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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 384, Issue date, 11-09-09

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Orange County's Moment in UFO History - Heflin Photos
Rex Heflin
Published: Friday, October 30, 2009

Modern analysis supports notion that photos taken in 1965 were not faked.


The professor emeritus in economics at the University of Hartford, Conn., has followed the UFO controversy for almost 50 years.

UFO skeptics often allege that there is no authentic photographic evidence that UFOs exist. UFO photos are often featureless "lights in the sky," misidentified birds or airplanes, natural phenomena such as Venus or some peculiar-looking cloud, crude hoaxes (doctored negatives, string-suspended models, thrown hubcaps) or pictures and videos that have been computer-manipulated (Photoshop).

There are hundreds of UFO photos and videos on the Internet, but a safe bet is that a high percentage are completely worthless.

There is at least one exception, however, and it is a huge exception. Around noon on Aug. 3, 1965, near the intersection of what is today Walnut Avenue and Myford Road in Tustin, Rex Heflin, a 38-year-old highway maintenance engineer, snapped three close-up photos through the windows of his truck of a low-flying hat-like UFO.

(He also took a fourth picture; more on that later). The pictures Heflin took with the Polaroid camera he carried for work clearly show a round, hat-like object with a dark band around its raised superstructure.

The pictures of the object are unambiguously clear and present an immediate problem for skeptics: Either the photos are clever fakes or they are actual pictures of a very unconventional flying craft; there is simply no third alternative explanation.

Heflin initially told investigators that he believed that he had probably photographed an experimental aircraft from a nearby Marine base. As we shall discover shortly, however, there are several unique features in the pictures themselves that lower the probability that the strange craft was one of "ours."

Since pictures and photographic negatives can be touched up and doctored, all serious UFO photo analysis requires first-generation prints and /or original negatives. In the Heflin case, negative tampering was eliminated since his pictures were shot with a Model 101 Polaroid camera on 3000 ASA Polaroid film, i.e., no negatives.

And when high-resolution prints of the original Polaroid pictures themselves were reanalyzed 30 years later employing image digitization technology (See Ann Druffel, Robert M. Wood, and Eric Kelson, "Reanalysis of the 1965 Heflin UFO Photos," Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 14, No. 4, Winter 2000, pp. 583-622), there were no indications of tampering.

But could Heflin have faked the pictures by using a suspended model or, perhaps, by tossing some object into the air? Very unlikely. The latest computer analysis revealed no string or support-like structures in any of the photos. In addition, shooting convincing pictures of a thrown object would require dozens of trials (and pictures) and the help of a confederate; no evidence for either scenario has ever surfaced.

In short, the latest photo analysis appears to confirm Heflin's original account: that he snapped three daytime photographs of a wingless, hat-shaped object – approximately 20 feet in diameter and about one-eighth of a mile from his truck – and that the structured craft wobbled slightly before it stabilized and flew off silently toward the northeast.

The most controversial element of the Heflin story is his fourth photograph. When the UFO flew out of sight, Heflin claimed that he spotted a dark "smoke ring" in the sky where the UFO had been moments before, which he then photographed after stepping out of his truck.

Early investigators were troubled by the smoke-ring picture. They claimed that the clouds in the picture implied that the smoke-ring photo and the three other pictures could not have been taken on the same day. Several skeptics, doubtful of the authenticity of the smoke-ring photo, then labeled all of the Heflin photos a hoax.

However, the recent reanalysis of all four of the Heflin photos, employing state-of-the-art technology (obviously not available back in the 1960s) now concludes that the smoke-ring photo, rather than discrediting Heflin, actually appears to strongly substantiate him.

First, the latest photo analysis was accomplished with all of the original Polaroid photos and high-resolution first-generation prints and does, in fact, show similar clouds in all four of the photographs.

Second, computer enhancement of photo two shows a bright line (or light beam) extending out from the bottom center of the disc to its outer rim, which is exactly what Heflin claimed that he saw back in 1965.

And finally, computer enhancement of photo three shows something quite extraordinary: There appears to be a stream of "black particulate matter" trailing behind the UFO, which was not apparent under normal viewing.

This additional discovery is by far the most significant since the reanalysis of the smoke-ring photo shows that the ring appears composed of the same sort of black particulate matter seen trailing the UFO in photo three.

This similarity in two different photos strongly supports the veracity of Heflin's encounter. How any of these peculiarities could have been artificially manufactured over four decades ago (or can even be conventionally explained today) is extremely difficult to comprehend.

