UFO Casebook Magazine Issue 434, Issue date, 11-29-10

Two Witnesses Report Yellow UFO over Furness Beach
UFO Depiction
Published: 19 November 2010

UFO Sighting Over Furness, UK Beach

Written by T Frith

A mysterious yellow unidentified flying object was seen flying over the Askam Beach in Furness, UK early in the morning on Nov. 18.

The golden-hued craft was seen by resident Pat Barker and her friend while they were out taking a walk along the shoreline.

She explained that as soon as she saw it she grabbed her cell phone camera and immediately snapped some photos.

She later sent the photos to the newspaper and the Daily Mail newspaper printed the slightly blurry image. So far no one has come forward with any type of explanation for the phenomenon.

The 59-year old woman says the yellow saucer shaped object moved slowly across the skyline for a short period of time and then just disappeared. She is now appealing to the local newspaper readers to help figure out what the mystery craft could have been.

This isn’t the first time a UFO has been sighted over the same beach location. Nearly a year ago in October 2009, a man walking his dog on the beach had a brief view of an unidentified black flying object whizzing by overhead.

He had been filming his dog and when he played back the footage, he noticed the strange black object and told reporters it couldn’t have been anything other than a UFO.

The recent UFO sighting in Furness was far from the first in the UK in recent weeks. Since the middle of October, there have been several mysterious visits reported of the extra terrestrial kind.

Only a few days ago, Scarborough residents reportedly witnessed two separate UFOs flying overhead. One of the unidentified objects there was said to have a hooked tail and the other one was reported as being saucer-shaped. No explanations have been filed for any of the above alleged UFO sightings.

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Argentina: UFO Sightings on the Rise in Merlo
UFO Depiction
Published: 11.22.10

As a consequence of frequent sightings with Unidentified Flying Objects in the Sierra Comechingones, the local Planetarium organized a series of chats on the conference. The most recent sighting took place in October of this year.

On the evening of March 30 of this year, several residents of communites located on the western slopes of the Sierra Comechingones made phone calls – alternating between surprise and alarm – to the Villa de Merlo Planetarium after having witnessed the zig-zagging, east-west motion of a triangular UFO with whitish lights on its vertexes.

The object lost itself in the sky toward the west.

Months later, on an October afternoon, a major real estate firm in Merlo published the daylight photo of a property in the mountain in a local newspaper. When magnified, the image revealed the presence of an unidentified flying object.

These are not the only sightings that have taken place in the area, and for this reason, the city Planetarium organized a series of chats on the subject.

The press release issued by the Observatory states that as a result of frequent UFO sightings in the Sierra Comechingones, it shall hold lectures on the phenomenon.

However, the Planetarium isn’t the only agency issued in the subject, as several researchers and ufologists from various parts of the country have been motivated to study the complaints closely. Among them is the renowned “Patagonia Ovni” organization.

“In the light of these events, which unquestionably constitute a true mystery, but fully rejecting [the possibility] that what was seen was an alien spacecraft, the Planetarium shall approach the subject from a scientific standpoint in a series of lectures to be held over coming days,” explained Martin Fernández, the institution’s press officer.

Anyone interested in information related to the chats may obtain it from www.planetariodemerlo.org

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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El Diario de la Republica (newspaper)


North Carolina - Man and Wife See Perfect Triangle UFO Hovering at 100 ft. Altitude
UFO Depiction
Published: 9:32 AM 11/20/2010

North Carolina - 09-10-10

The evening was at dusk on a beautiful night so we had the windows down in our vehicle. Traveling along MacKay Road in GSO, NC, my eyes caught sight of some lights in the overhead sky.

My mind's eye thought it was from a baseball field at first, and upon realizing there were no fields in our area I screamed for my husband to pull the car into the center lane and stop.

As a car passed us, the person screamed, "Holy ****."

Hovering 100 feet over our head perfectly formed in the background of the dusk of night, was a triangle some 200 feet wide, just sitting staring back at us.

We decided to make a mental note of the object since we had no camera, so we just sat and watched it. The some 60 lights below were mostly the size of your fist with three lights red, three green, and three orange.

It didn't have any large lights only these small lights. As the object starting moving west across the road we followed. We were moving at 15 miles per hour.

As we turned the road to follow, the object was nowhere in sight. My husband and I thought it was a stealth bomber and when we got home we looked them up and we also drew a picture of what we saw so our minds would not run rampant.

We called a local TV station to report ,and they said they had other sightings but unless it was spitting out flames they didn't care.

We called the FBI since it was the day before 9/11 and we contacted Homeland Security. They didn't care.

We are both 62 and have never in our lives used drugs nor are we on any medication. The stealth bomber has jagged edges - this object was a perfect triangle and we saw it as clear as a bell.

