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UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 536, Issue date, 11-19-12

Experienced Something Extraordinary?
UFO Depiction
Have you witnessed something truly extra-terrestrial? We’re seeking subjects for the first season of a new TV show for a leading US cable network.

If you live in the USA and have had an extra-terrestrial encounter, seen a UFO, been abducted or witnessed something that has no rational, terrestrial explanation then please email us at encounters@hotmail.co.uk.

This is your chance to have our experts help explore your experience, and bring that experience to a wider audience.

Unknown Object Videotaped over Grove City, Pennsylvania
UFO Image
Published: 10:23 AM 11/12/2012

Grove City, Pennsylvania - 11-01-12

My wife had just washed our drapes and since they were not completely dry, she didn’t put them up yet. Our bedroom is a second floor bedroom so didn’t really matter as far as our privacy goes.

So when we went to bed that night with no drapes on the window we were able to look out the window with no obstruction of view.

It was a clear night that evening and it was around 11:00 pm. As we lay in bed I looked out the window towards the southeast sky and saw this weird flickering color changing lighted orb. It was not a star, planet, satellite or the Space Station according to my phone app that allows you to detect these things.

I found this object very interesting so I hopped out of bed and fired up my video camera. I took a 3 minute video of the weird, lighted object in the sky. This thing morphed into weird shapes and disappeared and reappeared and went on for a couple hours.

It always stayed in the same general area, but it did jump around making it tricky to videotape. I wish I would have used a tripod instead of free handing it.

At times it reminds me of those electrified glass globs at Radio Shack that when you touch them a electrical splash of lighting hits the glass where you fingers are touching.

This video is compressed for the Internet, but the quality is still good and I have the untouched original.

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Timberlake: We Are Not Alone
UFO Depiction
Published: 7:28 AM 11/16/2012

By Ian Timberlake, ian.timberlake@iowastatedaily.com

The anatomical Homo sapiens has been walking Earth for nearly a quarter of a million years. On a 24-hour clock we came about roughly at 23:58:43 in comparison to the age of Earth.

Not until 500 B.C. did Pythagoras claim that Earth was not flat and nearly 1,000 years later, 450 years ago, the telescope was invented. I was alive when America’s first optical telescope, Hubble, was sent into space. To say we know much about what lies within the confines of our universe is to be dense.

I have always found it intriguing that humans have maintained a highly egocentric view of ourselves. Always convinced that the greatest city lay at the “center of Earth.” Always convinced that the sun and planets revolved around us.

Always convinced that we were at the center of all stars in the galaxy. Always convinced that we had someone watching over our particular planet, our particular species, and that we were the only living organisms, let alone “intellectuals,” in the universe.

How humbling it is to lay on a grassy hilltop staring into a deep, dark sky, knowing that we are one of a handful of minor planets revolving around an average star, one of the over quarter trillion (with a “T”) estimated stars in the Milky Way with likely more than that in planets.

While knowing that there are roughly the same number of galaxies in the universe as there are stars in the Milky Way, how can one remotely claim to believe that Earth is the only harbinger of life? I haven’t even begun to talk about the age of the universe.

It is because of the Hubble Space Telescope that we know the universe to be 13.72 billion years old, humans existing with telescopes for 3.28 millionths of a percent of that existence. Countless stars and planets have been born and died off before Earth was even formed, all with the potential chance to hold the conditions for life to arise.

The odds are ever stacked in favor for life to exist elsewhere in the universe. With a symbolically infinite number of places for life to arise and do so in less than a billion years (in Earth’s example) — there can only be one answer as far as I am concerned.

We are not alone.

Chemically, there really isn’t anything special about us. We are made of water and carbon mostly. Hydrogen, oxygen and carbon are among the most abundant elements in the universe — carbon having more combinations than any other element combined. Ranking order of abundance of elements in the universe to that of humans, you find they match up perfectly, all elements having been forged in the creation and destruction of stars.

“We are star stuff,” as the late and great Carl Sagan put it.

If you are not familiar with the Hubble photo called “Ultra Deep Field,” I highly recommend you look it up. This was a photo taken by Hubble after we pointed it in a very dark area of the sky for a long time. The result was nearly 10,000 individual galaxies and only a handful of lone stars in the foreground.

If you were to hold the hole of a threading needle up into the night sky, everything that falls within “Ultra Deep Field” fits inside that eye of the needle.

Here’s the catch. We know that it takes time for light to travel a distance, and we know how far away those galaxies are (13 billion light years), which means we are essentially looking back in time to galaxies and stars that don’t exist anymore.

