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Cigar-Shaped UFO Disappears Before Viewer's Eyes over Phoenix
UFO Depiction
Published: 6:51 PM 11/18/2010

Arizona - 11-17-10

I had entered the 101 freeway headed east from the 7th Street on ramp. Just north of the freeway at that location is the Deer Valley airport.

I drove past the Cave Creek Road exit on the 101 headed east, because traffic was moving kind of slow, and I was watching out the window of my vehicle to the north, when I saw what at first appeared to be what I perceived as a small, light aircraft white in color which was also headed in easterly direction that seemed low in the sky and maybe 1/4 mile north of the freeway which is to say relatively close.

Because the aircraft was quite apparently in my field of view from the driver window position, I proceeded to roll down the window on my vehicle so I could see it better and traffic was moving slowly along as it often does in this area during the morning drive time.

When I rolled down my window I could see quite clearly that the object had no wings and was a bright, white color with no other markings. At this time my thought was that the object looked a lot like one of those military drones because it seemed to be pretty close to the freeway, yet not exceptionally large like a small airplane might be at that distance.

The object was traveling in easterly direction in a stable flight path and seemed to be slowing somewhat although it could well have been that I was beginning to pick up speed in my vehicle as traffic was beginning to move a little faster.

I felt that I had that chance then to observe the aircraft as closely as I could before resuming normal freeway speeds. I could see that the object had a cigar-shaped front end which had led me to the idea that it was a military drone because they sometimes have that cockpit area that is enlarged.

I noticed then that the object also had a cigar-shaped rear shape and was basically a cigar-shaped cylinder.

As I was observing the craft I kept asking myself to try to determine how far away it was, because as I looked closely, although the object appeared to be quite close, the edges all around it looked blurry, so it made it hard to tell if it was a bigger object far away, or a smaller object nearer by.

I was then ready to stop watching the craft because I needed to pay attention to my driving as traffic speed was picking up. As I looked at it as best I could, it disappeared.

I searched the sky all around and couldn't believe that it was gone in an instant like that. I was looking right at it when it disappeared.

As I continued to my morning destination, it annoyed and kind of even angered me a little inside because I kept asking myself if I had a perception problem with what I had observed, or had I seen something unique.

It also made me feel that way because there was a lot of traffic and people driving where I was located that could easily have seen it and I wondered if others had seen it too, but I had no way of knowing.

Several months ago I saw a similar object in the sky in this area just east of Deer Valley airport. The craft was further away and was moving in and out of the hills there. This is an area of approach to the airport and the reason I noticed the object then was because of that very thing, that the object was not flying in a normal approach type pattern.

I am reporting this because of my hope that others will come forward if they have seen something like this in this area. When I told some friends what I had seen it felt to me that the words I was using to describe it just sounded ridiculous and trite, and I felt like I must have sounded like some kind of idiot. It bothers me to feel like that because I saw what I saw.

It was not a completely mind blowing extraordinary thing to see, yet to me it was something quite unusual and difficult to explain from my own perception, much less trying to explain to others.

Could I have been seeing something totally explainable? Sure.

Could I maybe not have that good of eyesight since I am getting older? Sure.

I personally don't believe that is the case, but I don't want to feel like some kind of idiot so I am going to hit send and report it. I hope you do the same if you have seen things in this area of North Phoenix.

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Reader Recounts Camping Trip Encounter with UFO
UFO Depiction
Published: 3:12 AM 11/16/2010

United Kingdom - mid 1960s

I had a UFO experience as a boy scout in Wincanton one Easter.

We were on a camping trip, we being the 64th St. Swithuns scout troop Portsmouth Hants, UK.

I don't remember much about any of it except one of the nights we had heavy snow.

The senior scouts and the scout leader went off to a local pub. I was too young to go and was left to look after the younger scouts.There were perhaps 4 or 5 of us. We were all in a tent preparing to go to sleep.

I went to the restroom, and it being cold I was about to get back into the tent when I looked up and saw what looked like a ball of fire hanging in the sky above our tent.

It was difficult to tell at what height it was hovering, or how big it was. I looked at it just hanging there for a few moments wondering what it could be, got the others to come out and take a look.

We looked at it for a short time, but as it was cold, we all went back into the tent and went to sleep.

There was no discussion that night or the next day as far as I can remember. This of course happend a long time ago, I have no idea who the other scouts were, but having searched for some similar sightings on UFO sites and found that what looked like balls of fire having been seen, I thought you may be interested in this report.

