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UFO Casebook Magazine 483, Issue date, 11-14-11

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Peter Davenport Makes His Own Sighting Report - Washington State
UFO Depiction
Published: 5:02 PM 11/11/2011

Harrington, Washington - 10-17-11

Shape: Light

Duration: 15-20 seconds

Bizarre light seen streaking across the clear and cloudless evening sky, covering 120 (+ or -) degrees of arc in 15-20 sec...

I had just completed my nightly walk on the 9-hole Harrington Golf Course, and was standing beside the practice putting green, located at the north end of the course. I had paused to enjoy the beautifully clear, almost cloudless, night sky. I was facing generally north-northeast, and could see the star, Capella (I believe), almost straight in front of me, just to the left of the town water tower, and at approximately 20 degrees angle of elevation.

My attention was suddenly drawn upward to a fast-moving light, the approximate size and luminosity of the International Space Station (ISS). When I first observed it, I estimate that it was located approximately 30-50 degrees to the left (west) of Capella, and at approximately 60-70 degrees angle of elevation.

During the first instant I saw the light, as it coursed toward the east in the northern sky, I assumed that it was probably the ISS, or perhaps the German ROSAT satellite, which is currently anticipated to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere at sometime between October 22-24, 2011.

However, within probably a second or so of my first having sighted the light, I realized that it was not the ISS, which I have witnessed on many occasions, and that the object's angular velocity across the sky was far too high for the object to be either the ISS, or any other man-made orbiting object.

Whereas a typical satellite in low-Earth orbit has a maximum angular velocity in the vicinity of one degree per second, the object in question appeared to be moving at perhaps 5+ degrees per second. My impression was that it was "streaking" across the sky.

In addition, the object may have had a very faint blue, or perhaps purple, tinge to it. Its color was not quite that of a typical star in the night sky, although the color distinction was very faint.

The object continued coursing to the east, and disappeared from my sight when I could no longer resolve it visually. It did not fade out, as satellites are seen to do when they enter the Earth’s shadow (or "terminator"). It simply got smaller, until I could no longer resolve it visually.

I immediately opened my cell telephone, and noted the time to be 18:42 hrs. (PDT), and it took approximately 30 seconds for the indicated time to turn over to 18:43 hrs... Consequently, assuming that cell phone time is accurate, the time of the sighting may have been 18:42::30 hrs. (PDT).

The object coursed from approximately 340 degrees (true) to approximately 90-95 degrees (true) in, I estimate, 15-20 seconds, again, at a much higher angular velocity than satellites are seen to move across the sky.

The event is somewhat complicated by the fact that the ROSAT satellite had passed through the same general area of the sky some eight minutes before my sighting. The website, www.Heavens-Above.com, indicates that ROSAT was first visible in the northwest sky at 20:34::37 on the same date as my sighting, October 17, and that it would have been at an angle of elevation of 56 degrees, at its highest elevation.

However, that satellite would have traveled from the northwest sky to the south-southeast sky over the course of 240 seconds, at a much lower angular velocity than that of the object I observed.

I considered the possibility that the object might have been a fragment of the ROSAT satellite, but even that possibility does not seem feasible. The object disappeared from my sight when it was within a few degrees of true east, and the ROSAT had coursed to the southeast, approximately 4 minutes earlier.

I also considered whether the object could have been a meteor, but that does not make sense, either. Its luminosity did not fluctuate during the entire sighting, and no fragments were seen falling from it. Moreover, 20 seconds is a very long burn-time for a meteor, particularly a small meteor, and there was no terminal burst, which commonly is seen for long-duration meteors.

This event has me thoroughly confused! This was a very strange occurrence, for which I have no ready explanation!

