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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 534, Issue date, 11-05-12

UFO Videotaped over Rogers, Arkansas
UFO Image
Published: 7:05 AM 11/2/2012

Rogers, Arkansas - 11-01-12

Witness statement: My son initially reported he saw a strange light outside. Then our entire family saw a second light fly overhead about five minutes later. I grabbed my digital video camera before the third one flew over five minutes later.

To the naked eye, these appeared to be spinning, orange colored flames, without any sound. When you see the magnified video, the flames appear to have a square structure around them.

These lights did not have flashing strobe lights you see on aircraft, and didn't fall like a flare would. I'm going to upload video and a still photo of the video.

I recorded the video with my Iphone, as I displayed the original video on my TV. The date stamp on the video is off by one day. This actually occurred on November 1, 2012.

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Possible Clues When Meeting UFO Beings, Face to Face
Published: 12:34 PM 10/31/2012

By Diane Tessman

Will there be UFO landings on a mass basis? When you really think about it, no wonder UFO occupants are reticent to land, stepping out of the relative safety of their wondrous machines (if they are machines).

Earth militaries have become many times more efficient and deadly of late, even though the aliens still seem to be able to easily evade them. And when stepping out, are aliens confronted by gun-packing humans? Even if the UFO occupants surprise the humans, the humans are “packing” anyway because more and more of us just carry concealed weapons all the time.

I don’t know how to solve this problem so I’ve been thinking about what we have in common with the UFO occupants as a foundation for communication. Therefore, this article is assuming the occupant has landed, you are face to face with him, her, or it, and no one has shot the occupant.

Why call her an “occupant?” Because, we do not know if she (he or it), is a human from the future, an extraterrestrial from a distant planet, an energy-being having taken a form you can perceive from another realm of Earth, a plasma being from a neighboring mega-verse, or something we can’t even define in the words available to us.

What in the world do we have in common with this being? We have to find something in common if any kind of communication is to begin! And, this UFO being must expect or want communication with us, why else leave the safety of her craft to land in your back yard? For that matter, why else fly around Earth skies for years, trying to get our attention?

Besides, this communication might be what saves your life. A lot of people, including me, feel UFO occupants are intelligent and non-violent but when you are face to face, you might not be sure! And we could be wrong! So a few months ago, I wrote an article about the “Things We Have in Common with the Aliens” for UFO Digest.

I noted that humans do not easily perceive commonality even with other humans; we are trained to be ready to march to war and thus perceive “The Enemy” with all the usual loathsome traits whether he is Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, or Iraqi. Since our “enemies” are humans also, the terrible syndrome never ends. Then how in the world can we make the leap to finding our commonality with UFO occupants?

In making this list, I recognize that there are probably many kinds of UFO beings and they likely are not similar to each other. I do think there is evidence that shows they are united to some degree in their policy toward Earth: The policy seems to be, generally speaking, to stay not-captured by humans and not to fire on Earth or humans.

Perhaps there is an umbrella governing policy for all those diverse UFOs occupants in our skies. Here is what we KNOW we have in common with UFO occupants:

1. They seem to have eyes. Whether Nordics, midget-like humans, greys or even reptilians, they seem to have a nasal opening and a (sometimes tiny) mouth. Most aliens seem to be bipeds. Of course, if they are projecting this image and are really shape-shifting energy-forms, all bets are off, but it is safe to conclude THEY PERCEIVE PLANET EARTH.

They perceive, probably with their eyes, and we perceive with our eyes. Yes, this is a nebulous start in commonality.

2. The UFO occupants like Earth. Or at least, they are very interested in it and they stick around. We humans also like Earth; in fact, we should love Earth and protect her environment more than we do. COMMONALITY: HUMANS AND ALIENS BOTH LIKE PLANET EARTH.

3. The UFO beings seem to have a policy of “hold back, don’t attack.” This could be because these peaceful beings do not believe in attacking other life-forms and other planets or it might be because, according to some humans, they have a nefarious long range plan for taking over Earth without attacking or they will attack us one of these millennia (take your pick).

