximately 0200 hours, on December 16th, I was on CIC Duty. There was literally nothing going on within CIC, and all ships within our group were sailing as noted above.

The air and surface radars were clear, with the exception of our sister vessels steaming in line. As things were quiet and slow, I took the liberty of departing CIC and made my way up to the ship's bridge.

During the evenings, naval ships sail in a status called darkened ship. All lights on the exterior of the ship are out, and the only lighting on the bridge is contained dark lighting from radar scopes and navigational devices at the helm.

During this time of night, a junior officer would be in command of the bridge and he was referred to as the officer of the deck (OOD). On this particular evening, the OOD was a good friend of mine, and he and I were having a discussion about a football game.

All of a sudden and out of nowhere, like a huge flash from a camera, emanating from the starboard bow sea level upward was a huge flash of red glowing light, which lit up our entire ship.

It only lit up our ship, not the surrounding ocean, just our ship.

It happened so fast, that the OOD, the navigator and I were speechless for about 5 seconds, at which time I looked at the OOD and asked him if he just saw that light. He stated yes in a sullen voice.

I then asked the navigator and he replied yes.

I then took the navigator’s sound powered headset, and asked the forward and aft look outs, if they had just seen the same red flash, to which the forward look out stated, "YES! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?"

Aft lookout said yes as well. I then immediately contacted CIC, and asked the CIC officer if we had any aircraft or surface ships in our vicinity, to which he replied clear as a whistle. I asked if we had any submarine activity in the area, to which he replied, no.

At this point I looked at the OOD and asked him if we should wake up the captain or as we would call him, The Old Man. The OOD sat there stunned for a minute, as did I and everyone else.

What had just happened did not make any sense. The flash emanated from the sea, directly off of our starboard bow (like it was touching our bow), and ascended upwardly so rapidly, creating the effect of the bright red flash.

The other weird aspect of this event was that only our ship was lit up within the red flash, not the surrounding sea, but our vessel only.

The OOD elected not to wake the captain, and the entire incident was logged in our ship's log as an unexplained phenomenon.

Up until this event, I did not believe in UFOss or USOss. I have no doubt that our ship, steaming along at 12 knots, came right up on a submerged unidentifiable aircraft.

I don’t think the aircraft or USO had any idea we were sailing up to them. I think whatever it was, took off in a very unplanned and fast manner, and wanted to quickly identify us, thus the flash.

I hope you find my account to be one that matters. I have debated for many years, whether I should share my account of what happened that morning. I have always felt that the event was extraterrestrial in nature.

Respectfully submitted by,


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/1087.html

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Submitted to UFO Casebook

Eerie UFO Sighting Continues to Haunt Me
UFO Depiction
Published: October 27, 2011 - 3:08 PM

Posted by Cynthia Dermody

What you are about to read is totally REAL and creepier than a Hollywood horror movie. Welcome to Scary Story Week on The Stir...

My account is of a UFO I witnessed when I was 8 years old one night looking out my parents' upstairs bedroom window.

More than 30 years later, even as I forget what I did last weekend, I still remember the "craft" and all the details surrounding it as if it were yesterday.

I remember what my mom and I were doing at the time, what the weather was like, the shape of the ship, the lights, the sound, and the eerie feeling that surrounded the whole unearthly event.

It is not like me to remember childhood experiences and details like this, and because I do, it only tells me that this experience was a lot more significant than I considered at the time. For some reason I still can't explain, it has never left me.

Look, I'm not saying what I saw on that humid summer's night in Connecticut was a spacecraft carrying aliens from outer space. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I am open to the idea that life exists on other planets or it does not. Whatever.

All I am saying is that I saw what I saw, and what I saw was not a "weather balloon" or an airplane or a figment of a child's active imagination.

This craft was hovering only 20 feet off the ground in the field across the street from our house, close enough and clear enough for me to make out its exact shape. It was not the classic "saucer like" shape that would have been in my brain from most TV shows and movies of that time period, it was long and seemed to take on a triangular or rectangular shape, rimmed by bright lights.

But most of all, it was quiet. There was no sound as the craft literally appeared before my eyes one second, moved stealthily across the field, and seemingly vanished the next.

Only recently did I discover that the shape I described has popped up in other UFO sightings over the last century. I also discovered that Connecticut, for some reason, has been something of a "UFO hot spot" over the years and that has not changed.

According to the Mutual UFO Network guys who track all these reported sightings, the small state of Connecticut ranks number 8 in the nation for UFO sightings, and the number of sightings this past August in Connecticut skyrocketed to 38.

Is it coincidental that I saw my UFO in August, too? No idea, but I certainly wasn't the only one who saw strange things in the sky that night.

My mother saw them too, and the next day the newspaper reported dozens and dozens of other people had seen the glowing objects flashing around the sky, disappearing and then reappearing again.

My mother, while she saw the lights and could not explain them, does not remember seeing the ship in the field. I never saw it again, but neither did I ever try to look for it, either.

Looking back I feel a little sad about that. People often say that you see what you want to see, believe what you want to believe, so it doesn't surprise me that an adult who is by nature more skeptical than a child would have no memory of it.

Maybe the ship only showed itself to me and burned a hole in my memory alone because I was more open to the possibility.

Wow. I think there might be a lesson for all of us in there somewhere, either that or it's just a goofy UFO story. I know what I believe. What about you?

What do you think I saw that night?

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/eeriesighting.html

source & references:


Welwyn Garden City Man Can't Stop Seeing UFOs
A still from one of Mr Clementson's UFO videos shot from his garden in Knightsfield, WGC.
Published: 9:54 AM 10/29/2011

By Paul Christian, Reporter

225 317 ALIENS, ghosts and other paranormal phenomena are real, and won’t stop haunting a couple.