In conclusion, it would appear that Rex Heflin 1) photographed an odd-shaped and silent experimental aircraft that in the 44 years since has not been reportedly seen again or identified; 2) he perpetrated an amazing hoax that no one yet has unraveled; or 3) he was fortunate enough to have taken several clear pictures of a genuine unidentified flying object.

You decide.

Heflin photo

Above - Rex Heflin photographed a craft crossing Myford Road.

Heflin photo

Above - Heflin takes another Polaroid picture out of the window of his work truck.

Heflin photo

Above - This is a closeup of a portion of the frame; it shows what Heflin said were trails of black particulate matter behind the moving craft.

Heflin photo

Above - Heflin gets out of his truck and photographs a ring of black smoke left in the wake of the craft.

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2008 Photograph from UK Shows Unknown Object
Published: 9:31 AM 11/3/2009

Fencehouses, Tyne / Wear / UK - 2008

I was out walking the dogs last year and when I got back and put the pictures on the computer, I saw the objects.

The pictures were taken about 30 seconds apart, and the object seems to have turned around. Hope you can ease my mind, as I haven't got a clue as to what the object is.

The date of the pics were 21st of November, 2008, at 14:32 for both of them so they must have been taken in the same minute. The location was at Fencehouses in Tyne and Wear, near a pub called the Country Club.

I hope this helps,


Tyne / Wear / UK Tyne / Wear / UK

(click on images to see full size)

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Submitted to UFO Casebook

Man Investigates Paranormal for 50 Years
Stan Gordon
Published: 10:12 AM 11/3/2009

By Christie Campbell, Staff Writer, chriscam@observer-reporter.com

When there's something strange in your neighborhood, give Stan Gordon a call.

A self-proclaimed paranormal investigator of unidentified flying objects, Bigfoot and other unusual sightings, Gordon has been researching odd and peculiar events for 50 years.

"A lot of things are explainable," Gordon said to his audience at Morris Township Community Center in Nineveh, Greene County, where he recently spoke for the fourth time.

For example, on Sept. 19, his 24-hour hotline began ringing with reports of a cone-shaped light in the sky. Gordon did some checking and believes it was related to a sounding rocket launched by NASA from Wallops Island, Va.

But the same day he received a report from a couple near Youngwood, Westmoreland County, who claimed to have seen a large black snake on the road break into about eight pieces and then rejoin back into one. Although he searched for similar sightings on the Internet, none was found.

Noted for his study of Kecksburg, where an object supposedly fell from the sky in 1965 and was hastily removed by the military, Gordon turned his research into a DVD he sells on his Web site.

And, while he is cautious to avoid saying they are related, he has received sightings of Bigfoot near glowing UFOs.

In 1973 and 1974, there were numerous UFO sightings around the United States, including Pennsylvania. Then reports of a hairy man, occasionally seen looking into windows, surfaced.

Impressions of a large, three-toed creature were found. Many of the sightings were along the 100-mile long Chestnut Ridge that runs from Preston County, W.Va., to Indiana, Pa., said Gordon.

He admits there are times when what was thought to be an unknown primate turned out to be a large shaggy dog but insists there are people who remain credible; who have no reason to make up stories.

Often they fear being ridiculed so they keep their sightings of giant birds, odd footprints, objects falling from the sky or crop circles to themselves.

Despite his time in the business, Gordon himself has never seen a UFO or Bigfoot.

"I'd like to, but it keeps me skeptical," he said.

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Intra-Galactic Diplomacy
Published: 8:00 AM 11/3/2009


In my last post, I spoke of the concept that "To the uninitiated observer, any sufficiently advanced technology would seem like magic." Currently, we human beings are in that category of "uninitiated." BIG TIME.

But we are being initiated on a daily basis if we only have open minds. Isn't it ironic that all the science instruction we received from academia in school and college touting the open-mind and impartial observation turns out to be a sham.

The "scientific" community today turns out to be the most closed-minded and least impartial segment of humanity when it comes to evaluating the tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of first-hand reports of extra-terrestrial involvement with earth.

They, and those who support them financially, may be guilty of letting all humanity down when it comes to an opportunity to realize another quantum level in our destiny. Previously, I speculated about the technology and purpose of the often reported UFOs in the form of orbs and spheres. There is one possibility I did not mention.