Human nations which qualify as the super-powers of Earth have the weapons to annihilate all life on Earth, too. One atom bomb can ruin your day! However, to this moment, Russia, the U.S. China, Pakistan, Israel, etc., have held off. WE HAVE THE COMMONALITY WITH ALIENS THAT WE HOLD OFF ON MASSIVE DESTRUCTION OF EARTH.

4. The aliens’ seem attracted to or even dependent on--electromagnetic energy, or they somehow have to do with EM energy. This might not apply to every alien species visiting Earth, but many times, UFOs have been spotted in lightning storms or hovering over electrical wires.

Many times, an EM anomaly is connected to UFOs, whether the polarization of a car is reversed after encountering a UFO, or cell phones and other technology stop working during a UFO encounter, or someone gets a prickly tingling feeling while sighting a UFO.

We humans also really like electricity and its magnetic charge; it powers almost everything, of course. Einstein zeroed in on electromagnetism’s involvement in unifying the field, and we investigators of the unknown suspect that EM energy is intricately involved in the morphic field of human consciousness which is in our heads flowing outward, and which is important in comprehending the great cosmos beyond.


5. UFO Occupants (or some of them) like to pick up specimens and then release them. Humans of course like to pick up specimens, whether butterflies or wild animals soon to be caged in a zoo or experimental laboratory. It seems that as traumatized as some human abductees become, the aliens might be slightly more “humane” than humans in their specimen abducting.

Of course humans do catch and release certain kinds of fish. In all fairness, whales and many other animals are tagged and then released these days by humans in an effort to help the animals survive the Great March of Extinction which is taking place on Earth.


6. Some UFO occupants seem to be more of goodness while others seem to be cold and uncaring. This is exactly like humans – we vary as to whether good or evil (or at least, uncaring), in motivation. Perhaps some UFO occupants are androids, as humans may become soon due to the coming singularity with computers. Being enhanced by computer might make an individual colder and less emotionally caring (Singularity proponents argue this point). However, maybe other UFO occupants are natural beings or have liberated themselves from computer enhancement, a phenomenon which probably happens as any planet advances technically.

If there are organic or energy beings aboard UFOs, do they reach our human extremes of behavior and do they know how to play mind games? Certainly there are many examples which point to the fact that UFO beings do play mind games with us and that they do give us hints, miracles and messages, throughout our human lifetime.

Other humans encounter UFO beings that cause great fear and offer negative experiences. We do not know at this point how much of this negative experience is due to the human mind involved and as well, how much of a positive experience involves the human’s mind – as opposed to the actual UFO occupants’ intention.


So, with this list of commonalities in mind, let’s forge on as we envision standing face to face with a UFO occupant who has just landed in your back yard as part of a mass landing worldwide.

We need to keep in mind that our human perception is probably not the same as the UFO beings’ perception. That is, we do not see exactly what she sees. Even if she is a human from the future, her powers of consciousness and perception, are probably enhanced or evolved beyond ours.

I always remember an example from junior college sociology class which told of South Sea natives being instructed by the U.S. Army how to build latrines for the first time. The Army showed the natives a film of a latrine being built only to discover that the natives had not perceived the latrine at all. They had perceived the chickens and people going by in the film, children playing, the trees, the rocks, the wood – but not the latrine. It was, for all intents and purposes, non-existent in their reality.

Therefore we need to find what UFO beings perceive that we, in our less-advanced state, also perceive. (This is not to say that the South Sea natives or we humans are inferior, only that any life form can only perceive what has reference, and therefore exists, in its reality).

Yes, back to the moment: We are standing face to face with a UFO being. Let’s see what we might have in our common realities:

Astronomers using a telescope in Chile's Atacama Desert have discovered an unexpected spiral structure in the material around dying red giant R Sculptoris. The spiral -- visible around the bright dot at the center of the image -- is likely caused by a hidden companion star orbiting R Sculptoris.

