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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 586, Issue date, 11-04-13

Former Novi Resident Remembers 1960s Incident
Nancy Tremaine
Published: 12:51 PM 10/31/2013

Written by Lonnie Huhman, Staff Writer

Nancy Tremaine remembers seeing the flying saucer over Borchart Street, and then she remembers running toward her home on Meadowbrook Road.

However, it’s after that summer night in the early 1960s when things took a turn for the former Novi resident. The sighting would go on to impact the rest of her life and now she’s looking for some answers.

“It was a very traumatizing experience that stayed with me,” she said of the incident when she was 12-years-old and saw what appeared to be a UFO floating over Novi.

Tremaine said she was taken up into the craft. She doesn’t remember much, but it has been coming back to her lately.

In recent years, she has gone through regression therapy and has sifted through years of forgotten memories with the help of Dr. Harry Willnus, a UFO researcher who said this story is similar to many others.

Now she is seeking out answers and other witnesses to the UFO sighting. Some might think she was imagining it or making this up, but she stands by her account.

“I’m not a liar and I’m not afraid anymore,” Tremaine said during a recent visit to the place where it all happened.

Nancy Tremaine drew this illustration of the night of her abduction by an alien craft in the 1960s in Novi. She said that she was concerned that her friend Cindy, pictured in this illustration, who was near her, would be abducted as well. JOHN HEIDER - STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Although he didn’t see the UFO, former Novi Police Chief Lee Begole, 93, is one such witness. He was on duty the night at the police station when the incident occurred.

He recalls hearing dispatch receive a call from an off-duty Novi police officer doing security at a construction site off of Meadowbrook at the time. The site had equipment and materials stolen from it in the previous weeks, so the officer volunteered to watch it.

“He called into dispatch and said there was a strange object overhead,” Begole said.

Police dispatch took multiple calls that night from people stating they saw a strange object, including one from a city council member’s wife. Not a believer in UFOs, Begole said it was a strange night nonetheless.

She’s not exactly sure of the year it happened; she believes it was 1961, but it could have been some time during the span from 1960-62. Tremaine is sure it was summer because it happened during dusk and there was still a little bit of light outside. She was at her friend’s home when the friend’s father asked them to come outside and see what was in the sky.

They looked up and saw a silver saucer shaped object with red, green and white lights that appeared to have been either rotating or pulsating. She said it was very noticeable.

“It was humongous to my young eyes,” she said of the UFO.

Tremaine said she saw a light beam down onto the officer’s unmarked car. It was then her friend’s father said she should run home. As she made her way, she felt a sensation like being shocked.

She was told she had been missing and later ended up at home with little memory of what had happened. Later she was told to forget about it.

She’s asking Novi residents if they remember that night, and if so, would they reach out to her. Putting together the pieces is one step in her healing process.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/novi-resident-remembers-ufo-incident.html

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Area 51 Hosted Tests for 'Secretly Acquired' Soviet Fighter Jets
Area 51
Published: 2:47 PM 10/30/2013

By Amanda Holpuch in New York

Documents released Tuesday show US air force examined at its then-secret Nevada base the MiG-21, on loan from Israel.

The US government “secretly acquired” Soviet aircraft during the Cold War and tested them at Area 51, according to documents released Tuesday that shed light on the once-classified and long speculated base deep in the Nevada desert.

The CIA in August confirmed the existence of Area 51 when it released declassified documents through a Freedom of Information Act request by George Washington University's National Security Archive. The initial documents show that Area 51 was used to test the US government’s aerial programs.

One of those programs was the government’s investigation of the multiple Soviet MiG fighter planes it “secretly acquired” during the Cold War. The first documented acquisition was the MiG-21, originally obtained by Israel in August 1966. From January 1968 to April 1968, Israel loaned the plane to the US air force, which referred to the aircraft as the YF-110.

