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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 385, Issue date, 11-16-09

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Finland Releases UFO Files
Flag of Finland
Published: 6:19 PM 11/13/2009

Recent UFO news from Finland: http://fimufon.wordpress.com/2009/11/12/finland-releases-ufo-incidents/

For decades, Finnish Defence Forces have been interested in the unusual incidences within our air space, things that people usually call as UFOs. Recently published book reveals official UFO studies in Finland from 1933 to 1979.

It is based on three hundred official documents, which has been released for researchers Ė until the last year, when the public military archives was closed down and after that only a part of this material has been released under the National Archives of Finland.

First cases in the book are from years 1933-1937 when hundreds of citizens in the Finland saw mysterious phantom aircrafts or ghost fliers.

It was probably a second wave of unusual mass sightings in the World, which was officially studied. Although some private investigators have found and published much of Finnish UFO folklore regarding to incidents before Second World War, including even more than couple hundred years old events, it is not sure if any other than phantom planes were really investigated or even known by the military at the time.

Official explanation for the phantom plane incidents was that most of them were in fact astronomical objects, meteorites, electrical phenomena or even hoaxes, but still some cases remained unexplained. However, because of the public hysteria, late in the 1937 military concluded that planes are product of overactive imagination and country had no evidence for the Soviet spy-plane regularly breaking into our air space, which was main concern back then.

This was the last time when Finnish Defence Forces was publicly interested in unidentified flying objects, although the truth behind the scenes was quite different. Soviet hysteria even increased before the war, which led Illegal executions and things like that.

Now released modern UFO reports covers mainly period from 1965 to 1973. After the present UFO era began in 1947, first years were apparently quite silent time in the Finland, because only few documents is released from the official records regarding to flying saucers as they were called at this time. Interest in UFOs among the civilian population was also very low at the time, since first private UFO research organization in Finland was founded as late as 1960.

Probably one reason was the war recover and political atmosphere. However, even the Finnish prime minister and later president Urho Kekkonen promoted publicly early UFO research.

Yet many of the relevant reports after year 1972 are still waiting for releasing and some are even burned. Because of so strict classification procedures in the Finnish Defence Forces, any of the possible UFO related documents after year 1980 is not yet officially released Ė except for leaked infrared UFO-film, which famously led to internal investigation at Finnish Border Guard Service in the summer 2007.

Finlandís most prominent official UFO incidents include case where Finnish Air Force was trying to chase seven bright UFOs over Pori airport, Western Finland. In April 12, 1969 about twenty pilot and ground staff of the Air Force witnessed the objects, which were 2000-3000 meters above the ground, as the same time they were tracked by the radar.

When the fighters were getting close to the unidentified flying objects, objects climbed above the nearest fighter while its pilot was taking a closer look. After the short dogfight, objects started to move very fast towards the north and only minute later they were picked up on the radar about two hundred kilometers away from Pori, where objects disappeared towards Northern Sweden as the same time their altitude was increased more than double.

The Pori UFO incident has been part of public knowledge for years before this current release, because of the testimonials by brave pilots, who played part in the famous UFO chase. In the 1993 Air Force officially released the incident. After that also Rauno MeriŲ, the former head of the Finnish Air Force finally openly confirmed the existence of this case, although it has been now revealed that as a commander, he has also tried to cover it up, which was kind of conflict with his well-known civilian interest in UFOs.

Another interesting reported sighting happened in the Suomussalmi near Soviet border where local people saw a saucer-like object flying just above the ground. Device was brownish, it had diameter not more than 80 cm and it caused little hum. After first witness tried to get close to the object, he sensed weak electrical shock in his body after the object started to move and three antennas arose from it. He wasnít able to get much closer as the device was moving and his hat, which he threw towards the UFO, fled almost 15 meters away from it because of the strong whirlwind as the device was moving.

Couple weeks after the first occurrence in the summer of 1967, the same UFO was seen again, not far away from first spot. Incidents caused governmental investigations, which ended up to the official conclusion that this particular flying saucer was indeed real, but instead of extraterrestrial origin it was probably man-made!

In the case of the military UFO reports, this new book studies also other sources than official documents, like affidavits of inside sources, retired officers or even lucky civilians. For some independently reported military UFO sightings at the end of sixties and more in the seventies, even if they have more or less plausible explanations, lack of released official documents became soon clear Ė it means that either reliability of original sources is questionable in such cases or then documents are not yet fully released, they are missing, or even destroyed.

