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Reader Describes 1971 UFO/Alien Encounter
UFO Depiction
Published: 7:18 AM 11/5/2010

Modesto, California - 1971

You are the first I have ever told this story to. I have kept it to myself for the last 39 years. I haven’t even told it to my closest friends or family.

The obvious reason is because I don’t want to be ridiculed, so like thousands of other people since the Roswell incident and beyond, I have not said a word. I want to break that veil of silence now.

Those who have had ‘experiences’ beyond every day reasoning need to begin talking about it. Only then will the truth come out.

I was about ten-years-old when this happened. This would have placed it in the year 1971. I encountered four very extraordinary beings. I know I spent a great deal of time with them, but they allowed me to only keep the memories of the last several minutes with them. This is a memory that is as clear to me as the night that it happened.

I remember being in a small, circular craft with four beings. They appeared to be human in their looks. There were two men and two women. The first man didn’t interact much. He was very average looking.

I remember reddish hair. He was quiet and kept to himself. I have always referred to him as the pilot in my mind. I don’t really know his purpose but he just seemed to be the guy that was there to help the others carry out their purpose.

The second man was tall and very handsome. I call him the ‘Leader.’ He had jet black hair and a wonderful smile. He was the type of person that if he walked into a room he would definitely be the center of attention. Yet he wasn’t arrogant. Far from it.

He was so kind and gentle. His presence gave such peace and love. He was a magnificent individual. The two women who were with the men were also tall and very beautiful.

They had identical hairdos, which seemed very odd at the time. Their hair was long and reached below their shoulders. They had bangs that were blunt-cut above their eyes.

One had jet black hair and the other’s hair was platinum blonde. The colors were so extreme in contrast it looked like they were cheap wigs. The hair texture seemed more like synthetic costume wigs than real ‘human’ hair.

The women were wonderful. They were so happy and nice to me. They seemed to treat me like they adored me and said I was so cute. I was going through a very rough time in my life at that age and I just loved the attention they seemed to give me.

All four of them wore strange clothing. They all dressed alike so I felt it was some sort of uniform. The uniforms were white and appeared metallic in a way.

On their chest they all wore the same crest or insignia. On this crest was a black and white checkerboard pattern. I commented on their strange clothes and they seemed rather confused why I would think their outfits were strange.

They all had ankle-high boots that were also white in color.

I remember standing in this circular craft. It must have been about 30 feet in diameter. It was bright inside, white or polished metal. There weren’t many objects or devices except for the ‘control panel’, a desk-like feature with control knobs, about four feet high.

I stood on one side of the control panel and the four beings remained on the other. The Leader was showing me the controls and things on the panel and talking to me about it. Unfortunately I can’t recall the details about the control panel.

They obviously didn’t want me to remember that part, but the events after this are clear as a bell. Behind me was a doorway out of the craft. The Leader and the two women accompanied me out the doorway which was probably 7 foot by 4 foot in size.

There was a ramp leading up to the craft which we walked on. It was metal and had a rough surface to keep us from slipping. The craft was in the large side yard of our house next to my mother’s garden.

The three were very excited to see the beautiful plants in the garden and began to examine them closely. They asked me numerous questions such as the names of the plants etc.

My mother had placed several decorative rocks in the garden. The leader spotted one of these rocks that had accidentally been splattered with paint when we recently painted our house. He picked up the rock and began to give it to one of the women to take the rock onto the craft so they could examine the strange spots further.

I laughed and told them it was just paint that had splattered on the rock. I had to take a hold of the rock to keep him from taking it. Finally he relented and let me have the rock back. I wish now I had let him have it or not replaced it in its exact spot to prove they had been there.

As they continued to look around I began to examine the ship. There were no lights on it except for the interior lights shining through the doorway. As I said before it was about 30 feet in diameter and was probably 15 feet tall.

It stood on three (possibly four, I didn’t notice) ‘legs’ that were the landing gear. The craft seemed so lightweight. I felt as if a strong man could grab one of the legs of the landing gear and flip it over.

I noted where one of the landing gear was resting on the ground. I knew I wanted to come out in the morning and look for signs of its impression into the ground. The end of the landing gear were large (18 inches or so) round, metal pads about 6 to 8 inches tall. They were somewhat donut shaped.