The air force examined the plane’s technical characteristics and evaluated its performance to see how the US government’s weapons and aircraft compared tactically under the Have Doughnut program. Similar evaluations were conducted in 1969 with the MiG-17 under the not-as-delightfully-named Have Drill and Have Ferry campaigns. Other MiG examinations took place later, but details of those programs have not been declassified.

As part of the air force’s evaluation of Soviet air scheme, the military group would simulate a Soviet-style air defense complex made out of systems with names including Mary, Susan and Kathy.

According to the documents, officials were concerned about maintaining secrecy of the space early on and it was nearly uncovered by American astronauts taking routine overhead imagery. These images set off an internal discussion about how to prevent exposure of the site.

Robert Singel, National Reconnaissance Office deputy director, said in a 1974 letter that releasing the photos to the public “would almost certainly provide strong stimulus for media questioning and the potential near-term revelation of the missions of the installation.”

The site was eventually transferred from the CIA to the air force in the late-1970s and became widely known in the mid-1990s.

Area 51 was discovered by government staffers and Lockheed Martin employees who thought it would be a good place to test aircraft while flying over Nevada, according to the first batch of documents.

Archive senior fellow Jeffrey T Richelson was able to review the documents in 2002, but mentions of Area 51 were redacted at the time. He submitted a request for the CIA’s history again in 2005 to continue his research on aerial surveillance programs.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/area-51-tested-soviet-planes.html

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graphic - public domain

Dallas Author Investigates Connection between JFK Assassination and UFOs
Dallas author Nick Redfern
Published: 11:23 AM 11/1/2013

By Christopher Wynn, cwynn@dallasnews.com

Was John F. Kennedy assassinated because he was on the verge of telling the public the truth about UFOs?

Dallas-area author and strangeness researcher Nick Redfern says, true or not, the belief is fairly widespread in the UFO investigation community.

(He would know, Redfern has written 28 books on a wide variety of unsolved mysteries, including Monster Files, The Real Men in Black and Celebrity Secrets.) I asked Redfern to summarize the curious theory for us as JFK 50 approaches.

Per Redfern:

“One of the major areas of controversy surrounding the JFK assassination of November 22, 1963 is that which suggests a link between the tragic event and the subject of (wait for it... ) UFOs."

Was JFK whacked to prevent him from revealing the truth about flying saucers?

"Guy Banister (portrayed in Oliver Stone’s JFK movie by Ed Asner) was someone that New Orleans district-attorney, Jim Garrison, suspected was involved in a plot to kill Kennedy. As an FBI agent in 1947, Banister investigated numerous UFO sightings for J. Edgar Hoover and received a classified briefing on the subject in July 1947.

"Fred Crisman was a man who also came under the scrutiny of Garrison, and someone who was identified as one of three 'hoboes' detained after JFK’s death. Crisman had an intelligence-based background and claimed to have handled UFO debris in the 1940s.

"CIA asset Clay Shaw (played by Tommy Lee Jones in JFK and another one of Garrison’s targets) had connections to Crisman. Colonel Philip Corso, of the U.S. Army, claimed to have handled UFO wreckage recovered at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

"At the time of his death in 1998, Corso was working on a book titled The Day after Dallas, which, claimed Corso, would finally reveal the truth about JFK’s death... "

What do you think?

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/jfk-killed-for-ufos.html

source & references:


Drones Increasingly Mistaken for UFOs
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:15 PM 11/2/2013

There was a time when UFO sightings were easily identified objects like weather balloons, lenticular clouds, satellites, meteorites, planets, conventional aircraft, weather anomalies etc.

But here come the drones, the newest addition to the growing list of misidentified things in the sky that many people claim are ships from another part of our galaxy.

A big problem about all this is that not only do these unmanned objects look like UFOs or flying saucers, but a lot of them are deliberately and inexpensively created to look like UFOs.

From a "flying saucer" drone created by a Canadian science center to deliberately fool people at a baseball game, to a news agency's hovering, camera-mounted craft observing large crowds of protestors, drone technology is used for military purposes as well as consumerism trickery.