I hold a commercial pilot rating, and I am a former flight instructor. In addition, I am a frequent and avid viewer of the night sky, and am able to identify many of the heavenly bodies and constellations by name. I own a number of reflector telescopes, and several pairs of high-quality astronomical binoculars, all used for night sky viewing.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/davenportreport.html

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Submitted to www.nuforc.org

1975 - Aliens Visit Young Man's Bedroom in New Jersey
Eyewitness Drawing
Published: 1:03 PM 11/7/2011

New Jersey - October/November - 1975

It was late night in late October early November of 1975; I was a 10 year old child. At that time I was going through a late bed-wetting phase and remember I was determined to end that embarrassment.

I awoke for the second or third night in time to relieve myself and remember being happy and proud that I caught it in time again.

As my eyes opened slightly I saw movement in the room and at least what I thought were African American kids in my room moving around. I remember thinking that the only thing they could steal of any value was my prized, small black and white TV that was on my dresser next to my bed.

As you can imagine at this time my heart was pounding through my chest and just wanted them to take the TV and leave. I cracked my eyes open ever so slightly as not to be noticed and was shocked to realize that they weren’t afros (which were common at that time), but were whole heads.

I can’t really express my thoughts of that instant realization when I saw who was really in the room at that time, other than how in a nanosecond I went from there’s no such things as aliens to, "Oh, my GOD, there really are, what do they want?"

At that time there was no such things as “Greys” or anything similar to what has been so defined into pop culture today.

Being late October early November there was a harvest moon and I had a fairly large picture window in my room which lead to some fair amount of ambient room lighting which I shared with my 5-year-old brother, who slept in an adjacent bed next to mine.

During this event I was just opening my eyes enough as not to be noticed, lying on my back when I woke up and my bed covers were at my waist.

ALL I wanted was to get my bed cover up to my head so I was ever so slowly and methodically opening them up during this entire event, as not to be noticed. There was a larger one that stood against the wall directly across from the foot of my bed that just stared at me.

There was another knelt down on the opposite side of my brother's bed and what I thought at the time was that he was doing something to his arm.

In my head at the time my mind was reeling, my parent’s room was directly behind me and if I screamed my father would come running in.

I remember thinking that the one next to my brother I was taller than and equated him to being in “my grade,” remember I was 10. So if he came over to me my big plan was to jump up and dive on him and scream for my dad.

The one against the wall just standing there, I remember as being a grade or two older than me and he would probably do something before my dad could get in.

I remember thinking I could end the whole debate that are we alone in the universe and the weight of that thought being succumbed to him killing my brother and not being able to muster the internal strength to do something.

My next thought was that if he comes over to me he can’t put a needle in me so I started to tear up and that diffused my sight to what was happening in the room.

Eyewitness Drawing

Then the one that was knelt next to my brother got up and came at me, pure horror as my eyes were teary and he rounded my brother’s bed and in one motion knelt down on his right knee, and in one motion opened his toolkit and kind of flipped and twisted his left wrist and reached in.

At that very moment I couldn’t hold it anymore and thought needle! And I made an audible pre-cry wail. The face that the creature made still haunts me today; honesty.

It’s the same face people make when they make a surprise mistake like “Eek I did something embarrassing” facial expression. His mouth was just a slit, so when he made that expression his face rippled and wrinkled like an old man.

Immediately whatever he was taking out of his box was a really weird shape then, but not now, it was (Hexagonal with a diagonal opening and handle), he put it back in, got up and they marched out.

Again another part of this memory that has creeped me out is how they moved like the military and moved or better said marched out of my room.

I was shocked and with unreal timing as I looked down the hallway when they passed my parents' room, two more came out and filed in line which such precision and marched down the hall and all turned down the stairs out of my sight.

Again, I must stress the timing was if they were one. Needless to say I didn’t sleep the rest of the night.

My younger brother was fine in the morning, and no one in my family knew anything of the night’s event. I lived near a large metropolitan area at the time and our house was the only house surrounded by 260 acres of woods.

I only told a handful of people since then and find it very difficult and seriously doubt many of these accounts I read of abductions myself. Ironic isn’t it.

They were very, very real, and I wish I dreamt it but I didn’t.

My impression then and my life of the events of that night is that these beings are cold and indifferent to us, basically they are not our enemies but most certainly aren’t our friends.