Meeting Aliens

So, how many of you thought just for a second that this dying red giant R Sculptoris was the latest crop circle? Here are pictures of two documented crop circles:

Meeting Aliens

Meeting Aliens

Maybe as you face the UFO occupant, you would want to draw a concentric circle or crop-circle-like design in the earth beneath your feet? (That’s if your hand stopped shaking). I can hear skeptics chortling now, but the question remains, do the beings that create legitimate crop circles also have knowledge of cosmic wonders like R Sculptoris which lie in the far-reaches of space/time? Why do they create the geometric crop circles they do?

The only answer I can come up with is, THEY CREATE CROP CIRCLES IN AN EFFORT TO COMMUNICATE WITH HUMANS. Therefore, I feel we should be ready to use this method also, because obviously both they and we do perceive these universal algorithms, fractals, and geometric forms.

Is there a morphic resonance which is universal consciousness? Thus do we all connect, whether we are fairy, alien, plasma being, human, or something else, to the common patterns, to the algorithmic forms and to the meanings of certain universal shapes and designs?

Is this why legitimate crop circles are shaped as they are? Perhaps UFO beings are hoping we humans will pick up on the fact that this form of communication is being offered to us – and therefore we will use it back “at” them when face to face meetings occur. Have they been preparing us?

Look at the similarity between Earth Universal Commonality-Patterns and Cosmic Universal Commonality-Patterns! The next photo is of a cutaway of a spiral seashell:

Meeting Aliens

Picture: A Spiral Galaxy

Meeting Aliens

On July 2, 2012, Hubble Space Telescope posted this portrait of dying star Camelopardalis (U Cam for short) as it released a spherical shell of gas. U Cam is becoming increasingly unstable, and every few thousand years the red giant's core fuses and it expels stellar material in these eruptions. Although the star itself is small enough to fit into a single pixel of the photo, its brightness makes it appear much larger than it is.

Meeting Aliens

Below are Earth mushrooms.

Meeting Aliens Meeting Aliens

Here is a form of communication which both UFO occupants and humans can comprehend and relate to! From sea shells and spiral galaxies to the structure of human lungs, the universal patterns of chaos and order are all around us on Earth and beyond. So, if a mushroom or toadstool is nearby, you might want to point to it as the UFO being stands there.

Or how about finding a fractal by picking up a twig and illustrating its branching to a smaller twig to the UFO being? Every tree is fractal in nature. A tree flows in structure, repeating itself over and over from the trunk which spreads to large limbs, to the limbs which fork to smaller branches, which spread to twigs.

Fractals are universal patterns, and they are Mother Nature’s blueprint, used over and over again. Fractals are patterns formed from chaotic equations and contain self-similar patterns of complexity increasing with magnification. If you divide a fractal pattern into parts you get a nearly identical reduced-size copy of the whole.

The mathematical beauty of fractals is that infinite complexity is formed with relatively simple equations. By repeating fractal-generating equations many times, random outputs create beautiful patterns that are unique, yet recognizable.

Meeting Aliens Meeting Aliens

Fractal Art

Ok, it is unlikely a UFO being will land in your back yard (although many of you reading this have experienced some kind of contact or sighting already), and it sounds naïve or just plain silly to communicate with a twig and point to its fractal qualities or to pick a mushroom, showing inadvertently that you know there is a dying star Camelopardalis, out there in the universe which looks like a mushroom too.

But how do beings from completely different planets or mega-verse or time periods, communicate? What’s your idea of how to communicate? This one is my idea (remember, if human, these might be humans not from 300 years in the future but from one million years in the future; they would be very different from us).

It may be that some UFOs in our skies are projections similar to crop circles: They are fascinating shapes and forms, just like crop circles are fascinating shapes and forms – and this is what they are meant to be. Are some UFOs projections meant to give us clues for communication while the actual beings are somewhere behind the projections? Could be!