There are strong indications for still classified UFO evidence even before 1980 while in Finland, automatic declassification happens after 25 years. There are even some officially confirmed older cases (like the Pori UFO chase in 1969) where documentation is not released. It is also known for sure that in 1968 Finnish Air Force ordered their personnel in various units to officially report any unusual aerial sighting theyíve made, even in the free time and holidays, which indicates that there should be much more the yet unreleased material.

Interesting example for such independently reported case is recently revealed 1974 incident in the Air Force base near Rovaniemi in the Northern Finland. Main source of this incident came to top of the hill when he was guarding the area Ė there was large storage facility beneath of him, with second guard inside.

Soon he noticed that a strange metallic device with blue glow around it was landed near the facility and finally he fired his machine gun towards the unidentified object when he was only about 30 meters away from it. Shooting caused that the UFO immediately started to glide away and it disappeared behind the ramparts.

Afterwards he suffered severe burn marks in his skin and it was told that during the confrontation, a large electromagnetic disturbance was detected in the area. Before this bizarre shooting there was also rare accident with Draken fighter where its generator burst to fire spontaneously, which put driverís life at risk until almost miraculous landing Ė evidently there was also radar contact with unidentified target following the damaged fighter.

Hoaxes, rumors and merely coincidences or something more, nobody really knows without availability of the official documents. Unfortunately it has been revealed that the Intelligence Office of Finnish Air Force has burned all the relevant documents it had, which leaves researchers with quite empty hands, at least until the release of survived documents from the other units.

In spite of many really unexplained reports, large majority of the released sightings has been explained with quite general causes. Still some of suggested explanations are more surprising, as the nuclear explosions in the atmosphere, U-2 spy plane or conjunction of three bright planets.

Regarding to some rare Finnish cases, military also has got the opportunity to study physical evidence like landing traces, radar data and photographs. Majority of this material is still classified and some are even burned. Besides the burning of important data, published book exposes also other questionable actions within military forces.

- FUFON webmaster

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009d/finlandfiles.html

source & references:

Finland National Archives


No Records Found on 1965 Pennsylvania UFO Sighting
Published: 7:20 PM 11/12/2009


PITTSBURGH ó NASA said it can find no records mentioning an unidentified object that may have landed in western Pennsylvania nearly 44 years ago.

The Coalition for Freedom of Information, a volunteer group which seeks to bring more credibility to the subject of UFOs through journalism and freedom of information quests, sued NASA in 2003 seeking information about the event in Kecksburg.

The group's federal lawsuit, backed by the SyFy Channel cable network, was settled in October 2007 when NASA agreed to pay $50,000 in legal fees and search some of its records.

But that nearly two-year search ended in August and yielded nothing, Leslie Kean, a New York-based freelance author and documentarian who directs the all-volunteer CFI, told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

"I still believe, from all the work and the research and everything, that something came down" from the sky, Kean said. "But what it was, I have no idea."

Also see the UFO Casebook case file, The Kecksburg UFO Crash

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009d/norecords.html

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Internet's Sudden UFO Craze Crossing Line into Craziness
Published: Friday, November 06, 2009

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

The Obama administration is set to release secret UFO files to the public on Nov. 27.

It's supposed to be a secret, so when the news comes out, please try and look surprised. Also, that TV show you watched on Tuesday night, about alluring-yet-evil aliens descending from spaceships to offer us free health care? That wasn't just an unusually-good remake of a beloved '80s show. "V" is government propaganda, designed to "soften us up" for the revelations to come.

This is the expert analysis from Ufo-Blogger.com, interpreting revealed knowledge from a service called Web.Bot. What is Web.Bot? The Web Bot Project is a kind of Internet oracle, a software program that claims to predict future events by analyzing search engine keyword trends. The creators of the Web Bot Project are Clif High and George Ure. Together they are known as "The Time Monks."

I was devastated to hear that the title "Time Monk" is taken, because now that I've heard it, I want it on my business cards.

Would you deny a restaurant reservation to "Michael Duff, Time Monk?" High and Ure have this title locked up, so I probably can't use it for my autobiography either.

I must recommend caution to people who consider visiting Ufo-Blogger.com, not because there's anything wrong with it, but because Web sites like this can have a powerful effect on people who lack critical thinking skills. And before anyone thinks I'm being snooty here, I must include myself in the at-risk category.