I guess if I look into the weather reports for easter 1964-66 in Wincanton I could verify the exact year.

Perhaps the "Disclosure Project" will gather support and we'll get some answers.

Kind regards,

Pete E.

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The Truth Is Out There - Our Vast Universe
UFO Depiction
Published: Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Contributed by Sean Naughton

Do aliens exist somewhere in our vast universe? It is more than likely, writes Sean Naughton.

The idea of intelligent extraterrestrial life occupies the human imagination like no other phenomenon.

Has any other hypothesis spawned as many generations of stories, folk tales, TV shows, general discussion, scientific discussion, believers, disbelievers and those who just keep a fascinated eye on the evolving discussion?

While we delight in watching aliens on our film and television screens as well as reading about them in novels and hearing urban legends, would we be as enthusiastic if there were other life forms in our universe?

Ancient cultures are replete with stories of beings from distant planets.

The Dogons of Western Africa, a people well known for their cosmogony, claim that their knowledge of the existence of the faint star Sirius B, of which they had been aware for over a thousand years, a star which was only discovered by western scientists in 1978, was given to them by a race of people from the Sirius system itself.

Present-day claims of extraterrestrial life are often less absolute then those of the Dogons, but how likely is it that intelligent life has evolved more than once in the universe? An enormous number of factors need to come together before life is even theoretically possible.

Many of the molecules needed, such as iron, copper and nickel, occur exceedingly rarely in the universe, as does the medium needed to mix them all together, liquid H2O. An equation that worked out fortuitously for humans seems prohibitively improbable for other aspiring life forms.

There is however no shortage of space for life to get going. Our Sun is one star in a galaxy of a hundred thousand million (100,000,000,000). That works out as twenty stars for every person on Earth.

Of course, stars are not the places to look for life. What we want are planets orbiting these stars, just close enough that water won’t freeze but also just far enough away that it won’t boil away. How many are there?

A recent study in the journal Science examined 166 sun-sized stars and found nearly one in four had rocky, earth-sized planets in close, Earth-like orbits. The odds suddenly start to look a lot better.

The famous Italian physicist Enrico Fermi articulated this apparent paradox. The universe is very old and very large, so this should mean a high probability that intelligent life exists. The resultant question is often known as Fermi’s question: so where are they?

Statistically, it is highly likely that intelligent life exists; yet this belief seems logically inconsistent with our lack of observational evidence to support it. Either the first hypothesis is incorrect and life is rare, or we simply have not been able to detect it yet.

SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is a collection of investigative projects that use large radio telescopes to search the sky for evidence of artificial radio signals originating from outside our solar system.

Radio signals penetrate our atmosphere quite well and these signals, travelling at the speed of light, spread out from their source and travel through space in an infinite straight line. Indeed, our plant would be readily detectable to an alien species with an attentive radio telescope.

The earth emits considerable radio radiation as a by-product of communications such as TV and radio. These signals have been leaving the surface of our plant, drifting off into space for the last 100 years.

In the early days, SETI enjoyed considerable support from governments. In 1924, when Mars was closer to Earth than any time in a century before or since, the United States declared National Radio Silence Day and during a 36-hour period from August 21-23, with all radios quiet for five minutes on the hour, every hour.

This was to aid the cryptographers who had been drafted in from the US Army who were attempting to translate any potential Martian message.

Considered frivolous and having returned no results, the US Congress cancelled the NASA SETI program in 1994.

There are those who argue that the discovery of another race may not necessarily be a good thing. Physicist Stephen Hawking, in his book A Brief History of Time, suggests that ‘alerting’ extraterrestrial intelligences of our existence is foolhardy, citing man’s history of treating man in meetings of civilisations with a significant technology gap.

In pop culture, most notably in film, aliens are portrayed as being far more technologically advanced than humanity, but this assumption is flawed. There is simply no way of knowing the technological advances that other societies have made, if they do exist.

In reality, the aliens of our universe will not be those of Star Trek, Star Wars and Mars Attacks! We could be disappointed in the life we discover. Perhaps the reason we have not reached our alien counterparts is that they simply do not have the technology to intercept our radio signals.

Assuming that all life forms are more technologically advanced than us seems to be unfounded. Perhaps our extra-terrestial friends are living in a medieval-esque society, with little to no technology.