Mr Clementson, 55, has uploaded around 80 videos of close encounters with what he says are extraterrestrial craft to YouTube, many of which were shot performing dazzling aerobatic feats over his garden in recent weeks.

He told the WHT: “The UFO issue has long been the subject of fierce debate, and even outright ridicule.

“Nevertheless, my wife and I have both been experiencing such things for decades, irrespective of whether people choose to believe it, or not.

“We have been subjected to various kinds of paranormal phenomena during that time.

He added: “These objects are intelligently controlled.

“This activity does not conform to any human flight regulations, nor does it conform to known physical constraints. I would venture to suggest that this UFO activity is based upon advanced space technology, and thus emanates from other worlds.

“In other words, it’s alien technology.”

And visitors from another planet aren’t the only unexplained entities that he and his wife Lesley, 64, have had to contend with.

Mr and Mrs Clementson have also had several experiences with malevolent apparitions.

He said: “Activities that are typically defined as poltergeist events started happening around us at [there house in] Guessens Road, WGC, back in 1985.

“Objects would go missing, and then mysteriously reappear.

“Ghostly fingers would poke my wife in the back.

“And, back in 1986, a kitchen cupboard was pushed horizontally off the wall onto my wife’s head.

“On one occasion, the electric doorbell rang without the necessary batteries.

“We both saw a cigar-shaped object, flying low through the night sky over Lyme Regis, back in February 1987.

“We had two dogs with us at the time, and they both went berserk when this object appeared.”

He said the bizarre occurrences persist at Knightsfield and the couple have seen what he called “ghost cars”.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/marblehead.html

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Multiple Sightings over Harrington, Delaware
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:30 AM 10/26/2011

Harrington, Delaware - 10-07-11

I was driving to my farm in the country on a rural road. While adjusting my sun visor, two shiny silver aircraft caught my eye straight up in the sky.

They were lower than an airplane, about 10k feet up. I saw one, then the other about a mile behind it in a straight line.

I pulled over and got out of the car and tried to take pictures with my cell phone, but it did not show up on camera. I saw no wings.

They were cigar-shaped with a black band in the middle. They eventially disappeared out of sight. The day was very sunny, no clouds in sight, about 10 AM.

Two days later, I was traveling about a mile away, also on my way to the farm and saw one of the same craft.

I grabbed my binoculars and saw the craft turn slightly upward and disappear into the sky.

I know these are not airplanes; there were no wings, no sound or trail and they hovered rather than flew.

In the past, I have seen a blimp-type craft with a fish tail hovering over the woods line near my farm. It seemed to be over the county waste area.

There was no sound or movement, then they disappeared.

I saw this one about four times, but not since last spring. In all cases, I had no fear of the craft, just a reluctance to report for fear of government contact.

Thanks to MUFON CMS system.


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/harringtonde100711.html

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Submitted to UFO Casebook


Unknown Aircraft Observed over Buffalo, Missouri
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:30 AM 10/18/2011

Buffalo, Missouri - 10-06-11

Shape: Other

Duration: 30 seconds

Unusual aircraft - doesn't fit a typical UFO report.

At 5:13 PM, 5 miles south of Buffalo, MO, I was outside with my grandparents and heard a very loud noise that made me think a military jet was passing within sight of my location.

After stepping into a location where I could see a larger section of sky, I finally located a silhouette of what would appear to be a passenger 747 at standard cruising altitude for commercial traffic in the area.

This had no visible contrail and compared to a typical passenger jet, appeared to be flying at around 3 times as fast as a normal jet.

Based on the altitude, the jet could be heard as well, very loudly as well as clearly which was unusual in this area, much less at that volume.

Based on my normal views of airplanes, this should not have been heard, again it was the sound that caught my attention to begin with thinking a military jet was approaching as I had seen F-14s in the area a few days prior.

My cell phone has a compass on it and after tracking the object for approximately 10 seconds by sight, it disappeared much quicker than any 747 at that altitude I had ever observed.

I had approximately 20 seconds of hearing something approach and 10 seconds of visual on the jet.

Using my compass, it was headed at approximately 225 degrees southwest of my location.

I know this doesn't fit into a typical report, but the whole scene did not fit the general feel of a typical 747 commercial jet, altitude, sound and speed of what you would normally think.

If it can be determined this was a normal commercial flight, at least maybe weather patterns and temperature, etc., would help identify other things that get reported.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/buffalomo.html

source & references:

Submitted to www.nuforc.org

Archived Case of the Week

Fact or Fake Team Captures Sky Phenomena over Area 51
UFO over Area 51
Published: 4:45 PM 10/27/2011

Taken from "Fact or Fake: Area 51

In the video below, three members of the Fact or Fake team take a trip to Area 51 to see if they can see any type of unusual activity over the secretive base.

Two members of the team locate themselves at Campfire Hill, which is located 15 miles from the base. The remaining member locates himself at Tikaboo Peak, located 26 miles from the base.

The Campfire Hill duo employed 4 Infra-red cameras to film the night skies. Soon, a security team is seen spotted in the Campfire Hill area.

As the team is monitoring the base, suddenly all of the runway lights come in, as if they are expecting something. Almost simultaneously, some type of phenomena is spotted in the sky. At the same time, all of the base lights are extinguised.

Later, when reviewing the phenomena, one team member suggests that the object/phenomena could be a shooting star. But another team member disagrees, stating the obvious; what are the odds that the base would light up all runway lights, and then shut off all of the base lights at the exact same time a shooting star occurs?

UFO Casebook Splash

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/forfarea51.html

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