At any point in time, one of the solar systems within one of those galaxies could have held the right conditions for life to rise. These systems, having long been destroyed, could have been replaced with new systems with completely new conditions to bear chance for life to grab hold.

Extraterrestrial life in the universe is inevitable with these sorts of odds. Do I believe we have been visited by aliens? No. In a follow-up column I will talk about what I believe to be the implications of such an encounter.


permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/wearenotalone.html

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A Fresh Look at Shape-shifters and Energy Beings
Published: 11:38 AM 11/17/2012

By Diane Tessman

A major question which arises when considering the mind-bending maneuvers of UFOs: how can the UFO occupants survive the abrupt stops, right angle turns, intense G-forces and speeds which accelerate faster than the human eye can follow?

UFO beings probably have warp ability when traveling between star systems, thus their ship is not actually going the speed of light but is in a “bubble” which is going the speed of light – or faster – with the space/time continuum being folded ahead of the ship, and elongated out behind the ship.

Or, they may have other highly advanced forms of travel such as wormholes and star-gates; of course, wormholes can be defined as oddly warped space so no doubt, methods of propulsion incorporate various concepts of which we can only dream. Something to also keep in mind is that radiation in space is formidable and makes it seem impossible for humans to travel in deep space. How do UFO occupants overcome this obstacle?

At any rate, the UFOs we spot are mostly in Earth’s atmosphere, and they often do all sorts of impossible maneuvers. How do the UFO occupants survive abrupt stops and right angle turns at super-fast speed within the atmosphere? Their ships may have a protective cocoon while the outer hull absorbs or nullifies gravity or there is the possibility that all the craft we see are un-manned.

However, there is a third possibility: What if the UFO occupants are energy beings? Thus they can travel in deep space and not die from intense radiation and they can survive extreme maneuvers in Earth’s atmosphere. Some abductions also seem to point to the UFO beings as energy forms, or at least, not as they present themselves to the abducted human.

Graphic Our human folk tradition features shape-shifters just as it tells of incredible pyramids, holy temples and stellar observatories made of huge stone monoliths, giant stone statues and many other indicators in almost every culture on the planet that our ancestors interacted with ancient astronauts. Yet, the concept of “shape-shifters” is ignored, or placed into the category of our ancestors’ imagination, or assigned a very malignant, evil persona.

I feel we have not fully considered energy beings as part of the UFO phenomenon, both now and in the ancient past, and we have fallen into the misconception that shape shifting energy beings are evil. Writings such as David Icke’s say that “shape-shifters” have accounted for nearly all the negativity in human history and in doing so, give them nearly unlimited power. Apparently they are solid beings when they appear as a human leader; in fact, I would question if an energy being is ever “solid and organic” if you touch him or her.

I believe that an energy being would look “organic and solid” just like a hologram might, but would not be organic, solid material. Perhaps energy beings can assume any appearance, from Abraham Lincoln to Michael Jackson, but it might also be that they are usually not that specific, and appear as “humanoid” in the strange way that some abductees report their captors appear.

I feel we need to begin by dispelling the idea that shape-shifting energy beings are inherently negative beings. In fact, evolution indicates that as intelligence grows, the organic body becomes less burly, muscled, and cumbersome. In a few million years, a species might completely outgrow the need for an organic body and be the embodiment of their intelligence; their consciousness would sustain them as living beings.

This is of course a science fiction concept but ancient human folklore tells of many shape shifting energy beings, so let’s take a look at some of them. Yes, most are bad guys in folklore but we have to keep in mind how frightening it is to a human being to encounter non-corporeal intelligence (intelligence made of pure energy).

Our fear keeps our folk lore vibrant, even the Bible is full of fear, beginning with the wrath of God. Folk tales become exaggerated throughout the millennia, and so it is difficult to know what the original interaction might have been with the fearful humans and the following energy beings:

The púca is a legendary creature of Celtic folklore, most notably in Ireland, the West of Scotland, and Wales. The púca is a mythological fairy and ultimate shapeshifter. The creatures are capable of assuming a variety of terrifying forms, including a horse, rabbit, goat, goblin, or dog. No matter what shape the púca takes, its fur is always dark. They are most commonly seen as a black horse with a flowing mane and luminescent orange eyes.

Graphic Púcas have the power to use human speech and although they are known for giving good advice, they also enjoy confusing and terrifying humans. Púcas have a fondness for riddles and are sociable creatures. They love to gather and play pranks on unsuspecting people and children. In many regions of the world the púca is seen as a creature of the mountains and hills. They are incredibly respected and if treated nicely will help humans. Might pucas be some form of energy being from “elsewhere”?