I started surfing UFO sites in my early 20s. I started out with a healthy measure of skepticism, but over time, the quality of the stories being told, the disturbing plausibility of the evidence, the sheer quantity of material available overwhelmed me, and I spent a good three weeks in the Twilight Zone.

Everybody knows that governments lie. Everybody knows there are Cold War and national security secrets out there being kept "for our own good." Spend 30 minutes looking through declassified KGB files and you'll never look at a White House press release the same way again.

Once we accept that the government can and will keep secrets, it's not that big a jump to accept the plausibility of UFOs. The elaborate tangle of UFO Web sites have their own language, their own mythology and their own internal logic. The stories are remarkably consistent, and it's easy to get sucked in - particularly when you're a sleep-deprived college student surfing the Web at 2 a.m.

Welcome to the wonderful world of conspiracy hypertext. You can start with one simple keyword search and find yourself overwhelmed in minutes. I got hooked by the tale of Bob Lazar, who claimed to work as a physicist in Groom Lake, Nev., near the infamous Area 51.

Lazar's story was just plausible enough to suck me in. I went to bed that night and pulled the covers over my head, certain that a Grey alien was hovering just outside my window, ready to remove, classify and stamp bar-codes on my organs.

I kept reading the next morning, but claims that seemed reasonable at 2 a.m. didn't look so solid in the morning sun. The more I read, the more this story started to sound like Star Trek, complete with its own version of dilithium crystals and warp drive.

Not content to scare me with threats of evisceration by Grey aliens, Lazar's story revealed that we were actually in contact with multiple alien races - races who are conducting a secret war on planet Earth. I was ready to believe that the government could cover up scattered abductions and a saucer crash at Roswell, but multiple landings? Secret embassies and regular visits from alien ambassadors? A conspiracy touching every president since Roosevelt?

You're telling me Richard Nixon met regularly with alien visitors and died without bragging about it? You're telling me Lyndon Johnson was taken aboard an alien spaceship and didn't even swipe an ash tray? You might be able to fool me with government acronyms and a shoddy description of FTL physics, but the notion that every government, every executive and every bureaucrat in Washington could keep their mouth shut about this was more than I could bear.

I can't stop you from visiting UFO sites. I can't keep you from getting sucked in. I can't explain the improbability of faster-than-light travel in two paragraphs, but I can encourage you to mix some UFO skeptic sites in with the fun stuff. I can't turn you into a skeptic with one newspaper column, but I can offer one bit of advice.

If you're determined to go surfing around UFO Web sites, do it during the day, in moderation, in a room with other people in it. Don't do it at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night, in a pitch-black dorm room while listening to the "Lost Boys" soundtrack. I learned that the hard way.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009d/craziness.html

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Alien Instinct? - UFO Reports with David P. Kuhlman
Published: 5:28 AM 11/10/2009

Written by David P. Kuhlman

There I was, bundled up from head to toe with layers of clothes and a heavy winter jacket to top it all off. It definitely wasnít that I didnít have a warm place to go, I just wanted to be here.

Like most winter nights that I can remember throughout the south where I grew up, it was a cold starry night, the type of night that I looked forward too at the break of each and every new day.

It was late December here and I had just received for Christmas one of the most spectacular gifts that I had ever received.

No, it wasnít the ever-popular B.B. Gun or a new addition to my vast collection of sports cards, though either of these would have been fine by me. What I had in my possession however surpassed them all without a doubt, a brand new telescope! Yes, a telescope had made me one of the happiest children in the world this Christmas and I was very eager to put it to use.

You could have always found me staring up through my prized possession on any given night when the clouds had so graciously granted me a clear view of the heavens. I had always been it seemed, in a kind of trance as I looked up through its viewfinder. One of my most heavily watched celestial wonders was our own moon.

It was a breath-taking site! To be able to see all of the scars made by other smaller objects that had collided with its surface in clear detail was merely indescribable. I had always felt a deep yearning towards the heavens above as a child, a feeling that continues with me to this very day.

Maybe my curiosities regarding space and all of its hidden wonders had started as the result of my UFO sightings some years earlier, or maybe I had been born naturally with some sort of intuition of the heavens, that I do not know for sure, but I was intrigued by all aspects and unknowns that lie within its very existence. I knew one thing for sure about my passion as a child, and that is that I wanted to know as much as I could.

