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UFO Casebook Magazine 484, Issue date, 11-21-11

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Scientists: Advanced Alien Technology May Exist in our Solar System
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:20 PM 11/15/2011

by Andrew Moran

Pittsburgh - Although scientists have not (officially) come into contact with an extraterrestrial species, two scientists are theorizing that it is possible that they have gone unnoticed in our solar system because of the vastness of space.

Digital Journal reported last week that the White House denied that it has discovered aliens in space or that they have made contact with mankind. They did, though, admit that the chances of another species in space are high.

But is there advanced alien technology in space or even an extraterrestrial species and we are not noticing them?

Two Pennsylvania State University scientists believe it is a possibility.

According to a paper published by Jacob Haqq-Misra, of Rock Ethics Institute, and Ravi Kumar Kopparapu, of the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, it is put forth that our deep-space probes could be too small and hidden for other civilizations to notice.

Also, alien spacecraft and/or probes the size of a yacht could be in front of us but we are unaware. To determine if we have examined space closely enough, the two researchers calculated how much of our solar system would need to be searched.

They concluded that a large majority of our searches in space have not been good enough.

“The vastness of space, combined with our limited searches to date, implies that any remote unpiloted exploratory probes of extraterrestrial origin would likely remain unnoticed,” wrote the two scientists.

“Extraterrestrial artifacts may exist in the solar system without our knowledge simply because we have not yet searched sufficiently. Few if any of the attempts would be capable of detecting a 1 to 10 meter probe. Searches to date of the solar system are sufficiently incomplete that we cannot rule out the possibility that nonterrestrial artifacts are present and may even be observing us.”

They are optimistic, though. Haqq-Misra and Kopparapu say that since we surveying the moon, Mars and elsewhere in the universe, it is quite possible to discover something sooner or later.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/aliensmayexist.html

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Alien Signal Still a Mystery
The WOW signal
Published: 12:16 PM 11/14/2011

Professor Paul Davies has said that the 'Wow' signal received in 1977 remains unexplained.

Cape Town - The controversial signal received from interstellar space in 1977 remains a puzzle and as yet, defies a natural explanation, an expert has said.

Researchers working at the Big Ear radio observatory at Ohio State University in 1977 discovered a record of a signal received from deep space.

"It's called the 'Wow' signal because it wasn't heard or picked up at the time. It was in the computer record which in those days was printed out on sheets of paper," Professor Paul Davies told News24.

Davies is the chair of the Seti (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence): Post-Detection Science and Technology Taskgroup of the International Academy of Astronautics and a professor at Arizona State University.

"It was a rather long pulse; it wasn't a blip. It's never been satisfactorily explained as a natural phenomenon," he said.

In his search for extraterrestrial intelligence, Davies said that in the early 60s mainstream scientists regarded the field as ridiculous.

"In the 60s, if you said that you were looking for intelligent life in the universe, you might as well have said you were looking for fairies.

"Everybody was convinced that life was a bizarre freak, an aberration confined to Earth."

The signal which came roughly from the constellation of Sagittarius has never been repeated, but Davies said that astronomers did not have the resources to focus on one part of the sky.

"Whenever radio astronomers have had time to point their telescopes to that part of the sky, they have not picked up anything else.

"If they could just look at that region of the sky for a decade, maybe there'll be another one, but they don't have the resources to do that."

Davies has had a long career in theoretical physics, cosmology and astrobiology, and has authored several books, from The Physics of Time Asymmetry in 1974 to, most recently, The Eerie Silence.

In his role for Seti, he is tasked with proposing policies when contact is made with an advanced extraterrestrial civilisation.

He has an asteroid, 6870 Pauldavies, named after him and is the forerunner of the theory of panspermia - that life is widely distributed in the universe and on Earth, may have come from Mars through impacts with asteroids and meteors.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/thewowsignal.html

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1990 - Multiple Witnesses Encounter UFO over Virgin Islands
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:13 PM 11/7/2011

Virgin Islands - 10-13-1990

I had flown into St Thomas from Florida the fall on 1990. I arrived at 2:15 PM. I lived in The Virgin Islands and Florida and traveled back and forth all the time.

I then attended at public rally for the re-election of Gov. Alexander A. Farrelly's second term. We left the rally and went to a friends apartment.