I could tell they were very effective in dispersing the weight of the craft.

When the three were done examining the garden they said they had to go. I was so upset. I didn’t want them to leave. I begged them to stay.

Then I begged them to take me with them. I even tried to hold onto the Leader. He just smiled and took my hand and promised me they would be back for me.

My next memory was waking up in the morning. I shot out of bed and went to the garden and searched for imprints or other signs. There was nothing out of the ordinary.

I wish I had kicked some rocks around or left some sort of sign but I hadn’t thought about it that night.

I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out all of this. Hopefully in time there might be some answers.

Thanks for listening!

Claudia Martins

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Flying Saucers, Extraterrestrials, Alien Abductions - Fantasy or Reality
UFO Depiction
Published: 4:08 PM 11/3/2010

Hollywood, television and folklore would have been less colourful had it been minus the colourful and mysterious world of UFO sightings. Imagine a world with no X Files?

Even though fans would shudder at that depressing thought, the fact remains that there is no empirical proof for phenomena that has been loosely placed in the category of the paranormal.

Flying saucers, extraterrestrials, alien abductions. Fantasy or reality? Either way, it’s a realm that many take seriously, leading to a semi-scientific area of research called Ufology. Also, since UFO sightings usually refer to flying objects, some prefer to all them Unidentified Aerial Phenomena rather “flying objects”.

It’s a fascinating area, nevertheless. Research into UFOs gathered steam after World War I, when a flurry of sightings was reported.

Since then, experts believe that many so-called sightings arise from an inability to clearly decipher phenomena that are related to astronomical events such as meteors and planetary events, military planes, other aircraft and hot air balloons.

But there are phenomena that don’t seem to be related to any of these at all, leading some to believe that there are indeed such things as unidentified flying objects. The first widespread reportage on UFOs came in 1994 when Allied pilots in the war reported sighting what they called “foo fighters” or erratically flying “enemy weapons”.

Then there were the “ghost rockets” or 1946, when people reported nearly 2,000 sightings of UFOs that looked like meteors with extreme manoeuvrability. These were not consistent with any known astronomical event at the time and some hypothesize that they were test missiles being fired by the Russians.

These ghost rockets, sighted mainly in the Scandinavian skies, remained unexplained today.

The next big UFO sighting was made by pilot and businessman Kenneth Arnold, who claimed he saw nine crescent-shaped objects which flew in a chain, sometimes skimming the surface of water. It is this description that led to the coining of the term “flying saucer” in 1947.

It was these UFO sightings that spawned a rash of theories that included alien landings from Mars and even the Biblical assumption that flying saucers were the vehicles of fallen angels.

The most widely publicized and investigated UFO incident is the Roswell incident of 1947, when the residents of this New Mexico town reported having seen a disc-like object flying through the sky.

Nothing new by way of UFO sightings, right? But it was the strange behaviour of the US Army that fuelled the obsession over the incident and added mystery to it. Soon after the UFO was believed to have crashed and metallic debris recovered from a hill in Roswell, the Army issued a statement, claiming it was indeed a UFO that had landed.

Then, almost immediately, they issued another statement, claiming it was all a mistake and that the disc they claimed to have recovered was actually a weather balloon.

But the biggest mystery of all is the reported discovery of four alien bodies that made the Roswell incident so fantastic. So, did the US government make up the alien theory to cover up a secret military experiment that went awry?

Or did they make up the weather balloon to cover up a true alien landing so that the public wouldn’t panic?

Either way, the interest in UFOs hasn’t died. If anything, it’s only multiplied.

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Two Triangle UFOs Witnessed near Hemet, CA
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:07 PM 11/4/2010

California - 10-25-09

On the night of October 25, 2009, at about 8:45 PM I was outside on my back patio which faces north and I was looking at the stars, which I often do because I enjoy astronomy, and to have a smoke.

I noticed what I thought was a big bird for a split second, in the sky traveling from south to north. I stood up and noticed that there were two of them.

Then I realized that each object had six amber lights, 3 on each side, and the objects were triangular in shape and had rounded tips.

They were very slow moving and made absolutely no sound at all. It was at this point that I realized what I was looking at.

I was in so much shock I couldn't speak and tell my husband.

One of the objects was positioned slightly in front of the other. Then I noticed that these objects where completely blocking my view of the stars to the north.

