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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 535, Issue date, 11-12-12

TV Show to Probe Famous Livingston UFO Encounter
Robert Taylor
Published: 11:41 AM 11/10/2012

IT is perhaps Scotland’s most famous “close encounter” and one which has fascinated scientists, investigators and UFO hunters from around the world.

The mystery of what happened to a forestry worker called Robert Taylor on a chilly November evening more than 30 years ago is one that has baffled all who have examined the case – including the police, who keep the file open and consider it “unexplained”.

The fact that the police were not able to come up with some rational explanation is one of the enduring elements of a story which Mr Taylor continued to insist was true up until his death in 2007.

And now it is the subject of more scrutiny, thanks to a new show being produced by the National Geographic channel.

UFOs: The Untold Story aims to take a look at some of the most famous – and supported – UFO encounters from around the world, and it seems only fitting that Mr Taylor’s story should be among those told.

It started for him on November 9, 1979, when he worked for the Livingston Development Corporation ensuring that no cattle or sheep wandered into Dechmont Woods. It was a job he’d done for a long time with no unusual incidents – something that was about to change.

He arrived for work as normal in his company-owned pick-up truck with his Irish red setter Larah and started to walk down the path into the woods. But as he rounded the path into a clearing he was absolutely astonished to see what he later described as a “large dome-shaped object” of about 20-30ft circumference hovering 15ft above the surface of the grass.

He said that parts of it seemed to disappear around the edges – it would seem to dematerialise so he could see the trees behind it, then solidify again.

As he watched it, what resembled two WWII sea mines dropped from beneath the object and rolled towards him. Just before they reached him a burning smell, like burning brake lines, flooded the area and he heard a loud swishing noise. The “mines” rolled across the grass and rods came out of them, which attached themselves to his hips and began to pull him towards the object.

At this point he lost consciousness. He didn’t know for how long but thought it could only have been for one or two minutes. When he came to the objects were gone and there were marks and holes on the ground, more than 20 circular or triangular indentations in the grass. Robert also had a nasty graze on his forehead and another one on his chin, and an incredible thirst.

He stumbled back to his truck and tried to drive off, but he was so shocked and disorientated he reversed it into a ditch and couldn’t get it out. He then tried to radio his base to tell them what had happened but found he had lost his voice.

He staggered back to his home in Deans near Livingston. When his wife saw him she thought he had been attacked because of the injuries to his face and the fact that his trousers were torn and his clothes were muddy. She asked him what had happened and he said he had been attacked by a spaceship.

His wife called his boss Malcolm Drummond who came to the house. He knew Robert and knew he wasn’t the type of man to make up stories and that if he said that was what he saw, then that was what he saw.

That was when the police were contacted. Because Robert had been injured it was deemed to be an assault and they took him back to look at the scene and saw the marks on the grass for themselves. They fenced off the area and Robert’s torn trousers were sent for forensic testing at Bathgate Police Station.

The scientists who examined them said they had been ripped upwards in a manner consistent with pulling by a mechanical device and that the rips hadn’t been made by forest debris.

Malcolm Robinson, below, a founder member of Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI) and a prolific author, was among those to speak to Robert immediately after the event and to this day believes it could be one of the few genuine cases of a UFO encounter.

“About 95 per cent of UFO sightings have a natural solution but it’s the five per cent minority that we are trying to provide answers for,” he says.

Robert Taylor “I was there the following day. I saw the marks and I met Bob, who struck me as a very sane and rational gentleman who didn’t want any of the publicity he had been thrust into. He never changed his story. To his dying day, which unfortunately came in 2007, he said: ‘Until the end of time I will say that I saw what I saw.’

“I’m so pleased National Geographic are re-examining the case so that a new generation of Scottish people, and others around the world, can hear about it.”

The programme also spoke to Nick Pope, a leading authority on UFOs who worked on the Ministry of Defence UFO Project and has examined reports of alien abductions, crop circles and animal mutilations. He too believes the Dechmont case merits closer study.

“This case is truly bizarre and remains unexplained to this day,” he says.

“The MoD had a file on the incident, which would have been investigated by one of my predecessors. It’s a significant case because of the physical evidence.

“Robert Taylor seemed to be an honest man who had little to gain and much to lose by coming forward with this story. MoD should have used metal detectors and a Geiger counter at the site of the encounter, but it was difficult, once the police got involved, as word would have got out and it was always MoD policy to downplay the extent of our interest.

