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UFO Casebook Magazine 482, Issue date, 11-07-11

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Missouri UFO Sightings Continue
UFO Video Frame Capture
Published: Friday, Nov. 04 2011 11:13 AM

By Rob Roberts, rroberts@lsjournal.com

A former Marine who lives in Lee’s Summit said he’d heard all the stories about a team of stunt planes flying out of the municipal airport here being mistaken for UFOs during the past month.

But what John Goslin saw on Oct. 31 – a night when seven KC Flight team planes soared in formation over Arrowhead Stadium – was not a group of small planes, he said. Nor was it like anything else Goslin had ever seen in the skies during his military career.

Margie Kay, assistant director for Missouri MUFON, a nonprofit organization that investigates UFO sightings, said the formation team that flew over Arrowhead Monday night indeed accounted for a few new reports that night.

“But we still have seven area reports from the 31st that don’t fit the description of those planes,” said Kay, a resident of Independence.

And of the 75 UFO sightings reported in Missouri during the month of October, Kay said, 37 remain unidentified and unexplained.

“That’s a very high number,” Kay said, and so is the total number of Missouri sighting reports for the month, which included 26 in Lee’s Summit.

“Normally, we get five or six reports a month statewide,” Kay added. “But in October, Missouri had the most sightings of anywhere, according to a report from MUFON International. We even beat out California, which is very difficult to do because it’s such a large state. And of the 75 sightings, most were in this area, with Lee’s Summit, Raytown and Kansas City being the hot spots.”

Goslin didn’t report his sighting to MUFON. But he described the UFO he spotted to the Lee’s Summit Journal. While approaching U.S. 50 Highway on Interstate 470 on the evening of Oct. 31, he said, he looked up and saw a large, slow-moving craft outlined by strobe lights blinking “in a perfect pattern.”

The KC Flight team planes also were equipped with strobe lights. But according to Goslin, he spotted the UFO at about 7:30 PM – about 45 minutes after the KC Flight team left Lee’s Summit Municipal Airport and about 30 minutes before it returned.

“It was flying low, about 1,000 or 1,500 feet,” John said. “And it was moving only about 45 or 50 miles per hour. The only other thing I can think of that flies that slow would be a blimp.

“Whatever it was, it was big. I’m thinking this thing had to be at least 100-plus feet across. I just sat there with my mouth hanging open, and everybody driving around me just slowed down, so I know they saw it too.”

According to Kay, MUFON did receive a few reports Monday night of a large, solid craft with a dome on the top or bottom that ejected or received red balls of light. Goslin said he didn’t see any balls of light associated with the craft he spotted.

But in early October, Kay said, several area residents reported seeing “orange balls of fire” ranging from three to 50 feet in diameter hovering over yards and roadways, then leaving in an easterly direction.

“Some people have speculated they’re probes from other ships,” she said at the time. “Maybe they’re other life forms. Maybe they’re something natural we just don’t understand.”

Since then, Kay added this week, the orbs have been described as red, bright white and a dull black, as well as orange, and some have been seen “inches off the ground and in close proximity to witnesses.”

And instead of exiting in an easterly direction, she said, the glowing spheres are now being reported traveling “in all directions.”

Kay said her organization is not ruling out the possibility that the spherical UFOs are experimental aircraft. But thus far, she said, “nobody is claiming creating them.”

“The spheres are the most perplexing of the reports and occurred during the entire month of October,” according to a press release from Missouri MUFON this week. “Other unidentified objects include large craft with blue lights that are not typical aircraft lights, two craft that turned on their sides and took off at a high rate of speed, and large diamond and triangular shaped craft that hovered at tree level.

“Radar reports from Oct. 4 indicate that a target was stationary at 38,000 feet, nine miles north of the sightings for approximately 20 minutes. This remains unexplained. Other radar indicates positive targets in the sighting areas. MUFON is analyzing these reports.”