In conclusion, I feel we need to consider our precious, unique, magnificent Planet Earth to find the path forward in finding our commonality with UFO beings.

If some UFO occupants are human time travelers, then they have a right to Earth too. Maybe they do not have a right to set up colonies for billions of future-humans on 2012 Earth, but they are not doing that. They are observing Earth, obviously. They have not gone away, obviously. I feel we can conclude future humans care for Planet Earth. So, here is commonality with the more enlightened 2012 humans!

If some UFO occupants are from other mega-verse coinciding with Earth but not at all like Earth, we still have the commonalities mentioned in this article; their forays “to the other side” (us), remain peaceful if strange. We can get used to “strange,” we really can, and probably fractals, algorithms, and colorful geometric shapes and forms, exist for them too! (And imagine seeing their world!)

If some UFO occupants are from far distant planets circling far distant stars, consciousness has somehow spread in the cosmos with a few blessed commonalities which we just explored. The most important of these, is our mutual intelligence. Who cares how different the intelligence is, as long as we have intelligence, we can reach intelligence! Crop circle shapes, the forms Mother Earth has given her trees, seashells, and her other life-forms, these show amazing intelligence, so let’s follow this clue!

Intelligence also leads to holding back on annihilation of “the other.”

It is time we stopped being blindly frightened of “the latest enemy.” Let’s get off that old human treadmill of fear, think outside the box, take a leap in intelligence, and search not for war, fear, and hatred but for commonality! They are not conquering Earth, they are observing Earth.

WE ALL PERCEIVE EARTH. WE ALL APPARENTLY LIKE EARTH QUITE WELL. I feel therein lies the truly magic commonality – THE KEY!

Leap into Diane’s free newsletter, ExoTrekking! info@earthchangepredictions.com

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/meetingaliens.html

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submitted to www.ufocasebook.com

Fatal Distraction: Can UFOs Cause Air Accidents?
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:16 PM 11/1/2012

Analysis by Ray Villard

Pilots have been seeing unexplained things outside their cockpit windows since the dawn of aviation.

One of the most legendary examples happened near the end of World War II when both Allied and German pilots reported seeing fiery glowing objects that followed their planes and then disappeared in wild maneuvers.

The sky phantoms were nicknamed foo-fighters (long before the 1990s alternative rock band), and thought to be secret military weapons. The term "UFO" didn't appear until a few years later -- at the height of anticipation over the eventuality of human space travel.

"... the number of fatalities in airline accidents caused by UFOs equals the number of motorists killed in vehicle collisions with unicorns."

In the Oct. 19th, an issue of U.S. News & World Report, editor Michael Morella warns that UFOs distract pilots and can cause air disasters.

To the best of my knowledge there has never been a documented commercial air crash attributed to a cockpit distraction due to a UFO buzzing outside. Historically, pilot distractions inside the cockpit have triggered crashes, including: pilot chitchat, misreading of instruments, preoccupation with certain flight controls, and other loss of situational awareness. There isn't one flight recorder transcript I know of where, in the doomed flight's final minutes, the pilot says: "Is that an alien spaceship out there?"

UFO debunker Robert Sheaffer puts it more bluntly blog: "... the number of fatalities in airline accidents caused by UFOs equals the number of motorists killed in vehicle collisions with unicorns."

ANALYSIS: Why Do People Believe in UFOs?

There is a legendary case of a military aircraft crashing during a UFO pursuit. In January 1948, four P-51 Mustang fighters were rerouted to check out an object described as one fourth the angular size of the full moon (the diameter was estimated to be 300 feet, but this can't be calculated without knowing the object's distance).

The P-51s broke off the pursuit except for one pilot Thomas Mantell who climbed to 25,000 feet without oxygen, blacked out, and spiraled to a crash landing.

As is symptomatic of UFO hyperbole, this story has been embellished with claims the UFO was gigantic and metallic, and it perhaps used a space weapon on Mantell to keep him away. The incident was a game-changer for belief in UFOs at the time. UFOs could shoot back!

