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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 587, Issue date, 11-11-13

Petition: Bring Justice for Victims of UFO-Alien Abduction!
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:13 PM 11/8/2013

Larry W Bryant Note: If there be anything essential to one's becoming a seasoned UFOlogist, it's that (s)he ought not to relegate the UFO-alien-abduction experience to a marginalized status of inquiry, analysis, and tracking.

Indeed, it comforts me to see seasoned UFOlogist Billy Booth's blog "UFO Casebook" cataloguing accounts of the Ultimate Close Encounter -- e.g., the case summarized at http://www.ufocasebook.com/carolynz.html

This first-person narrative can serve as a primer for those just entering the ranks of UFOlogical scholarship; it also offers veteran abductionologists a mini-refresher course in their specialty.

Its prose traces an Alabama mother's frustrative coping with abduction encounters that have included some of her children.

COPING . . . that word was uppermost in my mind when I created, on Nov. 7, 2013, an online petition titled "Bring Justice for Victims of UFO-Alien Abduction!" at http://tinyurl.com/m7rkcue.

During the crafting of this petition (now hosted by the web site of http://moveon.org ), I was asked by the formatting instructions: "Why are you starting this petition?"

My answer: "This petition aims to empower the citizenry's quest for official answers to the worldwide problem of UFO-alien abduction. It thereby can help us mitigate (and cope with) the threat to public safety posed by this criminality."

The petition's text concludes by referring to the latest installment of my series of UFO-cover-up-whistleblower solicitation ads, now posted at http://www.classifiedads.com/announcements-ad70066890.htm under the title "Blow the Whistle on the Government Cover-up of the UFO-Alien Abduction Experience!"

When I added my own signature to the petition, I supplemented it with this comment: "UFO-alien abductees who've yet to put summaries of their accounts on public record might find this comments block suitable for their doing so now -- and thus act as a force multiplier for others to come forward as well."

Larry W. Bryant

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/petition-justice-for-victims-of-alien-abduction.html

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submitted to www.ufocasebook.com by Larry W. Bryant

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Student Doc Spies UFO over Douglas: Takes Photograph
James Cook University medical student Joshua Thompson, 20, photographed a UFO near Riverside Gardens while driving home on Tuesday, November 5. Source: Supplied
Published: 12:17 PM 11/8/2013


THE truth is out there for a young Townsville doctor-in-training who believes he has photographic evidence of a UFO chasing a large flock of birds.

James Cook University medical student Joshua Thompson, 20, was driving to his home at Riverside Gardens in Douglas on Tuesday about 6pm when he spotted thousands of small black birds flying over the Ross River towards the Palmetum gardens, as he went past the bridge.

"I've never seen anything like that before in Townsville," he said.

"I thought that looked a bit cool."

He took a photograph on his iPhone 5 and, when later examining the picture, he noticed two strange, small saucer-shaped objects in the sky.

In one of the photos, there is a clear burst of yellow light in the shape of a disc, with six small lights in the sky.

"The six small lights really weirded me out," he said.

"You can see them really clearly in this ring type of thing."

There also appears to be a black shadow behind the unknown object, and another object above it, seemingly flying away.

The lit UFO also has a transparent beam underneath it, suggesting it is zooming away.

"My theory is the birds may have been some sort of cover for it to get away," he said.

Mr Thompson uploaded his sighting to YouTube from his smartphone on Tuesday night, attracting more than 1000 views within 24 hours.

He said he was not a "superstitious" person, but was aware of another recent sighting.

"My mate who is in the same course as me, who did astronomy as an elective this semester, he saw a similar sighting about a month ago in the same area, the same type of disc-orb shape, he said, that just took off," he said.

"I didn't actually see it at all, I was just driving and quickly took a snap, and the rest is history."

Mr Thompson, who is originally from Darwin and also lived in Indonesia and Portugal for many years, said he had never seen anything like the UFO before in his time living around the world.