The sky and stars in that area were distorted kind of like they were being pulled towards the center of the UFO, and then they suddenly disappeared.

Since then I guess you would say I have been in denial. I reported that same night to the National UFO Reporting web site and just buried that event.

Then when my report posted on the web site I discovered that another person here in Hemet had also seen a UFO about 15 minutes prior to me, and I literally freaked out.

It became real to me. I just can't believe that this is really real. I had ALWAYS been a skeptic. I was curious, but now I am a believer!

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Building-Sized UFOs
UFO Depiction
Published: 6:29 PM 11/2/2010

written by Chris Holly

Over the last year I have had a handful of reports being sent to me concerning the strange sightings of large, rectangle shaped craft being spotted.

The people who reported seeing these huge, odd craft were very curious to know if anyone else had reported seeing anything like this or if they were the only ones.

I only have a few of these reports and noted at once that they came from people who lived in isolated areas with limited population. All of the reports were similar. The people all describe the craft as the size and shape of a multi-storied building. They say the craft is rectangle in shape and glows fully in a white light.

The sightings I have had reported all claim that these crafts float by over the tree line as low as 100 feet, to claims they were about as high as a low-flying plane would be. There was no sound heard in any of the sightings.

The people who witnessed the craft all were confused and frightened by what they saw. The fact that the craft were so large was what concerned the people . One man felt that the craft he saw was large enough to carry hundreds of beings, and he immediately left the area and headed towards the town near his home as he thought we were going to be invaded.

I find the reports on these large building like crafts extremely strange. I can suggest options concerning what or who may be piloting these immense UFOs, however, I realize we truly have no idea who or what may be traveling over our planet in these craft .

I do think they are used for a purpose that they do not want us fully aware of, and try to stay in areas with few people and lots of wilderness to avoid our seeing them.

A few years ago I wrote an article with my friend Ed Fleming concerning a terrifying experience a man in the Canadian wilderness had when he witnessed one of these huge craft in one of his fields.

UFO Lights The man was on his usual inspection of his property one night when he came across a huge light mass hovering over the trees lining one of his fields. He told us it was a massive, extremely bright light that lit up his entire field. Along the right side of the light stood what looked like a rectangle structure of some type that seemed to be hovering next to this huge light.

The man thought this was the strangest thing he had ever seen and luckily had his camera with him and took a picture of the lights and his field. The object was so strange-looking, the man became extremely fearful and immediately left the area after taking the photo.

This event has upset this man since the day it happened. He decided to send it to Ed Fleming, who then passed the information on to me. The man wanted to know if we could help him identify what this light and structure next to it could have been.

Ed examined the photo with great care and noticed what appears to be a gray-looking creature peeking from behind a tree looking towards the man while he stood next to his truck to take his photo.

The man never noticed this creature at the time.

In the photo you can see what looks like there is someone or something hiding and watching the man from behind a tree. There also appears to be what looks like some kind of object in the hands of whatever is standing there.

The craft/object seems to have some kind of base supporting it. The light source is unexplained.

We had the photo analyzed to the best of our ability and could not find any evidence the photo had been tampered with. Not being an expert, I can only offer what we were sent by this man of the sighting he witnessed.

This ordeal has been extremely upsetting for this man and he would only release the photo to us with the promise we would not identify who he is or where his land is located.

We find this to be an interesting photo. This is not the first time I have had reports of strangeness in desolate locations concerning large craft of strange bright lighting in other wise dark wooded areas. I wrote about two men in Australia who had almost the same exact experience happen to them in a remote field in Australia while they were hunting. They too saw a similar light, however, they experienced lost time during the event.

I want to point out that this man in Canada did the correct thing by leaving this area at once. He was alone facing the unknown and knew his best course of action was to return to the safety of other human beings.

This action was clearly the right choice as although at the time the man did not notice that there may have been something watching him behind the tree, he did know the entire encounter was very strange and he needed to leave.

I think it is clear that if he had ventured into the field the outcome of this story may be very different. Remember, caution first when dealing with things that are unknown.

I am not sure of what people are seeing when they report these huge, building-type crafts. I have heard theories that they are huge mother ships to those who think they are holograms.

I do know that we have a lot to learn about what is happening on our planet including what these huge ships may be.