That the operators could probably make these "convergences" invisible without affecting their ability to collect data. Seems reasonable, right? If that's true, why deliberately put on a show and scare people half to death? Why not just collect the data, invisibly? Could it be that these more than 100 years of providing a spectacle are a purposeful, gradual conditioning program? If so, why?

As a former skeptic, converted to reason by four definite sightings of non-human flying craft within less than a decade, I scan several UFO websites on a daily basis.



This habit makes for a very good survey of what the visitors are up to. However, one has to view the reports on these sites with an impartial, open mind as well. You have to view every report as a potential hoax or figment of imagination. After awhile you learn to detect sincerity though; and you learn to smell a rat when a posting is not sincere.

Constantly surveying the incoming data, on a daily basis has led me to the following conclusions. (I should say speculations; they are subject to change with additional in-coming data.):

The visitors come from many different planets. Each group looks different, they pilot an almost infinite array of different vehicles. They have some sort of "Prime Directive" that controls how much interaction with humanity is allowed at this point.

All of the various races seem to obey this Prime Directive which implies intra-galactic cooperation at a more or less formal level. Their technology, generally, is probably beyond the mental capacity and training of even our greatest scientists. We would have centuries of catching up to do, even with the help of the visitors.

Before we can have productive interaction with the rest of the Galaxy we have to accept and admit our inferiority and give up the long-held conception that we are the most dominant creature around. (That's a tough one.)

Because the visitors (a very diverse group) are able to cooperate in the exploration of this planet, humanity will have the opportunity to join them and to help bring other extra-terristrial races into the fold.

The possibility of working with other intelligent beings like ourselves could be a turning point in human history. It will not happen if scientists and leaders continue to hide reality from the public in order to protect their vaunted positions, their accumulations of power or their hoards of wealth.

These so-called "leaders" of humanity will wind up as its greatest villains if we miss the opportunity to join a universe where status, power and wealth are meaningless."


Vern Kerr

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More Canadians Visiting UFO Museum
Sign at Shag Harbour
Published: 10:03 AM 11/3/2009

by Carla Allen/The Vanguard



More Canadians visited the UFO Centre in Shag Harbour in 2009. That’s just one of the findings that came to light at the end of the season during visit calculations.

“We ended off our year with almost 1,100 visitors,” said Cindy Nickerson, chair of the Shag Harbour Incident Society.

The museum saw 333 visitors from the United States and 35 from other countries, including England, Scotland, Mexico, Italy, Australia, France, Holland, Isle of Man, and Germany.

Nickerson said she believed international visitors were down a bit in 2009.

This year’s 1,000th visitor was Gary Glazier from Victoria, British Columbia. In 2007 the 1,000th visitor was from Halifax and in 2008 the 1,000th visitor was from New Jersey.

Nickerson says the museum was very pleased with the performance of two new guides hired this year: Rebecca Kendrick and Sharayah Banks.

“We were quite happy to be able to hire them and help them along with their future plans,” said Nickerson.

She referred to the Discover Shelburne County Fam tour as being a “great help” this summer as well as all the visitors for the UFO festival.

“I think this year was a great year for tourists coming to Shag Harbour, we are glad to hear everyone is doing well. Maybe next year we will attract more people to visit and stop. We were quite happy to have all the bike tours this summer,” she said.

Nickerson also noted one of their challenges.

“We do have a problem with parking space and it is very hard for large campers to get in the limited space. However we are quite happy with numbers,” she said

Nickerson says museums create jobs for students and help promote the local area. “They make good memories for people when they return home and give a taste of local history and events. They often bring back people time and again. This helps out all the local businesses - not just those in tourism.

“When you open up in the start of the season you hope to have a good year, but at the start of the season you can only wait and hope.”

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009d/morecanadians.html

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1968, Hanbury, England, November 20 - Humanoids Seen
Animal Reaction Feature:

Between 5:30 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. (dusk), the Milakovics and their son were driving through an area with fields on both sides of the road. They noticed first one rabbit, and then several more scurry across the road from left to right.

Looking left, they saw a brilliant object in the field to the left.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:

The Milakovics stopped their car and got out as the object rose slowly and flew over their car. Doris Milakovic noticed the air temperature felt warmer as the object flew over head.

The object continued flying over the field to their right, and hovered over a house about 100 yards away, where it quivered “like a jelly.” It appeared as wide as the house.

The drawing of the object shows a dark bowl-shaped bottom, with a clear dome on top. The dome was divided into vertical thirds, one third showing white light, one third amber light, and the final third green light.