The simplest explanation is that Mantell was chasing a silver 30-foot diameter secret Navy high altitude balloon. (Another secret balloon probably crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947, but that’s another story.)

Yes, there are decades of pilots reporting oddball lights in the sky spooking them, and even a New York Times best-seller entitled: "UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record." But there has never been a corroborated report of a truly exotic vehicle of obvious extraterrestrial construction (something more than a blob, a Frisbee-looking thing, or other primitive geometric shape) ever being seen in broad daylight and up close.

ANALYSIS: NASA Debunks Mysterious Triangular 'UFO'

This is ironic when considering the oddball case of the lawn chair UFO. On July 2nd, 1982, truck driver Larry Walters tied 42 helium-filled balloons to a lawn chair in the backyard of his girlfriend's house in San Pedro, Calif.

He shot up to 16,000 feet where a TWA pilot incredulously reported the details of seeing a man adrift like the character in the 2009 cartoon "Up.

" An interstellar spaceship zooming through the clouds should make a much bigger impression on pilots. But this has never happened despite thousands of UFO reports per year.

UFOs are almost exclusively seen as just weird lights. And, often the misinterpretation is made that the lights are attached to a physical body, as in the case of the legendary Phoenix lights sighting in 1997 (which Morella references as an outstanding UFO mystery). The Phoenix lights have been debunked as a hoax where flares were attached to a series of helium balloons. Witnesses' imaginations filled in the nonexistent details to describe a monstrous flying delta-shaped vehicle.

Similarly, a report from 1968 describes a cigar shaped object with rectangular windows (a commercial alien tourist spaceliner?), when it was really found to be the breakup of a a Soviet satellite, as tracked by NORAD.

One of the eeriest UFO tales comes from the tragic July 1996 midair explosion of TWA Flight 800 off the coast of Long Island.

Numerous witnesses reported seeing a "streak of light" moving to a point where a large fireball suddenly appeared. Ever since then conspiracy theorists have come out of the woodwork claiming that a military surface-to-air missile brought the 747 down.

NEWS: Secret FBI File Exposes Roswell UFO

Not to be left behind, UFO enthusiasts claimed that a mysterious object was seen 70 miles from the crash site 45-minutes before the explosion. Witnesses said that the object didn’t look like an airplane but seemed to change color from grey to silver.

Shortly after the Flight 800 crash an astrophysicist did come up with a plausible extraterrestrial explanation for the streak of light. Mike Shara calculated that given the rate of meteors impacting our atmosphere, there is a statistical chance that a large meteor fireball should explode close enough to a commercial aircraft once every 50 years to cause it to crash. However, the Flight 800 fuselage did not have the chemical signature of meteor debris. A detailed investigation traced the explosion to a short circuit that ignited fuel tank vapor.

For those true believers who think that flying saucers are buzzing our aircraft, let's look at the logic. Why would any alien visitor, who has taken the time and expense to come here from another star, be interested in "toying" with our aircraft, as the foo-fighter observers reported? I'd only expect to seen that kind of nonsense in a Bugs Bunny cartoon with Marvin the Martian.

What's more, Morella writes that "five percent (of UFO sightings) ... seem to defy rational explanation," This would throw the phenomenon into the fantasy land of metaphysics or the supernatural. Statistically, this really means that there is more noise than signal in the residual data.

In other words -- in the absence of tangible evidence -- the residual sightings are strongly influenced by an individual's perception and over-interpretation. This is why, despite over 60 years of UFO reports, they remain as irrelevant to modern science as Linus' illusory search for The Great Pumpkin.

Hot rod aliens or not, air transportation is still the safest form of travel. But if you are skittish about looking out the window and seeing a bug-eyed alien looking back at you, keep the cabin window shade closed.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/ufosaccidents.html

source & references:


Triangle-shaped Craft Crosses Paths with Commercial Airliner in California
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:47 PM 11/3/2012

Daly City, California - 11-02-12 I went outside in the backyard to smoke. I looked up at the stars; it was a fairly clear night. A falling star came straight down to the west so I waited for another to fall.