Space is breathtakingly awesome. There are few words that really describe its incredible structure. I remember in Elementary School I was fascinated by talk of our solar system and the study of the very galaxy we live in, the Milky Way. Nothing in school, nothing, whether it was in elementary or in later years, High School fascinated me more than science and especially the study of Astronomy. I excelled in these subjects simply because I craved as much information as I could get, and all that my mind could hold.

I am still mesmerized by it today and I always seek new information and news that may be just on the horizon. I remember spending countless hours out doors looking through my prized telescope at anything that looked of interest hanging in the black void of space above. I also remember just sky watching with my eyes, quickly scanning the darkness for something that I would know to be of an unearthly or unfamiliar origin. I have to honestly say however, that I never saw anything through all of those many hours that I could not explain, especially nothing that could have been contributed to a UFO.

I knew very well what an actual UFO looked like in the skies above, and nothing ever even came close to that experience again.

During my childhood I liked to research and experiment with things that are not clear to all of us on a daily basis, I guess my curiosities in the things I had witnessed so early in life that I or any other person didnít have an explanation for had all to do with this behavior. I can look back now with an adultís perception and see just how interested I really was in the unexplained.

Truthfully I donít even know if other children are or were as infatuated by the heavens like I was, and if they were did they too have an extraordinary event that took place that they could not explain, an event that still comes with no explanation? Maybe.

As an adult I have had much time to process all of the information there is regarding UFOs, as well as conduct in-depth research into their origins. I have come to even question myself about the truth at times, but I know what the evidence shows. There isnít one person on this planet that can say factually that UFOs do not exist without telling the complete truth. Truth comes from evidence, and there is much more evidence for UFOs than there is against it, no matter which side of the fence we choose to stand on.

Many have never seen what witnesses have come to know as UFOs. This is very logical donít you think? I mean, like I said before, I spent hours and hours watching the sky as a child growing up and I continue to do so to this day, and have never seen anything again, at least nothing that canít be explained rationally.

In reality however, how many of us actually train our gaze upon the sky on any given day? We go along our busy lives with our focus looking straight ahead. Just take a minute to think about what I have just said. Can you remember the last time you really looked up at the heavens? Most people probably canít even remember.

If this is the truth, then how much do you think we have missed over a lifetime above us? The answer is that we probably have missed something extraordinary at least once, something that may have changed minds and answered questions that still remain to this day. It is possible. The life people all over this planet live is the life thatís right here and directly in front of us, but there is so much more to consider about life that surrounds us everyday. Donít you think?

I do not have all of the answers regarding the UFO phenomenon, so please donít list me as the authority. I am just one person in a vast sea of uncertainty trying to sort through all of the possibilities that lie just outside of mans grasp on the truth regarding life out there and UFOs. It takes many; yes many people working in unison and for the same outcome and goals to make any progress past the wall that obstructs our clear view of the situation at hand.

Sadly, I must confess, many who are involved in the research of UFOs tend to become side tracked very easily and they become focused on each otherís individual works in the field and they begin to scrutinize and defame each other to the point that the actual goal of the discovery of important data is lost in a sea of bickering. Too many researchers think that they are the Ďgalactic scholarsí or Ďchosen onesí when it comes to the UFO subject, and they persistently devour any new avenues of information that does not coincide with their own.

Why can't we all get on the same page with this research? There are many out there who will tell you that their expertise in other disciplines makes them more qualified to state their opinions regarding the UFO issue, but nothing could be further from the truth. How do we as humans compare earthly knowledge and education to that that may exist elsewhere? The answer is no one can.

Yes, there are people who are more educated than others here on Earth about earthly issues, but on a cosmic scale this source of knowledge is all but worthless. We evaluate our intelligence here on Earth by comparing ourselves to others.

Donít we? I mean, we are taking our own tests to determine who is smart in our society as compared to others, what would these people score on an examination given at a cosmic level? I feel the truth is that we are all at the same grade-level here on Earth when we are compared to the vast knowledge that still lies undiscovered within our universe. Ignorance in people is the ability to talk as if educated about something we have no clue or cause to base a solid piece of factual evidence, and it happens way too often.

There are too many Ďexpertsí regarding the UFO phenomenon which has in the past, clouded mainstream research of the subject and it surely will continue to do so unless we choose to do more researching and listening than making irrational comments that hold no basis of fact.

Children see with untainted eyes. They have just begun to see and discover the new world in which they were born, and their response to any situation is usually straightforward and without any learned bias. With that being said, I feel that any report out of the ordinary made by a child should be investigated promptly.