“There’s not much middle ground with this case: either some practical joke got out of hand, or Robert Taylor genuinely encountered something bizarre.”

UFOs: The Untold Story is on National Geographic on Tuesday, November 20, at 8 pm.

See the UFO Casebook case file The Dechmont Woods Encounter.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/taylorontv.html

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Triangle-like Object Videotaped over Hoboken, New Jersey
UFO Image
Published: 5:58 PM 10/25/2012

Hoboken, New Jersey - 10-22-12

On Monday evening I went to the 3rd level of my fire escape behind my building where I can usually look up to the stars on a clear night.

I had my Yukon nightvision 5x42 monocular with a mini angel eye DVR connected to record the nigh time sky. After observing some satellites and slow moving objects, I spotted this faint triangle-shaped pattern moving in a straight line.

It was not moving with the front of the triangle moving forward, but all the points of light maintained a consistent and even spacing.

I followed the object for about 20 seconds or so before it was obstructed by my building and out of view.

When you watch the video,it seems that the image is not solid as the stars can be seen through the design of the lights.

The video is not of great quality because the object was faint and the static was distracting so I put it into 1 movie to darken and lessen the static.

UFO Casebook Splash

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/hobokennj102212.html

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Disc-shaped UFOs Appear out of Lake Michigan
UFO Depiction
Published: 11:55 AM 11/10/2012

Coloma, Michigan - 10-17-12

My girlfriend and I were taking a walk on the beach at night watching the stars. While sitting on the beach, we both noticed two circular objects above the water.

At first we thought they were stars, but suddenly they started moving above the water in different directions. That is when we started paying close attention to these star-like objects.

At night it is normal to see planes flying high in the sky leaving or arriving in Chicago. All these planes fly very high, but these objects were flying very low above the water and were moving at very high speeds.

We didn't know what to think about these objects, but things really got strange when all of a sudden they were six of them.

After serving several years in the military and witnessing all types of planes and helicoptors in flight, it was apparent that we were witnessing some very special type of flying machines.

We were both excited and could not believe what we were witnessing, but it was happening and it continued to happen for about half hour.

They all seemed to surface from the water. We never noticed them come from the sky down, but up from the water. We lost sight of them after they seemed to go down into the water.

In the eight years I have walked on that same beach at night, this is the first time I have ever witnessed anything like that.

Ken Pfeifer, World UFO Photos

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/lakemichigan101712.html

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submitted to www.ufocasebook.com


UFO: California Resident Claims Alien Abduction
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:58 PM 11/7/2012


A resident of Salina in Kansas, US has claimed that he was abducted by aliens, in a report included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). He has mentioned that the alleged incident occurred at 12:00 AM, Midnight on the 29th of October, 2012.

He tells us where he was, what he was doing, and what he saw and felt during the alleged incident.

"I was lying in bed looking out my window when I notice a little red star for some reason I found pretty. I propped myself up on one elbow hoping to get a better look when I suddenly fell. "I had just enough time to think 'Wow I am lucky to see another shooting star when everything went black and I couldn’t move.'"

He tells us that he could not see any light and also mentions why he was not scared of what was happening to him.

"No kitchen lights and no light from the window no matter how much I blinked. On a side note I have suffered from sleep paralysis since I was a kid. I am used to it and it does not scare me anymore."

The abductee also describes his views about UFOs and aliens, how he was obsessed about them and that he had brought a book about how to contact aliens.

"I have never seen aliens or UFOs no matter how much I wished. This time I was awake, couldn’t see and was terrified. Before this I was obsessed with UFO, aliens, abductions. I had bought a book on how to contact aliens but couldn’t read thru it do to boredom. I hadn’t read it in a month."

Despite the fact that the ‘abductee’ has wanted to meet the aliens for a long time, when he was being abducted he felt that he was not ready to do so in reality.

"So back to where we were in my panicked paralyzed state I kept thinking over and over (I couldn’t talk). "I changed my mind! I’m not ready!" "I felt floaty but am not sure if I went anywhere."

He further tells us that he found himself back in his couch. He also mentions that he panicked and was scared of what had happened.

"I felt myself back on the couch and able to see a few seconds later move. I was still panicked and got up for the day around four."

The alleged abductee also tells us that he had no clue if he had gone somewhere or there was missing time, but he had surely become afraid of UFOs and aliens.

"No clue if I went anywhere or if I am missing time but I am suddenly scared of UFOs and aliens, and pics of them."