Within about ten seconds from my left to right looking to the west, a triangle-shaped craft with lights; I think 7 flew in a northwesterly direction.

I was standing close to the house so it appeared from behind several roofs. The first thing that came to mind was "WOW, IT'S TRUE!"

There was no sound. As it flew away I saw the "wings" expand outward, I thought, "Why is it doing that?"

Then I saw a commercial aircraft coming in on its flight path to land at SFO. Then I thought, "I wonder if those pilots will see it."

It appeared bigger than a normal, commercial aircraft. As their paths were about to cross it seemed to become invisible. That might be because of distance to me, or a cloud, or it really did become invisible.

I waited for the commercial craft to pass overhead, and I could hear its engines. To tell you the truth, I feel very lucky to have witnessed this craft. Unless the U. S. Air Force is about to reveal that we have had these types of craft for some time, I was wondering why was it so in the open for any one to see. This is about 9:25 PM.

I would say it was flying at the same height as most aircraft going up the coast. I know what I saw, and it was real.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/dalycityca110212.html

source & references:

submitted to www.mufon.com

Why UFOs Matter
Richard Dolan
Published: 1:23 PM 10/31/2012

It seems like the world is divided into two kinds of people: those with a fascination for UFOs and those with only skeptical disdain.

But in between those two polarities lies a rich and complex history of governmental involvement with the phenomenon -- as well as some important information we have the right to be privy to.

On Regina Meredith's interview on Gaiam TV with Richard Dolan, a world-renowned government conspiracy expert, you'll get some level-headed truth on why UFOs may have more gravitas and less "giggle factor" than you may assume.

It's an eye-opening show, with sensitive subject matter skillfully handled. Meredith is a savvy interviewer, and gets the balance between empathy and scrutiny just right.

Dolan comes across as well-informed source, passionate (but not fanatical) about UFOs. The show's subtext is government suppression, positioning UFOs as less about personal belief and more about political freedom.

Indeed, Dolan says, "Disclosure [itself] is not the ultimate answer, but a new phase in the struggle for truth." In this context, the inherent curiosity about UFOs that we all instinctually harbor can be richly informed.

Here are just a few of the intriguing things Dolan discusses on the show:

UFOs 101

A crash course in UFO history about the key events and players in the UFO field, including Roswell, New Mexico, Philip Corso, the Condon Report, the COMETA report, John Mack M.D., and Carl Bernstein. Somehow knowing there is extensive UFO research gives the field more validity.

Not fit to print

From the Wall Street Journal to the Washington Post, no legitimate newspaper in the Unites States wants to touch anything that smacks of UFOs and the like. Dolan dives into the back story of why UFOs get so little media coverage and explores the incentives for journalists in keeping UFOs under wraps.

Breakaway civilizations

By far Dolan's most fascinating notion, "breakaway civilization" is a term he coined to denote a hypothetical group fully immersed in studying UFO culture, artifacts and technology.

Studying UFO artifacts, Dolan suggests, can lead to cutting edge breakthroughs in technology and science. These advances, such as concrete alternatives to petroleum and fossil fuels, represent huge threats to the global economy.

Getting to know the fuller picture about the history of UFOs--and the startling lack of disclosure --is a true eye opener.

With open minds, Dolan says, "we can make more informed decisions about the world we live in." By presenting the information with dignity, Meredith does the UFO phenomenology a huge service. As she says in closing, "I hope the giggle factor has been released regarding this subject and you are encouraged to ask more questions."

Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to dismiss that which goes bump in the night.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/whyufomatters.html

source & references:


Archived Case of the Week

1963 - The Willow Grove Encounter
UFO Depiction
Published: 2:59 PM 08/7/2004

The "down under" country of Australia would be the stage for a classic close encounter on February 15, 1963. The quiet area of Willow Grove, near Moe, Victoria hosted the spread of one Charles Brew. As usual, Brew was up and on the job early in the morning.