There might be a very good reason our government has kept this secret for so long.

Side note:

Physical appearance is not as "sinister" as depicted. More of blue/grey artic silver color than grey.

Bulbous joints with slightly distended stomachs, very similar to dwarfism. I saw mouth slits move slightly along with large head movement just as like they were speaking, but heard nothing.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/1975njaliens.html

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Submitted to www.mufon.com

Argentina: Villa Huidobro - Another Interrupted Journey (1983)
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:47 PM 11/7/2011

Argentina: Villa Huidobro – Another Interrupted Journey (1983)

By Lucio Daniel Rossi and Norberto L. Medina

Grupo CONEX – Rio Cuarto – Córdoba

(From the “Contactos ET” Bulletin published by CONEX, 1997)

During the first minutes of Christmas, 1983, a family from Rio Cuarto traveling from Villa Huidobro to Huinca Renancó was intercepted by a vast luminous vessel. While an abduction event occurred during this incident, it will not form part of this report, as is still being researched.

The remainder of the experience is nonetheless very interesting, and while not a current case, it is being published for the first time, as it was only made known to CONEX by the experiencers after having kept it secret all these years.

The Sordi Family, made up of Armando Sordi, his wife D., his eldest daughter F., his youngest daughter M. and his mother-in-law, H. (the family currently includes a new daughter born years after the incident) decided to spend Christmas Eve, 1983 at the home of some relatives of D., who lived in Villa Huidobro (a small town located in southern Córdoba, near the border with the province of La Pampa).

As they dined outdoors, a strong wind kicked up, heralding a Christmas storm. However, D. could not see that likely storm. At the same time, M. (three months old at the time) was upset, as if not feeling well, a symptom that had been for a number of hours earlier.

The little one’s state was a concern to her parents and grandmother, and they decided to have her checked out by any doctor in Huinca Renancó (which is a few dozen kilometers from Villa Huidobro, localities set out in a straight line parallel to the northern limit of La Pampa).

Therefore, around 12:30 and 12:45 in the morning, the family set out to Huinca Renancó in Armando’s Ford Falcon. Armando was at the wheel with his wife to his right, holding M. in her arms. In the back seat were H. and F., asleep on H.’s lap.

They went along the dirt road and immediately reached the highway, passing by a large tree grove on the side. Armando drove his Falcon urgently, remarking on the darkness of the sky to D., but his wife, strangely enough, was unable to notice any difference.

However, D. was able to make out a glow in the distance, to her left. In that direction, something resembling “a large communion wafer” – translucent and white – appeared in the air. It rose quickly into the air “with the movement of a balloon being released” before stopping again.

At that moment, the object acquired a yellowish cast to its outline. It was no longer as luminous as before, but “very nearly transparent.”

From that moment onward, the circular object began moving toward them with a strange motion that D. defined as “halting, as though something were pushing it from behind. For that reason it looked increasingly larger and flying very low.”

Despair gripped the family. H. screamed in terror, weeping and shaking her arms “as if to make that thing go away”. F. remained asleep, Armando and D. were nervous and M. remained with her mother.

Faced with this situation, Armando pulled over to the road’s shoulder and got out of the car. It should be noted that Armando does not recall having gotten out of the car, a detail that D. remembers clearly, as she had leaned over M.’s little body in an instinctive and maternal act of protection. And from that position, she remembers seeing only her husband’s leg and foot beside the car.

The UFO remained at the vehicle’s left, flying at low altitude and only a few dozen meters away. It was reddish in color, but giving off a powerful white glow. “I suddenly heard Armando say that it was flying over us and stopping over some eucalyptus trees that formed a long curtain to our right,” says D., who from her huddled position could only move her head to look.