There are thousands of children everyday who report seeing things that just donít fit normality in and around us daily. Are many of these reports written off as a childís imagination? Unfortunately, I think that many of them are being overlooked as an over active imagination as well as just a child telling a tall tale.

Some of these reports could be due to this, however there have been, and continue to be, many children that have insisted that they have had an experience that is not of an earthy nature and these experiences continue to take place as the child matures into adulthood. These are the cases that we first should take a more in depth look at to determine what exactly is taking place.

So, what did I gain from crouching behind a telescope for countless hours staring at the blackness above as a young child? I do not think I gained anything that I didnít already have, because in actuality what I was really doing by instinct, was inquiring about a distant connection deep within myself, a calling, one that ties me and every other human on this planet to the outer realms of our cosmic existence. A subtle, yet moving look into the vastness of space, the port hole to all our past.

Did we come from the far reaches of space? Most certainly we did, just as I believe that there are other intelligent beings that share the cosmos along with us. Have we been visited by these other beings here on Earth? Yes, I feel mankind has been in contact with extraterrestrial beings for millions of years, and we have yet to disclose the information that is held by a minute few.

I also feel that every human has a natural desire or fascination with the heavens as I did at an early age; it is engrained in our very existence and cannot be avoided. Many however never give it a momentís thought. Maybe its because they are unconcerned with how it all began, or maybe its just simply that they never had anything in their lives to spark the initial yearning for the answers to what we label in modern days as the unexplained.

The evidence of life out there we have now, the full disclosure by all regarding the origin of such evidence we shall possibly have tomorrow, I think we are ready, donít you?

David P. Kuhlman, UFO Researcher / Writer /

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009d/alieninstinct.html

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Reader Relates UFO Sighting over Colorado
Published: 11:27 AM 11/12/2009

Longmont, CO

I live in Longmont, CO, which is in the Denver-Metro area. I myself have had two sightings personally in the last week which I will describe, below. I also caught UFO Casebook today regarding the sighting in Colorado, the one that 5 different people reported.

That one was near Lakewood, which is about 20 miles from Longmont. There are also a couple of additional sightings of another single event in MUFON's "20 latest reports" page. The ones in MUFON were not only over Longmont a couple of nights ago, they were right over my neighborhood! There were a bunch of disks stacked up vertically in a hover. And I missed it :(

The activity around here is amazing. The things are practically swarming. I filed a MUFON report earlier in the week of a large, dark rectangle just hanging in midair in broad daylight on the commute home Friday.

I watched it for awhile from the highway as I drove home, and then my view was obstructed by some trees going by. When I was clear of the trees, I looked back and the thing was gone.

I haven't reported this next one to MUFON because it could just be my imagination. I'm pretty sure it wasn't imagination though, because I have a clear image in my memory, and I remember it made me jump and got the adrenalin going.

What happened was I woke up at 3:00 AM and couldn't sleep, so I went into the living room and sat in a big stuffed chair and was looking out the window at the pine trees in the yard.

There is a tree on the left and a tree on the right and in between is a patch of sky. There were gray clouds, no stars visible. I was looking at that gap of sky, meditating, and something huge and dark gray whooshed by from left to right.

It took about a half second, but it was longer than the gap so that when it was in the center of vision both ends were obscured by the two trees.

If it was right up against the trees, which would have been in my neighbor's yard, the size would have been about five feet tall and maybe 18 or 20 feet length wise. No telling how deep.

It could have even been a disk viewed from the edge. I got up and looked out all the windows in the apartment, at the sky but there was no evidence of it anywhere.

Someone should just sit outside with cameras and telephoto lenses and night-vision equipment here in the Denver area. They would probably get tons of stuff. Maybe MUFON people should sit out all night in shifts while the activity is so high. I wonder if the UFO activity is this much everywhere on the Earth right now or just here on the Front Range.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009d/longmontco.html

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Submitted to UFO Casebook


The Woodland Hills UFO
by Tracy J. Crockett
UFO On December 15th, 2005, A friend and I had the following UFO sighting. At 3:30 am, on this morning, with me at the wheel, my friend and I went on a little drive to see the UFO activity in Utah Valley. We focused our attention mainly on two areas. 1 - The night sky above Spanish Fork City, Utah. 2 - The Spanish Fork City Airport.

Both of us were absolutely astounded, to say the least- as we approached Spanish Fork City from the north- when we observed one of the biggest UFOs, that I've ever seen. The diamond-shaped UFO was floating slowly, about 300 feet above this city, moving northbound.