It was a clear and sunny day without a cloud in the sky. We were all about to sit down and have something to eat and drink, when a friend looked out of a large picture window and noticed a huge massive cloud formation in the sky.

We all saw helicopters marked and unmarked approaching the cloud formation. The rest of the sky was clear blue. A yellow golden, pinkish light beamed from the clouds at one of the helicopters. The helicopters immediately withdrew.

For a brief time we all witnessed a huge massive ship just hovering in the sky over land and water. There also appeared to be a smaller metallic object moving around the large ship.

Another friend looked down on the ground area in the lower landscape and noticed a copper, toy-like looking robot thing moving back and forth. In serious shock and awe, we were all wondering, what the hell was going on!

Before we could reach for a camera, it was all over! I remember looking back into the sky and we all lost time for several hours. Two of my friends were so freaked out they never wanted to talk about it.

The next morning there were reports called in all over St.Thomas and neighboring Islands, Including, St.Croix, The British Virgin Islands, and others.

The National guard and news media told the public it was just a storm passing, but it was witnessed by a large mass of people.

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2011/virginislands1990.html

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Submitted to www.mufon.com

Real Time Abductions
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:25 PM 11/15/2011

by Chris Holly

This is one question my readers have asked me since I have been writing about the Real Time Abductee Group I am part of.

I decided the best thing for me to do is simply describe a few abductions experiences as told to me by the real time abductees. I am not going to color it up or fluff the event with fictitious details to make it more appealing.

I am going to simply describe what I have been told concerning lost time or abduction events by those who were minding their business going along a typical day until that day was invaded.

Let me start with an event that happened to a lifelong abductee . She was about 15 years old when this event took place during the mid-1960s.

She was shopping after school along her small towns Main Street. This event happened in the month of November . She remembers that it was about 5PM and already dark outside by the time she finished shopping .

She had a 15 minute walk home from town. Not wanting to be out alone too long in the park she hurried on her way with her package of magazines, nail polish and school supplies in her arms.

She was dressed in the style of the times which included a short skirt, high boots and fishnet stockings. She laughs as she recalls clearly that she had on a hat all the kids wore at the time which was a cap styled after ones the Beatles were wearing. She was a typical kid Beatles cap and all.

She tried not to be out late as she had a history of strange events including lost time events and was frightened to be out alone in the dark. Now with the night coming earlier with the change in daylight saving time she was caught walking home by herself this dark evening.

There were lots of people around town so she thought she would be OK as she quickly headed back towards her home. She knew she would be home right on time for dinner as she briskly walked along Main Street towards her neighborhood.

She turned off the main road heading down the side streets lined with the houses of those who lived in her town. Her house was located at the end of two long streets that were sparsely lit and which made her a bit anxious as she picked up her pace towards her house.

She was only about a block away from her front door when it started. The young abductee first felt a strong sensation of blacking out. She remembers dropping her shopping bags on the ground as she stumbled thinking she was going to fall. The next sensation she can recall is being bathed in a strong white light.

Without explanation the teen abductee next found she was only a few hundred feet from her house walking with her bags in her arms. She felt sick and was very cold.

She entered her house by way of the front door to find her parents frantic. It seems they had been out looking for her as she was two hours late and they did not like the fact she was out so late in the dark alone.

Her parents realized at once that something was wrong with their daughter. They took the packages from her hands and pulled off her coat to get a good look at her. She was shaking and complaining of being very cold. When they asked her what time she thought it was she told them it could only be about ten minutes after 5PM.

Her parents were concerned as it was 7:30 PM and their daughter looked pale and ill. As they looked more closely at her they realized she had thrown up as her shirt and skirt were covered with the mess. Her mother took her in to her room to help her out of her soiled clothes so she could be cleaned up.

As the mother helped to undress the abductee she became distressed to find that the young girls’ fishnet stockings seemed to be burned to a crisp leaving them brittle and crumbling to the touch. She pulled the destroyed hosiery from her daughter’s legs to find they seemed to have left a pattern on her legs as if she had been out in the sun and been sunburned. She had the X pattern of the fishnets clearly sunburned on her legs.

The young abductee did not remember anything but the light and walking up to her house. She had no idea where she had been for the missing hours. Her parents were upset as they had been searching for her along the route she claimed she had been walking but could not find her. They were getting ready to call the police when she came walking from the dark street up to the house.