The discovery of intelligent life outside of our own planet would be a profound revelation that would change the way we think about the nature of being human, and our place in the universe. As the American cartoonist Walt Kelly put it: “there’s only two possibilities:

There is life out there in the universe which is smarter than we are, or we’re the most intelligent life in the universe. Either way, it’s a mighty sobering thought.”

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Alleged Alien Abductee Creates Picture Book of Experiences
Alien Depiction
Published: 14 November 2010

Written by T Frith

Alien abductees

A woman who says she has been abducted by extra-terrestrials on numerous occasions has put together a picture book about her experiences entitled, “The Art of Close Encounters.”

The book contains 150 drawings and illustrations that portray the alleged close encounters of her and other people who say they have been visited or abducted by aliens. The drawings show scenes such as a depiction of a room where humans were forced to submit to bodily examinations, and a room full of glass enclosures full of human-alien hybrids.

Besides drawings, there are accounts of alien abduction cases from the individuals themselves. In one such confession, the person describes being inside a room along with her boyfriend and being frightened and paralyzed while watching the beings do experiments on other humans.

Others in the book claim they have been part of programs to produce half-human, half-alien children. One woman said she had given birth to several such children, insisting her 13-year old daughter was one of them.

The author herself describes an encounter of her own abduction. She explains how she was walking along a beach and saw a large round craft moving in the sky. The next thing she recalls was waking up strapped to a table where aliens were doing “horrific” things to her.

The author says the book was done because countless other people had contacted her regarding their own experiences with alien abductions. The contributors tell tales that range from mere awe and fascination to painful and embarrassing examinations.

These stories are brought to life through drawings created by forensic artists such as those who draw pictures of police suspects.

Whatever you believe, the book is a fantastic journey into the life and alleged experiences of ordinary folks who say they have had a close encounter with an extra-terrestrial and returned to tell the tale.

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Two UFO Sightings In Haskell County Called Credible
UFO Depiction
Published: Nov 17, 2010 11:11 AM CST

HASKELL COUNTY, Oklahoma -- Several residents near Stigler in Haskell County have reported seeing triangle-shaped UFOs in September and October of this year.

Those two sightings were investigated by Mutual UFO Network.

The first was on September 16, 2010 and the second was October 26, 2010.

MUFON state director Marilyn Carlson in Yukon says she talked with the witnesses in both events.

In her report to MUFON on the September incident, Carlson says the unidentified witness told her about spotting an elongated triangle-shaped object over a field near Stigler.

She says they checked out the field and found a circular area in the middle of the field "with green grass on outer edge and center has a bare spot."

The witness told Carlson the lights on the object "were white and went down the side of the triangle and it was hovering."

In her report to MUFON on the other incident, Carlson says two witnesses spotted an elongated triangle right above them at about 10:30 p.m. on October 26, 2010.

They told her the object was the size of a city block and blocked out the stars and sky, "It was black with single rotating white lights on each corner of the object."

Carlson says the two witnesses said the object was similar to a drawing MUFON provided.

Robert Sheaffer, with BadUFOs.com, says he's skeptical of the reported UFO sightings and says you can't automatically connect the bare spots to the UFOs.

"If that were true then UFOs must have been practically everywhere. My lawn has some terrible, persistent bare spots. It never occurred to me that this might be from a UFO! I think if you investigate the drainage, soil conditions, etc. for this "UFO circle", you'll find a much better explanation there," Sheaffer told the News On 6 in a statement.

MUFON officials say they get about 500 sightings a month with only 20 percent of those being credible sightings. MUFON says Oklahoma had 12 UFO sighting reports in October 2010.

They say the two Oklahoma sightings in September and October are considered credible.

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Archived Case of the Week

UFO Encounters over Wytheville, Virginia - 1987

Published: 5:36 PM 12/16/2009

Wytheville, Virginia - 10-07-87

In 1987, in the community of Wytheville, Virginia, a series of UFO encounters would occur. The first sighting to be reported was made by three policeman.

On October 7, 1987, WYVE radio station news reporter Danny Gordon received a telephone call from the local Sheriff. This was a routine call that Gordon received to gather news each day.

However, this report was not your run-of-the-mill call. Gordon was shocked at what he was told - three Wythe County Sheriff deputies, all former military, had seen a UFO.