We were fascinated with the camouflaging measures, used by this sinister looking spaceship. Reproduced into this massive UFOs outer shell, were the lights (yes they were HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE LAMPS)of the city of "Woodland Hills" which is a few miles south of Sp.Fk.-Looking directly at this UFO, one may very well be inclined to believe that they are merely looking at some boring city lights, which we are all so familiar with.

This, I believe, is exactly what the Aliens are counting on. In my opinion, it is an absolutely ingenious camouflaging measure.

As I gazed wide-eyed and open-mouthed at this colossal craft- which I estimated to be about three city-blocks wide and two blocks tall (please excuse my inarticulate and unscientific terminology)-I had an inexplicable and conclusive feeling that I was looking at an "airborne Alien nursery!"

Both of us were also very intrigued by the appearance of two "EYES," human looking in every way- about six-feet in diameter- which were placed into the sides of the UFOs outer shell. The technology which the spaceship exhibited in placing so many lights, of various sizes which matched all of the lights of Woodland Hills, revealed a high degree of intelligence- in my opinion- of those who possessed and piloted it!

At the Spanish Fork Airport at 5:30am- as we sat parked- we observed a strange sight. Rolling slowly down the runway- escorted by a low-flying, egg-shaped UFO, was some type of wheeled unit- whichappeared to be some type of "star projector." It was close in size to a typical "potato chip" truck. An astounding number of glistening lights- all of which had the appearance of "stars"- covered this mysterious contraption.

The "projector" looked to be rolling down the runway of the airport. I knew, however, that it could be somewhere else, perhaps far beyond our locale. I have been aware now, for some time, that the Aliens have the technology to mask the precise locations of their hardware and activities, by making their appearance seem always to be "distant" as one approaches those areas.

Our presence did not go unnoticed by the "Aliens", as we quickly perceived that six UFOs- of various sizes- were gradually moving towards us- using the HIDL's around us as "cover". After aligning the lights of their ships, to the HIDL's- I believe- they can then sneak up on their targets.

Perched menacingly atop a nearby building- behind the airport parking lot where we sat in our car- we observed an egg-shaped UFO, about 20 feet-wide and 10 feet-tall- creeping up on us. Suddenly (I suspect in an effort to distract us from viewing the "star projector") its right light got brighter and bigger and split into four quarters- two blue and two red, in color. The red quarters then shifted places with the two blue quarters. A white light then appeared in the midst of the two red quarters of light, about the size of a silver dollar, which continued to gradually grow in size.

Anticipating that something big was about to happen, I sarcastically said to my friend beside me "I'll bet a helicopter comes out of it!-I was wrong! The white light continued growing in size as it slowly moved towards us. We watched in absolute awe and suspense as it was quickly transformed into a A small, white airplane with two red pinstripes on it!(something like a small cessna). Traveling at a speed of what appeared to be only ten m.p.h.- It swooped slowly down to land... shining a bright spotlight momentarily at us, as it proceeded to taxi down the runway to a hangar behind the airports offices.

The planes appearance took us back a bit. I felt unhesitatingly obliged to turn the cars ignition key and punch my foot to the accelerator! At that moment my greatest priority was to rush immediately away from the strangeness of what we had just witnessed! For the next two hours, we drove around the area- dazed and somewhat confused- wondering to ourselves what might happen next. When we began to feel our bodies experiencing a sudden, extremely uncomfortable fever, I began to be suspicious, that perhaps a small Alien probe was traveling with us, either above or beneath the car which was perhaps emitting some type of radiation.

Stopping the car, I got out and knelt down to look under it. Finding nothing, I walked around the car for a full inspection, as I did, I noticed that one of the "high pressure sodium vapor lights" which was directly behind the local "solid waste transfer station" about 100 yards away-was emitting, or shooting a great many, large, bright orange sparks directly towards us! We quickly fled the area, placing ourselves well out of range of what I perceived to be some type of weapon intended to dissuade those unwelcome and pesky humans who were in the area, from hanging around and making further observations of the Aliens ongoing activities!

At 7:30 am, As we made our way home, I casually looked back towards Spanish Fork, and was amazed to see two "black helicopters" attending to a slow moving cloud- shaped precisely like the massive UFO which we had been observing with interest throughout the night! It crept slowly away, at the same speed as all of the clouds around it, until it rose up gracefully above the nearby mountains and disappeared.

-Tracy J. Crockett

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©:-Tracy J. Crockett


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