A number of UFO reports from the Lee’s Summit area on Oct. 4 have been linked to a practice flight of the KC Flight team, which left the local airport at 7:40 PM and returned at 8:20 PM that night, Kay said. But the large number of unexplained sightings has her and others asking, “Why are they happening in Missouri?”

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/missourisightingscontinue.html

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Incredible Sighting of a UFO in Coleman County, Texas
UFO - Coleman County, Texas
Published: 3:58 PM 11/4/2011

Coleman County, Texas - 03-02-11

My name is Ronny Dawson. I have worked in the Crude Oil Transportation Industry since 1985. We load up the crude oil from remote lease locations and transport the product to pipeline terminals for shipment to the refineries and product storages.

We are required to be within 25 feet of the controls and watch the oil slowly load onto our trailers. Sometimes we work during the day and sometimes we work all night.

If something is going on out there, it's guys like us that will be the first to notice it. For years I have seen nothing but your basic meteors, airplanes, satellites, planets, comets and a few space shuttle flyovers.

It is the only good thing about working nights. The last 2 years though we have been seeing something we cannot explain; strange lights that seem to appear out of nowhere, move around, then just blink out as quickly as they appear.

They are very large, round lights; sometimes red and sometimes white. They sometimes drop to the ground, sit there for a few seconds and pop back up.

Then another light may join them and then they may both blink out at once. They appear independently or sometimes in a row like on a ship of some sorts.

They have a counter-clockwise rotation in common if they rotate at all. It was suggested that I try to gather some pictures of them. I started carrying a camera and have a camera cell phone that I carry with me.

I have had as many as 3 sightings in an 8 day period, and gone as long as 9 months without seeing any. I noticed that as soon as I grabbed my electronics they would blink out.

I have had friends view these lights with me, and as soon as I grab the camera they disappear. Perhaps as I was watching them, they were watching me as well.

I stopped carrying the camera, figuring if I did get a shot it would just be lights in the darkness anyway. March seems to be the most active month for the sightings. I was excited that March was approaching.

I had a new cell phone and spent a little time accessing the camera quickly. On the night of March 2, 2011, on my night shift, I would see so much more than lights. To this day I have a hard time believing what I saw was real.

I pulled up to my lease and was talking on my cell phone. A 3-light configuration was traveling very low to the ground; just above the tree line.

I told my friend I have to get off and try to get a picture. The craft should have passed right over my truck, but as I went past a compressor building, the lights just vanished.

There was no sound and no sign of where they went. I climbed up the tank battery to begin working my oil and noticed a very small light that seemed to be dancing in the distance.

I snapped a few pictures. Then I looked overhead and noticed two sets of star clusters that were moving across the sky together.

They were moving in a circular pattern directly over my location. There was a very fast intermittent flashing of the one of the lights in the cluster.

Then some lights appeared on the ground behind some trees. They rose up above the tree line and started moving in my direction. They got unnervingly close and all, but one light went out.

Then it went out too. The rotating star clusters were still circling my location. I saw some lights on the ground, grabbed my camera and a small multi-colored orb rose and departed.

I caught it on video. Then I heard the roar of jet engines coming from overhead.

I saw 2 jets fly right over my location. One circled to the north and the other circled to the south and departed in the same direction they came.

They were not even out of sight yet and I saw the light reappear over a field to my east. There was just one light, but it rose above the tree line and was moving right toward me.

Another light appeared next to it. They were moving straight at me. I was on top of the tank battery, and I could not hear any noise at all. They were now unnervingly close.

I thought, "Crap, I'm completely screwed."

I could not see the shape of the craft but could begin to see some of its outline. It was less than 100 yards from me above the tree line.

I snapped a picture but didn’t give much attention to the shot as I was very scared and trembling. The lights stopped and began moving away. That made me feel a lot better.

They were not very far away when they went completely out again. I got off the tank battery and went down to check my loading truck.