One day we will know. Until then be careful out there.

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Chris Holly's Paranormal World


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Unknown Glowing Object Videotaped over Louisiana
UFO Depiction
Published: 1:38 PM 10/29/2010

Louisiana -10-25-10

I looked over toward my neighbor's house and noticed a bright light off in the distance.

I went and grabbed my camcorder and zoomed in on it, it was just hovering there like 2 headlights of a car just staring back at me.

It hovered back and forth for about 5 minutes. At about the 3 minute mark into the video, the craft then swtiched from 2 main headlights, to an offset 3rd light just as bright as the other 2.

The craft then slowly drifted to the right and then it tilted to a slight angle and drifted from view.

(Editor's Note: The video was quite long and a lot of the time, the object in question blended with a couple of streetlights, so we have edited it out to make the file a little more presentable.)

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Archived Case of the Week

1986 Japanese Airline 1628 Encounters UFO
Depiction of Sighting
November 17, 1986 Over Northeastern Alaska

It was just a routine flight. Well, not exactly routine... It was a special Japan Air Lines 747 cargo flight to carry a load of French wine from Paris to Tokyo.

The flight plan would carry flight 1628 from Paris to Reykjavik, Iceland, across the North Atlantic and Greenland, then across Canada to Anchorage, Alaska, and finally across the Pacific to Tokyo.

The crew consisted of veteran Captain Kenju Terauchi, co-pilot Takanori Tamefuji, and flight engineer Yoshio Tsukuba.

On November 16, 1986, laden with wine, JAL1628 took off from Paris and flew the first leg of the trip, to Reykjavik. The next day, they continued, flying over Greenland and then across northern Canada without event.

Just after they crossed into Alaska, at 5:09 PM local time, Anchorage Air Traffic Control contacted them on the radio to report initial radar contact. The Anchorage flight controller asked them to turn 15 degrees to the left and head for a point known as Talkeetna on a heading of 215 degrees. They were at 35,000 feet and traveling at a ground speed of about 600 mph.

At about 5:11 PM local time, Captain Terauchi noticed the lights of some sort of aircraft about 2000 feet below and 30 degrees to the left front of them. He decided that the aircraft was probably an American jet fighter from nearby Eielson or Elmendorf Air Force Bases patrolling Alaskan airspace, so he ignored them at first.

However, after a few minutes, he noticed that the lights were keeping pace with his own aircraft, which would be an unusual thing for patrolling jets to do.

It was about seven or so minutes since we began paying attention to the lights (when), most unexpectedly, two spaceships stopped in front of our face, shooting off lights. The inside cockpit shined brightly and I felt warm in the face.

Terauchi said that it was his impression that the two objects he had seen below them minutes before had suddenly jumped in from of him. The craft, one above the other, kept pace with the 747 for several minutes, moving in unison with an odd rocking motion.

After about seven minutes, they changed to a side-by-side arrangement.

Terauchi said that the "amber and whitish" lights were like flames coming out of multiple rocket exhaust ports arranged in two rectangular rows on the craft. He felt that they fired in a particular sequence to stabilize the craft, much like the small maneuvering thrusters on the Space Shuttle.

He also reported seeing sparks like a fire when using gasoline or carbon fuel.

Co-pilot Tamefuji described the lights as "Christmas assorted" lights with a "salmon" color. He said: I remember red or orange, and white landing light, just like a landing light. And weak green, ah, blinking. He also described the lights as pulsating slowly. They became stronger, became weaker., became stronger, became weaker, different from strobe lights.

The lights were "swinging" in unison as if there were "very good formation flight... close" of two aircraft side by side.

He described the appearance of the lights as similar to seeing "night flight head-on traffic," where it is only possible to see the lights on an approaching aircraft and "we cannot see the total shape."

He said, I'm sure I saw something. It was clear enough to make me believe that there was an oncoming aircraft.

Flight engineer Tsukuba, who sat behind the copilot, did not have as good a view of the lights. He first saw them "through the L1 window at the 11 o'clock position," and he saw "clusters of lights undulating."

These clusters were "made of two parts... shaped like windows of an airplane."

He emphasized that "the lights in front of us were different from town lights."

He described the colors as white or amber.