The abductee felt weak and ill as if she had a bad flu. Her legs hurt and she had a terrible headache. Her parents put her to bed and kept a close watch on her. She stayed home from school for a few days before returning to her previous good health. Her legs healed from the slight burn .

Since this was not the first and sadly for this abductee not the last event of this type the only thing her parents knew to do was insure their daughter never be out alone again at night. That was the last time she ever went out after dark alone. In fact it was one of the last times she ever went anywhere completely alone. Without question a hard way to live a long life.

The next abduction is also typical of what takes place in the life or a real time abductee. Ordinary people going about the business of their regular day when something uninvited invades their life and kidnaps them unwillingly.

The abductee in this instance is a man. He has been struggling with lost time events since he was about 19 years old.

This abduction took place when he was 30 years old. The man usually returned home from work by 6PM . On the night of the event he had worked a few hours overtime and which brought him home closer to 9PM.

He worked about 10 minutes away from his house and followed the exact same route each day. He would leave work return to his home town and then would follow a few residential side streets to his street.

On this night he followed his usual route arriving on his street around 9:15 PM.

He had made the last turn through the neighborhood onto his street and was about 1000 feet from his driveway. As he headed towards his house he confronted a dense white fog in the middle of the street . He brought his car to a stop as he tried to figure out what the haze was that was blocking him from his home.

As he looked ahead into this fog or haze he realized that forms of people where walking towards him from the haze. He remembers seeing the shape of beings with heads , arms and legs walking from the fog towards him and then- he remembers nothing at all.

The next thing the man knew he was lying across his front seat of his car waking up. He felt awful . His head ached and he was sick to his stomach. He looked at his watch to find it was just before midnight.

He got out of his car and looked around to find he was parked at the edge of a dock by a River a few towns away from where he lived.

The man got in his car and drove home. He had no idea where he had been or what had happened to him. His back and legs hurt him and he felt like he had a bad flu. The next morning he called in sick to work as he was throwing up and too ill to leave his home.

He checked his car and found the hood covered with a dust and the paint on his car having a sanded effect in areas. His car also had a foul smell that lasted a few days even after being washed inside and out.

This event was like others this man has had . Although he does recall small portions of the lost time events he is not willing or wanting to share them . He is a typical example of a real time abduction.

Lastly I will describe the abduction of an elderly couple who were on a vacation traveling through the state of Maryland during their ordeal. The couple had reservations at a motel they were due to arrive at within the hour to rest for the night.

They never traveled in the dark and always plotted their routes so they were safely snug in a motel before sunset.

The couple was driving happily along when suddenly things just went blank for them. The next thing the couple remembers is waking sitting in the front seat of their car. It was two hours later yet they had no recall at all of driving or had any idea where they were. They were parked on the grass alongside of the highway.

The couple was confused and feeling faint . They decided to get back on the road to drive to the next exit so they could figure out where they were and what had happened.

The couple quickly found a rest stop and was amazed to find they were in Florida! The old couple could not believe what they were finding. How could they have traveled over 800 miles or so in 2 hours time and not have any recall of it?

It was impossible to travel that distance in their minivan in that time yet that is exactly what had occurred.

The elderly couple felt drained and knew they needed to find shelter for the night. They also knew what had happened as the woman had been abducted many times before in her long life. This was however the first time her husband had been involved.

She knew the best thing for them to do was to find a safe place near lots of people where they could rest until morning. They found a large well populated chain hotel where they stayed until the next morning. The following day they started early in the morning sun and finished their trip to their destination arriving a day early.

The senior couple paid to have their van driven home after their vacation and opted to fly home .

The couple thought that the abduction events had stopped for the woman as it had been years since she had been taken. Obviously this was not the case and they realized they had to go back to being extremely careful about where they went and what they did to try to prevent any future events from happening.

The abduction events I wrote about here today are very similar to what many real time abductees go through. Real time abductions are events that take place while the abductee is fully awake going about the regular routines of their life when suddenly against their will , without their consent , they are taken by beings of the unknown.

They are returned without fanfare often sick, hurt and frightened. Sometimes they are replaced back in the same areas they are taken sometimes they are returned in unfamiliar spots leaving them on their own to find their way home. The real time abductees are very similar in other ways also. They do recall parts of the lost time they suffer but never have full recall of any event. Many times the memory of what took place returns in flashes but not right away with many finding the pieces coming back to them after weeks or months of the event.