I looked up and noticed the rotating star cluster still there, but one of the flashing lights was getting very close and looked like it was going to pass overhead. I shut the pump down and readied my camera to get a picture of whatever this thing was.

As it got closer I could see a huge, gray cloud of smoke or steam with it. I noticed it was not a light, but looked more like a damaged heat tile igniting and reigniting.

It was an amazing sight, but I knew it would not show in a picture. I could now see that what looked small was in fact very large. It began passing over my head and kept passing over my head.

It thought I had a front row seat to a large meteor impact. Then it changed direction and flipped from a vertical position to a horizontal one, and there were lights and structure on it.

Here was my opportunity for the shot. I could not find it in the view screen, it was getting away. I pointed the camera lenses at the thing and hoped for the best. My camera was on video mode.

If I had known that I would have let it run. I managed to catch a brief glimpse of it. It could never do justice to what I saw.

When I looked at the paused still frame of the tiny section of video it hit me that what I got was something that’s not supposed to exist; like a glimpse of Bigfoot.

It baffles the mind and makes you say "What is that?”

It is something we can't begin to understand or comprehend the magnitude of. Some will discredit it and others will refuse to believe in it.

Whatever it is has yet to be explained, and is still out there somewhere doing who knows what.

Special thanks to Ronny Dawson for this incredible sighting. I have seen the video and the object is too big and cannot be properly identified from the video.


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/colemancountytx030211.html

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Ottawa's X-Files
UFO Researcher Wilbur B. Smith
Published: 2:08 PM 10/31/2011

By Doug Hempstead, QMI Agency

Ottawa's X-Files

Two days after Wilbert Smith thought he detected a flying saucer over Ottawa, the government shut his top-secret operation down.

Project Magnet lasted just four years before the plug was pulled on Aug. 10, 1954. With funding cut off, Smith continued the work on his own, with a handful of believers — still allowed to use government facilities and equipment.

Officially, they were studying “magnetic phenomena” and the concepts of geomagnetism. They believed it could be possible to harness and manipulate the Earth’s magnetic field as a means of propulsion for aircraft.

It’s the only thing Smith figured could be powering all those UFOs described in the growing number of sightings since 1947.

“The correlation between our basic theory and the available information on saucers checks too closely to be mere coincidence,” Smith wrote at the time.

“My own opinion is that the reports are valid,” Smith told a reporter doing a story about Project Magnet’s critics. “The optical illusion explanation is lovely, but in every sighting there is always some factor which rules it out. So we’ve decided to learn just what flying saucers are.”

Smith concluded saucer sightings seemed to be more frequent when Mars is nearest to Earth — something that happens every 26 months. In 1956 it came within 35 million miles. That’s close.

His work remained classified until 1979. One of the more interesting tidbits is an “interim report” of Project Magnet — completed in 1953. It concluded there was a 91% chance the objects spotted were real, and a 60% chance they were alien vehicles.

All Smith’s data-gathering went down in Building 67 — built a year after Project Magnet started. Don’t look for it — they tore it down in April of this year. Commuters to the hi-tech sector in Kanata might remember it — a small brown brick building along the north side of Carling Ave., between the Connaught Ranges and the massive Shirley’s Bay complex that it was part of.

In the 1950s, there was a massive radio antenna towering beside it.

Shortly after it opened, chairman of the Defence Research Board, Dr. Omond Solandt, admitted the nature of the work being done at Magnet.

“We are continuing to study new reports (of UFOs),” he admitted. “And are alert to the possibilities of discoveries of that nature.”

Papers broke the story 60 years ago that the government had a UFO observatory. But, it appears they got the building wrong. Photos showed Building 31 — definitely convincing, though. A small white shack with a huge antenna.

After inquiries by the Sun, Karey Mulcaster, with the federal Communications Research Centre, did a bit of sleuthing. She figured out the observatory was Building 67 — and managed to come up with a couple of photos of it.

“Fascinating that they shut it down right after he made his first discovery,” she said.