While I lived in Ireland, I saw a huge black – something – dog? Run into the Castle Morris Forest which was right across the field from my cottage. I felt it was strange and not a dog, but I only had a quick glance, alas. That same forest is said by local people to a tradition of fairy encounters and ghosts. I photographed my “flying light-form” near Castle Morris Forest.

Celt mythology also has hero shape-shifters, from Cuculhain to Taliesin, who appeared as human, died as human, and yet—were said to be shape-shifters.

The next shape-shifter tradition is in North America: The Wendigo is a creature appearing in the mythology of the Algonquian people. Descriptions of the Wendigo vary across culture, but they are generally described as a large alien-like canine beast. Wendigos are strongly associated with the winter, the north, and coldness. Native American cultures have many references to sky people and shape-shifters, good and bad.

The Leshy is a male woodland spirit in Slavic mythology believed to protect wild animals and the forests. They usually appear as tall men, but have the ability to change size and shape-shift into any form, animal or plant. Might these “tall men” be the alien “Tall Whites?”

Leshies have beards made of living grass and vines, and are often depicted with a tail, hooves, and horns. The Leshy has pale white skin and dark green eyes. They are the lords of the forest and hold close bonds with gray wolves, bears, and all animal life. Leshies can also imitate human voices and often times lure lost wanderers to their caves. They aren’t always evil, but enjoy misguiding humans and kidnapping young women.

Next we go to Japan: In Japanese folklore the Kitsune is an intelligent and magical being. The creature’s strength increases with age, wisdom, and life experience. Kitsune is a Japanese fox. They have the ability to assume human form and are great tricksters. The creatures are noted for having as many as nine tails. A kitsune may take human form when it reaches a certain age, usually 100 years. They prefer to assume the shape of a beautiful woman, young girl, or elderly man.

The creatures have the ability to clone the appearance of an individual. Kitsune have a fear and hatred of dogs. They can willingly manifest themselves in people’s dreams and create illusions so elaborate that they are perceived as reality. The kitsune can fly, become invisible, and often times generate fire or lightning. In some regions of the world the creatures can bend time, space, and drive people mad.

There are all sorts of hints here which might connect to modern UFO encounters. For one thing, our dogs often react to UFO sightings and the Kitsune hate dogs (of course they do manifest as foxes). Also, UFOs seem to be connected sometimes to lightning.

Berserkers were a group of Norse warriors. They are human, but in battle entered into a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury, and transformed into wolves, bears, and wild bulls. This enabled the men to fight more effectively. Their name would give rise to the English word “berserk”.

Berserkers were said to wear the pelts of bears and wolves as they entered battle and could make the full transformation as they felt necessary. They are characterized as having bloodshot eyes, incredible strength, and endurance. Similar behavior is described in the Iliad, in which warriors are possessed by Gods and given the power to exhibit superhuman abilities.

Our global tour of energy beings who might have been immortalized in human folk-lore along with their tangible footprints from Stonehenge to The Great Pyramid, has to include the currently popular lycanthropes. This folk-tradition originated in Europe, but many accounts are found all over the ancient world. These are the werewolves who transform at the full moon. Our modern search for Sasquatch and Bigfoot might be a search for an alien who is similar to the lycanthrope.

Also currently very popular are vampires, legendary creatures said to feed on the blood of humans and animals. These energy beings appear in cultures around the world and some research indicates that throughout human history, such beings have been quite real. They are shapeshifters and can take many forms, predominantly bats or humans. Some believe that instead of feeding on blood, vampires feed on life-energy itself.

No, I am not saying that vampires are flying UFOs! I am saying that the traditions which tell of the existence of energy beings are world-wide, and that there might be some basis of truth in them which MIGHT connect to current UFO occupants if they are energy beings.

Of course this is along the line of Jacques Valle’s “Passport to Magonia,” that UFO occupants have appeared throughout human history, whether as elves, fairies, demons, or angels. Some people do feel this is the key to the UFO answer. I feel it is part of the puzzle, but not the entire picture.

Our ancient astronaut curiosity should extend past the ancient relics and edifices and begin to consider that our ancestor’s reports of energy beings might be connected to current UFO occupants, just as the Nazca Lines might be connected to UFOs occupants.

To conclude on our energy being tour from ancient times, there are the Selkies. They are found in Faroese, Icelandic, Irish, and Scottish mythology. They have the ability to transform themselves from seal to human form. Selkies are able to shapeshift by shedding their seal skin, a risky endeavor because they must reapply the same skin in order to return to seal form. Stories surrounding these creatures are usually romantic tragedies.