“I was able to see it clearly. It was immense and rotating at an alarming rate. It was noiseless and moved like a hummingbird, one moment here, and another there,” added D., who notes that the UFO brushed over the tree boughs, or in her words, “caressing them”. Armando and D. agree that the “devices” measured some 25 meters in diameter. It changed colors (from red to orange, yellow, white and green) and always irradiated a powerful white glow that flooded the surroundings. “It looked like daytime; we couldn’t even see the car’s headlights,” Armando stressed. They also noticed that the UFO had dark spots they described as “portholes.”

After a few minutes, the object flew over them again, placing itself in the position it had originally held, that is to say, to the automobile’s left, slightly beyond the train tracks that run parallel to the road.

As it remained there, the couple noticed that another car was heading toward them on the opposite lane. This reassured them, as they believed the UFO would be seen by those aboard the car, and that they might stop. Mysteriously, the UFO vanished, “turning itself off”, and the other car sped by, probably without its occupants noticing its anomalous presence.

Once the car took off, the UFO “lit up” again. The family then decided to continue its journey and get away from that “device”, retaking the road to toward Huinca Renancó. Even more surprising, the UFO also began to move, parallel to the paved road, following them at the same speed and at low altitude (almost over the electric cables), lighting the areas over which it flew.

Whenever Armando slowed down, the UFO did the same. It even rose into the air to dodge the facilities of an abandoned refrigeration plant; otherwise it would have crashed into it. From that moment onward, it maintained the same altitude, making a zigzagging motion before reaching Huinca Renancó, ascending at a prodigious rate of speed, and remaining in the sky as a small red dot, then vanishing altogether. The family would have further sightings after this incident.

Carlos Alberto Iurchuk of El Dragón Invisible managed to meet Armando Sordi at the Rio Cuardo UFO Convention held in November 1998. Sordi agreed to be interviewed.

(Available at www.dragoninvisible.com.ar)

Translation (c) 2011, S. Corrales, IHU.

Special thanks to Carlos Iurchuk, El Dragón Invisible


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/argentinainterruptedjourney.html

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Extremely Large UFO over Pennsylvania Causes Radio and Phone Failure
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:51 PM 11/11/2011

Pennsylvania - 11-02-11 I was driving home from the local archery range on State Route 36 heading south. As I turned right onto the road to go to my house I noticed a light off in the distance above the tree line.

At that time I thought it was the crecent moon off in the distance; note that what I saw was huge above the trees.

I really wanted to get a closer look and hoped to get the trees out of the way, so I could get a picture of what I thought was the moon.

I turned left onto a road that I thought would give me the best view. As I turned onto this road my radio which was working fine cut to static and my cell phone shut off.

When I got closer to the object, maybe 300 yards, it began moving off to the west behind the tree line. I thought this was very strange, and as the object began moving off my radio came back on and I got several texts that I hadn't received since my phone quit working.

I made a right to go up a hill where I thought I would have a better look, but when I got up there the object was nowhere to be seen. The thing that scared me the most was I looked up to the north and could clearly see the moon up in the sky.

It was half full and very small compared to the object I had seen and not nearly as bright. The whole sighting only lasted four minutes.

When I got home I was looking up at the sky the whole way into my house trying to figure out what I might have seen.

The object was about the size of two football fields in length, and maybe the width of one football field wide. It was crescent shaped and a bright white color.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/pacrescentufo110211.html

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Submitted to www.mufon.com

Pilots and Strange Objects They Have Encountered
UFO Depiction
Published: 6:43 AM 11/10/2011

Written by Chris Holly

I have three close friends who happen to be pilots. Over the years I never found the right time to ask them if they had ever seen anything unknown during their years of flying. This summer I decided to change that and went out of my way to find time to talk alone with each of them.

It was long overdue for me to ask my friends if any of them ever encountered something they considered strange or unknown while flying. I did not anticipate much of a response as I have known the three men I am writing about for many years and not one of them ever mentioned anything at all along the lines of unknown crafts or objects.

I thought it would have come up in conversation over the years if any of them had seen something they could not explain so did not think I would get much of a response to my questions. However, I did want to ask each one of them to satisfy my own curiosity once and for all.