Isn’t it, though. Cue the X-Files theme music.

Another reporter did a piece on the Project Magnet observatory while it was still in operation. He described the equipment as tremendously complex and expensive — designed to detect gamma rays, magnetic fluctuations, radio noises and gravity or mass changes in the atmosphere.

“Installed in the tiny little structure is an ionospheric reactor to determine the height, pattern, and conduct of the ionized layers of gases several hundred miles in the atmosphere. There is a new-type instrument called a gravimeter, imported from Sweden, to measure the earth’s gravity, a magnetometer, to record the variations in the earth’s magnetic field; a radio set running full volume at 530 kilocycles to pick up any radio noises, and a counter to detect atomic rays from the outer atmosphere.”

During the most active period of government interest in UFOs — 1950-54 — there was an additional “Project.”

Project Second Story started in 1952 and saw the creation of a committee which dealt solely with flying saucer reports, sponsored by the Defence Research Board.

UFO Researcher Wilbur B. Smith The committee collected, catalogued and correlated data from UFO sighting reports — usually investigated and written up by the RCMP. Library and Archives Canada has RCMP saucer reports dating back to 1959 — each contains the sighting, the location in the sky, witness statements, name and occupation of witnesses, and a credibility assessment.

Things really heated up in the 1960s. That’s when the saucer files were categorized into two piles — natural phenomena and unknown. The natural ones were sent off to the National Research Council. DND kept the others — for further investigation.

Obviously, the media began to pick up on this activity, and had many questions. So much so that a standard FAQ was prepared by the government in 1961:

Q: Are unsolved UFO reports in Canada kept from the Press and general public?

A: No. While reports are not necessarily offered to the press in every case, they are never denied.

Q: Does the Defence Department share American concern that UFOs pose a possible threat?

A: The Canadian Government is concerned with any report which might affect national security and, undoubtedly, this would be the attitude of the United States Government also.

Q: What is the official RCAF stand on UFOs?

A: The RCAF position is one of complete open-mindedness.

In 1966, Prime Minister Lester Pearson asked that all the ongoing saucer investigation files be shared with him, so he could read them.

The next year, DND let it go, and handed all its files over to the National Research Council. Three of them remain unsolved to this day.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/ottawaxfiles.html

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1981 - Spacehip Encountered on Michigan Road
UFO Depiction
Published: 4:40 PM 11/4/2011

Michigan - 04-14-81

The encounter, or rather my memory of the event has to be divided into two chapters.

Chapter I

A friend and I were driving from Garden City to Ypsilanti. We left my house at 7:30 PM; I was driving. We were taking Ford Rd. (RTE. 153).

Back then, Ford Rd. through Canton Township and further west was still quite rural with no traffic. We were listening to WMJC on the radio.

The DJ said it was 8:01 and then static, I thought nothing of it, and it was in that area that you would lose the Detroit radio stations and start to pick up the Ann Arbor stations.

I had just reached down to adjust the radio dial then FLASH! - Everything lit up GREEN!

We were so frickin' startled I don't know how I maintained control of the car.

I turned off the radio and we started looking around and listening. NOTHING! It had been almost as light as daylight, except it was green.

It was so light out that we would have been able to read the license on the car ahead of us had we been close enough. We were quite shaken, to say the least, and things seemed a bit fuzzy.

We made the obvious remarks: What was that? Did you see anything? Was there a helicopter or something?

By that time we had made the left turn onto Plymouth Rd. and had traveled a little more than a mile. I asked J. the time in case there was something to report. It was 8:30 PM!

That shook us up almost as much as the flash of green. We had lost almost one half hour. I know I slowed down considerably from the 55-60 mph I had been driving on Ford Rd. and of course we made the turn.

We reached our destination a little after 9:00 PM. That trip normally takes 45 minutes to one hour. I have driven that route or some variation probably hundreds of times. I even commuted to U of M for a summer semester making that same drive, so I know the route and how long it takes.