In the lit dome area, several humanoid figures were seen moving, sometimes appearing to bend down as though looking at something below the rim (see sketch).

The object began moving in a jerky manner, its light become much more intense and Mr. Milakovic felt his eyes burning. Now frightened, they got in their car and sped away.

No sound or EM effects were reported. Two physiological effects were reported: heat was felt as object passed over, and burning of the eyes when its light intensity increased.


Keyhoe, Donald E., and Gordon I. R. Lore, Jr., 1969, Strange Effects from UFOs, Washington, D.C., NICAP, pages 29-30.


(last update, 11-06-09)

Alabama - Small Object Hovers, then Speeds Away
11-06-09 - While standing on my patio today on a clear day, I looked up, as I often do, because airliners fly regularly on a path over my house (at high altitude). When I looked up a small, relatively bright object caught my attention. It was motionless, quite small, and almost glowed a white light with just a hint of red on one edge.

I walked back in my house, got some binoculars, and tried to focus on it. I was unable to get focused very well and I did not have a stable platform to keep it in a stable view. At this time I thought it was probably some kind of weather balloon or some other kind of balloon that had floated to a high altitude. I stopped trying to see it with the binoculars, and put my glasses back on and looked at it again.

I was about to loose interest, still thinking it was some "normal" event when it suddenly began to move in a northerly direction. It moved for a second or two at a moderate pace, and then quickly picked up speed and rapidly sped away at a very fast speed. It didn't appear to rise, it just moved at a very high rate of speed out of my field of view.

It traveled in a very deliberate path and did not seem to float or drift. It traveled much too fast to be anything like an airplane or balloon. The altitude appeared to be relatively high, as in a few thousand feet, and the size appeared to be small.

From my perspective the size was about the same as a bright planet would look, but this object was being controlled by some means. I do no know how long it had been there, but it lasted about 1 1/2 minutes from the timeI first saw it until it moved off. Source: www.mufon.com

Louisiana - Bright Object
11-05-09 - I noted a bright object in the sky at approximately 22:45 on November 5, 2009, south and east of Covington LA (would guess to be over the general vicinity Abita Springs, LA), flickering (indicating not a planet), but not moving for 2+ hours. After getting binoculars (Tasco 10x50mm) to see mult-colored lights (red, green and white) which did not move from its location.

No idea of size or shape really, though presumably large as it was high in the sky, and some color was noticeable by the naked eye. Could not determine shape of the object as I could only see the lights which seemed to flicker but only went off once for a split second then back on. Just very curious. Have never seen anything like this before, heard about it, just never seen it. Source: www.mufon.com

Missouri - Triangle-Shaped Object
While on march back to barracks at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri, late 1970 or early 1971, there was a dark, clear sky. I looked up and saw what apparently was an equilateral triangle-shaped object with 3 rows of lights along each side.

It made no sound, and moved across the sky, and then out of view. I pointed it out to the guy marching with me to my left.

It was only in view approximately 10 seconds. I no longer recall color of lights, but think they were while or light yellow. Source: www.ufocasebook.com

Oklahoma - Object Follows Plane
11-06-09 - I was standing at a doorway (facing east) of my workplace and was watching birds in the sky, then at 2:42 PM I happened to see off to my north at @ 55 degrees up from my perspective, a large passenger-jet (MD 80 or DC9?) flying at altitude (@ 3 or 4 miles up traveling west), and a small, gray, tear-shaped object following closely behind at the same speed directly off its tail about 1/4 mile or less.

I viewed this for about 7 seconds, then the small object behind it did an immediate left-hand loop and then flew north. The small object did not change speed, but the glare from the sun when it turned made it look more round in shape. I would describe it as a slight banking turn. The entire turn-and-vanish trick took only about 3 full seconds.

After the small object finished the turn and went across its own previous path, it instantly vanished from view. I would describe it as a left hand, 270 degree turn. The jet continued on its way west and my view of it was obstructed by the building I was in. Unfortunately, I had a video camera that I tried to get to work, but the batteries were too low.

Sky conditions: sunny, 77 degrees, clear, wind from south @ 12 mph. Winds at high altitude were from the north / northwest, blowing about 50 mph. The jet left a contrail that was visible for over an hour, but the small object left no contrail. Both objects were too far away for me to hear, and I work in a noisy machine shop anyway. Source: www.mufon.com

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