Obviously I was wrong and my pilot pals had seen strange things during their years of flying. The first man I spoke with was a pilot for a very large corporation in Canada. After ending his career with the military he became a pilot for this corporation flying a private jet across North America to transport the executives in the company.

He told me that occasionally he and his crew would have to fly empty back across Canada in order to pick up a new group of passengers to transport across the continent. He told me when they did this he would fly high and fast to make up time. During one of these trips, in the early 1990s, over the wilderness portion of Canada, he and his co-pilot and two other crew members noticed a group of strange lights keeping pace with them. When they first noticed the lights they were far away from them but at the same altitude and speed.

The lights kept their distance for about 20 minutes before closing the distance between them. Within seconds they were close enough so they could make out the defined shape of an enormous rectangle shaped ship speeding along next to them at a distance of about a half a mile. The pilot radioed to find out if the strange object was being picked up by radar. At first he was told yes, and then told it was not.

The crew of the private jet could not determine what this strange enormous craft could be and decided it best to drop in altitude to try to avoid any further contact with the unknown object. The pilot changed course and became frightened as the craft also followed his changes.

Again the jet requested to change course and again they were followed. The pilots then requested to land at a nearby airport and not continue on with his flight.

The pilot and crew prepared to change course for a third time to ready for a landing. Finally the huge craft changed its course and headed upwards away from the jet at an enormous speed.

The crew landed the private jet shaken and confused on what it was that was following them over the wilderness of Canada. Of course nothing came of the incident other than the fact my pilot friend did all he could to not fly that path again during his career.

He told me did not want to chance another encounter with something he did not understand that could out maneuver with extreme speed anything he had ever seen before.

I thought his encounter was very interesting, but I must admit I am not at all surprised this sighting took place over the Canadian wilderness. I think there are many strange things that find a haven in the wilderness of Canada. It could be a place where a base or gathering area is located for unknown crafts.

So much area in the Canadian wilderness is without population yet located close to the large population of the United States and the Canadian borders where most of Canada’s population is located. Using this wilderness would be a perfect destination for those who wish to visit us without being seen; especially large crafts that have the ability to fly high and fast. They could come in and out of our planet via the protection of the wilderness as well as fly high and fast to avoid most air traffic.

The second friend I talked to was a Captain in the Air Force who flew bombing missions over Vietnam in the mid-1960s. He flew many missions during his military service giving him many hours in the sky.

I did not think he would have much to say on this subject as he is a very black and white kind of man without any room for fantasy or abstracts. I was a bit nervous to even bring up the subject knowing how he thinks and reacts to life.

During the summer I found myself sitting alone with my friend on the beach. We were talking about our families and life when I decided to just go for it and ask him if he had ever seen anything unusual while flying in the military.

My friend shocked me by quickly responding: "You mean like UFOs and stuff like that?" Oh hell yeah, they followed us all the damn time".

He then told me that it was not common but not unusual at all for the pilots who flew the missions at that time to be followed or escorted by objects that were part of the military or any craft they had ever seen before. He told me he had a few very plain, gun-metal oval shaped objects about the size of a school bus fly alongside of or above him as he flew in and out of battle.

He told me they never stayed long or approached too closely and were only seen for a few minutes at a time. He said he tried, as did the other pilots who saw them, to get away from them as they did not know what they were. He also told me they were very fast and could climb, turn and dive unlike anything we had that he knew of at the time.

I found it stunning that this particular friend was so matter of fact about something I found to be so extraordinary. I asked him if he reported it and he simply laughed and said, "Hell no, we all wanted to stay flying, so we just never mentioned it and neither did the military - it was just part of the job."

It shows that even in the mid-1960s the code of silence already was strong as far as the subject of UFOs was concerned.

The last pilot I talked to is a very close friend of mine. He told me about this event while staying with me this summer. It is a very interesting report to me as I know this man to be of high character and extremely logical and intelligent.