They are allowed to make contact with humans for only a short amount of time before they must return to the sea. In many cases humans have unknowingly fallen in love with selkies. Other times, humans have hidden the skin of the selkie, thus preventing it from returning to seal form.

Male selkies are very handsome in their human form, and have great seduction powers over women. If a man finds and steals a female selkie’s skin then she will be under his control and is often times forced to become his wife. The creatures have been known to lure humans into the sea, by creating illusions and a false sense of reality.

Graphic Finally, we arrive at angels: whether Christian angels or generic angels, accounts of these beautiful energy beings are world-wide throughout the millennia. They are good Samaritans to a human in trouble, they perform healing and miracles. Of course new age beliefs have meshed angels and UFO occupants perhaps too much, but the fact remains, here is a folklore tradition supported by many believable reports, even proof, of benign, highly intelligent energy beings.

Maybe UFO occupants are not angelic or demonic. Maybe they are in between, maybe some are good, and some are not-so-good, but, energy beings interacting with humans? No wonder things get exaggerated! However, if, for instance, some UFOs are plasma, only energy life-forms could survive inside the plasma craft. There are many other convincing arguments to offer evidence that some UFO occupants are pure energy.

So can’t they just zoom through space without a ship as an “energy cloud?” Perhaps some do but space/time is a brutal milieu, it seems, so maybe even singular energy forms need protection – need a ship. Also, it might be a wonderful adventure to gather some comrades and becomes a starship crew.

Do energy beings ever die? This is too big a question to even guess about!

A lot of UFO lore is currently creating the same negative myths about shape-shifters as our ancestors did. Certainly UFO research can do better! We have to, because we might be about to come face to face with them – again. This time, we should have evolved a bit!

Movies and television usually portray shape-shifters as evil. TV’s Supernatural had a really bad wendingo, for instance. However, nearly every teenage girl in the world is in love with vampires, so perhaps energy beings are being considered a bit more kindly.

I feel that what we do need to consider is that energy beings might be real, and just might be flying overhead!

Check out my website and sign up for Exo-Trekking, free newsletter.


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UFO Spotted by Brooklyn Nets' Deron Williams During Hurricane Sandy
Brooklyn Nets' Deron Williams
Published: 6:38 AM 11/14/2012

There were lots of objects flying around Brooklyn, New York during Hurricane Sandy but no one expected that a UFO was being tossed around by the winds as well.

Brooklyn Nets player, Deron Williams, saw an unidentified flying object just as the lights went out during the super storm. He is convinced that he was witness to this strange other worldly sighting as people were seeking a dry shelter during the storm.

According to the Huffington Post Williams told GQ reporter, Peter Schrager, about his experience. Like most New Yorkers the basketball player didn't have any heat or hot water and no access to the internet.

He was standing on his balcony looking out the window when he suddenly saw a green flash across the sky. He claims that this wasn't lightening and that it looked like a flying object. Williams had never seen anything like this before and is positive that it was a craft from another world.

Practically anything could have lit up the New York skies that night. A Con Edison substation exploded around 9:00 p.m. but Williams is sure that it wasn't an explosion he witnessed but a UFO.

One would hope that something from another world would be smart enough not to fly through such bad weather unless it had no idea what was going on. Maybe it was from Jupiter where super hurricanes are common.

No matter what Williams saw, an explosion or a flying craft from another world one thing seems to be true: many witnesses have seen flying objects zooming about with or without the help of the mighty winds from Super Storm Sandy.

Keep those eyes to the skies because something could be flying above.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/deronwilliams.html

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Missouri Man Reports Two UFO Sightings
UFO Depiction
Published: 6:43 AM 11/14/2012

Blue Springs, Missouri - 11-11-12

I was outside of my girlfriend's back porch smoking a cigarette when I looked up at the stars to sky watch like I normally do.

I was looking at a very bright star which may have been a planet when I noticed a object that was massive in size and appeared to be transparent or cloaked in the night sky.

There were no lights, but an outline that looked like the number seven. I thought it was possibly a military drone but realized this object was way too big to be any drone that I have ever seen.

This object was about the length of my arm stretched out, and this object had on the end of it a branch off that made it look like a 7.

The branch off of the object was about the size of my forearm.

This sighting occurred at 8:42 PM exactly till 8:45 PM exact on November 11th, 2012. I have also witnessed several UFOs in the past couple of days. The other object I saw November 13th, 2012.

This object was triangle in shape, had no lights and also appeared to be transparent. I also saw this sighting off the back porch, and I believe this was a black triangle.