We do wear reading glasses, but that's all. It did hover and it did move at 15 miles per hour and it did disappear.

My husband is a carpenter and that is how he knew the height above us and the width.

Just in case you need to know.


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UFOs or Lanterns? The Mystery Deepens
UFO Depiction
Published: 26 November, 2010

by Joe Millican

UNIDENTIFIED flying objects moving through the Moray skies are continuing to baffle local residents, with sightings of airborne orange lights leaving witnesses wondering what on earth they have seen.

Numerous sightings of a strange orange glow over Elgin have been reported since just before Hallowe’en, with witnesses detailing a light in the distance that moves across the sky from left to right or right to left.

One man, who did not wish to be named, contacted ‘The Northern Scot’ after capturing his October 30 sighting on video on his mobile phone.

The Pinefield resident said he watched the light from his back window for five to 10 minutes, in a direction across the A96 road and above trees in the distance. He said it moved slowly from right to left, appeared to hover, and then moved quickly before disappearing.

The man said the same orange light – approximately the colour of a street light – then re-appeared on the right hand side of the sky, before following an identical path and disappearing.

The Pinefield man’s account has since been supported by others.

Another Elgin resident said he captured a strange light on the camera on his mobile phone. Others have since said they have seen the orange light in a similar location as described by the Pinefield man.

An unnamed Elgin woman said she saw a glow in the sky at around 7.30 pm on November 6.

“I was walking home after the firework display at Cooper Park and saw an orange-pink light in the sky travelling southwards over the town,” she said.

“It was moving at speed in a straight line and there was no noise so it obviously wasn’t a firework or aircraft.

“I suppose it could have been a satellite, but who knows?”

The most recent sighting has been by Sally McDonald, of Croft Road, New Elgin.

She said that at 5.45pm last Friday (November 19), she was driving on Oakfield Road towards Linkwood Road in Elgin when she looked upwards to see an orange light.

“At first I thought it was a firework shooting up, but on closer scrutiny I noticed it appeared to be navigating very well for a firework,” she added.

“It went from left to right . . . it appeared to be low and there was absolutely no noise. I actually stopped my car and turned the engine off to listen.”

The latest UFO sightings follow similar accounts across Moray.

On September 3, Forres couple Don and Pat MacArthur said they spotted a strange airborne light through their window. They filmed a bright pink, diamond-like object in the sky.

This shape disappeared, but they then saw a black object which appeared from roughly the same direction but was much higher up.

Further unexplained lights have also been spotted above Moray this year, according to the UK UFO Sightings website, with sightings in locations including Burghead and Kinloss.

Stan Barber, the chairman of Moray astronomy club Sigma, said that if a person is stationary and the object he or she sees in the sky is apparently moving, then it is “hard to explain it away as a celestial object.”

Mr Barber said he would not rule out Chinese lanterns as being responsible for some of the sightings. When cloud is patchy and winds are blustery, he said the weather conditions can make one of these lanterns disappear at a fast rate.

Vice-chairman Pete Sherman said possible explanations for mysterious lights in the sky include light pollution from street lights, reflecting and lighting up low level cloud.

A bright light in the east/south-east direction may also be the planet Jupiter, he pointed out.

Spokesmen from RAF Lossiemouth and RAF Kinloss said there has been little to suggest that activity from either of the bases has been responsible for what has been witnessed recently.

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Colorado's UFO Watchtower
Published: 4:34 PM 11/24/2010

If you're skipping airports this holiday in favor of a road trip, Roadside America can help you find something interesting near your route, like the UFO Watchtower in Hooper, Colo. — Ed.

Judy Messoline moved to the San Luis Valley, high in the Rocky Mountains, to raise cattle. Five years later she knew she'd made a mistake ("Cows don't eat sand," she told us). Only then, by accident, did she tap the Valley's true natural resource: UFOs.

It started as a joke. Judy's neighbors had mentioned strange things that they'd seen in the clear night skies of the Valley, and she knew that UFO-watchers would sometimes visit her ranch after dark. To earn some money (she'd sold her cattle), Judy opened a campground on her bone-dry land, built a small stucco saucer dome as a gift shop, and surrounded it with a ten-foot-high viewing platform.

The tower opened in the summer of 2000. Judy didn't expect that anyone would see anything from it, other than the distant mountain ranges and the stars at night. What she didn't know was that the San Luis Valley is revered among flying saucer buffs as one of the best places in the world to see UFOs. And Judy's watchtower was right in the middle of it.

The faithful flocked to Judy's property and made it a popular stopover. To her surprise, other Valley residents began stopping by as well, telling her their stories and using Judy as a kind of UFO counselor. "If you didn't know the people, you'd think they were crazy," she said.