His 20 year old son Trevor was working in their milking shed. Charles was standing in a field, admiring the sky.

The sun had been up for a time, but rain clouds threatened overhead. With an obstructed view of the eastern sky, Brew saw something very strange; a flying object began to descend toward the milking shed.

Brew's cattle and dogs began to react strangely as the object moved ever closer to the shed. A local newspaper, which later wrote a report on the Brews' encounter, mentioned the dogs reaction, but sensationalized the farm animals' reaction by stating that his cattle were doing somersaults. The Drews, of course, denied this fantastic claim.

The UFO had now descended to about 75 feet above the ground, and began to hover over a Stringy-Bark tree.

Close enough now for some guesswork, Brew estimated the craft was about 25 feet in diameter, and 10 feet in height. A transparent dome adorned the top of the craft, which had an antennae about 6 feet high.

The top portion of the craft itself was a grayish, and apparently metallic. The underside was a pale blue color, and had protuberances around the outside edge. The underbelly slowly rotated as the craft hovered, seemingly defying Earth's gravity.

A low "whoosh" sound came from the rotating part of the airship. Brew describes his eyes were drawn to the object, "as though beams of magnetic current" emanated from the UFO. Soon he suffered a headache, apparently from the force of the beams.

After a short period of hovering, the object started to climb to the west, disappearing into the clouds. Trevor never witnessed the craft itself, but did hear the strange sound that it made.

By the time that Brews' report went through channels, it was March 4 before he was officially interviewed. A Lieutenant Hudson and Squad Leader Javes of the RAAF discussed Brew's sighting with him thoroughly.

They were impressed with his story, and felt that he was a credible individual. The weather conditions at the time of the sighting: rain, low clouds, and poor visibility, effected the opinion of the investigators. Their report contained the following:

"On 6th March, Dr. Berson and Mr. Clark (of the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation) Meteorological Physics division) were interviewed to see if clouds could give this type of phenomenon.

They agreed that a tornado condition could give this effect. The direction of rotation of Brew's report of the object was consistent with known facts for the Southern Hemisphere. The blue colouring has been reported previously and is probably due to electric discharge and there would be a smell of ozone.

The only difference in Brew's report was that the object moved from East to West because all previous reports to the CSIRO Met section of this nature have been from West to East. Mr. Brew stated that the wind was fresh from an easterly direction. However, (a) meteorological report states that wind was westerly at 8 knots."

The investigator also stated: "There is little doubt that Brew did witness something, and it is most likely that it was a natural phenomenon. The phenomenon was probably a tornado. There was no reported damage along its path, therefore one could assume that it was weak in nature."

A civilian UFO research group influenced the Department of Air to also investigate Brew's story. They issued the following statement:

"Our investigation and enquiries reveal that there are scientific records of certain tornado-like meteorological manifestations which have a similar appearance in many ways to whatever was seen by Mr. Brew.

The information available is such however, that while we accept this is a possibility, we are unable to come to any firm conclusion as to the nature of the object or manifestation reported."

The investigation's conclusion would list tornadic wind as the "possible" cause. A statement issued by the Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society declared: "we are unable to come to any firm conclusion as to the nature of the object or manifestation reported." It seems clear that the RAAF were largely parroting the CSIRO's conclusions and taking things a little further without any realistic justification.

Dr. Berson, of the UFO research group, paid a visit to Brew to personally review the sighting. Berson stated that the headache Brew had was probably due to "electronic magnetic" activity.

Whatever "official" conclusions there were, it is apparent to me and surely any sane person, that a man with a credible reputation, and good common sense, could easily tell the difference between a flying saucer and a tornado.

Brew was less than impressed with the findings of the Australian governmental groups.

In his own words: "I wished it would come again. It was beautiful. I could feel the life pulsating from it."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/willowgrove.html

source & references:

CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation) Meteorological Physics division)


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