In case anyone wants to know, we had not been drinking nor were we under the influence of any substance.

Chapter II

I used to go to a [well-known] hypnotist in the Detroit area. A hypnotist with a PhD, not one who does shows at the mall and makes you act like a chicken.

I went back to see her, perhaps there was more to the incident. It took a few times to get beyond that initial shock of seeing everything light up.

Despite being in a deep state of hypnosis I kept 'waking up.' I think it was on our fourth attempt that I was able to continue, and that is when I remembered seeing it, the thing, the spacecraft, the UFO!

Although under hypnosis I was moving around as if it was happening then. I was physically going through all of the actions. I could even feel the steering wheel as I turned my head and body, looking out the driver's window.

Doctor: "What are you doing Steven?

Me "I'm looking at it."

Doctor: "What do you see Steven?"


I guess something changed at that time in what I was doing -

Doctor: "What is happening now?"

Me: "It stopped."

Doctor: "What stopped?"


Despite numerous attempts, I could never get beyond that point, and to this day I get goose bumps whenever I think about it. There were cassette tapes made of our sessions.

Unfortunately they are long gone. I mention the tapes because I wanted some friends to listen just to verify that the doctor did not try to influence my memories.

Finally after more than 30 years I have made a report of what my friend and I witnessed. Thank you.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/michiganencounter1981.html

source & references:

Submitted to www.mufon.com

Texas Husband and Wife Report Large UFO with 5 Lights
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:37 PM 10/31/2011

Texas - 10-24-11

My husband went outside to grill steaks while I was watching the World Series. About 3 minutes later, he came to the screen door,excited and insisted I come outside.

We live on a ranch and I believed he had spotted a larger than average wild pig. I refused to get up from ball game. Husband continued to insist.

So I went out the front door and he asked me to come to the south side of our home. Then he pointed to the lights.

There were 5 spaced out far enough that the object was obviously enormous. I'm thinking close to a football field in length. There were lights from my vantage point only on one side, the bottom of said object, front to back.

This object was LOW in the sky.

I asked my husband, "What the Hell is that?" and he replied, "You tell me."

Then he pointed out an airplane flying in the nigh tsky, stating "That's a plane." It was much, much smaller. the lights were different, speed was faster.

I also noticed the planet VENUS to the East. The object flew from northeast to southwest. I watched it for 3 minutes until it "glided" beyond my vision. It was silent, and made absolutely zero noise.

I was truly puzzled watching this object attempting to figure out what it was.

We are fairly intelligent people, husband has flying experience. I could not see the shape clearly, but trust me, it was large. It was not a balloon.

Husband just wishes to forget the whole thing. I never felt afraid, threatened or scared.

I was just really trying my best to figure it out, but it never made any sense. For the size it should have made noise. The positions of the lights made no sense.

The lights also blinked in two different rhythms.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/txlights102411.html

source & references:

Submitted to www.mufon.com

Archived Case of the Week

2006 - The Marcia Burke Encounter
Marcia Burke
Published: 9:22 AM 10/30/2011

2006 - The Marcia Burke Encounter

July, 2006 - Deer Trail, Colorado

In July of 2006, Colorado resident Marcia Burke was driving home at night after an evening out. She lived on a horse ranch in Deer Trail.

She claims that as she neared her home, she began seeing lights behind her vehicle. They seemed almost too close to be another car. She pulled off to the side of the road to let the other car pass by, but none came.

She continued her trip home, and as she came to the top of a hill, she could see as many as 15 UFOs ahead of her. She videotaped these objects, and also a possible alien being.

Unfortunately, the alien footage can only be seen via pay per view.

Because of the subsequent appearance on the Montel Williams show, her story has been seen by millions of viewers.

We have strung together several different videos that fairly represent her account. Just like many other UFO and alien reports, Mrs. Burke has her debunkers.

Check out her story, and see what you think.

UFO Casebook Splash

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/marciaburke.html

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