Tamefuji decided to call Anchorage Air Traffic Control, and for the next thirty minutes the 747 and AARTCC were in constant contact regarding the UFO.

During this time, Captain Terauchi asked Tskububa to hand him a camera so that he could attempt to take a photograph of the lights. However, Terauchi was unfamiliar with the camera and could not get it to operate. Tsukuba also could not get his camera to operate due to problems with the auto-focus and finally gave up trying to take a photo.

At this point they began experiencing some radio interference and were asked by Anchorage to change frequencies. Terauchi later said that Anchorage kept asking him about clouds in the immediate area:

They asked us several times if there were clouds near our altitude. We saw thin and spotty clouds near the mountain below us, no clouds in mid-to-upper air, and the air current was steady.

Soon after the exchanges about clouds, the objects flew off to the left. Terauchi said later: "There was a pale white flat light in the direction where the ships flew away, moving in a line along with us, in the same direction and same speed and at the same altitude as we were."

Terauchi decided to see whether they could see anything on the 747's own radar:

"I thought it would be impossible to find anything on an aircraft radar if a large ground radar did not show anything, but I judged the distance of the object visually and it was not very far.

"I set the digital weather radar distance to 20 (nautical) miles, radar angle to horizon (i.e., no depression angle). There it was on the screen. A large green and round object had appeared at 7 or 8 miles (13 km to 15 km) away, where the direction of the object was.

" We reported to Anchorage center that our radar caught the object within 7 or 8 miles in the 10 o'clock position. We asked them if they could catch it on ground radar, but it did not seem they could catch it at all."

At 5:25:45, after spending two minutes looking, the military radar at Elmendorf Regional Operational Control Center also picked up something. The ROCC radar controller reported back to the AARTCC that he was getting some "surge primary return." By this he meant an occasional radar echo unaccompanied by a transponder signal.

As the 747 neared Fairbanks:

"The lights (of the city) were extremely bright to eyes that were used to the dark. (The cockpit lights had been turned off to eliminate window reflections of internal lights.) We were just above the bright city lights and we checked the pale white light behind us.

" Alas! There was a silhouette of a gigantic spaceship.

"We must run away quickly! Anchorage Center."

The JAL1628 is requesting a change of course to right 45 degrees." It felt like a long time before we received permission."

Just after the plane turned to the right, the AARTCC controller called the Fairbanks Approach Radar controller to find out whether or not the short-range radar had a target near the JAL. The approach radar reported no target other than JAL1628.

The plane came out of the turn and flew toward Talkeetna at an altitude of 31,000 ft, with the object still following.

At about 5:40, a United Airlines passenger jet took off from Anchorage and headed north to Fairbanks. The AARTCC controller decided to ask the UA pilot to try to see the object that was following the JAL flight.

The UA pilot said he would look when he got closer. The controller asked the JAL flight to stay at 31,000 ft, and the UA flight to stay at 29,000 ft. He then directed the UA flight to turn some more so that the planes would pass within five miles of one another.

As the United Airlines jet got closer, the UFO apparently dropped behind, allowing the JAL plane to get far ahead. The United pilot asked the AARTCC to have the JAL pilot flash the headlights on the JAL aircraft so he could locate the plane.

At 5:49:45 the JAL pilot did that. At this point the planes were about 25 miles apart.

When the planes were about 12 miles apart, the UA plane reported seeing the JAL plane and nothing else. But by this time the UFO had apparently disappeared, not being seen by JAL1628, either.

At about 5:51, the AARTCC requested that a military TOTEM flight in the area also fly toward the JAL plane for a look. During the next several minutes TOTEM viewed the JAL plane, but couldn't see any other traffic. JAL1628 proceeded to Anchorage and landed at 6:20 PM.

The FAA conducted an investigation of the incident, and did not issue its final report until March 5.

CSICOP's (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) Phil Klass issued a premature statement on January 22 claiming that the UFOs were the planets Jupiter and Mars - an impossible solution because the UFO was seen in a part of the sky opposite the position of these planets and because the UFOs moved from positions one above the other to side by side.

CSICOP later issued a second explanation that the UFO was light reflecting off of clouds of ice crystals - also unlikely because the sky was clear at the reported altitude of the UFO. The FAA attributed the radar images received by ground radar to a "split radar return from the JAL Boeing 747."

Loy Lawhon

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