Sacramento Capital This friend also was an Air Force pilot during the 1960’s. He was a FAC or Forward Air Controller pilot in the Vietnam War. After he finished his service to his country my friend became a private pilot flying out of Northern California. He told me of a very odd experience he had during a flight in a small airplane while transporting one female passenger over Sacramento, California in 1974.

He was flying over Sacramento one afternoon with his female passenger approaching the Capital Building. As my friend and his passenger flew closer they both noticed a large red orb about 1500 ft. over the Capital Building just hanging there silently. My friend had never seen anything like it before.

He radioed in asking if anyone else had reported the strange orb. He was told no one else had. He was fascinated by this strange object and radioed back that he was changing course to circle this object to see if he could figure out what it was and how it was just hovering in midair.

He and his passenger flew a semi-circle around this object to get a better look at it. He said it was about the size of a Volkswagen. It was a perfect sphere, hovering about 1500 feet directly over the Capital building’s dome. It was an incredible sight he told me as it had a liquid plasma moving interior.

He told me it was completely silent and did not move at all beside the motion of the plasma material in the center of the orb. There was no obvious method of how this object was able to hover in midair. He and his passenger flew around the object as to make sure it was not a reflection or something that was a projection of some kind. It appeared to be equal all around and a solid object hovering in place over the Capital building.

When my friend and the passenger returned to their planned course they radioed in the sighting to be met with a dull response that no one else is reporting the object.

They landed shortly after with the anticipation all the news all over would be covered with the fact this large red orb was hovering over the Sacramento Capital Building in Sacramento California. To their utter astonishment, there was not one word of it anywhere., It seemed incredulous to him and his passengers that thousands of other people out and about the Sacramento area did not notice that huge orb hovering directly over that building.

He watched the news for about a week without any other report of the object. This my pilot friend found as strange as the sight of the object. He told me he never got over that day and wonders often what it was he saw hovering over that building. The only reasons I can come up for this is either the craft was cloaked from the ground so those below it could not see it or that the world just does not look up; even on beautiful days in Sacramento.

I find this encounter very interesting. I too witnessed a strange red orb with the same plasma type material moving within its borders. Although the one I saw was much smaller, it too hovered silently in midair. Interestingly the red orb I saw was also in the mid-1970s.

I have been carefully reading other reports of similar objects and think one theory worth considering is that these orbs are secondary objects being released from much larger mother ships. They may be used for the purpose of surveillance or some kind of connection with our planet that we do not yet understand. I came to this conclusion as I did come upon a few reports that mentioned second larger ships at a greater altitude seen around the area of orb sightings.

I see no reason to discount this theory or any logical explanation concerning the reports all over the world of orbs over houses, buildings, towns, and cities. These objects are doing something; we just do not know what it is!

I was glad I took the time to privately ask each of my pilot pals about this subject as they were the ones up there with the objects when they sighted them. The idea of it being lanterns, balloons, birds, swamp gas, or other planes was wiped out by the close view and expert eyes of the pilots flying along with these objects.

I know after talking to those I know who fly the skies that I will pay far more attention next time I am traveling by air. Who knows what may be found if we just pay attention and look?

Copyright © 2011 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World - http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/

Email chrisholly61@yahoo.com -Phone: 631-887-4818

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Archived Case of the Week

Hawkins UFO Footage - 1995 Redfish Point, Florida
Published: 4:41 PM 11/3/2011

On August 23, 1995, in Florida, UFO investigator/videographer Mike Hawkins, along with several other investigators, spotted an unknown flying object in the night sky at about 10:15 PM.

He pursued the object to get a better viewpoint, and his actions were rewarded with the capture of incredible footage of a structured UFO. He and his fellow investigators were in Redfish Point, only about six miles from Gulf Breeze.

The object he captured is similar to that photographed by contractor Ed Walters, also shot over Gulf Breeze. See the The Gulf Breeze UFOs.

The object captured over Redfish Point appears to be semi-transparent, and self-illuminated. Some type of formation or windows can be seen in the very center of the UFO.

UFO Casebook Splash

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/redfishpoint1995video.html

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