"I've occasionally seen lights in the sky and just thought, oh, shooting star, or whatever nothing that crazy," he said.

Kenneth Armitage, from Townsville City Council's parks department, said he was not aware of any reports from Palmetum staff about unusual activity in the sky this week.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/ufo-doc-photographs-ufo.html

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Unknown Object Observed along with Plane - Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:34 AM 11/7/2013

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania - 11-06-13

About 11:10 am on Nov. 6th. (Wed) 2013, I was at work and go outside to take a 5 minute break to make a phone call. There was very bright sun to the east.

To the right of the sun, very far away, I can see a plane flying away from my location, (very high in the air, can see the vapor trails it makes and the shape of the plane).

There was not a cloud in the sky, about 55/60 degrees, light wind from the east. I put my hand up to block the sun from my eyes and saw a very bright white star-like and star-shaped, glowing shape.

at first I thought it was a reflection from the sun in my eyes, but I started to see the object move away from the sun (it was very high in altitude). The object was moving in a straight line in very incredible fast speed (by the distance it was in the air, and looking back at the plane, I knew it WAS NOT a man-made object.

The plane was moving slowly, and leaving a trail behind; this object was NOT).

I watched the object move incredibly fast towards the northwest (from my location, it was traveling in the direction towards the Akron/Canton area (Ohio).

I watched the object for about 25 seconds, and was pointing at it with my finger and from where I was, from the location and distance away from the object, I knew it was NOT MAN MADE.

It was not a plane or satellite; it was moving way too fast and in a straight line. After about 25 seconds, it faded into the blue sky. The hair on my neck stood up, and I had a very big chill down my back.

After seeing this, I got very excited, my throat tightened up, more chills up and down my body and I started to say out loud "YES! Finally! I got to see my first UFO sighting".

I can scratch that off of my bucket list. I will NEVER FORGET THIS DAY. I went back into the door of work, and the other employee was coming out, and I told him.

We went back outside, but there was no visible sight of the object. I hope I see more, I said to him. He smiled and we went back to work.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/unknown-flying-object-seen-with-plane.html

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A Novel Approach to the Bougainville Reef Case
UFO Depiction
Published: 7:29 AM 11/7/2013

Posted by Keith Basterfield on Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Cold case investigation:

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of my "cold case" investigation of the 28 May 1965, Bougainville Reef aircraft encounter. See the UFO Casebook case file, The Bogainville Reef Case.

However, few people will have ever come across the version of the case, as described in the 2009 novel "UFOs: Food for Thought," by Queensland author John Meskell.

In May 1965, Meskell was in the Queensland Police force, and was the original and only source, for the Bougainville Reef event (see June-Jul 1965 NICAP "UFO Investigator.") It was therefore of great interest to me to be able to read how Meskell described the case in his novel.

The novel's version:

Pages 24 and 25 of the novel contain a discussion between two characters "Barlow" and "Carter."

"At 3.25 am, May 27, 1965, a UFO paced an airliner for ten minutes over Bougainville Reef off North Queensland. I'm not sure of the exact date, and I'm now talking out of the top of my head, but I do remember the incident well. It was unofficially named the Bougainville Reef sighting. It's all documented.

"That sounds interesting - did the Government actually know about it?"

"Oh yes, they knew about it alright," Carter laughed. "I didn't have anything to do with this one, but I do remember reading much of the correspondence relating to this incident."

"What happened?"

"It's an incredible story to say the least. The Federal Government went to great lengths in attempting to cover it all up and really carried on like bloody amateurs. It was too large to suppress, with too many witnesses, and to this day I cannot believe why they didn't come straight out and admit the facts, without going on with all the nonsense they embarked upon with their incompetent opinions."

"Just to give you an indication of how vital the circumstances of this matter were, in 1967 Dr. James McDonald, a professor in the Department of Meteorology from the University of Arizona in the United States, and senior physicist in the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, came to Australia to investigate this matter as well as other Australian sightings, including the Papua sighting I have already spoken about.