Judy began writing down what she'd been told, and the stories now fill several binders in the gift shop (which also stocks a healthy selection of bug-eyed alien souvenirs).

We visited during the day, when sightings are less frequent ("The serious people come in the evening," Judy said) but we climbed the steps of the metal tower for a firsthand look. Aside from the view eastward of the Great Sand Dune, most of what is visible across the billiard-table terrain is the sky. Judy was correct; she didn't need to build much of a tower to get a good view.

The most curious daytime sight is Judy's "Healing Garden," which spreads out from the dome's back door. Judy said that over twenty psychics had visited The UFO Watchtower and that "they've all said that there's two large vortexes out here."

The vortexes have been outlined with rocks and the Garden has grown around them, an organized clutter of items left by visitors: CDs, sunglasses, hubcaps, stuffed toys, and lots of pens.

Judy explained, matter-of-factly, that anyone who leaves something personal in the Garden is entitled to make a request, and that "there are two large beings here who protect the entrances to the vortexes, but they are also here to help." According to Judy, the success-to-request rate has been quite good.

We asked Judy if the presence of the vortexes had influenced her decision to build The UFO Watchtower. No, she said, it was the other way around; the vortexes appeared because the tower had been built. "The psychics said that vortexes do form around UFO facilities," Judy said. "I hadn't anticipated that at all."

As you can probably guess, hanging out at The UFO Watchtower has turned the former rancher-skeptic Judy into an earnest UFO believer.

"I know what I've seen with my own eyes," she said, recounting some of the two-dozen-plus sightings that she's had from the watchtower (there have been many more that she's missed).

She tries to keep a sense of humor about it, providing a separate guest sign-in book for aliens (several visitors have claimed to be extraterrestrial) and advertising her Notary status so that she can perform weddings at the Watchtower. "If you don't have some giggles with this," she said, "you're gonna go nuts."

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Archived Case of the Week

1997, Swissair Jet Has Near Miss With UFO
<div align= Near Kennedy Airport, New York-August 9, 1997

The airplane was a Boeing 747, a wide-bodied, long-range airliner with Swiss national registration. The flight left Philadelphia International Airport at 4:50 p.m. and landed at Boston Logan International Airport 57 minutes later.

The cockpit crew consisted of Capt. Phil Bobet, with 15,000 hours of flying time, First Officer (co-pilot) G, with 7,500 hours of flying time, and Flight Engineer K, whose total flying experience was not listed in the various reports.

Capt. Bobet was sitting in the left pilot's seat, and First Officer G was in the right seat. The Flight Engineer's seat swivels so that he can face forward to share the pilot's view, or sideways toward his instrument panel and aircraft system controls. Ordinarily, the Flight Engineer is facing forward during takeoff and landing, but turns sideways at other times during the flight.

(Editors Note: Although this report is rather long, and the event is not particularly unusual, it is being run as an example of a thorough investigation - as well as an interesting account of the unusual interest shown by government officials (the ghost of TWA Flight 800?).

The flight proceeded along airways in accordance with its planned route. Sixteen minutes after takeoff it was over New York's Kennedy Airport, and turning to a northeasterly heading toward Boston.

The Captain, who had been at the controls, transferred control of the airplane to the First Officer and keyed the microphone on the public address System to make a routine passenger announcement. The weather was clear, and the passengers sitting on the left-hand side of the airplane could see New York City and its environs.

Capt. Bobet advised them of the sights beneath the airplane. As he was talking about New York City, he was looking at it through the left side cockpit window.

With that portion of his announcement finished, he turned his head forward.

While Capt. Bobet was making his public address announcement, First Officer G was leaning forward, concentrating on adjusting the volume on his radio receiver panel.

At the same time the Captain's gaze turned to view the expanse ahead of the airliner, the co-pilot, now satisfied with his audio panel setting, moved to scan forward and outside. The time was 5:07 p.m.

Thus it was that the two pilots almost simultaneously saw the UFO.

Report to Traffic Control

The following dialogue is from the tape recording made by the FAA. Ail air traffic control communications are taped and archived. This permits later investigation of communications where violations of regulations are alleged, or where there is an accident or other unusual event.

SW = Swissair Flight 127, probably Capt. Bobet

ATC = Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center, Danbury Sector 22, radar controller.

SW: Swissair 127

ATC: Swissair 127, go ahead.

SW: Yes sir. l don't know what it was, but it just over flew just like a couple of hundred feet above us. I don't know if it was a rocket or whatever. But incredibly fast. Opposite direction.

ATC: In the opposite direction?

SW: Yes sir, and the time was two-one-zero -seven [5:07 p.m. local time]. It was too fast to be an airplane.

ATC: OK, thank you.

(End of transcript)

Source: Robert Durant, MUFON UFO Journal, Sept 1999, Page 3



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