The object moved Southeast to Northwest. I witnessed this around 1:30 AM, I do not have the exact time.

I would love to hear back from Missouri Mufon. Thank you a lot.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2012/bluespringsmo111112.html

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Archived Case of the Week

1976 - UFO near Cheyenne, Wyoming, F E Warren
UFO Depiction
Published: 7:28 AM 9/27/2009

1976 - F E Warren

UFO sighting at a missile launch control facility and associated missile sites near Cheyenne, Wyoming, in the fall of 1976.

My first name is Bruce. I spent 20 years in the Air Force. The first nine years I served as an enlisted man and the last 11 as an officer. Initially I was very skeptical about all the “UFO nonsense.”

In the fall of 1976 I was a Minuteman III Combat Crew commander on alert with my deputy “Sam” (a lieutenant who had prior enlisted service with TAC units). In order to stay awake that night we monitored radio communication between the topside NCOIC (“Sgt Jones”) and the cops - actually Security Alert Team or SAT. They were on patrol near one of our 10 missile sites which was south about 9 or 10 miles from the Launch Control Facility or LCF.

Sometime around 2 A.M. we heard Sgt Jones ask the two cops to stop the vehicle, look around and report anything that the saw that looked unusual. He gave no hints about where to look or what to look for.

The response at first was that they didn't see anything. Then a few seconds later, they reported in an excited voice that they saw a pulsating white thing in the sky.

They could see flashing red and blue lights between the pulsations. Jones asked where they saw it. The cops responded that it was to the north about 10 miles and that it looked very close to the main capsule.

Now fully awake, Sam and I looked at each other and wondered what was going on. I called Jones on the hot line between us and asked him about the conversation he just had with the SAT.

He said that right now above the LCF (100 feet or so) was a white pulsating light with red and blue lights visible between the pulsations. He also said it was shaped like a “fat cigar” and appeared to be about 50 to 60 feet long. He was looking at it while we talked on the phone. Jones reported that it moved away.

Sgt Jones called back in a few minutes and said that it appeared to stop a few miles away - very close to one of the Launch Facilities (LF) or missile sites.

We ordered the cops to that missile site but they had to return to the capsule for batteries for their flashlights and other equipment. When they finally headed towards the silo, the pulsating light moved away before they got there.

Over the next couple of hours the pulsating light made stops very close to several more missile sites. Each time we tried to send the cops to the site in question. Each time the cops said they had car problems and/or other equipment problems and never actually made it to any of the sites. According to Jones, some time around 4:30 AM it “whooshed away” and turned into a white dot within a few seconds. The white dot stayed in the sky for a few more seconds and then totally disappeared.

While this was going on, during one of our communication checks with all the other launch control capsule commanders in our squadron we mentioned the object and received some chuckles and ridicule.

Within a minute or so one of the other commanders called our capsule said that he was told by his topside crew that they had the same sort of lights over their missile sites earlier that night but didn't want to say anything about it in the communications check for fear of ridicule. He said that he had not and would not report the incident to headquarters – again for fear of ridicule.

Sam and I reported it to SAC and Warren Control center right after that call and were laughed at and told to call back if it “ate the cops” we had sent to check it out, which of course did not happen as they never got close to the sites.

Even though we were laughed at each time we called, we made sure that it was officially reported with about 3 or 4 more calls to the Control center. On the final call we insisted that they include it in their log or we would wake the base commander. I wish we had.

The next morning after our alert we were relieved by a new crew and went topside. Sgt Jones was there curled up in a chair. He was wide awake and still quite upset and scared about his experience. We spent some time talking to him and trying to calm him down.

Under promise that we wouldn't report the SAT actions, Sgt Jones also told us that the cops (SAT) were scared to death last night and had decided they were not going to drive to any of the sites that had “that thing” over it under any circumstances. That explained all their vehicle and equipment problems.

To this day I am convinced that Sgt Jones believed that he saw something very unusual that night and was sincere in his description of the activity. I did not see Sgt Jones again on any other alert duty.

At the next several crew departure meetings all outgoing crews were briefed that this event never officially happened and not to talk to anyone about it. I did not recognize the individual who briefed us at that departure meeting. As a serviceman who followed orders for 20 years I have had reservations about mentioning this incident.

However, in the past several years I have read about or seen on the Larry King TV show cases where similar incidents have been reported by former military members. A former Missile commander - Robert Salas especially comes to mind. Since skeptics appear to have challenged their integrity as well as their memory I think it is time for all of us that have been silent to talk about what we observed.

F E Warren Map

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