All the abductees are reluctant or refuse completely to discuss this strange part of their lives. All the abductees seem as suspicious and fearful of their fellow humans as they are of those who abduct them.

About half of the real time abductee people I have talked to agree that humans have some type of connection to their abductions.

As far as similarities I have found Real time abductees by large percent have RH negative blood type . They also by percent have blue or light eyes, fair skin and seem to be above average in intelligence. I am not sure if they started out this way or if their intelligence is somehow related to their abduction experiences.

The only message from the group for mankind is to be careful of your surroundings. They warn against making yourself an easy target and suggest you stay away from places where you can be easily taken especially if you are alone.

I understand how awful it is to be taken against your will, abused and thrown back without regard only to find you are alone and rejected by your own kind after the event has happened. Maybe one day this will be different .

For now those who live this nightmare do so on their own and defensive against a world where they walk unlike others with one hand in real time daily life and the other defending against the unknown.

The real time abductees do not want to discuss this subject as they do not trust or care about a society that has often turned its back on them. I am fortunate they have talked with me on many subjects and can only hope that my articles about this group can bring a new view of this subject to those who are looking for truth.

Please be careful out there. You never know when it will be your day to find you are alone looking in to the cold dark eyes of the unknown!

Copyright © 2011 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World - http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/

Email chrisholly61@yahoo.com Phone: 631-887-4818

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Flying Saucer Spotted over Virginia in 2004
UFO Depiction
Published: 12:06 PM 11/15/2011

Fredericksburg, Virginia - 09-11-04

In September of 2004 during daylight late in the afternoon after 5:00 P.M., I was kneeling on my driveway and putting air into the tires of my 2001 Toyota Prius.

After filling the left-rear tire I stood up and glanced up at the sky at a seventy or seventy-five degree angle. I was surprised to see half of a flying disc with a bump in the middle (its crew compartment I guess).

It was gray-lead in color, and sitting between two clouds with a wave or liquid of some kind finishing to cover the remaining part of the spaceship.

There was nothing that made me to first notice the object, it was just there, by chance, in my line of sight as I looked up into the sky.

The spaceship looked like it was falling into quicksilver (mercury), but upwards in the sky between two clouds. If you hold a quarter (coin) in mercury halfway and see how the liquid covers half of the coin, that is what I saw.

As a student in high school years ago in chemistry class, I saw my teacher demonstrate holding a coin in mercury and for what purpose I don't remember; however, seeing this UFO do this, clicked my high school memory and I can't get this view of this UFO doing this out of my mind.

I have tried to forget over the years, but I am unable to do that, this image just keeps sticking in my mind.

I saw this happen in about ten or twelve seconds and I could not keep my eyes off of what was happening, it stunned me (it was so unusual an occurrence which I was not prepared to see).

As this wave or liquid finished covering the half of the flying disc that I could see, the whole ship became invisible and I believe it flew into outer space between these two big clouds that were so many hundreds of feet apart, so it could not be detected visually as it continued flying on its course in one direction.

After I saw this happen, I could not believe what I saw and I felt that the sighting stunned me (something I was surprised to see and was unprepared to see).

I felt a little frightened (scared) and I told my wife after I went inside my house, but she did not believe me. I lost sight of the disc half once it became covered with this wave or liquid that made it invisible (I assumed it continued on in its straight flight path into outer space).

Ken Pfeifer World UFO Photos

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Archived Case of the Week

1965 - The Gemini 7 UFO Sighting
Published: 4:54 AM 08/02/2001

In December 1965 onboard Gemini 7, astronauts James (Jim) Lovell and Frank Borman witnessed a UFO in space during their second orbit of the 14 day flight. Frank Borman reported seeing an unidentified spacecraft a distance away from their capsule.

Jim Lovell’s communication with control reveals that they are seeing multiple UFO sightings and not the final stage booster of the Titan rocket used to launch them into space.

Frank Borman stated that he could see the booster, and was also seeing something other that the final stage of the Titan rocket.

Part of flight Gemini 7’s radio communications:


Capcom: This is Houston. Say again 7.


Capcom: Gemini 7, is that the booster or is that a actual sighting?


Capcom:... Estimated distance or size?


UFO Casebook Splash

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