` Pizza company Domino's has released footage purporting to show it testing a remote-controlled drone to deliver its pizzas.

In the video posted on YouTube by the company's UK and Ireland division, a craft nicknamed the "DomiCopter" flies over fields and rivers directed by a member of staff to deliver two pizzas to an expectant customer.

The company claims its "latest delivery innovation" will "take deliveries to new heights". While this new venture may be no more than a publicity stunt, it may be just a matter of time before drone-delivery catches on.

Voice of Russia, The Telegraph, the Huffington Post

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/drones-mistaken-for-ufos.html

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Archived Case of the Week

1967 - Five Witnesses Observe Unknown Object over Finland
UFO Depiction
Published: 4:25 PM 11/2/2013

Location: Pyyvaara, Suomussalmi, Finland

Date: June 14, 1967

The sighting at Pyyvaara in Suomussalmi in the summer of 1967 is noteworthy in several respects: the unknown object was of a type seldom reported, it was observed at close range in broad daylight by five eyewitnesses, and the case was researched by a number of investigators; yet no conclusions could be reached.

On June 14, 1967, at about noon, farmer Arvi Juntunen was busy in the yard greasing his field cultivator, while nearby his brother Veikko was tarring the runners of a sled. The weather was sunny and calm.

Suddenly there was a rumble in the sky, as from a whirlwind approaching, and Juntunen noticed the top of a Rowan tree in the yard swaying violently.

He turned to look in the direction of the noise and was surprised to see an object, shaped like an upside-down kettle that had appeared about 6-7 meters from him and was now hovering about half a meter above ground.

Juntunen estimated the object to be 70-80 cm across and about half as high. Sunlight reflected off its brownish surface and there was a wing-like extrusion on its flank. It had a separate base that seemed to be spinning rapidly.

At first Juntunen took the object to be something carried there by a whirlwind, and so decided to salvage it. As he approached to about three meters from it, three thin wires that looked like antennae emerged from the object's flank.

The ones at each side immediately turned in the same direction as the central one, and although they did not touch Juntunen he felt himself receiving a "pulsating blow," resembling an electric shock.

Mr. Juntunen was a little startled at this, but when the object began showing signs of moving again, he pulled his hat off his head and tossed it toward the antennae. The only effect this had was that the strong air pressure surrounding the object whisked the hat more than 10 meters away.

Now followed a display that appeared devoid of meaning. The object rose higher in the air and began to zoom around the yard in every direction, up and down as well as sideways, like an angry wasp, with the antennae extending in front.

Mr. Juntunen realized that this was something others should witness. He shouted to the womenfolk and children in the house to come and have a look, but was not heard.

However, the matron of the neighboring farmhouse, Liisa Keränen, and her daughter-in-law Sirkka Keränen, did hear Juntunen's call and came out.

Actually, five-year-old Aarne Keränen had already been in to tell them about the strange flying object, but apparently the testimony of such a young witness had not been enough to interest the adults.

The five eyewitnesses now stood observing the most curious exhibition of their lives. The little craft's haphazard flight lasted quite a while and could easily have been photographed, but unfortunately no camera was available.

At last the object began to climb at an angle towards the northwest and disappeared in the blue. The whole silent spectacle had lasted approximately 15 minutes.

Possibly, the same oddity may have been moving in the vicinity even before noon that day, because the children of the household had suddenly come rushing inside and begged the grown-ups to come out and look at a "helicopter."

Still, nothing was seen or heard at that time. The case attracted quite a bit of attention, and the eyewitnesses were interviewed by several parties, among them military personnel from the Kainuu border patrol, as well as UFO researchers and journalists from Oulu.

All investigators were left nonplussed, but it was later discovered that a similar object had been seen six weeks previously by three local men out fishing on Lake Vuosselinjärvi in Kuusamo.

They had, however, thought it best to keep quiet about it, and only spoke up a couple of years later, apparently having heard of the Pyyvaara case by then.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/1967-finland-five-ufos.html

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