Finally he tells us that there were no marks in his body, and no stars could be seen in the sky as it was cloudy.

"I didn’t have any strange marks or anything, but it has left me terrified. Oh and there were no stars in the sky, only clouds"

The above quotes were edited for clarity. We request the readers to keep in mind that many reports of UFO sightings and alien abductions can be explained scientifically as natural phenomenon.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/salinasabductee.html

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BBC Fears Cox's Alien Discovery Could Breach Safety Guidelines
Brian Cox
Published: 2:58 PM 11/8/2012

Brian Cox and his Stargazing Live team were banned from searching for life on a newly discovered planet after BBC bosses feared that impromptu extraterrestrial contact would break their health and safety guidelines.

The BBC star hoped to point the Jodrell Bank telescope at the planet called Threapleton Holmes B after it was discovered live on air in 2011 and listen for any signs of life. “No one had ever pointed a radio telescope at it and you never know," said Cox.

After his decision, the broadcasting corporation said: “But you can't do that because we need to go through the regulations and health and safety and everything in case we discover a signal from an alien civilisation”, Cox explained at the BBC Radio 6 Music breakfast show.

"[I said], you mean we would discover the first hint that there is other intelligent life in the universe beyond Earth, live on air, and you're worried about the health and safety of it?”, he explained. "It was incredible. They did have guidelines. Compliance.”

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/briancox.html

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Archived Case of the Week

USO Photographed - Aegean Sea, 1990

Published: 12:49 PM 1/18/2010

The Aegean Sea - 08-15-1990

USOs or Unidentified Submarine Objects have long been observed in Turkish waters. That is, such crafts are often reported to enter, leave, float or travel under the water of seas, lakes, and rivers of Turkey.

In this respect, the Aegean Sea, the Marmara Sea and the Mediterranean Sea are very active water regions. Below we have some further details of the most interesting USO cases of all Turkish UFO literature. Here it is.

In August of 1990, a strange underwater UFO was seen beneath the waters of the Aegean Sea, which lies between Turkey and Greece. What makes this USO encounter so special is that it includes a colored picture of an alleged Unidentified Submersible Object as physical evidence.

Furthermore, we should add that the eyewitness and the USO are both under the water. Naturally, there are some amazing photographs, motion pictures and video clips of USOs showing that these mysterious objects are diving into, emerging from, sailing or cruising under the water.

However, there was no single picture indicating that the alleged submarine UFO and the photographer were both beneath the sea at some fathoms. As far as we know, this alleged USO photo is therefore the first example of its kind.

This spectacular USO case occurred at 14:00 (2:00 PM), on 15th of August, 1990. Its exact place was at 57 meters deep in the Saros Bay, or nearTurkish inland waters of the Aegean Sea.

One can easily state that Mr. Erol Erkmen is a very reliable and sincere person who has reported this mysterious underwater object. Mr. Erkmen was engaging in a discovery dive for an old sunken ship together with his friend, named as Mr. Kemal, whose surname has been kept as secret, when he suddenly located the alleged USO there.

Mr. Erol Erkmen said that he began to feel very strangely as if they were observed by something. Then he looked ahead and saw a greenish light inside the water.

However, this mysterious object soon disappeared. After a while, Mr. Erkmen again located the green object on his left hand side. Consequently, he thought that the USO might have been maneuvering around them.

He observed it for nearly 3 minutes. Then he decided to take a picture of this strange light using an older underwater Kodak camera. Immediately he snapped a photo.

As soon as Mr. Erkmen took the shot, the object's light went out. However, they had to come out of the water, since their oxygen was just about to die out.

Mr. Erol Erkmen said that when he studied the negative very carefully, he saw nothing at first.

On the other hand, when he looked up the printed photochrome, he located a mysterious greenish light in the picture. Being curious, he enlarged the photograph 300 times. He was then shocked that there was a disc-shaped object with a greenish light in the alleged photo.

If so, what was it? Was it a conventional submarine or a secret man-made vehicle? Was it a kind of phosphorescent underwater organism? Or, was it an advanced submersible craft of alien beings? Who knows? Every alternative view has its own pros and cons.

Written by Sefer Murat Aksoy, B.A. & M.S. Independent UFO Researcher of Turkey

Turkey USO Sightings: Sefer Murat Aksoy, 1999-2000).

Edited by the UFO Casebook

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2010/aegeansea1990.html

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