"He was without doubt, just about the top authority on this subject in the United States. Now, what about him for a person of impeccable credibility and unimpeachable character? Makes you think doesn't it?"

"Okay, I'll go along with that. What was the result of his trip to Australia?"

Carter sat up. He leaned forward and began to tap and bounce his pencil on the desk. "Bougainville Reef is about 260 kilometres east of Cooktown, and details of this sighting were not made available until the arrival of Professor McDonald from America.

Anyhow this is what I became aware of. The Captain of a DC6 airliner, which I think was a DC6 chartered by TAA from Ansett, or vice versa, I'm not too sure now, but it was one or the other. The Captain described a 'round-shaped object' flying parallel to them for ten to fifteen minutes, in a radio message to Air Traffic Control at Townsville.

The radio message was tape recorded on flight control tapes at Townsville. At the time, a man named Bill Orr was the control officer. Other members of the plane crew sighted and witnessed this object, and each of them spoke, and was taped, to confirm what they were witnessing."

"The Captain advised the Townsville control tower that he was taking photographs of the saucer (which were confiscated), which continually buzzed his aircraft and letting off what the Captain thought to be red exhaust gases. Of course all of this conversation to the Townsville Air Traffic control officer was being recorded on tape."

"Where was the DC6 travelling to?"

"From Sydney to Port Moresby. Looking back, I can now recall that when the pilot arrived back in Brisbane, he was immediately flown down here to Canberra, where he was quizzed as to what he had seen. Our Government authorities also seized the flight control tapes from the Townsville aerodrome with conversations about this incident. The Captain's camera and films were also confiscated and the entire crew, after being questioned, were warned of a penalty of immediate dismissal if they spoke to anyone about this incident."

"So what was the final outcome?"

"Well, things became a bit embarrassing for the Government when Professor McDonald arrived in Brisbane on the 9th of June 1967 to look into this matter, to say nothing of the media getting into the act with headlines such as "Why the secrecy?" Professor McDonald had been well informed, and from some source he and his investigators tracked down one of the retired air hostesses who had been a crew member that night.

She confirmed without doubt what had occurred. There was another incident but it would take me too long to tell you all about it. You can read it all for yourself, and form your own opinion."

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/ufo-bougainville-reef-more.html

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Archived Case of the Week

1965 - Flattened Sphere Buzzes DC-6 - The Bougainville Reef Case
UFO Depiction
Published: 7:11 AM 11/7/2002

Townsville, North Queensland, Australia

May 28, 1965 - 3:25 a.m. local time - Duration 10-15 minutes - Aircraft Ansett-A.N.A. DC-6B - Photos Confiscated

by Richard Hall

The pilot and aircrew of an Ansett-A.N.A. DC-6B (call sign VH-INH) was en route from Brisbane, Australia, to Port Moresby, New Guinea.

The pilot called Townsville Ground Control and spoke to operator William Orr, informing him that his aircraft was being buzzed by a UFO.

The pilot gave his position as above or abreast of Bougainville Reef. The object was a flattened sphere with what looked like exhaust gases coming from it. It paced the airliner for 10-15 minutes, then accelerated and raced ahead and out of sight.

Photographs were taken during the sighting. The pilot was diverted back to Brisbane and from there flown to Canberra where the film was taken from him and we were told he was instructed to tell no person of this incident.

The audiotapes of air traffic control transmissions at Townsville also were confiscated. Some days after this air traffic controller Orr was told to "shut his mouth" about the incident, with the added threat that if he didn't he might be dismissed by the Department of Civil Aviation.

[Geographical note: Townsville is a major seaport on Halifax Bay.] (Source: 'Volume II, The UFO Evidence, A Thirty-Year Report,' Richard Hall, [2001], page 128)

See additional information on this case at More on the Bougainville Reef Case.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2013/ufo-bougainville-reef.html

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