A report such as this was normally relegated to the end of Gordon's news cast, as a tongue-in-cheek report. This was the case with the UFO report, but it would not remain humorous long.

Almost immediately after the broadcast, telephone switchboards were overloaded with UFO reports. Obviously, the three deputies were not the only witnesses to UFOs.

On October 19, Gordon set up a call-in show for the UFO reports. Though the reports came in, Gordon felt that there must be a reasonable explanation. He made numerous calls to the military, but was assured that nothing from the military would explain the reports.

On October 21, Gordon, along with his friend Roger Hall, a commercial pilot, took a drive to the southern part of Wythe County, where most of the UFO reports had originated. They were armed with both still and video cameras.

For about two hours they searched the skies for something unusual, but saw nothing. Their luck would change on their drive home. Gordon saw a strange object in the sky, and alerted Hall.

They quickly pulled off the road, and piled out. Both men could clearly see a large, domed, wingless object moving toward them. The right side of the UFO was illuminated with various colored lights.

Hall reported that the object was the size of two football in length. He could see three windows on the craft, light from the inside. Also, he was shocked to see a red ball moving toward what he felt was a mother ship.

Danny Gordon Soon, the larger ship slowly moved into a cloud bank, with the red ball joining it. Both men thought the other was taking photos or video of the object. They were both so taken by what they were seeing, neither man had grabbed a camera.

The very next night, the two sky watchers again searched for the UFO. They were reward this time with photographs. Although the photos were not yet developed, a press conference was called for the following day.

The night before the conference, Gordon received an anonymous call, warning him that the Federal Government was very much interested in what Gordon and Hall had seen. Gordon continued to receive calls, warning him to back off of the UFO subject.

After the conference was held, Gordon arrived at his home only to find that someone had broken in. Nothing was taken, but Gordon believed that someone was trying to find his UFO photos.

Gordon would get a second chance to capture a UFO with his camera. Six weeks after the conference, he, along with his wife and daughter, were leaving a local mall after doing some shopping. Suddenly, they heard a roar of voices coming from a Wythe school bus which was sitting in the parking lot.

The reason for the student's excitement was soon discovered. Hovering in plain sight was a large group of four unknown lights. This time Gordon had his camera ready and snapped several photographs.

After the photos were developed, it could be clearly seen that the four lights changed shapes.

UFO Photo by Danny Gordon UFO Photo by Danny Gordon UFO Photo by Danny Gordon

The sightings in and around Wytheville continued. By the end of December, approximately 1,500 reports had been filed. These described various shapes and sizes, with most of the objects seeming to be noiseless.

On March 19, 1988, Gordon, while packing for a Broadcaster's Conference in Virginia Beach, where he would discuss the UFO sightings over Wytheville, he received a telephone call from a retired Military Intelligence Officer.

The officer told Gordon to tape the call because if something was to happen to Gordon, he would have proof that Gordon had been warned to cease publicizing the UFO sightings. The officer threatened Gordon and his family.

Naturally, Gordon was frightened, but also maddened by the threats. Approximately a month later, Gordon had a visit from two men. They claimed to be from a newspaper. One of the men interviewed Gordon about the sightings for about 45 minutes, while the second visitor roamed around the house, taking photographs.

Gordon has been promised a copy of the interview, but after a suitable time passed with no information, Gordon called the paper where the two men claimed to work. Gordon was informed that the men were not employees of the paper.

A few weeks later, Gordon got a chance to go back through all of the photos he had taken of the UFOs. He discovered that although some of the negatives remained, one set in particular was missing - the photos taken over the shopping mall.

The threatening phone calls, the visits by bogus newsmen, and the breaking in of his home finally took their tool on Gordon. Two weeks after he discovered the missing set of photos, he keeled over.

His wife rushed him to a local Emergency Room, where it was first thought that he was suffering a heart attack. It would soon be discovered that he was suffering from exhaustion.

Gordon his health at rich, finally decided to back off of his ardent search for the mystery of the UFO sightings over Wytheville, Virginia, and gave this advice to others: "Don't look up."

What can be said about the mysterious lights / objects in the Virginia skies in the late 1980s? Were they from the stars? or were they some highly classified military experiment?

We may never know for certain. The mystery continues.

written by B J Booth

Continue with Wythville video report, Part 2.

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Unsolved Mysteries: The UFO Odyssey, parts 1, 2

Wytheville, Virginia WYVE radio station

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